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#2011 SongsVotes%Singularity
 *Shels · "Butterflies on Luci's Way"1.002 
 13 & God · "Oldage"1.002 
 151 Feva Gang · "Kush Groove"2.004 
 2 Bears · "Bear Hug"1.002 
 2 Chainz · "Spend It"3.006 
 2NE1 · "I Am the Best"7.0131.000
 2NE1 · "Ugly"1.002 
 311 · "Sunset in July"1.002 
 3Ball MTY · "Intentalo"2.004 
 4Minute · "Mirror Mirror"1.002 
 A.A. Bondy · "Rte 28/Believers"1.002 
 A.A. Bondy · "Surfer King"1.002 
 A.A. Bondy · "The Twist"1.002 
 Abbe May · "Design Desire"1.002 
 Action Bronson · "Action"1.002 
 Action Bronson · "Get Off My P.P."1.002 
 Action Bronson · "Larry Csonka"1.002 
 Active Child · "Hanging On"4.008 
 Active Child · "You Are All I See"1.002 
 Ada · "Keep Me in Mind"1.002 
 Adam Lambert · "Better Than I Know Myself"1.002 
 A.Dd+ · "Genocide"1.002 
 A.Dd+ · "Like a Mug"1.002 
 Addison Groove · "This Is It"1.002 
 Adebisi Shank · "Logdrum"1.002 
 Adele · "One and Only"1.002 
 Adele · "Rolling in the Deep"116.221.645
 Adele · "Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix)"4.008 
 Adele · "Rumour Has It"12.023.333
 Adele · "Set Fire to the Rain"1.002 
 Adele · "Someone Like You"46.088.500
 Adrianigual · "Me Gusta la Noche"3.006 
 Africa Hitech · "Our Luv"1.002 
 Afrobuddha Meets Kakatsitsi Drummers · "Obame"1.002 
 After School · "Shampoo"1.002 
 Afx · "Quex-Rd"1.002 
 Against Me! · "White Crosses (Goldentone Studio Version)"1.002 
 Agrypnie · "Augenblick"1.002 
 Airborne Toxic Event · "Changing"2.004 
 Air France · "It Feels Good to Be Around You"2.004 
 Alabama Shakes · "Hold On"4.008 
 Alan Jackson · "You've Been Lonely Too"1.002 
 Albita · "Manisero"1.002 
 Alcest · "Elévation (2011)"1.002 
 Alela Diane & Wild Divine · "White Horse"1.002 
 Alex Anwandter · "Tatuaje"1.002 
 Alex Turner · "Piledriver Waltz"2.004 
 Alex Winston · "Sister Wife"1.002 
 Aliso Black · "Two Sixteens"1.002 
 Alison Krauss & Union Station · "Dimming of the Day"1.002 
 Alison Krauss & Union Station · "Paper Airplanes"1.002 
 Alkaline Trio · "Movin' Right Along"1.002 
 Allen Clapp & His Orchestra · "All or Nothing"1.002 
 Allen Clapp & His Orchestra · "Downfall No. 3"1.002 
 Allen Clapp & His Orchestra · "Treeline"1.002 
 Allo Darlin' · "Darren"1.002 
 All Tiny Creatures · "An Iris"1.002 
 Alphabeticians · "Metaphor"1.002 
 Alvarius B · "Face to Face With a Couple Axes"1.002 
 AM & Shawn Lee · "Dark Into Light"1.002 
 Amanda Jo Williams · "Homeheart"1.002 
 Amanda Mair · "Doubt"1.002 
 Amanda Shires · "Shake the Walls"1.002 
 The Amazing · "International Hair"1.002 
 Ambrose Akinmusire · "Confessions to My Daughter"1.002 
 Amor de Días · "Bunhill Fields"1.002 
 Amos Lee · "Violin"1.002 
 Amos Lee · "Windows Are Rolled Down"1.002 
 Amy Winehouse · "Our Day Will Come"1.002 
 Anal Cunt · "Crankin' My Band's Demo on a Box at the Beach"1.002 
 Andrea Corr · "Tinseltown in the Rain"1.002 
 Andre Obin · "Soft Rain"1.002 
 Andy Grammer · "Keep Your Head Up"2.004 
 Andy Stott · "Bad Wires"1.002 
 Andy Stott · "Passed Me by EP"1.002 
 Andy Stott · "We Stay Together EP"1.002 
 Ane Brun · "Do You Remember"1.002 
 Angel Haze · "Fall for Your Type"1.002 
 Angel Olsen · "Tiniest Lights"1.002 
 Angels in America · "Trespass 2"1.002 
 Anika · "No One's There"1.002 
 Anna Calvi · "Blackout"2.004 
 Anna Calvi · "Desire"1.002 
 Anne Pigalle · "Saint Orgasm"1.002 
 The Answer · "Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw"1.002 
 Anthony Hamilton · "Woo"1.002 
 Anthrax · "The Devil You Know"1.002 
 Anthrax · "In the End"1.002 
 The Antlers · "Corsicana"1.002 
 The Antlers · "I Don't Want Love"2.004 
 The Antlers · "Parentheses"1.002 
 The Antlers · "Putting the Dog to Sleep"3.006 
 The Antlers · "Rolled Together"1.002 
 Antony & the Johnsons · "Swanlights"4.008 
 Anybody but Rebecca Black · "Anything But "Friday""1.002 
 The Apache 5 · "Gotta Be Free"1.002 
 Apache Dropout · "Shot Down"1.002 
 A Pale Horse Named Death · "Die Alone"2.004 
 A Pink · "My My"1.002 
 Apparat · "Ash/Black Veil"1.002 
 The Aquabats · "Hey Homies!"1.002 
 AraabMuzik · "Golden Touch"1.002 
 AraabMuzik · "Streetz Tonight"5.0101.000
 AraabMuzik · "Underground Stream"1.002 
 Architecture in Helsinki · "Contact High"1.002 
 Architecture in Helsinki · "Escapee"1.002 
 Arctic Monkeys · "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala"3.006 
 Arctic Monkeys · "Love Is a Laserquest"1.002 
 Arctic Monkeys · "Suck It and See"2.004 
 Arctic Monkeys · "That's Where You're Wrong"1.002 
 Ariel Aparicio · "Tattered Heart"1.002 
 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti · "Fright Night (The Dam-Funk Re-Freak)"1.002 
 The Ark · "Breaking Up With God"1.002 
 Arkist · "Fill Your CoffeeCoffee"1.002 
 Army Girls · "The Power"1.002 
 Army Navy · "Last Legs"1.002 
 Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa · "Kerasukan"1.002 
 Arven · "Dark Red Desire"1.002 
 A$AP Rocky · "Bass"3.006 
 A$AP Rocky · "Out of This World"1.002 
 A$AP Rocky · "Palace"3.006 
 A$AP Rocky · "Peso"15.029.800
 A$AP Rocky · "Purple Swag"3.006 
 A$AP Rocky (ft. A$AP Twelvy & A$AP Nasty) · "Trilla"1.002 
 A$AP Rocky (ft. Schoolboy Q) · "Brand New Guy"1.002 
 Ashton Shepherd · "Look It Up"1.002 
 Aster Aweke · "Yeneta"1.002 
 Atlas Sound · "Mona Lisa"1.002 
 Atlas Sound · "Te Amo"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "Last to Say"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "She's Enough"1.002 
 Austra · "Beat and the Pulse"2.004 
 Austra · "Lose It"8.015.750
 Avicii · "Levels"1.002 
 Avril Lavigne · "What the Hell"6.0111.000
 Avven · "Ros"1.002 
 A Winged Victory for the Sullen · "Requiem for the Static King Part 1"1.002 
 Awolnation · "Sail"2.004 
 Azealia Banks · "212"53.1011.000
 The Babies · "Run Me Over"1.002 
 Baby Dee · "Regifted Light"1.002 
 Babymetal · "「ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング」(Freaky Morning)"1.002 
 Bad Lip Reading · "Gang Fight!"1.002 
 Bad Meets Evil · "Lighters"1.002 
 Bad Sports · "Teenage Girls"1.002 
 Band Perry · "If I Die Young"2.004 
 Bare Wires · "Ready to Go"1.002 
 Baseball Project · "Don't Call Them Twinkies"1.002 
 The Bats · "Free All the Monsters"1.002 
 Battles · "Ice Cream"15.029.800
 Battles · "My Machines"2.004 
 B. Dolan (ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis) · "Film the Police"1.002 
 Beach House · "I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun"1.002 
 Beady Eye · "Kill for a Dream"1.002 
 Beady Eye · "The Roller"1.002 
 Beastie Boys · "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win"3.006 
 Beastie Boys · "Lee Majors Come Again"1.002 
 Beastie Boys · "Make Some Noise"7.013.714
 Beast Make Bomb · "Party Monster"1.002 
 Beat Connection · "Silver Screen"1.002 
 Beauty Feast · "It Grows"1.002 
 Beck · "Stormbringer"1.002 
 Becoming the Archetype · "Cardiac Rebellion"1.002 
 The Beets · "I Think I Might Have Built a Horse"1.002 
 Beirut · "East Harlem"2.004 
 Beirut · "Santa Fe"6.011.833
 Belle Brigade · "Losers"3.006 
 Ben Allison · "Someday We'll All Be Free"1.002 
 Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright · "Careless Whisper"1.002 
 Benis Cletin · "Jungle Magic"1.002 
 Benjy Bronk (ft. Elisa Jordna) · "Online Sweetheart"1.002 
 Benny Benassi (ft. Gary Go) · "Cinema (Skrillex Remix)"1.002 
 Benoit & Sergio · "Boy Trouble"1.002 
 Benoit & Sergio · "Everybody"2.004 
 Benoit & Sergio · "Principles"2.004 
 Benoit & Sergio · "Walk and Talk"2.004 
 Besnard Lakes · "We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)"1.002 
 Beth Ditto · "Do You Need Someone"1.002 
 Beth Ditto · "I Wrote the Book"1.002 
 Beth Ditto · "Open Heart Surgery"1.002 
 Betty Wright & the Roots · "Surrender"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "1+1"8.015.625
 Beyoncé · "Best Thing I Never Had"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "Countdown"98.187.804
 Beyoncé · "Countdown (Jack Beats Top Billin Party Edit)"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "End of Time"2.004 
 Beyoncé · "Love on Top"11.021.636
 Beyoncé · "Party"4.008 
 Beyoncé · "Run the World (Girls)"5.0101.000
 Beyoncé · "Schoolin' Life"2.004 
 Bibio · "K Is for Kelson"1.002 
 Big & Rich (ft. Gretchen Wilson) · "Fake.I.D."1.002 
 Big Bang · "Tonight"1.002 
 Big Eyes · "Now That You Aren't Here"1.002 
 Big Eyes · "Why Can't I"1.002 
 Big Freedia · "Almost Famous"2.004 
 Big Freedia · "Excuse"1.002 
 Big Freedia · "Y'all Get Back Now"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "Country Shit"2.004 
 Big KRIT · "Country Shit (Remix) (Feat. Ludacris and Bun B)"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "Dreamin'"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "R4 Theme"2.004 
 Big KRIT · "Sookie Now"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "The Vent"1.002 
 Big KRIT (ft. 8 Ball & MJG & 2 Chainz) · "Money on the Floor"1.002 
 Big Sean (ft. Kanye West and Roscoe Dash) · "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay"1.002 
 Big Sean (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "Dance (A$$)"4.008 
 Big Sean (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "Dance (A$$) (Remix)"2.004 
 Big Talk · "Katzenjammer"1.002 
 Bill Callahan · "America!"6.011.667
 Bill Callahan · "Drover"1.002 
 Bill Callahan · "Riding for the Feeling"7.013.429
 Billy Currington · "Love Done Gone"3.006 
 Bitch Prefect · "Marilyn Monroe"1.002 
 Biters · "Hold On"1.002 
 Bitter Springs · "Gary Glitter Fan Convention"1.002 
 Björk · "Crystalline"4.008 
 Björk · "Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)"1.002 
 Björk · "Virus"1.002 
 Black Dahlia Murder · "Conspiring With the Damned"1.002 
 Blackfield · "Oxygen"1.002 
 B L A C K I E · "Warchild"1.002 
 Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears · "Livin' In the Jungle"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Dead and Gone"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Gold on the Ceiling"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Lonely Boy"30.057.500
 Black Keys · "Nova Baby"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Run Right Back"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Stop Stop"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Tighten Up"1.002 
 Black Lips · "Dumpster Dive"1.002 
 Black Lips · "Family Tree"2.004 
 Black Lips · "Modern Art"2.004 
 Black Lips · "New Direction"2.004 
 Black Lips · "Spidey's Curse"1.002 
 Black Love · "Unlust"1.002 
 Black Pussy · "Marijuana"1.002 
 Black Star · "Fix Up"1.002 
 Black Stone Cherry · "Blame It on the Boom Boom"1.002 
 Black Tusk · "Crossroads and Thunder"1.002 
 Black Zone Myth Chant · "Sleeping With the TV On"1.002 
 Blake Shelton · "Honey Bee"1.002 
 Blake Shelton · "Who Are You When I'm Not Lookin'"1.002 
 Blawan · "Getting Me Down"13.0251.000
 Bleached · "Carter"1.002 
 The Blind Eyes · "Taken Again"1.002 
 Blink-182 · "After Midnight"1.002 
 Blink-182 · "Up All Night"1.002 
 Blondes · "Wine"1.002 
 Blondie · "Mother"2.004 
 Blondie · "What I Heard"1.002 
 Bloody Beetroots · "Church of Noise"1.002 
 Blouse · "Into Black"2.004 
 BoA · "Milestone"1.002 
 Boat · "Classically Trained"1.002 
 Boat · "Forever in Armitron"1.002 
 Boat · "King Kong"1.002 
 Boat · "When Frank Black Says (No. 14 Baby)"1.002 
 Bobby Brackins (ft. Dev) · "A1"2.004 
 Bobby Long · "Who Have You Been Loving"1.002 
 Bob Schneider · "Honeypot"1.002 
 Boddika · "Soul What"1.002 
 Body Language · "Falling Out"1.002 
 Bok Bok · "Silo Pass"1.002 
 Bombay Bicycle Club · "Shuffle"2.004 
 Bomb the Music Industry! · "Sick, Later"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "Beth/Rest"5.010.400
 Bon Iver · "Calgary"2.004 
 Bon Iver · "Holocene"21.040.429
 Bon Iver · "I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time"2.004 
 Bon Iver · "Michicant"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "Perth"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "Wash."1.002 
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy · "There Is No God"1.002 
 Book of Mormon Original Cast · "Hello"1.002 
 Book of Mormon Original Cast · "I Believe"1.002 
 Boris · "Spoon"1.002 
 Boston Spaceships · "Christmas Girl"1.002 
