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Pussy Riot
2016#1615 of 2370
2015#1504 of 2068
2014#1908 of 2567
2013#1545 of 2104
2012#484 of 2213
Pussy Riot (ft. Desi Mo and Leikeli47) · "Straight Outta Vagina"2016#26820 
Camille Dodero · Steve Knopper
Pussy Riot (ft. Richard Hell) · "I Can't Breathe"2015#46510 
Nick Farruggia
Pussy Riot · "Putin Will Teach You to Love the Motherland"2014#55810 
Nick Farruggia
Pussy Riot · "Like a Red Prison"2013#44010 
Cam Patterson
Pussy Riot · "Putin Lights Up the Fires"2012#62801.000
Bill O'Neill · Dan Weiss · Douglas Wolk · Eric Danton · Joey Daniewicz · Marc Hirsh · Mike Rowell · Steve Knopper
Similar Songs
.1572Death Team · "Fucking Bitches in the Hood"  (2015)
.1332Raveonettes · "Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)"  (2009)
.1162Lil B · "No Black Person Is Ugly"  (2014)
.1162"Weird Al" Yankovic · "Word Crimes"  (2014)
.1124Psy · "Gangnam Style"  (2012)
.0834DJ Snake (ft. Lil Jon) · "Turn Down for What"  (2014)
.0762Jay-Z and Kanye West · "No Church in the Wild"  (2011)
.0702Robyn · "Hang With Me"  (2010)
.0702The Roots · "How I Got Over"  (2010)
.0652Be Your Own Pet · "Becky"  (2008)
.0612Kelly Clarkson · "My Life Would Suck Without You"  (2009)
.0532Neko Case · "Man"  (2013)
.0502Kira Isabella · "Quarterback"  (2014)
.0502Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel) · "#Beautiful"  (2013)
.0502Superchunk · "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo"  (2013)
.0452Justin Bieber · "What Do You Mean?"  (2015)
.0443Taylor Swift · "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"  (2012)
.0392Das Racist · "Michael Jackson"  (2011)
.0382Death Cab for Cutie · "I Will Possess Your Heart"  (2008)
.0382LCD Soundsystem · "Drunk Girls"  (2010)
.0382M.I.A. · "Born Free"  (2010)
Pussy Riot · "Punk Prayer: Mother of God, Drive Putin Away"2012#25320 
Omar Kholeif · Ted Cox
Similar Artists
.8895DJ Snake
.4003Missy Elliott
.1823The Paranoid Style
.1482Koes Barat
.1482Swim Team
.1394Lori McKenna
.1272Death Team
.1183Young Fathers
.1112Insane Clown Posse
.1112John Murry
.1112Mariah Carey
.1053Richard Thompson
.0992Jessie J
.0992Red Velvet
.0953Be Your Own Pet
.0892Sara Watkins
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