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#2008 SongsVotes%Singularity
 +/- (Plus Minus) · "Snowblind"1.002 
 334 Mobb (ft. Rich Boy) · "Supafly"1.002 
 The 75s · "Finders Keepers"1.002 
 88-Keys · "Stay Up (Viagra)"1.002 
 ABC · "The Very First Time"1.002 
 Abe Vigoda · "Cranes"1.002 
 Abn · "Ummm Hmm"1.002 
 Abn · "Who's the Man"1.002 
 Absentee · "Bitchstealer"2.005 
 AC/DC · "Big Jack"1.002 
 AC/DC · "Rock 'N Roll Train"6.0151.000
 The Academy Is... · "His Girl Friday"1.002 
 Ace Hood (ft. Trey Songz) · "Ride"1.002 
 Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, Fabolous and Jadakiss · "BET Cypher # 1"2.005 
 AC Newman · "There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve"1.002 
 Acorn · "Crooked Legs"1.002 
 Addictive (ft. T2) · "Gonna Be Mine"1.002 
 Adele · "Chasing Pavements"20.050.750
 Adele · "Cold Shoulder"2.005 
 Adele · "Hometown Glory"1.002 
 Adele · "Right As Rain"1.002 
 Aeroplane (ft. Kathy Diamond) · "Whispers"4.010 
 Aimee Mann · "Borrowing Time"1.002 
 Aimee Mann · "Freeway"1.002 
 Aimee Mann · "Phoenix"1.002 
 Aimee Mann · "Stranger Into Starman"1.002 
 Aimee Mann · "Thirty One Today"1.002 
 Airborne Toxic Event · "Sometime Around Midnight"2.005 
 Air France · "Collapsing at Your Doorstep"5.012.400
 Air France · "No Excuses"1.002 
 Akon · "Right Now (Na, Na, Na)"1.002 
 Akon (ft. Lil Wayne) · "I'm So Paid"1.002 
 Alanis Morissette · "Straitjacket"1.002 
 Alan Morse Davies · "The Last Summer"1.002 
 Alberta Cross · "Leave Us or Forgive Us"1.002 
 Alchemist, Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Jadakiss · "Lose Your Life"1.002 
 Alejandro Escovedo · "Always a Friend"6.015.500
 Alejandro Escovedo · "Sister Lost Soul"1.002 
 Al Green · "Sausalito"1.002 
 Al Green · "Stay With Me (By the Sea)"1.002 
 Al Green (ft. Anthony Hamilton) · "Lay It Down"9.022.778
 Al Green (ft. Anthony Hamilton) · "You've Got the Love I Need"1.002 
 Alias (ft. Why?) · "Well Water Black"1.002 
 Alicia Keys · "Like You'll Never See Me Again"1.002 
 Alicia Keys · "No One"1.002 
 Alicia Keys · "Teenage Love Affair"1.002 
 All $tar · "Jackin' 4 Beats"1.002 
 Alphabeat · "Boyfriend (Pete Hammond Remix)"1.002 
 Alphabeat · "Fascination"10.025.900
 Alphabeat · "What Is Happening?"1.002 
 Alphabeat/Radioclit · "Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix)"1.002 
 Amadou & Mariam · "Sabali"3.007 
 Amanda Palmer · "Guitar Hero"1.002 
 Amanda Palmer · "I Google You (Live)"1.002 
 Amazing Baby · "Head Dress"1.002 
 American Music Club · "All the Lost Souls Welcome You to San Francisco"1.002 
 American Music Club · "The Decibels and the Little Pills"2.005 
 American Music Club · "I Know That's Not Really You"1.002 
 Amon Amarth · "Guardians of Asgard"1.002 
 Amy MacDonald · "Mr. Rock N Roll"1.002 
 Anais Mitchell/Rachel Ries · "Grace the Day"1.002 
 An Albatross · "Floodgates Released"1.002 
 Ane Brun · "Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix - Dixon Edit)"1.002 
 Ane Brun · "Lullaby for Grown-Ups"1.002 
 Angie Stone (ft. Betty Wright) · "Baby"2.005 
 An Horse · "Not Really Scared"1.002 
 Animal Collective · "Street Flash"4.010 
 Animal Collective · "Water Curses"1.002 
 Anna Nalick · "Shine"1.002 
 Annie · "Bad Times"1.002 
 Annie · "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me"7.0171.000
 Annie · "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes Mix)"1.002 
 Annie · "Songs Remind Me of You"1.002 
 Annuals · "Confessor"1.002 
 Anthony Hamilton · "Cool"1.002 
 Anthony Hamilton · "Fallin' In Love"1.002 
 Antony & the Johnsons · "Another World"3.007 
 Antony & the Johnsons · "Shake That Devil"2.005 
 A Place to Bury Strangers · "I Know I'll See You"1.002 
 Apollo Sunshine · "Money"1.002 
 Architects · "New Boots & Truncheons"2.005 
 Arthur Russell · "I Couldn't Say It to Your Face"3.007 
 Arthur Russell · "Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart"1.002 
 Ashanti · "Good Good"1.002 
 Ashanti · "The Way That I Love You"1.002 
 Ashlee Simpson · "Little Miss Obsessive"2.005 
 Ashlee Simpson · "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)"4.010 
 Ashton Shepherd · "I Ain't Dead Yet"1.002 
 Ashton Shepherd · "Sounds So Good"1.002 
 Ashton Shepherd · "Takin' Off This Pain"1.002 
 Asteroids Galaxy Tour · "Around the Bend"2.005 
 Asylum Street Spankers · "The Bus Story"1.002 
 Atlas Sound · "Logos"1.002 
 Atlas Sound · "Recent Bedroom"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "In Her Music Box"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "Shoulda Known"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "The Waitress"2.005 
 Atmosphere · "Wild Wild Horses"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "You"3.007 
 Atmosphere · "Your Glass House"1.002 
 Auktyon · "Profukal"1.002 
 Austin Collins · "Roses Are Black"1.002 
 Avett Brothers · "Tear Down the House"1.002 
 A Whisper in the Noise · "As We Were"1.002 
 B-52's · "Funplex"1.002 
 B-52's · "Juliet of the Spirits"1.002 
 The Backyardigans (ft. Alicia Keys) · "Almost Everything Is Boinga"1.002 
 Baddies · "Battleships"1.002 
 Baseball Project · "Broken Man"1.002 
 Baseball Project · "Fucking Ted Williams"1.002 
 Baseball Project · "Gratitude (For Curt Flood)"1.002 
 Basia Bulat · "In the Night"1.002 
 Battles · "Tonto"1.002 
 Bavu Blakes (ft. Pikahsso and S-1) · "Smiley Faces"1.002 
 B.B. King · "One Shoe Blues"1.002 
 B.B. King · "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"1.002 
 Beach House · "Gila"2.005 
 Beach House · "You Came to Me"1.002 
 Beck · "Chemtrails"8.020.750
 Beck · "Gamma Ray"9.022.778
 Beck · "Orphans"2.005 
 Beck · "Outta Harm's Way"1.002 
 Beck · "Profanity Prayers"1.002 
 Bell · "Echinacea"1.002 
 The BellRays · "Stupid Fucking People"1.002 
 Belong · "Same Places (Slow Version)"1.002 
 Ben Folds & Regina Spector · "You Don't Know Me"4.010 
 Ben Kenney · "Eulogy"1.002 
 Betty Botox · "Beginning of the Heartache"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "At Last"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "Halo"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "I'd Rather Go Blind"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "If I Were a Boy"13.032.923
 Beyoncé · "Radio"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"59.1461.000
 Beyoncé · "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Maurice Joshua Club Mix)"1.002 
 Be Your Own Pet · "Becky"11.027.636
 Be Your Own Pet · "The Kelly Affair"4.010 
 Be Your Own Pet · "Zombie Graveyard Party"1.002 
 Big Boi (ft. Andre 3000 and Raekwon) · "Royal Flush"6.0151.000
 Big Jess · "The Ride of Your Life"1.002 
 The Big Pink · "Crystal Visions"1.002 
 Big Tuck (ft. Gucci Mane & Q6) · "Pussy & Patron"1.002 
 Bill Frisell · "A Change Is Gonna Come"1.002 
 Billy Bragg · "I Almost Killed You"1.002 
 Billy Bragg · "I Keep Faith"1.002 
 Billy Harvey · "Badman"1.002 
 Birdman (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Pop Bottles"1.002 
 The Birthday Massacre · "Shiver"1.002 
 Bishop Lamont · "Grow Up"1.002 
 Black Angels · "You on the Run"1.002 
 Black Bug · "I Don't Like You"1.002 
 Black Crowes · "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution"2.005 
 Black Devil Disco Club · "For Hoped"1.002 
 Black Francis · "Half Man"1.002 
 Black Hollies · "Paisley Pattern Ground"1.002 
 Black Keys · "I Got Mine"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Psychotic Girl"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Strange Tiems"1.002 
 Black Keys · "Things Ain't Like They Used to Be"1.002 
 Black Kids · "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You"14.035.857
 Black Love · "Insight"1.002 
 Black Milk · "Give the Drummer Some"1.002 
 Black Mountain · "Bright Lights"1.002 
 Black Mountain · "Shelter"1.002 
 Black Mountain · "Stormy High"1.002 
 Black Mountain · "Tyrant"1.002 
 Blackout Crew · "Put a Donk on It"3.007 
 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club · "20 Hours"1.002 
 Black Spade · "To Serve With Love (Intro)"1.002 
 Black Twig Pickers · "Train 45"1.002 
 The Black Watch · "Quartz Pink Cloud"1.002 
 Blake Shelton · "She Wouldn't Be Gone"1.002 
 Blank Dogs · "Stuck Inside the World"1.002 
 Blank Dogs · "Three Window Room"1.002 
 The Bleachers · "Build an Army"1.002 
 Bleed · "Meshuggah"1.002 
 Bleeding Hearts · "Rehab Girl"2.005 
 Blind Boys of Alabama · "Make a Better World"1.002 
 Blitzen Trapper · "Black River Killer"1.002 
 Blitzen Trapper · "Furr"8.020.875
 Blitzen Trapper · "God + Suicide"1.002 
 Bloc Party · "Biko"1.002 
 Bloc Party · "Talons"1.002 
 Blues Control · "Snow Day B/W Paul's Winter Solstice"1.002 
 B.o.B · "Generation Lost"1.002 
 B.o.B · "I'll Be in the Sky"1.002 
 Bob Dylan · "Cross the Green Mountain"1.002 
 Bob Dylan · "Dignity"1.002 
 Bob Dylan · "Mississippi"3.007 
 Bob Dylan · "Someday Baby"3.007 
 Bob Frank · "One Big Family"1.002 
 B.o.B (ft. Lil' Boosie & D.G. Yola) · "Fuck You"3.007 
 Bob Mould · "The Silence Between Us"1.002 
 Bob Mould · "Stupid Now"1.002 
 Bon Bon Club · "Lullaby"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "Creature Fear"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "For Emma"1.002 
 Bon Iver · "Re: Stacks"4.010 
 Bon Iver · "Skinny Love"15.037.462
 Bon Iver · "The Wolves (Act I and II)"1.002 
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy · "So Everyone"1.002 
 Boris · "Floor Shaker"1.002 
 Boris · "Statement"1.002 
 Born Ruffians · "Hummingbird"1.002 
 Born Ruffians · "I Need a Life (Four Tet Remix)"1.002 
 Boss Martians · "Elsie"1.002 
 Boss Martians · "Hey Hey Yeah Yeah"1.002 
 Bound Stems · "Sugar City Magic"1.002 
 Box Elders · "Hole in My Head"1.002 
 Boyd Rice & Z'EV · "Untitled"1.002 