 Boston Typewriter Orchestra · "The Revolution Will Be Typewritten"1.002 
 Boys Noize & Erol Alkan With Jarvis Cocker · "Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)"1.002 
 Bradley Gaskin · "Mr. Bartender"1.002 
 Brad Paisley · "A Man Don't Have to Die"2.004 
 Brad Paisley · "Camouflage"1.002 
 Brad Paisley · "Old Alabama"2.004 
 Brad Paisley · "Working on a Tan"1.002 
 Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood · "Remind Me"4.008 
 Braids · "Lemonade"2.004 
 Braids · "Peach Wedding"1.002 
 Braids · "Plath Heart"1.002 
 Braille · "Leavin' Without You"1.002 
 Braille · "The Year 3000"1.002 
 Brain Flannel · "So Dim"2.004 
 Breakbot · "Baby I'm Yours"3.006 
 Breaks · "Spaghetti"1.002 
 Brett Dennen · "Sydney (I'll Come Running)"3.006 
 Brett Detar · "Empty House on a Famous Hill"1.002 
 Brian Eno & Rick Holland · "Cloud 4"1.002 
 Brian Eno & Rick Holland · "Glitch"1.002 
 Brianna Perry · "Marilyn Monroe"1.002 
 Bridges and Powerlines · "Mirabell"1.002 
 Bright Eyes · "Jejune Stars"1.002 
 Bright Eyes · "The Ladder Song"1.002 
 Bright Eyes · "Shell Games"1.002 
 Bright Eyes · "Singularity"1.002 
 Bright Eyes · "Triple Spiral"1.002 
 Bring the Knife · "Werewolf Fuckdown"1.002 
 Brite Futures · "Too Young to Kill"1.002 
 British Sea Power · "Luna"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Hold It Against Me"3.006 
 Britney Spears · "How I Roll"8.015.500
 Britney Spears · "I Wanna Go"7.013.571
 Britney Spears · "Till the World Ends"48.091.744
 Britney Spears/Salem · "Till the World Ends (Salem Remix)"1.002 
 Britney Spears (ft. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha) · "Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix)"8.015.875
 Broken Water · "Heartstrings"1.002 
 Broken Water · "Peripheral Star"1.002 
 Brookes Brothers (ft. Robert Owens) · "Beautiful"1.002 
 Bruno Mars · "Grenade"6.011 
 Bruno Mars · "Just the Way You Are"1.002 
 Bruno Mars · "The Lazy Song"1.002 
 Bry Webb · "Undertaker"1.002 
 Buddy Guy/B.B. King · "Stay Around a LIttle Longer"1.002 
 Buddy Miller (ft. Lee Ann Womack) · "Meds"1.002 
 Buraka Som Sistema · "Hangover (BaBaBa)"1.002 
 Burial · "Street Halo"9.017.889
 Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke · "Ego"1.002 
 Buried Beds · "Breadcrumb Trail"1.002 
 Bush · "The Sound of Winter"1.002 
 Butch Walker & the Black Widows · "Summer Of '89"2.004 
 Cage the Elephant · "2024"1.002 
 Cage the Elephant · "Shake Me Down"2.004 
 Caithlin DeMarrais · "Lovers Light"1.002 
 Calvin Harris · "Bounce"1.002 
 Can Can Heads · "Short Face Man"1.002 
 Captain Ahab · "The Kingdom of Light"1.002 
 Captain Black Big Band · "Jena 6"1.002 
 The Caribbean · "Discontinued Perfume"1.002 
 Carl Sims · "Hell on My Hands"1.002 
 Carol Bui · "Mira: You're Free With Me"1.002 
 Carolina Chocolate Drops and Luminescent Orchestrii · "Short Dress Gal"1.002 
 Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen · "Dream of the 90's"1.002 
 The Cars · "Blue Tip"1.002 
 The Cars · "Keep on Knocking"1.002 
 The Cars · "Sad Song"1.002 
 The Cars · "Soon"1.002 
 Casiokids · "Det Haster!"1.002 
 Cassegrain · "Luban"1.002 
 Cass McCombs · "County Line"25.048.880
 Caulfield Sisters · "I See Your Face"1.002 
 Cave · "This Is the Best"1.002 
 Cave · "Wuj"1.002 
 Cave In · "Sing My Loves"1.002 
 Cee Lo Green · "Bright Lights, Bigger City"3.006 
 Cee Lo Green · "Fuck You!"5.0101.000
 Cee Lo Green · "No One's Gonna Love You"1.002 
 Cee Lo Green (ft. Melanie Fiona and Philip Bailey) · "Fool for You"2.004 
 Centro-Matic · "Only in My Double Mind"1.002 
 Ceremony · "Not Tonight"1.002 
 Chad Valley · "Fast Challenges"1.002 
 Chad VanGaalen · "Peace on the Rise"2.004 
 Chad VanGaalen · "Replace Me"1.002 
 Chain and the Gang · "Detroit Music"1.002 
 Chain and the Gang · "Music's Not for Everyone"1.002 
 The Chain Gang of 1974 · "Devil Is a Lady"1.002 
 The Chain Gang of 1974 · "Undercover"2.004 
 Chairlift · "Amanaemonesia"1.002 
 The Chambermaids · "Whirlpool"1.002 
 Charles Bradley · "Heartaches and Pain"2.004 
 Charles Bradley · "Heart of Gold"1.002 
 Charles Bradley · "Lovin You"1.002 
 Charles Bradley · "Why Is It So Hard?"3.006 
 Charles Bradley · "The World (Is Going Up in Flames)"4.008 
 Charli XCX · "Nuclear Seasons"4.008 
 Charli XCX · "Stay Away"9.0171.000
 Charlotte Gainsbourg · "Terrible Angels"1.002 
 Chase & Status · "Blind Faith"2.004 
 Che Bong · "Okay"1.002 
 Chelsea Wolfe · "Mer"2.004 
 Cher Lloyd (ft. Mike Posner) · "With Ur Love"1.002 
 Cheveu · "Charlie Sheen"1.002 
 Chicago Damn · "Hold On/Be Your Man"1.002 
 Chiddy Bang · "Rebel"1.002 
 Childish Gambino · "Bonfire"1.002 
 Childish Gambino · "Firefly"1.002 
 Childish Gambino · "Freaks and Geeks"2.004 
 Childish Gambino · "That Power"1.002 
 Chimes & Bells · "The Mole (Trentemøller Remix)"1.002 
 Chip Taylor & the Grandkids · "Quarter Moon Shining"1.002 
 Chllngr · "Ask For"1.002 
 Choco Orta · "Homenaje a Las Soneras"1.002 
 Chris Brown (ft. Benny Benassi) · "Beautiful People"2.004 
 Chris Brown (ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes) · "Look at Me Now"11.0211.000
 Chris Brown (ft. SWV) · "She Ain't You (Remix)"1.002 
 Christina Perri · "Jar of Hearts"2.004 
 Chromeo (ft. Solange Knowles) · "When the Night Falls"1.002 
 Chucha Santamaria y Usted · "Fiebre Tropical"1.002 
 Chuck D · "Notice (Know This)"1.002 
 Ciara · "Deuces (Nguzunguzu Remix)"1.002 
 Circle · "Mylläri EP"1.002 
 Circuit Des Yeux · "Barrel Down"1.002 
 Cities Aviv · "Coastin'"2.004 
 Cities Aviv · "Meet Me on Montrose (For Ex Lovers Only)"1.002 
 Civil Wars · "Barton Hollow"7.013.857
 Clams Casino · "I'm God"2.004 
 Clams Casino · "Illest Alive"1.002 
 Clams Casino · "Motivation"1.002 
 Clams Casino · "Real Shit From a Real Nigga"1.002 
 Class Actress · "Love Me Like You Used To"1.002 
 Class Actress · "Weekend"1.002 
 Cloud Cult · "You'll Be Bright"1.002 
 Cloud Nothings · "Should Have"1.002 
 Cloud Nothings · "Understand at All"1.002 
 Cobra Starship (ft. Sabi) · "You Make Me Feel..."1.002 
 Cold · "Wicked World"1.002 
 Cold Cave · "The Great Pan Is Dead"7.013.857
 Cold Cave · "Villains of the Moon"1.002 
 Coldplay · "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"5.0101.000
 Coldplay · "Paradise"9.017.889
 Coldplay · "Princess of China"1.002 
 Colin Stetson · "Judges"2.004 
 Colin Stetson · "Judges (Damian Taylor Concretification Mix)"1.002 
 Colin Stetson · "Red Horse (Judges II)"1.002 
 College · "A Real Hero"8.0151.000
 Combo · "So Real"1.002 
 Comet Gain · "Clang of the Concrete Swans"1.002 
 Common · "Lovin' I Lost"1.002 
 Common · "So Sweet"1.002 
 Common (ft. Nas) · "Ghetto Dreams"1.002 
 Company · "You Win"1.002 
 Concha Buika · "Se Me Hizo Facil"2.004 
 Connan Mockasin · "Forever Dolphin Love"1.002 
 Cool Kids · "Penny Hardaway"1.002 
 Corin Ashley · "Badfinger Bridge"1.002 
 Cornelia · "Aquarius Dreams (DVA's Hi:Emotions Remix)"1.002 
 Cornershop · "United Provinces of India"1.002 
 Cortni · "After Party"1.002 
 Cosmo Jarvis · "Dave's House"1.002 
 Cosmo Jarvis · "Gay Pirates"2.004 
 Cough Cool · "Lately"1.002 
 Count Vertigo · "X Patriots"1.002 
 Count Zero · "Cry for Sugar"1.002 
 Craft · "I Want to Commit Murder"1.002 
 Craft Spells · "You Should Close the Door"1.002 
 Craig Wedren · "Are We"1.002 
 Craig Wedren · "Make Me Hurt You"1.002 
 Crazy Band · "Can You Lick Your Own Boob?"1.002 
 Crazy Spirit · "I'm Dead"1.002 
 Creem · "Good Riddance"1.002 
 Creep (ft. Nina Sky) · "You"1.002 
 Creepoid · "Graveblanket"1.002 
 Crock · "Track 1"1.002 
 Crooked Fingers · "The Counterfeiter"1.002 
 Crooked Fingers · "Heavy Hours"1.002 
 Crooked Fingers · "Went to the City"1.002 
 Crowbar · "Cleanse Me, Heal Me"1.002 
 Crystal Stilts · "Dark Eyes"2.004 
 Crystal Stilts · "Through the Floor"1.002 
 C Spencer Yeh · "In the Blink of an Eye"1.002 
 CSS · "Hits Me Like a Rock"2.004 
 Cuffs · "Priviledge"1.002 
 Cults · "Abducted"4.008 
 Cults · "Go Outside"15.029.636
 Cults · "You Know What I Mean"3.006 
 Curren$y · "#Jetsgo"1.002 
 Curren$y · "She Don't Want a Man"2.004 
 Curren$y (ft. Freddie Gibbs) · "Scottie Pippen"1.002 
 Curtis Brothers · "Maria Cervantes"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Alisa"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Need You Now"11.021.818
 Cut Copy · "Sun God"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Take Me Over"2.004 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · "Gary Condit"1.002 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · "Keep Me Waiting"1.002 
 Dada Life · "Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker"1.002 
 Daft Punk · "Fall (M83 Vs. Big Black Delta Remix)"1.002 
 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. · "Nothing but Our Love"1.002 
 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. · "Simple Girl"2.004 
 Dalriada · "Mennyei Harang"1.002 
 Dan Ashwood · "A Man, a Plan, a Mother Box"1.002 
 Dan Ashwood · "The Heliopause"1.002 
 Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi · "Black"1.002 
 Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi · "Two Against One"2.004 
 Danny Brown · "Adderall Admiral"2.004 
 Danny Brown · "Blunt After Blunt"1.002 
 Danny Brown · "Die Like a Rockstar"2.004 
 Danny Brown · "I Will"1.002 
 Danny Brown · "Monopoly"2.004 
 Danny Brown · "Scrap or Die"3.006 
 Danny Daze (ft. Louisahhh) · "Your Everything"3.006 
 Danush · "Why This Kolaveri Di"1.002 
 Daphni · "Ne Noya"1.002 
 Daphni · "Ye Ye"1.002 
 Darq E Freaker · "Cherryade"1.002 
 Darren Criss and the Warblers · "Teenage Dream"1.002 
 Darren Hayes · "Talk Talk Talk"1.002 
 Das Racist · "Girl"1.002 
 Das Racist · "Michael Jackson"20.038.850
 Das Racist · "Relax"1.002 
 Date Palms · "Honey Dune"1.002 
 Dave Alvin · "Harlan County"1.002 
 Dave Alvin · "Johnny Ace Is Dead"1.002 
 David Banner · "Swag"1.002 
 David Bazan · "Wolves at the Door"2.004 
 David Guetta (ft. Sia) · "Titanium"1.002 
 David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights · "Diamond Mine"1.002 
 David Lynch · "Good Day Today"1.002 
 David Lynch · "Pinky's Dream"1.002 
 Davila 666 · "Esa Nena Nunca Regreso"1.002 
 Dawes · "A Little Bit of Everything"4.008 
 Dawes · "Fire Away"2.004 
 Dawes · "So Well"1.002 
 Dawes · "Time Spent in Los Angeles"3.006 
 Deadbeat Poets · "The Man With X-Ray Eyes"1.002 
 Dead Gaze · "Somewhere Else"1.002 
 Dead in the Dirt · "Fear"1.002 
 Deaf Mutations · "Crash the Clubs"1.002 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "You Are a Tourist"2.004 
 Death Grips · "Beware"1.002 
 Death Grips · "Guillotine"5.010.800
 Death Grips · "Spread Eagle Cross the Block"1.002 
 Death Grips · "Takyon (Death Yon)"1.002 
 Debo Band · "Gedawo (Kiddid Gedubwo Mix)"1.002 
 The Decemberists · "Calamity Song"5.010.400
 The Decemberists · "Down by the Water"7.013.429
 The Decemberists · "June Hymn"1.002 
 The Decemberists · "This Is Why We Fight"3.006 
 Deerhoof · "Super Duper Rescue Heads"1.002 
 Deer Tick · "The Bump"1.002 
 Deer Tick · "Let's All Go to the Bar"1.002 
 Deer Tick · "Main Street"1.002 
 Deleted Scenes · "A Litany for Mrs. T"1.002 
 Deleted Scenes · "Bedbedbedbedbed"1.002 
 Delicate Steve · "Butterfly"1.002 
 Delilah · "Go"2.004 
 Delta Funktionen · "Minds Into Meltdown"1.002 
 Demi Lovato · "Unbroken"1.002 
 Denmark (ft. Quelle Chris) · "Green Party Swishercrat"1.002 
 Des Ark · "Bonne Chance Asshole"1.002 
 Des Ark · "FTW, Y'all!!!"1.002 
 Desloc Piccalo (ft. Adiah) · "Drumz"3.006 
 Destroyer · "Bay of Pigs"1.002 
 Destroyer · "Blue Eyes"1.002 
 Destroyer · "Kaputt"7.013.429
 Destroyer · "The Laziest River"1.002 
 Destroyer · "Poor in Love"2.004 
 Destroyer · "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker"1.002 
 Dev · "Bass Down Low"3.006 
 Dev · "Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Mix)"1.002 
 Dev · "In the Dark"3.006 
 Dia Frampton · "Heartless (Live)"1.002 
 Diamond Gloss · "Canadians"1.002 
 Diddy - Dirty Money · "Sade"1.002 
 Diddy - Dirty Money · "Your Love"1.002 
 Diddy - Dirty Money (ft. Swizz Beatz) · "Ass on the Floor"4.008 
 Diego Garcia · "You Were Never There"1.002 
 Die Krupps · "Beyond"1.002 
 Die Vogel · "Fratzengulasch"1.002 
 Diogenes Club · "Green Eyes"1.002 
 Dirtbombs · "Sharevari"5.010 
