This is a statistical index to the Village Voice Pazz & Jop music critics poll, generated in the process of its tabulation for the last few years.
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Similarity is calculated for albums, songs and artists based on voter overlap, and for ballots and voters based on album+song+artist overlap. The ballot and voter scores are weighted by album/song/artist popularity.
#2015 SongsVotes%Singularity
 !!! · "Bam City"1.003 
 !!! · "Sick Ass Moon"1.003 
 The 1975 · "Love Me"1.003 
 The 1975 · "Ugh!"1.003 
 1984 · "Broken Water"1.003 
 3 Winan Brothers and the Clark Sisters · "Dance (Louis Vega Dance Ritual Mix)"1.003 
 5 Seconds of Summer · "Jet Black Heart"1.003 
 5 Seconds of Summer · "She's Kinda Hot"1.003 
 6-String Drag · "I Miss the Drive-In"1.003 
 93millionmilesfromthesun · "Watch Her Fall EP"1.003 
 9muses · "Hurt Locker"1.003 
 Abbie Morin · "Better Half"1.003 
 Acid Call · "Clay Ya Feet"1.003 
 Acid Dad · "Grim"1.003 
 Action Bronson · "Actin' Crazy"1.003 
 Action Bronson · "Easy Rider"5.013 
 Action Bronson · "Falconry"1.003 
 Action Bronson · "Terry"1.003 
 Action Bronson (ft. Chance the Rapper) · "Baby Blue"5.0131.000
 Adam Lambert · "Ghost Town"4.010 
 Adele · "All I Ask"2.005 
 Adele · "Hello"42.108.762
 Adele · "Sweetest Devotion"1.003 
 Adele · "When We Were Young"2.005 
 Adia Victoria · "Howlin' Shame"1.003 
 Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman · "Get a Dog"1.003 
 Airwaves · "Fantasy"1.003 
 Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke With Chikamorachi & Merzbow · "Flying Basket"1.003 
 Alabama Shakes · "Don't Wanna Fight"24.062.583
 Alabama Shakes · "Gemini"1.003 
 Alabama Shakes · "Gimme All Your Love"5.013.400
 Alabama Shakes · "Shoegaze"1.003 
 Alabama Shakes · "Sound & Color"2.005 
 Alan Jackson · "You Can Always Come Home"1.003 
 Alessia Cara · "Here"25.064.960
 Alex G · "People"1.003 
 Alex Winston · "Down Low"1.003 
 Algiers · "Black Eunuch"1.003 
 Algiers · "Blood"2.005 
 Algiers · "Irony. Utility. Pretext."1.003 
 Aline · "La Vie éLectrique"1.003 
 Alison Brown · "A Long Way Gone"1.003 
 All Dogs · "Black Hole"1.003 
 All Dogs · "That Kind of Girl"1.003 
 Allen Lowe · "Theme for the Nine (for Charleston)"1.003 
 Allie X · "Prime"1.003 
 Al Rogers Jr. · "Daydream in the Barbershop"1.003 
 Amara la Negra · "Así"1.003 
 American Wrestlers · "I Can Do No Wrong"2.005 
 Andra Day · "Rise Up"2.005 
 Andrew Combs · "Foolin'"1.003 
 Andrew Combs · "Nothing to Lose"1.003 
 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness · "Cecilia and the Satellite"1.003 
 Andy Grammer · "Honey I'm Good"1.003 
 Andy Kim · "Shoot 'Em Up, Baby"1.003 
 Aneurysm · "Dio Priest and Maiden"1.003 
 Anna Lunoe · "Satisfaction (UNIIQU3 Remix)"1.003 
 Annie · "Endless Vacation"1.003 
 Annie Girl & the Flight · "Bodies"1.003 
 Anohni · "4 Degrees"3.008 
 Aoife O'Donovan · "King of All Birds"1.003 
 The Arcs · "The Arc"1.003 
 The Arcs · "Outta My Mind"1.003 
 The Arcs · "Stay in My Corner"3.008 
 AronChupa · "I'm an Albatraoz"1.003 
 Arthur Russell · "Lucky Cloud"1.003 
 Art Melody · "Na Kiend Songo"1.003 
 A$AP Rocky · "Everyday"2.005 
 A$AP Rocky · "Excuse Me"1.003 
 A$AP Rocky · "Jukebox Joints"2.005 
 A$AP Rocky · "L$d"3.008 
 A$AP Rocky · "Wavybone"2.005 
 A$AP Rocky (ft. Bones) · "Canal Street"1.003 
 Ashley Monroe · "The Blade"6.015.333
 Ashley Monroe · "Bombshell"1.003 
 Ashley Monroe · "Dixie"1.003 
 Ashley Monroe · "If the Devil Don't Want Me"1.003 
 Ashley Monroe · "On to Something Good"1.003 
 Ashtray Navigations · "Fog Bottle Morning"1.003 
 Aspiring Mogul · "The Black Republican"1.003 
 Astronauts, Etc. · "Eye to Eye"1.003 
 Astropol · "Make Love Stay"1.003 
 Atlas Genius · "A Perfect End"1.003 
 Atmosphere · "This Lonely Rose"1.003 
 A Tribe Called Red · "Electric War Drum"1.003 
 Aurora · "Runaway"1.003 
 Austin Mahone · "Dirty Work"1.003 
 Autour de Lucie · "Ta Lumière Particulière"1.003 
 Autre Ne Veut · "Age of Transparency"2.005 
 Autre Ne Veut · "Over Now"1.003 
 Autre Ne Veut · "World War Pt. 2"1.003 
 Ava Luna · "Steve Polyester"1.003 
 A-wa · "Habib Galbi"1.003 
 Awolnation · "Howling Moon (Bad Wolf)"1.003 
 Aye Nako · "Human Shield"1.003 
 Bad Bad Hats · "Midway"2.005 
 Bad Bad Hats · "Say Nothing"1.003 
 Badbadnotgood · "Here and Now"1.003 
 Baggage · "The Biggest Bar Night of the Year"1.003 
 Baio · "Sister of Pearl"1.003 
 Banda Cohuich · "Son Kora Kau Te Te Kai Nie Ni (Dialecto Huichol)"1.003 
 Baroness · "Chlorine & Wine"1.003 
 Baroness · "Shock Me"2.005 
 Battles · "Summer Simmer"1.003 
 Battles · "The Yabba"1.003 
 BC Kingdom and Mila J · "I Used to Love"1.003 
 Beach Baby · "No Mind No Money"1.003 
 Beach House · "Days of Candy"1.003 
 Beach House · "Elegy to the Void"1.003 
 Beach House · "Ppp"1.003 
 Beach House · "Somewhere Tonight"1.003 
 Beach House · "Space Song"2.005 
 Beach House · "Sparks"10.026.700
 Beach Slang · "Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas"1.003 
 Beak> · "The Meader"1.003 
 Beat Spacek · "I Wanna Know"1.003 
 Beauty Pill · "Drapetomania!"1.003 
 Beck · "Dreams"13.0331.000
 Beirut · "No No No"1.003 
 Belle and Sebastian · "Nobody's Empire"6.0151.000
 Belle and Sebastian · "The Party Line"1.003 
 Belle and Sebastian · "Play for Today"1.003 
 Benjamin Clementine · "Nemesis"1.003 
 Benoît Pioulard · "Noyaux"1.003 
 Best Coast · "California Nights"1.003 
 Best Coast · "Feeling Okay"1.003 
 Better Off · "Dresser Drawer"1.003 
 Between the Buried and Me · "The Coma Machine"2.005 
 Bhi Bhiman · "Moving to Brussels"1.003 
 Bhi Bhiman · "There Goes the Neighborhood"1.003 
 Big Data · "Snowed In"1.003 
 Big Data (ft. Joywave) · "Dangerous"1.003 
 Big Grams · "Fell in the Sun"1.003 
 Big Grams · "Lights On"1.003 
 Big Quiet · "Maura & Dana"1.003 
 Big Sean (ft. Drake) · "Blessings"3.008 
 Big Sean (ft. E-40) · "I Don't Fuck With You"1.003 
 Billy Currington · "Don't It"1.003 
 Birch · "Halfway"1.003 
 Birch · "Windowless"1.003 
 Bitchin Bajas · "Rias Baixas"1.003 
 Bjarki · "I Wanna Go Bang"1.003 
 Bjork · "History of Touches"1.003 
 Björk · "Black Lace"2.005 
 Björk · "Lionsong"3.008 
 Björk · "Stonemilker"5.013.600
 Blanck Mass · "Dead Format"1.003 
 Blank Realm · "River of Longing"1.003 
 Bleachers (ft. Susanna Hoffs) · "I'm Ready to Move On"1.003 
 Blood Orange · "Sandra's Smile"6.0151.000
 Blur · "Go Out"7.018.857
 Blur · "Lonesome Street"3.008 
 Blur · "My Terracotta Heart"1.003 
 Blur · "Ong Ong"1.003 
 Bob Dylan · "The Night We Called It a Day"2.005 
 Bob Dylan · "That Lucky Old Sun"2.005 
 Bob Moses · "Too Much Is Never Enough"1.003 
 Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter · "Papaya Lipgloss"1.003 
 Bomba Estéreo · "Fiesta (Remix)"1.003 
 Boof · "Birgit Boogie"1.003 
 Boosie · "Intro (Get Em Boosie)"1.003 
 Boots · "I Run Roulette"1.003 
 Borgore (ft. G-Eazy) · "Forbes"1.003 
 Boulevards · "Got to Go"1.003 
 Bouquet · "Stacks on Stacks (Glasser New Romantic Mix)"1.003 
 Boxed In · "Mystery"1.003 
 The Boy Illinois · "Sell Again"1.003 
 Braids · "Miniskirt"1.003 
 Braids · "Sore Eyes"1.003 
 Brandi Carlile · "I Belong to You"1.003 
 Brandi Carlile · "Mainstream Kid"1.003 
 Brandi Carlile · "Wherever Is Your Heart"1.003 
 Brand New · "Mene"1.003 
 Brand New Car · "Action Bronson"1.003 
 Brandon Flowers · "Can't Deny My Love"1.003 
 Brandon Flowers · "I Can Change"1.003 
 Brave Baby · "Daisy Child"1.003 
 Brett Eldredge · "Drunk on Your Love"1.003 
 Brian Wilson · "I Guess You Had to Be There"1.003 
 Brian Wilson (ft. Al Jardine and David Marks) · "The Right Time"1.003 
 Bricc Baby Shitro · "6 Drugs"1.003 
 Bring Me the Horizon · "Don't Let Me Drown"1.003 
 Broadcaster · "Spin Around the World"1.003 
 Brodinski (ft. Bloody Jay) · "Us"2.005 
 Broncho · "Class Historian"1.003 
 Brothers Osborne · "Stay a Little Longer"2.005 
 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band · "Meet Me in the City"1.003 
 Bts · "I Need You"1.003 
 Buika · "Viver Sin Miedo"1.003 
 Built to Spill · "Living Zoo"2.005 
 Bully · "I Remember"9.023.889
 Bully · "Milkman"1.003 
 Bully · "Trying"9.023.667
 Bunnygrunt · "Just Like Old Times"1.003 
 Burna Boy · "Soke"1.003 
 Busted Outlook · "Spitting Wind"1.003 
 Busy Signal · "Text Message"3.008 
 Butterfly Child · "Playfair Steps"1.003 
 BØRNS · "Electric Love"2.005 
 Cage the Elephant · "Mess Around"2.005 
 The Cairo Gang · "Be What You Are"1.003 
 Calexico · "Falling From the Sky"1.003 
 California X · "Nights in the Dark"2.005 
 Call Me · "Say"1.003 
 Calvin Harris · "How Deep Is Your Love"2.005 
 Calvin Harris (ft. Haim) · "Pray to God"1.003 
 Cam · "Burning House"8.021.750
 Cam · "My Mistake"1.003 
 Cam · "Village"1.003 
 Cam & China · "Run Up"1.003 