 BPA (ft. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal) · "Toe Jam"2.005 
 Brad Barr · "Sarah Through the Wall"1.002 
 Brain Handle · "Smiling"1.002 
 Brazilian Girls · "Good Time"1.002 
 Breeders · "Bang On"1.002 
 Breeders · "Istanbul"1.002 
 Brett Dennen · "Make You Crazy"1.002 
 Brian Wilson · "Southern California"1.002 
 Brightblack Morning Light · "Hologram Buffalo"1.002 
 British Sea Power · "Atom"1.002 
 British Sea Power · "Lights Out for Darker Skies"1.002 
 British Sea Power · "No Lucifer"1.002 
 British Sea Power · "Waving Flags"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Break the Ice"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Circus"3.007 
 Britney Spears · "If U Seek Amy"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Mmm Papi"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Piece of Me"2.005 
 Britney Spears · "Unusual You"1.002 
 Britney Spears · "Womanizer"15.037.933
 The Broken Bottles · "California Sun"1.002 
 Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning · "Churchers Under the Stairs"1.002 
 Brothers and Sisters · "Fortunately"1.002 
 Bruce Springsteen · "Dream Baby Dream"1.002 
 Bruce Springsteen · "Girls in Their Summer Clothes"2.005 
 Bruce Springsteen · "Livin' In the Future"1.002 
 Bug · "Angry"1.002 
 Bug (ft. Warrior Queen) · "Poison Dart"7.017.857
 Built to Spill · "Paper Planes [Live Cover of M.I.A.]"1.002 
 Bun B (ft. Lupe Fiasco) · "Swang On 'Em"3.007 
 Bun B (ft. Rick Ross, David Banner and 8 Ball & MJG) · "You're Everything"3.007 
 Buraka Som Sistema (ft. PongoLove) · "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)"2.005 
 Burial · "Archangel (Boy 8-Bit's Simple Remix)"1.002 
 Burial Hex/Silvester Anfang · "Split 7""1.002 
 Busta Rhymes · "Arab Money"3.007 
 Busta Rhymes · "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)"6.0151.000
 Busy Signal · "Tic Toc"1.002 
 Byetone · "Plastic Star"1.002 
 Cadence Weapon · "Unsuccessful Club Nights"1.002 
 Caitlin Rose · "T-Shirt"1.002 
 Calexico · "Writer's Minor Holiday"2.005 
 Calle 13 · "Que Lloren"1.002 
 Camille · "Gospel With No Lord"1.002 
 The Capstan Shafts · "What Used to Become You (Now Befalls You)"1.002 
 Carbonas · "Black Out"1.002 
 Carolina Liar · "I'm Not Over"2.005 
 Carrie Underwood · "All-American Girl"1.002 
 Carrie Underwood · "Just a Dream"1.002 
 Cassie · "Is It You"1.002 
 Catfish Haven · "Set in Stone"2.005 
 Cat Power · "I Believe in You"1.002 
 Cat Power · "Metal Heart"1.002 
 Cat Power · "Ramblin' (Wo) Man"1.002 
 Cause Co-Motion! · "I Lie Awake"1.002 
 Celestia · "Admirable Eros Abstraction"1.002 
 Celestine Ukwu & Philosophers National · "Okukwe Na Nchekwube"1.002 
 Centro-Matic · "Rat Patrol and DJs"1.002 
 Chad VanGaalen · "TMNT Mask"1.002 
 Chairlift · "Bruises"1.002 
 The Chap · "Fun and Interesting"1.002 
 The Chap · "Surgery"1.002 
 Charles Hamilton · "Brooklyn Girls"3.007 
 Charles Matthews · "Amoroso (Fennesz Remix)"1.002 
 Charlie Haden Family & Friends · "The Fields of Athenry"1.002 
 Charlie Haden Family & Friends · "Single Girl, Married Girl"1.002 
 Charlie Parr · "Don't Send Your Child to War"1.002 
 Charlotte Sometimes · "Losing Sleep"1.002 
 Chatham County Line · "Let It Rock [Chatham County Line]"1.002 
 Chemical Brothers · "Electronic Battle Weapon 10"1.002 
 Cherryholmes · "Don't Believe"1.002 
 Chris Brown · "Forever"1.002 
 Chris Brown · "With You"1.002 
 Chris Mills · "Calling All Comrades"1.002 
 Christina Aguilera · "Keeps Getting Better"1.002 
 Chubbie Baby (ft. Don Cannon) · "Black Hollywood"1.002 
 Chymera · "Ellipsis"1.002 
 City Reverb · "City of Lights"1.002 
 Clint Niosi · "We'll Meet Again"1.002 
 Cloetta Paris · "Broken Heart Tango"1.002 
 Cloud Cult · "Everybody Here Is a Cloud"1.002 
 Cobalt · "Stomach"1.002 
 Cocoa Tea · "Barack Obama"2.005 
 Colbie Caillat · "Realize"1.002 
 Cold Cave · "The Trees Grew Emotions and Died"1.002 
 Coldplay · "Cemeteries of London"1.002 
 Coldplay · "Glass of Water"1.002 
 Coldplay · "Lost!"7.017.714
 Coldplay · "Lovers in Japan"1.002 
 Coldplay · "Violet Hill"2.005 
 Coldplay · "Viva la Vida"39.097.718
 Coldplay · "Yes"1.002 
 Cold War Kids · "Mexican Dogs"1.002 
 Cold War Kids · "Something Is Not Right With Me"2.005 
 Collections of Colonies of Bees · "Flocks III"1.002 
 Collective Soul · "Hollywood"1.002 
 Collide · "Pure Bliss"1.002 
 Comet Gain · "Books of California"1.002 
 Common (ft. Pharrell) · "Punch-Drunk Love (Live Version)"1.002 
 Common (ft. Pharrell) · "Universal Mind Control (UMC)"3.007 
 Conor Oberst · "Danny Callahan"1.002 
 Conor Oberst · "Eagle on a Pole"1.002 
 Conor Oberst · "I Don't Want to Die (In the Hospital)"4.010 
 Conor Oberst · "Milk Thistle"1.002 
 Constantines · "I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song"2.005 
 Constantines · "Trans Canada"1.002 
 Cool Kids · "A Little Bit Cooler"2.005 
 Cool Kids · "Basement Party"1.002 
 Cool Kids · "What Up Man"2.005 
 Cosmic Force · "Ghetto Down"1.002 
 The Count & Sinden (ft. Kid Sister) · "Beeper"2.005 
 Counting Crows · "You Can't Count on Me"1.002 
 Coydogs · "Lost Horse Mine (Pt. 2)"1.002 
 Craig Morgan · "International Harvester"1.002 
 Craque · "Gamma"1.002 
 Crazy Cousinz (ft. Calista) · "Bongo Jam"2.005 
 Crookers · "Il Cattivo"1.002 
 Crying Blood · "V V Brown"1.002 
 Crystal Castles · "Alice Practice"2.005 
 Crystal Castles · "Courtship Dating"3.007 
 Crystal Castles · "Crimewave (Crystal Castles Vs. HEALTH)"3.007 
 Crystal Castles · "Untrust Us"3.007 
 Crystal Shawanda · "What Do I Have to Do"1.002 
 Crystal Stilts · "Crystal Stilts"1.002 
 Crystal Stilts · "Prismatic Room"1.002 
 CSS · "Left Behind"2.005 
 Cure · "The Only One"2.005 
 Current 93 · "Black Ships Ate the Dance Floor"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Far Away"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Feel the Love"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Hearts on Fire"9.022.556
 Cut Copy · "Lights and Music"1.002 
 Cut Copy · "Out There on the Ice"5.012.200
 Cut Copy · "So Haunted"3.007 
 Cyndi Lauper · "Into the Nightlife"2.005 
 Cyssero (ft. Gillie Da Kid, Mike Knox, Readi Rok, and Meek Millz) · "Swag It Out (Remix)"1.002 
 D1 · "I'm Loving"1.002 
 Daedelus · "Fair Weather Friends"1.002 
 Daedelus · "Make It So"1.002 
 Damon Albarn · "Monkey Bee"1.002 
 Dan Baird and Homemade Sin · "Two for Tuesday"1.002 
 Dances With White Girls · "Took My Love Away"1.002 
 Danity Kane · "Bad Girl"1.002 
 Danity Kane · "Damaged"4.010 
 Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip · "Thou Shalt Always Kill"3.007 
 Darius Rucker · "Don't Think I Don't Think About It"2.005 
 Darker My Love · "Talking Words"1.002 
 Darkstar · "Lilyliver (Starkey Remix)"1.002 
 Dar Williams · "It's Alright"1.002 
 Dave E. and the Cool Marriage Counselors · "Searching for Sears"1.002 
 Dave Mason & Cass Elliot · "Walk to the Point"1.002 
 David Archuleta · "Crush"1.002 
 David Banner (ft. UGK) · "Suicide Doors"1.002 
 David Banner With Chris Brown and Yung Joc · "Get Like Me"1.002 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "Everything That Happens"1.002 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "I Feel My Stuff"1.002 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "Life Is Long"2.005 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "My Big Nurse"2.005 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "Strange Overtones"10.025.900
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · "Strange Undertones"1.002 
 David Grissom · "Midnight Drive"1.002 
 Dawn Landes · "Bodyguard"1.002 
 Day26 · "Got Me Going"1.002 
 D-Block · "It's Like That"1.002 
 D. Charles Speer & the Double Helix · "Single Again"1.002 
 The Dead C · "Golden"1.002 
 Dears · "Disclaimer"1.002 
 Deastro · "Light Powered"1.002 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "Cath"1.002 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "The Ice Is Getting Thinner"1.002 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "I Will Possess Your Heart"21.052.762
 Death Cab for Cutie · "No Sunlight"1.002 
 The Death Set · "Negative Thinking"1.002 
 Deathspell Omega · "Chaining the Katechon"1.002 
 The Decemberists · "Days of Elaine"1.002 
 Deerheart · "Breakdown"1.002 
 Deerhoof · "Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back"1.002 
 Deerhoof · "Offend Maggie"1.002 
 Deerhunter · "Agoraphobia"2.005 
 Deerhunter · "Fluorescent Grey"1.002 
 Deerhunter · "Little Kids"1.002 
 Deerhunter · "Never Stops"1.002 
 Deerhunter · "Nothing Ever Happened"10.025.300
 Deerhunter · "Saved by Old Times"1.002 
 Delta Spirit · "Children"1.002 
 Delta Spirit · "Strange Vine"1.002 
 Delta Spirit · "Trashcan"2.005 
 Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas · "This Is Me"1.002 
 The Demon Barbers · "The Good Old Days [Demon Barbers]"1.002 
 Dengue Fever · "Seeing Hands"1.002 
 Dengue Fever · "Tiger Phone Card"1.002 
 Dennis Wilson · "Holy Man (Taylor Hawkins Version)"1.002 
 Department of Eagles · "No One Does It Like You"3.007 
 Derek Lyn Plastic · "She's Got a U.T.I."1.002 
 Destroyer · "Foam Hands"1.002 
 DeTropix · "A Dey Hey"1.002 
 Devin the Dude (ft. LC) · "I Can't Make It Home"1.002 
 Devo · "Watch Us Work It"1.002 
 dgoHn · "Elle"1.002 
 The Dialtones · "Hot Dogs"1.002 
 Dido · "Grafton Street"3.007 
 Dino Felipe · "Chandeliers"1.002 
 Dir en Grey · "Ware, Yami Tote"1.002 
 Dirtbombs · "Indivisible"1.002 
 Dirtbombs · "Rocket U.S.A"1.002 
 Disfear · "Get It Off"1.002 
 Divine Brown · "Lay It on the Line"1.002 
 Dizzee Rascal · "Dance Wiv Me"1.002 
 Dizzee Rascal · "Sirens"1.002 
 DJ Khaled · "Out Here Grindin'"2.005 
 DJ Koze · "I Want to Sleep"1.002 
 DJ Mike Relm (ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Adrian Hartley) · "Everytime"1.002 