 Dirtbombs · "Sharevari (Omar-S Mix)"1.002 
 Dirty Beaches · "Lone Runner"2.004 
 Dirty Beaches · "Lord Knows Best"7.013.714
 Dirty Beaches · "True Blue"2.004 
 Dirty Gold · "California Sunrise"1.002 
 Disappears · "Guider"1.002 
 Disco Biscuits · "Great Abysses"1.002 
 Dive · "Sometime"1.002 
 DJ Diamond · "Torture Rack"1.002 
 DJ Khaled (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross) · "I'm on One"26.0501.000
 DJ Quik · "Killer Dope"1.002 
 DJ Quik and Kurupt · "Flow for Sale"1.002 
 DJ Rashad · "Ghetto Tekz Runnin It"1.002 
 DJ Rashad · "Ghost"2.004 
 DJ Rashad · "I'm Gone"1.002 
 DJ Shadow · "Give Back the Nights"1.002 
 DJ Shadow · "I Gotta Rokk"1.002 
 DJ Shadow · "Redeemed"1.002 
 DJ Shadow (ft. Afrikan Boy) · "I'm Excited"1.002 
 DJ Shadow (ft. Little Dragon) · "Scale It Back"1.002 
 Dolly Parton · "Better Day"1.002 
 Dolorean · "Country Clutter"1.002 
 Dom · "Telephone"1.002 
 Don Omar · "Taboo"2.004 
 Don Omar (ft. Lucenzo) · "Danza Kuduru"1.002 
 Don Trip · "Letter to My Son"1.002 
 Double Negative · "Writhe"1.002 
 Downtown · "Destroyer"1.002 
 Drake · "Cameras/Good Ones Go (Interlude)"1.002 
 Drake · "Crew Love"1.002 
 Drake · "Dreams Money Can Buy"1.002 
 Drake · "Headlines"8.015.500
 Drake · "Look What You've Done"2.004 
 Drake · "Marvin's Room"35.067.429
 Drake · "Over My Dead Body"1.002 
 Drake (ft. Rick Ross) · "Lord Knows"2.004 
 Drake (ft. Rihanna) · "Take Care"11.021.818
 Dr. Dre · "I Need a Doctor"3.006 
 Dred Skott · "T.R.O.Y. (Troy Davis)"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Dancing Ricky"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Everybody Needs Love"2.004 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Go-Go Boots"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Used to Be a Cop"3.006 
 Dro Carey · "Talk Smak"1.002 
 Dro Man · "Jiggalate"1.002 
 Dropkick Murphys · "Going Out in Style"2.004 
 Drums · "Days"1.002 
 Drums · "Hard to Love"1.002 
 Drums · "How It Ended"1.002 
 Drums · "Money"2.004 
 Drums · "What You Were"1.002 
 D-Sisive · "GG Allin"1.002 
 Dubb Nubb · "Mound City Baby"1.002 
 Duck Sauce · "Barbara Streisand"1.002 
 Duke Spirit · "Cherry Tree"1.002 
 Duke Spirit · "Don't Wait"1.002 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Bedroom Eyes"4.008 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Coming Down"5.0101.000
 Dum Dum Girls · "Heartbeat"1.002 
 Dum Dum Girls · "He Gets Me High"3.006 
 Dum Dum Girls · "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"2.004 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Wrong Feels Right"1.002 
 Duran Duran · "Girl Panic"2.004 
 Dylan Champagne · "Baby in a Bear Suit"1.002 
 The Dø · "Too Insistent"1.002 
 E-40 · "Drugs"1.002 
 E-40 · "Me and My Bitch"1.002 
 East River Pipe · "Conman"1.002 
 Eden Wood · "Cutie Patootie"1.002 
 Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville · "Au Clair de la Lune (1860)"1.002 
 Edward Rogers · "The Biba Crowd"1.002 
 Edwin Bonilla · "Homenaje a Los Rumberos"1.002 
 Egyptrixx · "Chrysalis Records"1.002 
 Einstein Vs. Stephen Hawking · "Epic Rap Battles of History No. 7"1.002 
 Eisley · "Ambulance"1.002 
 Elbow · "Lippy Kids"1.002 
 Elbow · "The Night Will Always Win"1.002 
 Eleanor Friedberger · "Inn of the Seventh Ray"1.002 
 Eleanor Friedberger · "I Won't Fall Apart on You Tonight"2.004 
 Eleanor Friedberger · "My Mistakes"10.019.800
 Eleanor Friedberger · "Roosevelt Island"3.006 
 Eleventh Dream Day · "Satellite"1.002 
 Eliane Elias · "Light My Fire"1.002 
 Eliane Radigue · "Biogenesis, 1973"1.002 
 Elizabeth Veldon · "Can You Please Stop Raping Me? (Part 1)"1.002 
 Eliza Doolittle · "Pack Up"1.002 
 Elle Varner (ft. J. Cole) · "Only Wanna Give It to You"1.002 
 Ellie Goulding · "Lights"2.004 
 Elliott Smith · "Misery Let Me Down"1.002 
 El-P · "Drones Over Brooklyn"3.006 
 El-P · "Rush Over BKLYN"1.002 
 El Toro de la Muerte · "The Chattering of Rats"1.002 
 EMA · "Butterfly Knife"1.002 
 EMA · "California"33.063.424
 EMA · "The Grey Ship"2.004 
 EMA · "Marked"3.006 
 Emeli Sandé · "Heaven"3.006 
 Emika · "Save It"1.002 
 Emperor X · "Allahu Akbar"2.004 
 Erasure · "Be With You"1.002 
 Erasure · "When I Start To (Break It All Down)"1.002 
 Eric Church · "Drink in My Hand"4.008 
 Eric Church · "Homeboy"1.002 
 Eric Church · "Springsteen"2.004 
 Escort · "Cocaine Blues"2.004 
 Eskmo · "Cloudlight"1.002 
 Estelle · "Thank You"1.002 
 Ettes · "Excuse"1.002 
 Ettes · "I Stayed Too Late"1.002 
 Evanescence · "What You Want"2.004 
 Evens · "2 Songs"1.002 
 Evens · "Warble Factor"1.002 
 Everlast · "I Get By"2.004 
 Everything Everything · "Photoshop Handsome"1.002 
 Exhumed · "As Hammer to Anvil"1.002 
 Exlovers · "Blowing Kisses"1.002 
 Explosions in the Sky · "Trembling Hands"1.002 
 Factory Floor · "R E a L L O V E (An Optimo Especial Remix)"1.002 
 Factory Floor · "Two Different Ways"5.0101.000
 Fagget Fairys · "Black Hole"1.002 
 Fairport Convention · "Festival Bell"1.002 
 Fakuta · "Aeropuerto"1.002 
 FaltyDL · "Hip Love"1.002 
 Family Force 5 · "Paycheck"1.002 
 Family of the Year · "St. Croix"1.002 
 Fanzine · "Low"1.002 
 Farben · "Parada"1.002 
 Fat Cat · "My Love Bad Boy"1.002 
 Fat Tony · "Nigga You Ain't Fat"1.002 
 Fat Trel · "Respect With the Tech"1.002 
 Feist · "Anti-Pioneer"1.002 
 Feist · "The Bad in Each Other"1.002 
 Feist · "How Come You Never Go There"3.006 
 Felice Brothers · "Fire at the Pageant"1.002 
 Felice Brothers · "Honda Civic"1.002 
 Felice Brothers · "Ponzi"1.002 
 Fennesz · "Seven Stars"1.002 
 Fever Ray · "The Wolf"2.004 
 The Field · "It's Up There"1.002 
 The Field · "Then It's White"2.004 
 Fielded · "White Death"1.002 
 First Rate People · "Funny Games"1.002 
 Fitz & the Tantrums · "Don't Gotta Work It Out"3.006 
 Fitz & the Tantrums · "Moneygrabber"6.011 
 The Flaming Lips · "I Found a Star on the Ground"2.004 
 The Flaming Lips · "The Strobo Trip"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Battery Kinzie"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Bedouin Dress"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Grown Ocean"4.008 
 Fleet Foxes · "Helplessness Blues"11.021.545
 Fleet Foxes · "Lorelai"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Montezuma"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "The Shrine/An Argument"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "White Winter Hymnal"1.002 
 Flight Facilities (ft. Jess) · "Foreign Language (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)"1.002 
 Floating Points · "Marilyn"1.002 
 Flogging Molly · "Don't Shut 'Em Down"1.002 
 Floorplan · "We Magnify His Name"1.002 
 Florence & the Machine · "Breaking Down"1.002 
 Florence & the Machine · "Dog Days Are Over"2.004 
 Florence & the Machine · "Heavy in Your Arms"2.004 
 Florence & the Machine · "Never Let Me Go"1.002 
 Florence & the Machine · "No Light, No Light"2.004 
 Florence & the Machine · "Shake It Out"16.030.625
 Florence & the Machine · "What the Water Gave Me"3.006 
 Flo Rida · "Good Feeling"3.006 
 Florrie · "I Took a Little Something"1.002 
 Flux Pavillion · "Bass Cannon"1.002 
 Foo Fighters · "Bridge Burning"1.002 
 Foo Fighters · "Dear Rosemary"4.008 
 Foo Fighters · "Rope"7.013.857
 Foo Fighters · "These Days"2.004 
 Foo Fighters · "Walk"7.013.286
 Foo Fighters · "White Limo"3.006 
 Foot Village · "Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot"1.002 
 Foot Village · "Lovers With Iraqis"2.004 
 Forbidden Friends · "Tiny Hands"1.002 
 Ford & Lopatin · "Emergency Room"2.004 
 Ford & Lopatin · "Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)"3.006 
 Foster the People · "Helena Beat"3.006 
 Foster the People · "Pumped Up Kicks"40.076.923
 Fountains of Wayne · "Radio Bar"1.002 
 Fountains of Wayne · "Richie and Ruben"1.002 
 Fountains of Wayne · "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart"2.004 
 Four Tet · "Pinnacles"1.002 
 Four Tet · "Pyramid"4.008 
 Foxy Shazam · "I Like It"1.002 
 Frances England · "Place in My Heart"1.002 
 Frank Ocean · "American Wedding"3.006 
 Frank Ocean · "Back"1.002 
 Frank Ocean · "Best Seller"1.002 
 Frank Ocean · "Dust"1.002 
 Frank Ocean · "Novacane"32.061.688
 Frank Ocean · "Songs for Women"3.006 
 Frank Ocean · "Strawberry Swing"3.006 
 Frank Ocean · "Swim Good"6.011.667
 Frank Ocean · "Thinkin' 'Bout You"5.010.600
 Frank Ocean · "We All Try"2.004 
 Frank Turner · "I Still Believe"1.002 
 Freddie Gibbs · "187 Proof"1.002 
 Freddie Gibbs · "My Dawgz"1.002 
 Freddie Gibbs (ft. Madlib) · "Thuggin'"3.006 
 French Fries · "Champagne"1.002 
 French Montana (ft. Charlie Rock) · "Shot Caller"2.004 
 Fresh & Onlys · "Secret Walls"1.002 
 Friendly Fires · "Hurting"2.004 
 Friends · "I'm His Girl"6.0111.000
 Friendzone · "My Wishlist"1.002 
 Frijgard · "Frijgard"1.002 
 Front Bottoms · "Maps"2.004 
 Frontier Circus · "Horse With No Water"1.002 
 Fruit Bats · "You're Too Weird"1.002 
 Fucked Up · "The Other Shoe"2.004 
 Fucked Up · "Queen of Hearts"11.021.364
 Fucked Up · "Ship of Fools"3.006 
 Fucked Up · "Under My Nose"1.002 
 Future (ft. Drake) · "Tony Montana (Remix)"1.002 
 Future Islands · "Balance"1.002 
 Future Islands · "The Great Fire"1.002 
 Future of the Left · "Polymers Are Forever"1.002 
 Gabriel Kahane · "Last Dance"1.002 
 Galaxy Dream (ft. Turbotronic) · "Ready 4 Romance"1.002 
 Gang Gang Dance · "Glass Jar"11.021.818
 Gang Gang Dance · "Mindkilla"7.013.714
 Gang of Four · "You'll Never Pay for the Farm"1.002 
 Garland Jeffreys · "'Til John Lee Hooker Calls Me"2.004 
 Garland Jeffreys · "Coney Island Winter"3.006 
 Garland Jeffreys · "I'm Alive"1.002 
 Garland Jeffreys · "Roller Coaster Town"1.002 
 GD&Top · "High High"3.006 
 Gem Club · "252"1.002 
 Generationals · "Ten-Twenty-Ten"2.004 
 George Fitzgerald · "Feel Like"1.002 
 Georgia Anne Muldrow · "More and More"1.002 
 Ghost · "Elizabeth"1.002 
 Ghost · "Ritual"1.002 
 Ghostfunk · "Danger 500"1.002 
 Ghost Outfit · "I Was Good When I Was Young"1.002 
 Ghostpoet · "Survive It"1.002 
 Giant Claw · "I Know I'm Like a Ghost"1.002 
 The Gift · "RGB"1.002 
 Gillian Welch · "Hard Times"4.008 
 Gillian Welch · "Tennessee"2.004 
 Gillian Welch · "The Way It Goes"5.010.600
 Gillian Welch · "The Way It Will Be"3.006 
 Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx · "I'll Take Care of U"9.0171.000
 Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx · "I'm New Here"1.002 
 Girls · "Honey Bunny"5.010.400
 Girls · "Love Like a River"1.002 
 Girls · "Vomit"16.030.313
 Givers · "Meantime"1.002 
 Givers · "Up Up Up"2.004 
 Glands of External Secretion · "Dear God"1.002 
 Glass Candy · "Warm in the Winter"1.002 
 Glee Cast · "Loser Like Me"1.002 
 Glen Campbell · "Ghost on the Canvas"3.006 
 Glen Campbell · "Sadly Beautiful"1.002 
 The Globes · "A Stitch Couldn't Save the World"1.002 
 Gloria Estefan · "Wepa"1.002 
 Glossary · "Shoulder to Cry On"1.002 
 Goapele · "Play"1.002 
 Gold Motel · "Cold Shoulders"1.002 
 Gomez · "Options"1.002 
 The Good Natured · "Skeleton"1.002 
 Gospel Music · "This Town Doesn't Have Enough Bars for the Both of Us"1.002 
 The Go! Team · "Apollo Throwdown"1.002 
 The Go! Team · "Buy Nothing Day"2.004 
 Gotye (ft. Kimbra) · "Somebody That I Used to Know"8.0151.000
 Granite Countertops · "Something Different"1.002 
 Grass Widow · "Milo Minute"2.004 
 Great Western Plain · "Intricate Textures"1.002 
 Grimes · "Vanessa"10.0191.000
 Gross Relations · "When You Go Down"1.002 
 Group Doueh · "Wazan Doueh"1.002 
 Grouper · "Alien Observer"3.006 
 Group Inerane · "Group Inerane"1.002 
 Group Inerane · "Guitars From Agadez Vol. 4"1.002 
 Group Inerane · "Yallawat Ayetma/Tehi Teyman/Ikabkaban"1.002 
 Grouplove · "Colours"1.002 
 Grouplove · "Tongue Tied"2.004 
 The Grownup Noise · "Carnival"1.002 
 Gruff Rhys · "Slashed Wrists This Christmas"1.002 
 G-Side · "Came Up"1.002 
 G-Side · "Castaway"1.002 
 Gucci Mane · "Up My Alley"1.002 
 Gucci Mane (ft. 50 Cent) · "Recently"1.002 
 Guided by Voices · "The Unsinkable Fats Domino"3.006 
 Gunnar Wendel · "578 (Omar S Rude Boy Warm Mix)"2.004 
 Gun Outfit · "White Light"1.002 
 Gunplay (ft. Rick Ross & Triple C's) · "Bust Your Heart"1.002 
 Gunplay (ft. Waka FLocka Flame) · "Rollin'"1.002 
