This is a statistical index to the Village Voice Pazz & Jop music critics poll, generated in the process of its tabulation for the last few years.
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Some explanation of the various esoteric metrics:
Similarity is calculated for albums, songs and artists based on voter overlap, and for ballots and voters based on album+song+artist overlap. The ballot and voter scores are weighted by album/song/artist popularity.
#2009 ArtistsPointsBallots%Enthusiasm
 13th Floor Elevators151.001 
 2000F & J Kamata42.003 
 24 Carat Black101.001 
 2tall, Kper and Clockwork21.001 
 50 Cent182.003 
 7 Worlds Collide283.004 
 A.A. Bondy798.0119.9
 Aaron Dilloway111.001 
 Abe Vigoda51.001 
 Abner Jay101.001 
 A Broken Consort51.001 
 A Camp133.004 
 Ace Enders & a Million Different People101.001 
 Acidic Jews121.001 
 AC Newman11513.0198.8
 Acoustic Family Creeps21.001 
 Adam Hurt151.001 
 Adam Lambert235.0074.6
 Adam Marshall21.001 
 Adam Marsland101.001 
 Adam Theis/Jazz Mafia151.001 
 Addeboy Vs. Cliff42.003 
 Adiam Dymott111.001 
 Adrian Younge152.003 
 A Fine Frenzy101.001 
 Afternoon Naps101.001 
 Agoraphobic Nosebleed232.003 
 A Hawk and a Hacksaw101.001 
 Airborne Toxic Event394.006 
 Alan Wilkis21.001 
 Alasdair Roberts756.00912.5
 Alberta Cross523.004 
 Albert and Gage121.001 
 Alecia Nugent42.003 
 Alela Diane344.006 
 Alex Bau21.001 
 Alex Bleeker and the Freaks101.001 
 Alex Cline51.001 
 Alex McMurray91.001 
 Alice Coltrane101.001 
 Alice in Chains9712.0178.1
 Alicia Keys398.0114.9
 Alison Brown Quartet81.001 
 Alix Perez101.001 
 All-American Rejects21.001 
 Allen Toussaint24322.03211.0
 Alley Boy21.001 
 Allez Allez21.001 
 All Time Low51.001 
 Altar of Plagues162.003 
 Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto101.001 
 Amadou & Mariam24824.03410.3
 Amadou & Mariam (ft. K'Naan)21.001 
 Amanda Blank244.006 
 Amazing Baby163.004 
 Amelia Curran101.001 
 Amen Dunes121.001 
 American Buffalo41.001 
 American Music Club321.001 
 Amy X Neuburg and the Cello ChiXtet231.001 
 Andre Ethier72.003 
 Andrew Bird15614.02011.1
 Andrew W.K.121.001 
 And So I Watch You From Afar101.001 
 Andy Milne and Benoit Delbecq91.001 
 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead363.004 
 Andy Stott21.001 
 Angela Johnson21.001 
 An Horse112.003 
 Animal Collective2062195.28010.6
 Animal Hospital172.003 
 Annie Lennox21.001 
 Anouar Brahem101.001 
 Anthony Hamilton563.004 
 Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox51.001 
 Antigua y Barbuda121.001 
 Anti-Pop Consortium424.006 
 Antje Duvekot142.003 
 The Antlers21825.0368.7
 Antony & the Johnsons35440.0578.8
 Anya Marina142.003 
 Apes of Wrath101.001 
 A Place to Bury Strangers587.0108.3
 Apoptygma Berzerk151.001 
 Apostle of Hustle122.003 
 Apple Jam101.001 
 April Cover101.001 
 Arctic Monkeys8416.0235.2
 Aretha Franklin21.001 
 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti21.001 
 Army Navy161.001 
 A.R. Rahman272.003 
 Art Brut17117.02410.1
 Arthur Russell21.001 
 Arturo O'Farrill101.001 
 Arve Henriksen303.004 
 Arvo Pärt302.003 
 Asher Roth63.004 
 Ashley Monroe172.003 
 Asobi Seksu21.001 
 Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound131.001 
 A Sunny Day in Glasgow12513.0199.6
 Ata Ebtekar and the Iranian Orchestra for New Music222.003 
 Atlas Sound26944.0636.1
 Atlas Sound (ft. Noah Lennox)4824.0342.0
 Atom TM101.001 
 At Swim Two Birds101.001 
 Audio Push63.004 
 Audra Mae21.001 
 Au Revoir Simone152.003 
 Autotune the News Crew With the Gregory Brothers101.001 
 Avett Brothers53753.07610.1
 Awesome New Republic221.001 
 Awol One + Factor21.001 
 The Ax101.001 
 Axemen/Times New Viking21.001 
 Azari & III42.003 
 Aziza Brahim81.001 
 Baaba Maal101.001 
 Bad Plus303.004 
 The Bad Plus With Wendy Lewis21.001 
 Bad Rabbits111.001 
 Bad Sports101.001 
 The Balky Mule101.001 
 Ballas Hough Band21.001 
 Balthrop, Alabama21.001 
 Band of Heathens91.001 
 Band of Skulls142.003 
 The Bangz (ft. Pink Dollaz)21.001 
 Barbra Streisand122.003 
 Baseball Project182.003 
 Basement Jaxx4315.0222.9
 Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba101.001 
 Bastard Noise71.001 
 Bat for Lashes46856.0808.4
 The Bats333.004 
 Beach House122.003 
 Beanie Sigel81.001 
 Bear Cat51.001 
 Bear in Heaven546.0099.0
 Beat Circus61.001 
 Beaten Awake51.001 
 The Beatles1248.01115.5
 Beausoleil Avec Michael Doucet182.003 
 Bebel Gilberto91.001 
 Bee Gees202.003 
 The Beets21.001 
 Belbury Poly101.001 
 Bell Orchestre101.001 
 Bell X1143.004 
 Ben Allison274.006 
 Ben Folds, et Al101.001 
 Ben Frost152.003 
 Ben Harper and the Relentless 7374.006 
 Benjamin Wesley121.001 
 Ben Klock192.003 
 Ben Kweller51.001 
 Ben Nichols101.001 
 Bernard Szajner101.001 
 Best Coast147.0102.0
 Betty Davis384.006 
 Between the Buried and Me233.004 
 Beyoncé/Lady Gaga83.004 
 Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve301.001 
 Big Boi (ft. George Clinton, Too $hort & Sam Chris)21.001 
 Big Boi (ft. Gucci Mane)4422.0322.0
 Big Business101.001 
 Big KRIT51.001 
 The Big Pink17235.0504.9
 Big Star17414.02012.4
 Bike for Three!112.003 
 Bill Callahan20221.0309.6
 Bill Cooley111.001 
 Bill Deasy101.001 
 Bill Frisell222.003 
 Bill Orcutt213.004 
 Billy Currington42.003 
 Bim Marx21.001 
 Bird and the Bee609.0136.7
 Birdman (ft. Jay Sean)21.001 
 Bird Names21.001 
 Bishop Perry Tillis101.001 
 Black Crowes16416.02310.2
 Black Diamond Heavies51.001 
 Black Dice354.006 
 Black Eyed Peas20842.0605.0
 Black Heart Procession323.004 
 Black Jazz Consortium122.003 
 Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears467.0106.6
 Black Kids101.001 
 The Black Lillies121.001 
 Black Lips419.0134.6
 Black Meteoric Star599.0136.6
 Black Mold202.003 
 Black Moth Super Rainbow10213.0197.8
 The Blackout51.001 
 Blackout Beach352.003 
 Black Randy and the Metrosquad111.001 
 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club51.001 
 Black to Comm354.006 
 Blank Dogs414.006 
 Blaq Poet21.001 
 Blind Pilot181.001 
 Blitzen Trapper173.004 
 BLK JKS8513.0196.5
 Bloody Mary51.001 
 Blue Rodeo101.001 
 Blues Control698.0118.6
 Blue Van21.001 
 Blut Aus Nord273.004 
 Bobby Emmett353.004 
 Bobby Ubangi51.001 
 Bob Dylan32241.0597.9
 Bob Mould71.001 
 Bob Schneider242.003 
 Bohren & Der Club of Gore21.001 
 Bomba Estéreo252.003 
 Bomb the Music Industry!101.001 
 Bon Iver6718.0263.7
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy578.0117.1
 Booker T.666.00911.0
 Boston Spaceships665.00713.2
 Bottle Rockets465.0079.2
 Bounce Camp21.001 
 Bounty Killer (ft. Timberlee)21.001 
 Bows and Arrows21.001 
 Bow Wow (ft. Soulja Boy)21.001 
 Box Elders101.001 
 The Boy Least Likely To71.001 
 Boys Like Girls42.003 