 Does It Offend You, Yeah? · "Dawn of the Dead"1.002 
 Dominique Leone · "The Return"1.002 
 Donae'o · "African Warrior"1.002 
 Donkeys · "Gone Gone Gone"1.002 
 Donora · "Shhh"1.002 
 dOP · "I'm Just a Man"1.002 
 Dragons of Zynth · "War Lover"1.002 
 Dred Skott · "Fuck Bush"1.002 
 Dresden Dolls · "Night Reconnaissance"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "The Righteous Path"8.020.500
 Drive-By Truckers · "Self-Destructive Zones"2.005 
 Dr. John and the Lower 911 · "Black Gold"1.002 
 Drumcorps · "Altered Beast"1.002 
 Dub Colossus · "Azmari Dub"1.002 
 Duffy · "Mercy"17.042.765
 Duffy · "Rockferry"6.015.667
 Duffy · "Stepping Stone"1.002 
 Duffy · "Warwick Avenue"3.007 
 Duke Spirit · "Lasso"2.005 
 Duke Spirit · "The Step and the Walk"3.007 
 Duke Spirit · "Wooden Heart"1.002 
 Dutchess & the Duke · "Reservoir Park"1.002 
 Dutchess & the Duke · "Strangers"1.002 
 Dwele · "A Few Reasons (Part II)"1.002 
 Dwizz · "Salt, Pepper, Ketchup & Hot Sauce"1.002 
 Dâm-Funk · "Burgundy City B/W Galactic Fun"1.002 
 E-40 · "Earl"1.002 
 Eagles of Death Metal · "Anything 'Cept the Truth"1.002 
 Earlimart · "Teeth"1.002 
 Earth · "Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)"1.002 
 Earth · "Omens and Portents 1: The Driver"1.002 
 Eat Skull · "Dead Families"1.002 
 Eddy Current Suppression Ring · "Demon's Demands"1.002 
 Eddy Current Suppression Ring · "Memory Lane"1.002 
 Eddy Current Suppression Ring · "Which Way to Go"4.010 
 Eef Barzelay · "It Could Be Worse"1.002 
 Eef Barzelay · "Lose Big"1.002 
 Eilen Jewell · "Heartache Boulevard"1.002 
 Elbow · "Grounds for Divorce"3.007 
 Elbow · "One Day Like This"3.007 
 Electric Bunnies · "Chewing Gum"1.002 
 Elephant Man · "No Tikkle"1.002 
 El Guincho · "Antillas"1.002 
 El Guincho · "Palmitos Park"1.002 
 Eli Porter · "Iron Mic Freestyle"1.002 
 Eli Young Band · "When It Rains"1.002 
 El Remolon · "Cumbia Bichera"1.002 
 Eluveitie · "Inis Mona"1.002 
 Elvis Costello and the Imposters · "American Gangster Time"1.002 
 Elvis Costello and the Imposters · "No Hiding Place"1.002 
 Elzhi (ft. Royce da 5'9") · "Motown 25"2.005 
 eMC · "Feel It"1.002 
 Emiliana Torrini · "Gun"1.002 
 Emiliana Torrini · "Jungle Drum"1.002 
 Emily Smith · "Audience of Souls"1.002 
 Emily Wells · "Symphony 2: And the Click Boom-Boom"1.002 
 Eminem · "I'm Having a Relapse"1.002 
 Emmanuel Jal · "Emma"1.002 
 Empire of the Sun · "Walking on a Dream"2.005 
 Enablers · "The Achievement"1.002 
 Enemy UK · "You're Not Alone"1.002 
 Enur (ft. Natasja) · "Calabria 2008"1.002 
 EQD · "Equalized #001"1.002 
 Eric Copeland · "Alien in a Garbage Dump"2.005 
 Eric Prydz · "Pjanoo"1.002 
 Erykah Badu · "The Cell"1.002 
 Erykah Badu · "The Healer"6.015.667
 Erykah Badu · "Honey"7.017.429
 Erykah Badu · "Soldier"2.005 
 Erykah Badu · "Telephone"1.002 
 Erykah Badu · "That Hump"1.002 
 Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit · "Kamphopo"1.002 
 Estelle · "Pretty Please (Love Me)"2.005 
 Estelle · "Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)"3.007 
 Estelle/Sean Paul · "Come Over"1.002 
 Estelle (ft. Kanye West) · "American Boy"70.173.900
 Etran Finatawa · "Kel Tamashek"1.002 
 Evangelicals · "Skeleton Man"1.002 
 Evangelista · "Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space"1.002 
 Everyone Brothers Band · "Obama Is Beautiful World"1.002 
 Excepter · "'Burgers"1.002 
 Exit Clov · "District Menagerie"1.002 
 Eyeless in Gaza · "Where Vivid Bloomed"1.002 
 Factory Floor · "Bipolar"1.002 
 The Faint · "The Geeks Were Right"1.002 
 Fairport Convention (ft. Steve Ashley) · "Best Wishes"1.002 
 Falcon · "The Sandfighter"1.002 
 The Fall · "50 Year Old Man"1.002 
 Fall Out Boy · "America's Suitehearts"1.002 
 Fall Out Boy · "I Don't Care"2.005 
 Family Tapes · "Funnel Cloud"1.002 
 Fanfarlo · "Fire Escape"1.002 
 Fannypack · "Hit It"1.002 
 Feeling · "I Thought It Was Over"1.002 
 Feist · "I Feel It All"1.002 
 Felice Brothers · "Frankie's Gun"2.005 
 Fennesz · "Glide"2.005 
 Fennesz · "Transition"1.002 
 Figghole · "Red, White and MILF"1.002 
 Final Fantasy · "The Butcher"1.002 
 The Fireman · "Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight"1.002 
 The Fireman · "The Sun Is Shining"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Blue Ridge Mountains"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Oliver James"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Quiet Houses"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Sun It Rises"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"1.002 
 Fleet Foxes · "White Winter Hymnal"32.079.500
 Fleet Foxes · "Your Protector"1.002 
 Fleshtones · "Shiney Heinie"1.002 
 Flight of the Conchords · "Inner City Pressure"1.002 
 Flight of the Conchords · "Ladies of the World"1.002 
 Flobots · "Handlebars"4.010 
 Flogging Molly · "Requiem for a Dying Song"1.002 
 Florence & the Machine · "Dog Days Are Over"1.002 
 Flo Rida (ft. T-Pain) · "Get Low (Emynd's 'Passion' Freestyle Remix)"1.002 
 Flo Rida (ft. T-Pain) · "Low"7.0171.000
 Flowers to Hide · "503"1.002 
 Flyleaf · "All Around Me"1.002 
 FNU Ronnies · "Meat"1.002 
 Foals · "Balloons"1.002 
 Foals · "Cassius"2.005 
 Foals · "Olympic Airways"1.002 
 Foreign Exchange · "House of Cards"1.002 
 Foreign Exchange · "I Wanna Know"1.002 
 Foreign Exchange (ft. Muhsinah) · "Daykeeper"1.002 
 Four Tet · "Ribbons"2.005 
 Four Tet · "Ringer"2.005 
 Foxboro Hot Tubs · "Mother Mary"1.002 
 Franz Ferdinand · "Ulysses"1.002 
 Fratellis · "A Heady Tale"1.002 
 Frauke · "Canadian Girlfriend"1.002 
 French Kicks · "Said So What"2.005 
 Frida Hyvönen · "London!"1.002 
 Friendly Fires · "Ex Lover"1.002 
 Friendly Fires · "Jump in the Pool"1.002 
 Friendly Fires · "On Board"1.002 
 Friendly Fires · "Paris"4.010 
 Friendly Fires (ft. Au Revoire Simone) · "Paris (Aeroplane Remix)"2.005 
 Frightened Rabbit · "Head Rolls Off"1.002 
 Frightened Rabbit · "The Modern Leper"6.015.333
 Frightened Rabbit · "The Twist"1.002 
 Frontier Brothers · "Space Punk Starlet"1.002 
 Fubsan · "I Wish I Had a Watermelon"1.002 
 Fuck Buttons · "Bright Tomorrow"2.005 
 Fuck Buttons · "Sweet Love for Planet Earth"4.010 
 Fuck Buttons · "Sweet Love for Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix)"1.002 
 Fucked Up · "Crooked Head"1.002 
 Fucked Up · "No Epiphany"1.002 
 Fucked Up · "Son the Father"1.002 
 Fujiya & Miyagi · "Knickerbocker"1.002 
 Future Clouds and Radar · "Old Edmund Ruffin"1.002 
 Futureheads · "The Beginning of the Twist"2.005 
 Futureheads · "Think Tonight"1.002 
 Futurians · "Jawol, Tivol!"1.002 
 Gabriella Cilmi · "Sweet About Me"1.002 
 Game · "Let Us Live"1.002 
 Gang Gang Dance · "Dust"1.002 
 Gang Gang Dance · "House Jam"3.007 
 Gang Gang Dance · "Inners Pace"1.002 
 Gang Gang Dance · "Vacuum"1.002 
 Gang of Four · "Second Life"1.002 
 Gary Allan · "Watching Airplanes"1.002 
 Gary Louris · "True Blue"1.002 
 Gaslight Anthem · "The '59 Sound"9.022.556
 Gaslight Anthem · "Great Expectations"1.002 
 Gaslight Anthem · "Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?"1.002 
 Geeneus (ft. Riko, Wiley, Breeze) · "Knife and Gun (Blackdown Remix)"1.002 
 Geiom · "Reminissin'"1.002 
 George Strait · "Troubadour"1.002 
 Gerald Finley · "Batter My Heart, You Three Person God"1.002 
 Get Em Mami's · "Cold Summer"1.002 
 Ghetto Cross · "Dog Years"1.002 
 Giggs (ft. Kyze) · "Rat-a-Tat-Tat"1.002 
 Girls · "Hellhole Ratrace"1.002 
 Girls Aloud · "The Loving Kind"1.002 
 Girls Aloud · "Miss You Bow Wow"1.002 
 Girl Talk · "Feed the Animals"1.002 
 Girl Talk · "Hands in the Air"2.005 
 Girl Talk · "Let Me See You"1.002 
 Glasvegas · "Daddy's Gone"1.002 
 Glasvegas · "Geraldine"5.012.200
 Glasvegas · "It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry"2.005 
 Glen Campbell · "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"1.002 
 Glen Campbell · "Sadly Beautiful"1.002 
 Glorytellers · "Awake at the Wheel"1.002 
 Gnarls Barkley · "I'm Going On"2.005 
 Gnarls Barkley · "Run"4.010 
 Gnarls Barkley · "Who's Gonna Save My Soul"6.0151.000
 Godhead · "Stay Back"1.002 
 Gojira · "Vacuity"1.002 
 Golden Animals · "The Steady Roller"1.002 
 The Golden Boys · "James Gentle Giant"1.002 
 Golden Silvers · "Arrows of Eros"1.002 
 Goldfrapp · "A&E"10.025.800
 Goldfrapp · "Happiness"1.002 
 Goldfrapp · "Little Bird"1.002 
 Goldfrapp · "Road to Somewhere"1.002 
 Good Shoes · "Small Town Girl"1.002 
 Gorilla Zoe (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Lost"1.002 
 Grace Jones · "Corporate Cannibal"2.005 
 Grace Jones · "Williams' Blood"3.007 
 Grace Jones · "Williams' Blood (Aeroplane Remix)"2.005 
 Grace Potter & the Nocturnals · "All Apologies"1.002 
 Grails · "Reincarnation Blues"1.002 
 Grand Archives · "A Setting Sun"1.002 
 Great Tyrant · "Candy Canes"1.002 
 Great Tyrant · "The Trouble With Being Born"1.002 
 Gretchen Peters · "Waitin' On Mary"1.002 
 Grouper · "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping"2.005 
 G-Spot Boyz · "Stanky Legg"1.002 
 Guitar Situations · "Smiles"1.002 
 G-Unit (ft. Mavado) · "Let It Go"1.002 
 Guns N' Roses · "Better"4.010 
 Guns N' Roses · "Catcher in the Rye"2.005 
 Guns N' Roses · "Chinese Democracy"2.005 
 Guns N' Roses · "Shackler's Revenge"1.002 
 Guns N' Roses · "Street of Dreams"1.002 
 Guns N' Roses · "There Was a Time"1.002 
 Gutter Twins · "Circle the Fringes"1.002 
 Gutter Twins · "The Stations"1.002 
 Gym Class Heroes · "Guilty As Charged"1.002 
 Gym Class Heroes · "Live a Little"1.002 
 GZA · "0% Finance"1.002 
 Hacienda · "She's Got a Hold on Me"1.002 
 Hair Police · "Strict"1.002 
 Haley Bonar · "Better Half"1.002 
 Hanggai · "Five Heroes"1.002 
 Happy Hollows · "Lieutenant"1.002 
 Harvey Milk · "Death Goes to the Winner"1.002 
