This is a statistical index to the Village Voice Pazz & Jop music critics poll, generated in the process of its tabulation for the last few years.
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#2014 SongsVotes%Singularity
 The #1s · "Heartsmash"1.002 
 The #1s · "Sharon Shouldn't"1.002 
 100s · "Ten Freaky Hoes"2.004 
 14th Floor · "Roya"1.002 
 18+ · "Crow Ft. C Powers"1.002 
 The 1975 · "Chocolate"3.006 
 The 1975 · "Settle Down"1.002 
 2 Is 8 · "Lone"1.002 
 50 Cent · "Hold On"1.002 
 5 Seconds of Summer · "She Looks So Perfect"5.011.800
 5th Ward Weebie · "Let Me Find Out"1.002 
 Abigail Breslin · "You Suck"1.002 
 The Abigails · "Medication"1.002 
 A Black Day · "Letter for the Non-Believer"1.002 
 Ab-Soul · "These Days"1.002 
 Abu Ashley · "Asmaa"1.002 
 AC/DC · "Play Ball"1.002 
 AC/DC · "Rock or Bust"1.002 
 Action Bronson · "Easy Rider"3.006 
 Actress · "Forgiven"1.002 
 Actress · "Skyline"1.002 
 Adonia · "Ganja Farmer"1.002 
 Adrian Marcel (ft. Sage the Gemini) · "2AM"4.008 
 Adrian Marcel (ft. Sage the Gemini, Problem) · "2AM (Young California Remix)"1.002 
 Adult Jazz · "Spook"1.002 
 Adult Swim · "Too Many Cooks"2.004 
 Afghan Whigs · "It Kills"1.002 
 Against Me! · "Black Me Out"4.008 
 Against Me! · "FUCKMYLIFE666"1.002 
 Against Me! · "Transgender Dysphoria Blues"13.027.846
 Against Me! · "True Trans Soul Rebel"7.015.333
 Against Me! · "Unconditional Love"1.002 
 Agalloch · "The Astral Dialogue"1.002 
 A.G. Cook · "Beautiful"5.0111.000
 A.G. Cook (ft. Hannah Diamond) · "Keri Baby"3.006 
 Ages and Ages · "Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)"2.004 
 A Great Big World (ft. Christina Aguilera) · "Say Something"2.004 
 Ai Aso · "Date"1.002 
 Airhead · "Shirin"1.002 
 Alacranes Musical · "Zapateado Encabronado #3"1.002 
 Alcest · "L'eveil Des Muses"1.002 
 Alcest · "La Nuit Marche Avec Moi"1.002 
 Alex G · "Harvey"1.002 
 Algebra Blessett · "Nobody but You"1.002 
 Alice Smith · "Shell Shock"1.002 
 Allah-Las · "Better Than Mine"1.002 
 Allah-Las · "Every Girl"1.002 
 Allison Crutchfield · "No One Talks"1.002 
 Allo Darlin' · "Bright Eyes"1.002 
 Allo Darlin' · "Heart-Shaped Necklace"1.002 
 Allo Darlin' · "History Lessons"1.002 
 Aloe Blacc · "I'm the Man"2.004 
 Also · "Ep01"1.002 
 Alt-J · "Left Hand Free"2.004 
 Alt-J · "Warm Foothills"1.002 
 Alvvays · "Archie, Marry Me"26.055.538
 Amen Dunes · "Lilac in Hand"1.002 
 Amen Dunes · "Lonely Richard"2.004 
 Amen Dunes · "Sixteen"1.002 
 American Authors · "Best Day of My Life"1.002 
 Ana Tijoux · "Antipatriarca"1.002 
 Ana Tijoux · "Venga"1.002 
 Ana Tijoux (ft. Shadia Mansour) · "Somos Sur"2.004 
 Anberlin · "Hearing Voices"1.002 
 Ancient Vvisdom · "Chaos Will Reign"1.002 
 Andrew Jackson Jihad · "Temple Grandin"1.002 
 Andy Stott · "Faith in Strangers"2.004 
 Andy Stott · "Violence"1.002 
 Angaleena Presley · "Ain't No Man"1.002 
 Angaleena Presley · "American Middle Class"3.006 
 Angaleena Presley · "Drunk"1.002 
 Angaleena Presley · "Pain Pills"1.002 
 Angela Perley & the Howlin' Moons · "Athens"1.002 
 Angel Olsen · "Forgiven/Forgotten"7.015.286
 Angel Olsen · "Hi-Five"8.017.625
 Angel Olsen · "Lights Out"1.002 
 Angel Olsen · "Stars"2.004 
 Angel Olsen · "Unfucktheworld"5.011.600
 Angel Olsen · "White Fire"2.004 
 Angel Olsen · "Windows"2.004 
 Angélique Kidjo · "M'Baamba (Kenyan Song)"1.002 
 An-I · "Kino-I"1.002 
 Anicon · "A Crown on Every Head"1.002 
 Ani DiFranco · "Happy All the Time"1.002 
 Anita Love · "Keep Knockin'"1.002 
 Antarctigo Vespucci · "Bang!"1.002 
 Antarctigo Vespucci · "Don't Die in Yr Hometown"1.002 
 Antarctigo Vespucci · "I'm Giving Up on U2"1.002 
 Antemasque · "I Got No Remorse"1.002 
 The Antlers · "Parade"1.002 
 Anushka · "Atom Bombs"1.002 
 Aoa · "짧은 치마 (Miniskirt)"1.002 
 Aphex Twin · "Aisatsana"2.004 
 Aphex Twin · "Minipops 67 [120.2][source Field Mix]"4.008 
 Arca · "Thievery"1.002 
 Archeo · "Warsoul (Cleansing Transients)"1.002 
 Archive · "Distorted Angels"1.002 
 Arctic Monkeys · "Do I Wanna Know?"2.004 
 Aretha Franklin · "Rolling in the Deep (Aretha Version)"1.002 
 Ariana Grande (ft. Cashmir Cat) · "Be My Baby"1.002 
 Ariana Grande (ft. Iggy Azalea) · "Problem"21.0441.000
 Ariana Grande (ft. the Weeknd) · "Love Me Harder"12.025.917
 Ariana Grande (ft. Zedd) · "Break Free"9.019.889
 Ariel Pink · "Black Ballerina"1.002 
 Ariel Pink · "Not Enough Violence"1.002 
 Ariel Pink · "Picture Me Gone"3.006 
 Ariel Pink · "Plastic Raincoats in the Pig Parade"1.002 
 Ariel Pink · "Put Your Number in My Phone"7.015.714
 Ariel Pink · "White Freckles"2.004 
 Ark Life · "The Dream of You and Me"1.002 
 Armand Schaubroeck Steals · "God Made the Blues to Kill Me"1.002 
 Ásgeir · "Was There Nothing?"1.002 
 A Sound of Thunder · "Udoroth"1.002 
 A Sunny Day in Glasgow · "In Love With Useless (the Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)"3.006 
 A Sunny Day in Glasgow · "Oh, I'm a Wrecker (What to Say to Crazy People)"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "Bitter"1.002 
 Atmosphere · "Flicker"1.002 
 A-Trak · "Push Feat. Andrew Wyatt"1.002 
 The Audreys · "Come on Back to Bed"1.002 
 Augie March · "Definitive History"1.002 
 Augustines · "Nothing to Lose but Your Head"1.002 
 Ava Luna · "Sears Roebuck M&Ms"1.002 
 Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks · "Little Fang"2.004 
 Avicii · "Hey Brother"1.002 
 Avril Lavigne · "Hello Kitty"1.002 
 Azealia Banks · "Chasing Time"3.006 
 Azealia Banks · "Heavy Metal and Reflective"1.002 
 Azealia Banks · "Idle Delilah"3.006 
 Azealia Banks · "JFK (Featuring Theophilus London)"1.002 
 Azealia Banks (ft. Ariel Pink) · "Nude Beach a Go-Go"1.002 
 Azekel · "New Romance"1.002 
 Babes · "Atmo"1.002 
 BadBadNotGood · "Kaleidoscope"1.002 
 Bahamas · "Waves"1.002 
 Ballet School · "Cherish"2.004 
 Banks · "Beggin' for Thread"2.004 
 Banks · "Drowning"1.002 
 Banks · "This Is What It Feels Like"1.002 
 Banks · "Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)"1.002 
 Banoffee · "Let's Go to the Beach"1.002 
 The Barr Brothers · "Even the Darkness Has Arms"1.002 
 Basement Jaxx · "Unicorn"1.002 
 Basia Bulat · "It Can't Be You"1.002 
 Bass Drum of Death · "Sin Is in 10"1.002 
 Bastille · "Bad News"1.002 
 Bastille · "Pompeii"7.015 
 Baxter Dury · "Pleasure"1.002 
 Bayonets · "Crash Boom Bang!"1.002 
 Beach Slang · "American Girls & French Kisses"1.002 
 Bear Hands · "Giants"1.002 
 Beastie Boys · "Do the Jerry Lewis"1.002 
 Beatking · "Keep It G Real"1.002 
 Beatrice Eli · "Girls"1.002 
 Bebel Gilberto · "Harvest Moon"1.002 
 Bebe Rexha · "I Can't Stop Drinking About You"2.004 
 Beck · "Blue Moon"5.011.400
 Beck · "Don't Let It Go"1.002 
 Beck · "Morning"2.004 
 Beck · "Say Goodbye"3.006 
 Beck · "Turn Away"1.002 
 Beck · "Waking Light"2.004 
 Beck · "Wave"1.002 
 Becky G · "Shower"4.008 
 Becky Hill · "Losing"1.002 
 Behemoth · "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"1.002 
 Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn · "Whatcha Gonna Do"1.002 
 Belafonte Sensacional · "Lejos Del Amor"1.002 
 Belle and Sebastian · "Nobody's Empire"1.002 
 Belle and Sebastian · "The Party Line"3.006 
 Belle Brigade · "Ashes"1.002 
 Belle Brigade · "When Everything Was What It Was"2.004 
 Ben Frost · "Nolan"1.002 
 Ben Frost · "Venter"1.002 
 Ben Harper and Ellen Harper · "A House Is a Home"1.002 
 Benjamin Booker · "Have You Seen My Son?"1.002 
 Benjamin Booker · "Spoon Out My Eyeballs"1.002 
 Benjamin Booker · "Violent Shiver"4.008 
 Benjamin Shaw · "You and Me"1.002 
 Ben Khan · "Youth"1.002 
 Benton · "The Calling"1.002 
 Ben Watt · "Forget"1.002 
 Ben Watt · "Spring"1.002 
 Bet · "Tinashe Featuring Devonté Hynes"1.002 
 Betty Who · "Heartbreak Dream"1.002 
 Betty Who · "Runaways"2.004 
 Beverly · "Honey Do"2.004 
 Beyoncé · "7/11"6.013.833
 Beyoncé · "Partition"10.021.833
 Beyoncé · "Ring Off"1.002 
 Beyoncé · "Xo"15.032.750
 Beyoncé (ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) · "***Flawless"36.076.846
 Beyoncé (ft. Jay-Z) · "Drunk in Love"25.053.864
 Beyoncé (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "***Flawless (Remix)"17.036.824
 Bflecha · "B33"2.004 
 Big & Rich (ft. Tim McGraw) · "Lovin' Lately"1.002 
 Big Data (ft. Joywave) · "Dangerous"3.006 
 Big Data (ft. White Sea) · "The Business of Emotion"1.002 
 Big Freedia · "Explode"2.004 
 Big Friendlies · "Late Nineties"1.002 
 Big KRIT · "Cadillactica"2.004 
 Big KRIT · "Saturdays = Celebration [Feat. Jamie N Commons]"2.004 
 Big KRIT · "Soul Food"1.002 
 Big Sean (ft. E-40) · "I Don't Fuck With You"4.008 
 Big Zit · "Electric Zit Volume One"1.002 
 Big Zit · "Goin' Blind"1.002 
 Bilal · "Sirens II"1.002 
 Bill Frisell and James McNew · "Dark Star, 10/5/14 Town Hall, Seattle, WA"1.002 
 Billy Joe Shaver · "Hard to Be an Outlaw"1.002 
 Billy "Soul" Bonds · "Cat Daddy"1.002 
 Bing & Ruth · "The Towns We Love Is Our Town"1.002 
 Bio Ritmo · "La Via"1.002 
 BiS · "STUPiG"6.0131.000
 Bishop Allen · "Start Again"1.002 
 Black Bananas · "Give It to Me"3.006 
 Black Keys · "Fever"4.008 
 Black Keys · "Gotta Get Away"2.004 
 Black Keys · "Turn Blue"1.002 
 Black Love · "Bestiality Awareness Day"1.002 
 Black Masala · "Bhangra V"1.002 
 Black Milk & Bun B · "Gold Piece"1.002 
 Blackrune · "The Freakout Between Athens & Delphi"1.002 
 Blake Mills and Fiona Apple · "Don't Tell Our Friends About Me"2.004 
 Blake Shelton · "Neon Night"1.002 
 Blank Realm · "Falling Down the Stairs"2.004 
 The Bleachers · "I Wanna Get Better"10.021.600
 The Bleachers · "Rollercoaster"2.004 
 The Bleachers · "Shadow"1.002 
 Bleeding Rainbow · "Time and Place"1.002 
 Bloom · "The Menagerie"1.002 
 Blueprint · "Perspective"1.002 
 Blut Aus Nord · "Paien"1.002 
 B.o.B · "John Doe"1.002 
 Bobby Bare Jr. · "My Baby Took My Baby Away"1.002 
 Bobby Shmurda · "Hot Boy"1.002 
 Bobby Shmurda · "Hot Nigga"9.0191.000
 Bob Dylan · "Things We Said Today"1.002 
 Bob Mould · "I Don't Know You Anymore"5.011.800
 Bob Seger · "Detroit Made"1.002 
 Bob Wayne (ft. Elizabeth Cook) · "20 Miles to Juarez"1.002 
 Boddhi Satva · "Flawless"1.002 
 Bodhi Vs George the Poet · "My City"1.002 
 Bo Dollis Jr. and the Wild Magnolias · "We Come to Rumble"1.002 
 Body Count · "Talk Shit, Get Shot"1.002 
 Bok Bok (ft. Kelela) · "Melba's Call"1.002 
 Bolzer · "Soma EP"1.002 
 Bolzer · "Steppes"1.002 
 Bonsai · "I Fashion You're a Dreamer"1.002 
 Boosie Badazz · "Crazy"1.002 
 The Both · "Milwaukee"3.006 
 The Both · "No Sir"1.002 
 The Both · "Volunteers of America"1.002 
 Boy · "Railway (Daniele Di Martino Edit)"1.002 
 Boyz II Men · "Yes Yes Yes (Pretzel Buns Song)"1.002 
 Brain F≠ · "Empty Set"1.002 