 Carla Morrison · "Tu Atacas"1.003 
 Carla Morrison · "Un Beso"1.003 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "All That"8.021.250
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Boy Problems"3.008 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Emotion"6.015.500
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Gimmie Love"2.005 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance"1.003 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "I Really Like You"15.038.600
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "LA Hallucinations"1.003 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Let's Get Lost"2.005 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Making the Most of the Night"2.005 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Run Away With Me"41.105.341
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "Warm Blood"2.005 
 Carly Rae Jepsen · "When I Needed You"2.005 
 Carrie Underwood · "Smoke Break"1.003 
 Car Seat Headrest · "Maud Gone"1.003 
 Car Seat Headrest · "Something Soon"5.013.600
 Car Seat Headrest · "Times to Die"1.003 
 Cashmere Cat (ft. Ariana Grande) · "Adore"1.003 
 Catey Shaw · "Human Contact (French Horn Rebellion Remix)"1.003 
 Cavanaugh · "Screen Play"1.003 
 Cecile McLorin Salvant · "Fog"1.003 
 Cecile McLorin Salvant · "Wives and Lovers"1.003 
 Ceschi · "Barely Alive"1.003 
 Ch'an · "Trippin'"1.003 
 Chain of Flowers · "Crisis"1.003 
 Chairlift · "Ch-Ching"1.003 
 Chairlift · "Romeo"1.003 
 Chance the Rapper (ft. Saba) · "Angels"7.0181.000
 Charles Bradley · "Changes"1.003 
 Charli XCX · "Doing It (A.G. Cook Remix)"2.005 
 Charli XCX (ft. Rita Ora) · "Doing It"3.008 
 Charlotte Fabro · "Mindful"1.003 
 Chastity Belt · "Drone"1.003 
 Chastity Belt · "Joke"3.008 
 Chelsea Wolfe · "After the Fall"1.003 
 Chelsea Wolfe · "Iron Moon"2.005 
 Chemical Brothers · "Go"3.008 
 Chemical Brothers · "Under Neon Lights"1.003 
 Chemical Brothers · "Wide Open [Ft. Beck]"1.003 
 Cherish the Ladies · "All the Valley Down"1.003 
 Chic (ft. Nile Rodgers) · "I'll Be There"1.003 
 Chi Ching Ching · "Watchi Wyah Feat Hard Fi Deal Wid"1.003 
 Childbirth · "Baby Bump"1.003 
 Childbirth · "Let's Be Bad"1.003 
 Childbirth · "Siri, Open Tinder"2.005 
 Childbirth · "Women's Rights"1.003 
 The Chills · "America Says Hello"1.003 
 The Chills · "Warm Waveform"1.003 
 Chino Amobi · "They Don't Really Care About Us (Remix)"1.003 
 Chinx (ft. MeetSims) · "On Your Body"1.003 
 Chris Brown & Tyga · "Ayo"1.003 
 Chris Cornell · "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart"1.003 
 Chris Janson · "Buy Me a Boat"2.005 
 Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth · "Venus in Furs"1.003 
 Chris Spencer · "No Biggie"1.003 
 Chris Stapleton · "Fire Away"1.003 
 Chris Stapleton · "Nobody to Blame"1.003 
 Chris Stapleton · "Tennessee Whiskey"10.026.800
 Chris Stapleton · "Traveller"1.003 
 Christian Scott · "Sunrise in Beijing"1.003 
 Christine and the Queens · "Tilted"3.008 
 Christopher Owens · "To Take Care of Myself Again"1.003 
 Chromatics · "I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around"3.008 
 Chromatics · "Just Like You"1.003 
 Chromatics · "Shadow"1.003 
 Chuck Hawthorne · "Post 2 Gate"1.003 
 Chvrches · "Bury It"1.003 
 Chvrches · "Clearest Blue"4.010 
 Chvrches · "Down Side of Me"1.003 
 Chvrches · "Empty Threat"1.003 
 Chvrches · "Keep You on My Side"1.003 
 Chvrches · "Leave a Trace"8.021.500
 Chvrches · "Never Ending Circles"2.005 
 Ciara · "I Bet"3.008 
 Ciara · "Jackie (B.M.F.)"1.003 
 Circa Waves · "T-Shirt Weather"1.003 
 Circles Around the Sun · "Interludes for the Dead"1.003 
 Circuit Des Yeux · "Fantasize the Scene"1.003 
 Cita Citata · "Goyang Dumang"1.003 
 Cl · "Hello Bitches"2.005 
 Clap! Clap! · "Simple"1.003 
 Class Actress · "More Than You"1.003 
 Claude VonStroke · "Big Ten"1.003 
 Cliff Lothar · "Soul Plonk"1.003 
 The Close Readers · "Hardcore"1.003 
 Clutch · "A Quick Death in Texas"1.003 
 Cocksure · "Cold Dick"1.003 
 Cold Beat · "Broken Lines"1.003 
 Cold Cave/black Rain/genesis P-orridge · "Rebellion Is Over"1.003 
 Colder · "Turn Your Back"1.003 
 Coldplay · "Adventure of a Lifetime"1.003 
 Coldplay · "Up&Up"1.003 
 Cold War Kids · "First"3.008 
 Colleen Green · "Deeper Than Love"6.015.333
 Colleen Green · "I Want to Grow Up"1.003 
 Colleen Green · "Tv"2.005 
 Colmillo Norteño · "La Plebona"1.003 
 Colm Mac Con Iomaire · "The White Boat-Liam O'Reilly"1.003 
 Come Wind · "Clarity"1.003 
 Conan Zimmerman · "Old Lady Drinking Decaf Coffee (I Hate You)"1.003 
 Concealed Blade · "Demo 2015"1.003 
 Connection · "Don't Come Back"1.003 
 The Corrs · "Bring on the Night"1.003 
 Cotton Mather · "The Book of Too Late Changes"1.003 
 Courtney Barnett · "An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in Ny)"1.003 
 Courtney Barnett · "Avant Gardener"1.003 
 Courtney Barnett · "Dead Fox"2.005 
 Courtney Barnett · "Debbie Downer"1.003 
 Courtney Barnett · "Depreston"25.064.320
 Courtney Barnett · "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party"2.005 
 Courtney Barnett · "Pedestrian at Best"53.136.264
 Courtney Barnett · "Small Poppies"1.003 
 Courtney Love · "Miss Narcissist"1.003 
 Cousin Stizz · "No Bells"1.003 
 Cox Family · "Gone Like the Cotton"1.003 
 Craig Finn · "Maggie I've Been Searching for Our Son"2.005 
 Craig Finn · "Newmyer's Roof"1.003 
 Craig Finn · "Sarah, Calling From a Hotel"1.003 
 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast · "I Have Friends [Feat. Rachel Bloom & Ava Acres]"1.003 
 Cut Ribbons · "Indigo"1.003 
 D'Angelo · "Betray My Heart"1.003 
 D'Angelo · "The Charade"1.003 
 D'Angelo · "Really Love"1.003 
 D'Angelo · "Sugah Daddy"1.003 
 The Dahlmans · "Girl Band"1.003 
 Dai Burger & Darq E Freaker · "Choppin Necks"1.003 
 Daisy Victoria · "Pain of Dancers"1.003 
 Dan + Shay · "Nothin' Like You"1.003 
 Dan Deacon · "Feel the Lightning"1.003 
 Dan Deacon · "Learning to Relax"3.008 
 Dane Terry · "The Working Class"1.003 
 Dan Friel · "Life"1.003 
 Dan Friel · "Rattler"1.003 
 Daniel Ceasar · "Chevalier"1.003 
 Daniel Johns · "Cool on Fire"1.003 
 Daniel Romano · "Old Fires Die"1.003 
 Danu · "Willie Crotty"1.003 
 Danzig · "Crying in the Rain"2.005 
 Danzig · "Lord of the Thighs"1.003 
 Daphne and Celeste · "You and I Alone"4.010 
 Darius Rucker · "Southern Style"1.003 
 The Darkness · "Barbarian"1.003 
 Darlene Love · "Forbidden Nights"2.005 
 Darlingside · "Harrison Ford"1.003 
 Dave Gahan & Soulsavers · "All of This and Nothing"1.003 
 Dave Gahan & Soulsavers · "Shine"1.003 
 Dave Rawlings Machine · "The Trip"1.003 
 David Bowie · "Blackstar"21.0541.000
 David Bowie · "Lazarus"2.005 
 David Guetta, (ft. Nicki Minaj, Afrojack, and Bebe Rexha) · "Hey Mama"2.005 
 David Morales (ft. Janice Robinson) · "There Must Be Love (World Mix)"1.003 
 Davinder Bhardwaj · "Daras Maaye Meriye"1.003 
 Dawes · "All Your Favorite Bands"8.021.750
 Dawes · "Things Happen"2.005 
 Dawn Richard · "Billie Jean"3.008 
 Dawn Richard · "Calypso"3.008 
 Dawn Richard · "Dance"1.003 
 Day Wave · "Drag"1.003 
 Dbuk · "Broncos Fight Song"1.003 
 Dead Weather · "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)"1.003 
 Deafheaven · "Baby Blue"1.003 
 Deafheaven · "Come Back"1.003 
 Deafheaven · "Luna"1.003 
 Death · "Look at Your Life"1.003 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "Black Sun"1.003 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "Death Cab for Cutie"1.003 
 Death Cab for Cutie · "Little Wanderer"1.003 
 Death Grips · "Turned Off"1.003 
 Death Team · "Fucking Bitches in the Hood"3.008 
 The Decemberists · "Cavalry Captain"1.003 
 The Decemberists · "Florasongs EP"1.003 
 The Decemberists · "Make You Better"2.005 
 The Decemberists · "The Singer Addresses His Audience"2.005 
 Declan McKenna · "Brazil"1.003 
 Deerhoof · "Tiny Bubbles"1.003 
 Deerhunter · "Ad Astra"1.003 
 Deerhunter · "All the Same"1.003 
 Deerhunter · "Breaker"4.010 
 Deerhunter · "Living My Life"1.003 
 Deerhunter · "Snakeskin"8.021.750
 Deerhunter · "Take Care"1.003 
 DeJ Loaf · "Desire"1.003 
 Dej Loaf F. Big Sean · "Back Up"1.003 
 Della Mae · "To Ohio"1.003 
 Demi Lovato · "Cool for the Summer"17.0441.000
 Denney · "Low Frequency"1.003 
 Deradoorian · "A Beautiful Woman"2.005 
 Desaparecidos · "Golden Parachutes"1.003 
 Desaparecidos · "Te Amo Camilla Vallejo"1.003 
 Destra · "Lucy"1.003 
 Destroyer · "Dream Lover"5.013.800
 Destroyer · "Times Square"2.005 
 Detroit Cobras · "Feel Good"1.003 
 Devin Di Dakta · "Rrri Bam Bi Deng Deng"1.003 
 Diagrams · "General Relativity"1.003 
 Dick Diver · "Tearing the Poster Down"1.003 
 Dick Diver · "Waste the Alphabet"2.005 
 Dick Diver · "Year in Pictures"3.008 
