This is a statistical index to the Village Voice Pazz & Jop music critics poll, generated in the process of its tabulation for the last few years.
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Some explanation of the various esoteric metrics:
Similarity is calculated for albums, songs and artists based on voter overlap, and for ballots and voters based on album+song+artist overlap. The ballot and voter scores are weighted by album/song/artist popularity.
#2009 AlbumsPointsVotes%EnthusiasmKvltosisHipnessMetalismMonolithity
1Allen Toussaint · The Bright Mississippi24322.03211.0.712.399.0041.000
1A Sunny Day in Glasgow · Ashes Grammar12312.01710.2.641.593.0041.000
1Bibio · Ambivalence Avenue10012.0178.3.693.710.0131.000
1Clientele · Bonfires on the Heath12312.01710.2.791.756.0201.000
1Dâm-Funk · Toeachizown21920.02910.9.746.906.0141.000
1Electrik Red · How to Be a Lady, Volume 1869.0139.6.7531.000.0001.000
1Fiery Furnaces · I'm Going Away12113.0199.3.698.818.0141.000
1Jim O'Rourke · The Visitor9011.0168.2.755.778.0581.000
1Loudon Wainwright III · High Wide and Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project16114.02011.5.841.649.0001.000
1Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics · Inspiration Information, Vol. 311311.01610.3.830.823.0321.000
1Nellie McKay · Normal As Blueberry Pie: A Tribute to Doris Day12311.01611.2.806.789.0081.000
1Nirvana · Live at Reading11311.01610.3.748.747.0391.000
1Paramore · Brand New Eyes15916.0239.9.596.883.0271.000
1Tinariwen · Imidiwan: Companions18218.02610.1.798.484.0091.000
1Wild Beasts · Two Dancers869.0139.6.6081.000.0001.000
1(various artists) · 5: Five Years of Hyperdub8810.0148.8.654.886.0061.000
17Baroness · The Blue Record43739.05611.2.708.641.290.965
18Sunset Rubdown · Dragonslayer15716.0239.8.634.713.006.957
19DJ Sprinkles · Midtown 120 Blues16715.02211.1.653.802.003.940
20Tanya Morgan · Brooklynati718.0118.9.8011.000.032.930
21Future of the Left · Travels With Myself and Another17117.02410.1.710.772.056.919
22Broadcast and the Focus Group · Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age13111.01611.9.817.771.010.901
23The Horrors · Primary Colours17518.0269.7.768.771.080.897
24Black Crowes · Before the Frost...Until the Freeze16216.02310.1.794.586.033.895
25Kylesa · Static Tensions16218.0269.0.767.588.441.894
25Miike Snow · Miike Snow10211.0169.3.635.873.011.894
27Jay Reatard · Watch Me Fall15616.0239.8.689.617.046.892
28Andrew Bird · Noble Beast15213.01911.7.627.618.000.888
29Built to Spill · There Is No Enemy13017.0247.6.692.562.037.886
30Yo la Tengo · Popular Songs26025.03610.4.711.640.017.884
31Oumou Sangaré · Seya17517.02410.3.815.526.008.881
32Regina Spektor · Far13114.0209.4.725.748.009.878
33The Antlers · Hospice20621.0309.8.566.774.005.876
33DJ Quik and Kurupt · Blaqkout17916.02311.2.750.944.000.876
33The-Dream · Love Vs. Money48737.05313.2.691.959.007.876
36Dan Deacon · Bromst14114.02010.1.649.830.005.875
36Sonic Youth · The Eternal42342.06010.1.652.655.029.875
38tUnE-yArDs · BiRd-BrAiNs16319.0278.6.632.696.009.874
39Mountain Goats · The Life of the World to Come15317.0249.0.720.765.008.871
40Jarvis Cocker · Further Complications14616.0239.1.772.507.019.867
41Rihanna · Rated R10211.0169.3.7441.000.000.853
42Bill Callahan · Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle19419.02710.2.644.773.018.851
43Converge · Axe to Fall34334.04910.1.754.577.445.848
43Junior Boys · Begone Dull Care668.0118.2.8041.000.000.848
43Sunn O))) · Monoliths and Dimensions24725.0369.9.705.810.175.848
46Wilco · Wilco (The Album)41044.0639.3.684.583.011.841
47Pissed Jeans · King of Jeans19518.02610.8.706.642.119.836
48Omar S · Fabric 45: Detroit959.01310.6.765.895.009.835
49The Flaming Lips · Embryonic68165.09310.5.625.679.045.832
50Real Estate · Real Estate13817.0248.1.669.964.012.827
51K'Naan · Troubadour27628.0409.9.730.746.022.812
52Wussy · Wussy11511.01610.5.711.722.004.807
53Lily Allen · It's Not Me, It's You40037.05310.8.680.753.005.806
54Micachu and the Shapes · Jewellery27026.03710.4.646.855.012.804
55Buddy & Julie Miller · Written in Chalk13515.0229.0.806.496.000.776
55Dinosaur Jr. · The Farm21222.0329.6.696.363.083.776
57Raekwon · Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Part II85785.12210.1.659.869.035.768
58Kurt Vile · Childish Prodigy12714.0209.1.690.803.010.765
58Tegan and Sara · Sainthood10313.0197.9.656.825.019.765
60Fuck Buttons · Tarot Sport26327.0399.7.627.700.020.761
61Metric · Fantasies20520.02910.2.673.698.005.758
62The xx · The xx97793.13410.5.547.797.012.747
63Amadou & Mariam · Welcome to Mali21321.03010.1.597.756.004.742
63Doom · Born Like This23722.03210.8.734.895.029.742
65Thermals · Now We Can See10712.0178.9.748.682.000.740
66Pains of Being Pure at Heart · The Pains of Being Pure at Heart45048.0699.4.635.644.026.738
67La Roux · La Roux869.0139.6.711.994.023.733
68Levon Helm · Electric Dirt22523.0339.8.740.489.000.727
69Mos Def · The Ecstatic61359.08510.4.658.848.026.724
70jj · N° 21169.01312.9.740.914.009.717
71The Juan MacLean · The Future WIll Come10110.01410.1.766.945.000.703
72Bob Dylan · Together Through Life24826.0379.5.729.520.000.698
73Miranda Lambert · Revolution31331.04510.1.676.778.014.695
74The Decemberists · The Hazards of Love29033.0478.8.682.616.021.694
75Antony & the Johnsons · The Crying Light31230.04310.4.657.824.060.677
76Fever Ray · Fever Ray55153.07610.4.582.806.034.669
77Avett Brothers · I and Love and You49742.06011.8.720.588.008.651
78The Very Best · Warm Heart of Africa17818.0269.9.622.916.017.650
79Monsters of Folk · Monsters of Folk16618.0269.2.740.473.000.646
80St. Vincent · Actor57362.0899.2.592.759.013.643
81Akron/Family · Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free11812.0179.8.724.907.003.626
82Dead Weather · Horehound29429.04210.1.689.541.014.622
83Maxwell · BLACKsummers'night52549.07010.7.722.901.002.621
84Neko Case · Middle Cyclone1201106.15211.3.606.555.024.616
85Brother Ali · Us12312.01710.2.704.732.048.615
86Camera Obscura · My Maudlin Career28732.0469.0.675.530.036.612
87Julian Casablancas · Phrazes for the Young10412.0178.7.766.971.010.606
88Mastodon · Crack the Skye44744.06310.2.728.671.258.591
89Art Brut · Art Brut Vs. Satan15916.0239.9.693.780.014.589
90Vijay Iyer Trio · Historicity20716.02312.9.619.527.007.587
91Health · Get Color12712.01710.6.777.646.055.573
92Japandroids · Post-Nothing27927.03910.3.612.674.021.569
93Ida Maria · Fortress Round My Heart18117.02410.6.655.569.022.563
94Passion Pit · Manners27629.0429.5.584.730.007.559
94P.O.S. · Never Better15813.01912.2.713.747.039.559
96Glasvegas · Glasvegas23923.03310.4.404.410.003.543
97Florence & the Machine · Lungs17017.02410.0.705.818.000.542
98Brad Paisley · American Saturday Night27927.03910.3.687.842.009.536
99Kid Cudi · Man on the Moon: The End of Day11812.0179.8.593.720.007.529
100Lonely Island · Incredibad7510.0147.5.685.840.020.524
101Them Crooked Vultures · Them Crooked Vultures18620.0299.3.781.414.105.513
102PJ Harvey and John Parish · A Woman a Man Walked By11713.0199.0.753.786.038.511
103Green Day · 21st Century Breakdown27526.03710.6.713.660.031.503
104Mayer Hawthorne & the County · A Strange Arrangement12812.01710.7.813.711.000.500
105Bruce Springsteen · Working on a Dream18619.0279.8.737.565.015.480
106U2 · No Line on the Horizon28026.03710.8.667.725.004.447
107Bat for Lashes · Two Suns40040.05710.0.562.833.030.441
108Yeah Yeah Yeahs · It's Blitz!1199114.16410.5.599.784.019.418
109Neon Indian · Psychic Chasms11315.0227.5.609.903.009.417
110Atlas Sound · Logos20723.0339.0.597.816.012.413
111The Big Pink · A Brief History of Love11612.0179.7.741.629.012.408
112Dirty Projectors · Bitte Orca1169108.15510.8.525.729.033.407
113Grizzly Bear · Veckatimest1073106.15210.1.503.711.009.394
114Phoenix · Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix1463139.20010.5.535.786.010.393
115Girls · Album65263.09110.3.588.750.011.370
116Animal Collective · Merriweather Post Pavilion1794154.22111.6.523.790.017.353
117Pearl Jam · Backspacer18118.02610.1.746.630.021.342
118Raveonettes · In and Out of Control14514.02010.4.748.862.005.328
119Drake · So Far Gone15713.01912.1.694.873.009.292
120Jay-Z · The Blueprint 330331.0459.8.690.944.009.177
121Lady Gaga · The Fame/The Fame Monster28127.03910.4.641.830.009.165
122Black Eyed Peas · The E.N.D.12210.01412.2.574.914.012.152
 13th Floor Elevators · Sign of the Three Eyed Men151.001     
 16 · Bridges to Burn101.001     
 1776 · 1776101.001     
 1990s · Kicks122.003     
 24 Carat Black · Gone: The Promises of Yesterday101.001     
 2562 · Unbalance152.003     
 311 · Uplifter81.001     
 50 Cent · Before I Self-Destruct182.003     
 7 Worlds Collide · The Sun Came Out283.004     
 8Ball · Memphis All-Stars: Cars, Clubs & Strip Clubs101.001     
 A.A. Bondy · When the Devil's Loose757.01010.7.854.533.210 
 Aaron Dilloway · Chain Shot111.001     
 Abe Vigoda · Reviver51.001     
 Abner Jay · True Story of Abner Jay101.001     
 A Broken Consort · Box of Birch51.001     
 Absu · Absu334.006     
 A Camp · Colonia112.003     
 Ace Enders & a Million Different People · When I Hit the Ground101.001     
 Aceyalone · The Lonely Ones101.001     
 Acidic Jews · Clean Rigs121.001     
 AC Newman · Get Guilty10511.0169.5.735.486.036 
 Adam Hurt · Perspective151.001     
 Adam Lambert · For Your Entertainment151.001     
 Adam Marsland · Go West101.001     
 Adam Theis/Jazz Mafia · Brass, Bows and Beats151.001     
 Adiam Dymott · Adiam Dymott91.001     
 Adrian Younge · Black Dynamite Soundtrack (Score)152.003     
 A Fine Frenzy · Bomb in a Birdcage101.001     
 Afternoon Naps · Parade101.001     
 Agoraphobic Nosebleed · Agorapocalypse232.003     
 A Hawk and a Hacksaw · Delivrance101.001     
 Air · Love 2253.004     
 Airborne Toxic Event · The Airborne Toxic Event252.003     
 Alasdair Roberts · Spoils756.00912.5.864.267.020 
 Alberta Cross · Broken Side of Time503.004     
 Albert and Gage · Dakota Lullaby121.001     
 Alchemist · Chemical Warfare101.001     
 Alela Diane · To Be Still303.004     
 Alex Bleeker and the Freaks · Alex Bleeker and the Freaks101.001     