 Brandi Carlile · "The Eye"1.002 
 Brantley Gilbert · "Bottoms Up"5.0111.000
 Breakout · "True Crime"1.002 
 Breathe Carolina · "Bang It Out"1.002 
 Breathe Carolina · "Mistakes"1.002 
 Bring Me the Horizon · "Drown"1.002 
 Brody Dalle · "Don't Mess With Me"1.002 
 Brody Dalle · "Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy"1.002 
 Brogan Bentley · "Goodbye"1.002 
 Broken Bells · "After the Disco"1.002 
 Broken Bells · "Holding on for Life"3.006 
 Broken Bells · "Leave It Alone"1.002 
 Broncho · "Class Historian"3.006 
 Broncho · "Stay Loose"1.002 
 Broods · "Mother & Father"1.002 
 Bruce · "Not Stochastic"2.004 
 Bruce Springsteen · "41 Shots"1.002 
 Bruce Springsteen · "American Skin"1.002 
 Bruce Springsteen · "The Wall"1.002 
 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band · "Frankie Fell in Love"2.004 
 Bruce Springsteen w/Tom Morello · "The Ghost of Tom Joad"1.002 
 Bruiser Queen · "On the Radio"1.002 
 Bruiser Queen · "Some Girl's Ghost"1.002 
 Bryan Eubanks · "Enclosed Space Phenomena"1.002 
 Bryan Ferry · "Loop de Li"1.002 
 Bts · "Danger"1.002 
 Bts · "상남자 (Boy in Luv)"1.002 
 Bts · "하루만 (Just One Day)"1.002 
 Buck 65 · "Heart of Stone"1.002 
 Buck 65 · "Super Pretty Naughty"1.002 
 The Bug Vs Earth · "Boa"3.006 
 Bullet and Snowfox · "The Heart"1.002 
 Bully · "Milkman"3.006 
 Bunji Garlin · "Truck on D Road"1.002 
 Buscabulla · "Caer"1.002 
 Cadbury Sisters · "Milk"1.002 
 Caleb Johnson · "As Long As You Love Me"1.002 
 Calibre 50 · "El Inmigrante"1.002 
 California X · "Nights in the Dark"1.002 
 Calle 13 · "El Aquante"1.002 
 Calle 13 · "Multi_Viral"2.004 
 Calvin Harris · "Summer"1.002 
 Cam'ron & A-Trak · "Dipshits"1.002 
 Camden Arc · "I Don't Want to Fall in Love"1.002 
 Cameron Carpenter · "Music for an Imaginary Film"1.002 
 Candy Hearts · "All the Ways You Let Me Down"1.002 
 Capital Cities · "Farrah Fawcett Hair"1.002 
 The Caribbean · "Imitation Air"1.002 
 Caribou · "Can't Do Without You"25.053.600
 Caribou · "Our Love"1.002 
 Caribou · "Second Chance"1.002 
 Caribou · "Silver"2.004 
 Caribou · "Your Love Will Set You Free (C2's Set U Free RMX)"1.002 
 Carrie Underwood · "Something in the Water"2.004 
 Caution Children · "Pslams"1.002 
 Cayetana · "Hot Dad Calendar"2.004 
 C Duncan · "For"1.002 
 Centro-Matic · "Every Mission"1.002 
 Ceo · "Whorehouse"2.004 
 CFCF · "Oil"1.002 
 Chain and the Gang · "Devitalize"1.002 
 Chain and the Gang · "I'm a Choice (Not a Child)"1.002 
 The Chain Gang of 1974 · "Miko"1.002 
 Chainsmokers · "#Selfie"3.006 
 Chainsmokers · "Style"1.002 
 Chappo · "I Don't Need the Sun"1.002 
 Charles Barabes · "Insultes (Hommages a John Cage)"1.002 
 Charli XCX · "Boom Clap"38.080.868
 Charli XCX · "Break the Rules"5.011.400
 Charli XCX · "London Queen"2.004 
 Charli XCX · "Need Ur Luv"2.004 
 Charli XCX · "Sucker"2.004 
 Chauncy Crandall · "The Breakdown"1.002 
 Cheap Girls · "Slow Nod"1.002 
 Cheap Star · "Rosetta Stone EP"1.002 
 Cheatahs · "Mission Creep"1.002 
 Chela · "Handful of Gold"1.002 
 The Chemical Brothers (ft. Miguel) · "This Is Not a Game"1.002 
 Chemotex · "Schrade Knives"1.002 
 Cherry Glazerr · "Grilled Cheese"1.002 
 Cherry Glazerr · "Haxel Princess"1.002 
 Chet Faker · "Release Your Problems"1.002 
 Chief Keef · "Make It Count"1.002 
 Chief Keef · "Shooters"1.002 
 Chief Keef · "Sosa Style"1.002 
 Chief Keef · "Wait"1.002 
 Childbirth · "I Only Fucked You As a Joke"4.008 
 Chiodos · "Under Your Halo"1.002 
 Chloe Howl · "Rumour"1.002 
 Chris Brown (ft. Lil Wayne and French Montana) · "Loyal"1.002 
 Chris Brown (ft. Usher and Rick Ross) · "New Flame"4.008 
 Chris Butler · "Easy Life"1.002 
 Chris Forsyth · "I Ain't Waiting"1.002 
 Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band · "Intensity Ghost"1.002 
 Chrissie Hynde · "Dark Sunglasses"1.002 
 Chrissie Hynde · "Down the Wrong Way"1.002 
 Chrissie Hynde · "You or No One"1.002 
 Christine and the Queens · "Saint Claude"1.002 
 Christopher Denny · "God's Height"1.002 
 Christopher Owens · "Nothing More Than Everything to Me"1.002 
 Chromeo · "Come Alive"1.002 
 Chromeo · "Jealous (I Ain't With It)"2.004 
 Chromeo · "Old 45s"1.002 
 Chronixx · "Here Comes Trouble"2.004 
 Chumped · "Old and Tired"1.002 
 Chumped · "Something About Geography"1.002 
 Chvrches · "Dead Air"1.002 
 Circulatory System · "Stars and Molecules"1.002 
 Clark · "Superscope"1.002 
 Clark · "Unfurla"1.002 
 Classixx · "A Stranger Love"1.002 
 Clean Bandit (ft. Jess Glynne) · "Rather Be"13.0271.000
 Clean Bandit (ft. Jess Glynne) · "Rather Be (the Magician Remix)"1.002 
 Clipping. · "Dominoes"1.002 
 Close Lobsters · "New York City in Space"1.002 
 Cloud Nothings · "Here and Nowhere Else"1.002 
 Cloud Nothings · "I'm Not Part of Me"15.032.533
 Cloud Nothings · "Psychic Trauma"1.002 
 Coathangers · "Follow Me"1.002 
 Cocksure · "Klusterfuck Kulture"1.002 
 Cocksure · "Skeemy Gates"1.002 
 Cold Beat · "Fatal Bond"1.002 
 Cold Beat · "Rain"1.002 
 Coldplay · "A Sky Full of Stars"5.0111.000
 Coldplay · "Magic"5.0111.000
 Cold Specks · "Absisto"1.002 
 Cold Specks · "Bodies at Bay"1.002 
 Cold War Kids · "All This Could Be Yours"1.002 
 Cold War Kids · "First"1.002 
 Cold World · "Real Deal"1.002 
 Colleagues · "Tears"1.002 
 Common · "Kingdom"1.002 
 Common · "Rewind That"1.002 
 Common (ft. Big Sean) · "Diamonds"1.002 
 Communions · "So Long Sun"1.002 
 Connections · "Aylia"1.002 
 Container · "Adhesive"1.002 
 Coolies · "God Take Me"1.002 
 Cory Branan · "No-Hit Wonder"1.002 
 Cottage Jefferson · "Trapper Keeper"1.002 
 Couch Slut · "Lust Chamber"1.002 
 Courtney Barnett · "Avant Gardener"21.044.889
 Courtney Barnett · "Canned Tomatoes (Whole)"1.002 
 Courtney Barnett · "History Eraser"2.004 
 Courtney Barnett · "Lance Jr."1.002 
 Courtney Love · "Wedding Day"1.002 
 Courtney Love · "You Know My Name"1.002 
 Courtneys · "Lost Boys"1.002 
 Coves · "Beatings"1.002 
 Craig Finn · "Sweetheart Like You"1.002 
 Crayon Pop · "Uh-ee"2.004 
 Crimson Wave · "Calling You"1.002 
 Crimson Wave · "Say"1.002 
 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young · "Pushed It Over the End"1.002 
 Curtis Harding · "Cruel World"1.002 
 Curtis Seals / Christian D'Orbit · "Split 7"1.002 
 Cymbals · "Erosion"1.002 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · "Chambers"2.004 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · "Jackson"2.004 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · "Warning"1.002 
 Cyril Hahn · "Slow Featuring Rochelle Jordan"1.002 
 D'Angelo · "1000 Deaths"4.008 
 D'Angelo · "Ain't That Easy"1.002 
 D'Angelo · "Another Life"2.004 
 D'Angelo · "Back to the Future, Pt. 1"1.002 
 D'Angelo · "The Charade"7.015.429
 D'Angelo · "Really Love"4.008 
 D'Angelo · "Sugah Daddy"11.023.364
 D'Angelo · "Till It's Done (Tutu)"1.002 
 Damien Jurado · "Silver Timothy"3.006 
 Damon Albarn · "Everyday Robots"2.004 
 Damon Albarn · "Mister Tembo"1.002 
 Damon Albarn (ft. Brian Eno) · "Heavy Seas of Love"1.002 
 Dan'l Boone · "Mindface"1.002 
 Danish String Quartet · "Sønderho Bridal Trilogy"1.002 
 Danity Kane With Tyga · "Lemonade"1.002 
 Danny Brown · "Smokin & Drinkin"1.002 
 Danny Brown (ft. Purity Ring) · "25 Bucks"1.002 
 Danny L Harle · "In My Dreams"1.002 
 Darkside · "Gone Too Soon"1.002 
 Darlia · "Dear Diary"1.002 
 Darlia · "Queen of Hearts"1.002 
 Dasher · "Go Rambo"1.002 
 David Bowie · "'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore"1.002 
 David Bowie · "Sue"1.002 
 David Bowie With the Maria Schnieder Jazz Orchestra · "Sue (or in a Season of Crime)"2.004 
 David Gray · "Birds of the High Arctic"1.002 
 Davido (ft. Mafikizolo) · "Tchelete (Good Life)"2.004 
 D. Charles Speer & the Double Helix · "Mandorla at Dawn"1.002 
 Dead Horse One · "Hopper"1.002 
 Dead Leaf Echo · "True Deep Sleeper EP"1.002 
 Deafheaven · "From the Kettle Onto the Coil"2.004 
 Deaf Wish · "St. Vincent's"1.002 
 Dean Blunt · "100"2.004 
 Dean Blunt · "Grade"1.002 
 Dean Blunt · "Mersh"1.002 
 Death · "We're Gonna Make It"1.002 
 Death Domian · "11q Deletion Disorder"1.002 
 Death Vessel · "Ilsa Drown"1.002 
 Debra Cowan and John Roberts · "Wintergrace"1.002 
 The Decemberists · "Lake Song"1.002 
 Deep State · "Tittyboyz"1.002 
 Deerhoof · "Last Fad"1.002 
 Deerhoof · "Paradise Girls"1.002 
 Deers · "Bamboo"1.002 
 Dej Loaf · "Try Me"19.040.842
 De la Soul (ft. Chuck D) · "The People"1.002 
 Delta Spirit · "Push It"1.002 
 Dempagumi.Inc · "Sakura Appareishon"1.002 
 Denaji · "Wuhti (DJ Sotofett's Bhakti Crew Mix) [Ft. Paleo Logos]"1.002 
 The Derevolutions · "Now You Know My Name"1.002 
 Destruction Unit · "Dust"1.002 
 Destruction Unit · "Feed the Dogs"1.002 
 Devereaux · "Azúcar"1.002 
 Devereaux · "Ponytail"1.002 
 Devon Allman · "Midnight Lake Michigan"1.002 
 Dhafer Youssef · "Blending Souls & Shades"1.002 
 Die Antwoord · "Cookie Thumper"1.002 
 Die Antwoord · "Strunk"1.002 
 Dierks Bentley · "Bourbon in Kentucky"1.002 
 Dierks Bentley · "Drunk on a Plane"9.019.889
 Dierks Bentley · "I Hold On"2.004 
 Die Schacht · "Finsternis"1.002 
 Dilly Dally · "Green"1.002 
 Dirty Loops · "Hit Me"2.004 
 Disclosure (ft. Mary J. Blige) · "F for You (Remix)"1.002 
 Disclosure (ft. Sam Smith) · "Latch"5.0111.000
 The Districts · "Rocking Chair"1.002 
 DJ Carnage (ft. Migos) · "Bricks"2.004 
 DJ Dodger Stadium · "Friend of Mine"1.002 
 DJ Dodger Stadium · "Love Songs"1.002 
 DJ Mustard · "4 Digits"1.002 
 DJ Mustard · "Down on Me"1.002 
 DJ Quik · "Broken Down Ft. Suga Free & Tweed Cadillac"1.002 
 DJ Quik · "Pet Sematary"2.004 
 DJ Rashad · "We on 1"1.002 
 DJ Slugo · "Ghetto"1.002 
 DJ Snake (ft. Lil Jon) · "Turn Down for What"36.0761.000
 Dog Day · "Before Us"1.002 
 Dominique Young Unique · "Throw It Down"1.002 
 Donato Dozzy · "Terzo Giorno"1.002 
 Donnie & Joe Emerson · "Ride the Tide"1.002 
 Donnie McClurkin · "We Are Victorious"1.002 
 Doom Asylum · "Don't Go Outside at Night"1.002 
 Dopplereffekt · "Delta Wave"1.002 
 Doss · "The Way I Feel"1.002 
 The Doughboys · "The Tears of a Clown"1.002 
 Doug Paisley · "Radio Girl"2.004 
 Doug Paisley & Bonnie Prince Billy · "Until I Find You"1.002 
 Doug Seegers · "Going Down to the River"1.002 
 DoWrong & Eric Dingus · "Worry Bout Me"1.002 
 Drake · "0 to 100/The Catch Up"21.0441.000
 Drake · "6 God"1.002 
 Drake · "Trophies (Remix) Ft. Migos"1.002 
 Drake · "We Made It"3.006 
 Drake (ft. Soulja Boy) · "We Made It Freestyle"1.002 
 D.R.A.M. · "Cha Cha"1.002 
 Dream Boat · "The Rose Explodes"1.002 
 Dreamers · "Wolves"1.002 
 Dreamtrak · "Odyssey, Pt. 2 (A.G. Cook Remix)"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Grand Canyon"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Made Up English Oceans"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Pauline Hawkins"1.002 