 Dictators NYC · "Supply and Demand"1.003 
 Dierks Bentley · "Say You Do"1.003 
 Diet Cig · "Breathless"2.005 
 Diet Cig · "Harvard"2.005 
 Dilly Dally · "Desire"1.003 
 Dilly Dally · "Purple Rage"1.003 
 Dion and Paul Simon · "New York Is My Home"3.008 
 Disciples · "They Don't Know"1.003 
 Disclosure · "Omen"1.003 
 Disclosure (ft. Gregory Porter) · "Holding On"1.003 
 Disclosure (ft. Lorde) · "Magnets"3.008 
 The Districts · "Peaches"1.003 
 DJ Khalab · "Eunoto EP"1.003 
 DJ Koze · "Xtc"5.013.800
 DJ Nigga Fox · "Noite E Dia EP"1.003 
 DJ Paypal · "Buy Now EP"1.003 
 DJ Rashad · "6613 EP"1.003 
 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn (ft. Danny Brown) · "Dubby"2.005 
 DJ Richard · "Savage Coast"1.003 
 DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge · "You Know You Like It"1.003 
 DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere (ft. Maimouna Hagen) · "Nondo (Original Mix)"1.003 
 Dnce · "Cake by the Ocean"1.003 
 Domenique Dumont · "Comme ÇA"1.003 
 Domenique Dumont · "L'Esprit de L'Escalier"1.003 
 Dommel Mosel · "Dead Asleep"1.003 
 Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment · "Go"1.003 
 Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment · "Sunday Candy"32.082.594
 Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment · "Wanna Be Cool"2.005 
 Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment · "Windows"1.003 
 Doomtree · "Gray Duck"1.003 
 Downtown Boys · "Dancing in the Dark"1.003 
 Downtown Boys · "Monstro"3.008 
 Downtown Boys · "Wave of History"1.003 
 Drainolith · "No Name (Dany Kane's Blues)"1.003 
 Drake · "30 for 30 Freestyle"1.003 
 Drake · "Back to Back"3.008 
 Drake · "Bad Blood"1.003 
 Drake · "Big Rings"1.003 
 Drake · "Energy"5.013.600
 Drake · "Hotline Bling"76.195.789
 Drake · "Jungle"1.003 
 Drake · "Know Yourself"9.023.667
 Drake · "Legend"2.005 
 Drake · "No Tellin'"1.003 
 Drake and Future · "Jumpman"2.005 
 D.R.A.M. · "Cha Cha"7.0181.000
 D.R.A.M (ft. Donnie Trumpy) · "$"1.003 
 Dr. Dre · "Talk About It"1.003 
 Drug Control · "S/t"1.003 
 Dr. Yen Lo · "Day 13"1.003 
 Dr. Yen Lo · "Day 22"1.003 
 Ducktails · "Headbanging in the Mirror"1.003 
 Duke Dumont · "The Giver (Reprise)"1.003 
 Duke Ellington & His Orchestra · "Afrique (Take 3, Vocal)"1.003 
 Dumblonde · "Dreamsicle"1.003 
 Dumblonde · "Tender Green Life"1.003 
 Duran Duran · "Pressure Off"5.013.800
 Duran Duran F. Janelle Monae and Niles Rodgers · "Pressure Off"1.003 
 Dusky · "Jilted"1.003 
 Dutch Uncles · "Babymaking"1.003 
 Dvsn · "The Line"1.003 
 Dynesti Williams · "Welcome to the Dyna"1.003 
 The Dø · "Trustful Hands"1.003 
 Eagles of Death Metal · "I Love You All the Time"3.008 
 Eagles of Death Metal · "Save a Prayer"1.003 
 Earl Sweatshirt · "AM // Radio"1.003 
 Earl Sweatshirt · "Faucet"1.003 
 Earl Sweatshirt · "Grief"3.008 
 easyFun · "Laplander"2.005 
 Eche Palente · "A Discussion Between Saxes"1.003 
 The Edge of Daybreak · "Eyes of Love"1.003 
 Ed Sheeran · "Thinking Out Loud"2.005 
 Eduardo de la Calle · "I Think I Love You"1.003 
 Elder Brother · "Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)"1.003 
 Eleventh Dream Day · "Go Tell It"1.003 
 Eleven Year Old · "Half Moon Sight"1.003 
 Elisa Ambrogio · "Superstitious"2.005 
 Ella Henderson · "Mirror Man"1.003 
 Elle King · "Ex's and Oh's"12.031.833
 Elle Varner · "Fuck It All"1.003 
 Ellie Goulding · "Love Me Like You Do"3.008 
 Elo · "When I Was a Boy"1.003 
 Elvis Depressedly · "N.M.S.S."1.003 
 Elvis Presley With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra · "If I Can Dream"1.003 
 El Vy · "No Time to Crank the Sun"1.003 
 El Vy · "Return to the Moon"3.008 
 EMA · "Active Shooter"1.003 
 Emile Haynie · "Falling Apart"1.003 
 Emily King · "The Animals"1.003 
 Empire Cast · "Get No Better (2.0) [Featuring Serayah]"1.003 
 Empire Cast (ft. Terrence Howard & Bre-Z) · "Boom Boom Boom Boom"1.003 
 Empress Of · "Kitty Kat"2.005 
 Empress Of · "Need Myself"1.003 
 Empress Of · "Standard"1.003 
 Envy · "Footsteps in the Distance"1.003 
 Eric Church · "Like a Wrecking Ball"3.008 
 Eric Church · "Mr. Misunderstood"3.008 
 Eric Church · "Record Year"3.008 
 Eric Church · "Round Here Buzz"1.003 
 Erik Hassle · "No Words"3.008 
 Erykah Badu · "Cel U Lar Device"8.021.875
 Erykah Badu (ft. André 3000) · "Hello"6.015.667
 Eska · "Shades of Blue"1.003 
 Eskimeaux · "Broken Necks"1.003 
 Eskimeaux · "I Admit I'm Scared"1.003 
 Estelle · "Something Good/Devotion (Passion Interlude)"1.003 
 Estelle · "Stronger Than You"1.003 
 Esther Konkara · "I Was Waiting"1.003 
 Everything Ever · "Big Ideas"1.003 
 Everything Everything · "Distant Past"2.005 
 Ex Cult · "Cigarette Machine"1.003 
 Ezra Furman · "Lousy Connection"1.003 
 Ezra Furman · "Ordinary Life"1.003 
 Ezra Furman · "Restless Year"1.003 
 Faceless · "The Spiraling Void"1.003 
 Facesvases · "Hand on My Baseline"1.003 
 Failure · "A.M. Amnesia"1.003 
 Faith No More · "Superhero"1.003 
 Fall Out Boy · "Uma Thurman"1.003 
 Fantastic Negrito · "Lost in a Crowd"1.003 
 Fast Romantics · "Julia"1.003 
 Father · "Spoil You Rotten"1.003 
 Father John Misty · "Bored in the USA"9.023 
 Father John Misty · "Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)"6.015.500
 Father John Misty · "I Went to the Store One Day"2.005 
 Father John Misty · "The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment"5.013.400
 Father John Misty · "True Affection"2.005 
 Father John Misty · "When You're Smiling and Astride Me"1.003 
 Fatima Yamaha · "What's a Girl to Do"1.003 
 Fat Tony · "MacGregor Park"1.003 
 Feedtime · "Flatiron / Stick Up Jack"1.003 
 Feral Conservatives · "Class Reunion"1.003 
 Fetty Wap · "How We Do Things"1.003 
 Fetty Wap · "No Days Off"1.003 
 Fetty Wap · "Trap Queen"47.121.977
 Fetty Wap F. Monty · "Rewind"1.003 
 Fetty Wap (ft. Drake) · "My Way"2.005 
 Fetty Wap (ft. Monty) · "679"3.008 
 FFS · "Johnny Delusional"2.005 
 FFS · "Piss Off"1.003 
 Fidlar · "40oz. on Repeat"2.005 
 Fifth Harmony · "Worth It"2.005 
 Fight Likes Apes · "Pretty Keen on Centerfolds"1.003 
 Fit Siegel · "Carmine"2.005 
 Five Knives · "Savages"1.003 
 FKA Twigs · "Figure 8"2.005 
 FKA Twigs · "Glass & Patron"2.005 
 FKA Twigs · "In Time"5.013.800
 FKA Twigs · "M3L155X"1.003 
 Flash Flood Darlings · "Byeol"1.003 
 Fleur East · "Sax"1.003 
 Floating Points · "Elaenia"1.003 
 Floating Points · "Nespole"1.003 
 Floating Points · "Silhouettes (I, Ii, III)"2.005 
 Florence & the Machine · "Ship to Wreck"8.021.875
 Florence & the Machine · "Third Eye"2.005 
 Florence & the Machine · "What Kind of Man"4.010 
 Florence & the Machine · "What Kind of Man (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"1.003 
 Florist · "Vacation"2.005 
 Flying Lotus (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Never Catch Me"1.003 
 Flyying Colours · "Roygbiv EP"1.003 
 Foals · "Night Swimmers"1.003 
 Four Tet · "Morning Side"1.003 
 Foxes · "Body Talk"2.005 
 Francie Conway · "The Wild Atlantic Way"1.003 
 Frankie · "Problems, Problems"1.003 
 Frankie Cosmos · "Fit Me In"1.003 
 Frank Turner · "The Next Storm"1.003 
 Frank Turner · "Song for Josh"1.003 
 Frau · "Mira"1.003 
 Freddie Gibbs · "Careless"1.003 
 Freddie Gibbs · "Extradite"1.003 
 Freddie Gibbs · "Fuckin' Up the Count"1.003 
 Fred Thomas · "Bad Blood"1.003 
 Fred Thomas · "Cops Don't Care Pt. II"1.003 
 Frightnrs · "Sharon"1.003 
 Front Bottoms · "Handcuffs"1.003 
 Front Bottoms · "Help"2.005 
 Funkadelic & Sound Clap (ft. Sky Stone) · "In Da Kar"1.003 
 Fury · "Kingdom Come"1.003 
 Future · "56 Nights"3.008 
 Future · "Blood on the Money"1.003 
 Future · "Blow a Bag"1.003 
 Future · "Fuck Up Some Commas"13.033.692
 Future · "I Serve the Base"5.013.400
 Future · "Jersey"1.003 
 Future · "Just Like Bruddas"2.005 
 Future · "Kno the Meaning"1.003 
 Future · "March Madness"17.044.118
 Future · "News or Somthn"2.005 
 Future · "The Percocet & Stripper Joint"1.003 
 Future · "Purple Coming In"1.003 
 Future · "Stick Talk"3.008 
 Future · "Thought It Was a Drought"2.005 
 Future · "Trap Niggas"5.013.200
 Future Brown · "Room 302"1.003 
 F(x) · "4 Walls"1.003 
 Galantis · "Peanut Butter Jelly"2.005 
 Galcher Lustwerk · "I Neva Seen"2.005 
 Gallant · "Weight in Gold"1.003 
 Game · "100"1.003 
 Game · "Everybody on the Floor Feat. Migos"1.003 
 Gardens & Villa · "Fixations"1.003 
 Gary Clark Jr. · "The Healing"1.003 
 Gauche · "Pay Day"1.003 
 Gavin Russom · "The Telstar File"1.003 
 George Ezra · "Blame It on Me"1.003 
 George Ezra · "Budapest"4.010 
 Georgia · "Move Systems"1.003 
 Georgia Anne Muldrow · "Great Blacks"1.003 
 Gesu No Kiwami Otome · "Watashi Igai Watashi Ja Nai No"1.003 
 Gfoty · "Cake Mix EP"1.003 
 Ghost · "Cirice"2.005 