 Alex Cline · Continuation51.001     
 Alexisonfire · Old Crows/Young Cardinals253.004     
 Alex McMurray · How to Be a Cannonball91.001     
 Alice Coltrane · Huntington Ashram Monastery101.001     
 Alice in Chains · Black Gives Way to Blue858.01110.6.870.624.221 
 Alicia Keys · The Elements of Freedom252.003     
 Alison Brown Quartet · The Company You Keep61.001     
 Alix Perez · 1984101.001     
 All Time Low · Nothing Personal51.001     
 Alphabeat · The Spell51.001     
 Altar of Plagues · White Tomb162.003     
 Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto · Utp_101.001     
 Amadou & Mariam · The Magic Couple151.001     
 Amanda Blank · I Love You203.004     
 Amazing Baby · Rewild142.003     
 Amelia Curran · Hunter, Hunter101.001     
 Amen Dunes · Dia101.001     
 American Music Club · The Golden Age301.001     
 Amerie · In Love & War101.001     
 Amorphis · Skyforger61.001     
 Amy X Neuburg and the Cello ChiXtet · The Secret Language of Subways211.001     
 Ancestors · Of Sound Mind101.001     
 Andre Ethier · Born on Blue Fog51.001     
 Andrew W.K. · 55 Cadillac101.001     
 And So I Watch You From Afar · And So I Watch You From Afar101.001     
 Andy Milne and Benoit Delbecq · Where Is Pannonica?91.001     
 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead · The Century of Self363.004     
 An Horse · Rearrange Beds91.001     
 Animal Collective · Fall Be Kind222.003     
 Animal Hospital · Memory152.003     
 Annie · Don't Stop546.0099.0.7831.000.009 
 Anouar Brahem · The Astounding Eyes of Rita101.001     
 Anthony Hamilton · The Point of It All525.00710.4    
 Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox · End of Daze51.001     
 Anti-Flag · The People or the Gun71.001     
 Antigua y Barbuda · Try Future121.001     
 Anti-Pop Consortium · Fluorescent Black404.006     
 Antje Duvekot · The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer142.003     
 Anvil · This Is Thirteen51.001     
 Anya Marina · Slow & Steady Seduction Phase II101.001     
 Apes of Wrath · Apes of Wrath101.001     
 Aphrodesia · Precious Commodity51.001     
 A Place to Bury Strangers · Exploding Head546.0099.0.840.815.091 
 Apoptygma Berzerk · Rocket Science151.001     
 Apostle of Hustle · Eats Darkness101.001     
 Apple Jam · Off the Beatle Track101.001     
 April Cover · Alive101.001     
 Aquarelle · Slow Circles61.001     
 Arctic Monkeys · Humbug647.0109.1.798.500.016 
 Arms · Kids Aflame201.001     
 Army Navy · Army Navy162.003     
 A.R. Rahman · Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack253.004     
 Arturo O'Farrill · Risa Negra101.001     
 Arve Henriksen · Cartography303.004     
 Arvo Pärt · In Principio302.003     
 Ascites · Incisional Drainage51.001     
 Ashley Monroe · Satisfied151.001     
 Asphyx · Death... The Brutal Way101.001     
 Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound · When Sweet Sleep Returned131.001     
 Astra · The Weirding152.003     
 Ata Ebtekar and the Iranian Orchestra for New Music · Ornamentalism222.003     
 Atom TM · Liedgut101.001     
 A-Trak · FabricLive 4551.001     
 At Swim Two Birds · Before You Left101.001     
 Audision · Surface to Surface51.001     
 Au Revoir Simone · Still Night, Still Light152.003     
 Autotune the News Crew With the Gregory Brothers · Autotune the News101.001     
 Aventura · The Last101.001     
 Awesome New Republic · Hearts201.001     
 The Ax · Our Queen of Dirt101.001     
 Azita · How Will You?141.001     
 Aziza Brahim · Mi Canto81.001     
 Baaba Maal · Television101.001     
 Bad Plus · For All I Care303.004     
 Bad Rabbits · Stick Up Kids91.001     
 Bad Sports · Bad Sports101.001     
 Bahamas · Pink Strat151.001     
 The Balky Mule · The Length of the Rail101.001     
 Band of Heathens · One Foot in the Ether91.001     
 Band of Skulls · Baby Darling Doll Face Honey101.001     
 Barbra Streisand · Love Is the Answer101.001     
 Baseball Project · Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails162.003     
 Basement Jaxx · Scars152.003     
 Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba · I Speak Fula101.001     
 Bastard Noise · Rogue Astronaut71.001     
 The Bats · The Guilty Office293.004     
 Beach House · Teen Dream101.001     
 Beanie Sigel · Broad Street Bully81.001     
 Bear Cat · Xiong Mao51.001     
 Bear in Heaven · Beast Rest Forth Mouth423.004     
 Beat Circus · Boy From Black Mountain61.001     
 Beaten Awake · Thunderstroke51.001     
 The Beatles · The Beatles: Stereo Box Set463.004     
 The Beatles · The Beatles in Mono785.00715.6.480.359.000 
 Beausoleil Avec Michael Doucet · Alligator Purse182.003     
 Bebe · Y.101.001     
 Bebel Gilberto · All in One91.001     
 Bee Gees · Odessa202.003     
 Behemoth · Evangelion273.004     
 Beherit · Engram293.004     
 Beirut · March of the Zapotec101.001     
 Belbury Poly · From an Ancient Star101.001     
 Bell Orchestre · As Seen Through Windows101.001     
 Bell X1 · Blue Lights on the Runway101.001     
 Ben Allison · Think Free254.006     
 Ben Folds, et Al · Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappella!101.001     
 Ben Frost · By the Throat152.003     
 Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 · White Lies for Dark Times353.004     
 Benjamin Wesley · Geschichte101.001     
 Ben Klock · One192.003     
 Ben Kweller · Changing Horses51.001     
 Ben Nichols · The Last Pale Light in the West101.001     
 Benny · Amigo Charly Brown: Die Hits Von Gestern Und Auch Heut171.001     
 Benzo · The Dust/The Tapes: Mania Remixes101.001     
 Bergraven · Till Makabert Vasen272.003     
 Bernard Szajner · Some Deaths Take Forever/Superficial Music101.001     
 Betty Davis · Is It Love or Desire?253.004     
 Betty Davis · Nasty Gal111.001     
 Between the Buried and Me · The Great Misdirect212.003     
 Beyoncé · I Am... Sasha Fierce505.00710.0    
 Beyoncé · Live at Wynn Palace71.001     
 Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve · Re-Animations Vol. 1301.001     
 Big Business · Mind the Drift101.001     
 Big KRIT · The Last King51.001     
 Big Star · Keep an Eye on the Sky17414.02012.4.773.598.021 
 Bike for Three! · More Heart Than Brains91.001     
 Bill Cooley · The Return Journey111.001     
 Bill Deasy · Being Normal101.001     
 Bill Frisell · Disfarmer222.003     
 Bill Orcutt · A New Way to Pay Old Debts192.003     
 Bird and the Bee · Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future546.0099.0.7161.000.000 
 Bishop Perry Tillis · In Times Like These...101.001     
 Black Diamond Heavies · Alive As Fuck51.001     
 Black Dice · Repo354.006     
 Black Heart Procession · Six303.004     
 Black Jazz Consortium · Structure101.001     
 Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears · Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!405.0078.0.764.375.000 
 Black Kids · Partie Traumatic101.001     
 The Black Lillies · Whiskey Angel101.001     
 Black Lips · 200 Million Thousand335.0076.6.734.803.042 
 Blacklist · Midnight of the Century201.001     
 Black Meteoric Star · Black Meteoric Star516.0098.5.744.647.010 
 Black Mold · Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz202.003     
 Black Moth Super Rainbow · Eating Us9611.0168.7.804.635.068 
 The Blackout · The Best in Town51.001     
 Blackout Beach · Skin of Evil352.003     
 Black Randy and the Metrosquad · Pass the Dust I Think I'm Bowie111.001     
 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club · Black Rebel Motorcyle Club Live51.001     
 Black to Comm · Alphabet 1968354.006     
 Blakroc · Blakroc8210.0148.2.759.573.000 
 Blank Dogs · Under and Under394.006     
 Blind Pilot · 3 Rounds and a Sound182.003     
 Blitzen Trapper · Black River Killer EP152.003     
 BLK JKS · After Robots678.0118.4.623.224.045 
 BLK JKS · Mystery EP101.001     
 Blockhead · The Music Scene101.001     
 Bloody Mary · Black Pearl51.001     
 Blu · HerFavoriteColo(u)r Mix Tape151.001     
 Blue Rodeo · The Things We Left Behind101.001     
 Blues Control · Local Flavor657.0109.3.8361.000.019 
 Blut Aus Nord · Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With the Stars252.003     
 Boat · Setting the Paces253.004     
 Boatclub · Boatclub101.001     
 Bobby Emmett · Learning Love333.004     
 Bobby Ubangi · Inside the Mind of Bobby Ubangi51.001     
 Bob Dylan · Christmas in the Heart364.006     
 Bob Mould · Life and Times71.001     
 Bob Schneider · Lovely Creatures202.003     
 Bomba Estéreo · Blow Up252.003     
 Bomb the Music Industry! · Scrambles101.001     
 Bon Iver · Blood Bank EP395.0077.8.624.615.013 
 Bonnie "Prince" Billy · Beware496.0098.2.588.592.009 
 Booker T. · Potato Hole605.00712.0.860.333.000 
 Boston Spaceships · The Planets Are Blasted121.001     
 Boston Spaceships · Zero to 99504.006     
 Bottle Rockets · Lean Forward465.0079.2.808.783.000 
 Bowerbirds · Upper Air91.001     
 Box Elders · Alice and Friends101.001     
 The Boy Least Likely To · The Law of the Playground51.001     
 BrakesBrakesBrakes · Touchdown202.003     
 Brandi Carlile · Give Up the Ghost404.006     
 Brand New · Daisy222.003     
 The Brand New Heavies · Live in London101.001     
 Brendan Benson · My Old, Familiar Friend455.0079.0.835.778.011 
 Brian Blade · Mama Rosa202.003     
 Brian Bonz and the Dot Hongs · From Sumi to Japan101.001     
 Brian Setzer Orchestra · Songs From Lonely Avenue101.001     
 Brilliant Colors · Introducing51.001     
 British Sea Power · Man of Aran101.001     
 Brock Van Wey · White Clouds Drift on and On152.003     
 Brookville · Broken Lights101.001     
 Brown Jenkins · Death Obsession101.001     
 Brownout · Aguilas and Cobras101.001     
 Bruce Peninsula · A Mountain Is a Mouth51.001     
 Bruno Pronsato · The Make Up the Break Up101.001     
 Brutal Truth · Evolution Through Revolution172.003     
 Bryan Sutton and Friends · Almost Live151.001     
 Buffy Sainte-Marie · Running for the Drum101.001     
 Bugge Wesseltoft · New Conceptions of Jazz Box Set201.001     
 Buika / Chucho Valdes · El Ultimo Trago101.001     
 Builders and the Butchers · Salvation Is a Deep, Dark Well71.001     
