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Eat Skull
2009#217 of 2591
2008#460 of 2244
Eat Skull · Wild and Inside2009#2086379.0.814.810.037  
Alan Baban · David Malitz · Doug Mosurock · Judy Berman · Michael Krugman · Nathan Hogan · Talya Cooper
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.1943Total Control · Henge Beat  (2011)
.1672Apache Dropout · Apache Dropout  (2011)
.1223Kurt Vile · Childish Prodigy  (2009)
.1212Comet Gain · Howl of the Lonely Crowd  (2011)
.1212Comet Gain · Paperback Ghosts  (2014)
.1072Group Bombino · Guitars From Agadez, Vol 2  (2009)
.1072Kurt Vile · God Is Saying This to You?  (2009)
.1072Meg Baird · Seasons on Earth  (2011)
.1072Ultimate Painting · Ultimate Painting  (2014)
.0553Bill Callahan · Apocalypse  (2011)
.0462Real Estate · Real Estate  (2009)
.0442Pissed Jeans · King of Jeans  (2009)
.0352Sharon Van Etten · Epic  (2010)
.0323Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds · Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!  (2008)
.0302No Age · Everything in Between  (2010)
.0232Tim Hecker · Ravedeath, 1972  (2011)
.0212Real Estate · Days  (2011)
Eat Skull · Sick to Death2008#443202      
Mike McGonigal · Mike Rowell
Similar Albums
.3332Wooden Shjips · Wooden Shjips  (2008)
Eat Skull · "Cooking a Way to Be Happy"2009#58510 
Raymond Cummings
Eat Skull · "Heaven's Stranger"2009#58510 
Marc Masters
Eat Skull · "Stick to the Formula"2009#58510 
Chris DeVille
Eat Skull · "Dead Families"2008#45010 
Doug Mosurak
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