 BPA (ft. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal)61.001 
 BPA (ft. Olly Hite)21.001 
 Brad Paisley32741.0598.0
 Brandi Carlile466.0097.7
 Brand New222.003 
 The Brand New Heavies101.001 
 Brandy (ft. Ne-Yo)21.001 
 The Brave and the Bold21.001 
 Brendan Benson517.0107.3
 Brett Smiley21.001 
 Brian Blade202.003 
 Brian Bonz and the Dot Hongs101.001 
 Brian Jonestown Massacre21.001 
 Brian Setzer Orchestra122.003 
 Brilliant Colors93.004 
 British Sea Power101.001 
 Britney Spears125.0072.4
 Broadcast and the Focus Group13512.01711.2
 Brock Van Wey152.003 
 Brooks & Dunn21.001 
 Brother Ali12913.0199.9
 The Brothers Movement21.001 
 Brown Jenkins101.001 
 Bruce Peninsula51.001 
 Bruce Springsteen22028.0407.9
 Bruno Pronsato101.001 
 Brutal Truth172.003 
 Bryan Sutton and Friends151.001 
 Buddy & Julie Miller14920.0297.5
 Buffy Sainte-Marie101.001 
 Bugge Wesseltoft201.001 
 Buika / Chucho Valdes101.001 
 Builders and the Butchers71.001 
 Built to Spill13217.0247.8
 Buraka Som Sistema608.0117.5
 Burial and Four Tet3610.0143.6
 Burning Hearts101.001 
 Burning Hotels21.001 
 Burnt by the Sun101.001 
 Busdriver (ft. Noncando)21.001 
 Busy Signal63.004 
 Béla Fleck546.0099.0
 Cage the Elephant557.0107.9
 Cale Parks101.001 
 Calvin Harris316.0095.2
 Camera Obscura32746.0667.1
 Canadian Invasion102.003 
 Cannibal Corpse21.001 
 Cantata Sangui51.001 
 Cara Dillon101.001 
 Care Bears on Fire21.001 
 Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson151.001 
 Carl Sagan (ft. Stephen Hawking)62.003 
 Carmen Consoli101.001 
 Carolina Liar51.001 
 Caroline Herring81.001 
 Caroline Peyton51.001 
 Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle202.003 
 Carrie Underwood42.003 
 Carsick Cars81.001 
 Carsie Blanton181.001 
 Cary Judd21.001 
 Casey Driessen51.001 
 Cash Cash21.001 
 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone131.001 
 Caspa and Rusko21.001 
 Cass McCombs4911.0164.5
 Cave Singers51.001 
 Cesaria Evora101.001 
 Cesium 13751.001 
 Chad & Jeremy111.001 
 Chain and the Gang42.003 
 Chalie Boy21.001 
 Charles Spearin101.001 
 Charlie Louvin281.001 
 Charlie Robison101.001 
 Charlie Wilson42.003 
 Charlotte Gainsbourg42.003 
 Charlotte Hatherley374.006 
 Cheap Trick848.01110.5
 Cheater Slicks21.001 
 Chelonis R. Jones101.001 
 Cherine Anderson21.001 
 Chico DeBarge171.001 
 Chief Boima21.001 
 Chihei Hatakeyama101.001 
 Child Bite141.001 
 Child Bite/Big Bear21.001 
 Chll Pll111.001 
 Choir of Young Believers81.001 
 Chris Bell151.001 
 Chris Brokaw71.001 
 Chrisette Michele437.0106.1
 Chris Isaak122.003 
 Chris Potter101.001 
 Chris Potter, Steve Wilson, Terell Stafford, Keith Javors, Delbert Felix, John Davis131.001 
 Chris Smither152.003 
 Christina Courtin101.001 
 Chris Weisman51.001 
 Chuck Mead251.001 
 Chuck Prophet657.0109.3
 Chuck Ragan111.001 
 Church of Misery71.001 
 Cio d'Or101.001 
 Circle X81.001 
 Circuit Rider151.001 
 Circulatory System675.00713.4
 City Center51.001 
 Civil Twilight21.001 
 Claire Lynch121.001 
 Clare and the Reasons21.001 
 Clarence Fountain & Sam Butler51.001 
 Classified (ft. Choclair, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Moka Only)21.001 
 Claudia Acuna21.001 
 Clem Snide51.001 
 Clipse (ft. Cam'ron and Pharrell)105.0072.0
 Clipse (ft. Kanye West)147.0102.0
 Coach Fingers101.001 
 Coati Mundi21.001 
 Cobra Killer21.001 
 Cobra Starship (ft. Leighton Meester)126.0092.0
 Cocktail Slippers91.001 
 Coco Cobra and the Killers101.001 
 Colbie Caillat42.003 
 Cold Cave7012.0175.8
 Cold Flamez21.001 
 Cole Boyz (ft. Devin the Dude)21.001 
 Colin Hay101.001 
 Colin Munroe61.001 
 Collin Raye142.003 
 Comet Gain324.006 
 Company of Thieves21.001 
 Condo Fucks51.001 
 Connie Converse202.003 
 Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band223.004 
 Cool Kids122.003 
 Cooly G63.004 
 Corb Lund122.003 
 Cortney Tidwell92.003 
 Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons21.001 
 Cotton Candy21.001 
 Cotton Jones122.003 
 Cough Cool21.001 
 Courtney John21.001 
 Crayon Fields101.001 
 Crazy Cousinz93.004 
 The Cribs223.004 
 Crippled Black Phoenix212.003 
 Crown City Rockers101.001 
 Crystal Antlers202.003 
 Crystal Stilts63.004 
 Culoe de Song92.003 
 Cut Off Your Hands101.001 
 Cymbals Eat Guitars618.0117.6
 Dailey & Vincent152.003 
 The Damnwells121.001 
 Dan Auerbach7811.0167.1
 Dan Deacon14716.0239.2
 Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse605.00712.0
 Dan Hartman21.001 
 Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks252.003 
 Daniel Johnston353.004 
 Daniel Kahn & the Painted Bird51.001 
 Daniel Merriweather21.001 
 Dan Melchior Und Das Menace21.001 
 Danny & the Champions of the World101.001 
 Danny Barnes122.003 
 Danny O'Keefe21.001 
 Dappled Cities101.001 
 Darcy James Argue's Secret Society899.0139.9
 Darius Jones71.001 
 Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern152.003 
 Darren Sigesmund101.001 
 Dashboard Confessional101.001 
 Das Racist3819.0272.0
 Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women303.004 
 Dave Matthews Band193.004 
 Dave Rawlings Machine798.0119.9
 Dave Riley and Bob Corritore101.001 
 David Archuleta41.001 
 David Bazan769.0138.4
 David Byrne and Brian Eno121.001 
 David Crowder Band101.001 
 David Daniell and Douglas McCombs101.001 
 David Gray122.003 
 David Guetta3210.0143.2
 David Guetta (ft. Akon)42.003 
 David Guetta (ft. Kelly Rowland)168.0112.0
 David Mallett101.001 
 David Mead161.001 
 David Moore101.001 
 David S. Ware91.001 
 David Sylvian888.01111.0
 Davila 666223.004 
 D. Charles Speer & the Double Helix122.003 
 Dead at 24101.001 
 Dead by Sunrise61.001 
 Dead Man's Bones151.001 
 Deadmau5 + Kaskade21.001 
 Dead Meat21.001 
 Dead Prez101.001 
 The Dead Science151.001 
 Deadstring Brothers81.001 
 Dead Weather32839.0568.4
 Dean & Britta101.001 
 Dear Landlord101.001 
 Death Cab for Cutie21.001 
 Debashish Bhattacharya51.001 
 The Decemberists32040.0578.0
 The Decks51.001 
 Dede Wyland151.001 
 Deer Tick748.0119.2
 De la Soul72.003 
 Delay Trees21.001 
 Del McCoury Band101.001 
 Demdike Stare202.003 
 Demi Lovato63.004 
 Dennis Diken With Bell Sound202.003 
 Dennis Ferrer21.001 
 Dent May101.001 
 Depeche Mode294.006 
 Depreciation Guild21.001 
 Derek Trucks Band303.004 
 Derek Webb121.001 
 De Rosa21.001 
 Deströyer 666101.001 
 Devendra Banhart364.006 
 The Devil's Blood152.003 
 Devil Makes Three101.001 
 Devin Townsend101.001 
 Dex Romweber Duo303.004 
 Dex Romweber Duo With Jack White21.001 
 Diamanda Galás21.001 
 Diamond District253.004 
 Diana Jones101.001 
 Diane Birch253.004 
 Diddy - Dirty Money21.001 
 Die Enttäuschung91.001 
 Diego Bernal101.001 
 Digital Primitives101.001 