 Bunnygrunt · Matt Harnish and Other Delights101.001     
 Buraka Som Sistema · Black Diamond547.0107.7.676.907.000 
 Burial and Four Tet · Moth/Wolf Cub202.003     
 Burning Hearts · Aboa Sleeping101.001     
 Burnt by the Sun · Heart of Darkness101.001     
 Béla Fleck · Throw Down Your Heart546.0099.0.923.222.000 
 Caboladies · Atomic Weekender101.001     
 Caboladies · Crowded Out Memory101.001     
 Cage · Depart From Me202.003     
 Cage the Elephant · Cage the Elephant454.006     
 Cale Parks · To Swift Mars101.001     
 Califone · All of My Friends Are Funeral Singers507.0107.1.803.620.000 
 Calvin Harris · Ready for the Weekend212.003     
 Cam'ron · Crime Pays152.003     
 Camille · Music Hole182.003     
 Canadian Invasion · Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand81.001     
 Candlemass · Death Magic Doom101.001     
 Cantata Sangui · On Rituals and Correspondence in Constructed Realities51.001     
 Capybara · Try Brother101.001     
 Cara Dillon · Hill of Thieves101.001     
 Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson · Suite for Ma Dukes151.001     
 Carmen Consoli · Elettra101.001     
 Carolina Liar · Coming to Terms51.001     
 Caroline Herring · Golden Apples of the Sun61.001     
 Caroline Peyton · Mock Up51.001     
 Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle · Let's Just Stay Here202.003     
 Carsick Cars · You Can Listen You Can Talk81.001     
 Carsie Blanton · Buoy181.001     
 Casey Driessen · Oog51.001     
 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone · Vs. Children131.001     
 Cass McCombs · Catacombs314.006     
 Cave Singers · Welcome Joy51.001     
 Cazwell · Watch My Mouth111.001     
 Cesaria Evora · Nha Sentimento101.001     
 Cesium 137 · Identity51.001     
 Ceu · Vagarosa303.004     
 CFCF · Continent51.001     
 Chad & Jeremy · Ark-Eology111.001     
 Charles Spearin · The Happiness Project101.001     
 Charlie Louvin · Sings Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs263.004     
 Charlie Robison · Beautiful Day101.001     
 Charlotte Hatherley · New Worlds374.006     
 Cheap Trick · The Latest827.01011.7.833.268.024 
 Cheer-Accident · Fear Draws Misfortune192.003     
 Chelonis R. Jones · Chatterton101.001     
 Chickenfoot · Chickenfoot51.001     
 Chico DeBarge · Addiction151.001     
 Chihei Hatakeyama · Saunter101.001     
 Child Bite · Fantastic Gusts of Blood141.001     
 Childsplay · Waiting for the Dawn101.001     
 Chll Pll · Aggressively Humble111.001     
 Choir of Young Believers · This Is for the White in Your Eyes81.001     
 Chris Bell · I Am the Cosmos (Deluxe Edition)131.001     
 Chris Brokaw · Gracias, Ghost of the Future71.001     
 Chrisette Michele · Epiphany334.006     
 Chris Isaak · Mr. Lucky101.001     
 Chris Potter · Ultrahang101.001     
 Chris Potter, Steve Wilson, Terell Stafford, Keith Javors, Delbert Felix, John Davis · Coming Together131.001     
 Chris Smither · Time Stands Still152.003     
 Christina Courtin · Christina Courtin101.001     
 Chris Weisman · Tape Walk51.001     
 Chuck Mead · Journeyman's Wager251.001     
 Chuck Prophet · ¡Let Freedom Ring!637.0109.0.805.365.014 
 Chuck Ragan · Gold Country111.001     
 Church · Untitled #23152.003     
 Church of Misery · Houses of the Unholy71.001     
 Chymes · TheChymes101.001     
 Cio d'Or · Faser101.001     
 Circle · Triumph61.001     
 Circle X · Live in Dijon '79 EP81.001     
 Circuit Rider · Circuit Rider151.001     
 Circulatory System · Signal Morning654.006     
 City Center · City Center51.001     
 Claire Lynch · Whatcha Gonna Do121.001     
 Clarence Fountain & Sam Butler · Stepping Up & Stepping Out51.001     
 Claws · Absorbed in the Nethervoid101.001     
 Clean · Mister Pop929.01310.2.834.348.011 
 Clem Snide · Hungry Bird51.001     
 Clipse · Re-Up Gang Presents: The Saga Continues51.001     
 Clipse · Til the Casket Drops606.00910.0.769.750.000 
 Clubroot · Clubroot101.001     
 Coach Fingers · One Jack Shy of a Cycle101.001     
 Coalesce · Ox394.006     
 Cobalt · Gin939.01310.3.793.710.466 
 Cocktail Slippers · St. Valentine's Day Massacre71.001     
 Coco Cobra and the Killers · Want You!101.001     
 Cococoma · Things Are Not All Right101.001     
 Coffinberry · Coffinberry101.001     
 Cold Cave · Love Comes Close505.00710.0.735.624.052 
 Colin Hay · American Sunshine101.001     
 Colin Munroe · Colin Munroe Is the Unsung Hero61.001     
 Collide · These Eyes Before71.001     
 Collin Raye · Never Going Back121.001     
 Comet Gain · Broken Record Prayers303.004     
 Condo Fucks · Fuckbook51.001     
 Connie Converse · How Sad, How Lovely202.003     
 Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band · Outer South202.003     
 Cool Kids · Gone Fishing101.001     
 Corb Lund · Losin' Lately Gambler101.001     
 Cornershop · Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast141.001     
 Cortney Tidwell · Boys51.001     
 Cotton Jones · Paranoid Cocoon101.001     
 Cougar · Patriot91.001     
 Cracker · Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey51.001     
 Cranes · Cranes101.001     
 Crayon Fields · All the Pleasures of the World101.001     
 Crazy Cousinz · This Is UK Funky House, Vol. 151.001     
 The Cribs · Ignore the Ignorant202.003     
 Crippled Black Phoenix · 200 Tons of Bad Luck212.003     
 Crocodiles · Summer of Hate202.003     
 Cromagnon · Cave Rock101.001     
 Crown City Rockers · Day After Tomorrow101.001     
 Cryptacize · Mythomania101.001     
 Crystal Antlers · Tentacles202.003     
 Culoe de Song · RA.146 Podcast71.001     
 Culted · Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep51.001     
 Cut Off Your Hands · You and I101.001     
 Cymbals Eat Guitars · Why There Are Mountains556.0099.2.799.636.009 
 Daath · The Concealers101.001     
 Daddy · For a Second Time273.004     
 Dailey & Vincent · Brothers From Different Mothers152.003     
 Damned · So, WHo's Paranoid182.003     
 The Damnwells · One Last Century101.001     
 Dan Auerbach · Keep It Hid708.0118.8.742.586.036 
 Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse · Dark Night of the Soul605.00712.0.746.467.007 
 Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks · Tangled Tales252.003     
 Daniel Johnston · Is and Always Was353.004     
 Daniel Kahn & the Painted Bird · Partisans & Parasites51.001     
 Danny & the Champions of the World · Streets of Our Time101.001     
 Danny Barnes · Pizza Box101.001     
 Dappled Cities · Zounds101.001     
 Darcy James Argue's Secret Society · Infernal Machines899.0139.9.756.719.016 
 Darius Jones · Man'ish Boy71.001     
 Darlings · Yeah I Know101.001     
 Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern · Pram Town152.003     
 Darren Sigesmund · Strands II101.001     
 Darwinsbitch · Ore101.001     
 Dashboard Confessional · Alter the Ending101.001     
 Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women · Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women303.004     
 Dave Matthews Band · Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King172.003     
 Dave Rawlings Machine · A Friend of a Friend778.0119.6.748.584.045 
 Dave Riley and Bob Corritore · Lucky to Be Living101.001     
 David Bazan · Curse Your Branches728.0119.0.734.444.047 
 David Byrne and Brian Eno · Everything That Happens Will Happen Today121.001     
 David Crowder Band · Church Music101.001     
 David Daniell and Douglas McCombs · Sycamore101.001     
 David Gray · Draw the Line101.001     
 David Guetta · One Love121.001     
 David Mallett · Alright Now101.001     
 David Mead · Almost and Always161.001     
 David Moore · My Lover, My Stranger101.001     
 David S. Ware · Shakti91.001     
 David Sylvian · Manafon888.01111.0.835.568.091 
 Davila 666 · Davila 666182.003     
 Dawes · North Hills71.001     
 D. Charles Speer & the Double Helix · Distillation101.001     
 Dead at 24 · Blast Off Motherfucker!101.001     
 Dead by Sunrise · Out of Ashes61.001     
 Dead Man's Bones · Dead Man's Bones151.001     
 Dead Prez · Pulse of the People101.001     
 The Dead Science · Villainaire152.003     
 Deadstring Brothers · Sao Paulo81.001     
 Dean & Britta · 13 Most Beautiful...Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests101.001     
 Dear Landlord · Dream Homes101.001     
 Deastro · Grower141.001     
 Deastro · Moondagger454.006     
 Death · ...For the Whole World to See848.01110.5.760.774.064 
 Debashish Bhattacharya · Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey51.001     
 The Decemberists · Always the Bridesmaid EP101.001     
 Decibully · World Travels Fast101.001     
 The Decks · Breath and Bone51.001     
 Dede Wyland · Keep the Light On151.001     
 Deer Tick · Born on Flag Day708.0118.8.752.593.039 
 Deiphago · Filipino Antichrist51.001     
 De la Soul · Are You In?51.001     
 Del McCoury Band · Family Circle101.001     
 Demdike Stare · Symbiosis202.003     
 Dennis Diken With Bell Sound · Late Music202.003     
 Dent May · Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele101.001     
 Deolinda · Cancao Ao Lado101.001     
 Depeche Mode · Sounds of the Universe252.003     
 Deradoorian · Mind Raft51.001     
 Derek Trucks Band · Already Free303.004     
 Derek Webb · Stockholm Syndrome121.001     
 Deströyer 666 · Defiance101.001     
 Dethklok · Dethalbum II476.0097.8.833.234.489 
 Devendra Banhart · What Will We Be364.006     
 The Devil's Blood · Come, Reap101.001     
 The Devil's Blood · The Time of No Time Evermore51.001     
 Devil Makes Three · Do Wrong Right101.001     
 Devin Townsend · Addicted101.001     
 Dex Romweber Duo · Ruins of Berlin303.004     
 Diamond District · In the Ruff253.004     
 Diana Jones · Better Times Will Come101.001     
 Diane Birch · Bible Belt253.004     
 Die Enttäuschung · Die Enttäuschung91.001     
 Diego Bernal · For Corners101.001     
 Digital Primitives · Hum Crackle & Pop101.001     
 Dimes · The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry81.001     
 Discovery · LP607.0108.6.726.833.008 
 Dizzee Rascal · Tongue 'N' Cheek526.0098.7.742.904.009 