 Harvey Milk · "Motown"1.002 
 Hayes Carll · "Beaumont"1.002 
 Hayes Carll · "She Left Me for Jesus"15.037.733
 Headlights · "Cherry Tulips"1.002 
 Heavy · "That Kind of Man"1.002 
 Hector Acosta (ft. Romeo) · "Me Voy"1.002 
 Heidi Montag · "No More"1.002 
 Heiskell · "Sick of Nothing"1.002 
 Helio Sequence · "Hallelujah"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Athene"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Blind"47.116.630
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Classique #2/Roar"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair · "Hercules Theme"5.012.400
 Hercules and Love Affair · "You Belong"1.002 
 Hex Dispensers · "Lose My Cool"2.005 
 High Decibels · "Miss Cindy"1.002 
 High Places · "From Stardust to Sentience"1.002 
 Hippy Nuts · "Smile on a Shelf"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "Constructive Summer"12.030.583
 Hold Steady · "Joke About Jamaica"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "Lord, I'm Discouraged"2.005 
 Hold Steady · "One for the Cutters"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "Sequestered in Memphis"12.030.417
 Hold Steady · "Slapped Actress"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "Stay Positive"1.002 
 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs · "Gettin' High for Jesus"1.002 
 Holy Fuck · "Lovely Allen"1.002 
 Honeyhoney · "Little Toy Gun"1.002 
 HorrorPops · "Missfit"1.002 
 Hot Chip · "Made in the Dark"1.002 
 Hot Chip · "One Pure Thought"6.015 
 Hot Chip · "One Pure Thought (Supermayer Remix)"2.005 
 Hot Chip · "Ready for the Floor"25.062.880
 Hot Chip · "Shake a Fist"1.002 
 Hot Chip · "We're Looking for a Lot of Love"1.002 
 Hot Chip · "Wrestlers"3.007 
 Hot Stylz (ft. Yung Joc) · "Lookin' Boy"1.002 
 H "Two" O (ft. Platnum) · "What's It Gonna Be"1.002 
 Human Highway · "The Sound"1.002 
 Hungry Cloud · "(Oh Oh) I Feel Much Better Now"1.002 
 Ice Cube · "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"1.002 
 Ida · "The Killers, 1964"1.002 
 Ida · "My Fair, My Dark"1.002 
 Ida Corr Vs. Fedde le Grande · "Let Me Think About It"1.002 
 Ida Maria · "Oh My God"9.0221.000
 Ikonika · "Please"1.002 
 Illa J · "We Here"1.002 
 Illinois · "Irish Whiskey"1.002 
 Immortal Technique · "The 3rd World"1.002 
 Immortal Technique · "Golpe de Estado"1.002 
 Immuzikation (MGMT Vs. LCD Soundsystem) · "All My Children"1.002 
 Individuals · "Fields"1.002 
 Ingrid Michaelson · "Be OK"1.002 
 Intelligence · "Debt"1.002 
 Invisible Conga People · "Cable Dazed"7.0171.000
 Irma Thomas · "What Can I Do"1.002 
 Islands · "The Arm"1.002 
 It Hugs Back · "Other Cars Go"1.002 
 J*Davey · "Turn the Lights Down"1.002 
 J*Davey · "Your Mama's Back"1.002 
 Jackie Chain · "Rollin"1.002 
 Jack Oblivian & the Cigarillos · "Drinking Women's Milk"1.002 
 Jack Peñate · "Second, Minute or Hour"1.002 
 Jack White & Alicia Keys · "Another Way to Die"2.005 
 Jacques Renault · "Bad Skinned"1.002 
 Jail Weddings · "These Fleeting Moments"1.002 
 Jake One (ft. Freeway & Brother Ali) · "The Truth"1.002 
 James · "Hey Ma"1.002 
 James Jackson Toth · "Doreen"1.002 
 James McMurtry · "Cheney's Toy"2.005 
 James McMurtry · "Hurricane Party"1.002 
 James McMurtry · "Just Us Kids"1.002 
 James McMurtry · "Ruby and Carlos"1.002 
 James McMurtry · "Ruins of the Realm"1.002 
 James Yuill · "This Sweet Love"1.002 
 Jamey Johnson · "High Cost of Living"7.0171.000
 Jamey Johnson · "In Color"6.015.333
 Jamie Lidell · "All I Wanna Do"2.005 
 Jamie Lidell · "Another Day"3.007 
 Jane Bradfords · "Hide From the Cold"1.002 
 Janelle Monáe · "Many Moons"6.0151.000
 Janelle Monáe · "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!"3.007 
 Janet Jackson · "Feedback"1.002 
 Janet Jackson · "Rock With U"1.002 
 Jarvis Cocker · "Face It"1.002 
 Jason Anderson · "El Paso"1.002 
 Jason Mraz · "I'm Yours"2.005 
 Javelina · "Let the Blood Flow"1.002 
 Jay Brannan · "Housewife"1.002 
 Jay Electronica · "Exhibit A (Transformations)"1.002 
 Jay Reatard · "Always Wanting More"2.005 
 Jay Reatard · "Fluorescent Grey"1.002 
 Jay Reatard · "Gamma Ray"1.002 
 Jay Reatard · "Screaming Hand"1.002 
 Jay Reatard · "See Saw"4.010 
 Jay-Z · "Jockin' Jay-Z"1.002 
 Jay-Z (ft. Santogold) · "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"2.005 
 Jay-Z Vs. Coldplay, Mashup Produced by the Kickdrums · "No Love Coming Home"1.002 
 Jazmine Sullivan · "Bust Your Windows"6.015.833
 Jazmine Sullivan (ft. Missy Elliott) · "Need U Bad"10.025.600
 Jazzanova (ft. Phonte Coleman) · "Look What You're Doin' To Me"1.002 
 Jazzanova (ft. Phonte Coleman) · "So Far From Home"1.002 
 Jealous Sound · "Got Friends"2.005 
 Jean Grae · "Don't Rush Me"1.002 
 Jean Grae · "Love Thirst"1.002 
 Jean Grae · "My Story"1.002 
 Jennifer Hudson · "Spotlight"4.010 
 Jennifer O'Connor · "Always Here With Me"1.002 
 Jenny Lewis · "Acid Tongue"5.012.800
 Jenny Lewis · "Carpetbaggers"2.005 
 Jeremy Jay · "Heavenly Creatures"1.002 
 Jeremy Messersmith · "Franklin Avenue"1.002 
 Jeremy Messersmith · "Miracles"1.002 
 Jesse McCartney · "Leavin'"1.002 
 Jessica Lea Mayfield · "We've Never Lied"1.002 
 Jesu · "Farewell"1.002 
 Jesu · "Why Are We Not Perfect?"1.002 
 Jesus H Christ & the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse · "Liz the Hot Receptionist"1.002 
 Jib Kidder · "Murdergong"1.002 
 Jim White · "Jailbird"1.002 
 Jinx Lennon · "Fireplace-Itis"1.002 
 Joe Budden · "Who Killed Hip-Hop?"1.002 
 Joe Jackson · "Invisible Man"1.002 
 Joe Jackson · "Too Tough"1.002 
 Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong · "Lonely Buoy"1.002 
 John Biz · "Mornings Made of Gold"1.002 
 John Doe · "The Golden State"1.002 
 John Legend & the Roots · "Everybody Knows"1.002 
 John Legend (ft. Andre 3000) · "Green Light"9.0221.000
 Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit · "The Box"1.002 
 Joker · "Gully Brook Lane"1.002 
 Jolie Holland · "Love Henry"1.002 
 Jolie Holland · "Mexico City"5.012.800
 The Jonas Brothers · "Lovebug"2.005 
 The Jonas Brothers · "S.O.S."1.002 
 The Jonas Brothers · "Video Girl"1.002 
 Jonathan Richman · "As My Mother Lay Lying"1.002 
 Jonathan Rundman · "Dialysis Car Pool"1.002 
 Jonathan Wilson · "In Tender Lights"1.002 
 Jordin Sparks · "One Step at a Time"1.002 
 Jordin Sparks · "Tattoo"1.002 
 Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown · "No Air"8.0201.000
 Juana Molina · "Un Día"1.002 
 Juanes · "Me Enamora"1.002 
 The Juan MacLean · "Happy House"13.0321.000
 Jubilee · "In With the Out Crowd"1.002 
 Jubilee · "Rebel Hiss"1.002 
 Juliana Hatfield · "Such a Beautiful Girl"1.002 
 Julie Ocean · "Complications"1.002 
 Juliette Commagere · "Your Ghost"1.002 
 Justice · "Dvno"2.005 
 K'Naan · "Soobax"1.002 
 K'Naan · "What's Hardcore?"2.005 
 Kaiser Chiefs · "Addicted to Drugs"2.005 
 Kaiser Chiefs · "Half the Truth"1.002 
 Kaiser Chiefs · "Never Miss a Beat"1.002 
 Kano (ft. Wiley) · "Anywhere We Go"1.002 
 Kanye West · "Amazing"2.005 
 Kanye West · "Heartless"10.025.700
 Kanye West · "Love Lockdown"38.094.514
 Kanye West · "Love Lockdown (MTV Video Music Awards Live Version)"1.002 
 Kanye West · "Paranoid"4.010 
 Kanye West · "Robocop"3.007 
 Kanye West · "Robocop (Version 2)"1.002 
 Kanye West (ft. Dwele) · "Flashing Lights"2.005 
 Kardinal Offishall (ft. Akon) · "Dangerous"1.002 
 Karl Blau · "Mockingbird Diet"2.005 
 Karl Hector & the Malcouns · "Nyx"1.002 
 Karmina · "The Whoa Song"1.002 
 Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson · "Wildflower"1.002 
 Kassin + 2 · "Ponto Final"1.002 
 Kate Miller-Heidke · "Can't Shake It"1.002 
 Kate Nash · "Foundations"3.007 
 Kate Nash · "Mariella"1.002 
 Kath Bloom · "Something to Tell You"1.002 
 Kathleen Edwards · "The Cheapest Key"2.005 
 Kathleen Edwards · "I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory"3.007 
 Katy Perry · "Hot 'N' Cold"13.0321.000
 Katy Perry · "I Kissed a Girl"15.0371.000
 Katy Perry · "Ur So Gay"1.002 
 Katy Perry · "Waking Up in Vegas"1.002 
 Kayo Dot · "Symmetrical Arizona"1.002 
 Keane · "The Lovers Are Losing"1.002 
 Keane · "Spiralling"3.007 
 Kelley Polar · "Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City)"1.002 
 Kelley Polar · "Sea of Sine Waves"1.002 
 Kellie Pickler · "Don't You Know You're Beautiful?"1.002 
 Kelly Clarkson · "How I Feel"1.002 
 Kelly Jones · "There Goes My Baby"1.002 
 Kenna · "Say Goodbye to Love"1.002 
 Kenny Chesney · "Better As a Memory"1.002 
 Keri Hilson (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Turnin' Me On"1.002 
 Kerli · "Walking on Air"2.005 
 Kevin Rudolf (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Let It Rock"4.010 
 Keyshia Cole (ft. 2Pac) · "Playa Cardz Right"1.002 
 Kid Cudi · "Day 'N' Night (Crookers Remix)"2.005 
 Kid Cudi · "Day 'N' Nite"5.012 
 Kid Rock · "All Summer Long"8.0201.000
 Kid Sister (ft. Kanye West) · "Pro Nails"1.002 
 Killer Mike · "God in the Building"1.002 
 Killers · "Human"12.030.750
 Killers · "I Can't Stay"1.002 
 Killers · "Joy Ride"1.002 
 Killers · "Spaceman"4.010 
 Killola · "You Can't See Me Because I'm a Stalker"1.002 
 Kills · "Black Balloon"1.002 
 Kills · "Cheap and Cheerful"3.007 
 Kills · "Last Day of Magic"5.012.200
 Kills · "Sour Cherry"1.002 
 Kills · "U.R.A. Fever"2.005 
 King Khan and BBQ Show · "Animal Party"1.002 
 King Khan and the Shrines · "No Regrets"1.002 
 King Khan and the Shrines · "Took My Lady to Dinner"1.002 
 King Khan and the Shrines · "Welfare Bread"1.002 
 Kings Go Forth · "One Day"1.002 
 Kings of Leon · "Crawl"2.005 
 Kings of Leon · "I Want You"1.002 
 Kings of Leon · "Sex on Fire"16.040.563
 Kings of Leon · "Use Somebody"2.005 
 Kleerup (ft. Titiyo) · "Longing for Lullabies"1.002 
 The Knux · "Bang! Bang!"3.007 