 Dinosaur Jr.22426.0378.6
 Dirty Projectors1317140.2019.4
 Dirty Projectors and David Byrne147.0102.0
 Disco Biscuits21.001 
 Dizzee Rascal607.0108.6
 Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden147.0102.0
 DJ /Rupture & Matt Shadetek352.003 
 DJ Class83.004 
 DJ Crazy Toones (ft. Kurupt)21.001 
 DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres131.001 
 DJ Hell173.004 
 DJ Hell (ft. Bryan Ferry)21.001 
 DJ Kaos168.0112.0
 DJ Koze554.006 
 DJ Nelson (ft. Erick Right)21.001 
 DJ Paul101.001 
 DJ Plastician51.001 
 DJ Quik and Kurupt20928.0407.5
 DJ Signify71.001 
 DJ Spinna (ft. Elzhi)21.001 
 DJ Spooky91.001 
 DJ Sprinkles17914.02012.8
 DM Stith232.003 
 The Dodos172.003 
 Dolphins Into the Future232.003 
 Do Make Say Think244.006 
 Dominique Leone151.001 
 Don McGlashan & the Seven Sisters182.003 
 Donnacha Costello21.001 
 Donny McCaslin101.001 
 Don Omar101.001 
 Dorian Concept42.003 
 Double Dagger577.0108.1
 Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt101.001 
 Drake (ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem)105.0072.0
 Drake (ft. Trey Songz and Lil Wayne)2010.0142.0
 Dr. Dre (ft. TI)21.001 
 Dr. Dunks202.003 
 Dreaming Dead202.003 
 D. Rider101.001 
 Drive-By Truckers21.001 
 Drivin N Cryin81.001 
 Dr. Lonnie Smith51.001 
 Dry Rot21.001 
 Dry Spells72.003 
 Dubious Ranger101.001 
 Duck Sauce21.001 
 Duckworth-Lewis Method202.003 
 The Duke & the King101.001 
 Dum Dum Girls103.004 
 Duncan Powell21.001 
 Dustin Wong51.001 
 Dusty Kid21.001 
 Dutchess & the Duke576.0099.5
 Dyme Def21.001 
 Eagle Twin101.001 
 Easy Action21.001 
 Easy Star All-Stars101.001 
 Eaton Lake Tonics301.001 
 Eat Skull6910.0146.9
 Ebony Bones51.001 
 Echo and the Bunnymen456.0097.5
 Ed Harcourt101.001 
 Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville63.004 
 Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros617.0108.7
 Eilen Jewell101.001 
 Ekkehard Ehlers/Paul Wirkus51.001 
 Electric Bunnies71.001 
 Electric Wire Hustle51.001 
 Electrik Red8810.0148.8
 Eleni Mandell202.003 
 Elephant Micah21.001 
 Elijah Wald51.001 
 Elizabeth and the Catapult41.001 
 Ella Fitzgerald51.001 
 Ellie Goulding21.001 
 El Michels Affair212.003 
 El Perro Del Mar175.0073.4
 Elvis Costello9811.0168.9
 Elvis Perkins607.0108.6
 Elvis Presley51.001 
 Embrace of Thorns51.001 
 Emiliana Torrini41.001 
 Emilie Autumn131.001 
 Emilio Jose502.003 
 Emily Jane White21.001 
 Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan151.001 
 Emitt Rhodes202.003 
 Emm Gryner61.001 
 Emmy the Great101.001 
 Empire of the Sun636.00910.5
 Enrico Crivellaro51.001 
 Enter Shikari21.001 
 The Entrance Band152.003 
 Eric Blowtorch & the Welders, Rico Rodriguez, Prince Jazzbo21.001 
 Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood71.001 
 Ernst Reijseger71.001 
 Escape the Fate21.001 
 Esmee Denters (ft. Justin Timberlake)21.001 
 Estelle/Sean Paul41.001 
 Ester Dean With Chris Brown42.003 
 Estrellas de la Kumbia21.001 
 Etienne Jaumet21.001 
 Evan Miller101.001 
 Every Time I Die101.001 
 Exene Cervenka72.003 
 Explode Into Colors21.001 
 Extra Golden264.006 
 Eyedea & Abilities203.004 
 Fabolous (ft. Jeremih)21.001 
 Faith & the Muse141.001 
 Fake Blood101.001 
 The Fall Colors21.001 
 Farmer Dave Scher222.003 
 Fast Life Youngstaz63.004 
 Fat Freddy's Drop373.004 
 Father's Day B'Hash131.001 
 Fefe Dobson42.003 
 Fela Kuti111.001 
 Felice Brothers21.001 
 Fennesz and Sparklehorse101.001 
 Fever Ray58960.0869.8
 The Field577.0108.1
 Fiery Furnaces12515.0228.3
 Fight Like Apes21.001 
 Finn Riggins101.001 
 The Fireman192.003 
 The Five Deadly Venoms21.001 
 Five Finger Death Punch152.003 
 The Flaming Lips70972.1039.8
 The Flaming Lips and Star Death and White Dwarfs21.001 
 Flight of the Conchords445.0078.8
 Floating Points21.001 
 Florence & the Machine21026.0378.1
 Flo Rida63.004 
 Flower-Corsano Duo101.001 
 Fly Ashtray61.001 
 Fol Chen123.004 
 Foo Fighters42.003 
 Fool's Gold63.004 
 For Against81.001 
 Forbidden Tigers101.001 
 Ford Pier21.001 
 Foreign Born203.004 
 Forro in the Dark101.001 
 Four Tet84.006 
 Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne51.001 
 Franco & le Tout Puissant OK Jazz1049.01311.6
 Frank Fairfield242.003 
 Frankie Rose & the Outs21.001 
 Frank Turner102.003 
 Frank Wakefield51.001 
 Franz Ferdinand9116.0235.7
 Franz Nicolay21.001 
 Fred Anderson151.001 
 Freddie Gibbs244.006 
 Freddie Hubbard81.001 
 Fred Hammond101.001 
 Freedy Johnston51.001 
 Free Energy2510.0142.5
 Freestyle Professors51.001 
 Freeway & Jake One101.001 
 French Miami152.003 
 Fresh & Onlys715.00714.2
 Fresh Daily21.001 
 Frida Hyvönen21.001 
 Friendly Fires (ft. Au Revoire Simone)61.001 
 Friendly Foes51.001 
 Frightened Rabbit63.004 
 From Monument to Masses212.003 
 Fruit Bats374.006 
 Fuck Buttons28936.0528.0
 The Fully Celebrated81.001 
 Funeral Mist484.006 
 The Furious Seasons251.001 
 Future of the Left17920.0298.9
 Fuzzy Logik (ft. Egypt)21.001 
 Gang Gang Dance21.001 
 Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith101.001 
 Garfunkel & Oates21.001 
 Gary War71.001 
 The Gates of Slumber101.001 
 Gay Beast51.001 
 Gay Witch Abortion122.003 
 The Gear121.001 
 Gentleman Reg21.001 
 Geoff Muldaur and the Texas Sheiks202.003 
 George Benson101.001 
 George Strait83.004 
 Georgia Anne Muldrow385.0077.6
 Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples51.001 
 Get Back Guinozzi!101.001 
 Get Em Mami's142.003 
 GG King21.001 
 Ghost Aquarium21.001 
 Ghostface Killah5812.0174.8
 Ghostface Killah (ft. Fabolous & Shareefa)21.001 
 Ghosts on Tape21.001 
 Gift of Gab281.001 
 Gil Mantera's Party Dream101.001 
 Gina Villalobos21.001 
 Girl in a Coma222.003 
 Girls Aloud21.001 
 Giusy Ferreri21.001 
 Glee Cast84.006 
 Glen David Andrews301.001 
 Gnaw Their Tongues101.001 
 God Help the Girl223.004 
 Goes Cube72.003 
 Golden Bloom51.001 
 Golden Boots51.001 
 Golden Filter21.001 
 Golden Silvers172.003 
 Gold Panda21.001 
 Goodie Mob21.001 
 Goran Bregović332.003 
 Gov't Mule112.003 
 Government Warning21.001 
 Grace Basement101.001 
 Graciela Beltran101.001 
 Graffiti Island21.001 
 Graf Orlock101.001 
 Graham Coxon21.001 
 Graham Lambkin272.003 
 Grand Archives71.001 
 Grand Duchy121.001 
 Grand Hallway71.001 
 Grant-Lee Phillips445.0078.8
 Grass Widow313.004 
 Grateful Dead51.001 
 Greater California101.001 
 Great Lake Swimmers21.001 
 Great Northern21.001 
 The Greencards21.001 
 Green Day31136.0528.6
 Green Pajamas121.001 
 Greg Davis71.001 
 Gregory Brothers42.003 
 Gretchen Parlato524.006 
 Grizzly Bear1261152.2188.3
 Grizzly Bear (ft. Feist)21.001 
 Grizzly Bear (ft. Michael McDonald)3819.0272.0
 Grizzly Collective51.001 
 Group Bombino586.0099.7
 Group Doueh252.003 
