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Purling Hiss
2016#505 of 2370
2014#284 of 2567
2011#2052 of 2725
2010#739 of 2582
2009#1118 of 2591
Purling Hiss · High Bias2016#480172      
Brent Baldwin · Jennifer Kelly
Similar Albums
.0702Jay Reatard · Matador Singles '08  (2008)
Purling Hiss · Weirdon2014#282353      
Brent Baldwin · John Hendrickson · Pat Padua
Purling Hiss · Hissteria2010#656162      
Grant Purdum · Steve Knopper
Purling Hiss · Purling Hiss2009#960101      
Doug Mosurock
Purling Hiss · "Follow You Around"2016#47910 
Brent Baldwin
Purling Hiss · "Forcefield of Solitude"2014#55810 
Marc Masters
Purling Hiss · "Learning Slowly"2014#55810 
Pat Padua
Purling Hiss · "Six Ways to Sunday"2014#55810 
Phil Dellio
Purling Hiss · "Run From the City (Daytrotter Session)"2011#62710 
Michael Krugman
Similar Artists
.2403Joshua Abrams
.1672City Yelps
.1672Jason Urick
.1623Dick Diver
.1402Mi Ami
.1374Fresh & Onlys
.1264Sleaford Mods
.1225Steve Gunn
.1223Eat Skull
.1223Ultimate Painting
.1212Apache Dropout
.1072Avey Tare
.1072Honey Radar
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.0952Watery Love
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