 Gym Class Heroes (ft. Adam Levine) · "Stereo Hearts"2.004 
 Hackman · "Close"2.004 
 Hail Mary Mallon · "Meter Reader"1.002 
 Half Man Half Biscuit · "Fix It So She Dreams of Me"1.002 
 Half Man Half Biscuit · "National Shite Day"1.002 
 Hallflowers · "I Can't Get Started"1.002 
 Hammers of Misfortune · "The Grain"1.002 
 Handsome Furs · "Repatriated"2.004 
 Handsome Furs · "Serve the People"2.004 
 Handsome Furs · "What About Us"1.002 
 Hanni El Khatib · "Build. Destroy. Rebuild"1.002 
 Hanni El Khatib · "Loved One"1.002 
 Happy Problem · "Matador"1.002 
 Hayes Carll · "Another Like You"5.010.200
 Hayes Carll · "Hard Out Here"1.002 
 Hayes Carll · "KMAG YOYO"8.015.875
 Head and the Heart · "Lost in My Mind"4.008 
 Headnodic · "Turn Your Radio Up"1.002 
 Heems · "Womyn"1.002 
 Helado Negro · "2º Dia"1.002 
 Helado Negro · "Globitos"1.002 
 Heligoats · "Turn Down the Offer"1.002 
 Hella · "Headless"1.002 
 Help Stamp Out Loneliness · "Record Shop"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Falling"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "My House"2.004 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Painted Eyes"1.002 
 Heretoir · "Fatigue"1.002 
 High Highs · "Flowers Bloom"1.002 
 High Llamas · "Berry Adams"1.002 
 Hipwaders · "Hey, Josie"1.002 
 History of Apple Pie · "Mallory"1.002 
 Hollie Cook · "Milk & Honey"1.002 
 Holy Ghost! · "Jam for Jerry"5.010.600
 Holy Ghost! · "Some Children"3.006 
 Holy Ghost! · "Wait and See"2.004 
 Holy Other · "Touch"2.004 
 Holy Other · "Yr Love"1.002 
 Home Blitz · "A.D.K"1.002 
 Home Blitz · "Atk"1.002 
 Hoodstar Chantz · "Where Do You Go?"1.002 
 Hooray for Earth · "No Love"1.002 
 The Horrors · "I Can See Through You"1.002 
 The Horrors · "Still Life"4.008 
 Hot Chelle Rae · "Tonight Tonight"1.002 
 Hot Knives · "Sooner or Later"1.002 
 Hot Natured (ft. Ali Love) · "Forward Motion"1.002 
 Howler · "I Told You Once"2.004 
 Htrk · "Eat Yr Heart/Sweetheart"1.002 
 Hudson Mohawke · "All Your Love"1.002 
 The Human Hearts · "Art Books"1.002 
 Hype Williams · "Farthing Wood Dub"1.002 
 Hysterics · "Hysterics"1.002 
 HyunA · "Bubble Pop!"5.0101.000
 Iamamiwhoami · "; John"1.002 
 Iceage · "Broken Bone"1.002 
 Iceage · "I Remember"1.002 
 Iceage · "New Brigade"1.002 
 Icona Pop · "Nights Like This"1.002 
 Ida Maria · "Bad Karma"1.002 
 Ill Blu · "Meltdown"1.002 
 Indigo Girls · "Making Promises"1.002 
 In Good Company · "Harmony's Double"1.002 
 Innergaze · "Shadow Disco"1.002 
 Instra:Mental · "When I Dip"1.002 
 The Internet · "Cocaine"1.002 
 Invisible Conga People · "In a Hole"1.002 
 Inxec Vs. Droog · "Unhinged"1.002 
 Iron & Wine · "Tree by the River"1.002 
 Iron & Wine · "Walking Far From Home"1.002 
 Iron & Wine · "Your Fake Name Is Good Enough for Me"2.004 
 Ital · "Culture Clubs"1.002 
 Ital · "Ital's Theme"1.002 
 Ital · "Only for Tonight"1.002 
 It Thing · "Life Is Sick"1.002 
 Iu · "The Story Only I Didn't Know"1.002 
 Ivy · "Everybody Knows"1.002 
 Jack's Mannequin · "Release Me"1.002 
 Jack Ruby · "Hit & Run"1.002 
 Jackson Browne · "You Know the Night"1.002 
 Jack White · "Love Is Blindness"1.002 
 Jacques Greene · "Another Girl"7.0131.000
 Jai Paul · "BTSTU"6.0111.000
 Jake Owen · "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"1.002 
 Jam City · "Barely a Trak"1.002 
 James Blackshaw · "Holly"1.002 
 James Blake · "A Case of You"2.004 
 James Blake · "I Never Learnt to Share"3.006 
 James Blake · "Limit to Your Love"2.004 
 James Blake · "Lindisfarne"1.002 
 James Blake · "Love What Happened Here"1.002 
 James Blake · "The Wilhelm Scream"12.023.917
 James Justin & Co · "Dark Country"1.002 
 James Pants · "Incantation"1.002 
 Jamey Johnson · "LaGrange"1.002 
 Jamie Woon · "Lady Luck"4.008 
 Jamie xx · "Far Nearer"2.004 
 Janet Jackson · "Pleasure Principle (Hudson Mohawke RMX)"1.002 
 Japanese Popstars (ft. Robert Smith) · "Take Forever"1.002 
 Jason Aldean (ft. Kelly Clarkson) · "Don't You Wanna Stay"2.004 
 Jason Bennett · "How Many Miles (Until I Forget About You)"1.002 
 Jason DeRulo · "It Girl"1.002 
 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit · "Alabama Pines"1.002 
 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit · "Codeine"3.006 
 Jay Electronica · "Call of Duty"2.004 
 The Jayhawks · "Mockingbird Time"1.002 
 Jay R. · "Fuck'd Up"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Gotta Have It"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "H.A.M."1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Made in America"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Murder to Excellence"3.006 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "New Day"3.006 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Niggas in Paris"64.122.438
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "No Church in the Wild"8.015.750
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Otis"36.069.588
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Otis (Funk Flex Bomb Drop Version)"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Otis (Hot 97 World Premiere Featuring Funkmaster Flex)"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Primetime"1.002 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Welcome to the Jungle"2.004 
 Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Why I Love You"4.008 
 JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound · "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"3.006 
 JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound · "Want More"1.002 
 J. Cole · "Can't Get Enough"2.004 
 J. Cole · "Lost Ones"2.004 
 JD Nero · "Occupy Music"1.002 
 Jeff Bridges · "What a Little Bit of Love Can Do"1.002 
 Jeffrey Lewis · "Alternative Boyfriend"1.002 
 Jeffrey Lewis · "Time Trades"1.002 
 JEFF the Brotherhood · "Bummer"1.002 
 JEFF the Brotherhood · "Whatever I Want"1.002 
 Jeni Lee Richey and the Great Tribulation · "Sure As the Rain"1.002 
 Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra · "Time to Remember the Poor"1.002 
 Jennifer Lopez (ft. Pitbull) · "On the Floor"2.004 
 Jens Lekman · "An Argument With Myself"5.0101.000
 Jens Lekman · "Waiting for Kirsten"2.004 
 Jeremih · "Down on Me"1.002 
 Jeremy Soule · "Song of the Dragonborn (Theme From Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)"1.002 
 Jessica 6 · "Prisoner of Love (Feat. Antony)"1.002 
 Jessica Lea Mayfield · "Blue Skies Again"1.002 
 Jessica Lea Mayfield · "Our Hearts Are Wrong"3.006 
 Jessie Baylin · "Holiday"1.002 
 Jessie J · "Domino"1.002 
 Jessie J · "Price Tag"1.002 
 Jhené Aiko · "Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)"1.002 
 Jigg · "Keys to the City"1.002 
 Jigsaw Seen · "Snow Angels of Pigtown"2.004 
 Jill Scott · "Shame"1.002 
 Jill Scott · "So Gone (What My Mind Says)"1.002 
 Jill Scott (ft. Anthony Hamilton) · "So in Love"5.010.800
 Jim Jones Revue · "High Horse"1.002 
 Jimmies · "Bonfire"1.002 
 Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake · "History of Rap"2.004 
 JJ & the Rogues · "Nothing Here Worth Staying For"1.002 
 J Mascis · "Is It Done?"2.004 
 Joakim · "Forever Young"1.002 
 Joe Goddard · "Gabriel"1.002 
 Johann Johannsson · "The Cause of Labour Is the Hope of the World"1.002 
 John Doe · "Moonbeam"1.002 
 John Doe · "Peggy Sue Got Married"2.004 
 John Maus · "Believer"6.011.500
 John Maus · "Hey Moon"3.006 
 John Maus · "John Maus"1.002 
 John Maus · "Quantum Leap"2.004 
 Johnny Gill · "In the Mood"1.002 
 John Stammers · "Idle I'm (Colorama Remix)"1.002 
 John Wesley Harding · "There's a Starbucks Where the Starbucks Used to Be"1.002 
 JoJo · "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)"3.006 
 Joker · "Vision"1.002 
 Joker (ft. William Cartright) · "On My Mind"1.002 
 Jolie Holland · "All Those Girls"1.002 
 Jonathan Burton · "Too Much Booty Shakin'"1.002 
 Jonathan Coulton · "Nemeses"1.002 
 Jonathan Halper · "Leaving My Old Life Behind"1.002 
 Jonathan Wilson · "Desert Raven"1.002 
 Jonny · "Circling the Sun"1.002 
 Jonny Corndawg · "Silver Panty Liners"1.002 
 Jooklo Duo · "Warrior"1.002 
 Jose Alberto · "Llego El Sonero"1.002 
 Josh Thompson · "Comin' Around"1.002 
 Josh T. Pearson · "Thou Art Loosed"1.002 
 Joshua McCormack · "Terminal Velocity"1.002 
 Josie Stingray · "Josie"1.002 
 José James · "Coltrane (Dear Alice)"1.002 
 Joy Formidable · "A Heavy Abacus"1.002 
 Joy Formidable · "Austere"2.004 
 Joy Formidable · "Buoy"1.002 
 Joy Formidable · "The Ever Changing Spectrum of a Lie"2.004 
 Joy Formidable · "The Greatest Light Is the Greatest Shade"2.004 
 Joy Formidable · "Whirring"17.032.882
 Juicy J · "Who Da Neighbors"1.002 
 Julianna Barwick · "The Magic Place"1.002 
 Julio Bashmore · "Battle for Middle You"1.002 
 June Tabor & Oysterband · "Love Will Tear Us Apart"1.002 
 Junior Boys · "Banana Ripple"3.006 
 Junior Boys · "Playtime"1.002 
 Junior Boys · "You'll Improve Me"2.004 
 Junior Boys · "You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix)"1.002 
 Junius · "Betray the Grave"1.002 
 Junius · "Transcend the Ghost"2.004 
 Justice · "Audio, Video, Disco"2.004 
 Justice · "Canon"1.002 
 Justice · "Civilization"1.002 
 Justin Vernon and James Blake · "Fall Creek Boy Choir"1.002 
 Juvenile (ft. Rick Ross) · "Power"1.002 
 Kahn · "Like We Used To"1.002 
 Kampfar · "Bergtatt (In D Major)"1.002 
 Kanye West · "All of the Lights"5.010.800
 Karmin · "Look at Me Now"1.002 
 Kasabian · "Days Are Forgotten"1.002 
 Kassem Mosse · "Untitled"1.002 
 Kate & Anna McGarrigle · "Saratoga Summer Song"1.002 
 Kate Bush · "Deeper Understanding"1.002 
 Kate Bush · "Misty"1.002 
 Kate Bush · "Snowflake"1.002 
 Kate Bush · "Wild Man"1.002 
 Kathleen Edwards · "Sidecar"1.002 
 Katy B · "Broken Record"4.008 
 Katy B · "Disappear"2.004 
 Katy B · "Easy Please Me"1.002 
 Katy B · "Katy on a Mission"9.0171.000
 Katy B · "Lights On"2.004 
 Katy B · "Witches Brew"3.006 
 Katy Perry · "E.T."3.006 
 Katy Perry · "Firework"6.0111.000
 Katy Perry · "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"9.0171.000
 Katy Perry · "The One That Got Away"1.002 
 Katy Perry · "Teenage Dream"1.002 
 Katzenjammer · "I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)"1.002 
 Kavinsky · "Nightcall"4.008 
 K-Def · "Da Supa Heath"1.002 
 KD Lang and the Siss Boom Bang · "Sing It Loud"1.002 
 Keith Urban · "Long Hot Summer"1.002 
 Kelly Clarkson · "I Forgive You"2.004 
 Kelly Clarkson · "Let Me Down"1.002 
 Kelly Clarkson · "Mr. Know It All"5.0101.000
 Kelly Clarkson · "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)"1.002 
 Kelly Price · "Tired"1.002 
 Kelly Price/Stokely · "Not My Daddy"1.002 
 Kelly Rowland (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Motivation"13.025.923
 The Kemps · "Graveyard Kitten"1.002 
 Kendrick Lamar · "A.D.H.D."6.011.500
 Kendrick Lamar · "Blow My High (Members Only)"1.002 
 Kendrick Lamar · "HiiiPower"3.006 
 Kendrick Lamar · "Kush & Corinthians"1.002 
 Kendrick Lamar · "No Make Up (Her Vice)"1.002 
 Kendrick Lamar · "Rigamortus"1.002 
 KEN Mode · "Obeying the Iron Will"1.002 
 Kenna · "Chains"1.002 
 Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter · "You & Tequila"1.002 
 Kenny Tudrick · "Topper Lane"1.002 
 Keny Arkana · "Odyssée d'Une Incomprise"1.002 
 Keren Ann · "101"1.002 
 Ke$ha · "Blow"6.011 
 Ke$ha · "Blow (Cirkut Remix)"2.004 
 Ke$ha · "Shots on the Hood of My Car"2.004 
 Ke$ha · "Sleazy"9.017 
 Ke$ha · "Sleazy (Remix 2.0 — Get Sleazier)"1.002 
 Ke$ha · "Sleazy (Remix Ft. Andre 3000)"5.0101.000
 Ke$ha · "We R Who We R"2.004 
 Kevin Abernathy Band · "Funeral Singer"1.002 
 Key Losers · "Metal Masks"1.002 
 Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke · "Hey, Pepito!"1.002 
 Kid Creole & the Coconuts · "Stony & Cory"1.002 
 Kid Rock · "Care"1.002 
 Kid Sister · "Hide and Seek"1.002 
 Kids on a Crime Spree · "Sweet Tooth"1.002 
 Kids These Days · "Hard Times"1.002 
 Kieran Hebden, Steve Reid & Mats Gustafsson · "The Sun Never Sets"1.002 
 Killa Kyleon, Bun B · "Bodies Hit the Floor"1.002 
 Killer Mike · "Burn"1.002 
 Killer Mike · "Ric Flair"1.002 
 Killer Mike · "That's Life II"2.004 
 Kills · "Future Starts Slow"3.006 
 Kills · "Satellite"3.006 