 Gucci Mane14618.0268.1
 Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday402.003 
 Gucci Mane (ft. Plies)147.0102.0
 Gudrun Gut21.001 
 Gui Boratto325.0076.4
 Gurf Morlix102.003 
 Guy Clark322.003 
 Guy Davis51.001 
 Hail the Size71.001 
 Haints Old Time Stringband91.001 
 Halo of Flies21.001 
 Handsome Family234.006 
 Handsome Furs5411.0164.9
 Hanne Hukkelberg101.001 
 Happy Hollows121.001 
 Harappian Night Recordings101.001 
 Harlem Shakes567.0108.0
 Har Mar Superstar91.001 
 Hatcham Social111.001 
 Headless Heroes21.001 
 Heartless Bastards10510.01410.5
 Heaven and Hell343.004 
 Heavy Trash101.001 
 Hell (ft. P. Diddy)21.001 
 Hello Seahorse!173.004 
 Henrik Schwarz, Ame and Dixon152.003 
 Henry Threadgill Zooid605.00712.0
 Here We Go Magic316.0095.2
 Hess Is More101.001 
 Hex Dispensers152.003 
 Hidden Cameras192.003 
 Hildur Gudnadóttir101.001 
 Hippy Nuts21.001 
 Hold Steady345.0076.8
 Holiday Shores21.001 
 Holly Williams152.003 
 Hollywood, Mon Amour101.001 
 Home Blitz101.001 
 Hong Kong Six101.001 
 Hoots and Hellmouth101.001 
 Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions324.006 
 The Horrors18522.0328.4
 Horse Meat Disco21.001 
 Hot Club of Cowtown101.001 
 Hot Leg122.003 
 Hot Toddy (ft. Ron Basejam)21.001 
 House of House105.0072.0
 Howard Eliott Payne101.001 
 Howie Beck201.001 
 Hudson Mohawke21.001 
 Hunx and His Punx21.001 
 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble212.003 
 Ian Brown202.003 
 Ian Hunter676.00911.2
 Ian McLagan & the Bump Band172.003 
 I Create Soundscapes21.001 
 Ida Maria19922.0329.0
 Iggy Pop394.006 
 Ike Reilly101.001 
 Imaad Wasif101.001 
 Imogen Heap353.004 
 Ingrid Michaelson102.003 
 Internet Forever21.001 
 In the Country51.001 
 Iron & Wine21.001 
 Iron Maiden71.001 
 Iron Man101.001 
 I Was a King51.001 
 Jacka/Andre Nickatina21.001 
 Jackie Oates21.001 
 Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers272.003 
 Jack Peñate176.0092.8
 Jack Rose101.001 
 Jack Rose & the Black Twig Pickers101.001 
 Jack White21.001 
 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey21.001 
 Jacques Palminger21.001 
 Jacuzzi Boys372.003 
 Jahdan Blakkamoore222.003 
 Jail Weddings21.001 
 Jake Shimabukuro61.001 
 James Blackshaw283.004 
 James Curd21.001 
 James Ferraro202.003 
 James Hand303.004 
 James Luther Dickinson101.001 
 James McMurtry101.001 
 James Moody232.003 
 James Yorkston & the Big Eye Family Players101.001 
 Jamey Johnson468.0115.8
 Jamie Foxx (ft. Gucci Mane)21.001 
 Jamie Foxx (ft. T-Pain)2412.0172.0
 Jamie Hoover & Steve Stoeckel91.001 
 Jamie T.383.004 
 Jane's Addiction122.003 
 Janelle Monáe and the Soul Collective21.001 
 Jane Siberry81.001 
 Jan Garbarek Group51.001 
 Japanese Popstars21.001 
 Jars of Clay21.001 
 Jarvis Cocker16022.0327.3
 Jason Crumer141.001 
 Jason DeRulo42.003 
 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit636.00910.5
 Jason Lytle384.006 
 Jason Ringenberg101.001 
 Jay Electronica3015.0222.0
 Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard454.006 
 Jay Reatard17420.0298.7
 Jay Sean42.003 
 Jay-Z (ft. Alicia Keys)17889.1282.0
 Jay-Z (ft. Drake)21.001 
 Jay-Z (ft. Kid Cudi)42.003 
 Jay-Z (ft. Rihanna and Kanye West)3618.0262.0
 Jay-Z (ft. Santogold)61.001 
 Jay-Z (ft. Swizz Beatz)63.004 
 Jazmine Sullivan21.001 
 Jazmin López21.001 
 J. Cole101.001 
 J.D. Allen Trio151.001 
 J Dilla202.003 
 Jeff Larson101.001 
 Jeff Mangum21.001 
 Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard323.004 
 Jeff "Tain" Watts61.001 
 JEFF the Brotherhood63.004 
 Jemina Pearl42.003 
 Jennie DeVoe101.001 
 Jennifer Hudson21.001 
 Jenny Owen Youngs21.001 
 Jenny Wilson21.001 
 Jeremy Jay121.001 
 Jeremy Udden101.001 
 Jerry Douglas61.001 
 Jerry Douglas With Maura O'Connell21.001 
 Jesse McCartney (ft. Ludacris)21.001 
 Jesse Somfay222.003 
 Jessica 621.001 
 Jessie Evans21.001 
 Jessie Torrisi101.001 
 Jessy Bulbo141.001 
 Jesus Lizard383.004 
 Jets Overhead101.001 
 JG Thirlwell101.001 
 Jim Dickinson21.001 
 Jim Jones51.001 
 Jim O'Rourke9011.0168.2
 Job for a Cowboy101.001 
 Joe Bonamassa151.001 
 Joe Budden151.001 
 Joe Henry827.01011.7
 Joe Lovano Us Five71.001 
 Joel Plaskett345.0076.8
 Joe Morris101.001 
 Joe Nichols21.001 
 Joe Pernice152.003 
 Joey DeFrancesco81.001 
 Johan Agebjörn101.001 
 John Doe and the Sadies303.004 
 John Fogerty172.003 
 John Foxx21.001 
 John Foxx and Robin Guthrie101.001 
 John Frusciante51.001 
 John Gorka121.001 
 John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble354.006 
 John Legend (ft. Andre 3000)21.001 
 John Mayer63.004 
 John Pantry101.001 
 John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives92.003 
 John Rich42.003 
 John Schooley and His One-Man Band51.001 
 John Scofield152.003 
 John Surman202.003 
 John Talabot42.003 
 John Vanderslice202.003 
 John Wiese172.003 
 Joker and Ginz126.0092.0
 Jonatha Brooke81.001 
 Jonathan Johansson141.001 
 Jonathan Kane111.001 
 Jonathan Wilson121.001 
 Jon Balke111.001 
 Jon Boden111.001 
 Jon Brion121.001 
 Jon Hassell303.004 
 Jon Hopkins402.003 
 Jono El Grande101.001 
 Jonsi and Alex263.004 
 Jordin Sparks156.0092.5
 Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown21.001 
 Jordi Savall151.001 
 Joris Voorn81.001 
 Josh Mease111.001 
 Josh Schroeder91.001 
 Joshua James21.001 
 Joshua Redman51.001 
 Joss Stone122.003 
 Joyce DiDonato101.001 
 Joy Formidable243.004 
 Joy Orbison4422.0322.0
 J. Stalin and Mayback51.001 
 J. Tillman21.001 
 The Juan MacLean12117.0247.1
 Juan Son353.004 
 Judas Priest21.001 
 Juju & Jordash101.001 
 Juliana Hatfield21.001 
 Julian Casablancas15231.0444.9
 Julian Cope101.001 
 Julianna Barwick112.003 
 Julian Plenti42.003 
 Julia Wolfe101.001 
 Julie Clark81.001 
 Julie Doiron234.006 
 Jumbling Towers21.001 
 Junior Boys7611.0166.9
 Jupiter One21.001 
 Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara707.01010.0
 Justin Moore21.001 
 Justin Townes Earle677.0109.6
 Juvenile (ft. Gucci Mane)42.003 
 Kaci Battaglia21.001 
 Kaija Saariaho (Kent Negano, Conductor)131.001 
 Kailash Kher & Kailasa101.001 
 Kaki King101.001 
 Kanye West398.0114.9
 Kap Bambino101.001 
 Karen O and the Kids135.0072.6
 Karl Blau51.001 
 Karl Denson's Tiny Universe101.001 
 Kate Simko71.001 
 Kate Voegele21.001 
 Katie and the Bass Drums21.001 
 Katy Perry146.0092.3
 Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden202.003 
 Keith Urban193.004 
 Kellie Allen and Pete Peterson111.001 
 Kelly Clarkson9128.0403.2
 Kenny Garrett51.001 
 Keri Hilson6820.0293.4
 Keri Hilson (ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)2613.0192.0
 Keri Hilson (ft. Lil Wayne)104.006 
 Kevin Abernathy Band21.001 
 Kevin Blechdom51.001 
 Kevin Drumm172.003 