 Ghost · "He Is"2.005 
 The Ghost of Richard Manuel · "Mike + Ruthy"1.003 
 Gianna Lauren · "Windows"1.003 
 Giant Sand · "Transponder"1.003 
 Giorgio Moroder (ft. Kylie Minogue) · "Right Here Right Now"1.003 
 Giorgio Moroder (ft. Sia) · "Deja Vu"1.003 
 Girl Band · "Lawman"1.003 
 Girl Band · "Paul"1.003 
 Girl Band · "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage"3.008 
 Girlpool · "Before the World Was Big"1.003 
 Girlpool · "Cherry Picking"1.003 
 Girlpool · "Chinatown"6.015.833
 Girls' Generation · "Party"2.005 
 Girlschool · "Take It Like a Band"1.003 
 Glen Hansard · "Winning Streak"1.003 
 Gloria Trevi · "Te Quiero"1.003 
 G.L.O.S.S. · "G.L.O.S.S. (We're From the Future)"2.005 
 G.l.o.s.s · "Lined Lips and Spiked Bats"1.003 
 G.L.O.S.S. · "Outcast Stomp"1.003 
 Golden Void · "Burbank's Dream"1.003 
 Good Old War · "Broken Into Better Shape"1.003 
 The Goon Sax · "Boyfriend"1.003 
 Gordi · "Can We Work It Out"1.003 
 GOT7 · "Just Right"1.003 
 The Go! Team · "The Scene Between"1.003 
 The Go! Team · "What D'you Say?"1.003 
 Grace Mitchell · "Jitter"1.003 
 Grace Potter · "Empty Heart"2.005 
 Grace Potter · "Nobody's Born With a Broken Heart"1.003 
 Grace Potter · "Your Girl"1.003 
 Grave Pleasures · "Crying Wolves"1.003 
 Graveyard · "Too Much Is Not Enough"1.003 
 Green Velvet & Patrick Topping · "When Is Now"1.003 
 Greg Fox · "Boiler Room in Stereo"1.003 
 Grimes · "Artangels"1.003 
 Grimes · "Belly of the Beat"1.003 
 Grimes · "Butterfly"1.003 
 Grimes · "California"4.010 
 Grimes · "Flesh Without Blood"37.095.459
 Grimes · "Kill V. Maim"15.038.267
 Grimes · "REALiTi"18.046.273
 Grimes · "REALiTi (Demo)"7.018.571
 Grimes and Bleachers · "Entropy"1.003 
 Grimes (ft. Aristophanes) · "Scream"2.005 
 Grupo Cañaveral (ft. Jenny and the Mexicats) · "Tiene Espinas El Rosal (En Vivo)"1.003 
 Grupo Fantasma · "Cayuco"1.003 
 Guantanamo Baywatch · "Do What You Want"1.003 
 Guerilla Toss · "367 Equalizer"1.003 
 Guerilla Toss · "Realistic Rabbit"1.003 
 Gwenno · "Chwyldro"1.003 
 Gwen Stefani · "Used to Love You"1.003 
 Hagerty-Toth Band · "Sunset Dust"1.003 
 Hailee Steinfeld · "Love Myself"4.010 
 Haley Georgia · "Ridiculous"1.003 
 Halsey · "Colors"3.008 
 Halsey · "Ghost"1.003 
 Hamilton Original Broadway Cast · "My Shot"1.003 
 Hannah Diamond · "Every Night"2.005 
 Health · "Life"1.003 
 Health · "New Coke"2.005 
 Health · "Stonefist"2.005 
 Heartless Bastards · "Gates of Dawn"1.003 
 Heather Leigh · "All That Heaven Allows"1.003 
 Heavy K (ft. Tresor) · "Give Me Luv"2.005 
 Heems · "Flag Shopping"7.018.571
 Heems · "Home (Feat. Dev Hynes)"1.003 
 Heinz Hopf · "Olde English"1.003 
 Helado Negro · "Young Latin and Proud"1.003 
 Helen · "Dying All the Time"1.003 
 Helen · "Grace"1.003 
 Hemming · "Some of My Friends"1.003 
 Here We Go Magic · "Falling"1.003 
 Hieroglyphic Being/J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl · "Cybernetics Is an Old Science"1.003 
 HIGHLIFE∞ · "Heaven Spent"1.003 
 High on Fire · "The Black Plot"1.003 
 Hippo Campus · "South"1.003 
 Hnny · "Cheer Up, My Brother"1.003 
 Holly Herndon (ft. Amnesia Scanner) · "An Exit"1.003 
 Honeychurch · "September Songs"1.003 
 Honey Cocaine · "Sundae"1.003 
 Hop Along · "Happy to See Me"2.005 
 Hop Along · "The Knock"1.003 
 Hop Along · "Painted Shut"1.003 
 Hop Along · "Powerful Man"1.003 
 Hop Along · "Texas Funeral"1.003 
 Hop Along · "Waitress"6.015.667
 Hot Chip · "Dark Night"1.003 
 Hot Chip · "Huarache Lights"7.018.714
 Houndmouth · "Sedona"1.003 
 Howling · "Lullaby"1.003 
 Hozier · "Take Me to Church"1.003 
 Hudson Mohawke · "Ryderz"5.0131.000
 The Hue · "Slick"1.003 
 The Human League · "Workin' in a Cocktail Bar (Video Version)"1.003 
 HyunA F. Jung Ilhoon · "Roll Deep (Because I'm the Best)"1.003 
 Iain Woods · "Fiend"1.003 
 Ibeyi · "River"2.005 
 Idjut Boys · "Kenny Dub Headband"1.003 
 iHeartMemphis · "Hit the Quan"2.005 
 Ilegales F. Shelow Shaq · "No Me Diga Que No"1.003 
 ILoveMakonnen · "Trust Me Danny"1.003 
 Imani · "Fire Meh"1.003 
 Insanlar · "Kime Ne"1.003 
 Inside Out Soundtrack · "Lava"1.003 
 The Internet · "Get Away"1.003 
 The Internet · "Girl"2.005 
 The Internet · "Special Affair"2.005 
 Iron Maiden · "Empire of the Clouds"1.003 
 Iron Maiden · "The Red and the Black"1.003 
 Isaiah Rashad · "Nelly"1.003 
 Iu · "Twenty-Three"1.003 
 Jack Name · "Werewolf Factory"1.003 
 Jack Ü (ft. Justin Bieber) · "Where Are Ü Now"34.0871.000
 Jaheim · "Back in My Arms"1.003 
 Jai Wolf · "Indian Summer"1.003 
 Jake Owen · "Real Life"1.003 
 Jakob Danger · "King of the World"1.003 
 Jam City · "Crisis"1.003 
 Jam City · "Proud"1.003 
 James Bay · "Hold Back the River"1.003 
 James Bay · "Scars"1.003 
 James Ferraro · "Skid Row"1.003 
 James McMurtry · "Carlisle's Haul"1.003 
 James McMurtry · "How'm I Gonna Find You Now?"2.005 
 James McMurtry · "South Dakota"1.003 
 James McMurtry · "You Got to Me"2.005 
 Jamie Lin Wilson (ft. Wade Bowen) · "Just Some Things"1.003 
 Jamie Woon · "Sharpness"1.003 
 Jamie xx · "Gosh"11.028.273
 Jamie xx · "The Rest Is Noise"2.005 
 Jamie xx · "SeeSaw"1.003 
 Jamie xx (ft. Romy) · "Loud Places"11.028.545
 Jamie xx (ft. Young Thug & Popcaan) · "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"42.108.714
 Janelle Monae · "Yoga"1.003 
 Janelle Monae & Wondaland · "Hell You Talmbout"6.0151.000
 Janelle Monáe (ft. Jidenna) · "Yoga"4.010 
 Janet Jackson · "Gon' B Alright"1.003 
 Janet Jackson · "No Sleeep"7.018.857
 Jason Derulo · "Cheyenne"1.003 
 Jason Derulo · "Want to Want Me"13.0331.000
 Jason Isbell · "24 Frames"15.038.067
 Jason Isbell · "If It Takes a Lifetime"2.005 
 Jason Isbell · "The Life You Chose"1.003 
 Jason Isbell · "Something More Than Free"1.003 
 Jason Isbell · "Speed Trap Town"6.015.500
 Jay-Jay Johanson · "Moonshine"1.003 
 Jay Rock · "Gumbo"1.003 
 Jay Rock (ft. Black Hippy) · "Vice City"1.003 
 Jay Rock (ft. Lance Skiiwalker) · "Money Trees Deuce"1.003 
 Jazmine Sullivan · "Let It Burn"2.005 
 Jazmine Sullivan · "Silver Lining"1.003 
 J. Balvin · "Ginza"1.003 
 J. Cole · "No Role Modelz"1.003 
 J. Cole · "Wet Dreamz"1.003 
 JD McPherson · "Head Over Heels"1.003 
 JD McPherson · "Let the Good Times Roll"1.003 
 Jeffrey Foucault · "Des Moines"1.003 
 Jeffrey Lewis · "Scowling Crackhead Ian"1.003 
 Jeff Rosenstock · "Nausea"1.003 
 JEFF the Brotherhood · "Black Cherry Pie"1.003 
 Jefre Cantu-Ledesma · "Love After Love"1.003 
 Jenna Moynihan · "Woven"1.003 
 Jennie Vee · "Wicked"1.003 
 Jenny Hval · "Sabbath"1.003 
 Jenny Hval · "That Battle Is Over"6.015.667
 Jenny Hval · "Why This?"1.003 
 Jeremih · "Impatient"2.005 
 Jeremih · "Oui"1.003 
 Jeremih · "Paradise"2.005 
 Jeremih · "Pass Dat"1.003 
 Jeremih · "Planes"1.003 
 Jeremih (ft. J. Cole) · "Planes"3.008 
 Jess and the Ancient Ones · "In Levitating Secret Dreams"1.003 
 Jesse R Berlin · "Wash Your Boat!"1.003 
 Jess Glynne · "Hold My Hand"1.003 
 Jessica Mauboy · "This Ain't Love"1.003 
 Jessica Pratt · "Back, Baby"3.008 
 J Hus · "Dem Boy Paigon"1.003 
 J Hus · "Lean & Bop"1.003 
 Jib Kidder · "Illustration"1.003 
 Jidenna · "Long Live the Chief"1.003 
 Jidenna (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Classic Man (Remix)"2.005 
 Jidenna (ft. Roman GianArthur) · "Classic Man"14.0361.000
 Jill Scott · "Lighthouse"1.003 
 Jill Scott · "Prepared"1.003 
 Jim O'Rourke · "End of the Road"1.003 
 Jim O'Rourke · "Friends With Benefits"2.005 
 Joanna Gruesome · "Honestly Do Yr Worst"1.003 
 Joanna Gruesome · "I Don't Wanna Relax"1.003 
 Joanna Newsom · "Anecdotes"1.003 
 Joanna Newsom · "Divers"2.005 
 Joanna Newsom · "Leaving the City"1.003 
 Joanna Newsom · "Sapokanikan"2.005 
 Joanna Newsom · "Time, As a Symptom"1.003 
 Joan Shelley · "Easy Now"1.003 
 Joan Shelley · "Subtle Love"1.003 
 Joe Ely · "Magdalene"1.003 
 Joe Pug · "If Still It Can't Be Found"1.003 
 Joey Bada$$ · "Paper Trail$"1.003 
 Joey Bada$$ (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) · "Like Me"1.003 
 John Carpenter · "Night"1.003 
 John Grant (ft. Tracey Thorn) · "Disappointing"4.010 
 John Moreland · "Losing Sleep Tonight"1.003 
 John Roberts · "Orah"1.003 
 JoJo · "Right on Time"1.003 
 Jojo · "When Love Hurts"1.003 
 Jonathan Richman · "They Showed Me the Door to Bohemia"1.003 
 Jordaan Mason · "Of Hospitals"1.003 
 Jordan Bratton · "Cold Killer"1.003 
 Jordan Smith · "Hallelujah"1.003 
 Jose James · "Good Morning Heartache"1.003 
 Josh Ritter · "Getting Ready to Get Down"1.003 
 Josh Ritter · "Homecoming"2.005 
 Jozef K & Winter Son (ft. Flora Cruz) · "Tribal Rhythm"1.003 
 Juan Wauters · "I'm All Wrong"1.003 
 Julia Holter · "Feel You"5.013.200
 Julia Holter · "Sea Calls Me Home"5.013.800
 Julien Baker · "Rejoice"2.005 