 The Knux · "Cappuccino"9.022.667
 The Knux · "Fire"1.002 
 Kooks · "Shine On"1.002 
 Kraak & Smaak · "Bobby & Whitney"1.002 
 The Krayolas · "Catherine"1.002 
 Kreesha Turner · "Don't Call Me Baby"1.002 
 Kuroma · "Alexander Martin"1.002 
 Kurupt · "Yessir"1.002 
 Kylie Minogue · "Sensitized"1.002 
 Kylie Minogue · "Two Hearts"2.005 
 Lady Antebellum · "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "Beautiful Dirty Rich"1.002 
 Lady Gaga and Colby O'Donis · "Just Dance"4.010 
 Ladyhawke · "Back of the Van"1.002 
 Ladyhawke · "Fear"1.002 
 Ladyhawke · "Paris Is Burning"3.007 
 Ladytron · "Ghosts"3.007 
 Ladytron · "Runaway"1.002 
 Laika & the Cosmonauts · "Floating"1.002 
 Lambchop · "Slipped, Dissolved and Loosed"2.005 
 Lamps · "Songs of Sexual Frustration"1.002 
 Land of Talk · "It's Okay"1.002 
 Land of Talk · "Some Are Lakes"2.005 
 Large Professor · "Maica Living With Killah Sha and G"1.002 
 Larune · "My Kentucky"1.002 
 Last Shadow Puppets · "The Age of the Understatement"1.002 
 Late of the Pier · "Space and the Woods"1.002 
 The Laughing Light of Plenty · "The Rose"1.002 
 Laura Marling · "My Manic and I"1.002 
 Laura Marling · "Your Only Doll (Dora)"1.002 
 Lauren Flax (ft. Sia) · "You've Changed"1.002 
 Lawrence · "Miles"1.002 
 LCD Soundsystem · "Big Ideas"3.007 
 Lee Ann Womack · "The Bees"1.002 
 Lee Ann Womack · "Last Call"8.020.875
 Lee Dorsey · "Yes We Can Can"1.002 
 Lee Douglas · "Fuego"1.002 
 Le Le · "Breakfast"1.002 
 Leona Lewis · "Bleeding Love"10.0251.000
 Leona Lewis · "Run"1.002 
 Life Partners · "AIDS of Spades"2.005 
 Lights · "White"1.002 
 Lil' Wayne (ft. Static Major) · "Lollipop"16.0401.000
 Lil Boosie · "Ain't Coming Home Tonight"1.002 
 Lil Mama · "Lip Gloss"1.002 
 Lil Mama (ft. T-Pain and Chris Brown) · "Shawty Get Loose"1.002 
 Lil Wayne · "A Milli"50.124.580
 Lil Wayne · "Dr. Carter"2.005 
 Lil Wayne · "I'm Me"1.002 
 Lil Wayne · "Let the Beat Build"1.002 
 Lil Wayne · "Phone Home"1.002 
 Lil Wayne · "Shoot Me Down"1.002 
 Lil Wayne & Betty Wright · "Playing With Fire"2.005 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd) · "Mrs. Officer"7.017.429
 Lil Wayne (ft. Fabolous and Juelz Santana) · "You Ain't Got Nuthin"2.005 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Jay-Z) · "Mr. Carter"3.007 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Juelz Santana) · "Always Strapped"1.002 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Kanye West) · "Lollipop (Remix)"1.002 
 Lil Wayne (ft. T-Pain) · "Got Money"5.012.200
 Lily Allen · "The Fear"1.002 
 Lily Allen · "Fuck You"1.002 
 Lindsey Buckingham · "Did You Miss Me"1.002 
 Lindsey Buckingham · "Time Precious Time"1.002 
 Lindstrøm · "The Long Way Home"1.002 
 Lindstrøm · "Where You Go I Go Too"3.007 
 Little Big Town · "Fine Line"2.005 
 Little Feat (ft. Inara George) · "Trouble"1.002 
 Little Jackie · "Cryin' For the Queen"1.002 
 Little Jackie · "Liked You Better Before"1.002 
 Little Jackie · "Lol"1.002 
 Little Jackie · "The World Should Revolve Around Me"4.010 
 The Little Ones · "Ordinary Song"1.002 
 LLoyd (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Girls Around the World"3.007 
 Local H · "The One With "Kid""1.002 
 LoDeck & Omega One With Invizzbl Men and C-Rayz Walz · "Nice Kids"1.002 
 Lodger · "The Good Old Days [Lodger]"1.002 
 Lonely Island · "Jizz in My Pants"2.005 
 Long Blondes · "Century"1.002 
 Long Blondes · "The Couples"1.002 
 Long Blondes · "Guilt"2.005 
 Longwave · "Sirens in the Deep Sea"1.002 
 Los Campesinos! · "Death to Los Campesinos!"7.017.429
 Los Campesinos! · "The International Tweexcore Underground"1.002 
 Los Campesinos! · "My Year in Lists"2.005 
 Los Campesinos! · "You! Me! Dancing!"3.007 
 Los Llamarada · "Pink Flag"1.002 
 Los Updates · "Pictures of You (Tobias. Remix)"1.002 
 Love Is All · "I Ran"1.002 
 Love Is All · "Wishing Well"5.012.600
 Lover! · "I'm Not a Gnome"1.002 
 Lover! · "Man in the Woods"1.002 
 The Low Anthem · "Down"1.002 
 Low Motion Disco · "Things Are Gonna Get Easier"2.005 
 The Lox · "It's Like That [The Lox]"1.002 
 Lucinda Williams · "If Wishes Were Horses"1.002 
 Lucinda Williams · "Plan to Marry"1.002 
 Lucinda Williams · "Real Love"5.0121.000
 Lucinda Williams (With Elvis Costello) · "Jailhouse Tears"1.002 
 Ludacris · "One More Drink"1.002 
 Ludacris · "Undisputed"1.002 
 Lukestar · "White Shade"2.005 
 Lupe Fiasco (ft. Matthew Santos) · "Superstar"5.0121.000
 Lykke Li · "Breaking It Up"1.002 
 Lykke Li · "Dance, Dance, Dance"7.017.714
 Lykke Li · "I'm Good, I'm Gone"3.007 
 Lykke Li · "Little Bit"17.042.765
 Lykke Li · "Tonight"1.002 
 M83 · "Couleurs"2.005 
 M83 · "Graveyard Girl"11.027.818
 M83 · "Kim & Jessie"15.037.600
 Mac Lethal · "Black Widow"1.002 
 Made Out of Babies · "Buffalo"1.002 
 Madonna · "Beat Goes On"1.002 
 Madonna · "Miles Away"1.002 
 Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake) · "4 Minutes"4.010 
 Mae Shi · "Run to Your Grave"6.015.500
 Magnetic Fields · "California Girls"6.015.667
 Magnetic Fields · "The Nun's Litany"1.002 
 Magnetic Fields · "Please Stop Dancing"1.002 
 Magnetic Fields · "Too Drunk to Dream"1.002 
 The Mahonies · "Hey We Got Coneys. It's Great. Let's Dig In."1.002 
 Maino · "Hi Hater"6.015 
 Maino (ft. T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss and Fabolous) · "Hi Hater (Remix)"5.0121.000
 Mala · "Miracles (Mala)"1.002 
 Manic Street Preachers · "Umbrella"1.002 
 Man Man · "Hurly/Burly"1.002 
 Man Raze · "Turn It Up"1.002 
 Maná · "Si No Te Hubieras Ido"1.002 
 Marco Benevento · "The Real Morning Party"1.002 
 Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog · "ShSh ShSh"1.002 
 Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog · "When We Were Young (And We Were Freaks)"1.002 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time"1.002 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "I'm That Chick"1.002 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "Touch My Body"6.0151.000
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Club Mix)"1.002 
 Marit Larsen · "If a Song Could Get Me You"1.002 
 Mark Morris · "I'm Sick"1.002 
 Marnie Stern · "Prime"1.002 
 Marnie Stern · "Ruler"2.005 
 Marnie Stern · "Transformer"1.002 
 Maroon 5 (ft. Rihanna) · "If I Never See Your Face Again"1.002 
 Martial Solal Trio · "Here's That Rainy Day"1.002 
 Martsman · "Halow"1.002 
 Mary J. Blige · "Just Fine"2.005 
 Mary J. Blige · "Just Fine (Swizz Beatz Treat 'Em Right Remix)"1.002 
 Mary J. Blige · "Work That"1.002 
 Marykate O'Neil · "Green Street"1.002 
 Mary Mary · "Get Up"1.002 
 Mates of State · "Get Better"2.005 
 Mates of State · "My Only Offer"1.002 
 Mates of State · "The Re-Arranger"3.007 
 Matias Aguayo · "Minimal (DJ Koze Mix)"5.0121.000
 Matmos · "Supreme Balloon"2.005 
 Matt and Kim · "Daylight"1.002 
 Matthew Ryan · "Drunk and Disappointed"1.002 
 Matt Nathanson · "Come on Get Higher"1.002 
 Max Tundra · "Which Song"3.007 
 Max Tundra · "Will Get Fooled Again"1.002 
 Mayer Hawthorne & the County · "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"2.005 
 Mayyors · "Megan's LOLZ"2.005 
 Meemaw · "Blue in the Blacklight"2.005 
 Megafaun · "Find Your Mark"1.002 
 Melchior Productions · "Choir"1.002 
 Melvins · "The Kicking Machine"1.002 
 Menahan Street Band · "Home Again!"1.002 
 Men Without Pants · "And the Girls Go"1.002 
 Mercury Rev · "Butterfly's Wing"1.002 
 Metallica · "All Nightmare Long"1.002 
 Metallica · "The Day That Never Comes"2.005 
 Metallica · "My Apocalypse"2.005 
 Metallica · "My Apocalypse (Guitar Hero Version)"1.002 
 Metric · "Help, I'm Alive"1.002 
 Metronomy · "Radio Ladio"1.002 
 Metro Station · "Shake It"3.007 
 MGMT · "Electric Feel"20.050.750
 MGMT · "Kids"12.030.600
 MGMT · "Kids (Soulwax Remix)"2.005 
 MGMT · "Time to Pretend"53.131.792
 MGMT · "Weekend Wars"1.002 
 M.I.A. · "Paper Planes"106.2621.000
 M.I.A. · "Paper Planes (DFA Remix)"1.002 
 M.I.A. (ft. Bun-B & Rich Boy) · "Paper Planes (Remix)"1.002 
 M.I.A. (ft. Jay-Z) · "Boyz (Remix)"1.002 
 Mi Ami · "African Rhythms"1.002 
 Michael Doucet · "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky"1.002 
 Michael Franti and Spearhead · "Rude Boys Back in Town"1.002 
 Michael Franti and Spearhead · "Say Hey (I Love You)"1.002 
 Michael Pink · "Cross My Heart"1.002 
 Michael Rose · "Shootout"1.002 
 Mic Harrison & the High Score · "He Gets High"1.002 
 Michna · "Believe in It"1.002 
 Michou · "The Anti-Hero Makes His Way"1.002 
 Mighty High · "Buy the Pound"1.002 
 Mighty High · "Hooked on Drugs"1.002 
 Mike Doughty · "27 Jennifers"1.002 
 Mike Doughty · "More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle"1.002 
 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson · "Buriedfed"4.010 
 Miley Cyrus · "7 Things"2.005 
 Miley Cyrus · "Fly on the Wall"3.007 
 Miley Cyrus · "Full Circle"1.002 
 Miley Cyrus · "See You Again"8.0201.000
 Mint Condition · "Baby Boy Baby Girl"1.002 
 Mint Condition · "Nothing Left to Say"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "Gunpowder & Lead"4.010 
 Miranda Lambert · "More Like Her"1.002 
 Misery Index · "Traitors"1.002 
 Missy Elliott · "Ching-a-Ling"1.002 
 Mob Style · "The 80s"1.002 
 Moby · "I Love to Move in Here"3.007 
 Mogwai · "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead"1.002 
 The Mole · "Baby You're the One"1.002 
 The Mole · "Knock Twice"1.002 
 Monotonix · "Body Language"1.002 
 Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & His Southern Aces · "Lord, Keep Me Sanctified"1.002 
 Moondoggies · "Changing"2.005 
 Moondoggies · "Long Time Coming"1.002 
 Morcheeba · "Blue Chair"1.002 
 Morrissey · "All You Need Is Me"1.002 
 Mother Truckers · "Dynamite"1.002 
 Motley Crue · "Saints of Los Angeles"1.002 