 DJ /Rupture & Matt Shadetek · Solar Life Raft352.003     
 DJ Eleven & DJ Ayres · The Glamorous Life 3131.001     
 DJ Hell · Teufelswerk152.003     
 DJ Koze · Reincarnations: The Remix Chapter 2001-2009554.006     
 DJ Paul · Scale-a-Ton101.001     
 DJ Plastician · Cashmere Agency Presents Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian's Dubstep LA: Embrace the Renaissance Vol. 1 Mixed by Plastician51.001     
 DJ Signify · Of Cities51.001     
 DJ Spooky · Secret Song91.001     
 DJ Sprinkles · Dead Stock Archive101.001     
 DM Stith · Heavy Ghost232.003     
 The Dodos · Time to Die152.003     
 Dolphins Into the Future · ...On Sea-Faring Isolation...232.003     
 Do Make Say Think · Other Truths202.003     
 Dominique Leone · Abstract Expression151.001     
 Donkeys · Living on the Other Side253.004     
 Don McGlashan & the Seven Sisters · Marvellous Year182.003     
 Donny McCaslin · Declaration101.001     
 Don Omar · iDon101.001     
 Doomriders · Darkness Comes Alive202.003     
 Doors · Live in New York61.001     
 Double Dagger · More556.0099.2.789.273.109 
 Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt · Slide to Freedom 2101.001     
 Doveman · The Conformist402.003     
 Doves · Kingdom of Rust585.00711.6.476.655.069 
 Drake · So Far Gone (The Mixtape)302.003     
 Dr. Dunks · How We Do in NYC202.003     
 Dreaming Dead · Within One202.003     
 Dredg · The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion252.003     
 D. Rider · Mother of Curses101.001     
 Drivin N Cryin · The Great American Bubble Factory81.001     
 Dr. Lonnie Smith · Rise Up!51.001     
 Drudkh · Microcosmos101.001     
 Drums · Summertime!101.001     
 Dry Spells · Too Soon for Flowers51.001     
 Dubious Ranger · Uneasy Truce at the Watering Hole101.001     
 Ducktails · Ducktails51.001     
 Duckworth-Lewis Method · The Duckworth-Lewis Method202.003     
 The Duke & the King · Nothing Gold Can Stay101.001     
 Dunkelbunt · Raindrops & Elephants101.001     
 Dustin Wong · Seasons51.001     
 Dutchess & the Duke · Sunset/Sunrise555.00711.0.740.255.000 
 Dälek · Gutter Tactics101.001     
 Eagle Twin · The Unkindness of Crows101.001     
 Easy Star All-Stars · Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band101.001     
 Eaton Lake Tonics · Rancho Folly IV301.001     
 Eat Skull · Wild and Inside637.0109.0.814.810.037 
 Ebony Bones · Bones of My Bones51.001     
 Echaskech · Shatterproof151.001     
 Echo and the Bunnymen · The Fountain394.006     
 Edan · Echo Party304.006     
 Ed Harcourt · Russian Roulette EP101.001     
 Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros · Up From Below535.00710.6.651.679.000 
 Eels · Hombre Lobo10611.0169.6.701.236.009 
 Eg · Adventure Man202.003     
 Eilen Jewell · Sea of Tears101.001     
 Ekkehard Ehlers/Paul Wirkus · Ballads51.001     
 Electric Bunnies · Through the Magical Door71.001     
 Electric Wire Hustle · Electric Wire Hustle51.001     
 Eleni Mandell · Artificial Fire202.003     
 Elijah Wald · How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'N' Roll51.001     
 Ella Fitzgerald · Twelve Nights in Hollywood51.001     
 El Michels Affair · Enter the 37th Chamber212.003     
 Elms · The Great American Midrange101.001     
 El Perro Del Mar · Love Is Not Pop91.001     
 Elvis Costello · Secret, Profane & Sugarcane9610.0149.6.791.177.007 
 Elvis Perkins · In Dearland503.004     
 Elvis Presley · Elvis 75: Good Rockin' Tonight51.001     
 Embrace of Thorns · Atonement Ritual51.001     
 Emeralds · What Happened798.0119.9.795.873.018 
 Emilie Autumn · Opheliac131.001     
 Emilio Jose · Chorando Aprendese502.003     
 Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan · Adoon Winding Nith151.001     
 Eminem · Relapse957.01013.6.639.284.037 
 Emitt Rhodes · The Emitt Rhodes Recordings: 1969-1973202.003     
 Emm Gryner · Goddess61.001     
 Emmy the Great · First Love101.001     
 Empire of the Sun · Walking on a Dream514.006     
 Emptyset · Emptyset253.004     
 Enablers · Now You Can Answer My Prayers EP91.001     
 Ender · Ender71.001     
 Enrico Crivellaro · Mojo Zone51.001     
 The Entrance Band · The Entrance Band152.003     
 Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood · Live at Madison Square Garden71.001     
 Ernst Reijseger · Tell Me Everything71.001     
 Espers · III101.001     
 Esser · Braveface51.001     
 Ettes · Do You Want Power121.001     
 Evangelista · Prince of Truth201.001     
 Evan Miller · Transfigurations on Lap-Steel Guitar101.001     
 Evergreen · Evergreen71.001     
 Every Time I Die · New Junk Aesthetic101.001     
 Excoriate · On Pestilent Winds101.001     
 Exene Cervenka · Somewhere Gone51.001     
 Exile · Radio51.001     
 Extra Golden · Thank You Very Quickly223.004     
 Eyedea & Abilities · By the Throat182.003     
 Fabolous · Loso's Way61.001     
 Factorymen · Shitman101.001     
 Faith & the Muse · Ankoko Butoh141.001     
 Fake Blood · Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1101.001     
 FaltyDL · Bravery EP101.001     
 FaltyDL · Love Is a Liability253.004     
 Fanfarlo · Reservoir515.00710.2.731.843.000 
 Farmer Dave Scher · Flash Forward to the Good Times202.003     
 Fashawn · Boy Meets World51.001     
 Fastball · Little White Lies172.003     
 Fat Freddy's Drop · Dr. Boondigga and the Big BW373.004     
 Father's Day B'Hash · Rakalam Bob Moses131.001     
 Faust · C'est ... Com ... Com ... Compliqué101.001     
 Feelies · Crazy Rhythms101.001     
 Fela Kuti · The Best of the Black President111.001     
 Fennesz and Sparklehorse · In the Fishtank101.001     
 The Field · Yesterday and Today556.0099.2.705.818.027 
 Finale · A Pipe Dream and a Promise51.001     
 Fink · Sort of Revolution61.001     
 Finn Riggins · Vs. Wilderness101.001     
 The Fireman · Good Evening New York City192.003     
 Fischerspooner · Entertainment101.001     
 Five Finger Death Punch · War Is the Answer152.003     
 Flatlanders · Hills and Valleys202.003     
 Flight of the Conchords · I Told You I Was Freaky364.006     
 Flower-Corsano Duo · The Four Aims101.001     
 Fly · Sky & Country212.003     
 Fly Ashtray · Reports61.001     
 Fm3 · Buddha Machine 2.061.001     
 Fol Chen · Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made61.001     
 For Against · Never Been81.001     
 Forbidden Tigers · Magnetic Problems101.001     
 Foreign Born · Person to Person161.001     
 Forro in the Dark · Light a Candle101.001     
 Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne · Me Madame (Good News From Wonderland)51.001     
 Franco & le Tout Puissant OK Jazz · Francophonic, Vol. 21049.01311.6.795.788.000 
 Frank Fairfield · Frank Fairfield242.003     
 Frank Turner · The First Three Years81.001     
 Frank Wakefield · Ownself Blues51.001     
 Franz Ferdinand · Tonight636.00910.5.750.841.000 
 Fred Anderson · 21st Century Chase151.001     
 Freddie Gibbs · Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik101.001     
 Freddie Gibbs · The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs101.001     
 Freddie Hubbard · Without a Song: Live in Europe 196981.001     
 Fred Hammond · Love Unstoppable101.001     
 Freedy Johnston · Rain on the City51.001     
 Free Energy · Free Energy EP71.001     
 Freestyle Professors · Gryme Tyme51.001     
 Freeway & Jake One · The Beat Made Me Do It101.001     
 French Miami · French Miami152.003     
 Fresh & Onlys · Bomb Wombs101.001     
 Fresh & Onlys · The Fresh & Onlys202.003     
 Fresh & Onlys · Grey-Eyed Girls353.004     
 Friendly Foes · Born Radical51.001     
 From Monument to Masses · On Little Known Frequencies212.003     
 Fruit Bats · The Ruminant Band353.004     
 The Fully Celebrated · Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones81.001     
 Fun. · Aim and Ignite203.004     
 Funeral Mist · Maranatha464.006     
 The Furious Seasons · Thank You for Saturday251.001     
 Ga'an · Ga'an151.001     
 Gallows · Grey Britain323.004     
 Ganglians · Monster Head Room253.004     
 Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith · Westering101.001     
 Gary War · Horribles Parade71.001     
 The Gates of Slumber · Hymns of Blood and Thunder101.001     
 Gay Beast · Second Wave51.001     
 Gay Witch Abortion · Maverick101.001     
 The Gear · Left of Center of the Universe101.001     
 Generationals · Con Law151.001     
 Geoff Muldaur and the Texas Sheiks · The Texas Sheiks202.003     
 George Benson · Songs and Stories101.001     
 Georgia Anne Muldrow · Early202.003     
 Georgia Anne Muldrow · Umsindo122.003     
 Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples · Circulations51.001     
 Get Back Guinozzi! · Carpet Madness101.001     
 Get Em Mami's · TerAwesome101.001     
 Ghostface Killah · Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City487.0106.9.764.792.000 
 Gift of Gab · Escape 2 Mars281.001     
 Gil Mantera's Party Dream · Dreamscape101.001     
 Girl in a Coma · Trio B.C.202.003     
 Glen David Andrews · Walking Through Heaven's Gate301.001     
 Gnaw Their Tongues · All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity101.001     
 Goatwhore · Carving Out the Eyes of God172.003     
 God Help the Girl · God Help the Girl202.003     
 Goes Cube · Another Day Has Passed51.001     
 Gog · Mist From the Random More301.001     
 Golden Bloom · Fan the Flames51.001     
 Golden Boots · The Winter of Our Discotheque51.001     
 Golden Silvers · True Romance172.003     
 Golem · Citizen Boris81.001     
 Gomez · A New Tide253.004     
 Gong · 2032101.001     
 Goran Bregović · Alkohol332.003     
 Gossip · Music for Men859.0139.4.702.647.046 
 Gourds · Haymaker!101.001     
 Gov't Mule · By a Thread91.001     
 Grace Basement · Gunmetal Gray101.001     
 Graciela Beltran · Reina de la Banda101.001     
 Graf Orlock · Destination Time Today101.001     
 Graham Lambkin · Softly Softly Copy Copy272.003     
 Grails · Doomsdayer's Holiday302.003     
 Grand Archives · Keep in Mind Frankenstein71.001     
 Grand Duchy · Petit Fours121.001     
 Grand Hallway · Promenade51.001     