 Drive-By Truckers · "Shit Shots Count"1.002 
 Dr. Manhattan · "Dance the Vibes Away"1.002 
 Dr. SID (ft. Don Jazzy) · "Surulere"1.002 
 The Druids · "The Farmer's Three Sons"1.002 
 Drums · "I Can't Pretend"1.002 
 Dub Thompson · "No Time"1.002 
 Duck Sauce · "Nrg"1.002 
 Duke Dumont · "Won't Look Back"1.002 
 Duke Dumont (ft. Jax Jones) · "I Got U"4.008 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Are You Okay?"1.002 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Cult of Love"1.002 
 Dum Dum Girls · "In the Wake of You"1.002 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Lost Boys and Girls Club"2.004 
 Dum Dum Girls · "Rimbaud Eyes"1.002 
 Dutch E Germ · "Nam Nami"1.002 
 DVA · "Zoppe"1.002 
 DZ Deathrays · "Gina Works at Hearts"1.002 
 E-40 · "Choices"1.002 
 Eagulls · "Possessed"1.002 
 Earth Girls · "Wrong Side of History"1.002 
 East India Youth · "Heaven, How Long"1.002 
 Echosmith · "Cool Kids"3.006 
 Eden the Cat · "Ghost"1.002 
 Edie Brickell and Paul Simon · "Like to Get to Know You"1.002 
 Ed Sheeran · "Don't"3.006 
 Ed Sheeran · "Sing"3.006 
 Ed Sheeran · "Sing (Trippy Turtle Remix)"1.002 
 Eels · "Mistakes of My Youth"1.002 
 Efdemin · "Parallaxis (Traumprinz's Over 2 the End Version)"1.002 
 Ekman · "Acid7 (Vereker Remix)"1.002 
 Elbow · "Charge"1.002 
 Elbow · "New York Morning"3.006 
 Electric Wire Hustle · "Look in the Sky"1.002 
 Electric Wizard · "Time to Die"1.002 
 Elisa Ambrogio · "Superstitious"1.002 
 Ella Eyre · "Comeback"1.002 
 Ella Henderson · "Ghost"2.004 
 Elle Varner · "Don't Wanna Dance"3.006 
 Ellie Goulding · "Beating Heart"1.002 
 Elliphant (ft. MØ) · "One More"1.002 
 Elín Helena · "Raunsæ Rómantík"1.002 
 EMA · "3jane"2.004 
 EMA · "Neuromancer"1.002 
 EMA · "Satellites"3.006 
 EMA · "So Blonde"6.013.667
 Eminem · "Rap God"1.002 
 Empires · "Hostage"1.002 
 Eno/Hyde · "Daddy's Car"5.011.800
 Eno/Hyde · "Return"1.002 
 Eric Church · "Cold One"3.006 
 Eric Church · "Give Me Back My Hometown"9.019.556
 Eric Church · "Talladega"1.002 
 Eternal Summers · "Gouge"1.002 
 Every Time I Die · "Decayin' With the Boys"1.002 
 Ex · "How Thick You Think"1.002 
 Excepter · "Maids"1.002 
 Ex Hex · "Don't Wanna Lose"8.017.625
 Ex Hex · "Everywhere"1.002 
 Ex Hex · "Hot and Cold"5.011 
 Ex Hex · "How You Got That Girl"1.002 
 Ex Hex · "Waste Your Time"2.004 
 Ex Hex · "Waterfall"3.006 
 Eyehategod · "Parish Motel Sickness"1.002 
 Fabolous · "Cuffin' Season"2.004 
 Fa Bonx · "49 Stick"1.002 
 Factory Floor · "How You Say"1.002 
 Fadensonnen · "Machete"1.002 
 Failed States · "Life of Leisure"1.002 
 Fair Maiden · "Lady of Fortune"1.002 
 Faith No More · "Motherfucker"3.006 
 Fall Out Boy · "American Beauty / American Psycho"1.002 
 Fall Out Boy · "Centuries"1.002 
 Fall Out Boy · "The Kids Aren't All Right"1.002 
 Falls · "Please"1.002 
 Fancy Colors · "Love Is Easy"1.002 
 Father (ft. iLoveMakonnen) · "Nokia"1.002 
 Father (ft. ILoveMakonnen and Key!) · "Look at Wrist"3.006 
 Father John Misty · "Bored in the USA"6.0131.000
 Fatima · "Ridin Round"1.002 
 Fatima Al Qadiri · "The Star Spangled Banner"1.002 
 Fat Tony · "No More"1.002 
 The Fat White Family · "Touch the Leather"1.002 
 Fear of Me · "Vitrine"1.002 
 Federal Reserve · "Dipshits (Feat. Juelz Santana & Dame Dash)"1.002 
 Feist · "1234"1.002 
 Fetty Wap · "Trap Queen"4.008 
 Field Report · "Home (Leave the Lights On)"1.002 
 Fifth Harmony · "Sledgehammer"1.002 
 First Aid Kit · "Cedar Lane"1.002 
 First Aid Kit · "Master Pretender"2.004 
 First Aid Kit · "My Silver Lining"3.006 
 First Aid Kit · "Shattered & Hollow"1.002 
 First Aid Kit · "Walk Unafraid"1.002 
 FKA Twigs · "Lights On"2.004 
 FKA Twigs · "Numbers"1.002 
 FKA Twigs · "Pendulum"7.015.571
 FKA Twigs · "Two Weeks"60.127.517
 FKA Twigs · "Video Girl"2.004 
 The Flight of Sleipnir · "Beacon in Black Horizon"1.002 
 Floating Action · "Earth Shackles"1.002 
 Florian Kupfer · "Head"1.002 
 Flo Rida · "Gdfr"1.002 
 Florida Georgia Line · "Dirt"3.006 
 Flosstradamus (ft. Casino) · "Mosh Pit"1.002 
 Flying Lotus · "Coronus, the Terminator"3.006 
 Flying Lotus (ft. Angel Deradoorian) · "Siren Song"1.002 
 Flying Lotus (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Never Catch Me"35.074.657
 Fly Wheels · "Let Me Take You Down"1.002 
 Flyying Colours (AUS Band) · "Not Today"1.002 
 Fly Young Red · "Throw That Boy Pussy"1.002 
 Fold · "Blinding Light"1.002 
 Foo Fighters · "I Am a River"1.002 
 Foo Fighters · "Something From Nothing"2.004 
 Forma · "Cloud Pillar"1.002 
 Foster the People · "Coming of Age"3.006 
 Foxes in Fiction · "Shadow's Song"1.002 
 Foxygen · "How Can You Really"5.0111.000
 Francis Harris · "You Can Always Leave"1.002 
 Frankie Cosmos · "Buses Splash With Rain"1.002 
 Frankie Teardrop · "100%"1.002 
 Frankmusik · "Stabilizher"1.002 
 Frank Turner · "The Corner"1.002 
 Frau · "Punk Is My Boyfriend"1.002 
 Freddie Gibbs · "Deeper"1.002 
 Freddie Gibbs & Madlib · "High"3.006 
 Freddie Steady Krc · "Gulf Coast Blues"1.002 
 Freeman · "More Than the World"1.002 
 Freeze Puppy · "Katama Bay"1.002 
 From Indian Lakes · "Sleeping Limbs"1.002 
 Frost the Wave God · "Marathon (Instrumental)"1.002 
 Fucked Up · "Glass Boys"1.002 
 Future · "Blood, Sweat, Tears"1.002 
 Future · "Honest"2.004 
 Future · "Look Ahead"2.004 
 Future Brown · "Wanna Party (Remix Feat. Tink & 3d Na'Tee)"2.004 
 Future (ft. Andre 3000) · "Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)"4.008 
 Future (ft. Pharrell, Pusha T and Casino) · "Move That Dope"28.059.857
 Future (ft. Young Scooter) · "Special"1.002 
 Future Islands · "Seasons (Waiting on You)"75.158.813
 Future, Kanye West · "I Won"1.002 
 F(x) · "Red Light"2.004 
 Gabi · "Koo Koo"1.002 
 Ga-In · "FxxK U"1.002 
 Galcher Lustwerk · "I Neva Seen"1.002 
 Gallon Drunk · "Before the Fire"1.002 
 Gang Wizard · "Dog's Share"1.002 
 Gardens & Villa · "Bullet Train"1.002 
 Gavin Russom · "The Purge"1.002 
 Gazelle Twin · "Belly of the Beast"1.002 
 G-Eazy (ft. Remo) · "I Mean It"1.002 
 Gedeon Luke & the People · "Lend Me Your Sunshine"1.002 
 Gem Club · "First Weeks"1.002 
 General Ludd · "Burning Mack"1.002 
 General Ludd · "Woo Ha"1.002 
 Gentlemen Rogues · "Making Love Out of Nothing at All"1.002 
 George Ezra · "Budapest"2.004 
 Gerard Way · "Drugstore Perfume"1.002 
 Gesloten Cirkel · "Submit X"1.002 
 GFOTY · "Don't Wanna/Let's Do It"3.006 
 GFOTY (ft. $Eriou$ Thug$) · "Take a Picture"1.002 
 Ghostface Killah · "Love Don't Live Here"1.002 
 Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger · "Devil You Know"1.002 
 Giorgio Moroder · "Giorgio's Theme"1.002 
 Girl's Day · "Something"1.002 
 Girlpool · "American Beauty"1.002 
 Girlpool · "Blah Blah Blah"1.002 
 Girls' Generation · "Mr. Mr."1.002 
 Girls' Generation TTS · "Holler"1.002 
 Girl Talk & Freeway (ft. Jadakiss) · "I Can Hear Sweat"1.002 
 Girl Talk & Freeway (ft. Waka Flocka Flame) · "Tolerated"1.002 
 Giuda · "Wild Tiger Woman"1.002 
 Glass Animals · "Flip"1.002 
 Glen Campbell · "I'm Not Gonna Miss You"1.002 
 Goat · "Talk to God"1.002 
 Go Home Productions · "My Paperback Sharona"1.002 
 Gold-Bears · "Yeah, Tonight"1.002 
 Good Throb · "7"1.002 
 The Gotobeds · "Fucking Machine"1.002 
 The Gotobeds · "Nys Alright"1.002 
 Grace Weber · "Till I Hurt You"1.002 
 Grady Champion · "On the South Side"1.002 
 Great Good Fine Ok · "Not Going Home"1.002 
 Great Western Plain · "Thom"1.002 
 Great Ytene · "Great Ytene EP"1.002 
 The Green Tambourine Band · "You Are the One That I Love to Love"1.002 
 Gregor Tresher · "Nightcolors (Garnier Without the B Devotions Remix)"1.002 
 Gregory Porter · "Hey Laura"1.002 
 Gregory Porter · "Liquid Spirit"2.004 
 Greys · "Chick Singer"1.002 
 Grimes (ft. Blood Diamonds) · "Go"12.0251.000
 G.R.L. · "Show Me What You Got"1.002 
 G.R.L. · "Ugly Heart"1.002 
 Grouper · "Clearing"2.004 
 Grouper · "Holding"3.006 
 The GTW · "Bleach Pool"1.002 
 Guided by Voices · "Table at Fool's Tooth"1.002 
 G-Unit · "They Talked About Jesus"1.002 
 Guru · "Pooley"1.002 
 GusGus · "Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix)"1.002 
 Haim · "My Song 5"2.004 
 Half Man Half Biscuit · "Old Age Killed My Teen Bride"1.002 
 Hallelujah the Hills · "Do You Have Romantic Courage?"1.002 
 Hallelujah the Hills · "I Stand Corrected"1.002 
 Hallelujah the Hills · "Try This Instead"1.002 
 Hamell on Trial · "Artist in America"1.002 
 Hamilton Leithauser · "11 O'Clock Friday Night"2.004 
 Hamilton Leithauser · "Alexandra"1.002 
 Hamilton Leithauser · "In the Shallows"1.002 
 Hannah Diamond · "Attachment"4.008 
 Hannah Diamond · "Every Night"1.002 
 Hans Zimmer · "Stay"1.002 
 Happyness · "It's on You"1.002 
 Hard Skin · "We Are the Wankers"1.002 
 Hard Working Americans · "Right Side of Town"1.002 
 Have a Nice Life · "Guggenheim Wax Museum"1.002 
 Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? · "Grey Panthers"1.002 
 Hayden Panettiere · "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet"1.002 
 Head and the Heart · "Shake"3.006 
 Helado Negro · "I Krill You"1.002 
 Henry Plotnick · "Wapiti"1.002 
 Herbert · "Pretty Daddy"1.002 
 Hercules and Love Affair (ft. John Grant) · "I Try to Talk to You"3.006 
 Hervé & Zebra Katz · "Tear the House Up"1.002 
 Hiatus Kaiyote · "By Fire"1.002 
 Hidden Cameras · "Doom"1.002 
 Hilary Duff · "All About You"2.004 
 Hiss Golden Messenger · "Mahogany Dread"1.002 
 Hiss Golden Messenger · "Saturday's Song"3.006 
 Hive Dwellers · "Streets of Olympia Town"1.002 
 Hodgson · "Babylon System"2.004 
 Hold Steady · "Almost Everything"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You"1.002 
 Hold Steady · "The Only Thing"2.004 
 Holidays · "Tongue Talk"1.002 
 Holly Herndon · "Chorus"2.004 
 Holly Herndon · "Home"1.002 
 Homeboy Sandman · "Problems"1.002 
 Honeyblood · "Super Rat"1.002 
 Honey Radar · "Say Goodbye Maggie Cole"1.002 
 Hooray for Earth · "Racy"1.002 
 The Horrors · "Jealous Sun"1.002 
 Hospitality · "I Miss Your Bones"4.008 
 Hospitality · "Last Words"2.004 
 The Hotelier · "An Introduction to the Album"2.004 
 Housefire · "Ecstasy of Lemonata"1.002 
 Household · "A New Leaf"2.004 
 Howler · "Don't Wanna"2.004 
 How to Dress Well · "Precious Love"2.004 
 How to Dress Well · "Repeat Pleasure"4.008 
 How to Dress Well · "Repeat Pleasure (A. G. Cook Remix)"2.004 
 How to Dress Well · "What You Wanted"1.002 
 How to Dress Well · "Words I Don't Remember"4.008 
 Hozier · "Take Me to Church"17.036.824
 Hudson Mohawke · "Chimes"3.006 
 Hudson Mohawke (ft. Pusha T, Future, Travi$ Scott, and French Montana) · "Chimes (Rmx)"1.002 