 Kevon Edmonds101.001 
 Keyshia Cole21.001 
 Kid 60621.001 
 Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds223.004 
 Kid Cudi19841.0594.8
 Kid Cudi (ft. Kanye West, Common and Lady Gaga)147.0102.0
 Kid Cudi (ft. MGMT and Ratatat)105.0072.0
 Kid Sister263.004 
 Kids on DSP101.001 
 Kid Tested101.001 
 Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie101.001 
 KIG Family21.001 
 Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble201.001 
 King Khan and BBQ Show253.004 
 King Midas Sound727.01010.3
 The Kingsbury Manx51.001 
 Kings of Convenience274.006 
 Kings of Leon8126.0373.1
 Kirby Krackle121.001 
 Kissy Sell Out21.001 
 Knight School21.001 
 Kode 942.003 
 Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer152.003 
 Kris Di Angelis & Ben Dobie21.001 
 Kris Kristofferson708.0118.8
 Kristeen Young182.003 
 Kris Wadsworth21.001 
 Kronos Quartet242.003 
 Krs-One & Buckshot81.001 
 Kuba Sojka21.001 
 Kurt Vile18823.0338.2
 Kush Arora51.001 
 Kyle Hollingsworth111.001 
 La Coka Nostra51.001 
 Lacuna Coil121.001 
 Lady Antebellum63.004 
 The Lady Blacktronika & Mattski21.001 
 Lady Gaga547122.1754.5
 Lady Gaga and Colby O'Donis164.006 
 Lady Gaga (ft. Beyoncé)42.003 
 Lady Sovereign251.001 
 La Excelencia51.001 
 Laidback Luke (ft. Deborah Cox)21.001 
 Lake Heartbeat121.001 
 Lamb of God101.001 
 Lands & Peoples21.001 
 Langhorne Slim173.004 
 Large Professor21.001 
 La Roux12424.0345.2
 Larry Jon Wilson202.003 
 Larry Shannon Hargrove21.001 
 Last Days21.001 
 Late of the Pier252.003 
 Laura Gibson122.003 
 Laura Izibor121.001 
 Laura Shigihara101.001 
 Lawrence Arabia101.001 
 LCD Soundsystem21.001 
 Leaves' Eyes111.001 
 Lee Ann Womack21.001 
 Lee Fields & the Expressions12011.01610.9
 Left Arm21.001 
 The Leftovers51.001 
 Legion of Two101.001 
 Leif Edling101.001 
 The Leisure Society162.003 
 Le Loup101.001 
 Lena Hughes21.001 
 Leona Lewis71.001 
 Leonard Cohen25724.03410.7
 Les Triaboliques101.001 
 Let's Wrestle301.001 
 Levon Helm22924.0349.5
 Levon Vincent21.001 
 Leyland Kirby151.001 
 Lhasa de Sela111.001 
 Liam Finn21.001 
 The Life and Times101.001 
 Lightning Bolt375.0077.4
 Lightning Dust343.004 
 Lights On21.001 
 Like a Stuntman101.001 
 Lil B121.001 
 Lil Boosie173.004 
 Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris51.001 
 Lil Cali21.001 
 Lil Jon (ft. Swizz Beatz and Snoop Dogg)21.001 
 Lil Wayne9313.0197.2
 Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy21.001 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Drake & Young Jeezy)63.004 
 Lil Wayne (ft. Young Money)84.006 
 Lily Allen47264.0927.4
 Lily Allen With Mick Jones21.001 
 Linda Oh Trio152.003 
 Lindstrøm & Christabelle243.004 
 Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas354.006 
 Lionheart & Ethel202.003 
 Lions in the Street151.001 
 Lisa Germano293.004 
 Lisa Hannigan101.001 
 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes21.001 
 Lissy Trullie222.003 
 Little Boots4310.0144.3
 Little Dragon223.004 
 Living Colour524.006 
 Living Things112.003 
 Liz Carroll and John Doyle81.001 
 Liz Isenberg101.001 
 Lizz Wright321.001 
 Lonely Island10318.0265.7
 The Lonely Island (ft. T-Pain)2211.0162.0
 Longmont Potion Castle51.001 
 Lord Cut Glass21.001 
 Lord Mantis192.003 
 Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons21.001 
 Los Cenzontles, David Hidalgo, Taj Mahal51.001 
 Los Lobos101.001 
 Los Peyotes21.001 
 Los Texmaniacs101.001 
 Los Tigres Del Norte202.003 
 Los Tucanes de Tijuana21.001 
 Lotus Plaza293.004 
 Loudmouth Melvin21.001 
 Loudon Wainwright III16114.02011.5
 Louie and the Lovers51.001 
 Love and Theft42.003 
 Love Language223.004 
 Lovely Feathers101.001 
 Love Me Nots101.001 
 The Low Anthem13613.01910.5
 LSD March51.001 
 LTJ Bukem61.001 
 Luc Ferrari152.003 
 Lucinda Williams21.001 
 Lucky Dragons191.001 
 Lucky Soul21.001 
 Luke Powers21.001 
 Lusiferiinin Armosta141.001 
 Luther Dickinson & the Sons of Mudboy71.001 
 L-Vis 199021.001 
 Lykke Li21.001 
 Lyle Lovett122.003 
 Lyman Woodard51.001 
 Lymbyc Systym91.001 
 Machines of Grace21.001 
 Madalyn Merkey101.001 
 Madder Mortem151.001 
 Maddy Prior51.001 
 Mae Day61.001 
 Magic Kids84.006 
 Magic Magic21.001 
 The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam21.001 
 Magik Markers101.001 
 Magnolia Electric Company696.00911.5
 Magnolia Sisters101.001 
 Maia Sharp101.001 
 Major Lazer12123.0335.3
 Major Lazer (ft. Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze)2010.0142.0
 Major Lazer (ft. Santogold and Mr. Lexx)63.004 
 Major Lazer (ft. Vybz Kartel)84.006 
 Manchester Orchestra263.004 
 Mandy Moore42.003 
 Manic Street Preachers888.01111.0
 Man Must Die51.001 
 Mannequin Men352.003 
 Marcell & the Truth101.001 
 Marcio Local252.003 
 Marco Benevento21.001 
 Marcus Nasty101.001 
 Marcy & Zina101.001 
 Margot MacDonald41.001 
 Mariachi El Bronx252.003 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Gucci Mane)84.006 
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj)436.0097.2
 Maria Muldaur101.001 
 Marianne Faithfull476.0097.8
 Marin Alsop101.001 
 Marina Rosenfeld151.001 
 Mario (ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett)105.0072.0
 Marissa Nadler435.0078.6
 Marked Men302.003 
 Mark Knopfler101.001 
 Mark Mallman202.003 
 Mark Olson & Gary Louris183.004 
 Mark Sultan21.001 
 Marshall Crenshaw243.004 
 Mars Volta132.003 
 Martial Solal61.001 
 Martina McBride61.001 
 Martin Carr21.001 
 Martin Simpson101.001 
 Marvin Gaye51.001 
 Mary J. Blige42.003 
 Mary J. Blige/Drake21.001 
 Mary Mary362.003 
 Mary Mary (ft. Kierra "Kiki" Sheard)42.003 
 Mary Onettes244.006 
 Masada Quintet101.001 
 Mason Jennings253.004 
 Mass Shivers21.001 
 Masta Ace & Edo G51.001 
 Master Musicians of Jajouka101.001 
 Matias Aguayo7513.0195.8
 Matt and Kim12218.0266.8
 Matt and Shannon Heaton221.001 
 Matthew Good122.003 
 Matthew Robert Cooper51.001 
 Matthew Ryan172.003 
 Matthew Shipp101.001 
 Matthew Welch101.001 
 Matt Jones51.001 
 Matt Kanelos & the Smooth Maria101.001 
 Matt Wilson Quartet91.001 
 Maxïmo Park122.003 
 Mayer Hawthorne & the County14815.0229.9
 The Mayfair Set21.001 
 MC Esoteric253.004 
 McGinty & White101.001 
 MC Lars (ft. Brett Anderson & Gabe Saporta)21.001 
 MC Paul Barman51.001 
 Mean Creek101.001 
 Mean Jeans151.001 
 Meat Puppets101.001 
 Meg & Dia21.001 
 Melanie Fiona294.006 
 Melba Moore & Phil Perry101.001 
 Melody Gardot364.006 
 Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Entity232.003 
 Mel Waiters21.001 
 Memory Cassette143.004 
 Memory Tapes808.01110.0
 Mendes & Alcada21.001 
 The Mercury Program121.001 
 Merzbow + Racebannon21.001 
 Meshell Ndegeocello878.01110.9
 Method Man & Redman205.0074.0