 Kimberly Caldwell · "Human After All"1.002 
 Kimya Dawson · "Bear at the Fair"1.002 
 Kina Grannis · "In Your Arms"1.002 
 King · "The Story"1.002 
 King Creosote & Jon Hopkins · "Bats in the Attic"3.006 
 Kingdom · "Let You No"1.002 
 Kingdom · "Take Me"1.002 
 King Kong Magnetics · "Kill Tha Fuck Yo'Self"1.002 
 King Krule · "The Noose of Jah City"1.002 
 King Louie · "Man Up Band Up Remix (Get Money)"1.002 
 Kip Moore · "Something 'Bout a Truck"1.002 
 Kirk Franklin · "I Smile"1.002 
 Kitchen's Floor · "116"1.002 
 The Knocks · "Dancing With the DJ"1.002 
 Kooks · "Junk of the Heart (Happy)"1.002 
 Korn · "Chaos Lives in Everything"1.002 
 Kornél Kovács · "Baby Step"1.002 
 Kort · "Wild Mountain Berries"1.002 
 Krallice · "The Clearing"1.002 
 Kraus · "Telstar"1.002 
 Kreayshawn · "Gucci Gucci"22.0421.000
 Kreng · "Wrak"1.002 
 Kuf Knotz · "Sunny Philadelphia"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Baby's Arms"5.010.600
 Kurt Vile · "The Creature"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Ghost Town"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Jesus Fever"9.017.556
 Kurt Vile · "Peeping Tomboy"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Puppet to the Man"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Runner Ups"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Smoke Ring for My Halo"1.002 
 Kurt Vile · "Society Is My Friend"1.002 
 Kutiman · "My Favorite Color"1.002 
 Kwjaz · "Once in Babylon"2.004 
 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · "Ponponpon"1.002 
 Kydd (ft. Yelawolf) · "Hall Pass"1.002 
 KY International Big Band · "Paratiisi"1.002 
 Kyle Bobby Dunn · "Canyon Meadows"1.002 
 Kyle Clyde · "Industrial Park"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "Bad Romance"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "Bloody Mary"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "Born This Way"21.040.650
 Lady Gaga · "Born This Way (Zedd Remix)"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "The Edge of Glory"23.044.652
 Lady Gaga · "Hair"2.004 
 Lady Gaga · "Heavy Metal Lover"4.008 
 Lady Gaga · "Judas"6.011.500
 Lady Gaga · "Marry the Night"4.008 
 Lady Gaga · "Yoü and I"12.023.500
 Lady Saw · "Matrimony"1.002 
 Ladytron · "White Elephant"1.002 
 Lagartijeando (ft. Boogat) · "El Alto de la Paz"1.002 
 La India · "Smile"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "Blue Jeans"3.006 
 Lana Del Rey · "Video Games"47.0901.000
 Lando Kal · "Further"1.002 
 La Sera · "Watch Me Jumpstart"1.002 
 Lata · "Ink Jet Fiesta"1.002 
 Laura Marling · "The Muse"1.002 
 Laura Marling · "Sophia"5.0101.000
 Laura Stevenson & the Cans · "The Healthy One"1.002 
 Lauren Pritchard · "Stuck"1.002 
 League of Extraordinary Gz · "Pressure"1.002 
 Leather · "Sterile EP"1.002 
 Leather · "Wretch"1.002 
 Le Butcherettes · "Dress Off"1.002 
 Ledisi · "Pieces of Me"1.002 
 Lee Noble · "Paradise Life"1.002 
 Legowelt · "Sark Island Acid"1.002 
 Lelia Broussard · "You're Not Fooling Anyone"1.002 
 Lemuria · "Chautauqua County"1.002 
 Leonard Cohen · "Show Me the Place"3.006 
 Levon Vincent · "Impression of a Rainstorm"1.002 
 Levon Vincent · "Man or Mistress"1.002 
 Levon Vincent · "No Regrets"1.002 
 Lianne La Havas · "Final Form"1.002 
 Lil B · "Bill Bellamy"2.004 
 Lil B · "Swag Jerry Rice"1.002 
 Lil B · "Trapped in Prison"1.002 
 Lil B · "Unchain Me"1.002 
 Lil B (ft. Jean Grae & Phonte) · "Base for Your Face"1.002 
 Lil Wayne · "How to Love"1.002 
 Lil Wayne and Rick Ross · "John"1.002 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Cory Gunz) · "6 Foot 7 Foot"22.0421.000
 Lil Wayne (ft. Drake) · "She Will"4.008 
 Limiñanas · "I've Got Trouble in Mind"1.002 
 Limousines · "Internet Killed the Video Star"2.004 
 Little Dragon · "Nightlight"1.002 
 Little Dragon · "Ritual Union"4.008 
 Little Scream · "The Heron and the Fox"1.002 
 Little Shalimar · "Melting"1.002 
 Little Victory · "You and the City"1.002 
 Liturgy · "Generation"8.015.750
 Liturgy · "Glory Bronze"1.002 
 Liturgy · "Returner"1.002 
 Lloyd · "Private Dancer"1.002 
 Lloyd Cole · "Writers Retreat!"1.002 
 Lloyd (ft. Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne) · "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)"7.0131.000
 Lloyd (ft. Awesome Jones!!!) · "Cupid"1.002 
 LMFAO · "Party Rock Anthem"18.0341.000
 LMFAO · "Sexy and I Know It"6.0111.000
 Loca People · "Sak Noel"1.002 
 Locussolus · "I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)"2.004 
 Logjammers · "Hit One"1.002 
 Lone · "All Those Weird Things"1.002 
 Lone · "Explorers"1.002 
 The Lonely Forest · "We Sing in Time"1.002 
 Lonely Island · "Threw It on the Ground"1.002 
 The Lonely Island (ft. Akon) · "I Just Had Sex"3.006 
 The Lonely Island (ft. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga) · "3-Way (The Golden Rule)"1.002 
 The Lonely Island (ft. Michael Bolton) · "Jack Sparrow"5.0101.000
 Los Campesinos! · "By Your Hand"3.006 
 Los Campesinos! · "Hello Sadness"1.002 
 Los Claveles · "Nacional 42"2.004 
 Lost Rivers · "See Me Alive"1.002 
 Lou Reed & Metallica · "Dragon"1.002 
 Lou Reed & Metallica · "Junior Dad"3.006 
 Lou Reed & Metallica · "The View"1.002 
 Low · "Especially Me"5.010.600
 Low · "Nothing but Heart"4.008 
 Low · "Try to Sleep"6.011.833
 Low Cut Connie · "Shit, Shower and Shave"2.004 
 Lower Dens · "Deer Knives"1.002 
 Lucinda Williams · "Blessed"5.010.800
 Lucinda Williams · "Buttercup"2.004 
 Lucinda Williams · "Copenhagen"5.010.600
 Lucinda Williams · "Seeing Black"1.002 
 Lucky Dub · "Rise"1.002 
 Luftwaffe · "Old Friends"1.002 
 Luke Bryan · "I Don't Want This Night to End"1.002 
 Luke Roberts · "Unspotted Clothes"2.004 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Beautiful Lasers"1.002 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Out of My Head"1.002 
 Lupe Fiasco · "The Show Goes On"3.006 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Words I Never Said"3.006 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Words I Never Said (Occupy Wall Street Remix)"1.002 
 Lupe Fiasco · "WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!"1.002 
 The Luyas · "Too Beautiful to Work"1.002 
 .L.W.H. · "Bitin' And Shakin'"3.006 
 .L.W.H. · "Oakland State of Mind"1.002 
 Lydia Loveless · "Jesus Was a Whino"1.002 
 Lykke Li · "Get Some"19.036.643
 Lykke Li · "I Follow Rivers"6.011.333
 Lykke Li · "Sadness Is a Blessing"3.006 
 Lykke Li · "Unrequited Love"2.004 
 Lykke Li · "Youth Knows No Pain"6.011.500
 M+A · "Liko Lene Lisa"1.002 
 M83 · "Midnight City"66.126.636
 M83 · "OK Pal"1.002 
 M83 · "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire"1.002 
 M83 · "Reunion"3.006 
 M83 · "Steve McQueen"3.006 
 Maceo Plex · "Can't Leave You"2.004 
 Mac Miller · "Donald Trump"2.004 
 Madteo · "Miss Tery Flavor"1.002 
 Main Attrakionz · "Bossalinis & Fooliyones"2.004 
 Main Attrakionz · "Perfect Skies"1.002 
 Main Attrakionz (ft. A$AP Rocky) · "Take 1"1.002 
 Makana · "We Are the Many"1.002 
 Make Out · "I Don't Want Anybody (That Wants Me)"1.002 
 Make Out · "What U Doing Later?"1.002 
 Making Friendz · "Situation"2.004 
 Mal de Mer · "Bubble Bobble"1.002 
 Malignant Growth · "Malignant Growth EP"1.002 
 MamaCoAtl · "Food Is a Weapon"1.002 
 Mamaleek · "My Body Rock Long Fever"1.002 
 Mamani Keita · "Gagner l'Argent Français"2.004 
 Mambo Legends Orchestra · "Ten Cuidado - Watch Out"1.002 
 Manchester Orchestra · "Virgin"1.002 
 Manik · "Body High"1.002 
 Mann · "Buzzin'"2.004 
 Marcel Dettmann · "Planning"1.002 
 Marcelus · "Sulfuric"1.002 
 Maria Minerva · "A Little Lonely (Noble Savage EP)"1.002 
 Maria Minerva · "Pirate's Tale"1.002 
 Maria Minerva · "Ruff Trade"1.002 
 Marianne Faithfull · "Why Did We Have to Part"1.002 
 Maria Taylor · "Matador"1.002 
 Marina and the Diamonds · "Radioactive"1.002 
 Mario & Vidis · "Changed (John Talabot's Private Mix)"1.002 
 Marissa Nadler · "Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning"1.002 
 Marissa Nadler · "The Sun Always Reminds Me of You"1.002 
 Mark E · "Belvide Beat"1.002 
 Mark E · "The Day"1.002 
 Mark Ernestus · "Version 2"1.002 
 Mark Ronson & the Business International · "Record Collection 2012"1.002 
 Maroon 5 (ft. Christina Aguilera) · "Moves Like Jagger"11.0211.000
 Mars Classroom · "Wish You Were Young"1.002 
 Marsha Ambrosius · "Far Away"2.004 
 Marsha Ambrosius · "IHope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player"1.002 
 Marsha Ambrosius · "Late Nights and Early Mornings"1.002 
 Martha Redbone Roots Project · "How Sweet I Roamed"1.002 
 Martina McBride · "Teenage Daughters"2.004 
 Martin Solveig (ft. Dragonette) · "Hello"5.010 
 Martyn · "Masks"1.002 
 Mary J. Blige · "Mr. Wrong"2.004 
 Mary Mary · "Walking"1.002 
 Mastodon · "Black Tongue"1.002 
 Mastodon · "Blasteroid"1.002 
 Mastodon · "The Creature Lives"1.002 
 Mastodon · "Curl of the Burl"7.013.286
 Matana Roberts · "Kersalia"1.002 
 Matana Roberts · "Libation for Mr. Brown: Bid Em In..."1.002 
 Mates of State · "Maracas"1.002 
 Matt and Kim · "Block After Block"1.002 
 Matt Carlson · "An Entity Appears"1.002 
 Matthew Sweet · "She Walks the Night"1.002 
 Matt Pond PA · "Love to Get Used"1.002 
 Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy · "Must Be Blind"1.002 
 Max B · "Money Make Me Feel Better"1.002 
 M Ax Noi Mach · "Creeper Sits"1.002 
 Mayer Hawthorne · "A Long Time"2.004 
 Mayer Hawthorne · "No Strings"1.002 
 Mayer Hawthorne · "The Walk"2.004 
 Mazzy Star · "Common Burn"3.006 
 Me · "Unaccompanied Unplugged Electric Guitar Solos While Watching SportsCenter"1.002 
 Me and Amos's Sister (I Forget Her Name) · "Something to Talk About (Karaoke)"1.002 
 Meek Mill (ft. Rick Ross) · "I'ma Boss"10.019.900
 Meek Mill (ft. Rick Ross) · "Tupac's Back"1.002 
 Meek Mill (ft. Young Chris) · "House Party"1.002 
 Megadeth · "Public Enemy No. 1"1.002 
 Mekons · "I Fall Asleep"1.002 
 Melanie Fiona · "4 AM"1.002 
 The Men · "()"1.002 
 The Men · "Bataille"1.002 
 The Men · "Shittin' With the Shah"1.002 
 The Men · "Think"1.002 
 The Men · "Who Am I to Feel So Free?"1.002 
 Meshell Ndegeocello · "Oysters"1.002 
 Metronomy · "The Bay"2.004 
 Metronomy · "Corinne"1.002 
 Metronomy · "Everything Goes My Way"1.002 
 Metronomy · "The Look"3.006 
 Metronomy · "She Wants"1.002 
 Metronomy · "We Broke Free"1.002 
 Meyhem Lauren (ft. Action Bronson) · "Typhoon Rap"1.002 
 M.I.A. · "Born Free"1.002 
 Micachu and the Shapes & London Sinfonietta · "Everything"1.002 
 Micachu and the Shapes & London Sinfonietta · "Low Dogg"1.002 
 Michael Kiwanuka · "Tell Me a Tale"3.006 
 Michael Monroe · "Superpowered Superfly"1.002 
 Mickey · "Baby We're Gold"1.002 
 Middle Brother · "Me, Me, Me"1.002 
 Middle Brother · "Portland"1.002 
 Mighty Mighty Bosstones · "Like a Shotgun"1.002 
 Miguel · "Quickie"1.002 
 Miguel · "Sure Thing"9.0171.000
 Miguel (ft. J. Cole) · "All I Want Is You"1.002 
 Mikal Cronin · "Apathy"4.008 
 Mikal Cronin · "Get Along"1.002 
 Mike Adams at His Honest Weight · "Bad Weather"1.002 
 Mike Clark · "Hey Daisy"1.002 
 Milagres · "Glowing Mouth"1.002 
 The Milk · "(All I Wanted Was) Danger"1.002 
 Milk Music · "Beyond Living"4.008 
 Milton Bradley · "A Sky Full of Numbers"1.002 
 Mind Over Mirrors · "You Ain't Reeling"1.002 
 Minks · "Cemetery Rain"1.002 
 Mint Condition · "Can't Get Away"1.002 
 Miracle Fortress · "Everything Works"1.002 
 Miracle Fortress · "Miscalculations"1.002 
 Miracle Fortress · "Raw Spectacle"1.002 
 Miranda Cosgrove · "Dancing Crazy"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "All Kinds of Kinds"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "Baggage Claim"2.004 
 Miranda Lambert · "Heart Like Mine"2.004 
 Miranda Lambert · "Mama's Broken Heart"1.002 
 Miranda Nicole · "Kissing You"1.002 
 Miss A · "Good-Bye Baby"1.002 
 Mixtapes · "The New Ride the Lightning"1.002 
 MNDR · "Cut Me Out"1.002 
 Modeselektor & Thom Yorke · "Shipwreck"1.002 
 Modeselektor (ft. Miss Platnum) · "Berlin"1.002 
 Mogwai · "George Square Thatcher Death Party"1.002 
 Mona · "Listen to Your Lover"1.002 
 Mona · "Teenager"1.002 
 Monarchy · "Maybe I'm Crazy"1.002 
 Monica · "Anything (To Find You)"1.002 