 Hundred Waters · "Murmurs"1.002 
 Hurray for the Riff Raff · "The Body Electric"7.015.714
 Hurray for the Riff Raff · "I Know It's Wrong (but That's Alright)"1.002 
 Hurray for the Riff Raff · "Little Black Star"1.002 
 HyunA · "Red"1.002 
 Iamamiwhoami · "Chasing Kites"1.002 
 Iamamiwhoami · "Vista"1.002 
 IamSu! · "Only That Real"1.002 
 Ian McLagan & Alejandro Escovedo · "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"1.002 
 Iceage · "Against the Moon"1.002 
 Iceage · "The Lord's Favorite"5.011.800
 Idina Menzel · "Let It Go"2.004 
 Iggy Azalea · "Work"1.002 
 Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora · "Black Widow"1.002 
 Iggy Azalea (ft. Charli XCX) · "Fancy"21.044.952
 ILoveMakonnen · "Club Goin' Up on a Tuesday"16.034.688
 ILoveMakonnen · "Club Going Up on a Tuesday (Original Version W/out Drake)"1.002 
 ILoveMakonnen · "Down 4 So Long"1.002 
 ILoveMakonnen (ft. Drake) · "Tuesday"45.095.852
 ILoveMakonnen (ft. Drake) · "Tuesday (Remix)"1.002 
 I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness · "Faust"1.002 
 Indiana · "Solo Dancing"2.004 
 Infinite · "Last Romeo"1.002 
 Inga Copeland · "Advice to Young Girls"1.002 
 Ingrid Michaelson · "Girls Chase Boys"8.0171.000
 In School · "Apochryphal Scum"1.002 
 In School · "Praxis of Hate"1.002 
 Institute · "An Absence"1.002 
 Inter Arma · "The Cavern"1.002 
 Interpol · "All the Rage Back Home"2.004 
 Intuition & Equalibrum · "Dear John"1.002 
 Isaiah Rashad · "Heavenly Father"2.004 
 Isaiah Rashad · "Soliloquy"3.006 
 Isaiah Rashad (ft. SZA) · "West Savannah"1.002 
 Isaiah Rasha (ft. Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q) · "Shot You Down"2.004 
 Islaja · "Shit Hit the Fan"1.002 
 Islander · "The Sadness of Graves"1.002 
 It's a King Thing · "Slug Sound"1.002 
 IU (ft. Kim Chang-wan) · "Meaning of You"1.002 
 Jack J · "Looking Forward to You"1.002 
 Jack J · "Something (on My Mind)"1.002 
 Jackson Browne · "The Birds of St. Marks"1.002 
 Jackson Browne · "Leaving Winslow"1.002 
 Jackson Browne · "Which Side?"1.002 
 Jack White · "High Ball Stepper"1.002 
 Jack White · "Just One Drink"1.002 
 Jack White · "Lazaretto"7.015.286
 Jack White · "Three Women"1.002 
 Jade Starling · "Think About You"1.002 
 Jagged Edge · "Ready"1.002 
 James · "Curse Curse"1.002 
 James Bay · "Let It Go"2.004 
 Jamestown Revival · "California (Cast Iron Soul)"2.004 
 Jamestown Revival · "Fur Coat Blues"1.002 
 Jamie Grace · "Beautiful Day"1.002 
 Jamie xx · "All Under One Roof Raving"1.002 
 Jamie xx · "Sleep Sound"2.004 
 Jane Lee Hooker · "Wade in the Water"1.002 
 Janelle Monae · "Electric Lady"1.002 
 Jane Weaver · "Argent"1.002 
 Jason Derulo · "Marry Me"2.004 
 Jason Derulo · "Talk Dirty"4.008 
 Jason Derulo · "Trumpets"2.004 
 Jason Derulo · "Wiggle"1.002 
 Javiera Mena · "La Joya"3.006 
 Javiera Mena · "Otra Era"1.002 
 Jay Baptiste · "Real Shifters (Get Down) (Feat. Troy Hudson)"1.002 
 Jay-Z (ft. Beyoncé) · "Part II (on the Run)"1.002 
 Jazmine Sullivan · "Dumb"1.002 
 Jazmine Sullivan · "Forever Don't Last"3.006 
 J. Cole · "Be Free"7.015.857
 Jeezy · "Holy Ghost"1.002 
 Jeezy (ft. Boosie) · "Beez Like"1.002 
 Jeff & Susanne Kelly · "I'd Rather Be Filming in Vanda's Room"1.002 
 Jeffrey Lewis · "What Would Pussy Riot Do"1.002 
 Jennifer Lopez · "I Luh Ya Papi"1.002 
 Jennifer Lopez (ft. Iggy Azalea) · "Booty"1.002 
 Jenny Lewis · "Head Underwater"4.008 
 Jenny Lewis · "Just One of the Guys"18.038.667
 Jenny Lewis · "Late Bloomer"1.002 
 Jenny Lewis · "Love U Forever"1.002 
 Jenny Lewis · "She's Not Me"15.032.533
 Jenny Lewis · "The Voyager"5.0111.000
 Jeremih and Shlohmo · "No More"2.004 
 Jeremih (ft. YG) · "Don't Tell 'Em"18.038.944
 Jeremy Jay · "Graveyard Shift"1.002 
 Jeremy Messersmith · "Steve"1.002 
 Jerry Lee Lewis · "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"2.004 
 Jess and the Ancient Ones · "Castaneda"1.002 
 Jesse James · "I Lost My Baby on Facebook"1.002 
 Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas · "Caught Up"1.002 
 Jessica Pratt · "Back, Baby"2.004 
 Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj · "Bang Bang"12.0251.000
 Jessie Ware · "Say You Love Me"2.004 
 Jessie Ware · "Tough Love"12.025.917
 Jezabels · "Look of Love"1.002 
 Jhené Aiko · "The Worst"1.002 
 Jigsaw Seen · "We Women"1.002 
 Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci · "Fresh"1.002 
 J Mascis · "Me Again"1.002 
 Joe · "If You Lose Her"1.002 
 John Cummings · "Here in the South (Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout the Dirty South)"1.002 
 John Fullbright · "When You're Here"2.004 
 John Legend · "All of Me"2.004 
 John Legend · "All of Me - Tiësto's Birthday Remix"1.002 
 John Newman · "Easy"1.002 
 John Newman · "Love Me Again"3.006 
 Johnny Marr · "Easy Money"3.006 
 Jon Langford & Skull Orchard · "Don't Believe"1.002 
 Jon Langford & Skull Orchard · "Drone Operator"2.004 
 Joseph Lamar · "About Love: Concerning the Discrepancies Between Expectations and Reality"1.002 
 Josh Berwanger Band · "Oh Bis!"1.002 
 Josh Wink · "Are You There? (Ben Klock Remix)"1.002 
 Joyce Manor · "Catalina Fight Song"2.004 
 Joyce Manor · "End of the Summer"1.002 
 J. Robbins · "Aviary"1.002 
 The Juan MacLean · "A Place Called Space"2.004 
 The Juan MacLean · "A Simple Design"2.004 
 The Juan MacLean · "I've Waited for So Long"1.002 
 Judy Collins · "One I Love"1.002 
 Julian Casablancas & the Voidz · "Human Sadness"1.002 
 Julian Casablancas & the Voidz · "Where No Eagles Fly"1.002 
 Julia Wolfe (ft. Bang on a Can All-Stars & Trio Mediaeval) · "Some Say"1.002 
 Jungle · "Busy Earnin'"1.002 
 Jungle · "Time"1.002 
 Junglepussy · "Fuck Texting"1.002 
 Justin Timberlake · "Not a Bad Thing"1.002 
 Justin Townes Earle · "Looking for a Place to Land"1.002 
 Juçara Marçal · "Velho Amareto"1.002 
 J-Zone · "Mad Rap"1.002 
 Kacey Musgraves · "Follow Your Arrow"2.004 
 Kacey Musgraves · "Keep It to Yourself"2.004 
 Kaiser Chiefs · "Coming Home"1.002 
 Kakarot Roi V · "Wishes"1.002 
 Kalenna · "Murder"1.002 
 Kanye West · "God Level"1.002 
 Kap G · "La Policia"3.006 
 Karenn · "SHEWORKS006 EP"1.002 
 Karmelloz · "Nasa Boyz"1.002 
 Kassem Mosse · "Untitled B3"1.002 
 Kat Dahlia · "Crazy"1.002 
 Kate Davis · "All About That (Upright) Bass"1.002 
 Kate Nash · "Sister"2.004 
 Kate Tempest · "The Beigeness"1.002 
 Kate Tempest · "Circles"1.002 
 Kate Tempest · "Marshall Law"1.002 
 Kate Voegele · "Just Watch Me"1.002 
 Katniss Everdeen · "The Hanging Tree"1.002 
 Katy B · "5 AM"6.013 
 Katy B · "Crying for No Reason"5.011.600
 Katy Perry · "Birthday"4.008 
 Katy Perry (ft. Juicy J) · "Dark Horse"8.0171.000
 Kaytranada (ft. Shay Lia) · "Leave Me Alone"3.006 
 K Camp · "Money Baby"1.002 
 Keel Her · "Riot Girl"1.002 
 Kehlani · "Fwu"1.002 
 KeithCharles Spacebar (ft. Archibald Slim, GAHM and Stalin Majesty) · "Alone"1.002 
 Keith Urban · "Cop Car"2.004 
 Kelis · "Jerk Ribs"2.004 
 Kelis · "Rumble"1.002 
 Kendal Johansson · "Courtesy Lafs"1.002 
 Kendrick Lamar · "I"51.1081.000
 Kendrick Lamar (ft. Imagine Dragons) · "Radioactive (Remix) (Verse)"1.002 
 Kenny Chesney · "American Kids"1.002 
 Kero Kero Bonito · "Build It Up"1.002 
 Kero Kero Bonito · "Sick Beat"1.002 
 Kevin Drew · "Bullshit Ballad"1.002 
 Kevin Gates · "Movie"2.004 
 Kevin Morby · "Motors Runnin"1.002 
 Key! (ft. ILoveMakonnen) · "I Understand"2.004 
 Kidz Bop · "Wrecking Ball"1.002 
 Kiesza · "Giant in My Heart"1.002 
 Kiesza · "Hideaway"12.0251.000
 Kikagaku Moyo · "Kodama"1.002 
 Kim Deal and Morgan Nagler · "The Root"1.002 
 Kindness (ft. Kelela) · "With You"1.002 
 Kindred the Family Soul · "Everybody's Hustling"1.002 
 King · "Mister Chameleon"1.002 
 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard · "I'm in Your Mind Fuzz"1.002 
 King L · "Ambitions As a Rider"1.002 
 King Louie · "B.O.N."1.002 
 King of Prussia · "Storming the Beach"1.002 
 King Tuff · "Black Moon Spell"2.004 
 King Tuff · "Madness"1.002 
 Kira Isabella · "Quarterback"15.0321.000
 Kishi Bashi · "The Ballad of Mr. Steak"1.002 
 Kitten · "G#"1.002 
 Kitty · "BrB"1.002 
 Klass Band Brotherhood · "My Angel"1.002 
 Klaxons · "Show Me a Miracle"1.002 
 Klingande · "Jubel"1.002 
 K. Michelle · "Can't Raise a Man"2.004 
 The Knife · "Pass It on (Shaken Up Version)"1.002 
 The Knocks · "Classic"2.004 
 The Knocks (ft. Sneaky Sound System) · "The One"1.002 
 Knoxious · "Gargarin"1.002 
 Kongos · "Come With Me Now"2.004 
 Kristeen Young · "Pearl of a Girl"1.002 
 Kur · "Everything I Wasn't"1.002 
 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · "Kira Kira Killer"1.002 
 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · "Mootai Nightland"1.002 
 Kyla la Grange · "The Knife"1.002 
 Kyle Hall · "Girl U So Strong"1.002 
 Kylie Minogue · "Into the Blue"1.002 
 Kylie Minogue · "Sexy Love"1.002 
 Lack · "Imprii"1.002 
 Ladada · "Comets"1.002 
 La Dame Blanche (ft. Brian Leon MC) · "Overdosi"1.002 
 La Dispute · "Woman (Reading)"1.002 
 Lady Gaga · "G.U.Y."2.004 
 Lake Street Dive · "Bad Self Portraits"1.002 
 Lake Street Dive · "You Go Down Smooth"1.002 
 Lakutis · "Jesus Piece"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "Brooklyn Baby"4.008 
 Lana Del Rey · "Fucked My Way Up to the Top"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "Low Key"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "Once Upon a Dream"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "Pretty When You Cry"2.004 
 Lana Del Rey · "Shades of Cool"3.006 
 Lana Del Rey · "Ultraviolence"1.002 
 Lana Del Rey · "West Coast"14.030.857
 Landlady · "Maria"1.002 
 La Nueva Rebelión · "Me Hicieron Mas Fuerte"1.002 
 La Roux · "Kiss and Not Tell"1.002 
 La Roux · "Let Me Down Gently"1.002 
 La Roux · "Sexotheque"1.002 
 La Sera · "Losing to the Dark"1.002 
 Laura Cantrell · "All the Girls Are Complicated"1.002 
 Laura Cantrell · "Can't Wait"1.002 
 Laura Cantrell · "Starry Skies"1.002 
 Lauryn Hill · "Black Rage (Sketch)"2.004 
 Ledidsi · "I Blame You"1.002 
 Lee Ann Womack · "Chances Are"1.002 
 Lee Ann Womack · "The Way I'm Livin'"2.004 
 Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires · "The Company Man"2.004 
 Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires · "The Weeds Downtown"1.002 
 Lee Fields & the Expressions · "Just Can't Win"1.002 
 Leiva · "Afuera En la Cuidad"1.002 
 Leny Kravitz · "I'm a Believer"1.002 
 Leonard Cohen · "Almost Like the Blues"2.004 
 Leonard Cohen · "Did I Ever Love You"1.002 
 Leonard Cohen · "My Oh My"1.002 
 Leonard Cohen · "Slow"1.002 
 Leonard Cohen · "The Street"1.002 
 Leon Bridges · "Coming Home"1.002 
 Leon of Athens · "Global"1.002 