 Grant-Lee Phillips · Little Moon404.006     
 Grass Widow · Grass Widow252.003     
 Grateful Dead · To Terrapin: May 28, 1977, Hartford, CT51.001     
 Greater California · All the Colors101.001     
 Green Pajamas · Poison in the Russian Room101.001     
 Greg Davis · Midpoint71.001     
 Gretchen Parlato · In a Dream463.004     
 Greymachine · Disconnected101.001     
 Grizzly Collective · Veckatimest Post Pavillion51.001     
 Group Bombino · Guitars From Agadez, Vol 2566.0099.3.919.429.096 
 Group Doueh · Treeg Salaam252.003     
 Grouper · Cover the Windows and the Walls101.001     
 G-Side · Huntsville International383.004     
 Gucci Mane · The Burrprint: 3D685.00713.6.7741.000.004 
 Gucci Mane · EA Sportscenter101.001     
 Gucci Mane · The State Vs. Radric Davis404.006     
 Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday · Writing on Da Wall402.003     
 Gui Boratto · Take My Breath Away304.006     
 Gurf Morlix · Last Exit to Happyland102.003     
 Guy Clark · Some Days the Song Writes You302.003     
 Guy Davis · Sweetheart Like You51.001     
 Hail the Size · I Can't Die in L.A.71.001     
 Haints Old Time Stringband · Shout Monah71.001     
 Halflings · Self-Esteem91.001     
 Ham1 · The Underground Stream101.001     
 Handsome Family · Honey Moon213.004     
 Handsome Furs · Face Control467.0106.6.569.891.022 
 Hanne Hukkelberg · Blood From a Stone101.001     
 Happy Hollows · Spells101.001     
 Harappian Night Recordings · The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele101.001     
 Harlem Shakes · Technicolor Health505.00710.0.702.700.010 
 Har Mar Superstar · Dark Touches71.001     
 Hatcham Social · You Dig the Tunnel, I'll Hide the Soil91.001     
 Havohej · Kembatinan Premaster51.001     
 Hayden · The Place Where We Lived152.003     
 Headlights · Wildlife101.001     
 Heartless Bastards · The Mountain998.01112.4.688.616.010 
 Heaven and Hell · The Devil You Know302.003     
 Heavy · The House That Dirt Built101.001     
 Heavy Trash · Midnight Soul Serenade101.001     
 Hecker · Acid in the Style of David Tudor152.003     
 Hello Seahorse! · Bestia153.004     
 Helvetia · Helvetia's Junk Shop101.001     
 Henrik Schwarz, Ame and Dixon · The Grandfather Paradox152.003     
 Henry Threadgill Zooid · This Brings Us To, Volume 1605.00712.0.793.250.000 
 Here We Go Magic · Here We Go Magic253.004     
 Hess Is More · Hits101.001     
 Hex Dispensers · Winchester Mystery House152.003     
 Hidden Cameras · Origin: Orphan172.003     
 Hildur Gudnadóttir · Without Sinking101.001     
 Hockey · Mind Chaos273.004     
 Hold Steady · A Positive Rage303.004     
 Holly Williams · Here With Me131.001     
 Hollywood, Mon Amour · Hollywood, Mon Amour101.001     
 Home Blitz · Out of Phase101.001     
 Hong Kong Six · Once Upon a Time in the West101.001     
 Hoots and Hellmouth · The Holy Open Secret101.001     
 Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions · Through the Devil Softly303.004     
 Horseback · The Invisible Mountain333.004     
 HotChaCha · The World's Hardest Working Telescope and the Violent Birth of Stars101.001     
 Hot Club of Cowtown · Wishful Thinking101.001     
 Hot Leg · Red Light Fever101.001     
 Hotrats · Turn Ons101.001     
 Howard Eliott Payne · Bright Light Ballads101.001     
 Howie Beck · How to Fall Down in Public201.001     
 Humcrush · Rest at World's End102.003     
 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble · Hypnotic Brass Ensemble212.003     
 Ian Brown · My Way202.003     
 Ian Hunter · Man Overboard656.00910.8.911.462.000 
 Ian McLagan & the Bump Band · Never Say Never152.003     
 Idlewild · Post Electric Blues101.001     
 Iggy Pop · Préliminaires374.006     
 Iji · In Celebration51.001     
 Ike Reilly · Hard Luck Stories101.001     
 Imaad Wasif · The Voidist101.001     
 Immortal · All Shall Fall434.006     
 Imogen Heap · Ellipse353.004     
 Incapacitants · Box Is Stupid101.001     
 India.Arie · Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics91.001     
 Ingrid Michaelson · Everybody81.001     
 Intelligence · Fake Surfers353.004     
 In the Country · Whiteout51.001     
 Irepress · Sol Eye Sea I101.001     
 Iron Maiden · Flight 66671.001     
 Iron Man · I Have Returned101.001     
 Isis · Wavering Radiant354.006     
 Islands · Vapours755.00715.0.741.200.000 
 I Was a King · I Was a King51.001     
 Jacka · Tear Gas202.003     
 Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers · Disco Outlaw252.003     
 Jack Peñate · Everything Is New51.001     
 Jack Rose · Black Dirt Sessions101.001     
 Jack Rose & the Black Twig Pickers · Jack Rose & the Black Twig Pickers101.001     
 Jacuzzi Boys · No Seasons352.003     
 Jahdan Blakkamoore · Buzzrock Warrior202.003     
 Jake Shimabukuro · Live61.001     
 James Blackshaw · The Glass Bead Game283.004     
 James Ferraro · Discovery101.001     
 James Ferraro · Edward Flex Presents: Do You Believe in Hawaii?101.001     
 James Hand · Shadow on the Ground303.004     
 James Luther Dickinson · Dinosaurs Run in Circles101.001     
 James McMurtry · James McMurtry Live in Europe101.001     
 James Moody · 4a232.003     
 James Yorkston & the Big Eye Family Players · Folk Songs101.001     
 Jamey Johnson · That Lonesome Song202.003     
 Jamie Hoover & Steve Stoeckel · English Afterthought91.001     
 Jamie T. · Kings and Queens202.003     
 Jamie T. · Sticks and Stones121.001     
 Jane's Addiction · A Cabinet of Curiousities101.001     
 Jane Siberry · With What Shall I Keep Warm?81.001     
 Jan Garbarek Group · Dresden in Concert51.001     
 Jason Crumer · Walk With Me141.001     
 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit · Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit575.00711.4.813.912.035 
 Jason Lytle · Yours Truly, the Commuter303.004     
 Jason Ringenberg · New Tracks and Sidetracks101.001     
 Javelin · Jamz N Jemz152.003     
 Javelina · Beasts Among Sheep182.003     
 Jaydiohead · The Encore101.001     
 Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard · One Fast Move or I'm Gone454.006     
 Jay Reatard · Grown Up, Fucked Up101.001     
 J. Cole · The Warm Up101.001     
 J.D. Allen Trio · Shine151.001     
 J Dilla · Jay Stay Paid202.003     
 Jeff Larson · Heart of the Valley101.001     
 Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard · 'Em Are I302.003     
 Jeff "Tain" Watts · Watts61.001     
 Jennie DeVoe · Strange Sunshine101.001     
 Jeremy Jay · Slow Dance101.001     
 Jeremy Udden · Plainville101.001     
 Jermiside · Die Jerm Die Mixtape102.003     
 Jerry Douglas · Jerry Christmas61.001     
 Jesse Somfay · A Catch in the Voice222.003     
 Jessie Torrisi · Bruler Bruler101.001     
 Jessy Bulbo · Taras Bulba141.001     
 Jesus Lizard · Goat383.004     
 Jets Overhead · No Nations101.001     
 JG Thirlwell · The Venture Brothers Soundtrack101.001     
 Jim Jones · Pray IV Reign51.001     
 Job for a Cowboy · Ruination101.001     
 Joe · Signature91.001     
 Joe Bonamassa · The Ballad of John Henry151.001     
 Joe Budden · Escape Route151.001     
 Joe Henry · Blood From Stars806.00913.3.770.000.013 
 Joe Lovano Us Five · Folk Art71.001     
 Joel Plaskett · Three324.006     
 Joe Morris · Today on Earth101.001     
 Joe Pernice · It Feels So Good When I Stop152.003     
 Joey DeFrancesco · Finger Poppin': Celebrating the Music of Horace Silver81.001     
 Johan Agebjörn · FACT Mix 76101.001     
 John Doe and the Sadies · Country Club303.004     
 John Fogerty · The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again152.003     
 John Foxx and Robin Guthrie · Mirrorball101.001     
 John Frusciante · The Empyrean51.001     
 John Gorka · So Dark You See121.001     
 John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble · Eternal Interlude354.006     
 John Pantry · The Upside Down World of John Pantry101.001     
 John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives · Spills and Thrills71.001     
 John Schooley and His One-Man Band · One Man Against the World51.001     
 John Scofield · Piety Street152.003     
 John Surman · Brewster's Rooster202.003     
 John Vanderslice · Romanian Names202.003     
 John Wiese · Circle Snare172.003     
 Joker · Purple Wow Sound202.003     
 Jonatha Brooke · The Works81.001     
 Jonathan Johansson · En Hand I Himelen141.001     
 Jonathan Kane · Jet Ear Party111.001     
 Jonathan Wilson · Gentle Spirit101.001     
 Jon Balke · Siwan111.001     
 Jon Boden · Songs From the Floodplain111.001     
 Jon Brion · Synecdoche, New York121.001     
 Jon Hassell · Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street303.004     
 Jon Hopkins · Insides402.003     
 Jono El Grande · Neo Dada101.001     
 Jonsi and Alex · Riceboy Sleeps263.004     
 Jookabox · Dead Zone Boys81.001     
 Jordin Sparks · Battlefield51.001     
 Jordi Savall · Jerusalem151.001     
 Joris Voorn · Balance 01481.001     
 Josh Mease · Wilderness111.001     
 Josh Schroeder · Love Is a Shade EP91.001     
 Joshua Redman · Compass51.001     
 Joss Stone · Colour Me Free101.001     
 Joyce DiDonato · Colbran, the Muse101.001     
 Joy Formidable · A Balloon Called Moaning202.003     
 J. Stalin and Mayback · The Real World 2 East-West Oakland Edition51.001     
 Juan Son · Mermaid Sashimi353.004     
 Juju & Jordash · Juju & Jordash101.001     
 Julian Cope · The Unruly Imagination101.001     
 Julianna Barwick · Florine91.001     
 Julia Wolfe · Dark Full Ride101.001     
 Julie Clark · Change Your Mind81.001     
 Julie Doiron · I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day193.004     
 June · Magic Circles101.001     
 Junius · The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist151.001     
 Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara · Tell No Lies707.01010.0.895.414.000 
 Justin Townes Earle · Midnight at the Movies677.0109.6.810.448.067 
 Kaija Saariaho (Kent Negano, Conductor) · L'Amour de Loin131.001     
 Kailash Kher & Kailasa · Yatra (Nomadic Souls)101.001     
 Kaki King · Mexican Teenagers101.001     
 Kanye West · 808s & Heartbreak151.001     