 Method Man & Redman (ft. Bun B)42.003 
 Method Man & Redman (ft. Saukrates)21.001 
 M.I.A. & A.R. Rahman21.001 
 Mi Ami51.001 
 Miami Bass Warriors21.001 
 Micachu and the Shapes29636.0528.2
 Michael Franti and Spearhead372.003 
 Michael Hayes101.001 
 Michael Hurley302.003 
 Michael Jackson635.00712.6
 Michael Yonkers/The Blind Shake101.001 
 Michelle Shocked101.001 
 Midival Punditz101.001 
 Mighty High21.001 
 Miguel Zenón101.001 
 Miike Snow12621.0306.0
 Mika Miko122.003 
 Mike Doughty101.001 
 Mike Hale101.001 
 Mike Keneally223.004 
 Mike Marshall's Big Trio51.001 
 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson152.003 
 Miley Cyrus3216.0232.0
 Milk and Honey Band101.001 
 Mincemeat or Tenspeed101.001 
 Minus 5132.003 
 Miranda Cosgrove21.001 
 Miranda Lambert35544.0638.1
 Miranda Lee Richards122.003 
 Miss Derringer51.001 
 Mission of Burma749.0138.2
 Miss Li101.001 
 Missy Raines and the New Hip101.001 
 Mitchel Musso121.001 
 Moby Grape101.001 
 Modern Creatures101.001 
 Modern Skirts152.003 
 Modest Mouse164.006 
 Mohammed Ilyas101.001 
 The Mole21.001 
 Molina and Johnson21.001 
 Mondo Boys151.001 
 Moniek Darge101.001 
 Monsters of Folk18424.0347.7
 Montt Mardie152.003 
 Moon Wiring Club101.001 
 Moore Brothers101.001 
 The Morakestra101.001 
 Mordant Music302.003 
 Moritz Von Oswald Trio476.0097.8
 Mos Def65567.0969.8
 The Most Serene Republic171.001 
 Motorcycles Are Everywhere101.001 
 Mountain Goats16521.0307.9
 Mount Eerie597.0108.4
 Mournful Congregation51.001 
 Mr. Dream151.001 
 Mr. Gnome445.0078.8
 Mr. Lif101.001 
 MSTRKRFT (ft. John Legend)21.001 
 Mulatu Astatke202.003 
 Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics11713.0199.0
 Mumford & Sons51.001 
 Mumiy Troll101.001 
 The Mumlers101.001 
 Mungolian Jet Set152.003 
 Municipal Waste101.001 
 Music Go Music82.003 
 Musiq Soulchild113.004 
 M. Ward12114.0208.6
 M. Ward (ft. Lucinda Williams)21.001 
 My Chemical Romance21.001 
 My Dying Bride21.001 
 My Latest Novel21.001 
 My Robot Friend91.001 
 Myron and E With the Soul Investigators21.001 
 Najma Akhtar and Gary Lucas112.003 
 Nanci Griffith101.001 
 Nancy Garcia81.001 
 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens776.00912.8
 Napalm Death415.0078.2
 Natalia Lafourcade804.006 
 Natalie Imbruglia63.004 
 The National105.0072.0
 Necro Deathmort51.001 
 Ned Collette101.001 
 Neil Young427.0106.0
 Neko Case1287128.18410.1
 Nellie McKay12311.01611.2
 Nels Cline655.00713.0
 Neon Indian14524.0346.0
 Nerve City21.001 
 Neshama Carlebach151.001 
 Never Healed21.001 
 New Boyz143.004 
 New Lost City Ramblers242.003 
 New York Dolls11111.01610.1
 New York Rifles51.001 
 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis303.004 
 Nicki Minaj84.006 
 Nico Vega51.001 
 Night Control182.003 
 The Nightgowns121.001 
 Nipsey Hussle (ft. Slauson Boyz)21.001 
 Nite Funk21.001 
 Nite Jewel789.0138.7
 Nitin Sawhney151.001 
 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band101.001 
 No Age105.0072.0
 Noah and the Whale465.0079.2
 No-Fi Soul Rebellion101.001 
 Non-Commissioned Officers92.003 
 Norah Jones568.0117.0
 Nosaj Thing515.00710.2
 Nurse With Wound101.001 
 OB Buchana101.001 
 Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada101.001 
 Oh No212.003 
 Oh No Ono101.001 
 OJ Da Juice Man (ft. Cam'ron and Gucci Mane)42.003 
 Okkervil River41.001 
 Olympic Ass-Kickin Team151.001 
 Omarion (ft. Gucci Mane)21.001 
 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez101.001 
 Omar S999.01311.0
 Omar Souleyman202.003 
 On Blast201.001 
 Oneohtrix Point Never445.0078.8
 One Republic21.001 
 Oni Ayhun21.001 
 Orange Mighty Trio101.001 
 The Oranges Band21.001 
 Oranssi Pazuzu101.001 
 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou293.004 
 Oren Ambarchi192.003 
 Original Broadway Cast101.001 
 Or, the Whale101.001 
 Os Mutantes373.004 
 Otis Taylor232.003 
 Oumou Sangaré17717.02410.4
 Our Lady Peace101.001 
 O Voids/Wicked Awesomes21.001 
 Owl City348.0114.2
 Pac Div21.001 
 Pains of Being Pure at Heart50868.0987.5
 Painted on Water101.001 
 Paleface (ft. Kyla)61.001 
 Pan Am Down21.001 
 The Panda Band21.001 
 Pants Yell!51.001 
 Paolo Nutini253.004 
 Paper Airplane151.001 
 The Paper Chase21.001 
 Paper Route101.001 
 Paradise Lost202.003 
 Passion Pit32241.0597.9
 Pastels & Tenniscoats677.0109.6
 Patrick Bloom101.001 
 Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms395.0077.8
 Patrick Wolf504.006 
 Patterson Hood406.0096.7
 Patton Oswalt51.001 
 Patty Loveless263.004 
 Paul Burch51.001 
 Paul F. Tompkins142.003 
 Paul Giallorenzo101.001 
 Paul Hill/Theatre of Voices403.004 
 Paulina Rubio101.001 
 Paul O'Reilly/At Last an Atlas151.001 
 Paul Weller101.001 
 Paul White101.001 
 Peaking Lights101.001 
 Pearl and the Beard101.001 
 Pearl Harbor21.001 
 Pearl Jam21729.0427.5
 Peatbog Faeries51.001 
 Pekka Streng101.001 
 People Under the Stairs21.001 
 Pepe Bradock101.001 
 Peste Noire101.001 
 Peter and the Penguins101.001 
 Peter Bjorn and John184.006 
 Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek101.001 
 Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey605.00712.0
 Peter Kolovos101.001 
 Peter Kruder21.001 
 Peter Wolf Crier201.001 
 Pete Yorn101.001 
 Pete Yorn and Scarlet Johansson84.006 
 Pet Shop Boys6511.0165.9
 Phantom Band101.001 
 Phenomenal Handclap Band63.004 
 Philip Sherburne51.001 
 Phill Niblock202.003 
 Pill (ft. Freddie Gibbs)21.001 
 Pilot Speed21.001 
 The Pines151.001 
 Pink Dollaz21.001 
 Pink Mountain21.001 
 Pink Mountaintops303.004 
 The Pinx51.001 
 Pissed Jeans20120.02910.1
 PJ Harvey and John Parish13317.0247.8
 Plan B21.001 
 Platinum Pied Pipers152.003 
 Playboy Tre224.006 
 Pointed Sticks21.001 
 Poison Arrows151.001 
 Poison the Well101.001 
 Pokey LaFarge101.001 
 Polly Scattergood101.001 
 Porcupine Tree606.00910.0
 Port O'Brien101.001 
 Portugal. The Man81.001 
 Position Normal51.001 
 The Postmarks202.003 
 Precious System21.001 
 Prefab Sprout504.006 
 Prins Thomas21.001 
 Prize Country101.001 
 Psychedelic Horseshit21.001 
 Psyched to Die101.001 
 Psychic Ills21.001 
 PT Walkley51.001 
 Puerto Plata101.001 
 Puffy Areolas21.001 
 Purling Hiss101.001 
 Pussycat Dolls42.003 
 Q-Tip (ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne)21.001 
 Quartet San Francisco101.001 
 Quatuor Ebene101.001 
 Queen Ifrica21.001 
 Quieting Syrup101.001 
 Race Horses21.001 
 Rachel Goodrich21.001 
 Radney Foster and the Confessions141.001 
 Raekwon (ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface)42.003 
 Raekwon (ft. Ghostface Killah and Method Man)84.006 
 Raekwon (ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck and Method Man)3216.0232.0
 Raekwon (ft. Slick Rick, GZA, Masta Killa)21.001 