 Justin Bieber · "Love Yourself"1.003 
 Justin Bieber · "Sorry"14.036.857
 Justin Bieber · "What Do You Mean?"17.044.824
 Justine Skye · "A Train"1.003 
 Justin Paul Vs. Hearts of Ace · "How Long"1.003 
 Kabaka Pyramid · "Well Done"2.005 
 Kacey Musgraves · "Biscuits"11.028.545
 Kacey Musgraves · "Dime Store Cowgirl"7.018.429
 Kacey Musgraves · "Family Is Family"1.003 
 Kacey Musgraves · "Late to the Party"2.005 
 Kacey Musgraves · "Pageant Material"1.003 
 Kacy Hill · "Arm's Length"1.003 
 Kacy Hill · "Foreign Fields"1.003 
 Kadhja Bonet · "Honeycomb"1.003 
 Kaleo · "All the Pretty Girls"1.003 
 Kali Uchis · "Rush"1.003 
 Kamasi Washington · "Change of the Guard"3.008 
 Kanye West · "All Day"3.008 
 Kanye West · "Wolves"1.003 
 Kanye West (ft. Paul McCartney) · "Only One"6.0151.000
 Kaskade, (ft. Sansa With John Dahlbäck) · "A Little More"1.003 
 Kate Tempest · "Bad Place for a Good Time"1.003 
 Katie Dey · "Unkillable"2.005 
 Kaytranada · "Drive Me Crazy"1.003 
 K Camp · "Comfortable"1.003 
 K Camp (ft. Fetty Wap) · "100 (Remix)"1.003 
 Keenan · "El Nino"1.003 
 Kehlani · "The Letter"1.003 
 Kehlani · "You Should Be Here"1.003 
 Kehlani (ft. Chance the Rapper) · "The Way"1.003 
 Keith Ape (ft. A$AP Ferg, Father, Dumbfoundead and Waka Flocka Flame) · "It G Ma"1.003 
 KeithCharles Spacebar (ft. Abra) · "All My Luv"1.003 
 Keith Richards · "Goodnight Irene"1.003 
 Keith Richards · "Trouble"1.003 
 Kelela · "Rewind"18.046.824
 Kelela (ft. MC Bin Laden) · "Rewind Remix"1.003 
 Kelly Clarkson · "Dance With Me"1.003 
 Kelly Clarkson · "Heartbeat Song"1.003 
 Kelsea Ballerini · "Yeah Boy"1.003 
 Kendrick Lamar · "Alright"66.169.303
 Kendrick Lamar · "The Blacker the Berry"16.041.500
 Kendrick Lamar · "Hood Politics"2.005 
 Kendrick Lamar · "How Much a Dollar Cost"7.018.286
 Kendrick Lamar · "I"3.008 
 Kendrick Lamar · "King Kunta"70.179.257
 Kendrick Lamar · "These Walls"3.008 
 Kendrick Lamar · "U"2.005 
 Kendrick Lamar · "Wesley's Theory"1.003 
 Kenny Chesney (ft. Grace Potter) · "Wild Child"1.003 
 Kero Kero Bonito · "Picture This"1.003 
 Kevin Garrett · "Control"1.003 
 Khruangbin · "People Everywhere (Still Alive)"1.003 
 Khruangbin · "White Gloves"1.003 
 Kid Rock · "Johnny Cash"1.003 
 Kid Wave · "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"1.003 
 Killing Joke · "Euphoria"1.003 
 Kimya Dawson · "At the Seams"2.005 
 Kimya Dawson · "At the Seams (Demo)"1.003 
 King · "The Greatest"1.003 
 King Midas Sound/Fennesz · "On My Mind"1.003 
 Kiss Daniel · "Good Time"1.003 
 Kississippi · "Greyhound"1.003 
 Knox Hamilton · "Work It Out"1.003 
 Kodak Black · "Ran Up a Check"2.005 
 Kodak Black · "Skrt"1.003 
 Korallreven · "Here in Iowa"1.003 
 Kranium (ft. Ty Dolla $Ign) · "Nobody Has to Know"1.003 
 KT Lindemann · "Anxious Girls"1.003 
 Kuroma · "20+Centuries"1.003 
 Kuroma · "Passionate People"1.003 
 Kurt Vile · "Life Like This"1.003 
 Kurt Vile · "Lost My Head There"1.003 
 Kurt Vile · "Pretty Pimpin"28.072.786
 Kurt Vile · "That's Life, Tho (Almost Hate to Say)"1.003 
 Kuzie · "Galactus"1.003 
 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · "Crazy Party Night (Pumpkin No Gyakush?)"1.003 
 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · "Mondai Girl"1.003 
 Kyle Tree (ft. Bright Lights) · "Open Eyes"1.003 
 LA4SS · "Get It In"1.003 
 Lady Ebony · "Food Stamps"1.003 
 Lady Gaga · "Til It Happens to You"1.003 
 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper · "Billions of Eyes"3.008 
 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper · "Vena Cava"1.003 
 Laetitia Sadier · "Dry Fruit"1.003 
 LaFave, Jimmy · "Maybe"1.003 
 Lafawndah · "Tan"1.003 
 Lakker · "Milch"1.003 
 Lakker · "Pylon"1.003 
 Laksa · "Draw for The... EP"1.003 
 La Luz · "You Disappear"1.003 
 La Materialista F. N-Fasis · "Taka Taka"1.003 
 Lana Del Rey · "High by the Beach"9.023.778
 Lana Del Rey · "Honeymoon"1.003 
 Lana Del Rey · "Music to Watch Boys To"1.003 
 Lana Del Rey · "Terrence Loves You"1.003 
 Lanterns on the Lake · "Faultlines"1.003 
 Lany · "Someone Else"1.003 
 Laura Denisse · "Sigo Enamorada"2.005 
 Laura Marling · "Short Movie"1.003 
 Laura Marling · "Warrior"1.003 
 Lauryn Hill · "I've Got Life"1.003 
 LCD Soundsystem · "Christmas Will Break Your Heart"2.005 
 Leaf Off · "Jose Gonzalez"1.003 
 Leather Daddy · "S/t"1.003 
 Leather Nun · "Outside My Window"1.003 
 Le Butcherettes · "They Fuck You Over"1.003 
 Lee Ann Womack · "Send It on Down"2.005 
 Lee Ann Womack · "The Way I'm Livin'"3.008 
 Lee Michaels · "Do You Know What I Mean"1.003 
 Leftfield (ft. Sleaford Mods) · "Head and Shoulders"1.003 
 Leggy · "Peach"1.003 
 Leon Bridges · "Coming Home"3.008 
 Leon Bridges · "Lisa Sawyer"2.005 
 Leon Bridges · "River"1.003 
 Leon Bridges · "Smooth Sailin'"1.003 
 Levon Vincent · "Black Arm W/ Wolf"1.003 
 Levon Vincent · "Launch Ramp to Tha Sky"2.005 
 Lianne la Havas · "Green & Gold"2.005 
 Lianne la Havas · "Unstoppable"2.005 
 Lianne la Havas · "What You Don't Do"2.005 
 Libertines · "Gunga Din"2.005 
 Libertines · "Heart of the Matter"1.003 
 Lido & Canblaster · "Superspeed"1.003 
 Life Sim · "IDL (Thy Slaughter Remix)"1.003 
 Lightning Bolt · "The Metal East"1.003 
 Lil Chris · "Days Go Bye"1.003 
 Lil Dicky (ft. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie) · "$Ave Dat Money"1.003 
 Lil Durk · "My Beyonce"1.003 
 Lil Mama · "Sausage"3.008 
 Lil Nardy · "I Know"1.003 
 Lim Kim · "Awoo"1.003 
 Lindstrøm (ft. Grace Hall) · "Home Tonight"3.008 
 Line & Circle · "Like a Statue"1.003 
 Line & Circle · "Split Figure"1.003 
 Lion Babe · "Wonder Woman"2.005 
 Lion Babe · "Wonder Woman (Joel Compass Remix)"1.003 
 Lisa Hartman · "Cause I Knew"1.003 
 Little Big Town · "Girl Crush"16.0411.000
 Little May · "Home"1.003 
 Little Mix · "Black Magic"2.005 
 Little Simz · "Dead Body"1.003 
 Liturgy · "Reign Array"1.003 
 Liz · "When I Rule the World"1.003 
 Lizzo · "Humanize"1.003 
 London O'Connor · "Guts"1.003 
 The London Souls · "When I'm With You"1.003 
 Lone Bellow · "Then Came the Morning"2.005 
 Lonelady · "Bunkerpop"1.003 
 Loop · "Array 1"1.003 
 Loop · "Radial"1.003 
 Lord Huron · "Fool for Love"1.003 
 Lord Huron · "Love Like Ghosts"1.003 
 Lord Huron · "Until the Night Turns"1.003 
 Los Lobos · "Gates of Gold"1.003 
 Los Teke Teke · "Me Dite Duro"1.003 
 Louane · "Avenir"1.003 
 Low · "No Comprende"1.003 
 Low · "What Part of Me"2.005 
 Low Cut Connie · "Diane (Don't Point That Thing at Me)"2.005 
 Lower Dens · "Ondine"1.003 
 Lower Dens · "Sucker's Shangri-La"1.003 
 Lower Dens · "To Die in L.A."4.010 
 Luke Bryan · "Home Alone Tonight"1.003 
 Luke Bryan · "Kick the Dust Up"1.003 
 Luke Bryan · "Spring Breakdown"1.003 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Deliver"1.003 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Mural"1.003 
 Lupe Fiasco · "Prisoner 1 & 2"1.003 
 Lvl Up · "The Closing Door"1.003 
 Lyric Michelle, Fat Tony · "Directions"1.003 
 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis · "Downtown"2.005 
 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz) · "Downtown"4.010 
 Mac McCaughan · "Come Upstairs"1.003 
 Macy Rodman · "Lazy Girl"1.003 
 Madaila · "Give Me All Your Love"1.003 
 Maddie & Tae · "Girl in a Country Song"2.005 
 Maddie & Tae · "Shut Up and Fish"2.005 
 Madeon (ft. Passion Pit) · "Pay No Mind"2.005 
 Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear · "Silent Movies"2.005 
 Madonna · "Devil Pray"1.003 
 Madonna · "Ghosttown"2.005 
 Madonna · "Living for Love"5.013 
 Madonna · "Rebel Heart"1.003 
 Madonna · "Unapologetic Bitch"4.010 
 Magic Words · "Summertime"1.003 
 Majical Cloudz · "Control"1.003 
 Majical Cloudz · "Downtown"6.0151.000
 Majical Cloudz · "Heavy"2.005 
 Major Lazer (ft. MØ & DJ Snake) · "Lean On"19.0491.000
 Mako · "Smoke Filled Room"1.003 
 Makthaverskan · "Witness"1.003 
 Maliibu N Helene · "Figure 8"1.003 
 Mammatus · "Sparkling Waters Part One"1.003 
 Marcus Marr · "Brown Sauce"1.003 
 Maren Morris · "My Church"2.005 
 Margaret Cho · "(I Want To) Kill My Rapist"1.003 
 Marilyn Manson · "The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles"1.003 
 Marilyn Manson · "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge"4.010 
 Marina and the Diamonds · "Blue"1.003 
 Marina and the Diamonds · "I'm a Ruin"1.003 
 Mark Knopfler · "Basil"1.003 
 Mark Knopfler · "Beryl"1.003 
 Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) · "Uptown Funk"44.1131.000
 Mark Ronson (ft. Kevin Parker) · "Daffodils"2.005 
 Mark Ronson (ft. Mystikal) · "Feel Right"2.005 
 Maroon 5 · "Sugar"2.005 
 Maserati · "Rehumanizer II"1.003 
 Mas Ysa · "Look Up"1.003 
 Matt Buck · "KKK Marchers Going to Rally"1.003 