 Motorspandex · "Torment Star"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "Michael Myers Resplendent"1.002 
 Mountain Goats · "San Bernadino"1.002 
 The Mountain Goats & Kaki King · "Black Pear Tree"2.005 
 Mountains & Rainbows · "Lester's Way"1.002 
 Move D · "Drøne"2.005 
 Move D and Benjamin Brunn · "Honey [Move D and Benjamin Brunn]"1.002 
 Move D and Benjamin Brunn · "Love the One You're With"1.002 
 Mr. Lif · "The Sun"1.002 
 Mr. Vegas · "Mus Come a Road"1.002 
 Mudcrutch · "Crystal River"1.002 
 Mudcrutch · "Scare Easy"3.007 
 Mudcrutch · "Shady Grove"1.002 
 The Muldoons/The Hentchmen · "Halloween Split 7"1.002 
 Murs · "Think You Know Me"1.002 
 Muse · "Feeling Good (Live)"1.002 
 Music Go Music · "Light of Love"2.005 
 Musiq Soulchild (ft. Mary J. Blige) · "If U Leave"1.002 
 My Bloody Valentine · "Mbv-Ica-13062008.Mp3"1.002 
 My Brightest Diamond · "Ice and the Storm"1.002 
 My Brightest Diamond · "Inside a Boy"1.002 
 Mylène Farmer · "Paradis Inanimé"1.002 
 My Morning Jacket · "Evil Urges"2.005 
 My Morning Jacket · "Highly Suspicious"3.007 
 My Morning Jacket · "I'm Amazed"7.017.714
 My Morning Jacket · "Librarian"1.002 
 My Morning Jacket · "Thank You Too!"1.002 
 My Morning Jacket · "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt. 2"2.005 
 Myriam Fares · "Mosh Ananiya"1.002 
 Mystery Jets (ft. Laura Marling) · "Young Love (Shoes Remix)"1.002 
 Nachtmystium · "Ghosts of Grace"1.002 
 Nada Surf · "See These Bones"2.005 
 Nada Surf · "Whose Authority"2.005 
 Naked on the Vague · "Poltergeist Palm"1.002 
 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens · "What Have You Done?"1.002 
 Nappy Roots · "Good Day"1.002 
 Nas · "Black President"7.017.857
 Nas · "Hero"1.002 
 Nas · "Queens Get the Money"2.005 
 Nas · "Sly Fox"2.005 
 Natacha Atlas & the Mareeka Ensemble · "El Asil"1.002 
 Natasha Bedingfield · "Pocketful of Sunshine"1.002 
 The National · "Blank Slate"1.002 
 The National · "The Virginia EP"1.002 
 Nat Johnson · "Heart of Clay (Demo)"1.002 
 Neil Diamond · "Pretty Amazing Grace"1.002 
 Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day · "My Eyes"1.002 
 Neon Neon · "Dream Cars"2.005 
 Neon Neon · "I Lust You"1.002 
 Neon Neon · "Raquel"1.002 
 Neon Neon · "Steel Your Girl"1.002 
 N.E.R.D. · "Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)"4.010 
 N.E.R.D. · "Sooner or Later"2.005 
 N.E.R.D. · "Spaz"2.005 
 Nethers · "Green Jean Jamboree"1.002 
 New Science Projects · "Wet Sights"1.002 
 New Year · "The Company I Can Get"1.002 
 Ne-Yo · "Closer"16.040.688
 Ne-Yo · "Miss Independent"7.017.429
 Ne-Yo · "So You Can Cry"2.005 
 Ne-Yo (ft. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous) · "She's Got Her Own"1.002 
 Nicholas Payton · "Blue"1.002 
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · "Albert Goes West"1.002 
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!"14.035.571
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · "Midnight Man"1.002 
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · "More News From Nowhere"3.007 
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · "We Call Upon the Author"1.002 
 Nickelback · "Burn It to the Ground"1.002 
 Nickelback · "Gotta Be Somebody"1.002 
 Nico Muhly (ft. Sam Amidon) · "The Only Tune"4.010 
 Nightwish · "The Escapist"1.002 
 Nina Simone · "The Times They Are a Changin'"1.002 
 Nine Inch Nails · "The Four of Us Are Dying"1.002 
 Nine Inch Nails · "Ghosts I"1.002 
 No Age · "Eraser"6.015.167
 No Age · "Miner"1.002 
 No Age · "Sleeper Hold"3.007 
 No Age · "Teen Creeps"2.005 
 NoBunny · "Chuck Berry Holiday"1.002 
 Nodzzz · "I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)"2.005 
 Nodzzz · "Is She There"1.002 
 Nomo · "Brainwave"1.002 
 NoMoreDolls · "Killer"1.002 
 Notwist · "Good Lies"2.005 
 Nudge · "Infinity Padlock"1.002 
 Nudge · "War Song"1.002 
 Nudity · "The Nightfeeders"1.002 
 Nyles Lannon · "Slipping"1.002 
 O.A.R. · "Shattered"1.002 
 Oasis · "I'm Outta Time"1.002 
 Oasis · "Shock of the Lightning"2.005 
 Oasis · "Waiting for the Rapture"1.002 
 The Offspring · "Hammerhead"1.002 
 The Offspring · "You're Gonna Go Far Kid"1.002 
 Of Montreal · "An Eluardian Instance"3.007 
 Of Montreal · "Id Engager"2.005 
 Oh What a Life · "Play People"1.002 
 Okay · "My"1.002 
 Okkervil River · "Calling and Not Calling My Ex"1.002 
 Okkervil River · "Lost Coastlines"3.007 
 Okkervil River · "Pop Lie"1.002 
 Old 97's · "No Baby I"1.002 
 Omar S · "Psychotic Photosynthesis"2.005 
 Oneida · "Cream Puff War"1.002 
 One Republic & Timbaland · "Apologize"1.002 
 Opeth · "The Lotus Eater"2.005 
 Orchestra Baobab · "Nijaay"2.005 
 Oren Ambarchi · "A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks"1.002 
 Origin · "Finite"1.002 
 Osborne · "16th Stage"2.005 
 Osborne · "Downtown"1.002 
 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man · "Motherhood/Fatherhood"1.002 
 Oxford Collapse · "Spike of Bensonhurst"1.002 
 Oxford Collapse · "Young Love Delivers"1.002 
 PaceWon and Mr. Green · "Children Sing"1.002 
 Pacific UV · "Need"1.002 
 Paddy Casey · "Fear"1.002 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Everywhere With You"1.002 
 Paleface (ft. Kyla) · "Do You Mind? (Crazy Cousinz Remix)"2.005 
 Panda Bear · "Take Pills"1.002 
 Panic! at the Disco · "Nine in the Afternoon"4.010 
 Panic! at the Disco · "Northern Downpour"1.002 
 The Panics · "Don't Fight It"1.002 
 Paramore · "Let the Flames Begin (Live)"1.002 
 Paramore · "Misery Business"1.002 
 Paramore · "That's What You Get"3.007 
 Paramount Styles · "Come to New York"1.002 
 Paramount Styles · "Drunx, Whores & Mzk People"1.002 
 Parks and Gardens · "Enwaisea"1.002 
 Parts and Labor · "Nowhere's Nigh"1.002 
 Pas/Cal · "O Honey We're Ridiculous"1.002 
 Pas/Cal · "The Truth Behind All the Vogues She Sold"1.002 
 Passion Pit · "Better Things"1.002 
 Passion Pit · "Sleepyhead"2.005 
 Paul Collins Beat · "Falling in Love With Her"1.002 
 Paul Shapiro · "Essen"1.002 
 Paul Weller · "Have You Made Up Your Mind"1.002 
 Paul Westerberg · "5:05"1.002 
 Paul Westerberg · "Short Cover Medley"1.002 
 Paul Westerberg · "Terry, Terry, Who You Gonna Marry?"1.002 
 People Under the Stairs · "The Wiz"1.002 
 Perfect Fits · "Radio Transmitter"1.002 
 Pete & the Pirates · "She Doesn't Belong to Me"1.002 
 Peter Gabriel · "Down to Earth"1.002 
 Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip · "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"7.0171.000
 Peter Gordon and the Love of Life Orchestra · "Beginning of the Heartbreak (Betty Botox Edit)"1.002 
 Peter Visti · "Tokyo by Night"1.002 
 The Peth · "Let's Go Fucking Mental"1.002 
 Phantom Planet · "Do the Panic"2.005 
 Phil Vassar · "Love Is a Beautiful Thing"1.002 
 Phish · "Backwards Down the Number Line"1.002 
 Phosphorescent · "Right Now I'm a-Roaming (Nick Cave Cover)"1.002 
 Piano Magic · "Dark Horses"1.002 
 Pica Beats · "Hope, Was Not a Smith Family Tradition"1.002 
 Pierced Arrows · "In My Brain/Caroline"1.002 
 Pig Destroyer · "Natasha"1.002 
 Pink · "It's All Your Fault"1.002 
 Pink · "Please Don't Leave Me"1.002 
 Pink · "Sober"1.002 
 Pink · "So What"20.050.950
 Pink Reason · "3:16"1.002 
 Pink Skull · "Gonzo's Cointreau"1.002 
 Plants and Animals · "Bye Bye Bye"1.002 
 Play Doe · "Joker & Rustie"1.002 
 Plies · "I'm Da Man"1.002 
 Plush · "Take a Chance"1.002 
 Pointer Sisters · "Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)"1.002 
 Polly Scattergood · "I Hate the Way"1.002 
 Ponytail · "Celebrate the Body Electric"1.002 
 Pop Levi · "Dita Dimone"1.002 
 Pop Levi · "Never Never Love"1.002 
 Portishead · "Machine Gun"25.062.480
 Portishead · "The Rip"4.010 
 Portishead · "We Carry On"1.002 
 The Postmarks · "11:59"1.002 
 Power Douglas · "Pangea"1.002 
 Presets · "This Boy's in Love"1.002 
 Pretenders · "Boots of Chinese Plastic"3.007 
 Primal Scream · "Can't Go Back"2.005 
 Private · "We Got Some Breaking Up to Do"1.002 
 Protest the Hero · "Sequoia Throne"1.002 
 Psyde, Belo, Nard · "Do the Anything"1.002 
 Pyramids · "The Echo of Something Lovely (Jesu Remix)"1.002 
 Q-Tip · "Gettin' Up"10.025.400
 Q-Tip · "Move"4.010 
 Q-Tip · "Renaissance Rap"1.002 
 Question · "It's Time"1.002 
 Racebannon · "Sisterfucker"1.002 
 Rachael Yamagata · "Elephants"1.002 
 Rachael Yamagata · "Sunday Afternoon"1.002 
 Raconteurs · "Consoler of the Lonely"2.005 
 Raconteurs · "Five on the Five"1.002 
 Raconteurs · "Hold On"1.002 
 Raconteurs · "Many Shades of Black"1.002 
 Raconteurs · "Old Enough"1.002 
 Raconteurs · "Salute Your Solution"6.015.833
 Radiohead · "Bodysnatchers"2.005 
 Radiohead · "House of Cards"2.005 
 Radiohead · "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Nude"1.002 
 Radiohead · "Reckoner"1.002 
 Radio Slave · "Incognito"1.002 
 Raheem DeVaughn · "Customer"1.002 
 Raheem DeVaughn · "Woman"1.002 
 Randy Houser · "Anything Goes"1.002 
 Randy Newman · "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country"5.012.800
 Randy Newman · "Feels Like Home"1.002 
 Randy Newman · "Harps and Angels"1.002 
 Randy Newman · "Korean Parents"1.002 
 Randy Newman · "Potholes"1.002 
 Randy Travis · "Dig Two Graves"1.002 
 Raphael Saadiq · "100 Yard Dash"5.012.400
 Raphael Saadiq · "The Big Easy"2.005 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Love That Girl"2.005 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Never Give You Up"1.002 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Oh Girl"1.002 
 Raphael Saadiq · "Sure Hope You Mean It"1.002 
 The Rapture · "No Sex for Ben"2.005 
 Ra Ra Riot · "Each Year"1.002 
 Ra Ra Riot · "Ghost Under Rocks"1.002 
 Raveonettes · "Aly, Walk With Me"3.007 
 Raveonettes · "Dead Sound"2.005 
