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2016#651 of 2370
2013#87 of 2104
2011#481 of 2725
SubRosa · For This We Fought the Battle of Ages2016#622121      
Jamie Ludwig
SubRosa · More Constant Than the Gods2013#7992910.2.866.891.436.854 
Adrien Begrand · Albert Mudrian · A.S. Van Dorston · Ian Mathers · Jason Heller · Laina Dawes · Marcos Hassan · Michael Robbins · Zachary Smith
Similar Albums
.3204Pig Destroyer · Book Burner  (2012)
.2475Converge · All We Love We Leave Behind  (2012)
.2225Carcass · Surgical Steel  (2013)
.2223Witchcraft · Legend  (2012)
.1884Pallbearer · Sorrow and Extinction  (2012)
.1782Bosse-de-Nage · All Fours  (2015)
.1782Graveyard · Hisingen Blues  (2011)
.1782Spiders · Flash Point  (2012)
.1543Gorguts · Colored Sands  (2013)
.1482Horseback · Half Blood  (2012)
.1482Inquisition · Obscure Verses for the Multiverse  (2013)
.1482Purson · The Circle and the Blue Door  (2013)
.1482Royal Thunder · Crooked Doors  (2015)
.1482SubRosa · No Help for the Mighty Ones  (2011)
.1482Tombs · Savage Gold  (2014)
.1482Wolf People · Fain  (2013)
.1366Baroness · The Blue Record  (2009)
.1333Yob · Clearing the Path to Ascend  (2014)
.1272Darkthrone · The Underground Resistance  (2013)
.1205Converge · Axe to Fall  (2009)
SubRosa · No Help for the Mighty Ones2011#444253      
Albert Mudrian · Ian Mathers · Joe Gross
Similar Albums
.0892SubRosa · More Constant Than the Gods  (2013)
SubRosa · "Troubled Cells"2016#47910 
Erik Highter
SubRosa · "Cosey Mo"2013#44010 
Brice Ezell
SubRosa · "The Usher"2013#44010 
Laina Dawes
SubRosa · "Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes"2011#62710 
Joe Gross
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.3335Royal Thunder
.2594Electric Wizard
.2594Pig Destroyer
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.1672Missy Elliott
.1503In Solitude
.1402Icona Pop
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