 Maximum Balloon, Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe · "Let It Grow"1.003 
 Max Jury · "The Great American Novel"1.003 
 Maxo Kream · "Thirteen"1.003 
 Mayday Parade · "One of Them Will Destroy the Other (Feat. Dan Lambton)"1.003 
 McCallaman (ft. TIKA) · "Tenfold"1.003 
 M.C. Schmidt · "Lowland Side"1.003 
 Mdou Moctar · "Adounia"2.005 
 Meat Beat Manifesto · "KASM02"1.003 
 Meat Wave · "Brother"1.003 
 Meat Wave · "Delusion Moon"1.003 
 Meek Mill · "B-Boy"1.003 
 Meek Mill · "Classic"1.003 
 Meek Mill · "Monster"1.003 
 Meek Mill (ft. Future) · "Jump Out the Face"1.003 
 Meghan Trainor · "Dear Future Husband"1.003 
 Meg Myers · "Desire"1.003 
 Meg Myers · "Lemon Eyes"1.003 
 Meg Myers · "Motel"1.003 
 Melchior Productions Ltd. · "Meditation 6"1.003 
 Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson · "It's All Going to Pot"2.005 
 Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson · "Unfair Weather Friend"1.003 
 Metric · "The Shade"2.005 
 Metric · "Too Bad, So Sad"1.003 
 Metz · "Eraser"1.003 
 Metz · "The Swimmer"1.003 
 mewithoutYou · "Red Cow"1.003 
 M.I.A. · "Borders"3.008 
 Miami Horror · "Love Like Mine"1.003 
 Michael Ray · "Kiss You in the Morning"1.003 
 Mickey Guyton · "Better Than You Left Me"2.005 
 Miguel · "A Beautiful Exit"1.003 
 Miguel · "Deal"1.003 
 Miguel · "Face the Sun"1.003 
 Miguel · "Flesh"3.008 
 Miguel · "Hollywood Dreams"2.005 
 Miguel · "Leaves"1.003 
 Miguel · "The Valley"2.005 
 Miguel · "Waves"2.005 
 Miguel · "What's Normal Anyway"1.003 
 Miguel (ft. Wale) · "Coffee"31.079.667
 Mika · "Talk About You"1.003 
 Mikael Seifu · "Brass"1.003 
 Mikal Cronin · "Made My Mind Up"1.003 
 Mike Adams at His Honest Weight · "Preparation Age EP"1.003 
 Mike Will Made It · "Drinks on Us"1.003 
 Milemarker · "Conditional Love"1.003 
 Miley Cyrus · "Karen Don't Be Sad"1.003 
 Miley Cyrus · "Lighter"1.003 
 Mind Brains · "Bouncy Clock"1.003 
 Mini Mansions · "Fantasy"1.003 
 Minus 5 · "My Generation"1.003 
 Miranda Lambert (ft. Little Big Town) · "Smokin' and Drinkin'"1.003 
 Miss Red · "Murder"1.003 
 Missy Elliott (ft. Pharrell Williams) · "WTF (Where They From)"50.1281.000
 Mnek · "A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Refix)"1.003 
 M.o · "Preach"1.003 
 Modest Mouse · "The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box"1.003 
 Monica (ft. Lil Wayne) · "Just Right for Me"1.003 
 Monika · "Secret in the Dark"1.003 
 Monika · "Stripping"1.003 
 Monolord · "Cursing the One"1.003 
 Mother's Finest · "Shut Up!"1.003 
 Mothers · "It Hurts Until It Doesn't"1.003 
 Mothers · "Too Small for Eyes"1.003 
 Mothertapes · "Aftermath"1.003 
 Mothertapes · "Do Make Say"1.003 
 Motion City Soundtrack · "Gravity"1.003 
 Motobunny · "Let's Go Out"1.003 
 Mountain Goats · "Heel Turn 2"1.003 
 Mountain Goats · "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero"3.008 
 Mountain Goats · "Southwestern Territory"1.003 
 Mount Eerie · "Boat"1.003 
 Mozart · "The Embarrassment"1.003 
 Mozzy · "Ain't Shit Happen"1.003 
 Mozzy · "Bladadah"2.005 
 Mueran Humanos · "Miseress"1.003 
 Mumford & Sons · "Believe"1.003 
 Mumford & Sons · "The Wolf"1.003 
 Muna · "Promise"1.003 
 Murs · "I Miss Mikey"1.003 
 Muse · "Dead Inside"1.003 
 Mxms · "Anna"1.003 
 My Dying Bride · "Feel the Misery"1.003 
 My Morning Jacket · "Compound Fracture"2.005 
 Naked Gods · "Summer"1.003 
 Namie Amuro · "Golden Touch"2.005 
 Nao · "Zillionaire"1.003 
 Naomi Elizabeth · "The Topic Is Ass"1.003 
 Narc Twain · "Same Shit"1.003 
 Natalia Lafourcade · "Hasta la Raíz"1.003 
 Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy · "The Chase"1.003 
 Natalie Prass · "Bird of Prey"2.005 
 Natalie Prass · "My Baby Don't Understand Me"11.028.636
 Natalie Prass · "Why Don't You Believe in Me?"2.005 
 Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats · "I Need Never Get Old"1.003 
 Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats · "S.O.B."15.038.733
 Nef the Pharaoh · "Big Tymin'"4.010 
 Negative Scanner · "Ivy League Asshole"1.003 
 Neon Indian · "Annie"3.008 
 Neon Indian · "Slumlord"1.003 
 Nervous Trend · "Shattered"1.003 
 The New Lines · "Schismogenesis EP"1.003 
 New Order · "Nothing but a Fool"1.003 
 New Order · "Plastic"2.005 
 New Order · "Singularity"1.003 
 Niagara · "Alagarta"1.003 
 Nicholas Fraser · "Why You Always Lying"2.005 
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Beyoncé) · "Feeling Myself"4.010 
 Nicki Minaj (ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) · "Truffle Butter"11.0281.000
 Nick Jonas · "Jealous"1.003 
 Nick Jonas · "Levels"2.005 
 Nicolas Godin · "Orca"1.003 
 Nicolas Jaar · "Swim"1.003 
 Nicolay · "The Brightest Star"1.003 
 Noel Gallagher · "The Dying of the Light"1.003 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "Ballad of the Mighty"1.003 
 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds · "In the Heat of the Moment"1.003 
 No Form · "Goddess of Fire"1.003 
 No Joy · "Everything New"1.003 
 Noonie Bao · "I'm in Love"1.003 
 North Mississippi Osborne · "Junca Pardna"1.003 
 Nozinja · "Wa Chacha"1.003 
 NxWorries · "Suede"2.005 
 NZCA Lines · "Persephone Dreams"1.003 
 OB Ignitt & Luke Hess · "Jefferson Reserve"1.003 
 OB Ignitt & Luke Hess · "Star Gazing"1.003 
 Oceans Wisdom · "Splittin' the Racket"1.003 
 Odwalla88 · "What The"1.003 
 Of Monsters and Men · "Crystals"1.003 
 Of Montreal · "Bassem Sabry"1.003 
 Of Montreal · "Like Ashoka's Inferno of Memory"1.003 
 Of Verona · "Stay Gold"1.003 
 Okzharp · "Dear Ribane Feat Manthe"1.003 
 Olamide · "Bobo"1.003 
 Old · "Dude"1.003 
 Old Dominion · "Break Up With Him"2.005 
 Oliver Heldens · "Melody"1.003 
 Olivia Chaney · "The Longest River"1.003 
 Omar S/OB Ignitt · "90's Evolution of What It Was"1.003 
 Omi · "Cheerleader"3.008 
 Ona · "Sleep, Rinse, Repeat"1.003 
 On an On · "It's Not Over"1.003 
 One Direction · "Drag Me Down"1.003 
 One Direction · "End of the Day"1.003 
 One Direction · "Perfect"4.010 
 One Direction · "What a Feeling"1.003 
 Oneohtrix Point Never · "Sticky Drama"5.013.400
 Open Mike Eagle · "Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)"1.003 
 Ought · "Beautiful Blue Sky"7.018.714
 Outlaw, Sam · "Ghost Town"1.003 
 Owen Pallett · "The Phone Call"1.003 
 Palmistry · "Memory Taffeta"1.003 
 Panda Bear · "Boys Latin"2.005 
 Panda Bear · "Mr Noah"2.005 
 Panda Bear · "Selfish Gene"1.003 
 Panda Bear · "Tropic of Cancer"5.013.400
 Panic! at the Disco · "Emperor's New Clothes"1.003 
 The Paper Kites · "Revelator Eyes"1.003 
 The Paranoid Style · "Rock 'N' Roll Just Can't Recall EP"1.003 
 Party Bois · "Being in U"1.003 
 Partynextdoor · "Things & Such"1.003 
 Pasadena '68 · "Pardon the Mess"1.003 
 Passenger · "Till You Let Her Go"1.003 
 Passion Pit · "Lifted Up (1985)"3.008 
 Patty Griffin · "Rider of Days"1.003 
 Peaches · "Dumb Fuck"2.005 
 Peaches · "Rub"1.003 
 Peaness · "Fortune Favours the Bold"1.003 
 Pearl and the Beard · "You"1.003 
 Pender Street Steppers · "The Glass City"2.005 
 Pentagram · "Misunderstood"1.003 
 Percussions · "Digital Arpeggios"1.003 
 The Persian Leaps · "High & Vibrate EP"1.003 
 Peter Case · "Pelican Bay"1.003 
 Petite Noir · "Chess"2.005 
 Pet Symmetry · "Go Outside (Stare at the Sun)"1.003 
 Phil Cook · "1922"1.003 
 Pictureplane (ft. Antwon) · "Total Confusion"1.003 
 Pity Sex · "What Might Soothe You?"1.003 
 Pluto · "East End of Things"1.003 
 Pokey LaFarge · "Something in the Water"1.003 
 Pollyester · "2328628"1.003 
 Popcaan · "Unruly Prayer"1.003 
 Pops Staples · "No News Is Good News"1.003 
 Popular Mechanics · "Borderline Concerned"1.003 
 Post Malone · "White Iverson"2.005 
 Potty Mouth · "Cherrypicking"1.003 
 Pouty · "Sad"1.003 
 Powell · "Insomniac"1.003 
 Prettiots · "Stabler"1.003 
 Prince · "Baltimore"1.003 
 Prince Royce (ft. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull) · "Back It Up"1.003 
 Prof · "Motel"1.003 
 Promised Land Sound · "She Takes Me Down"1.003 
 Protester · "No Identity"1.003 
 Protoje, Chronixx · "Who Knows"1.003 
 Protomartyr · "Blues Festival"1.003 
 Protomartyr · "Dope Cloud"1.003 
 Protomartyr · "Ellen"2.005 
 Protomartyr · "I Forgive You"1.003 
 Protomartyr · "Pontiac 87"1.003 
 Protomartyr · "Why Does It Shake?"1.003 
 Prurient · "Dragonflies to Sew You Up"2.005 
 P-Square · "Taste the Money (Testimony)"1.003 
 Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane · "Membrillo's Ride"1.003 
 Public Image Ltd. · "Double Trouble"2.005 
 Public Image Ltd. · "Know Now"1.003 
 Puff Daddy and the Family (ft. Pharrell) · "Finna Get Loose"1.003 
 Pujol · "Sleepy Doni"1.003 
 Punch Brothers · "I Blew It Off"1.003 
 Pure Bathing Culture · "Pray for Rain"2.005 
 Pure Disgust · "Chained"1.003 