 Raveonettes · "You Want the Candy"2.005 
 Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus · "Working Man's Cafe"1.002 
 Ray J (ft. Young Berg) · "Sexy Can I"2.005 
 Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs · "I Still Care for You"1.002 
 Record Hop · "Maths"1.002 
 Red Dawn II · "Cat in the Brain"1.002 
 Red Sparowes · "Aphorisms"1.002 
 Religious Knives · "On a Drive"1.002 
 Religious Knives · "The Sun"1.002 
 R.E.M. · "Hollow Man"2.005 
 R.E.M. · "Living Well Is the Best Revenge"2.005 
 R.E.M. · "Man-Sized Wreath"2.005 
 R.E.M. · "Supernatural Superserious"10.025.600
 Replacements · "Kiss Me on the Bus (Studio Demo)"1.002 
 Republic Tigers · "Buildings and Mountains"2.005 
 Retribution Gospel Choir · "Somebody's Someone"1.002 
 Retribution Gospel Choir · "What She Turned Into"1.002 
 Re-Up Gang · "Roc Boys"1.002 
 Re-Up Gang · "Show You How to Hustle"1.002 
 Revenge · "Cadillac"1.002 
 RevoLucian · "Fuck It"1.002 
 Ricardo Villalobos · "Enfants (Chants)"1.002 
 Ricardo Villalobos · "Minimoonstar"1.002 
 Rick Ross · "Maybach Music"1.002 
 Rick Ross (ft. Nelly and Avery Storm) · "Here I Am"2.005 
 Rick Springfield · "What's Victoria's Secret"1.002 
 Rigas · "Born Not to Run"1.002 
 Rihanna · "Disturbia"21.0521.000
 Rihanna · "Take a Bow"1.002 
 The Ringers · "Kamikaze Heart"1.002 
 RJD2 · "A Beautiful Mine"1.002 
 R. Kelly · "Hair Braider"1.002 
 R. Kelly · "Son of a Bitch"1.002 
 Roam the Hello Clouds · "Abc.Net.Au Live Performance"1.002 
 Robert Forster · "Demon Days"2.005 
 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss · "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)"1.002 
 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss · "Please Read the Letter"1.002 
 Robin Thicke · "Magic"5.0121.000
 Robin Thicke · "The Sweetest Love"1.002 
 Rob Roar & Felix Baumgartner · "Slam 303"1.002 
 Rob Walmart · "Lionel"1.002 
 Robyn · "Cobrastyle"2.005 
 Robyn · "Dream On"1.002 
 Robyn · "Konichiwa Bitches"4.010 
 Robyn · "Who's That Girl"1.002 
 Robyn · "With Every Heartbeat"1.002 
 Rocca · "Carrie-Anne"1.002 
 Rod Modell · "Temple"1.002 
 Rodney Crowell · "Sex & Gasoline"1.002 
 Rodriguez · "Only Good for Conversation"1.002 
 Rodriguez · "Sugar Man"2.005 
 Rogue Wave · "Lake Michigan"1.002 
 Romantica · "National Side"1.002 
 Ron Browz (ft. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana) · "Pop Champagne"3.007 
 Ron Sexsmith · "Impossible World"1.002 
 The Roots · "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"1.002 
 The Roots · "Criminal"1.002 
 The Roots · "I Will Not Apologize"1.002 
 The Roots · "Lovely, Love My Family"1.002 
 The Roots · "Rising Up"2.005 
 The Roots (ft. Peedi Crakk) · "Get Busy"1.002 
 Rose Elinor Dougall · "Another Version of Pop Song"1.002 
 Rosemary Krust · "Slow Amber"1.002 
 Royce da 5'9" · "Shot Down"1.002 
 RTX · "Too Badd"1.002 
 Ruby Suns · "These Are Birds"1.002 
 Rumble Strips · "Girls and Boys in Love"1.002 
 Ruslana · "Wild Energy"1.002 
 Rustie · "Zig-Zag"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Fix It"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Heavy Orange"1.002 
 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals · "Magick"4.010 
 Ryan Leslie · "Diamond Girl"3.007 
 Ryan Leslie (ft. Fabolous & Cassie) · "Addiction"2.005 
 Ryan Leslie (ft. Fabolous & Cassie) · "Addiction (Remix)"1.002 
 Ry Cooder · "Pink-O-Boogie"1.002 
 Rye Rye/Blaqstarr · "Shake It to the Ground"1.002 
 Ryonkt · "Gray Sky"1.002 
 Sam Amidon · "Saro"2.005 
 Sambassadeur · "Subtle Changes"1.002 
 Sam Phillips · "Can't Come Down"1.002 
 Sam Phillips · "Don't Do Anything"1.002 
 Sam Phillips · "My Career in Chemistry"1.002 
 Sam Phillips · "Shake It Down"1.002 
 Sam Phillips · "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us"1.002 
 Sam Sparro · "American Boy"1.002 
 Sam Sparro · "Black and Gold"3.007 
 Santogold · "Creator"4.010 
 Santogold · "I'm a Lady"2.005 
 Santogold · "L.E.S. Artistes"49.121.653
 Santogold · "Lights Out"12.030.417
 Santogold · "My Superman"1.002 
 Santogold · "Say Aha"1.002 
 Santogold · "You'll Find a Way"2.005 
 Santogold (ft. Spank Rock) · "Shove It"2.005 
 Santogold, M.I.A., Gorilla Zoe & Radioclit · "Get It Up"1.002 
 Sara Bareilles · "Love Song"3.007 
 Sarah Brightman · "Gothica"1.002 
 Sarah Silverman (ft. Matt Damon) · "I'm Fucking Matt Damon"1.002 
 Sarah Siskind · "Lovin's for Fools"1.002 
 Saturday Knights · "Dog Park"1.002 
 Saul Williams · "List of Demands (Reparations)"1.002 
 Saving Abel · "Addicted"1.002 
 Scars on Broadway · "They Say"1.002 
 School · "Let It Slip"1.002 
 School of Language · "Rockist Pt. 1"1.002 
 School of Seven Bells · "Connjur"1.002 
 School of Seven Bells · "Face to Face on High Places"1.002 
 School of Seven Bells · "I Am Under No Disguise"1.002 
 Scooter · "The Question Is What Is the Question"1.002 
 Scott Andrew · "At the Airport"1.002 
 Scott Weiland · "Blind Confusion"1.002 
 Scott Weiland · "Paralysis"1.002 
 Scuba · "Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)"1.002 
 Sean Kingston · "Take You There"1.002 
 Sebastien Tellier · "La Amour et la Violence"1.002 
 Secret Shine · "Voice of the Sea"1.002 
 September · "Cry for You"3.007 
 Sera Cahoone · "Only As the Day Is Long"1.002 
 Sera Cahoone · "You're Not Broken"1.002 
 Seth Troxler · "Love Never Sleeps"1.002 
 Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 · "Many Things"1.002 
 Sex Vid · "Exorcism"1.002 
 Sex Vid · "Nests"1.002 
 Sexy Kids · "Sisters Are Forever"2.005 
 Sezen Aksu · "Oh Oh"1.002 
 Shackleton · "Death Is Not Final"1.002 
 Shawty Lo · "Dey Know"2.005 
 Shawty Lo (ft. Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Plies and Lil Wayne) · "Dey Know (Remix)"1.002 
 She & Him · "I Was Made for You"1.002 
 She & Him · "Sentimental Heart"2.005 
 She & Him · "This Is Not a Test"2.005 
 She & Him · "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"7.017.429
 She & Him · "You Really Got a Hold on Me"1.002 
 Shearwater · "Century Eyes"1.002 
 Shearwater · "Rooks"1.002 
 Shearwater · "The Snow Leopard"2.005 
 Sheek Louch · "Good Love"1.002 
 Shiny Toy Guns · "I Owe You a Love Song"1.002 
 Shiny Toy Guns · "Ricochet!"1.002 
 Sholi · "Dreams Before People"1.002 
 Shontelle · "T-Shirt"1.002 
 Shrag · "Forty Five 45s"1.002 
 Sic Alps · "Gelly Roll Gum Drop"1.002 
 Sic Alps · "Messsage From the Law"1.002 
 Sic Alps · "United"1.002 
 Sigur Rós · "Festival"1.002 
 Sigur Rós · "Gobbledigook"11.027.818
 Sigur Rós · "Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur"3.007 
 Silver Jews · "San Francisco B.C."1.002 
 Silver Jews · "Strange Victory, Strange Defeat"1.002 
 Silver Jews · "Suffering Jukebox"2.005 
 Silver Jews · "We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing"1.002 
 Sinner · "Revolution"1.002 
 Sis · "Nesrib"1.002 
 Sister Fleet Mitchell and Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart · "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down"1.002 
 Sister Sin · "One Out of Ten"1.002 
 Sisters Lucas · "To What and What Of"1.002 
 Situationists · "This City Holds Us All Up"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Asleep With One Eye Open"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Don't Smudge My Al Di Meola LP's"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "How Would You Like to Get Hit With a Boat Oar?"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "I'll Blog You"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Knockers at Nine"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Our Business Is Finished Here"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Robert B. Parker and Me"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "She Looked Like the Daughter My Ex-Wife Says I Have"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "That Walking **Shole Is Based on Me"1.002 
 Skag Winesack, Retired P.I. & Former Celebrity Security Consultant · "Your Teeth Are Stuck in My Phone Book"1.002 
 Skeletons · "Money (Skeletons)"1.002 
 Slayer · "Psychopathy Red"1.002 
 Sleepercar · "A Broken Promise"1.002 
 Slipknot · "Psychosocial"1.002 
 Sloan · "Believe"1.002 
 Sloan · "I'm Not a Kid Anymore"2.005 
 Snoop Dogg · "Neva Have to Worry"1.002 
 Snoop Dogg · "Sensual Seduction"4.010 
 Snoop Dogg (ft. Robyn) · "Sexual Eruption (Fyre Department Remix)"1.002 
 Snow Patrol · "Take Back the City"1.002 
 Sofia Marikh · "Kelmet Hobb"1.002 
 $olal · "Psycho Girls & Psycow Boys (Haaksman & Haaksman Remix)"1.002 
 Solange · "God Given Name"1.002 
 Solange · "I Decided"1.002 
 Solange · "I Decided (Part 2)"1.002 
 Solange · "Sandcastle Disco"6.015.833
 Solange · "T.O.N.Y."2.005 
 Solid Gold · "Get Over It"1.002 
 Solid Gold · "Who You Gonna Run To?"1.002 
 Solution · "Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries"1.002 
 Sonic Youth · "Slow Revolution"1.002 
 Son Lux · "Betray"1.002 
 Son Lux · "Tell"1.002 
 Sonny Landreth · "Blue Tarp Blues"1.002 
 Sons and Daughters · "The Nest"1.002 
 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em · "Forefather of My Balls Freestyle"1.002 
 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em · "Yahhh!"3.007 
 Sound of Urchin · "Jesse Tenser"1.002 
 Speck Mountain · "Blood Is Clean"1.002 
 Speedmarket Avenue · "Way Better Now"1.002 
 Spinnerette · "Valium Knights"1.002 
 Spinto Band · "Summer Grof"1.002 
 Spiritualized · "Baby I'm Just a Fool"3.007 
 Spiritualized · "Death Take Your Fiddle"1.002 
 Spiritualized · "Soul on Fire"5.012.600
 Spoon · "The Underdog"1.002 
 Sprengjuhollin · "Keyrum Yfir Island"1.002 
 Star Fucking Hipsters · "Death or Fight"1.002 