 Monica · "Until It's Gone"1.002 
 Moon Duo · "Mazes"1.002 
 Moon Duo · "When You Cut"1.002 
 Moonface · "Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor"1.002 
 Moonlight Towers · "Heat Lightning"1.002 
 Moon Wiring Club · "RSVP VIP Fresh"1.002 
 Mosca · "Bax"2.004 
 Mountain Goats · "Birth of the Serpents"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "Damn These Vampires"2.004 
 Mountain Goats · "Estate Sale Sign"4.008 
 Mountain Goats · "For Charles Bronson"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "High Hawk Season"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "Liza Forever Minnelli"1.002 
 Mount Moriah · "Lament"2.004 
 Mount Moriah · "The Reckoning"1.002 
 Mr. Big · "Undertow"1.002 
 Mr. Dream · "Learn the Language"1.002 
 Mr. Dream · "Scarred for Life"1.002 
 Mr. Gnome · "Ate the Sun"2.004 
 Mr. Gnome · "Bit of Tongue"1.002 
 Mr. Gnome · "House of Circles"1.002 
 Mr. Little Jeans · "The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)"1.002 
 Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire · "Build a Bitch"1.002 
 Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire · "Huzzah"6.0111.000
 Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire · "The Song That Never Ends (Huzzah Pt. 2)"1.002 
 Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire (ft. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown & El-P) · "The Last Huzzah"10.0191.000
 Mumford & Sons · "The Cave"5.010 
 Munchi · "Gracias"1.002 
 Muppets · "Life's a Happy Song"1.002 
 Muppets · "Man or Muppet"1.002 
 Music Writer Chris Martins · "Hey Girl [I Just Want You to Know That] (A Capella in Chicago)"1.002 
 Musiq Soulchild · "Yes"2.004 
 My Brightest Diamond · "She Does Not Brave the War (But She Saves the Day)"1.002 
 My Brother Adam · "Cackling During the Comedy Central Roast Marathon"1.002 
 My Cousin Sedona · "Bat Mitzvah Haftorah"1.002 
 My Former Colleague William Goodman · "Mango Lloyd Inna Babylon (Baldheads Be Gone)"1.002 
 My Mom · "I'm Happy That You're Happy"1.002 
 My Morning Jacket · "Circuital"2.004 
 My Morning Jacket · "The Day Is Coming"1.002 
 My Morning Jacket · "Holdin' On to Black Metal"8.015.500
 My Morning Jacket · "Out of My System"1.002 
 Nadia Oh · "Taking Over the Dancefloor"3.006 
 The Naked and Famous · "Young Blood"3.006 
 Nas · "Nasty"8.0151.000
 Nat & Alex Wolff · "18"1.002 
 Nat & Alex Wolff · "Thump Thump Thump"1.002 
 Nat Baldwin · "A Little Lost"1.002 
 Nat Baldwin · "Let My Spirit Rise"1.002 
 The National · "Exile Villify"1.002 
 The National · "Think You Can Wait"2.004 
 Natural Child · "The Jungle"1.002 
 Neon Indian · "Polish Girl"6.011.833
 Neon Trees · "Everybody Talks"1.002 
 Nero · "Promises"1.002 
 New Boyz (ft. the Cataracs & Dev) · "Backseat"1.002 
 New York Dolls · "I'm So Fabulous"1.002 
 The Niceguys (ft. Bun B) · "Ari Gold Remix"1.002 
 Nickelback · "Bottoms Up"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Girls Fall Like Dominoes"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Right Thru Me"2.004 
 Nicki Minaj · "Roman in Moscow"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Super Bass"95.181.989
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Drake) · "Moment 4 Life"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Rihanna) · "Fly"4.008 
 Nick Lowe · "I Read a Lot"2.004 
 Nick Lowe · "Stoplight Roses"2.004 
 Nicola Roberts · "Beat of My Drum"6.011.833
 Nicola Roberts · "Lucky Day"2.004 
 Nicolas Jaar · "Colomb"1.002 
 Nicolas Jaar · "Don't Break My Love"1.002 
 Nicolas Jaar · "Space Is Only Noise If You Can See"2.004 
 Night Birds · "Midnight Movies"2.004 
 Nikki Jean · "How to Unring a Bell"1.002 
 Nikki Lane · "Gone, Gone, Gone"3.006 
 Nikki Lynette · "Shut the F Up, Boy"1.002 
 Nikkiya · "When I Was High"1.002 
 Nine Inch Nails · "Zoo Station (U2 Cover)"1.002 
 Nite Jewel · "It Goes Through Your Head"1.002 
 Nneka · "Soul Is Heavy"1.002 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "AKA... What a Life!"2.004 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "The Death of You and Me"1.002 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "Dream On"1.002 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "Everybody's on the Run"1.002 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "The Good Rebel (B-Side)"1.002 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "If I Had a Gun"1.002 
 Not-Its · "Freeze Tag"1.002 
 Oak Pantheon · "Architect of the Void Pt II"1.002 
 Obediencia · "S/T EP"1.002 
 Obits · "You Gotta Lose"1.002 
 Octo Octa · "Let Me See You"1.002 
 Odyssey · "Our Lives Are Shaped by What We Love"1.002 
 Off! · "Rotten Apple"1.002 
 Oh Land · "Sun of a Gun"3.006 
 Okkervil River · "Lay of the Last Survivor"1.002 
 Okkervil River · "Mermaid"1.002 
 Okkervil River · "We Need a Myth"1.002 
 The Olivia Tremor Control · "The Game You Play Is in Your Head Parts 1,2,3"1.002 
 Om'mas Keith · "Uh Oh It's Love"1.002 
 Omar S (ft. Colonel Abrams) · "Who Wrote the Rules of Love"2.004 
 The One AM Radio · "Perfect Day"1.002 
 One Hundred Dollars · "Waiting on Another"1.002 
 Oneida · "Horizons"1.002 
 Oneohtrix Point Never · "Remember"1.002 
 Oneohtrix Point Never · "Replica"3.006 
 Oregon Bike Trails · "Swimsuit"1.002 
 The Original 7ven · "#Trendin"4.008 
 Otro Mundo · "Heart Thrush"1.002 
 Outfit · "Two Islands"1.002 
 Outputmessage · "Game Over"1.002 
 Pack A.D. · "Haunt You"1.002 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Belong"2.004 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "The Body"1.002 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Even in Dreams"1.002 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Heart in Your Heartbreak"3.006 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "My Terrible Friend"1.002 
 Pale Sketcher · "Seventh Heaven"1.002 
 Pallers · "Wicked"1.002 
 Panda Bear · "Alsatian Darn"3.006 
 Panda Bear · "Attiba Song"1.002 
 Panda Bear · "Last Night at the Jetty"6.011 
 Panda Bear · "You Can Count on Me"4.008 
 Pangaea · "Inna Daze"1.002 
 Panic! at the Disco · "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)"1.002 
 Paramore · "Renegade"1.002 
 Parenthetical Girls · "Entitlements"1.002 
 Pariah · "Left Unsaid"1.002 
 Patrice Baumel and Nuno Dos Santos · "360-May-2011-Podcast-for-Trouw"1.002 
 Patrick Stump · "Coast"1.002 
 Patrick Stump · "Spotlight (New Regrets)"2.004 
 Patrick Stump · "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"1.002 
 Patrick Wolf · "The City"3.006 
 Patton Oswalt · "The Bugged Car"2.004 
 Paulina Rubio · "Me Gustas Tanto"2.004 
 Paulina Rubio · "Me Gustas Tanto (3BallMTY Remix)"1.002 
 Paul Simon · "The Afterlife"2.004 
 Paul Simon · "Dazzling Blue"2.004 
 Paul Simon · "Getting Ready for Christmas Day"8.015.429
 Paul Simon · "Love Is Eternal Sacred Light"1.002 
 Paul Simon · "Questions for the Angels"1.002 
 Paul Simon · "Rewrite"3.006 
 Paul Weller · "Starlite"1.002 
 Paul Woolford & Psychatron · "Stolen"1.002 
 Peaking Lights · "All the Sun That Shines"3.006 
 Peaking Lights · "Key Sparrow"1.002 
 Pearson Sound · "Deep Inside Refix"1.002 
 Pentagram · "Windmills and Chimes"1.002 
 People · "Human Microphone"1.002 
 Pepe Deluxé · "The Storm"1.002 
 Perc · "London, We Have You Surrounded"1.002 
 Perfume · "Polyrhythm"1.002 
 Perfume · "Spice"2.004 
 Perfume · "ナチュラルに恋して (Natural Ni Koishite)"2.004 
 Personal and the Pizzas · "Dead Meat"1.002 
 Peter Bjorn and John · "Second Chance"3.006 
 Peter Bjorn and John · "Tomorrow Has to Wait"1.002 
 Peter Evans Quintet · "Stardust"1.002 
 Peter Murphy · "I Spit Roses"1.002 
 Pete Swanson · "Know When to Say Wha?"1.002 
 Phantogram · "Don't Move"3.006 
 Phantom Caste · "Here in Hundreds"1.002 
 Phonte · "Not Here Anymore"1.002 
 Pictureplane · "Breath Work"1.002 
 Pictureplane · "Real Is a Feeling"1.002 
 Pink Floyd · "Time (Live at Wembley 1974)"1.002 
 Pink Mink · "Black Door"1.002 
 Pink Skull · "Bee Nose"1.002 
 Pistol Annies · "Boys From the South"1.002 
 Pistol Annies · "Hell on Heels"18.034.722
 Pistol Annies · "Housewife's Prayer"2.004 
 Pistol Annies · "Takin' Pills"1.002 
 Pitbull · "Bon, Bon"1.002 
 Pitbull (ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer) · "Give Me Everything"9.017.889
 PJ Harvey · "The Glorious Land"1.002 
 PJ Harvey · "Hanging in the Wire"1.002 
 PJ Harvey · "The Last Living Rose"5.010.400
 PJ Harvey · "Let England Shake"6.011.833
 PJ Harvey · "On Battleship Hill"3.006 
 PJ Harvey · "The Words That Maketh Murder"16.030.500
 PJ Harvey · "Written on the Forehead"7.013.400
 Planningtorock · "The Breaks"1.002 
 Planningtorock · "Living It Out"1.002 
 Planningtorock · "The One"1.002 
 Plates of Cake · "As If the Choice Were Mine"1.002 
 Poliça · "Dark Star"1.002 
 Poly Styrene · "Beautiful Sneakers"1.002 
 Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the Del McCoury Band · "I'll Fly Away"1.002 
 Pretty & Nice · "Yonkers"1.002 
 Pretty Lights · "PL V Led Zeppelin"1.002 
 The Primitives · "Never Kill a Secret"1.002 
 Prince Royce · "El Amor Que Perdimos"1.002 
 Princess Superstar · "Xmas Swagger"1.002 
 Prins Thomas · "Lang Tung Ting"1.002 
 Proper Ornaments · "Recalling"1.002 
 Protest the Hero · "Hair-Trigger"1.002 
 Prurient · "A Meal Can Be Made"1.002 
 Psychic Paramount · "Rw"1.002 
 Pulseprogramming · "First They Fire"1.002 
 Purity Ring · "Belispeak"3.006 
 Purity Ring · "Lofticries"1.002 
 Purity Ring · "Ungirthed"9.0171.000
 Purling Hiss · "Run From the City (Daytrotter Session)"1.002 
 Puro Instinct · "Silky Eyes"1.002 
 Purple & Green · "Human Nature"1.002 
 Pusha T (ft. 50 Cent) · "Raid"3.006 
 Pusha T (ft. Kanye West and Young Jeezy) · "Amen"1.002 
 Pusha T (ft. Tyler, the Creator) · "Trouble on My Mind"2.004 
 Quaker City Night Hawks · "Bible Black Lincoln"1.002 
 Quilt · "Cowboys in the Void"1.002 
 Rachel Goodrich · "G-Dino"1.002 
 Radiohead · "The Butcher"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Codex"4.008 
 Radiohead · "The Daily Mail/Staircase"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Give Up the Ghost"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Lotus Flower"16.030.688
 Radiohead · "Morning Mr. Magpie"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Separator"3.006 
 Radiohead · "Staircase"1.002 
 Raekwon · "Butter Knives"1.002 
 Rahsaan Patterson · "6am"1.002 
 Rainer · "The Oasis"1.002 
 Random Axe · "The Hex"1.002 
 Rank/Xerox · "Sterile Regions"1.002 
 Ranveer Singh & Anushka Sharma · "Thug Le"1.002 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Good Man"3.006 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Heart Attack"2.004 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Movin' Down the Line"2.004 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Stone Rollin'"1.002 
 The Rapture · "Children"1.002 
 The Rapture · "How Deep Is Your Love?"16.030.813
 The Rapture · "In the Grace of Your Love"1.002 
 Rasheed Chappell · "Stay Sharp"1.002 
 Rathkeltair · "Something Good for a Change"1.002 
 Rat Silo · "Ass Camp"1.002 
 Rattlesnakes · "Alleyway"1.002 
 Raveonettes · "Forget That You're Young"3.006 
 Raveonettes · "Ignite"1.002 
 Raveonettes · "Recharge and Revolt"1.002 
 Ray Davies & Alex Chilton · "'Til the End of the Day"1.002 
 Razika · "Nytt Pa Nytt"1.002 
 Razika · "Vondt I Hjertet"2.004 
 RB Morris · "Old Copper Penny"1.002 
 Reading Rainbow · "Dead End"1.002 
 Real Estate · "All the Same"1.002 
 Real Estate · "Green Aisles"7.013.429
 Real Estate · "It's Real"18.034.611
 Real Estate · "Municipality"1.002 
 Rebecca Black · "Friday"11.0211.000
 Rebecca Pronsky · "Day of the Dead"1.002 
 The Rebecca Ungerman Combo · "Don't Explain"1.002 
 Rebolledo · "La Pena"1.002 
 Recloose · "Parquet"1.002 
 Red Fang · "Malverde"1.002 
 Red Fang · "Wires"4.008 
 Red Hot Chili Peppers · "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"3.006 
 Reigning Sound · "Everything I Do Is Wrong"1.002 
 Reigning Sound · "Watching My Baby"1.002 
 Reks · "25th Hour"1.002 
 Religious Knives · "You Walk"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "All the Best"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "Discoverer"2.004 