 Purity Ring · "Begin Again"1.003 
 Purity Ring · "Bodyache"2.005 
 Purity Ring · "Flood on the Floor"1.003 
 Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch · "L.O.V.E."1.003 
 Pusha T · "Crutches, Crosses, Caskets"1.003 
 Pusha T · "Untouchable"2.005 
 Pussy Riot (ft. Richard Hell) · "I Can't Breathe"1.003 
 Rabit · "Pandemic"1.003 
 RAC (ft. Chelsea Lankes) · "Can't Forget You"1.003 
 Rachel Bloom · "The Sexy Getting Ready Song"1.003 
 Rachel Platten · "Fight Song"2.005 
 Rachel Sermanni · "Run"1.003 
 Radioactivity · "Way Out"1.003 
 Radiohead · "Spectre"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd · "My X"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd · "No Flex Zone"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd · "No Type"2.005 
 Rae Sremmurd · "Safe Sex Pay Checks"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd · "This Could Be Us"5.013.400
 Rae Sremmurd · "Unlock the Swag"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd · "Yno"1.003 
 Rae Sremmurd (ft. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug) · "Throw Sum Mo"3.008 
 Rangda · "To Melt the Moon"1.003 
 Ratatat · "Cream on Chrome"2.005 
 Rat Columns · "Should I Leave You Alone"1.003 
 Raury · "Friends"1.003 
 Raz Fresco · "Cortez Nikes Feat. Chuck Inglish"1.003 
 Rdx · "Pull Up Selecta"1.003 
 Red Velvet · "Dumb Dumb"2.005 
 Reesa Renee · "Hello Mama"1.003 
 Refused · "Old Friends / New War"1.003 
 Repeated Viewing · "Three Sisters (Umberto Remix)"1.003 
 Richard Hawley · "I Still Want You"1.003 
 Rich Homie Quan · "Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)"8.0211.000
 Rick and Morty · "Get Schwifty"2.005 
 Rickie Lee Jones · "J'ai Connais Pas"1.003 
 Rihanna · "Bitch Better Have My Money"18.0461.000
 Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney · "FourFiveSeconds"12.0311.000
 Rivers of Nihil · "Sand Baptism"1.003 
 Rixe · "Coups Et Blessures"1.003 
 Robert Forster · "And I Knew"1.003 
 Robin Thicke · "Morning Sun"1.003 
 Robyn and la Bagatelle Magique · "Love Is Free (Featuring Maluca)"1.003 
 Robyn and la Bagatelle Magique · "Set Me Free"1.003 
 Roisin Murphy · "Evil Eyes"1.003 
 Romans · "Delmenium"1.003 
 Roosevelt · "Night Moves"1.003 
 Royal Headache · "Another World"1.003 
 Royal Headache · "Carolina"4.010 
 Royal Headache · "Garbage"2.005 
 Royal Headache · "High"2.005 
 Royal Headache · "Need You"1.003 
 Royal Thunder · "One Day"1.003 
 Royal Thunder · "Time Machine"2.005 
 RP Boo · "Bang'n on King Dr."1.003 
 Rrose · "Signs"1.003 
 Ruby Amanfu · "Shadow on the Wall"1.003 
 Rudimental · "I Will for Love"1.003 
 Run the Jewels · "Rubble Kings"1.003 
 Ryan Adams · "Bad Blood"2.005 
 Ryan Adams · "Blank Space"1.003 
 Ryan Adams · "Out of the Woods"1.003 
 Ryan Adams · "Style"2.005 
 Ryan Adams · "Wildest Dreams"1.003 
 Ryley Walker · "Primrose Green"2.005 
 Ryn Weaver · "Stay Low"1.003 
 S · "Tell Me"1.003 
 Sadaf · "C.F.C."1.003 
 Saint Motel · "My Type"1.003 
 Saintseneca · "Sleeper Hold"1.003 
 Sakanaction · "Shin Takarajima"3.008 
 Salad Boys · "Dream Date"2.005 
 Sam Hunt · "Break Up in a Small Town"2.005 
 Sam Hunt · "House Party"2.005 
 Samir & Viktor · "Saxofuckingfon"1.003 
 Sam Lee & Friends · "Blackbird"1.003 
 Sam Outlaw · "Country Love Song"1.003 
 Sam Smith · "I'm Not the Only One"1.003 
 Sam Smith · "Lay Me Down"2.005 
 Sam Smith · "Writing's on the Wall"1.003 
 Santigold · "Can't Get Enough of Myself"2.005 
 Sara Bareilles · "She Used to Be Mine"1.003 
 Sara Bareilles (ft. Jason Mraz) · "Bad Idea"1.003 
 Sarah Bethe Nelson · "Paying"3.008 
 Sarah Shook & the Disarmers · "Dwight Yoakam"1.003 
 S. Araw "Trio" XI · "Fireplaces"1.003 
 Sauce Walka · "Wack 2 Wack"1.003 
 Saun & Starr · "Hot Shot"1.003 
 Savages · "The Answer"5.0131.000
 Scalped · "S/t"1.003 
 School of Seven Bells · "Open Your Eyes"2.005 
 Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts · "20th Century Boy"1.003 
 See Gulls · "You Can't See Me"1.003 
 Seeming · "Worldburners Unite"1.003 
 Seinabo Sey · "Younger"1.003 
 Selena Gomez · "Good for You"4.010 
 Selena Gomez · "Hands to Myself"7.018.714
 Selena Gomez · "Same Old Love"2.005 
 Selena Gomez (ft. A$AP Rocky) · "Good for You"1.003 
 Seventeen · "Shining Diamond"1.003 
 Sevyn Streeter · "4th Street"1.003 
 Sexwitch · "Helelyos"1.003 
 Shakey Graves (ft. Esme Patterson) · "Dearly Departed"1.003 
 Shamir · "Call It Off"7.018.714
 Shamir · "Demon"2.005 
 Shamir · "On the Regular"24.062.643
 Shamir · "Vegas"3.008 
 Shannon and the Clams · "Corvette"1.003 
 Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings · "8 Days of Hanukkah"1.003 
 Sheer Mag · "Button Up"3.008 
 Sheer Mag · "Fan the Flames"10.0261.000
 Shilpa Ray · "Nocturnal Emissions"1.003 
 Shi Wisdom · "Young Gunner"1.003 
 Shlohmo · "Buried"1.003 
 Shura · "2shy"1.003 
 Sia · "Alive"1.003 
 Sia · "Bird Set Free"1.003 
 Sia · "Elastic Heart"2.005 
 Sicko Mobb · "Drugs in Me"1.003 
 Sicko Mobb · "On Fire"1.003 
 The Sidekicks · "Satellite Words and Me"1.003 
 Sigala · "Easy Love"1.003 
 Siimba Liives Long · "Cocaine Bimbie"1.003 
 Silento · "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"4.010 
 Skepta · "Shutdown"10.0261.000
 Skylar Spence · "Can't You See"2.005 
 Skylar Spence · "Fall Harder"1.003 
 The Slaves · "Cheer Up London"1.003 
 Slayer · "You Against You"1.003 
 Sleaford Mods · "No One's Bothered"1.003 
 Sleater-Kinney · "A New Wave"17.044.353
 Sleater-Kinney · "Bury Our Friends"3.008 
 Sleater-Kinney · "Hey Darling"1.003 
 Sleater-Kinney · "No Cities to Love"2.005 
 Sleater-Kinney · "Price Tag"1.003 
 Sleater-Kinney · "Surface Envy"2.005 
 Slug Christ · "I'm Stressed Out Man"1.003 
 Slug Christ · "They Ask Me"1.003 
 Sly Stone and George Clinton · "If I Didn't Love You"1.003 
 Smokey · "How Far Will You Go?"1.003 
 Smokey · "Million Dollar Babies"1.003 
 Snakehips (ft. Tinashe and Chance the Rapper) · "All My Friends"2.005 
 Snarky Puppy and Metropole Orkest · "The Curtain"1.003 
 Soak · "B a NoBody"2.005 
 Soft Science and the Luxembourg Signal · "Split Single"1.003 
 Sondre Lerche · "Despite the Night"1.003 
 Sonics · "Bad Betty"2.005 
 Sonics · "I Don't Need No Doctor"1.003 
 Sonics · "Save the Planet"1.003 
 Sonics · "Sugaree"1.003 
 Son Lux · "Change Is Everything"1.003 
 Son Lux · "You Don't Know Me"1.003 
 Sophia Grace · "Best Friend"1.003 
 Sophie · "Just Like We Never Said Goodbye"3.008 
 Speak · "Platinum"1.003 
 Speedy Ortiz · "The Graduates"2.005 
 Speedy Ortiz · "Mister Difficult"1.003 
 Speedy Ortiz · "Raising the Skate"14.036.786
 Spek Won (ft. Shi Wisdom) · "Black Body"1.003 
 The Spook School · "Burn Masculinity"1.003 
 Spray Paint · "Country Singer"1.003 
 Spray Paint · "Voice Modulator"1.003 
 Squeeze · "Happy Days"1.003 
 Stacy Garrop · "Shadow"1.003 
 Stanislav Tolkachev · "All Night Vigil"1.003 
 The Staves · "Make It Holy"1.003 
 The Staves · "No Me, No You, No More"1.003 
 Steve Deaton Three · "Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford"1.003 
 Steve Earle & the Dukes · "Go Go Boots Are Back"1.003 
 Steve Forbert · "Big Comeuppance"1.003 
 Steven Wilson · "Hand. Cannot. Erase."1.003 
 St. Lenox · "Bitter Pill"1.003 
 Stormzy · "Know Me From"2.005 
 Stornoway · "The Road You Didn't Take"1.003 
 Strategy · "Rhen's Loop"1.003 
 The Struts · "Put Your Money on Me"1.003 
 Stutter Steps · "Fog"1.003 
 St. Vincent · "Bad Believer"2.005 
 St. Vincent · "Teenage Talk"1.003 
 Suede · "Outsiders"1.003 
 Sufjan Stevens · "Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)"2.005 
 Sufjan Stevens · "Death With Dignity"3.008 
 Sufjan Stevens · "Fourth of July"6.015.333
 Sufjan Stevens · "John My Beloved"1.003 
 Sufjan Stevens · "No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross"3.008 
 Sufjan Stevens · "Should Have Known Better"10.026.100
 Sundressed · "Beck and Call"1.003 
 Sunkanmi · "Singale"1.003 
 Sun Kil Moon · "Garden of Lavender"1.003 
 Superhuman Happiness · "Super 8"1.003 
 Superhumanoids · "Blinking Screens"1.003 
 Susanne Sundfør · "Accelerate"5.013.600
 Susanne Sundfør · "Delirious"2.005 
 Susanne Sundfør · "Fade Away"1.003 
 Swervedriver · "Autodidact"1.003 
 The Switch · "We're Fooling No One"1.003 
 Tallest Man on Earth · "Dark Bird Is Home"1.003 
 Tallest Man on Earth · "Fields of Our Home"1.003 
 Tallest Man on Earth · "Sagres"1.003 
 Tallest Man on Earth · "Timothy"1.003 
 Tall Tales and the Silver Lining · "Let It Go"1.003 
 Tal National · "Zoy Zoy"1.003 
 Tamaryn · "Cranekiss"1.003 
 Tamaryn · "Hands All Over Me"2.005 
 Tamaryn · "Sugar Fix"1.003 
 Tame Impala · "'Cause I'm a Man"10.026.500
 Tame Impala · "Disciples"1.003 
 Tame Impala · "Eventually"3.008 
 Tame Impala · "The Less I Know the Better"3.008 