 Le Youth (ft. Dominique Young Unique) · "Dance With Me"1.002 
 Liars · "Left Speaker Blown"1.002 
 Liars · "Mask Maker"1.002 
 Lil' Jimmie · "She Was Twerkin'"1.002 
 Lil B · "No Black Person Is Ugly"5.0111.000
 Lil B the Based God · "Fuck KD (Kevin Durant Diss)"1.002 
 Lil Herb · "Write Your Name"1.002 
 Lil Jon (ft. Tyga) · "Bend Ova"1.002 
 Lil Kesh (ft. Davido and Olamide) · "Shoki (Remix)"1.002 
 Lily Allen · "Close Your Eyes"1.002 
 Lily Allen · "It's Hard Out Here for a Bitch"4.008 
 Lily Allen · "Sheezus"2.004 
 Lily Allen · "URL Badman"1.002 
 Lindsey Sterling · "Shatter Me"1.002 
 Linkin Park · "Rebellion (Feat. Daron Malakian)"1.002 
 Literature · "The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything"1.002 
 Little Big Town · "Day Drinking"1.002 
 Little Big Town · "Girl Crush"1.002 
 Little Dragon · "Klapp Klapp"3.006 
 Little May · "Dust"1.002 
 Live Island · "King"1.002 
 Lizzo & Caroline Smith · "Let Em Say"1.002 
 Logic · "Buried Alive"1.002 
 Lone · "Dream Ache"1.002 
 LoneLady · "Groove It Out"1.002 
 Loops Haunt · "Howl"1.002 
 Lorde · "Flicker (Kanye West Rework)"2.004 
 Lorde · "Team"6.013 
 Lorde · "Yellow Flicker Beat"7.0151.000
 Lorelle Meets the Obsolete · "Sealed Scene"1.002 
 Lori McKenna · "The Time I've Wasted"1.002 
 Loudon Wainwright III · "Brand New Dance"1.002 
 Love Dollhouse · "Can I"1.002 
 Lowtec · "Untitled B1 [Workshop 20]"1.002 
 Lowtide · "Wedding Ring"1.002 
 Lp · "Heavenly Light"1.002 
 Lucillia · "Easton Stagger Phillips"1.002 
 Lucinda Williams · "West Memphis"1.002 
 Luluc · "Small Window"1.002 
 Luluc · "Tangled Heart"1.002 
 L-Vis 1990 · "Ballad 4d VIP"1.002 
 Lydia Loveless · "Blind (Ke$ha Cover)"1.002 
 Lydia Loveless · "Everything's Gone"1.002 
 Lydia Loveless · "Head"4.008 
 Lydia Loveless · "Verlaine Shot Rimbaud"3.006 
 Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove · "Tb Sheets"1.002 
 Lykke Li · "Gunshot"3.006 
 Lykke Li · "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone"2.004 
 Lykke Li · "Never Gonna Love Again"1.002 
 Lykke Li · "No Rest for the Wicked"7.015.857
 M+A · "When"1.002 
 Mac DeMarco · "Goodbye Weekend"1.002 
 Mac DeMarco · "Let Her Go"1.002 
 Mac DeMarco · "Passing Out Pieces"7.015.286
 Mac DeMarco · "Salad Days"2.004 
 Mach Lethal · "Alphabet Insanity"1.002 
 Maddie & Tae · "Girl in a Country Song"15.0321.000
 Made in Heights · "Ghosts"1.002 
 Madlib & Freddie Gibbs · "Harold's"1.002 
 Madonna · "Living for Love"3.006 
 Madonna · "Unapologetic Bitch"1.002 
 Magic! · "Rude"5.011 
 Magic! · "Rude (Zedd Remix)"1.002 
 Magic Circle · "Scream Evil"1.002 
 Magician · "Sunlight"1.002 
 Majid Jordan · "A Place Like This"1.002 
 Major Lazer · "All My Love Feat. Ariana Grande"1.002 
 Makthaverskan · "OutShine"1.002 
 Mali Music · "Beautiful"1.002 
 Manic Street Preachers · "Walk Me to the Bridge"1.002 
 Mansion · "Wild Child"1.002 
 Marc Almond · "The Death of a Dandy"1.002 
 Mariah Carey · "All I Want for Christmas"1.002 
 Mariah Carey · "Dedicated (Ft. Nas)"1.002 
 Mariah Carey · "It's a Wrap"1.002 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel) · "#Beautiful"1.002 
 Marianne Faithfull · "Late Victorian Holocaust"1.002 
 Marianne Faithfull · "Sparrows Will Sing"1.002 
 Marika Hackman · "Drown"1.002 
 Marina and Diamonds · "Froot"1.002 
 Marissa Nadler · "Dead City Emily"3.006 
 Marissa Nadler · "Drive"1.002 
 Mark Crozer · "Live in Fear (Bray Wyatt Theme)"1.002 
 Mark Kozelek · "War on Drugs: Suck My Cock"3.006 
 Mark Morrison · "Return of the Mack (SNBRN Remix)"1.002 
 Mark Rivera · "Money Money Money"1.002 
 Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) · "Uptown Funk"24.0511.000
 Mark Ronson (ft. Mystikal) · "Feel Right"1.002 
 Marmozets · "Move Shake Hide"1.002 
 Maroon 5 · "Animals"1.002 
 Martin Carr · "The Santa Fe Skyway"1.002 
 Martin Garrix · "Animals"2.004 
 Marty Friedman · "Wicked Panacea (Feat. Rodrigo y Gabriela)"1.002 
 Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives · "Look at That Girl"1.002 
 Mary J. Blige · "Right Now"1.002 
 Mary J. Blige · "Therapy"3.006 
 Mary J. Blige · "Whole Damn Year"7.015.857
 Mary Lambert · "Heart on My Sleeve"1.002 
 Mastodon · "The Motherload"5.011.800
 Mas Ysa · "Shame"2.004 
 Matt Ulery · "Sweet Bitter"1.002 
 Maurizio Bianchi · "Amen Test"1.002 
 Mavins (ft. Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, D'Prince, Di'Ja, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello) · "Dorubucci"1.002 
 Mavins (ft. Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, D'Prince, Di'Ja, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello) · "Looku Looku"1.002 
 Max Elto · "Citylights"1.002 
 Mazes · "Salford"1.002 
 MC Bin Laden (ft. MC 2k) · "Passinho Do Faraó"1.002 
 Meek Mill · "Chiraq (Remix)"1.002 
 Meghan Trainor · "All About That Bass"24.0511.000
 Meghan Trainor · "Lips Are Movin"1.002 
 Melanie de Biasio · "I'm Gonna Leave You"1.002 
 Melanie de Biasio · "Sweet Darling Pain"1.002 
 Melissa Steel · "Kisses for Breakfast Feat Popcaan"1.002 
 Memory Map · "Magnetic Center"1.002 
 The Men · "Another Night"1.002 
 The Men · "Dark Waltz"1.002 
 The Men · "Different Days"1.002 
 Menzingers · "I Don't Want to Be an Asshole Anymore"2.004 
 Menzingers · "Transient Love"1.002 
 Merchandise · "Exile and Ego"1.002 
 Merchandise · "Green Lady"4.008 
 Mere Women · "Our Street"1.002 
 Meridian Dan · "German Whip"2.004 
 Mesa Ritual · "Procession VIII"1.002 
 Mesh · "Scythians"1.002 
 Metronomy · "Love Letters"2.004 
 Metro Thuggin · "The Blanguage"1.002 
 Mia Martina (ft. Dev) · "Danse"1.002 
 Mica Levi · "Andrew Void"1.002 
 Michael Cera · "Of a Thursday"1.002 
 Michael Jackson · "Love Never Felt So Good"9.0191.000
 Mic Harrison & the High Score · "Anytime You're Ready"1.002 
 Michelle Williams · "Say Yes"1.002 
 Mickey Avalon · "I Get Even"1.002 
 Migos · "Fight Night"7.0151.000
 Migos (ft. Young Thug) · "Yrn"3.006 
 Miguel · "Hollywood Dreams"1.002 
 Miguel · "Nwa"2.004 
 Miguel · "Simplethings"1.002 
 Miguel (ft. Wale) · "Coffee"1.002 
 Mikael Seifu · "Tuff Ruff"1.002 
 Mike Adams at His Honest Weight · "I'm Worried"1.002 
 Mike Farris · "Mercy Now"1.002 
 Mike Gordon · "Yarmouth Road"1.002 
 Mike Oldfield · "Nuclear"1.002 
 Mila J · "Smoke, Drink, Break Up"1.002 
 Millie Jackson · "Black B_tch Crazy"1.002 
 Mimicking Birds · "Bloodlines"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "Automatic"7.015.857
 Miranda Lambert · "Bathroom Sink"3.006 
 Miranda Lambert · "Hard Stayin' Sober"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "Little Red Wagon"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert · "Platinum"5.011.200
 Miranda Lambert · "Smokin and Drinkin"1.002 
 Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood · "Somethin' Bad"1.002 
 Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray · "Blue Dream"1.002 
 Misþyrming · "Söngur Heiftar"1.002 
 Mitski · "Townie"3.006 
 Mix-O-Rap · "Spitting Game"1.002 
 Mndsgn · "Convert"1.002 
 Mnek · "Don't Call This Love"1.002 
 Mnek · "Wrote a Song About You"1.002 
 Modest Mouse · "Lampshades on Fire"1.002 
 Mogwai · "Remurdered"1.002 
 Monarchy · "Living Without You"2.004 
 Monogold · "Holograms"1.002 
 Moodymann · "Desire"1.002 
 Moodymann (ft. Andres) · "Lyke U Use 2"1.002 
 Moon Boots · "Whatever You Need"1.002 
 Moonface · "The Fog"1.002 
 Morgan James · "Call My Name"1.002 
 Morrissey · "Staircase at the University"2.004 
 Mothers · "Carina"1.002 
 Mozes & the Firstborn · "Skinny Girl"1.002 
 Mr. Gnome · "Rise and Shine"1.002 
 Mr. Probz · "Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)"1.002 
 Mr Twin Sister · "Blush"1.002 
 Mr Twin Sister · "In the House of Yes"3.006 
 Mr Twin Sister · "Sensitive"1.002 
 Mumdance · "Take Time (Feat. Novelist)"1.002 
 The Muppets/Bret McKenzie · "I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)"2.004 
 Music Band · "I Was Like"1.002 
 My Brightest Diamond · "Pressure"2.004 
 My Mouth Is the Speaker · "Your New Apartment"1.002 
 Myrone · "「Exclusive Coupé」"1.002 
 MØ · "Don't Wanna Dance"1.002 
 MØ · "Walk This Way"1.002 
 Nadus · "Nxwxrk"1.002 
 Naomi Punk · "Eleven Inches"1.002 
 Nap Eyes · "No Fear of Hellfire"1.002 
 Natalie Merchant · "Maggie Said"1.002 
 Natalie Prass · "Why Don't You Believe in Me?"1.002 
 Natlek · "Mono Artifact"1.002 
 Natural Child · "Don't the Time Pass Quickly (When You're Making Love)"1.002 
 Nação Zumbi · "Novas Auroras"1.002 
 Neko Case and Kelly Hogan · "These Aren't the Droids"1.002 
 Nellie Tiger Travis · "Mr. Sexy Man"1.002 
 Neneh Cherry · "Across the Water"1.002 
 Neneh Cherry · "Blank Project"1.002 
 Neneh Cherry · "Out of the Black"2.004 
 Ne Obliviscaris · "Pyrrhic"1.002 
 Neon Bunny · "It's You"1.002 
 Neon Trees · "Sleeping With a Friend"2.004 
 Netta Brielle · "3xKrazy"1.002 
 Never Work for Free · "Tennis"1.002 
 New Basement Tapes · "Down on the Bottom"1.002 
 New Pornographers · "Brill Bruisers"13.027.615
 New Pornographers · "Champions of Red Wine"4.008 
 New Pornographers · "Dancehall Domine"4.008 
 New Pornographers · "War on the East Coast"7.015.571
 New Pornographers · "You Tell Me Where"1.002 
 New York Endless · "Strategies"1.002 
 Nicholas Krgovich · "Along the PCH on Oscar Night"1.002 
 Nicholas Krgovich · "City of Night"1.002 
 Nickel Creek · "21st of May"1.002 
 Nickel Creek · "Destination"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "All Things Go"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Anaconda"12.025.833
 Nicki Minaj · "Bed of Lies"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Boss Ass Bitch"2.004 
 Nicki Minaj · "Feeling Myself"2.004 
 Nicki Minaj · "Lookin' Ass"6.013.833
 Nicki Minaj · "Pills & Potions"1.002 
 Nicki Minaj · "Trini Dem Girls"2.004 
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Ariana Grande) · "Get on Your Knees"3.006 
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) · "Truffle Butter"1.002 
 Nick Jonas · "Jealous"5.011 
 Nick Jonas · "Teacher"1.002 
 Nick Jonas, Tinashe · "Jealous - Remix"2.004 
 Nick Waterhouse · "Holly"1.002 
 Nico & Vinz · "Am I Wrong"6.0131.000
 Nicole Atkins · "Girl You Look Amazing"1.002 
 Nikki Lane · "Right Time"1.002 
 Nikki Lane · "Sleep With a Stranger"1.002 
 Ninos Du Brasil · "Sombra Da Lua"1.002 
 Nir Felder · "Sketch 2"1.002 
 Noah Gundersen · "Cigarettes"1.002 
 The Nolls · "Losing Game"1.002 
 Normal People · "Marya and Daphne"1.002 
 Not a Cost · "Burnt Resolution"1.002 
 Nothing · "Dig"1.002 
 Nothing · "Guilty of Everything"1.002 
 Notwist · "Kong"4.008 
 Noura Mint Seymali · "Eguetmar"1.002 
 Nude Beach · "I Can't Keep the Tears From Falling"1.002 