 R.E.M. · "Every Day Is Yours to Win"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "It Happened Today"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "Oh My Heart"5.010.600
 R.E.M. · "Smells Like Honey"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "Uberlin"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "We All Go Back to Where We Belong"4.008 
 Reminding Ideas · "Good Clown, Bad Clown"1.002 
 Retox · "Thirty Cents Shy of a Quarter"1.002 
 Rhett Miller (ft. Jon Brion) · "Cynthia Mask"1.002 
 Richard Swift · "Broken Finger Blues"1.002 
 Rich Robinson · "I Don't Hear the Sound of You"1.002 
 Rich Robinson · "Station Man"1.002 
 Rick Ross (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "You the Boss"1.002 
 Rifles · "Tangled Up in Love"1.002 
 Right on Dynamite · "Duck"1.002 
 Rihanna · "Cheers (I'll Drink to That)"1.002 
 Rihanna · "Man Down"6.0111.000
 Rihanna · "Only Girl (In the World)"1.002 
 Rihanna · "S&M"2.004 
 Rihanna · "You Da One"3.006 
 Rihanna (ft. Calvin Harris) · "We Found Love"30.057.967
 Rihanna (ft. Jay-Z) · "Talk That Talk"1.002 
 Rise Against · "Help Is on the Way"1.002 
 R. Kelly · "Love Letter"2.004 
 R. Kelly · "Shut Up"3.006 
 Robbie Robertson · "He Don't Live Here No More"1.002 
 Robert Pollard · "Space City Kicks"1.002 
 Roberts & Lord · "Oblique"1.002 
 Robin Thicke · "Love After War"1.002 
 Rob K/MDA · "Bardot Hotel"1.002 
 Robyn · "Call Your Girlfriend"26.0501.000
 Robyn · "Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)"1.002 
 Robyn · "Indestructible"1.002 
 Rolling Stones · "No Spare Parts"1.002 
 Rolling Stones · "We Had It All"1.002 
 Romeo Santos (ft. Usher) · "Promise"1.002 
 Ronnie Dunn · "Cost of Livin'"3.006 
 Ronnie Spector · "Back to Black"1.002 
 Ron Sexsmith · "Get in Line"1.002 
 Ron Sexsmith · "Michael and His Dad"1.002 
 The Roots · "Lyin' Ass Bitch"1.002 
 The Roots · "Make My"2.004 
 The Roots · "One Time"1.002 
 The Roots · "The Other Side"1.002 
 Rosebuds · "Woods"1.002 
 Rosie Carson Kevin Dempsey · "Green Grows the Laurel"1.002 
 Rostam · "Wood"1.002 
 Roxette · "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)"1.002 
 Royal Bangs · "Bull Elk"1.002 
 Royal-T · "Cool Down"1.002 
 Rubblebucket · "My Michelle"1.002 
 Rudresh Mahanthappa · "Killer"1.002 
 Russian Circles · "Schipol"1.002 
 Rustie · "All Nite"1.002 
 Rustie · "Ultra Thizz"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Ashes & Fire"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Chains of Love"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "I Love You but I Don't Know What to Say"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Lucky Now"8.015.625
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Typecast"1.002 
 Ry Cooder · "Banks on a Spree"1.002 
 Ry Cooder · "John Lee Hooker for President"1.002 
 Ry Cooder · "No Banker Left Behind"4.008 
 Ry Cooder · "Wall Street Side of Town"1.002 
 Sade · "Still in Love With You"1.002 
 Sampha · "Indecision"1.002 
 Sample Minds · "You Don't Fool Me"1.002 
 Sandro Perri · "Changes"3.006 
 Sandro Perri · "How Will I"1.002 
 Sand Witches · "Skate or Cry"1.002 
 San Francisco Water Cooler · "Kool Shoes"1.002 
 Sarabante · "Do You Feel Safe?"1.002 
 Saxon · "Call to Arms"1.002 
 SBTRKT · "Hold On"2.004 
 SBTRKT · "Pharaohs"4.008 
 SBTRKT · "Right Thing to Do"2.004 
 SBTRKT (ft. Little Dragon) · "Wildfire"12.023.636
 SBTRKT (ft. Little Dragon) · "Wildfire (Remix) (Feat. Little Dragon & Drake)"1.002 
 Scars on 45 · "Give Me Something"1.002 
 Scattered Trees · "A Conversation About Death on New Year's Eve"1.002 
 Scattered Trees · "On Your Side"1.002 
 SCB · "Loss"2.004 
 Schoolboy Q · "Druggys Wit Hoes"1.002 
 Schoolboy Q (ft. Jhené Aiko) · "Fantasy"1.002 
 Scott Grooves · "Last Time"1.002 
 Scroobius Pip · "Try Dying"1.002 
 Se62 · "Dreaming"1.002 
 Sea and Cake · "Moonlight Butterfly"1.002 
 Sea Monsters · "Zero"1.002 
 Seapony · "Where We Go"1.002 
 Sea Power & Change · "Yesterday Is Dead"1.002 
 Seasick Steve · "You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks"1.002 
 Secret Shine · "Hole in Your Heart"1.002 
 Seefeel · "Sway"1.002 
 Seether · "Country Song"1.002 
 Selena Gomez & the Scene · "Dices (Who Says en Espanol)"1.002 
 Selena Gomez & the Scene · "Love You Like a Love Song"1.002 
 Selena Gomez & the Scene · "Who Says"1.002 
 Sepalcure · "Your Love"1.002 
 Serengeti · "California"1.002 
 Sergio Flores · "Careless Whisper Saxophone Prank"1.002 
 Sess 4-5 and Keedy Black · "I Luv Dat Boy"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Are You? Can You?"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Free Press and Curl"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Recollections of the Wrath"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Swerve... The Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)"3.006 
 Shackleton · "Deadman (Death Dub Remix)"1.002 
 Shady Nate · "Send It Overnite"1.002 
 Shannon and the Clams · "The Cult Song"1.002 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings · "Genuine. Part One"1.002 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings · "He Said I Can"1.002 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings · "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?"1.002 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Serpents"2.004 
 She Keeps Bees · "Make It Easy"1.002 
 Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers · "The Chelsea Clinic Physical"1.002 
 Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers · "Heaven in Stereo"1.002 
 Shim · "Rock and Roll"1.002 
 Shimmering Stars · "I'm Gonna Try"1.002 
 Shinji Masuko · "Woven Music for Blue Steppe"1.002 
 Shit Robot · "Losing My Patience"1.002 
 Shovelman · "Rollin'"1.002 
 Silky Johnson · "Chasin Paper"1.002 
 The Silky-Voiced Guy Wearing a Black Leather Cowboy Hat and a Purple Turtleneck Sitting Beside Me at the Steely Dan Concert · "Hey Nineteen"1.002 
 Simone Felice · "New York Times"1.002 
 Sims · "Burn It Down"1.002 
 Siobhan Magnus · "Black Doll"1.002 
 Sirah · "Double Yellow Lines"1.002 
 Sissy Nobby · "U Need Sum Dick"1.002 
 Sjofn · "Missouri"1.002 
 Skrillex · "First of the Year (Equinox)"2.004 
 Skrillex · "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites"4.008 
 Skull Defekts · "No More Always"1.002 
 Skull Tape · "Whip My Hair"1.002 
 Sky Ferreira · "99 Tears"1.002 
 Skylar Grey · "Invisible"2.004 
 Slava · "Dreaming Tiger"1.002 
 Sleeping Bag · "Slime"1.002 
 Sleepy Brown · "You're My Lady"1.002 
 Slices · "Modern Bride"1.002 
 Slim Moore & the Mar-Kays · "Riverside Drive"1.002 
 Sloan · "The Answer Was You"1.002 
 Sloan · "Follow the Leader"1.002 
 Sloan · "Shadow of Love"1.002 
 Sloan · "Unkind"2.004 
 Slow Club · "Two Cousins"1.002 
 Smith Westerns · "All Die Young"1.002 
 Smith Westerns · "Weekend"11.0211.000
 Smoking Popes · "Wish We Were"1.002 
 Sneaky Sound System · "Big"1.002 
 Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa (ft. Bruno Mars) · "Young, Wild & Free"1.002 
 Snowman · "Hyena"1.002 
 Soccer Mom · "(A) Letter From Brooklyn"1.002 
 Socco Chico (ft. Daddy Killer/Nat Roe) · "Split 7""1.002 
 Social Distortion · "Far Side of Nowhere"1.002 
 Social Distortion · "Machine Gun Blues"2.004 
 Sonic Youth · "In & Out"1.002 
 Sonny Rollins · "Sonnymoon for Two"2.004 
 Sonyae Elise · "My Religion"1.002 
 Sore Spores · "Bobby"1.002 
 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em · "Zan With That Lean"13.0251.000
 SpaceGhostPurrp · "I Love Lesbians (Chopped & Screwed by DJ TryllDyll)"1.002 
 Spanking Charlene · "Dismissed With a Kiss"1.002 
 Speed Darlington · "Let's Dance"1.002 
 Spoek Mathambo · "Control"2.004 
 Stackridge · "Lost and Found"1.002 
 Stamps · "Over Again"1.002 
 Starfucker · "Death As a Fetish"1.002 
 Starfucker · "Hungry Ghost"1.002 
 The Static Jacks · "Mercy, Hallelujah"1.002 
 The Static Jacks · "My Parents Lied"1.002 
 Steel Magnolia · "Bulletproof"1.002 
 Stella Rose · "I'm a Ghost"1.002 
 Stephan Mathieu · "Remain"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Senator"4.008 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Share the Red"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Stick Figures in Love"1.002 
 Stepkids · "Shadows on Behalf"3.006 
 Steve Earle · "God Is God"1.002 
 Steve Earle · "Little Emperor"1.002 
 Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers · "Athiests Don't Have No Songs"1.002 
 Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra · "Everyday People (Featuring Shilpa Ray)"1.002 
 Steven Drozd · "Quaalude Youth"1.002 
 Steven Wilson · "Index"1.002 
 Steve Weeks · "Dandelion"1.002 
 Stevie Nicks · "Annabel Lee"1.002 
 Stevie Nicks · "Everybody Loves You"1.002 
 Stevie Nicks · "Secret Love"2.004 
 Stoney LaRue · "Velvet"1.002 
 Storm Queen · "It Goes On"2.004 
 Strand of Oaks · "Last to Swim"1.002 
 Stray · "Break Your Legs"1.002 
 The Strokes · "Machu Pichu"1.002 
 The Strokes · "Metabolism"1.002 
 The Strokes · "Taken for a Fool"5.0101.000
 The Strokes · "Two Kinds of Happiness"1.002 
 The Strokes · "Under Cover of Darkness"5.010.800
 Studio Killers · "Ode to the Bouncer"1.002 
 St. Vincent · "Champagne Year"1.002 
 St. Vincent · "Cheerleader"5.0101.000
 St. Vincent · "Chloe in the Afternoon"2.004 
 St. Vincent · "Cruel"15.029.467
 St. Vincent · "Northern Lights"1.002 
 St. Vincent · "Strange Mercy"2.004 
 St. Vincent · "Surgeon"6.011.333
 Sublime With Rome · "Panic"1.002 
 SubRosa · "Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes"1.002 
 Sugar Free Allstars & Secret Agent 23 Skidoo · "Cooperate"1.002 
 Sugarland · "Tonight"1.002 
 Sun Araw · "Houston Abstros"1.002 
 Sunny Sweeney · "Drink Myself Single"2.004 
 Sunny Sweeney · "From a Table Away"6.011 
 Sunny Sweeney · "Mean As You"1.002 
 Sun Ra · "UFO (Mike Huckaby Reel 2 Reel Edit)"1.002 
 SuperHeavy · "Satyameva Jayate"1.002 
 Superhuman Happiness · "Gmyl"2.004 
 Superhuman Happiness · "Needles and Pins"1.002 
 Supreme Cuts · "Jacy"1.002 
 Surfer Blood · "Miranda"1.002 
 Surgeon · "Radiance"1.002 
 Susana Baca · "Taki Ti Taki"1.002 
 Sutekh Hexen · "Ordo Adversaial"1.002 
 The Svelte Middle-Aged Lady Who Often Sings Out Loud While Using an Adjacent Elliptical Machine at the Gym I Go To · "Niggas in Paris"1.002 
 Swimsuit · "Evaporation"1.002 
 Swindle · "Spend Is Dough"2.004 
 Swindle · "Spend Is Dough (Royal-T Remix)"1.002 
 Switch & Andrea Martin · "I Still Love You"1.002 
 Tacocat · "Partytrap"1.002 
 Taiwan Typhoon · "You in Gaza"1.002 
 Talib Kweli · "Cold Rain"1.002 
 Talib Kweli (ft. Jean Grae) · "Uh Oh"1.002 
 Tammar · "The Last Line"1.002 
 Taylor Bright · "Psycho"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Mean"15.0291.000
 Taylor Swift · "Ours"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Sparks Fly"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Speak Now"2.004 
 Taylor Swift · "The Story of Us"3.006 
 Tech N9ne · "Table & Chest Stress"1.002 
 Teddybears · "Devil's Music"1.002 
 Teddybears · "Rocket Scientist"2.004 
 Teddy Bears (ft. B.o.B) · "Buy Momma a House"1.002 
 Teddybears (ft. Laza Morgan) · "Get Fresh With You"1.002 
 Teddybears (ft. Robyn) · "Cardiac Arrest"1.002 
 Teddy Thompson · "Looking for a Girl"1.002 
 Teedra Moses · "R U 4 Real"1.002 
 Teen · "Better"1.002 
 Telekinesis · "Please Ask for Help"4.008 
 Tennis · "Pigeon"1.002 
 Terius Nash · "Ghetto"2.004 
 Terius Nash · "Wake Me When It's Over"1.002 
 Terius Nash · "Wedding Crasher"3.006 
 Terror Danjah (ft. Ruby Lee Ryder) · "Full Attention"2.004 
 Thao & Mirah · "Eleven"1.002 
 Thao & Mirah · "Rubies & Rocks"1.002 
 The-Dream · "Body Work/Fuck My Brains Out"3.006 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Contraption/Soul Desert"2.004 
 Thee Oh Sees · "The Dream"5.010.600
 Thee Oh Sees · "If I Stay Too Long"1.002 
 Thee Oh Sees · "I Need Seed"1.002 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Pleasure Blimps"1.002 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Stinking Cloud"4.008 
 Theo Parrish · "Just 1 Love Bug"2.004 
 Theophilus London · "Last Name London"1.002 
 Theophilus London · "Lighthouse"1.002 
 Theophilus London · "Why Even Try"1.002 
 They Might Be Giants · "Can't Keep Johnny Down"1.002 