 Tame Impala · "Let It Happen"32.082.531
 Tame Impala · "The Moment"2.005 
 Tame Impala · "Yes, I'm Changing"1.003 
 Tanya Tagaq · "Uja"1.003 
 Tarquin Manek · "Sassafras Gesundheit"1.003 
 Tarxan · "The Intro"1.003 
 Tate Kobang · "Bank Rolls"3.008 
 Tate Kobang · "Bank Rolls (Remix)"2.005 
 Taxidermists · "Be 1"1.003 
 Taylor Swift · "Bad Blood"4.010 
 Taylor Swift · "Blank Space"2.005 
 Taylor Swift · "New Romantics"3.008 
 Taylor Swift · "Style"20.0511.000
 Taylor Swift · "Wildest Dreams"1.003 
 Taylor Swift (ft. Kendrick Lamar) · "Bad Blood"2.005 
 Tei Shi · "Bassically"1.003 
 Tekno · "Duro"1.003 
 Thayer Sarrano · "Shaky"1.003 
 Thee Oh Sees · "Web"1.003 
 Thomas Rhett · "Crash and Burn"3.008 
 Thomas Rhett · "Learned It From the Radio"1.003 
 Thundercat · "Them Changes"11.028.909
 Tifa · "Rock My Body"1.003 
 Tinashe · "All Hands on Deck"1.003 
 Tinashe · "Just the Way I Like You"1.003 
 Tinashe · "Player"1.003 
 Tinashe · "Wrong"1.003 
 Tinashe (ft. Schoolboy Q) · "2 On"1.003 
 Tindersticks · "Hey Lucinda"1.003 
 Tink · "Welcome to the Afterparty"1.003 
 Tink · "Wet Dollars (Zeds Dead Remix)"1.003 
 Tink and Tazer · "Wet Dollarz"1.003 
 Titus Andronicus · "Dimed Out"11.028.636
 Titus Andronicus · "Fatal Flaw"1.003 
 Tkay Maidza · "M.O.B."1.003 
 Tobias Jesso Jr. · "Bad Words"1.003 
 Tobias Jesso Jr · "Hollywood"3.008 
 Tobias Jesso Jr. · "How Could You Babe"2.005 
 Tobias Jesso Jr. · "Leaving L.A."1.003 
 Tobias Jesso Jr · "Without You"1.003 
 Tom Jones · "Elvis Presley Blues"1.003 
 Torche · "Blasted"1.003 
 Torche · "Loose Men"2.005 
 Toro y Moi · "Benjaminz"1.003 
 Toro y Moi · "Empty Nesters"2.005 
 Toro y Moi · "Half Dome"1.003 
 Toro y Moi · "What You Want"1.003 
 Torres · "Cowboy Guilt"2.005 
 Torres · "Ferris Wheel"2.005 
 Torres · "New Skin"3.008 
 Torres · "Sprinter"6.015.333
 Torres · "Strange Hellos"5.013.400
 Tortoise · "Gesceap"1.003 
 Tory Lanez · "Say It"1.003 
 Tove Lo · "Habits (Stay High)"1.003 
 Tove Lo · "Talking Body"1.003 
 Tove Styrke · "Number One"1.003 
 Towkio (ft. Chance the Rapper) · "Heaven Only Knows"2.005 
 Traams · "Sister"1.003 
 Travis Scott · "3500"1.003 
 Travis Scott · "Antidote"4.010 
 Travis Scott · "Maria I'm Drunk (Feat. Justin Bieber & Young Thug)"1.003 
 Trey Songz · "Slow Motion"1.003 
 Tropic of Cancer · "I Woke Up and the Storm Was Over"1.003 
 Troye Sivan · "Wild"2.005 
 Trust Fund · "Cut Me Out"1.003 
 Tuff Love · "Carbon"1.003 
 Tune-Yards · "Wait for a Minute"1.003 
 Turnpike Troubadours · "The Birdhunters"1.003 
 Turnpike Troubadours · "Ringing in the Year"1.003 
 Tuxedo · "Do It"1.003 
 Twenty One Pilots · "Stressed Out"2.005 
 Twenty One Pilots · "Tear in My Heart"3.008 
 Twin Peaks · "Telephone"1.003 
 Twin Shadow · "Old Love / New Love"1.003 
 Twin Shadow · "To the Top"4.010 
 Ty Dolla Sign (ft. Charli XCX & Tinashe) · "Drop That Kitty"1.003 
 Tyrese · "Shame"2.005 
 Ty$ · "Blasé"1.003 
 Ty Segall · "Mr. Face"1.003 
 Ty$ (ft. Babyface) · "Solid"1.003 
 U2 · "Song for Someone"1.003 
 Udusic · "S/t"1.003 
 Ufomammut · "Plouton"1.003 
 Ultimate Painting · "Break the Chain"1.003 
 Ultimate Painting · "Out in the Cold"1.003 
 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats · "Melody Lane"1.003 
 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats · "Waiting for Blood"1.003 
 Uncle Lucius · "Age of Reason"1.003 
 Uniform · "Learning to Forget"1.003 
 Universal Togetherness Band · "Ain't Gonna Cry"1.003 
 Unknown · "I'll Suck Your Ween"1.003 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "Can't Keep Checking My Phone"6.015.500
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "Multi-Love"1.003 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "Necessary Evil"2.005 
 Unknown Mortal Orchestra · "The World Is Changing"1.003 
 U.S. Girls · "Damn That Valley"1.003 
 U.S. Girls · "Sororal Feelings"2.005 
 US Girls · "Window Shades"1.003 
 Valet · "Nature"1.003 
 Valley Maker · "Oh Lightning"1.003 
 Vanessa Carlton · "Ascension"1.003 
 Vdp · "Caffeine Ft Safe Posse, Joshua McGregor and Abby Martinez"1.003 
 Vennart · "Operate"1.003 
 Veruca Salt · "Eyes on You"1.003 
 Veruca Salt · "Laughing in the Sugar Bowl"1.003 
 Vexx · "Black/White"1.003 
 Viet Cong · "Bunker Buster"4.010 
 Viet Cong · "Continental Shelf"6.015 
 Viet Cong · "March of Progress"1.003 
 Villagers · "Hot Scary Summer"1.003 
 Vince Staples · "Jump Off the Roof"3.008 
 Vince Staples · "Lift Me Up"2.005 
 Vince Staples · "Norf Norf"9.023.444
 Vince Staples · "Senorita"1.003 
 Vince Staples & Jhene Aiko · "Lemme Know"1.003 
 Vince Staples (ft. Kilo Kish) · "Surf"1.003 
 Vox · "Put the Poison in Me"1.003 
 Vukazithathe · "Lyahlonishawa Indod"1.003 
 Vulfpeck · "Christmas in LA"2.005 
 Vulfpeck · "Wait for the Moment"1.003 
 Wale · "The Matrimony"1.003 
 Walk the Moon · "Shut Up and Dance"10.0261.000
 Warehouse · "Derivative"1.003 
 Warren Haynes · "Spots of Time"1.003 
 Warren Haynes (ft. Railroad Earth) · "Hallelujah Boulevard"1.003 
 Waterboys · "I Can See Elvis"1.003 
 Wavves · "Heavy Metal Detox"1.003 
 Waxahatchee · "<"2.005 
 Waxahatchee · "La Loose"5.013.800
 Waxahatchee · "Poison"2.005 
 Waxahatchee · "Summer of Love"1.003 
 Waxahatchee · "Under a Rock"3.008 
 Wax Idols · "Lonely You"2.005 
 The Weather Station · "Floodplain"1.003 
 The Weather Station · "Life's Work"1.003 
 Weaves · "Tick"1.003 
 The Weeknd · "Can't Feel My Face"69.177.797
 The Weeknd · "Earned It"3.008 
 The Weeknd · "The Hills"23.059.609
 The Weeknd · "I Can"1.003 
 The Weeknd · "In the Night"1.003 
 The Weepies · "Sirens"1.003 
 Weezer · "Do You Wanna Get High?"2.005 
 Weezer · "Thank God for Girls"1.003 
 Wes Tirey · "Old Ohio Blues"1.003 
 Weyes Blood · "In the Beginning"1.003 
 Wheels of Soul · "She Ain't a Child No More"1.003 
 Whiskey Charmers · "Neon Motel Room"1.003 
 White Hinterland · "Chill and Natural"2.005 
 White Reaper · "Pills"1.003 
 White Sea · "Stay Young, Get Stoned"1.003 
 Whoa Thunder · "Are You Ready Yet?"1.003 
 Wifee and the Huzz Band · "She Won't Go"1.003 
 Wilco · "Magnetized"1.003 
 Wilco · "Random Name Generator"7.018.714
 Wilco · "You Satellite"1.003 
 Wild Honey · "Laura"1.003 
 Will Butler · "Anna"1.003 
 Wisin + Carlos Vives (ft. Daddy Yankee) · "Nota de Amor"1.003 
 Wiz Khalifa (ft. Charlie Puth) · "See You Again"2.005 
 Wizkid · "Ojuelegba"1.003 
 Woke · "The Lavishments of Light Looking"2.005 
 Wolf Alice · "Bros"2.005 
 Wolf Alice · "Giant Peach"1.003 
 Wolf Eyes · "T.O.D.D."1.003 
 The Wombats · "Give Me a Try"1.003 
 Wonder Girls · "I Feel You"2.005 
 Woolen Men · "Clean Dreams"1.003 
 The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die · "January 10, 2014"1.003 
 The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die · "You Can't Live There Forever"1.003 
 Wreckless Eric · "White Bread"2.005 
 Wussy · "Lavender Blue"1.003 
 Wyldlife · "Rock Candy"1.003 
 X Ambassadors · "Renegades"1.003 
 X Japan · "Born to Be Free"1.003 
 Yacht · "L.A. Plays Itself"1.003 
 Yak · "No"1.003 
 Year of the Goat · "Riders of Vultures"1.003 
 Years & Years · "King"4.010 
 Years & Years · "Shine"3.008 
 YG · "Twist My Fingaz"2.005 
 Yogi · "Burial [Featuring Pusha T]"1.003 
 Yogi (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace & Skrillex) · "Burial"1.003 
 Yo Gotti · "Down in the DM"1.003 
 Yo la Tengo · "Friday I'm in Love"2.005 
 Young Ejecta · "Into Your Heart"1.003 
 Young Fathers · "John Doe"1.003 
 Young Fathers · "Shame"1.003 
 Young Greatness · "Moolah"1.003 
 Young Guv · "Crawling Back to You"1.003 
 Young Guv · "Kelly, I'm Not a Creep"1.003 
 Young Guv · "Ripe 4 Luv"1.003 
 Young Moose · "True Bill"1.003 
 Young Romance · "Wasting Time"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Best Friend"5.013.600
 Young Thug · "Can't Tell"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Check"2.005 
 Young Thug · "Flaws"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Halftime"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Hey I"3.008 
 Young Thug · "Just Might Be"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Od"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Pacifier"2.005 
 Young Thug · "Proud of Me"1.003 
 Young Thug · "Quarterback"2.005 
 Young Thug · "Raw"1.003 
 Young Thug (ft. Birdman) · "Constantly Hating"6.015.000
 Zane Campbell · "Bringing the Boys Home"1.003 
 Zao · "Xenophobe"1.003 
 Zara Larsson · "Lush Life"1.003 
 Zaz · "Paris Será Toujours Paris"1.003 
 Zomba Prison Project · "Listen to Me (or I Will Kick Your Ass)"1.003 
 The Zombies · "Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You"1.003 
 Zomes · "Kaleidoscope of Sound"1.003 
 Z. Tao · "T.a.o"1.003 
Poll administered by the Village Voice  ·  Tabulation and analysis by glenn mcdonald /