 Nux Vomica · "Choked at the Roots"1.002 
 Nzca Lines · "New Atmosphere"1.002 
 Oath · "All Must Die"1.002 
 OB Ignitt · "I'm Here Now the Arrival EP"1.002 
 Objekt · "Ganzfield"1.002 
 Obliterations · "Mind Ain't Right"1.002 
 The OBN IIIs · "No Time Left for the Blues"1.002 
 Obnox · "How to Rob (the Punk Years)"1.002 
 Obnox · "Used Kids"1.002 
 Off! · "It Didn't Matter to Me"1.002 
 Officer! · "Life at the Water's Edge"1.002 
 OG Maco · "U Guessed It"7.0151.000
 OG Swaggerdick · "Lunchables Ft. Bauce Sauce"1.002 
 Oh Honey · "I Love You (Will Still Sound the Same)"1.002 
 OK Go · "The Writing's on the Wall"2.004 
 Old 97's · "Longer Than You've Been Alive"7.015.857
 Old Crow Medicine Show · "Sweet Amarillo"5.011.800
 Oliver · "Light Years Away"1.002 
 Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill · "Gecko (Overdrive)"1.002 
 Omarion & Jeremih · "Show Me"1.002 
 Omar S · "Romancing the Stone"1.002 
 Omar S/Luke Hess · "Motown Methods EP"1.002 
 One Direction · "Fireproof"1.002 
 One Direction · "Girl Almighty"2.004 
 One Direction · "Night Changes"2.004 
 One Direction · "Steal My Girl"5.011.800
 One Direction · "Story of My Life"2.004 
 One Direction · "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"1.002 
 OneRepublic · "Counting Stars"2.004 
 Only Real · "Pass the Pain"1.002 
 Open Mike Eagle · "Late Show"1.002 
 Open Mike Eagle · "Qualifiers"2.004 
 Open Mike Eagle · "Very Much Money"1.002 
 Operators · "Start Again"1.002 
 Operators · "True"1.002 
 Opeth · "Eternal Rains Will Come"1.002 
 Opeth · "Goblin"1.002 
 Orange Caramel · "Catallena"2.004 
 Orange Caramel · "So Sorry"1.002 
 Orenda Fink · "You Will Be Loved"1.002 
 The Orwells · "Let It Burn"1.002 
 The Orwells · "Southern Comfort"1.002 
 The Orwells · "Who Needs You"1.002 
 Osaka Monaurail · "Calinga"1.002 
 O.T. Genasis · "CoCo"4.008 
 Otis Brown III · "The Thought of You (Part 1) Feat. Bilal"1.002 
 Ought · "Habit"3.006 
 Ought · "Today More Than Any Other Day"3.006 
 Ovens · "Hash Sesh"1.002 
 Owen Pallett · "On a Path"1.002 
 Owen Pallett · "The Riverbed"3.006 
 Owls · "A Drop of Blood..."1.002 
 Pack A.D. · "Airborne"1.002 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Eurydice"2.004 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Kelly"4.008 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart · "Simple and Sure"1.002 
 Pallbearer · "The Ghost I Used to Be"1.002 
 Pallbearer · "Worlds Apart"1.002 
 Paloma Faith · "Can't Rely on You"1.002 
 Panda Bear · "Mr Noah"7.0151.000
 Pang · "Young Professionals"1.002 
 Paolo Nutini · "Let Me Down Easy"1.002 
 The Paperboys · "Fake It"1.002 
 Paqua · "We Came Far"1.002 
 Paramore · "Ain't It Fun"14.0301.000
 Parker Millsap · "Truck Stop Gospel"3.006 
 Parquet Courts · "Black and White"1.002 
 Parquet Courts · "Content Nausea"2.004 
 Parquet Courts · "Instant Disassembly"4.008 
 Parquet Courts · "Pretty Machines"2.004 
 Parquet Courts · "Sunbathing Animal"2.004 
 Parquet Courts · "Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth"1.002 
 Partynextdoor · "Thirsty"1.002 
 Partynextdoor (ft. Drake) · "Recognize"2.004 
 Pat Lukens (Max LeRoy) (ft. Kitty and Sad Andy) · "Brush Me Off"1.002 
 Patrick Topping · "Forget"1.002 
 Paula Temple · "Deathvox"1.002 
 Paul McCartney and Wings · "Soily"1.002 
 Peacock Farm · "Monogram (Plum Run)"1.002 
 Peep Tempel · "Carol"1.002 
 Pender Street Steppers · "Openin' Up"1.002 
 Pentatonix · "Mary Did You Know"1.002 
 Pentatonix · "See Through"1.002 
 People · "The Lyrics Are Simultaneously About How the Song Starts and What the Lyrics Are About"1.002 
 People Get Ready · "Rainbow"1.002 
 People Skills · "American Boards"1.002 
 Perfect Pussy · "Driver"2.004 
 Perfect Pussy · "Interference Fits"7.015.571
 Perfume · "Cling Cling"1.002 
 Perfume Genius · "Fool"2.004 
 Perfume Genius · "Grid"2.004 
 Perfume Genius · "Queen"35.074.743
 Peter Escott · "My Heaven, My Rules"1.002 
 Peter Lloyd · "Blood on Your Hands"1.002 
 Peter Stampfel & the Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan Banjo Squadron · "NSA Man"2.004 
 Phantogram · "Black Out Days"2.004 
 Phantogram · "The Day You Died"1.002 
 Phantogram · "Fall in Love"7.0151.000
 Pharmakon · "Bestial Burden"1.002 
 Pharoahe Monch · "D.R.E.A.M."1.002 
 Pharoahe Monch · "Time Squared"1.002 
 Pharoahe Monch & Black Thought · "Rapid Eye Movement"1.002 
 Pharrell Williams · "Come Get It Bae"3.006 
 Pharrell Williams · "Happy"32.068.857
 Pharrell Williams · "Hunter"1.002 
 Phil Beaudreau · "Little Wild Fire"1.002 
 Phil Lassiter · "Strut"1.002 
 Phil Leadbetter With John Cowan and Sam Bush · "Ramblin' Rolling Stone"1.002 
 Phish · "The Birds"1.002 
 Phosphorescent · "Song for Zula"1.002 
 Phox · "Slow Motion"2.004 
 Phronesis · "Wings 2 the Mind"1.002 
 Pianos Become the Teeth · "Repine"1.002 
 Pig DNA · "Fly"1.002 
 Pile · "Special Snowflakes"1.002 
 Pink Floyd · "Louder Than Words"1.002 
 Pink Floyd · "Talkin' Hawkin'"1.002 
 Pitbull · "Time of Our Lives"1.002 
 Pitbull (ft. Ke$ha) · "Timber"2.004 
 Pitbull (ft. Ne-Yo) · "Time of My Life"1.002 
 Pixies · "Blue Eyed Hexe"1.002 
 Pixies · "Ring the Bell"1.002 
 Pontiak · "Lack Lustre Rush"1.002 
 Popcaan · "Everything Nice"6.0131.000
 Popcaan · "Hold On"1.002 
 Popcaan · "Waiting So Long"1.002 
 Popstrangers · "Don't Be Afraid"1.002 
 Popular Mechanics · "Leatherman"1.002 
 Porter Robinson · "Flicker"1.002 
 Porter Robinson · "Lionhearted"1.002 
 Porter Robinson · "Sad Machine"1.002 
 Porter Robinson · "Worlds"1.002 
 Posse · "Shut Up"1.002 
 Powell · "So We Went Electric"1.002 
 Preatures · "Somebody's Talking"2.004 
 Pretty Reckless · "Fucked Up World"1.002 
 Priests · "And Breeding"1.002 
 Priests · "Design Within Reach"1.002 
 Priests · "Doctor"2.004 
 Priests · "New"2.004 
 Priests · "Right Wing"2.004 
 Primetime · "Last Night"1.002 
 Primus · "Pure Imagination"1.002 
 Prince · "Art Official Age"2.004 
 Prince · "Breakdown"3.006 
 Prince · "Breakfast Can Wait"2.004 
 Prince · "Clouds"1.002 
 Prince · "FunkNRoll"2.004 
 Prince · "The Gold Standard"2.004 
 Prince · "What It Feels Like"1.002 
 Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL · "Anotherlove"2.004 
 Prince Koloni · "Luku a Meisje (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones RMX)"1.002 
 Prins Thomas · "Trans"1.002 
 ProbCause (ft. Chance the Rapper) · "LSD (the Hood Internet Remix)"1.002 
 Protester · "Protester"1.002 
 Protomartyr · "Bad Advice"1.002 
 Protomartyr · "Come & See"1.002 
 Protomartyr · "Scum, Rise!"1.002 
 Protomartyr · "Tarpeian Rock"1.002 
 Psycho Sisters · "Never Never Boys"1.002 
 Pujol · "Circles"1.002 
 Pup · "Guilt Trip"1.002 
 Pup · "Reservoir"2.004 
 Pure Disgust · "Pure Disgust"1.002 
 Purling Hiss · "Forcefield of Solitude"1.002 
 Purling Hiss · "Learning Slowly"1.002 
 Purling Hiss · "Six Ways to Sunday"1.002 
 Purson · "Danse Macabre"1.002 
 Pusha T · "Lunch Money"1.002 
 Pussy Riot · "Putin Will Teach You to Love the Motherland"1.002 
 Pye Corner Audio · "Black Mist (Long Version)"1.002 
 QT · "Hey QT"8.0171.000
 Quilt · "Arctic Shark"1.002 
 Quilt · "Tie Up the Tides"1.002 
 Rac · "Cheap Sunglasses [Ft. Matthew Koma]"1.002 
 Rac · "Let Go"1.002 
 Rad Stewart · "Insane Parties"1.002 
 Rae Morris · "Do You Even Know?"1.002 
 Rae Sremmurd · "No Flex Zone"15.0321.000
 Rae Sremmurd · "No Type"15.0321.000
 R. Andrew Lee · "Pianist, Alone (2)"1.002 
 Raury · "Cigarette Song"1.002 
 Raury · "God's Whisper"1.002 
 Raveonettes · "Sisters"1.002 
 Real Estate · "Crime"1.002 
 Real Estate · "Had to Hear"3.006 
 Real Estate · "Horizon"1.002 
 Real Estate · "It's Real"1.002 
 Real Estate · "Talking Backwards"10.021.700
 Rebolledo · "Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar (Extended Raw Version)"1.002 
 Reesyro · "Can I Liv (Prod. by Eddy Braveaux)"1.002 
 Reigning Sound · "Falling Rain"1.002 
 Reigning Sound · "My My"3.006 
 Reigning Sound · "Never Coming Home"1.002 
 Reigning Sound · "North Cackalacky Girl"1.002 
 Repeater · "Lonely"1.002 
 Replacements · "Poke Me in My Cage"2.004 
 Replica · "Becky's Rite"1.002 
 The Residents · "Santa Dog"1.002 
 Restorations · "Separate Songs"1.002 
 RHCP2014 · "Abracadabralifornia"1.002 
 Rich Gang · "Flava"2.004 
 Rich Gang · "Freestyle"2.004 
 Rich Gang · "Givenchy"1.002 
 Rich Gang · "Tell Em (Lies)"1.002 
 Rich Gang (ft. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan) · "Lifestyle"21.044.714
 Rick Ross · "War Ready"1.002 
 Rick Ross (ft. Kanye West and Big Sean) · "Sanctified"3.006 
 Riff Raff · "Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz"3.006 
 Riff Raff (ft. Slim Thug and Paul Wall) · "How to Be the Man - Houston Remix"1.002 
 Rifles · "Heebie Jeebies"1.002 
 Rita Ora · "I Will Never Let You Down"3.006 
 Rixton · "Me and My Broken Heart"2.004 
 RL Grime · "Core"1.002 
 Rob Clarke & the Wooltones · "Peas"1.002 
 Robert Ellis · "Chemical Plant"1.002 
 Robert Ellis · "Houston"1.002 
 Robert Ellis · "Only Lies"1.002 
 Robert Ellis · "TV Song"1.002 
 Robert Glasper Experiment · "Calls"1.002 
 Robert Plant · "Embrace Another Fall"2.004 
 Robert Plant · "Little Maggie"1.002 
 Robert Plant · "Rainbow"1.002 
 Rob Sonic · "Jesus Christ Supertramp"1.002 
 Romeo Santos (ft. Drake) · "Odio"1.002 
 Roots (ft. Raheem DeVaughn) · "Tomorrow"2.004 
 Rosanne Cash · "Modern Blue"1.002 
 Rosanne Cash · "The Sunken Lands"1.002 
 Rosanne Cash · "When the Master Call the Roll"1.002 
 Rosebuds · "In My Teeth"1.002 
 Ross Johnson and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans · "Three-Beer Queer"1.002 
 Route 94 (ft. Jesse Glynne) · "My Love"1.002 
 Royal Blood · "Figure It Out"2.004 
 Royal Blood · "Out of the Black"1.002 
 Royals · "Puddles Pity Party"1.002 
 Rrose · "Pentagons"1.002 
 Rumer · "Dangerous"1.002 
 Running · "Totally Fired"1.002 
 Run the Jewels · "Blockbuster Night Part 1"4.008 
 Run the Jewels · "Jeopardy"2.004 
 Run the Jewels · "Lie, Cheat, Steal"1.002 
 Run the Jewels · "Oh My Darling Don't Cry"8.017.500
 Run the Jewels (ft. Boots) · "Early"4.008 
 Run the Jewels (ft. Zack de la Rocha) · "Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)"26.055.308
 Rustie · "Raptor"2.004 
 Rustie (ft. Danny Brown) · "Attak"3.006 
 Ryan Adams · "Feels Like Fire"1.002 
 Ryan Adams · "Gimme Something Good"6.013.333
 Ryan Adams · "Stay With Me"1.002 
 Ryn Weaver · "OctaHate"2.004 
 Ryn Weaver · "Promises"1.002 
 Röyksopp · "Monument (T.I.E. Version)"1.002 
 Röyksopp & Robyn · "Do It Again"13.0271.000
 Röyksopp & Robyn · "Monument"4.008 
 Saga · "Press 9"1.002 
 Sailor & I · "Turn Around (Ame Remix)"1.002 
 Saint Pepsi · "Fall Harder"1.002 
 Saint Pepsi · "Fiona Coyne"2.004 
 Saint Pepsi · "Mr. Wonderful"1.002 