 Rage Against the Machine21.001 
 Raheem DeVaughn123.004 
 Raheem DeVaughn (ft. Ludacris)63.004 
 Rail Band101.001 
 Rain Machine223.004 
 Rainy Day Saints101.001 
 Ramblin' Jack Elliott293.004 
 Rameses III101.001 
 Ramona Falls252.003 
 Ramsey Lewis171.001 
 Random Axe21.001 
 Randy Houser21.001 
 Randy Newman21.001 
 Raphael Saadiq42.003 
 Rare Essence101.001 
 Ras G101.001 
 R.A. the Rugged Man201.001 
 Raul Malo223.004 
 Ravi Coltrane91.001 
 Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus222.003 
 Rayna Gellert21.001 
 Razor of Occam101.001 
 Reading Rainbow21.001 
 Real Estate15020.0297.5
 Really Doe101.001 
 Reba McEntire21.001 
 The Rebel21.001 
 The Red Chord51.001 
 Red Collar42.003 
 Red Red Meat71.001 
 The Redwood Plan51.001 
 Regina Spektor13716.0238.6
 Reigning Sound10812.0179.0
 Reni Lane21.001 
 Respect Sextet101.001 
 The Revelations (ft. Tre Williams)51.001 
 Rhett Miller364.006 
 Rhonda Vincent21.001 
 Rice Corpse51.001 
 Richard Hawley718.0118.9
 Richard Swift143.004 
 Richard Thompson101.001 
 Richard Youngs252.003 
 Rich Boy63.004 
 Richmond Fontaine101.001 
 Rickie Lee Jones524.006 
 Rick Ross7511.0166.8
 Rick Ross (ft. Avery Storm)21.001 
 Rick Ross (ft. John Legend)63.004 
 Rick Ross (ft. Kanye West, T-Pain & Lil Wayne)63.004 
 Rick Wade101.001 
 Rihanna (ft. Young Jeezy)84.006 
 The Rippers101.001 
 Rita Indiana y Los Misterios63.004 
 Riverboat Gamblers101.001 
 R. Kelly5912.0174.9
 R. Kelly (ft. Keri Hilson)21.001 
 Roadside Graves202.003 
 Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine101.001 
 Robert Beatty131.001 
 Robert Cray Band51.001 
 Robert Glasper637.0109.0
 Robert Millis101.001 
 Roberto Juan Rodriguez161.001 
 Robert Pollard81.001 
 Robert Stillman141.001 
 Robin Guthrie142.003 
 Robin Thicke165.0073.2
 Rob Mazurek Quintet51.001 
 Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3454.006 
 Rock Plaza Central21.001 
 Rodney Atkins21.001 
 Rodrigo y Gabriela193.004 
 Rod Stewart121.001 
 Roger Joseph Manning, Jr51.001 
 Rokia Traoré1098.01113.6
 Rolling Stones152.003 
 Roman Candle132.003 
 Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters101.001 
 Rooftop Vigilantes251.001 
 The Roots42.003 
 Rosanne Cash23124.0349.6
 Rose Elinor Dougall21.001 
 Rosemary Krust21.001 
 Rose Melberg101.001 
 Rosie Flores101.001 
 Ross the Boss51.001 
 Roswell Rudd101.001 
 Royce da 5'9"101.001 
 RTFO Speedwagon21.001 
 The Rubies101.001 
 Rural Alberta Advantage495.0079.8
 Russell Taylor162.003 
 Russian Circles172.003 
 Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses295.0075.8
 Ryan Leslie697.0109.9
 Rye Rye21.001 
 Röyksopp (ft. Robyn)42.003 
 Sacred Oath101.001 
 Sage Francis121.001 
 Saint Etienne21.001 
 Saint Etienne vs. Richard X252.003 
 Sally Shapiro253.004 
 Sam and the Plants51.001 
 Sam Bush151.001 
 Sam Lewis101.001 
 Sam Roberts Band21.001 
 Sandra Bernhard111.001 
 Santiago Salazar21.001 
 Santogold (ft. Spank Rock)61.001 
 Sa-Ra Creative Partners604.006 
 Sarah Bettens101.001 
 Sarah Buxton21.001 
 Sarah Jarosz223.004 
 Sara Tavares101.001 
 Sax Ruins51.001 
 Say Anything21.001 
 Scarcity of Tanks21.001 
 School of Seven Bells101.001 
 Scott H. Biram101.001 
 Scott LaFaro151.001 
 Scott Miller and the Commonwealth322.003 
 Scott Tuma and Mike Weis162.003 
 Screaming Females12113.0199.3
 Sean Kingston42.003 
 Sean Lennon51.001 
 Sean Paul21.001 
 Seasons Pre-Din21.001 
 Sea Wolf101.001 
 Sebastien Tellier21.001 
 Secrets of the Moon141.001 
 Selena Gomez81.001 
 Serena Ryder21.001 
 Serengeti & Polyphonic233.004 
 Serge Gainsbourg101.001 
 Seth Troxler21.001 
 Seth Walker101.001 
 Set Your Goals21.001 
 Shabazz Palaces21.001 
 Shafiq Husayn223.004 
 Shafiq Husayn (ft. Fatima)21.001 
 Shaky Hands101.001 
 Shanghai Restoration Project131.001 
 Sharon Van Etten386.0096.3
 Shawn Lee121.001 
 Shawn Lee (ft. Karime Kendra)21.001 
 Shearing Pinx101.001 
 Shirley Lee202.003 
 Shit & Shine101.001 
 Shit Robot21.001 
 Shogun Kunitoki101.001 
 Shout Out Louds21.001 
 Shout Out Out Out Out101.001 
 Shugo Tokumaru21.001 
 Shystie (ft. DJ Deekline)42.003 
 Sic Alps21.001 
 Sila and the Afrofunk Experience71.001 
 Silicone Soul21.001 
 Silla Electrica21.001 
 Silversun Pickups10516.0236.6
 Simian Mobile Disco142.003 
 Simon Scott101.001 
 Sin Fang Bous101.001 
 Sinister Realm51.001 
 Sinner DC61.001 
 Sir Richard Bishop192.003 
 Sissy Spacek21.001 
 Sissy Wish172.003 
 Six Organs of Admittance505.00710.0
 Skull Defekts101.001 
 Skygreen Leopards101.001 
 Slaid Cleaves615.00712.2
 Slavic Soul Party122.003 
 Sleepy Sun223.004 
 Sleigh Bells189.0132.0
 The Slew202.003 
 Slim Thug142.003 
 Slim Thug (ft. Z-Ro)21.001 
 Slough Feg101.001 
 Slug & MURS91.001 
 Small Black63.004 
 Smith Westerns324.006 
 Smokey Hormel21.001 
 Sneaky Sound System21.001 
 Snoop Dogg63.004 
 So Cow101.001 
 Soft Pack21.001 
 Soft Tags21.001 
 Solid Gold391.001 
 So Many Dynamos222.003 
 Sonic Youth43546.0669.5
 Sonny & the Sunsets21.001 
 Sonny Rollins101.001 
 Son of Sound21.001 
 Son Volt243.004 
 Sore Eros121.001 
 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em21.001 
 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and Lil' Wayne168.0112.0
 The Soul of John Black212.003 
 Souls of Mischief141.001 
 The Sound of Arrows21.001 
 Soundtrack of Our Lives485.0079.6
 Southeast Engine91.001 
 Spectre Folk21.001 
 Speech Debelle21.001 
 Spider Bags122.003 
 The Spy From Cairo111.001 
 Staff Benda Bilili375.0077.4
 Stairs to Korea21.001 
 Stanley Clarke Trio With Lenny White & Hiromi71.001 
 Stardeath and White Dwarfs21.001 
 Starkey (ft. Durrty Goodz)21.001 
 Starving Weirdos101.001 
 Steel Mammoth51.001 
 Stelvio Cipriani121.001 
 Stephen Steinbrink101.001 
 Steve Earle677.0109.6
 Steve Gunn151.001 
 Steve Kilbey61.001 
 Steve Lehman Octet365.0077.2
 Steve Mason21.001 
 Steven Wilson123.004 
 Steven Wright101.001 
 Steve Vai51.001 
 Stevie Coyle101.001 
 Stile Antico101.001 
 Still Flyin51.001 
 Still Going21.001 
 Still Life Still51.001 
 Stolen Hearts21.001 
 Stone Roses141.001 
 Story of the Sea101.001 
 Straight A's121.001 
 Strand of Oaks142.003 
 Strange Boys243.004 
 The Streets21.001 
 Street Sweeper Social Club163.004 
 Struck by Lightning81.001 
 Stush/Hard House Banton21.001 
 St. Vincent63776.1098.4
 St. Vincent and the National21.001 
 Subarachnoid Space151.001 
 Sugar & Gold21.001 
 Sun Araw101.001 
 Sunn O)))25928.0409.2
 Sunset Rubdown16117.0249.5
 Super Furry Animals777.01011.0
 Super Minerals251.001 
 Super Viral Brothers81.001 
 Surfer Blood147.0102.0
 Susan Boyle183.004 
 Susan McKeown Lorin Sklamberg201.001 
 Swamp Dogg21.001 
 Sway Machinery252.003 
 The Swell Season8212.0176.8
 Sylvester Anfang II101.001 