 SteelDrivers · "The Blue Side of the Mountain"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Baltimore"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Cold Son"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Gardenia"4.010 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Out of Reaches"1.002 
 Stereolab · "Self Portrait With "Electrc Brain" (Yacht Remix)"1.002 
 Stereolab · "Three Women"1.002 
 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 · "Manhattan Fault Line"1.002 
 Street Dogs · "Free"1.002 
 Students of the Ron Clark Academy · "You Can Vote However You Like"3.007 
 Stumptone · "Gravity Suddenly Released"1.002 
 Styles P · "Gangsta, Gangsta"1.002 
 Stylophonic · "R U Experienced?"1.002 
 Subway · "5 Dollar"1.002 
 Suckers · "It Gets Your Body Movin'"1.002 
 Sugarland · "All I Want to Do"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Heron Blue"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Lost Verses"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Lucky Man"1.002 
 Supergrass · "Diamond Hoo Ha Man"1.002 
 Supergrass · "Rebel in You"2.005 
 Suzannah Johannes · "Horserider's Smile"1.002 
 Sway (ft. $Tush) · "F Ur X"2.005 
 Switches · "Drama Queen"1.002 
 Taio Cruz (ft. Luciana) · "Come on Girl"1.002 
 Taj Mahal · "Strong Man Holler"1.002 
 Tallest Man on Earth · "The Gardener"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Fifteen"3.007 
 Taylor Swift · "Hey Stephen"2.005 
 Taylor Swift · "Love Story"11.027.455
 Taylor Swift · "Our Song"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Picture to Burn"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "White Horse"2.005 
 Taylor Swift · "You Belong With Me"2.005 
 T-Baby · "It's So Cold in the D"1.002 
 Teddy Thompson · "Don't Know What I Was Thinking"1.002 
 Teenagers · "Homecoming"2.005 
 Teenagers · "Starlett Johansson"2.005 
 Telepathe · "Devil's Trident"1.002 
 Telepathe · "I Can't Stand It"1.002 
 The Tenderhooks · "Customer Service"1.002 
 Terri Hendrix · "Be Willing"1.002 
 Thao Nguyen With the Get Down Stay Down · "Bag of Hammers"3.007 
 Thea Gilmore · "Roll On"1.002 
 Theater Fire · "It's All the Same"1.002 
 The-Dream · "Fast Car"1.002 
 The-Dream · "Livin' A Lie"1.002 
 The-Dream · "She Needs My Love"1.002 
 The-Dream (ft. Young Jeezy) · "I Luv Your Girl"2.005 
 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchesta and Tra-la-La Band · "1,000,000 Died to Make This Sound"1.002 
 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchesta and Tra-la-La Band · "Blindblindblind"1.002 
 Theresa Andersson · "Birds Fly Away"1.002 
 Theresa Andersson · "Na Na Na"1.002 
 These Are Powers · "Cockles"1.002 
 These New Puritans · "Elvis"1.002 
 These New Puritans · "Navigate, Navigate"1.002 
 This Moment in Black History · "Obama (The Pres Is You, the Pres Is Me)"1.002 
 Throw Me the Statue · "Groundswell"1.002 
 T.I. · "No Matter What"5.012.800
 T.I. · "Ready for Whatever"2.005 
 T.I. · "Whatever You Like"21.052.810
 T.I. (ft. Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne) · "Swagger Like Us"16.040.625
 Tift Merritt · "Broken"1.002 
 T.I. (ft. Rihanna) · "Live Your Life"23.057.609
 T.I. (ft. Swizz Beatz) · "Swing Ya Rag"1.002 
 Tilly and the Wall · "Pot Kettle Black"1.002 
 Timberlee (ft. Tosh) · "Heels"1.002 
 Times New Viking · "Another Day"1.002 
 Times New Viking · "(My Head)"3.007 
 Times New Viking · "Pagan Eyes"1.002 
 Times New Viking · "Times New Viking Vs. Yo la Tengo"1.002 
 Tinchy Stryder · "Six 4 Fire"1.002 
 Tindersticks · "The Hungry Saw"1.002 
 Ting Tings · "Great DJ"8.020.875
 Ting Tings · "Shut Up and Let Me Go"6.0151.000
 Ting Tings · "That's Not My Name"16.040.875
 Titmachine · "We Build a New City"1.002 
 Tittsworth · "Drunk As F*Ck"1.002 
 Titus Andronicus · "Titus Andronicus"1.002 
 Titus Andronicus · "Upon Viewing Brueghel's "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus""1.002 
 TK Webb & the Visions · "Teen Is Still Shaking"1.002 
 tobias. · "I Can't Fight the Feeling"2.005 
 Todd Snider · "Mission Accomplished"1.002 
 Todd Snider · "Stuck on the Corner (Prelude to a Heart Attack)"1.002 
 Torche · "Grenades"1.002 
 Torche · "Healer"2.005 
 Torche · "Meanderthal"1.002 
 The Tough & Lovely · "Just When I Thought"1.002 
 The Tough Alliance · "Lucky"1.002 
 Toumani Diabate · "Cantelowes"1.002 
 T-Pain (ft. Justin Timberlake) · "Can't Believe It (Remix)"1.002 
 T-Pain (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Can't Believe It"6.0151.000
 T-Pain (ft. Ludacris) · "Chopped N Skrewed"3.007 
 Trace Adkins · "You're Gonna Miss This"1.002 
 Trashcan Sinatras · "Oranges and Apples"1.002 
 Treasure Fingers · "Cross the Dancefloor"1.002 
 TRG · "Broken Heart (Martyn DCM Remix)"1.002 
 Tricky · "Council Estate"2.005 
 Tricky · "Puppy Toy"2.005 
 Trisha Yearwood · "Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love"1.002 
 Tum Tum · "Dallas Girlz"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Fiya"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Hatari"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Dancing Choose"6.015.833
 TV on the Radio · "DLZ"2.005 
 TV on the Radio · "Family Tree"5.012.200
 TV on the Radio · "Golden Age"18.045.444
 TV on the Radio · "Halfway Home"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Love Dog"3.007 
 TV on the Radio · "Lover's Day"3.007 
 TV on the Radio · "Shout Me Out"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Stork & Owl"1.002 
 Tyvjk · "Tyvjk 7"1.002 
 Uh Huh Her · "Not a Love Song"1.002 
 Uh Huh Her · "Wait Another Day"1.002 
 Unholy Two · "Kutter"1.002 
 Unk · "Show Out"1.002 
 USDA (ft. Young Jeezy, Bloodraw, Boo Rossini, Trick Daddy) · "Black Dreams"1.002 
 Usher · "Here I Stand"1.002 
 Usher (ft. Young Jeezy) · "Love in This Club"10.025.900
 Utah Saints · "Something Good '08"1.002 
 Vampire Weekend · "A-Punk"12.030.583
 Vampire Weekend · "Campus"1.002 
 Vampire Weekend · "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Teenagers Remix)"1.002 
 Vampire Weekend · "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance"1.002 
 Vampire Weekend · "M79"6.015.667
 Vampire Weekend · "Mansard Roof"1.002 
 Vampire Weekend · "One (Blake's Got a New Face)"2.005 
 Vampire Weekend · "Oxford Comma"19.047.421
 Vampire Weekend · "Walcott"1.002 
 Vancougar · "Philadelphia"1.002 
 Van Hunt · "Turn My TV On"1.002 
 Veda Hille · "Lucklucky"1.002 
 Vermillion Sands · "Mary"1.002 
 Veronica Maggio · "Stopp"1.002 
 Veronicas · "Untouched"3.007 
 Verve · "Judas"1.002 
 Verve · "Love Is Noise"3.007 
 Vetiver · "You May Be Blue (Neighbors Remix)"1.002 
 V.I.C. · "Wobble"1.002 
 Vic Chesnutt & Elf Power · "Little Fucker"1.002 
 Vicente Fernández · "Para Siempre"1.002 
 Violens · "Violent Sensation Descends"1.002 
 Virgins · "Rich Girls"3.007 
 Virgins · "She's Expensive"1.002 
 Vivian Girls · "I Believe in Nothing"1.002 
 Vivian Girls · "Tell the World"2.005 
 Vivian Girls · "Where Do You Run To"8.020.625
 Vivian Girls · "Wild Eyes"2.005 
 V Sparks · "The Glitter End"1.002 
 Wale · "The Freestyle (Roc Boys)"1.002 
 Wale · "The Kramer"2.005 
 Wale (ft. Big Bun & Pusha T) · "Back in the Go-Go"2.005 
 Walkmen · "In the New Year"8.020.375
 Walkmen · "Yellow Kid"1.002 
 Walkmen · "You & I"1.002 
 Walter Becker · "Somebody's Saturday Night"1.002 
 Warbringer · "Beneath the Waves"1.002 
 Warmer Milks · "The Friends"1.002 
 War on Drugs · "Taking the Farm"1.002 
 The Waybacks · "Conjugal Visit"1.002 
 We Are Scientists · "After Hours"1.002 
 Webbie · "Independent"2.005 
 Ween · "Friends"1.002 
 Ween · "Your Party"1.002 
 Weezer · "Can't Stop Partying"1.002 
 Weezer · "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived"1.002 
 Weezer · "Heart Songs"1.002 
 Weezer · "Pork and Beans"12.0301.000
 Weezer · "Troublemaker"3.007 
 "Weird Al" Yankovic · "Whatever You Like"1.002 
 West Side Daredevils · "You Can Have It All"1.002 
 Wetnurse · "Life at Stake"1.002 
 Whigs · "Like a Vibration"3.007 
 Whigs · "Production City"1.002 
 White Denim · "Shake Shake Shake"2.005 
 White Hinterland · "Dreaming of Plum Trees"1.002 
 White Lion · "Dream"1.002 
 Whitest Boy Alive · "Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)"1.002 
 Why? · "Fatalist Palmistry"1.002 
 Why? · "Good Friday"2.005 
 Why? · "The Hollows"1.002 
 Why? · "These Few Presidents"1.002 
 Wilco (ft. Fleet Foxes) · "I Shall Be Released"1.002 
 Wiley · "Wearing My Rolex"6.0151.000 · "Yes We Can"5.0121.000
 Willie Nelson · "You Don't Think I'm Funny"1.002 
 Wire · "One of Us"5.012.600
 Wiz Khalifa · "Say Yeah"1.002 
 Wobbly · "Pastoral"1.002 
 Wolf Parade · "An Animal in Your Care"1.002 
 Wolf Parade · "Call It a Ritual"1.002 
 Wolf Parade · "Language City"1.002 
 The Wombats · "Backfire at the Disco"1.002 
 Women · "Black Rice"3.007 
 Women · "Shaking Hands"1.002 
 Wounded Lion · "Pony People"1.002 
 Wye Oak · "Warning"1.002 
 Xiu Xiu · "No Friend Oh!"1.002 
 Xiu Xiu (ft. Michael Gira) · "Under Pressure"1.002 
 X Levitation Cult · "Habit Forming"1.002 
 XRabit and Damaged Good$ · "Follow the Leader"1.002 
 Xyx · "Sistema de Terminacion Sexual"1.002 
 Yaz · "Nobody's Diary"1.002 
 Yeasayer · "Sunrise"2.005 
 Yelle · "A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix)"1.002 
 Yelle · "Je Voix Te Voir"1.002 
 Ying Yang Twins · "Drop"1.002 
 Yo Majesty · "Club Action"1.002 
 Young Jeezy · "Circulate"1.002 
 Young Jeezy · "Who Dat"2.005 
 Young Jeezy (ft. Kanye West) · "Put On"18.045.667
 Young Jeezy (ft. Nas) · "My President"8.020.750
 Young Love · "Underground"1.002 
 Yung la, T.I., Young Dro · "Ain't I (Remix)"1.002 
 Yung Ralph · "I Work Hard"1.002 
 Zomby · "Aquafresh"1.002 
 Zomby · "The Lie"1.002 
 Z-Ro · "Call My Phone"1.002 
 Zutons · "What's Your Problem"1.002 
 (various artists) · "Explorations in Sound, Vol 3: Music of Sound"1.002 
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