 Sam Hunt · "Break Up in a Small Town"1.002 
 Sam Hunt · "Leave the Night On"6.013.833
 Sam Hunt · "Saturday Night"1.002 
 Sam Smith · "I'm Not the Only One"4.008 
 Sam Smith · "Lay Me Down"1.002 
 Sam Smith · "Life Support"1.002 
 Sam Smith · "Not in That Way"1.002 
 Sam Smith · "Restart"1.002 
 Sam Smith · "Stay With Me"29.061.786
 Sam Smith · "Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)"1.002 
 Sandra Melody · "This Is My Life"1.002 
 Sansyou + the New Lines · "Gowanus Canal Field Inspection"1.002 
 Santana w/Ziggy Marley and Chocquibtown · "Iron Lion Zion"1.002 
 Sarah Bareilles · "Brave"1.002 
 Sarah McLachlan · "Flesh and Blood"1.002 
 Sasha Go Hard · "Bricks"1.002 
 Saturn · "Tower of Terror"1.002 
 SBTRKT (ft. Ezra Koenig) · "New Dorp, New York"2.004 
 Scarface · "No Problem"1.002 
 Schoolboy Q · "Break the Bank"1.002 
 Schoolboy Q · "Gangsta"1.002 
 Schoolboy Q · "Hoover Street"1.002 
 Schoolboy Q · "Man of the Year"10.021.600
 Schoolboy Q · "Studio"2.004 
 Schoolboy Q (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Collard Greens"10.021.833
 Scott Barkan · "Flightless Bird"1.002 
 Scott, Get the Van I'm Moving · "Cayetana"1.002 
 Scott Lawlor · "Drone Excursion 002"1.002 
 Scott Walker + Sunn O))) · "Herod 2014"1.002 
 Screaming Females · "Ripe"1.002 
 Scupper · "Barf in the Tube"1.002 
 Sd · "Circles"1.002 
 The Sea Kings · "Bible John"1.002 
 Sean Rowe · "Shine My Diamond Ring"1.002 
 Sebo K · "Avalanche"1.002 
 Selena Gomez · "The Heart Wants What It Wants"1.002 
 Senryu · "Beat Me to Death"1.002 
 Seo Taiji · ""1.002 
 Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 · "Imf"3.006 
 Seven Davis Jr. · "Friends"1.002 
 Seven Lions, Myon, and Shane 54 F. Tove Lo · "Strangers"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Forerunner Foray"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Ishmael"1.002 
 Shabazz Palaces · "Motion Sickness"2.004 
 Shabazz Palaces · "They Come in Gold"1.002 
 Shackleton · "Freezing Opening Thawing"1.002 
 Shakey Graves · "Dearly Departed"4.008 
 Shakira · "Chasing Shadows"1.002 
 Shakira · "Empire"2.004 
 Shakira (ft. Rihanna) · "Can't Remember to Forget You"1.002 
 Shamir · "If It Wasn't True"2.004 
 Shamir · "I Know It's a Good Thing"1.002 
 Shamir · "On the Regular"10.0211.000
 Shamir · "Sometimes a Man"1.002 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings · "Retreat"3.006 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings · "Stranger to My Happiness"1.002 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Break Me"2.004 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Every Time the Sun Comes Up"9.019.444
 Sharon Van Etten · "I Love You but I'm Lost"2.004 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Taking Chances"1.002 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Tarifa"3.006 
 Sharon Van Etten · "You Know Me Well"1.002 
 Sharon Van Etten · "Your Love Is Killing Me"15.032.600
 Sharp Things · "All but These Beautiful Faces"1.002 
 Shaw Singers · "After Awhile"1.002 
 Shaw Singers · "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone"1.002 
 Shaw Singers · "Since He Touched Me"1.002 
 She & Him · "Stars Fell on Alabama"1.002 
 Sheer Mag · "What You Want"1.002 
 Shellac · "All the Surveyors"1.002 
 Shellac · "Dude, Incredible"2.004 
 Shift K3y · "Make It Good"1.002 
 Shift Work · "Scaled to Fit"1.002 
 Shiina Ringo · "Nippon"1.002 
 Shinedoe · "Discourse My New Romance"1.002 
 Shinichi Atobe · "Butterfly Effect"1.002 
 Shinichi Atobe · "Waste Land 1"1.002 
 Shovels & Rope · "The Devil Is All Around"1.002 
 Shredded Nerve · "7"1.002 
 Shtreimml · "Lullabye for Halleli"1.002 
 Shura · "Touch"1.002 
 Shxcxchcxsh · "This Hmming Raverie"1.002 
 Shy Glizzy · "Awwsome"2.004 
 Shy Glizzy · "Funeral"1.002 
 Sia · "Big Girls Cry"1.002 
 Sia · "Chandelier"41.086.800
 Sia · "Chandelier (Four Tet Remix)"1.002 
 Sia · "Hostage"1.002 
 Sia · "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)"1.002 
 Silent Servant · "Speed and Violence"1.002 
 Sinead O'Connor · "Take Me to Church"4.008 
 Sinkane · "Hold Tight"1.002 
 Sinkane · "How We Be"3.006 
 Sinkane · "Omdurman"1.002 
 Sir Charles Jones · "So Beautiful"1.002 
 Sir Deja Doog · "Love Coffin"1.002 
 Sirius Blvck · "Yung Vultures"1.002 
 Sisyphus · "Calm It Down"2.004 
 Skander · "Dirge"1.002 
 Skaters · "This Much I Care"1.002 
 Skepta F. JME · "That's Not Me"1.002 
 Skrillex · "Recess (Featuring Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos)"1.002 
 Skrillex (ft. Diplo, G-Dragon and Cl) · "Dirty Vibe"2.004 
 Skull Fist · "Hour to Live"1.002 
 Sky Ferreira · "I Blame Myself"1.002 
 Slam Dunk'd (ft. Chromeo & Al-P) · "No Price"1.002 
 The Slaves · "Hey"1.002 
 Sleaford Mods · "Jobseeker"1.002 
 Sleaford Mods · "Strike Force"1.002 
 Sleaford Mods · "Tied Up in Nottz"3.006 
 Sleater-Kinney · "Bury Our Friends"16.0341.000
 Sleater-Kinney · "Surface Envy"1.002 
 Sleep · "The Clarity"3.006 
 Sloan · "Carried Away"1.002 
 Sloan · "Cleopatra"1.002 
 Sloan · "Forty-Eight Portraits"1.002 
 Sloan · "You've Got a Lot on Your Mind"1.002 
 Slothrust · "Crockpot"1.002 
 Slough Feg · "Habeas Corpus"1.002 
 Slow Club · "Complete Surrender"1.002 
 Slug Christ (ft. Stalin Majesty) · "On It"1.002 
 Slum of Legs · "Begin to Dissolve"1.002 
 Slutever · "White Flag"1.002 
 Sly Stone/Joe Hicks · "Life & Death in G & a (Parts 1 & 2)"1.002 
 Smashing Pumpkins · "One and All (We Are)"1.002 
 Snob · "Mother"1.002 
 Snootie Wild · "Made Me"4.008 
 Snootie Wild (ft. K Camp, Jeremih, and Boosie Bad Azz) · "Made Me (Remix)"1.002 
 Snootie Wild, Yo Gotti · "Yayo"1.002 
 So Cow · "Barry Richardson"1.002 
 Sofi de la Torre · "Vermillion"7.0151.000
 Soft Moon · "Black"1.002 
 The Soft Pink Truth · "Black Metal"1.002 
 The Soft Pink Truth · "Ready to Fuck"1.002 
 Sohn · "Tempest"1.002 
 SomeKindaWonderful · "Reverse"1.002 
 Somi · "Last Song"1.002 
 Sondre Lerche · "Bad Law"3.006 
 Sondre Lerche · "Sentimentalist"1.002 
 Son Little · "The River"1.002 
 Sonny Rollins · "Patanjali"1.002 
 Sons of Rico · "Adjustable Value"1.002 
 Sophie · "Hard"7.0151.000
 Sophie · "Lemonade"10.0211.000
 Sorceress · "Teacups"1.002 
 Spanish Gold · "Out on the Street"1.002 
 Speak · "Mouth"1.002 
 Speaker Knockerz · "Erica Kane"1.002 
 Speedy Ortiz · "American Horror"3.006 
 Speedy Ortiz · "Bigger Party"1.002 
 Speedy Ortiz · "Doomsday"1.002 
 Spice · "So Mi Like It"1.002 
 Spider Bags · "Chem Trails"1.002 
 Spook · "Carbon Copy Man"1.002 
 Spooky Black · "Without U"1.002 
 Spoon · "Do You"18.038.444
 Spoon · "Inside Out"15.032.533
 Spoon · "Knock Knock Knock"1.002 
 Spoon · "New York Kiss"1.002 
 Spoon · "Outlier"1.002 
 Spoon · "Rainy Taxi"2.004 
 Spoon · "Rent I Pay"5.011.600
 Spoon · "They Want My Soul"3.006 
 Spray Paint · "Cussin"1.002 
 Springtime Carnivore · "Name on a Matchbook"1.002 
 SQÜRL (ft. Madeline Follin) · "Funnel of Love"1.002 
 Stag Hare · "Tapestry 1"1.002 
 The Stand4rd · "Simple Needs"1.002 
 Stars · "From the Night"3.006 
 Stars · "Trap Door"1.002 
 Stars in Battledress · "Buy One Now"1.002 
 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks · "Lariat"4.008 
 Steve Gunn · "Milly's Garden"3.006 
 Steve Gunn · "Way Out Weather"1.002 
 Steve Lehman Octet · "Autumn Interlude"1.002 
 Steve Lehman Octet · "Chimera/Luchini"1.002 
 Stitches · "Brick in Yo Face"1.002 
 Stl · "Amelie's Dub"1.002 
 Stone Dagger · "The Siege of Jerusalem"1.002 
 St. Paul and the Broken Bones · "Call Me"1.002 
 Strand of Oaks · "Goshen '97"5.011.800
 Strand of Oaks · "Jm"2.004 
 Strict Face · "Fountains"1.002 
 The String Cheese Incident · "Colorado Bluebird Sky"1.002 
 Stromae · "Papaoutai"3.006 
 Strypes · "Blue Collar Jane"1.002 
 Stu Larsen · "San Francisco"1.002 
 Stunt Taylor · "Flee Amigo"1.002 
 Sturgill Simpson · "Life of Sin"4.008 
 Sturgill Simpson · "Long White Line"1.002 
 Sturgill Simpson · "The Promise"3.006 
 Sturgill Simpson · "Turtles All the Way Down"21.044.381
 St. Vincent · "Birth in Reverse"12.025.583
 St. Vincent · "Bring Me Your Loves"2.004 
 St. Vincent · "Digital Witness"31.065.516
 St. Vincent · "Huey Newton"3.006 
 St. Vincent · "I Prefer Your Love"1.002 
 St. Vincent · "Prince Johnny"8.017.500
 St. Vincent · "Rattlesnake"2.004 
 St. Vincent · "Severed Crossed Fingers"2.004 
 The Successful Failures · "Pine Hill EP"1.002 
 The Suffers · "Gwan"1.002 
 Sugar Stems · "Radio Heartthrob"1.002 
 Suicideyear · "When You Sleep"1.002 
 Sun An · "Feeling II"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Ben's My Friend"3.006 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Carissa"9.019.556
 Sun Kil Moon · "I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Jim Wise"1.002 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes"1.002 
 Sunny Sweeney · "Bad Girl Phase"1.002 
 Sunny Sweeney · "Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass"1.002 
 Sunrise Skater Kids (ft. Patty Walters) · "Pop Punk Pizza Party"1.002 
 Swamp Dogg · "America, Here's My Boy"1.002 
 Swans · "A Little God in My Hands"4.008 
 Swans · "Bring the Sun/Toussaint L'Ouverture"1.002 
 Swans · "Oxygen"3.006 
 Swans · "Screen Shot"2.004 
 Swans · "She Loves Us"1.002 
 Swearin' · "Mermaid"1.002 
 Sweet Apple · "Boys in Her Fanclub"1.002 
 Swindle · "Walter's Call EP"1.002 
 Sycamore Smith · "You by Me Vol 2 Split EP With Toh Kay"1.002 
 Syd Arthur · "Garden of Time"1.002 
 Sylvan Esso · "Coffee"13.027.615
 Sylvan Esso · "Hey Mami"5.011.800
 Sylvan Esso · "Play It Right"2.004 
 Synthetic ID · "Tabula Rasa"1.002 
 Tacocat · "Crimson Wave"1.002 
 Tacocat · "Party Trap"1.002 
 Taking Back Sunday · "Stood a Chance"1.002 
 Tamar Braxton · "All the Way Home"2.004 
 Tamar Braxton (ft. Future) · "Let Me Know"1.002 
 Tank Washington (ft. Kydd, Dee-1, ST 2 Lettaz & Cory Kendrix) · "Pot Luck"1.002 
 Taylor McFerrin & Nai Palm · "The Antidote"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "Blank Space"59.124.559
 Taylor Swift · "I Wish You Would"1.002 
 Taylor Swift · "New Romantics"2.004 
 Taylor Swift · "Out of the Woods"9.019.444
 Taylor Swift · "Shake It Off"53.112.774
 Taylor Swift · "Style"12.025.500
 Taylor Swift · "Track 3"2.004 
 Taylor Swift · "Welcome to New York"1.002 
 Tee Cambo & CS · "I'm a Cambo"1.002 
 Teedra Moses · "Incredible"1.002 
 Teen · "A Rose 4 U"1.002 
 Tegan and Sara (ft. the Lonely Island) · "Everything Is Awesome!!!"3.006 
 Temples · "Shelter Song"2.004 
 Ten Walls · "Walking With Elephants"1.002 
 Terekke · "Terekke EP"1.002 
 Theatre Royal · "The Past Is Always Gone"1.002 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Drop"1.002 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Encrypted Bounce"1.002 