 The Symptoms/The Skeletons/The Morells101.001 
 Syran M'Benza and Ensemble Rumba Kongo152.003 
 Systems Officer61.001 
 Taken by Trees132.003 
 Taking Back Sunday373.004 
 Talbot Tagora21.001 
 Talk Normal51.001 
 The Tall Pines121.001 
 Tanya Morgan759.0138.3
 Tanya Morgan (ft. Phonte Coleman)21.001 
 Tara Jane O'Neil202.003 
 Tarrus Riley143.004 
 Tarrus Riley and Konshens21.001 
 Taylor Swift18756.0803.3
 Tech N9ne102.003 
 Teenage Bottlerocket71.001 
 Teenage Cool Kids172.003 
 Teenage Love121.001 
 Teena Marie344.006 
 Teengirl Fantasy21.001 
 Teeth of the Sea101.001 
 Tegan and Sara11316.0237.1
 Telefon Tel Aviv416.0096.8
 Telegraph Canyon575.00711.4
 Temper Trap142.003 
 Tenebrae in Perpetuum51.001 
 Terror Danjah101.001 
 Tevo Howard101.001 
 Thao Nguyen With the Get Down Stay Down9511.0168.6
 The-Dream and Mariah Carey42.003 
 The-Dream (ft. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, and Ludacris)21.001 
 The-Dream (ft. Kanye West)63.004 
 The-Dream (ft. R. Kelly)21.001 
 Thee Oh Sees809.0138.9
 Thee Oh Sees/Ty Segall21.001 
 Them Crooked Vultures20224.0348.4
 Themselves & Why21.001 
 Theo Bleckmann (ft. John Hollenbeck and Gary Versace)101.001 
 These Are Powers202.003 
 They Might Be Giants101.001 
 They Never Sleep121.001 
 Thieves & Liars101.001 
 Think About Life63.004 
 Thin Lizzy71.001 
 Thomas Function173.004 
 Thom Yorke2010.0142.0
 Those Darlins456.0097.5
 Thousand Foot Krutch51.001 
 Three Days Grace121.001 
 Throw Me the Statue203.004 
 Thy Catafalque131.001 
 Tiesto (ft. Nelly Furtado)21.001 
 T.I. (ft. Justin Timberlake)63.004 
 T.I. (ft. Rihanna)21.001 
 Timbaland (ft. Drake)21.001 
 Timberlee (ft. Tosh)41.001 
 Timber Timbre51.001 
 Tim Brantley121.001 
 Tim Buckley101.001 
 Times New Viking305.0076.0
 Tim Exile21.001 
 Tim Hecker779.0138.6
 Tim Olive101.001 
 Timothy B. Schmit81.001 
 Tim Williams51.001 
 Tinchy Stryder (ft. Amelle Berrabah)21.001 
 Ting Tings21.001 
 Tin Man101.001 
 Tinted Windows7410.0147.4
 Tiny Masters of Today51.001 
 Tiny Vipers102.003 
 Titus Andronicus295.0075.8
 Toadally Krossed Out!21.001 
 Toddla T51.001 
 Todd Snider536.0098.8
 Tody Castillo121.001 
 To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie252.003 
 Tomasz Bednarcyzk101.001 
 Tom Brosseau192.003 
 Tommy Keene272.003 
 Tommy Sands61.001 
 Tommy Tokyo & Starving for My Gravy201.001 
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers131.001 
 Tom Rush151.001 
 Tom Russell172.003 
 Tom Waits475.0079.4
 Tony Allen152.003 
 Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor21.001 
 Torae & Marco Polo51.001 
 Tori Amos122.003 
 Toro y Moi42.003 
 Totalt Javla Morker101.001 
 The Tough Alliance42.003 
 Towner Galaher101.001 
 Toy Killers71.001 
 Toy Selectah21.001 
 Trace Adkins21.001 
 Tragically Hip193.004 
 Trailer Trash Tracys21.001 
 Trans-Siberian Orchestra101.001 
 Trashcan Sinatras353.004 
 Trey Songz347.0104.9
 Trey Songz (ft. Drake)42.003 
 Trey Songz (ft. Fabolous & Juelz Santana)62.003 
 Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew61.001 
 Tris McCall303.004 
 Tropa Macaca101.001 
 Tucker B's101.001 
 Turbo Fruits101.001 
 TV Ghost232.003 
 Twilight Sad454.006 
 Twilight Singers (ft. Apollonia)21.001 
 Twin Stumps182.003 
 Two Door Cinema Club21.001 
 Two Finger151.001 
 Two Hours Traffic21.001 
 Two Tongues101.001 
 Two Tons of Steel101.001 
 Tyondai Braxton173.004 
 Ty Segall326.0095.3
 UGK (ft. Big Gipp)21.001 
 The Ukrainians51.001 
 Umphrey's McGee322.003 
 Uncle Earl21.001 
 Uncle Rock101.001 
 Unisex Salon21.001 
 Unknown Instructors101.001 
 Unknown Prophets71.001 
 The Unthanks101.001 
 UV Race21.001 
 Uz Jsme Doma101.001 
 Valerie June121.001 
 Vampires of Dartmoore111.001 
 Vampire Weekend63.004 
 Vanessa Da Mata111.001 
 Van Morrison251.001 
 The Very Best22232.0466.9
 The Very Best (ft. Ezra Koenig)2612.0172.2
 Vic Chesnutt13611.01612.4
 Vieux Farka Touré636.00910.5
 Vijay Iyer Trio21918.02612.2
 The Village Orchestra101.001 
 The Vines101.001 
 Vistoso Bosses (ft. Soulja Boy)84.006 
 Viviane Houle301.001 
 Vivian Girls194.006 
 The Vivs81.001 
 VNV Nation21.001 
 Voice of Eye21.001 
 Volcano Choir244.006 
 Von Bondies121.001 
 V.V. Brown51.001 
 Vybz Kartel42.003 
 Vybz Kartel (ft. Spice)21.001 
 Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet353.004 
 The Wailin' Jennys101.001 
 Waka Flocka Flame21.001 
 Wake the President241.001 
 Wale (ft. Gucci Mane and Weensy)42.003 
 Walter Jones189.0132.0
 Warren Zevon101.001 
 Warsaw Village Band91.001 
 Washed Out7719.0274.1
 Watery Love21.001 
 Wayne Krantz101.001 
 Way to End101.001 
 Weasel Walter101.001 
 Webb Wilder81.001 
 Wet Hair202.003 
 We Were Promised Jetpacks21.001 
 What's Up?101.001 
 Whatever Brains21.001 
 Wheedle's Groove101.001 
 Wheeler Street41.001 
 White Denim736.00912.2
 White Fang151.001 
 White Lies263.004 
 White Out With Jim O'Rourke and Thurston Moore172.003 
 White Rabbits6111.0165.5
 White Rainbow192.003 
 White Rose Movement21.001 
 Whitest Boy Alive303.004 
 White Wizzard21.001 
 Whitney Houston318.0113.9
 Wicked Witch101.001 
 Wilco With Feist63.004 
 Wild Beasts9011.0168.2
 Wildbirds and Peacedrums273.004 
 The Wildhearts182.003 
 Wild Light101.001 
 Willem Maker51.001 
 William Basinski404.006 
 William Elliott Whitmore122.003 
 Willie Isz222.003 
 Willie Lane101.001 
 Willie Nelson163.004 
 Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel515.00710.2
 Willie Nelson (ft. Norah Jones)42.003 
 Willie Nile122.003 
 Willie West & the High Society Brothers21.001 
 Will Stratton101.001 
 Winter Vacation131.001 
 Wisin y Yandel223.004 
 Wolf Eyes152.003 
 The Wolfmen21.001 
 Wolves in the Throne Room464.006 
 Wooden Birds72.003 
 Wooden Shjips223.004 
 The Wooden Sky81.001 
 Wooden Wand101.001 
 Woody Guthrie111.001 
 Works Progress Administration101.001 
 World Domination Enterprises101.001 
 Woven Bones42.003 
 Wrekmeister Harmonies101.001 
 Wye Oak10610.01410.6
 Wynton Marsalis81.001 
 The xx1045112.1619.3
 The xx + Florence & the Machine84.006 
 Yeah Yeah Yeahs1389155.2229.0
 Yes Giantess21.001 
 Yo Gabba Gabba101.001 
 Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band707.01010.0
 Yo la Tengo28636.0527.9
 Yonder Mountain String Band21.001 
 Young Dro21.001 
 Young Fresh Fellows112.003 
 Young Jeezy21.001 
 Young Money243.004 
 Young Money (ft. Lloyd)42.003 
 Your Twenties21.001 
 Youth Group101.001 
 Yum Yums101.001 
 Yura Yura Teikoku21.001 
 YV (ft. T-Pain, Fabo and Polow Da Don)21.001 
 Zac Brown Band122.003 
 Zarif and Danny Byrd21.001 
 Zero Boys201.001 
 Zola Jesus344.006 
 宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)21.001 
 (various artists)74962.08912.1
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