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Comet Gain
2014#273 of 2567
2011#280 of 2725
2009#434 of 2591
2008#1749 of 2244
Comet Gain · Paperback Ghosts2014#2224358.6.893.535.047 .000
David Malitz · Doug Mosurak · Doug Mosurock · John Everhart · Tim Sendra
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.3003Comet Gain · Howl of the Lonely Crowd  (2011)
.1332Good Throb · Fuck Off  (2014)
.1032Eat Skull · Wild and Inside  (2009)
.1032Love Is All · A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night  (2008)
.0922Total Control · Henge Beat  (2011)
.0612Eddy Current Suppression Ring · Primary Colours  (2008)
.0612Times New Viking · Rip It Off  (2008)
.0282Parquet Courts · Light Up Gold  (2013)
.0212Beach House · Bloom  (2012)
.0212Real Estate · Days  (2011)
Comet Gain · Howl of the Lonely Crowd2011#2544559.0.836.956.022  
Doug Mosurock · John Everhart · Jonathan Fischer · Talya Cooper · Tim Sendra
Similar Albums
.3003Comet Gain · Paperback Ghosts  (2014)
.1162Cate Le Bon · Mug Museum  (2013)
.1032Eat Skull · Wild and Inside  (2009)
.1032Love Is All · A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night  (2008)
.0922Total Control · Henge Beat  (2011)
.0702Veronica Falls · Veronica Falls  (2011)
Comet Gain · Broken Record Prayers2009#403303      
Jay Ruttenberg · Talya Cooper · Travis Ritter
Comet Gain · "Clang of the Concrete Swans"2011#62710 
Joe Stumble
Comet Gain · "Jack Nance Hair"2009#58510 
John Everhart
Comet Gain · "Books of California"2008#45010 
Doug Mosurak
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.1672Crazy Spirit
.1623Silver Jews
.1303Love Is All
.1093Cate Le Bon
.1072Broken Water
.1072The Gotobeds
.0952The Bats
.0952Blank Realm
.0952Cold Beat
.0952Good Throb
.0862Milk Music
.0782Beach Fossils
.0782Flock of Dimes
.0782Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang
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