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Marissa Nadler
2016#168 of 2370
2014#268 of 2567
2012#1416 of 2213
2011#205 of 2725
2009#336 of 2591
Marissa Nadler · Strangers2016#1545068.3.846.500.120 .000
Daniel Chamberlin · Justin Cober-Lake · Kevin Korber · Maura Johnston · Meagan Fredette · Michael Marotta
Similar Albums
.0392Paramore · Paramore  (2013)
.0332Grouper · Ruins  (2014)
.0213Carly Rae Jepsen · Emotion  (2015)
Marissa Nadler · July2014#270354      
Alex Woodward · Meagan Fredette · Tobias Carroll · Zachary Smith
Similar Albums
.0442Titus Andronicus · The Most Lamentable Tragedy  (2015)
.0352Julia Holter · Have You in My Wilderness  (2015)
.0342Grouper · Ruins  (2014)
Marissa Nadler · The Sister2012#136251      
Jon Whitney
Marissa Nadler · Marissa Nadler2011#191624      
David Raposa · Deborah Sprague · Jonathan Perry · Jon Whitney
Similar Albums
.0862Clean · Mister Pop  (2009)
.0372Sharon Van Etten · Epic  (2010)
.0302Wye Oak · Civilian  (2011)
Marissa Nadler · Little Hells2009#3164158.2.682.878.012  
Jon Whitney · Judy Berman · Mark Abraham · Michael Ayers · Traviss Cassidy
Similar Albums
.0294Dirty Projectors · Bitte Orca  (2009)
Marissa Nadler · "Janie in Love"2016#26820 
Kasia Galazka · Michael Marotta
Marissa Nadler · "Dead City Emily"2014#21330 
Justin Spicer · Logan K. Young · Meagan Fredette
Marissa Nadler · "Drive"2014#55810 
Alan Ranta
Marissa Nadler · "Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning"2011#62710 
Zachary Smith
Marissa Nadler · "The Sun Always Reminds Me of You"2011#62710 
David Raposa
Marissa Nadler · "Loner"2009#58510 
Judy Berman
Similar Artists
.1113Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
.0992To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
.0913Yellow Swans
.0892Helen Money
.0812Woods of Desolation
.0735Antony & the Johnsons
.0734Owen Pallett
.0725Wye Oak
.0693Black Mountain
.0682Emma Ruth Rundle
.0682Marisa Anderson
.0653A Sunny Day in Glasgow
.0632Kristin Kontrol
.0625Tim Hecker
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