 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra · "Austerity Blues"1.002 
 Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra · "What We Loved Was Not Enough"4.008 
 Theo Huff · "It's a Good Thing I Met You"1.002 
 Theo Parrish · "Be in Yo Self and Dance"2.004 
 Theo Parrish · "Blueskies Surprise"1.002 
 Theo Parrish · "Footwork"1.002 
 Theophilus London · "Can't Stop Feat. Kanye West"1.002 
 Theophilus London · "Tribe (Feat. Jesse Boykins III)"1.002 
 Thigh Master · "7"1.002 
 Thigh Master · "Head of the Witch"1.002 
 Thompson · "Family"1.002 
 Thom Yorke · "A Brain in a Bottle"1.002 
 Those Mockingbirds · "Model Myself"1.002 
 Thou · "Free Will"1.002 
 Thumpers · "Unkinder (a Tougher Love)"2.004 
 Tied Down · "Primetime"1.002 
 Tielsie · "Palette"1.002 
 T.I. (ft. Young Thug) · "About the Money"7.0151.000
 Timber Timbre · "Hot Dreams"4.008 
 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill · "Meanwhile Back at Mama's"1.002 
 Tinashe · "Bet"2.004 
 Tinashe (ft. A$AP Rocky) · "Pretend"4.008 
 Tinashe (ft. Schoolboy Q) · "2 On"23.049.696
 Tink · "Treat Me Like Somebody"2.004 
 Tink (ft. Jeremih) · "Don't Tell Nobody"6.0131.000
 Tin Man · "No New Violence (Vocal)"1.002 
 Tiny Ruins · "Me at the Museum You in the Wintergardens"1.002 
 Tiombe Lockhart F. Hudson Mohawke · "Can't Get Enough"1.002 
 Tkay Maidza · "U-Huh"4.008 
 T.K. Soul · "Now This Is a Party"1.002 
 Tobacco · "Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut at the End of the Summer)"1.002 
 Tobias Jesso Jr · "Hollywood"2.004 
 Tobias Jesso Jr · "True Love"4.008 
 Toby Thomas Churchill · "Football Sex"1.002 
 Todd Osborn · "5thep"1.002 
 Todd Terje · "Delorean Dynamite"4.008 
 Todd Terje · "Inspector Norse"2.004 
 Todd Terje · "Johnny and Mary (Featuring Bryan Ferry)"4.008 
 Todd Terje · "Oh Joy"1.002 
 Todd Terje · "Strandbar (Disko)"1.002 
 Todd Terje · "Svensk Sas"2.004 
 Tok · "Cult Hero"1.002 
 Tommy Awards · "Session 1"1.002 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · "All You Can Carry"1.002 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · "American Dream Plan B"1.002 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · "Fault Lines"3.006 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · "Forgotten Man"3.006 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · "U Get Me High"1.002 
 Tom Vek · "Animals in the Jungle"1.002 
 The Tontons · "Veida"2.004 
 Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga · "Anything Goes"1.002 
 Tori Amos · "America"1.002 
 Tori Amos · "Promise"1.002 
 Tori Amos · "Trouble's Lament"3.006 
 Tornado Wallace · "Circadia"1.002 
 Torn Hawk · "Blindsided"1.002 
 Tory Lanez · "R.I.D.E."1.002 
 Total Control · "Black Spring"2.004 
 Total Control · "Expensive Dog"1.002 
 Total Control · "Flesh War"3.006 
 Tove Lo · "Habits (Stay High)"14.030.846
 Tove Lo · "Habits (Stay High) Hippie Sabotage Remix"1.002 
 Tove Lo · "Moments"1.002 
 Tove Lo · "Not on Drugs"1.002 
 Tove Lo · "Timebomb"3.006 
 Tove Styrke · "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You"2.004 
 T-Pain (ft. Young Cash) · "Royals (Remix)"1.002 
 T-Pain With B.O.B · "Up Down"1.002 
 Trans Am · "Backlash"1.002 
 Trap Them · "Lungrunners"1.002 
 Trap Them · "Savage Climbers"1.002 
 Trash Kit · "Beach Babe"1.002 
 Travi$ Scott, Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan · "Mamacita"1.002 
 Tree · "Godlike"1.002 
 Tree · "Probably Nu It"2.004 
 Trey Songz · "What's Best for You"1.002 
 Trey Songz (ft. Nicki Minaj) · "Touchin, Lovin"2.004 
 Triad God · "So Pay La"1.002 
 Truckfighters · "Prophet"1.002 
 Trust · "Rescue, Mister"1.002 
 Tune-Yards · "Find a New Way"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "The Real Thing"1.002 
 tUnE-yArDs · "Water Fountain"26.055.654
 Tunji Ige · "Day 2 Day"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Careful You"3.006 
 TV on the Radio · "Could You"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Happy Idiot"7.015.857
 TV on the Radio · "Love Stained"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Ride"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Right Now"1.002 
 TV on the Radio · "Trouble"1.002 
 Tweedy · "Fake Fur Coat"2.004 
 Tweedy · "Low Key"1.002 
 Tweens · "Be Mean"3.006 
 Tweens · "Forever"1.002 
 Twin Peaks · "Flavor"1.002 
 Twin Peaks · "Making Breakfast"1.002 
 Twin Peaks · "Mirror of Time"1.002 
 Twin Shadow · "To the Top"1.002 
 Tycho · "Awake"1.002 
 Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne · "Senile"1.002 
 Ty$ · "Or Nah"1.002 
 Ty$ · "Paranoid"1.002 
 Ty$ · "Stand For"1.002 
 Ty Segall · "Feel"3.006 
 Ty Segall · "Manipulator"2.004 
 Ty Segall · "The Singer"1.002 
 Ty Segall · "Tall Man, Skinny Lady"3.006 
 Ty$ (ft. Casey Veggies, Twista & Nate Poetics) · "Work"1.002 
 U2 · "Every Breaking Wave"5.011.600
 U2 · "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)"2.004 
 U2 · "Sleep Like a Baby"1.002 
 U2 · "Volcano"1.002 
 Ultimate Painting · "Ten Street"1.002 
 Ultimate Painting · "Ultimate Painting"2.004 
 The Underachievers · "Metropolis"1.002 
 Uniform · "Our Blood"1.002 
 United Nations · "Serious Business"1.002 
 The Unthanks · "Mount the Air"1.002 
 Usher · "Good Kisser"18.0381.000
 Usher · "I Don't Mind"1.002 
 Vance Joy · "Riptide"1.002 
 Vaselines · "High Tide, Low Tide"1.002 
 Vashti Bunyan · "Jellyfish"1.002 
 Velvet Whip · "Bronze Medallion"1.002 
 Veronica Falls · "Nobody There"1.002 
 Vic Mensa · "Down on My Luck"12.0251.000
 Vic Spencer (ft. Tree) · "Profound"1.002 
 Viet Cong · "Bunker Buster"1.002 
 Viet Cong · "Continental Shelf"3.006 
 Viet Cong · "Oxygen Feed"1.002 
 Viet Cong · "Throw It Away"1.002 
 Viet Cong · "Unconscious Melody"2.004 
 Villagers of Ioannina City · "Echoes"1.002 
 Vince Staples · "Blue Suede"4.008 
 Vince Staples · "Hands Up"9.019.444
 Vince Staples (ft. James Fauntleroy) · "Nate"1.002 
 Vinyl Jacket · "Jupiter"1.002 
 Violent Reaction · "Dead End"1.002 
 Violent Soho · "Covered in Chrome"1.002 
 Voices From the Lake · "Respiro (Live Edit)"1.002 
 Vulfpeck · "Zzzzzzzzzz"1.002 
 Vybz Kartel · "Do Di Maths"1.002 
 Walking Bicycles · "Eyesore"1.002 
 Walk the Moon · "Shut Up and Dance"1.002 
 Wang Rong · "Chick Chick"1.002 
 Wankelmut & Emma Louise · "My Head Is a Jungle (MK Remix)"1.002 
 War on Drugs · "An Ocean in Between the Waves"4.008 
 War on Drugs · "Burning"1.002 
 War on Drugs · "Eyes to the Wind"3.006 
 War on Drugs · "In Reverse"2.004 
 War on Drugs · "Red Eyes"26.055.462
 War on Drugs · "Under the Pressure"12.025.333
 Warpaint · "Disco/Very"1.002 
 Warpaint · "Love Is to Die"2.004 
 Wassup · "Jingle Bell"1.002 
 Waters · "Got to My Head"1.002 
 Watery Love · "Face the Door"1.002 
 Wave Racer · "Streamers"1.002 
 We Are Scientists · "Make It Easy"1.002 
 The Weeknd · "Often"1.002 
 Weezer · "Back to the Shack"3.006 
 Weezer · "The British Are Coming"1.002 
 Weezer · "Cleopatra"2.004 
 Weezer · "Go Away"1.002 
 "Weird Al" Yankovic · "Foil"1.002 
 "Weird Al" Yankovic · "Handy"3.006 
 "Weird Al" Yankovic · "Tacky"1.002 
 "Weird Al" Yankovic · "Word Crimes"5.011.800
 Weyes Blood · "Hang On"1.002 
 The Wharves · "Renew"1.002 
 White Hinterland · "Ring the Bell"2.004 
 White Lung · "Down It Goes"1.002 
 White Lung · "Face Down"2.004 
 White Lung · "Wrong Star"1.002 
 White Reaper · "Ohhh (Yeah)"1.002 
 White Sea · "Prague"1.002 
 Wild Beasts · "Mecca"1.002 
 Wild Beasts · "Wanderlust"1.002 
 Wild Billy Childish & CTMF · "It's So Hard to Be Happy"1.002 
 Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey · "Going Back Home"1.002 
 William Bell (ft. Snoop Dogg) · "I Forgot to Be Your Lover"1.002 
 William Onyeabor Vs. Hot Chip · "Atomic Bomb"1.002 
 William Tyler · "Karussell (Michael Rother Cover)"1.002 
 William Tyler · "Krausened"1.002 
 William Tyler · "Whole New Dude"5.0111.000
 Willie Nelson · "The Wall"2.004 
 Willie Nelson (ft. Sister Bobbie) · "Laws of Nature"1.002 
 Will Stratton · "Gray Lodge Wisdom"1.002 
 Winner · "Empty"1.002 
 Withered Hand · "Horseshoe"4.008 
 Withered Hand · "Love Over Desire"1.002 
 Withered Hand · "New Gods"1.002 
 Wiz Khalifa · "We Dem Boyz"3.006 
 Wizkid · "Show You the Money"1.002 
 Wolf Alice · "Moaning Lisa Smile"1.002 
 Wolves in the Throne Room · "Celestite Mirror"1.002 
 Wolves in the Throne Room · "Sleeping Golden Storm"1.002 
 Woods · "Moving to the Left"1.002 
 Woods · "With Light and With Love"1.002 
 Woods of Desolation · "And If All the Stars Faded Away"1.002 
 Wovenhand · "Good Shepherd"1.002 
 Wrestlers (ft. Twin Shadow and D'Angelo Lacy) · "Say Anything"1.002 
 Wussy · "Acetylene"2.004 
 Wussy · "Halloween"2.004 
 Wussy · "North Sea Girls"2.004 
 Wussy · "Teenage Wasteland"10.021.400
 Wussy · "To the Lightning"1.002 
 Wu-Tang Clan · "Necklace"1.002 
 Wu-Tang Clan · "Preacher's Daughter"1.002 
 Wye Oak · "Before"3.006 
 Wye Oak · "Glory"2.004 
 Wye Oak · "Paradise"1.002 
 Wytches · "Gravedweller"1.002 
 Xavie Shorts · "Get Enough"1.002 
 Xetas · "The Silence"1.002 
 Ximena Sariñana · "Sin Ti No Puede Estar Tan Mal"1.002 
 Xiu Xiu · "Stupid in the Dark"1.002 
 Yann Tiersen · "Meteorites"1.002 
 Years and Years · "Desire"1.002 
 Yelle · "Bouquet Final"1.002 
 Yelle · "Complètement Fou"1.002 
 Yellow Eyes · "One Rock for the Wild Dog"1.002 
 Yemi Alade · "Johnny"1.002 
 YG · "Bicken Back Being Bool"1.002 
 YG (ft. Drake) · "Who Do You Love?"9.019.556
 YG (ft. Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan) · "My Nigga"2.004 
 YG (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)"2.004 
 YG (Rich Homie Quan & Jeezy) · "My Hitta"1.002 
 Yob · "In Our Blood"1.002 
 Yob · "Marrow"2.004 
 Yogoman Burning Band · "Taking Over Dancehall"1.002 
 Young Fathers · "Get Up"1.002 
 Young Hunting · "Into Yr Mind (One Finger Riot Remix)"1.002 
 Young Money · "Lookin' Ass Nigga"1.002 
 Young Scooter · "Dysfunction"1.002 
 Young the Giant · "Mind Over Matter"1.002 
 Young Thug · "Stoner"6.0131.000
 Young Thug & Bloody Jay · "Danny Glover"2.004 
 Young Thug & Bloody Jay · "Florida Water"2.004 
 Young Thug and Bloody Jay · "No Fucks"1.002 
 Young Thug (ft. A$AP Ferg and Freddie Gibbs) · "Old English"4.008 
 Young Widows · "Kerosene Girl"1.002 
 Yung L · "Dun Dit It"2.004 
 Yung Lean · "Leanworld"1.002 
 Zedd (ft. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant) · "Find You"1.002 
 Zex · "Savage City"1.002 
 ZHU (ft. Sean Dee) · "Faded (Remix)"2.004 
 Zola Jesus · "Dangerous Days"1.002 
 Zola Jesus · "Go (Blank Sea)"1.002 
 Zookeeper · "Universe Song"1.002 
 (various artists) · "Go Forth, Feminist Warriors"1.002 
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