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2015#1504 of 2068
2009#166 of 2591
2008#1749 of 2244
Slayer · World Painted Blood2009#1578098.9.840.313.666  
Adem Tepedelen · Albert Mudrian · Brad Angle · Christopher Krovatin · DX Ferris · John Mincemoyer · Laina Dawes · Rich Bienstock · Rossiter Drake
Similar Albums
.2863Immortal · All Shall Fall  (2009)
.2863Red Fang · Murder the Mountains  (2011)
.2503Napalm Death · Time Waits for No Slave  (2009)
.2223Electric Wizard · Black Masses  (2011)
.2223Triptykon · Eparistera Daimones  (2010)
.1782Lord Mantis · Spawning the Nephilim  (2009)
.1782Tombs · All Empires Fall  (2016)
.1673Enslaved · Axioma Ethica Odini  (2010)
.1482Behemoth · Evangelion  (2009)
.1482Burzum · Belus  (2010)
.1482Daft Punk · Tron:Legacy Soundtrack  (2011)
.1482Municipal Waste · The Fatal Feast  (2012)
.1482Napalm Death · Utilitarian  (2012)
.1482Watain · Lawless Darkness  (2010)
.1272Cretin · Stranger  (2014)
.1272Darkthrone · The Underground Resistance  (2013)
.1272In Solitude · The World, the Flesh, the Devil  (2011)
.1113Converge · All We Love We Leave Behind  (2012)
.1112High on Fire · De Vermis Mysteriis  (2012)
.0955Mastodon · Crack the Skye  (2009)
Slayer · "You Against You"2015#46510 
Kory Grow
Slayer · "Hate Worldwide"2009#58510 
Leonard Pierce
Slayer · "Playing With Dolls"2009#58510 
Brandon Geist
Slayer · "Psychopathy Red"2009#58510 
Laina Dawes
Similar Artists
.2914Napalm Death
.2615Alice in Chains
.2503Municipal Waste
.1823Red Fang
.1673Electric Wizard
.1673Pig Destroyer
.1604High on Fire
.1543Royal Thunder
.1482Agoraphobic Nosebleed
.1482Brutal Truth
.1272Mournful Congregation
.1272Street Sweeper Social Club
.1272This Moment in Black History
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