 Kap Bambino · Blacklist101.001     
 Karen O and the Kids · Where the Wild Things Are51.001     
 Karl Blau · Zebra51.001     
 Karl Denson's Tiny Universe · Brother's Keeper101.001     
 Kasabian · The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum354.006     
 Katatonia · Night Is the New Day152.003     
 Kate Simko · Music From the Atom Smashers51.001     
 Katharsis · Fourth Reich101.001     
 Keelhaul · Triumphant Return to Obscurity101.001     
 Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden · Paris/London: Testament202.003     
 Keith Urban · Defying Gravity172.003     
 Kellie Allen and Pete Peterson · I'll Never Forsake You91.001     
 Kelly Clarkson · All I Ever Wanted435.0078.6.763.984.000 
 Kenny Garrett · Sketches of MD51.001     
 Keri Hilson · In a Perfect World ...304.006     
 Kevin Blechdom · Gentlemania51.001     
 Kevin Drumm · Imperial Horizon172.003     
 Kevon Edmonds · Who Knew101.001     
 Khaled · Liberté565.00711.2.717.500.000 
 Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds · Dracula Boots223.004     
 Kid Sister · Ultraviolet263.004     
 Kids on DSP · Kids on DSP101.001     
 Kid Tested · Pop Era Laundry101.001     
 Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie · Phonogram: The Singles Club101.001     
 Kiila · Tuota Tuota71.001     
 Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble · Here Be Dragons201.001     
 Killsonic · Killsonic51.001     
 Kinch · Collars and Sleeves101.001     
 King Khan and BBQ Show · Invisible Girl192.003     
 King Midas Sound · Waiting for You...707.01010.0.790.714.021 
 The Kingsbury Manx · Ascenseur Ouvert!51.001     
 Kings of Convenience · Declaration of Dependence253.004     
 Kings of Leon · Only by the Night252.003     
 Kirby Krackle · Kirby Krackle101.001     
 Kiss · Sonic Boom263.004     
 Kleerup · Kleerup202.003     
 Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer · Amerikanische Poesie Und Alkoholismus101.001     
 Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer · Asylum Lunaticum51.001     
 K-Os · Yes!102.003     
 Krallice · Dimensional Bleedthrough81.001     
 Kreng · L'Autopsie Phenomenale de Dieu403.004     
 Kris Kristofferson · Closer to the Bone687.0109.7.749.441.044 
 Kristeen Young · Music for Strippers, Hookers, and the Odd on-Looker182.003     
 Kronos Quartet · Floodplain242.003     
 Krs-One & Buckshot · Survival Skills61.001     
 KTU · Quiver101.001     
 Kurt Vile · God Is Saying This to You?496.0098.2.810.551.032 
 Kush Arora · Dread Bass Chronicles51.001     
 Kutiman · Thru-You152.003     
 Kyle Hollingsworth · Then There's Now91.001     
 KZA · Dig and Edit101.001     
 La Coka Nostra · A Brand You Can Trust51.001     
 Lacuna Coil · Shallow Life101.001     
 Lady Sovereign · Jigsaw251.001     
 La Excelencia · Tumbao Mi Social51.001     
 Lake Heartbeat · Trust in Numbers101.001     
 Lambchop · Live at XX Merge111.001     
 Lamb of God · Wrath101.001     
 Langhorne Slim · Be Set Free152.003     
 Larry Jon Wilson · Larry Jon Wilson202.003     
 Late of the Pier · Fantasy Black Channel252.003     
 Laudanum · The Coronation101.001     
 Laura Gibson · Beasts of Seasons122.003     
 Laura Izibor · Let the Truth Be Told101.001     
 Laura Shigihara · Plants Vs. Zombies - Original Soundtrack to the Popcap Game101.001     
 Lawrence · Until Then, Goodbye101.001     
 Lawrence Arabia · Chant Darling101.001     
 Leaves' Eyes · Njord111.001     
 Ledisi · Turn Me Loose314.006     
 Lee Fields & the Expressions · My World1087.01015.4.815.574.000 
 The Leftovers · Eager to Please51.001     
 Legion of Two · Riffs101.001     
 Leif Edling · Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy101.001     
 The Leisure Society · The Sleeper162.003     
 Le Loup · Family101.001     
 Leona Lewis · Echo71.001     
 Leonard Cohen · Live at the Isle of Wight 1970594.006     
 Leonard Cohen · Live in London19820.0299.9.796.364.000 
 Les Triaboliques · Rivermudtwilight101.001     
 Let's Wrestle · In the Court of the Wrestling Let's301.001     
 Lethargy · Purification101.001     
 Leyland Kirby · Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was151.001     
 Lhasa de Sela · Lhasa111.001     
 Liechtenstein · Survival Strategies in a Modern World252.003     
 The Life and Times · Tragic Boogie101.001     
 Lifelover · Dekadens71.001     
 Lightning Bolt · Earthly Delights333.004     
 Lightning Dust · Infinite Light302.003     
 Lights · The Listening111.001     
 Lights · Rites172.003     
 Liimanarina · Linkolalaista Lähiörokkia Landelta121.001     
 Like a Stuntman · Original Bedouin Culture101.001     
 Lil B · Based Blunts Vol. 1101.001     
 Lil Boosie · Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz152.003     
 Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris · Category 7: Bad Azz Hurricane51.001     
 Lil Wayne · No Ceilings737.01010.4.6491.000.007 
 Linda Oh Trio · Entry152.003     
 Lindstrøm & Christabelle · Real Life Is No Cool202.003     
 Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas · II354.006     
 Lionheart & Ethel · Kline: John the Revelator202.003     
 Lions in the Street · Lions in the Street151.001     
 Lisa Germano · Magic Neighbor293.004     
 Lisa Hannigan · Sea Sew101.001     
 Lissy Trullie · Self-Taught Learner202.003     
 Little Boots · Hands273.004     
 Little Dragon · Machine Dreams203.004     
 Little-Scale · Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken101.001     
 Liturgy · Renihilation323.004     
 Living Colour · The Chair in the Doorway484.006     
 Living Things · Habeas Corpus91.001     
 Liz Carroll and John Doyle · Double Play61.001     
 Liz Isenberg · Indifferent & Imaginary101.001     
 Lizz Wright · The Orchard301.001     
 Lokai · Transition101.001     
 Lonetones · Canaries101.001     
 Longmont Potion Castle · Longmont Potion Castle 751.001     
 Lookbook · Wild at Heart251.001     
 Lord Mantis · Spawning the Nephilim172.003     
 Los Cenzontles, David Hidalgo, Taj Mahal · American Horizon51.001     
 Los Lobos · Los Lobos Goes Disney101.001     
 Los Texmaniacs · Borders y Bailes101.001     
 Los Tigres Del Norte · La Granja202.003     
 Lotus Plaza · The Floodlight Collective293.004     
 Louie and the Lovers · Complete Recordings51.001     
 Love Language · The Love Language202.003     
 Lovely Feathers · Fantasy of the Lot101.001     
 Love Me Nots · Upsidedown Insideout101.001     
 The Low Anthem · Oh My God, Charlie Darwin12813.0199.8.631.398.012 
 LSD March · Under Milk Wood51.001     
 LTJ Bukem · Fabriclive 4661.001     
 Lucero · 1372 Overton Park809.0138.9.848.525.017 
 Luc Ferrari · Archives Génétiquement Modifiées/Société II51.001     
 Luc Ferrari · l'Oeuvre Electronique101.001     
 Luciano · Tribute to the Sun203.004     
 Lucky Dragons · Dream Island Laughing Language192.003     
 Lukid · Foma101.001     
 Lullatone · Songs That Spin in Circles51.001     
 Lura · Eclipse61.001     
 Lushlife · Cassette City201.001     
 Lusiferiinin Armosta · Nuolee141.001     
 Luther Dickinson & the Sons of Mudboy · Onward and Upward71.001     
 Lyle Lovett · Natural Forces101.001     
 Lyman Woodard · Saturday Night Special51.001     
 Lymbyc Systym · Shutter Release91.001     
 Macaco · Puerto Presente101.001     
 Maccabees · Wall of Arms111.001     
 Madalyn Merkey · Goddess of the Horizon101.001     
 Madder Mortem · Eight Ways151.001     
 Maddy Prior · Seven for Old England51.001     
 Madness · The Liberty of Norton Folgate51.001     
 Mae Day · Cherish the Day61.001     
 Magda · Fabric 49: Magda51.001     
 Magik Markers · Balf Quarry101.001     
 Magma · Ëmëhntëhtt-Rê301.001     
 Magnolia Electric Company · Josephine655.00713.0.849.692.023 
 Magnolia Sisters · Stripped Down101.001     
 Magrudergrind · Magrudergrind232.003     
 Maia Sharp · Echo101.001     
 Maino · If Tomorrow Comes ...101.001     
 Major Lazer · Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do878.01110.9.699.766.000 
 Manchester Orchestra · Mean Everything to Nothing263.004     
 Manic Street Preachers · Journal for Plague Lovers826.00913.7.724.695.018 
 Man Must Die · No Tolerance for Imperfection51.001     
 Mannequin Men · Lose Your Illusion, Too332.003     
 Mantles · The Mantles303.004     
 Maplewood · Yeti Boombox222.003     
 Maps · Turning the Mind101.001     
 Marcell & the Truth · Symbols101.001     
 Marcio Local · Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don232.003     
 Marcus Nasty · Rinse 10101.001     
 Marcy & Zina · Marcy & Zina: The Album101.001     
 Marduk · Wormwood101.001     
 Mariachi El Bronx · Mariachi El Bronx252.003     
 Mariah Carey (ft. Nicki Minaj) · Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel394.006     
 Maria Muldaur · Garden of Joy101.001     
 Marianne Faithfull · Easy Come, Easy Go434.006     
 Marin Alsop · Bernstein: Mass101.001     
 Marina Rosenfeld · Plastic Materials151.001     
 Marissa Nadler · Little Hells415.0078.2.682.878.012 
 Marked Men · Ghosts302.003     
 Mark Knopfler · Get Lucky101.001     
 Mark Mallman · Invincible Criminal202.003     
 Mark Olson & Gary Louris · Ready for the Flood183.004     
 Marshall Crenshaw · Jaggedland243.004     
 Mars Volta · Octahedron132.003     
 Martial Solal · Live at the Village Vanguard61.001     
 Martina McBride · Shine61.001     
 Martin Simpson · True Stories101.001     
 Martyn · Great Lengths61.001     
 Marvin Gaye · What's Going On51.001     
 Mary Mary · The Sound301.001     
 Mary Onettes · Islands202.003     
 Masada Quintet · Stolas: Book of Angels Vol. 12101.001     
 Mason Jennings · Blood of Man253.004     
 Masshysteri · Vår Del Av Stan101.001     
 Masta Ace & Edo G · Arts & Entertainment51.001     
 Master Musicians of Jajouka · Live Vol. 1101.001     
 Matias Aguayo · Ay Ay Ay596.0099.8.820.797.032 
 Matt and Kim · Grand1009.01311.1.652.600.018 
 Matt and Shannon Heaton · Lovers' Well201.001     
 Matthew Good · Vancouver101.001     
 Matthew Robert Cooper · Miniatures51.001     
 Matthew Ryan · Dear Lover172.003     
 Matthew Shipp · Harmonic Disorder101.001     
