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Circuit Des Yeux
2015#129 of 2068
2013#1545 of 2104
2012#1650 of 2213
2011#514 of 2725
Circuit Des Yeux · In Plain Speech2015#11673710.4.7611.000.021 .000
Adam Kivel · Dave Segal · Fred Pessaro · Lindsey Rhoades · Marc Masters · Mike Rowell · Sasha Geffen
Similar Albums
.2052Henry Plotnick · Fields  (2013)
.1672The Dead C · Secret Earth  (2008)
.1672Ian William Craig · Centres  (2016)
.1672Obnox · Boogalou Reed  (2015)
.1072Alvarius B · Baroque Primitiva  (2011)
.0733Grouper · Ruins  (2014)
.0722Total Control · Typical System  (2014)
.0672Julia Holter · Loud City Song  (2013)
.054275 Dollar Bill · Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock  (2016)
.0542Sun City Girls · Funeral Mariachi  (2010)
.0512Royal Headache · High  (2015)
.0462Protomartyr · The Agent Intellect  (2015)
.0383Swans · To Be Kind  (2014)
.0382Jenny Hval · Blood Bitch  (2016)
.0342Oneohtrix Point Never · Garden of Delete  (2015)
.0342Protomartyr · Under Color of Official Right  (2014)
.0302The Knife · Shaking the Habitual  (2013)
.0222Anohni · Hopelessness  (2016)
Circuit Des Yeux · Portrait2011#502233      
JJ Lang · Joe Stumble · Justin Spicer
Circuit Des Yeux · "Fantasize the Scene"2015#46510 
Adam Kivel
Circuit Des Yeux · "Nova 88"2013#44010 
Justin Spicer
Circuit Des Yeux · "Helen, You Bitch"2012#44910 
Justin Spicer
Circuit Des Yeux · "Barrel Down"2011#62710 
Justin Spicer
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.1212Religious Knives
.1072Honey Radar
.1072Psychic Ills
.0983Sun City Girls
.0952Blank Realm
.0952Ian William Craig
.0952Motion Sickness of Time Travel
.0862Alvarius B
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.0722Jack Rose
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