 They Might Be Giants · "Canajoharie"1.002 
 They Might Be Giants · "The Lady and the Tiger"1.002 
 Thomas Fehlmann · "DFM"2.004 
 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments · "Burning Trash"1.002 
 Thompson Square · "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?"1.002 
 Those Dancing Days · "Can't Find Entrance"1.002 
 Those Darlins · "Be Your Bro"3.006 
 Those Darlins · "Screws Get Loose"2.004 
 Thou · "Something in the Way"1.002 
 Thundercat · "Daylight"1.002 
 Thundercat · "For Love I Come"1.002 
 Thundercat · "Walkin'"1.002 
 Thurston Moore · "Benediction"2.004 
 Thurston Moore · "Circulation"1.002 
 Tieranniesaur · "Here Be Monsters"1.002 
 Tiger & Woods · "Curb My Heart"1.002 
 Tiger & Woods · "Gin Nation"3.006 
 Tik///Tik · "Asero"1.002 
 Timbalive · "De Miami a la Habana"1.002 
 Timber Timbre · "Black Water"1.002 
 Times New Viking · "Fuck Her Tears"2.004 
 Times New Viking · "No Room to Live"1.002 
 Times New Viking · "Try Harder"1.002 
 Tim Hecker · "Hatred of Music I"1.002 
 Tim Hecker · "The Piano Drop"1.002 
 Timothy Bloom · "'Til the End of Time"1.002 
 Tinariwen · "Asuf D Alwa"1.002 
 Tinariwen · "Tenere Taqqim Tossam"1.002 
 Title Tracks · "Clench Your Fist a Little Closer"1.002 
 Title Tracks · "Winners Cry"1.002 
 TKO Capone · "Louis Gucci"1.002 
 tobias. · "Observing the Hypocrites"1.002 
 Toby Keith · "Red Solo Cup"5.0101.000
 Toby Keith · "Somewhere Else"1.002 
 Toddla T · "Streets So Warm"1.002 
 Toddla T · "Take It Back"1.002 
 Todd McHatton · "I Think I'm a Bunny"1.002 
 Todd Terje · "Raygsh"1.002 
 Todd Terje · "Snooze 4 Love"8.0151.000
 Tokyo Jihen · "Kaze Ni Ayakatte Ike"1.002 
 Tombs · "Path of Totality"1.002 
 Tommy Four Seven · "G (Regis Remix)"1.002 
 Tommy Keene · "Nowhere Drag"2.004 
 Tom Vek · "A Chore"1.002 
 Tom Vek · "Aroused"1.002 
 Tom Waits · "Bad As Me"3.006 
 Tom Waits · "Chicago"2.004 
 Tom Waits · "Get Lost"2.004 
 Tom Waits · "Hell Broke Luce"2.004 
 Tom Waits · "Kiss Me"1.002 
 Tom Waits · "Last Leaf"2.004 
 Tom Waits · "Raised Right Man"1.002 
 Tom Waits · "Satisfied"3.006 
 Tom Waits · "Talking at the Same Time"2.004 
 Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse · "Body and Soul"1.002 
 Tori Amos · "Job's Coffin"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "Before I'm Done"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "Divina"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "Elise"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "Freaking Out"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "How I Know"1.002 
 Toro y Moi · "New Beat"2.004 
 Toro y Moi · "Still Sound"2.004 
 Total Babes · "Be So True"1.002 
 Total Control · "Carpet Rash"1.002 
 Total Control · "The Hammer"1.002 
 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs · "Trouble"1.002 
 Touché Amoré · "~"1.002 
 Tove Styrke · "High and Low"1.002 
 Tove Styrke · "White Light Moment"1.002 
 Toy · "Left Myself Behind"1.002 
 T-Pain · "5 O'Clock"3.006 
 Trace Adkins · "Just Fishin'"1.002 
 Trap Them · "The Facts"1.002 
 Travis Grant and Jo Jo · "Paint"1.002 
 Travis Porter · "Bring It Back"2.004 
 Treal Lee & Prince Rick · "Thowed Off (Fuck Everybody)"1.002 
 Treefight for Sunlight · "Facing the Sun"1.002 
 Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (ft. Karen O) · "Immigrant Song"8.015.875
 Trey Songz · "Top of the World"1.002 
 Trolley · "I Woke Up"1.002 
 Try to Find Me · "Needs Ending"1.002 
 Tuccillo · "Disco en Paradiso"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Bizness"38.072.474
 tUnE-yArDs · "Doorstep"2.004 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Es-So"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Gangsta"9.017.111
 tUnE-yArDs · "My Country"6.011.167
 tUnE-yArDs · "Powa"11.021.273
 tUnE-yArDs · "You Yes You"1.002 
 Turbo A.C.'s · "Die Tomorrow"1.002 
 TV Buddhas · "Say Hello to Loneliness"1.002 
 TV Girl · "Lizzy Come Back to Life"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Caffeinated Consciousness"2.004 
 TV on the Radio · "Killer Crane"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Second Song"3.006 
 TV on the Radio · "TV on the Radio"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Will Do"6.011.667
 TV on the Radio · "You"3.006 
 Twilight Singers · "On the Corner"2.004 
 T. Williams (ft. Terri Walker) · "Heartbeat (Mosca Remix)"1.002 
 Twin Shadow · "Castles in the Snow"1.002 
 Two Door Cinema Club · "What You Know"2.004 
 Two Tears · "Eat People"1.002 
 Tycho · "A Walk"1.002 
 Tyler, the Creator · "Goblin"1.002 
 Tyler, the Creator · "Golden"1.002 
 Tyler, the Creator · "Radicals"1.002 
 Tyler, the Creator · "Transylvania"1.002 
 Tyler, the Creator · "Yonkers"40.076.923
 Tyler, the Creator · "Yonkers (Single Version)"1.002 
 Typhoon · "Summer House"1.002 
 Tyrese · "Stay"1.002 
 Ty Segall · "Goodbye Bread"3.006 
 Ty Segall · "I Am With You"1.002 
 Ty Segall · "You Make the Sun Fry"1.002 
 Tyson · "After You're Gone"1.002 
 UEB · "Butt Cheeks"1.002 
 Ultrasound · "Welfare State"1.002 
 Unbroken Dub · "Closed Eyes"1.002 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "Ffunny Frends"2.004 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "How Can You Luv Me?"2.004 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "Little Blu House"1.002 
 Unknown Prophets · "Nowhere"1.002 
 The Urban Folk Quartet · "Wedding Dress"1.002 
 Ursula Bogner · "Sonne = Blackbox"1.002 
 U.S. Girls · "The Island Song"2.004 
 U.S. Girls · "Untie Me"1.002 
 UV Race · "Acid Trip"1.002 
 The Vaccines · "If You Wanna"5.010 
 The Vaccines · "Norgaard"1.002 
 The Vaccines · "Post Break-Up Sex"1.002 
 The Vaccines · "Wetsuit"1.002 
 The Vaccines · "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)"2.004 
 Vance Gilbert (Bee Lo Blue) · "Kiss My Ass"1.002 
 Van Dyke Parks · "Wall Street"1.002 
 Vegetable · "Castration Frustration"1.002 
 Veils · "The Stars Came Out Once the Lights Went Out"1.002 
 Veils · "The Wishbone"1.002 
 Veronica Falls · "Bad Feeling"1.002 
 Veronica Falls · "Beachy Head"2.004 
 Veronica Falls · "Come on Over"3.006 
 Veronica Falls · "Found Love in a Graveyard"2.004 
 Villa · "Morning Star"1.002 
 Virgo Four · "It's a Crime (Caribou Remix)"2.004 
 Vivian Girls · "I Heard You Say"1.002 
 Vivian Girls · "The Other Girls"1.002 
 Vivian Girls · "Sixteen Ways"1.002 
 Vladislav Delay · "Latoma"1.002 
 Vybz Kartel · "Benz Punany"1.002 
 Vybz Kartel · "Colouring Book"1.002 
 Vybz Kartel · "Half on a Baby"1.002 
 Wait for Amateur · "Chris Connelly"1.002 
 Waka Flocka Flame · "Bickin Back Bein Bool"1.002 
 Waka Flocka Flame · "Grove St. Party"2.004 
 Waka Flocka Flame (ft. Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman) · "This Is What I Do"1.002 
 Waka Flocka Flame (ft. Gucci Mane, Wooh Da Kid, YG Hootie, Ice Burgandy, Slim Dunkin, Lil Capp, Frenchie) · "2 Deep"1.002 
 Wale · "Bait"1.002 
 Wale · "Lotus Flower Bomb"1.002 
 Walkmen · "Victory"1.002 
 Wanda Jackson · "Shakin' All Over"2.004 
 Wanda Jackson · "Thunder on the Mountain"1.002 
 Wandler · "La Petite Mort Pt. 2"1.002 
 War on Drugs · "Baby Missiles"2.004 
 War on Drugs · "Your Love Is Calling My Name"2.004 
 Washed Out · "Amor Fati"8.015.750
 Washed Out · "Eyes Be Closed"3.006 
 Watery Love · "Die With Dignity"1.002 
 Wavves · "Bug"1.002 
 Wavves · "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl"1.002 
 Wax and EOM · "Coins"1.002 
 Wax Idols · "All Too Human"2.004 
 We Are Augustines · "The Ballad of a Patient Man"1.002 
 We Are Augustines · "Book of James"1.002 
 We Are Augustines · "Chapel Song"2.004 
 Webbie · "What's Happenin'"1.002 
 Weekend · "Hazel"1.002 
 The Weeknd · "The Birds Part 1"1.002 
 The Weeknd · "The Fall"1.002 
 The Weeknd · "High for This"2.004 
 The Weeknd · "House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls"5.010.400
 The Weeknd · "Initiation"1.002 
 The Weeknd · "The Morning"4.008 
 The Weeknd · "The Party & the After Party"2.004 
 The Weeknd · "What You Need"2.004 
 The Weeknd · "Wicked Games"3.006 
 The Weeknd · "The Zone"3.006 
 Wet Hair · "Echo Lady"1.002 
 Wheelchair Sports Camp · "My Vagina Ain't Handicapped"1.002 
 When Saints Go Machine · "Kelly"2.004 
 White Mystery · "Power Glove"1.002 
 White Ninja · "El Alfa"1.002 
 WhoCares · "Out of My Mind"1.002 
 Widowspeak · "Gun Shy/Wicked Game"1.002 
 Widowspeak · "Harsh Realm"3.006 
 Wilco · "Art of Almost"7.013.429
 Wilco · "Born Alone"1.002 
 Wilco · "Dawned on Me"1.002 
 Wilco · "I Might"13.025.615
 Wilco · "One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)"10.019.700
 Wild Beasts · "Albatross"2.004 
 Wild Beasts · "Bed of Nails"2.004 
 Wild Flag · "Boom"1.002 
 Wild Flag · "Electric Band"1.002 
 Wild Flag · "Endless Talk"2.004 
 Wild Flag · "Future Crimes"3.006 
 Wild Flag · "Glass Tambourine"8.015.375
 Wild Flag · "Romance"32.061.656
 Wild Flag · "Short Version"1.002 
 Wild Flag · "Something Came Over Me"1.002 
 Wiley · "Numbers in Action"1.002 
 The Will Callers · "Where Are You Now?"1.002 
 William Basinski · "Disintegration Loops Dlp 1.1 (Orchestrated by Maxim Moston)"1.002 
 Willie Nile · "Sideways Beautiful"1.002 
 Willie Wright · "Dressing for the Occasion"1.002 
 Willow Smith (ft. Nicki MInaj) · "Fireball"1.002 
 Willy Moon · "I Wanna Be Your Man"1.002 
 Winter Family · "Shooting Stars"1.002 
 Win Win (ft. Lizzie Bougatsos) · "ReleaseRPM (Nadastrom Moombhaton Mix)"1.002 
 Wire · "Clay"1.002 
 Wire · "Please Take"1.002 
 Wire · "Smash"1.002 
 Wire · "Strays"1.002 
 Wire · "Two Minutes"1.002 
 Wisin y Yandel · "Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas"1.002 
 Witch Mountain · "Wing of the Lord"1.002 
 Within Temptation · "Sinead"1.002 
 Wiz Khalifa · "Big Screen"1.002 
 Wiz Khalifa · "Black and Yellow"18.0341.000
 Wiz Khalifa · "No Sleep"1.002 
 Wiz Khalifa · "The Race"2.004 
 Wiz Khalifa · "Roll Up"1.002 
 Wiz Khalifa (ft. Too $hort) · "On My Level"4.008 
 Wolfchant · "Black Fire"1.002 
 Wolfgang Gartner · "Menage a Trois"1.002 
 Wolves in the Throne Room · "Woodland Cathedral"1.002 
 The Wombats · "Anti-D"1.002 
 Wonder Girls · "Be My Baby"2.004 
 Wooden Shjips · "Phonograph"1.002 
 Woods · "Out of the Eye"1.002 
 Woods of Ypres · "I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery"1.002 
 Wugazi · "P.L.O. Squared"1.002 
 WU LYF · "Spitting Blood"1.002 
 WU LYF · "We Bros"1.002 
 Wussy · "Don't Leave Just Now"1.002 
 Wussy · "Pulverized"1.002 
 Wussy · "Waiting Room"1.002 
 Wye Oak · "Civilian"5.010.600
 Wye Oak · "Dogs Eyes"1.002 
 Wye Oak · "Holy Holy"8.015.625
 Wye Oak · "Strangers"2.004 
 Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton · "Layla"1.002 
 X-Cross · "Crazy"1.002 
 Ximena Sariñana · "Different"5.010.800
 Yacht · "Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)"2.004 
 Yacht · "I Walked Alone"1.002 
 Yacht · "Shangri-La"1.002 
 Yacht · "Utopia"1.002 
 YC (ft. Future) · "Racks"2.004 
 Yelawolf · "Everything I Love the Most"1.002 
 Yelawolf · "Let's Roll"1.002 
 Yelle · "Que Veux Tu"1.002 
 Yelle · "Safari Disco Club"1.002 
 Yellow Ostrich · "Whale"1.002 
 Yes · "Madman at the Screens"1.002 
 Young Circles · "Ninety-Nine Percent"1.002 
 Young Dro · "Sunday Morning"1.002 
 Young Jeezy · "I Do Feat. Jay-Z and Andre 3000"1.002 
 Young Jeezy · "O.J."1.002 
 Young Jeezy · "The Real Is Back"1.002 
 Young Jeezy (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Ballin"1.002 
 Young L · "Loud Pockets"1.002 
 Young Montana · "Sacre Cool"1.002 
 Young Smoke · "Psycho War"1.002 
 Young the Giant · "My Body"2.004 
 Youth Lagoon · "17"2.004 
 Yuck · "Georgia"4.008 
 Yuck · "Get Away"11.021.545
 Yuck · "Holing Out"1.002 
 Yuck · "Milkshake"1.002 
 Yuck · "Rubber"1.002 
 Yuck · "Shook Down"1.002 
 Yuck · "Stutter"1.002 
 Yuck · "The Wall"2.004 
 Zachary Cale · "Mourning Glory Kid"1.002 
 Zakee · "Freedom"1.002 
 Zed Bias · "Phoneline (ft. Rosco Trim)"1.002 
 Zola Jesus · "Hikikomori"1.002 
 Zola Jesus · "In Your Nature"1.002 
 Zola Jesus · "Seekir"1.002 
 The Zombies · "Breathe Out Breathe In"1.002 
 Zomby · "Natalia's Song"5.010.800
 Zomes · "Spiraling"1.002 
 Zorch · "Cosmic Gloss"2.004 
Poll administered by the Village Voice  ·  Tabulation and analysis by glenn mcdonald /