 Matthew Welch · Luminosity101.001     
 Matt Jones · The Black Path51.001     
 Matt Kanelos & the Smooth Maria · Silent Show101.001     
 Matt Wilson Quartet · That's Gonna Leave a Mark91.001     
 Mavado · Mr. Brooks ... A Better Tomorrow51.001     
 Maxïmo Park · Quicken the Heart81.001     
 MC Esoteric · Saving Seamus Ryan152.003     
 MC Esoteric · Serve or Suffer101.001     
 McGinty & White · Sing Selections From the McGinty & White Songbook101.001     
 MC Paul Barman · Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud51.001     
 Mean Creek · The Sky (Or the Underground)101.001     
 Meanderthals · Desire Lines131.001     
 Mean Jeans · Are You Serious?151.001     
 Meat Puppets · Sewn Together101.001     
 Megadeth · Endgame252.003     
 Megafaun · Gather, Form, & Fly536.0098.8.842.623.143 
 Melanie Fiona · The Bridge212.003     
 Melba Moore & Phil Perry · The Gift of Love101.001     
 Melody Gardot · My One and Only Thrill344.006     
 Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Entity · The Ancients Speak212.003     
 Memory Cassette · Call & Response101.001     
 Memory Tapes · Seek Magic575.00711.4.537.912.009 
 Memory Tapes · Treeship151.001     
 The Mercury Program · Chez Viking101.001     
 Meshell Ndegeocello · Devil's Halo837.01011.9.817.982.000 
 Method Man & Redman · Blackout! 2142.003     
 Mew · No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories the World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away586.0099.7.719.828.026 
 mewithoutYou · It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright!191.001     
 Mi Ami · Watersports51.001     
 Michael Franti and Spearhead · All Rebel Rockers332.003     
 Michael Hayes · Diamonds Down the Drain101.001     
 Michael Hurley · Ida Con Snock302.003     
 Michael Jackson · Thriller552.003     
 Michael Yonkers/The Blind Shake · Cold Town -Soft Zodiac101.001     
 Michelle Shocked · Soul of My Soul101.001     
 Midival Punditz · Hello Hello101.001     
 Miguel Zenón · Esta Plena101.001     
 Mika · The Boy Who Knew Too Much313.004     
 Mika Miko · We Be Xuxa101.001     
 Mike Doughty · Sad Man, Happy Man101.001     
 Mike Hale · Lives Like Mine101.001     
 Mike Keneally · Scambot 1223.004     
 Mike Marshall's Big Trio · Mike Marshall's Big Trio51.001     
 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson · Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson101.001     
 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson · Summer of Fear51.001     
 Milk and Honey Band · Dog-Eared Moonlight101.001     
 Millions · Gather Scatter101.001     
 Mincemeat or Tenspeed · Strange Gods101.001     
 Minus 5 · Killingsworth132.003     
 Mirah · (A)Spera101.001     
 Miranda Lee Richards · Light of X101.001     
 Miss Derringer · Winter Hill51.001     
 Mission of Burma · The Sound the Speed the Light728.0119.0.785.656.058 
 Miss Li · Dancing the Whole Way Home101.001     
 Missy Raines and the New Hip · Inside Out101.001     
 Mitchel Musso · Mitchel Musso101.001     
 Moby · Wait for Me212.003     
 Moby Grape · The Place and the Time101.001     
 Moderat · Moderat242.003     
 Modern Creatures · Modern Creatures101.001     
 Modern Skirts · All of Us in Our Nights152.003     
 Modeselektor · Body Language, Vol. 8101.001     
 Modest Mouse · No One's First, and You're Next101.001     
 Mohammed Ilyas · Taarab101.001     
 Mokira · Persona101.001     
 Moltheni · Ingrediente Novus101.001     
 Mondo Boys · Weird Summer151.001     
 Moniek Darge · Soundies101.001     
 Monks · Black Monk Time101.001     
 Mono · Hymn to the Immortal Wind335.0076.6.819.697.205 
 Monolake · Silence101.001     
 Mononofu · Light From Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle101.001     
 Montt Mardie · Skaizerkite152.003     
 Moodymann · Anotha Black Sunday51.001     
 Moonalice · Moonalice101.001     
 Moon Wiring Club · Striped Paint for the Last Post101.001     
 Moore Brothers · Aptos101.001     
 M.O.P. · Foundation112.003     
 The Morakestra · Witness to Connection101.001     
 Mordant Music · SyMptoMs302.003     
 Moritz Von Oswald Trio · Vertical Ascent476.0097.8.688.660.090 
 Morphine · At Your Service51.001     
 Morrissey · Swords101.001     
 Morrissey · Years of Refusal807.01011.4.786.650.010 
 The Most Serene Republic · ... And the Ever Expanding Universe151.001     
 Motorcycles Are Everywhere · 1983101.001     
 Mountains · Choral404.006     
 Mount Eerie · Wind's Poem555.00711.0.708.818.041 
 Mournful Congregation · The June Frost51.001     
 Mr. Dream · Mr. Dream Goes to Jail131.001     
 Mr. Gnome · Heave Yer Skeleton404.006     
 Mr. Lif · I Heard It Today101.001     
 MSTRKRFT · Fist of God51.001     
 Mulatu Astatke · New York-Addis-London: The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975202.003     
 Mumakil · Behold the Failure101.001     
 Mumford & Sons · Sigh No More51.001     
 Mumiy Troll · Comrade Ambassador101.001     
 The Mumlers · Don't Throw Me Away101.001     
 Mungolian Jet Set · We Gave It All Away...Now We Are Taking It Back152.003     
 Municipal Waste · Massive Aggressive101.001     
 Muse · The Resistance769.0138.4.813.691.077 
 Musiq Soulchild · OnMyRadio51.001     
 M. Ward · Hold Time11511.01610.5.736.417.009 
 My Robot Friend · Soft-Core91.001     
 N'Dambi · Pink Elephant121.001     
 Najma Akhtar and Gary Lucas · Rishte91.001     
 Nanci Griffith · The Loving Kind101.001     
 Nancy Garcia · Be the Climb81.001     
 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens · What Have You Done, My Brother?756.00912.5.889.373.000 
 Napalm Death · Time Waits for No Slave395.0077.8.858.359.695 
 Narrows · New Distances303.004     
 Natalia Lafourcade · Hu Hu Hu724.006     
 Nebula · Heavy Psych101.001     
 Necro Deathmort · This Beat Is Necrotronic51.001     
 Necrophobic · Death to All101.001     
 Ned Collette · Over the Stones, Under the Stars101.001     
 Needtobreathe · The Outsiders101.001     
 Neil Young · Archives, Volume 1 (1963-1972)343.004     
 Nels Cline · Coward655.00713.0.898.538.050 
 Neshama Carlebach · Higher & Higher151.001     
 New Boyz · Skinny Jeans and a Mic81.001     
 New Lost City Ramblers · Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go? - 50 Years222.003     
 New York Dolls · 'Cause I Sez So11111.01610.1.840.414.033 
 New York Rifles · Make a Wish51.001     
 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis · The Death of Bunny Munroe101.001     
 Nick Cave and Warren Ellis · White Lunar202.003     
 Nico Vega · Nico Vega51.001     
 Night Control · Death Control182.003     
 The Nightgowns · Sing Something121.001     
 Nile · Those Whom the Gods Detest51.001     
 Nisennenmondai · Destination Tokyo51.001     
 Nite Jewel · Good Evening586.0099.7.805.741.026 
 Nite Jewel · Want You Back EP101.001     
 Nitin Sawhney · London Undersound151.001     
 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band · Speed of Life101.001     
 Nmperign · Ommatidia51.001     
 Nneka · To and Fro101.001     
 Noah and the Whale · The First Days of Spring424.006     
 Nodzzz · Nodzzz201.001     
 No-Fi Soul Rebellion · Oh Please Please Please101.001     
 NOFX · Coaster51.001     
 Noisettes · Wild Young Hearts607.0108.6.815.833.000 
 Nomo · Ghost Rock51.001     
 Nomo · Invisible Cities354.006     
 Non-Commissioned Officers · Make-Out With Violence OST71.001     
 Norah Jones · The Fall526.0098.7.811.000.000 
 Nosaj Thing · Drift515.00710.2.741.716.009 
 Novada · Transmission51.001     
 Novalima · Coba Coba101.001     
 Noveller · Red Rainbows162.003     
 Nsi. · Ra.16251.001     
 Nuclearhammer · Obliteration Ritual51.001     
 Nurses · Apple's Acre101.001     
 Nurse With Wound · Paranoia in Hi-Fi101.001     
 Nyndk · The Hunting of the Snark51.001     
 O+S · O+S101.001     
 OB Buchana · It's My Time101.001     
 Obits · I Blame You334.006     
 Obscura · Cosmogenesis192.003     
 Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada · Coconut Rock101.001     
 Ofege · Try and Love51.001     
 Oh No · Dr. No's Ethiopium212.003     
 Oh No Ono · Eggs101.001     
 Olympic Ass-Kickin Team · National Champions151.001     
 Om · God Is Good101.001     
 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez · Old Money101.001     
 Omar Souleyman · Dabke 2020 (Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria)101.001     
 Omar Souleyman · Highway to Hassaske101.001     
 On Blast · On Blast201.001     
 Oneida · Rated O685.00713.6.803.654.231 
 Oneohtrix Point Never · Rifts182.003     
 Oneohtrix Point Never · Zones Without People202.003     
 Ooioo · Armonico Hewa654.006     
 Orange Mighty Trio · Infrastructure101.001     
 Oranssi Pazuzu · Muukalainen Puhuu101.001     
 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou · Echos Hypnotiques, Vol. 2293.004     
 Oren Ambarchi · Intermission 2000-2008192.003     
 Original Broadway Cast · Next to Normal101.001     
 Or, the Whale · Or, the Whale101.001     
 Os Mutantes · Haih ... Or Amortecedor ...353.004     
 Otis Taylor · Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs232.003     
 Otto · Certa Manha Acordei de Sonhos Intranquilos182.003     
 Our Lady Peace · Burn Burn101.001     
 Owen · New Leaves112.003     
 Owl City · Ocean Eyes203.004     
 Painted on Water · Painted on Water101.001     
 Panda · Poetics101.001     
 Pants Yell! · Received Pronunciation51.001     
 Paolo Nutini · Sunny Side Up253.004     
 Paper Airplane · White Elephants151.001     
 Papercuts · You Can Have What You Want222.003     
 Paper Route · Absence101.001     
 Paradise Lost · Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us202.003     
 Pastels & Tenniscoats · Two Sunsets656.00910.8.840.308.000 
 Pathways · Boat of Confidence71.001     
 Patrick Bloom · Ghosts of Radio101.001     
 Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms · Wooden Arms354.006     
 Patrick Wolf · The Bachelor464.006     
 Patterson Hood · Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)406.0096.7.840.738.000 
 Patton Oswalt · My Weakness Is Strong51.001     
 Patty Loveless · Mountain Soul II263.004     
 Paul Burch · Still Your Man51.001     
 Paul F. Tompkins · Freak Wharf142.003     
 Paul Giallorenzo · Get in to Go Out101.001     
 Paul Hill/Theatre of Voices · David Lang: The Little Match Girl Passion403.004     
 Paulina Rubio · Gran City Pop101.001     
 Paul O'Reilly/At Last an Atlas · Ships Leaving151.001     
 Paul Weller · Paul Weller Deluxe Edition101.001     
 Paul White · The Strange Dreams of Paul White101.001     
 Peaches · I Feel Cream494.006     
 Peaking Lights · Imaginary Falcons101.001     
 Pearl and the Beard · God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson101.001     
 Peatbog Faeries · Live51.001     
 Pekka Streng · Kesaama101.001     
 Pepe Bradock · Confiote de Bits101.001     
 Peste Noire · Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor101.001     
 Peter and the Penguins · How to Choose a Sweetheart101.001     
 Peter Bjorn and John · Living Thing101.001     
 Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek · Blank Grey Canvas Sky101.001     
 Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey · Here and Now605.00712.0.801.167.000 
 Peter Kolovos · New Bodies101.001     
 Peter Wolf Crier · Inter-Be201.001     
 Pete Yorn · Back & Fourth101.001     
 Pet Shop Boys · Yes516.0098.5.826.804.000 
 Peverelist · Jarvik Mindstate101.001     
 Phantom Band · Checkmate Savage101.001     
 Philip Sherburne · Unsound Podcast #351.001     
 Phill Niblock · Touch Strings202.003     
 Phish · Joy575.00711.4.840.386.000 
 Phosphorescent · To Willie553.004     
 Pictureplane · Dark Rift101.001     
 Pill · 4075: The Refill101.001     
 The Pines · Tremolo151.001     
 Pink Mountaintops · Outside Love303.004     
 The Pinx · Look What You Made Me Do51.001     
 Pisces · Pisces:A Lovely Sight101.001     
 Pitbull · Rebelution141.001     
 Placebo · Battle for the Sun202.003     
 Platinum Pied Pipers · Abundence152.003     
 Playboy Tre · Liquor Store Mascot203.004     
 Plush · Bright Penny101.001     
 Poison Arrows · First Class and Forever151.001     
 Poison the Well · The Tropic Rot101.001     
 Pokey LaFarge · Beat, Move & Shake101.001     
 Polly Scattergood · Please Don't Touch101.001     
 Polvo · In Prism604.006     
 Pomegranates · Everybody, Come Outside!71.001     
 Porcupine Tree · The Incident606.00910.0.882.750.046 
 Portal · Swarth101.001     
 Port O'Brien · Threadbare101.001     
 Portugal. The Man · The Satanic Satanist81.001     
 Position Normal · Position Normal51.001     
 The Postmarks · Memoirs at the End of the World202.003     
 Power+Light · 50 Foot Wave101.001     
 Prefab Sprout · Let's Change the World With Music504.006     
 Pretenders · Break Up the Concrete202.003     
 Prince · LotusFlow3r202.003     
 Princeton · Cocoon of Love152.003     
 Prize Country · ...With Love101.001     
 Prodigy · Invaders Must Die101.001     
 Propagandhi · Supporting Caste112.003     
 Psyched to Die · Year One101.001     
 PT Walkley · Mr. Macy Wakes Alone51.001     
 Puerto Plata · Casita de Campo101.001     
 Pugwash · Giddy51.001     
 Purling Hiss · Purling Hiss101.001     
 Pylon · Chomp More102.003     
 QQQ · Unpacking the Trailer101.001     
 Q-Tip · Kamaal the Abstract202.003     
 Quartet San Francisco · QSF Plays Brubeck101.001     
 Quatuor Ebene · Debussy, Ravel & Faure Quartets101.001     
 Quieting Syrup · Songs About a Sick Boy101.001     
 Radian · Chimeric101.001     
 Radney Foster and the Confessions · Revival141.001     
 Raffertie · The Bigger Than Barry Mixtape101.001     
 Raheem DeVaughn · The Art of Noise61.001     
 Rail Band · Belle Epoque, Vol. 3: Dioba101.001     
 Rain Machine · Rain Machine202.003     
 Rainy Day Saints · Reflected101.001     
 Ramblin' Jack Elliott · A Stranger Here293.004     
 Rameses III · I Could Not Love You More101.001     
 Rammstein · Liebe Ist Für Alle Da51.001     
 Ramona Falls · Intuit252.003     
 Ramsey Lewis · Songs From the Heart: Ramsey Plays Ramsey171.001     
 Rancid · Let the Dominoes Fall452.003     
 Rare Essence · Live PA @ the Zanzibar101.001     
 Ras G · Brotha From Anotha Planet101.001     
 Rashanim · The Gathering201.001     
 R.A. the Rugged Man · Legendary Classics, Vol. 1201.001     
 Raul Malo · Lucky One202.003     
 Ravi Coltrane · Blending TImes91.001     
 Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus · The Kinks Choral Collection202.003     
 Razor of Occam · Homage to Martyrs101.001     
 Reagenz · Playtime101.001     
 Really Doe · First Impressions101.001     
 Red · Innocence & Instinct201.001     
 The Red Chord · Fed Through the Teeth Machine51.001     
 Red Red Meat · Bunny Gets Paid (Deluxe Edition)71.001     
 Redshape · The Dance Paradox182.003     
 The Redwood Plan · Movers & Shakers EPs51.001     
 Reigning Sound · Love and Curses10611.0169.6.845.486.041 
 Relatives · Don't Let Me Fall101.001     
 R.E.M. · Live at the Olympia252.003     
 Respect Sextet · Sirius Respect101.001     
 The Revelations (ft. Tre Williams) · The Bleeding Edge51.001     
 Revocation · Existence Is Futile152.003     
 Rhett Miller · Rhett Miller364.006     
 Rice Corpse · Mrs. Rice51.001     
 Richard Hawley · Truelove's Gutter718.0118.9.705.775.011 
 Richard Swift · The Atlantic Ocean101.001     
 Richard Thompson · Walking on a Wire: Richard Thompson (1968-2009)101.001     
 Richard Youngs · Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits101.001     
 Richard Youngs · Under Stellar Streams151.001     
 Richmond Fontaine · We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River101.001     
 Rickie Lee Jones · Balm in Gilead504.006     
 Rick Ross · Deeper Than Rap597.0108.4.7181.000.008 
 Rick Wade · Harmonie Park Revisited101.001     
 Rifles · The Great Escape81.001     
 The Rippers · Why Should I Care About You?101.001     
 Riverboat Gamblers · Underneath the Owl101.001     
 Riverdales · Invasion USA101.001     
 R. Kelly · Untitled434.006     
 RL/VL · Chagrin51.001     
 Roadside Graves · My Son's Home202.003     
 Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine · Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine101.001     
 Robert Beatty · Solos131.001     
 Robert Cray Band · This Time51.001     
 Robert Glasper · Double Booked617.0108.7.791.344.000 
 Robert Millis · 120101.001     
 Roberto Juan Rodriguez · The First Basket161.001     
 Robert Pollard · Elephant Jokes81.001     
 Robert Stillman · Machine's Song141.001     
 Robin Guthrie · Carousel101.001     
 Robin Thicke · Sex Therapy102.003     
 Rob Mazurek Quintet · Sound Is51.001     
 Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 · Goodnight Oslo454.006     
 Rodrigo y Gabriela · 11:11152.003     
 Rodriguez · Cold Fact51.001     
 Rod Stewart · The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998121.001     
 Roger Joseph Manning, Jr · Catnip Dynamite51.001     
 Rokia Traoré · Tchamantché10910.01410.9.651.147.000 
 Rollerball · Two Feathers151.001     
 Rolling Stones · Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out152.003     
 Roman Candle · Oh Tall Tree in the Ear112.003     
 Rome56 · Impatient World101.001     
 Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters · Living in the Light101.001     
 Rooftop Vigilantes · Carrot Atlas251.001     
 Rosanne Cash · The List22724.0349.5.787.264.000 
 Rose Melberg · Homemade Ship101.001     
 Rosie Flores · Girl of the Century101.001     
 Ross the Boss · New Metal Leader51.001     
 Roswell Rudd · Trombone Tribe101.001     
 Royce da 5'9" · Street Hop101.001     
 The Rubies · Explode From the Center101.001     
 Rudder · Matorning51.001     
 Rural Alberta Advantage · Hometowns454.006     
 Russell Taylor · Confessional162.003     
 Russian Circles · Geneva172.003     
 Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses · Roadhouse Sun233.004     
 Ryan Leslie · Ryan Leslie503.004     
 Ryan Leslie · Transition153.004     
 Röyksopp · Junior455.0079.0.6971.000.000 
 Sacred Oath · Sacred Oath101.001     
 Sage Francis · Sick of Wasting...101.001     
 Saint Etienne vs. Richard X · Foxbase Beta252.003     
 Sally Shapiro · My Guilty Pleasure253.004     
 Sam and the Plants · The Eft51.001     
 Sam Bush · Circles Around Me151.001     
 Sam Lewis · Everything You Are101.001     
 Sandra Bernhard · Whatever It Takes111.001     
 Sandwitches · How to Make Ambient Sadcake71.001     
 Santero · El Hijo de Obatala152.003     
 Sa-Ra Creative Partners · Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love564.006     
 Sarah Bettens · Never Say Goodbye101.001     
 Sarah Jarosz · Song Up in Her Head202.003     
 Sara Tavares · Xinti101.001     
 Saros · Acrid Plains51.001     
 Satyricon · Age of Nero101.001     
 Sax Ruins · Yawiquo51.001     
 Schlachthofbronx · Schlachthofbronx101.001     
 School of Seven Bells · Alpinisms101.001     
 Scooter · Under the Radar Over the Top (The Dark Side Edition)242.003     
 Scott H. Biram · Something's Wrong/Lost Forever101.001     
 Scott LaFaro · Pieces of Jade151.001     
 Scott Miller and the Commonwealth · For Crying Out Loud301.001     
 Scott Tuma and Mike Weis · Taradiddle162.003     
 Screaming Females · Power Move11511.01610.5.733.630.070 
 Scripts-N-Screwz · New Noise61.001     
 Scythian · To Those Who Stand Against Us...101.001     
 Sean Lennon · Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead51.001     
 Sea Wolf · White Water, White Bloom101.001     
 Secrets of the Moon · Privilegivm141.001     
 Selena Gomez · Kiss and Tell81.001     
 Sepultura · A-Lex101.001     
 Serengeti · Conversations With Kenny/Legacy of Lee302.003     
 Serengeti · Dennehy (Lights, Camera, Action!)131.001     
 Serengeti & Polyphonic · Terradactyl233.004     
 Serge Gainsbourg · Histoire de Melody Nelson101.001     
 Serpentcult · Weight of Light101.001     
 Seth Walker · Leap of Faith101.001     
 Shackleton · 3 EPs937.01013.3.561.516.011 
 Shafiq Husayn · Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka202.003     
 Shakira · She Wolf505.00710.0.8351.000.000 
 Shaky Hands · Let It Die101.001     
 Shanghai Restoration Project · Afterquake131.001     
 Sharon Van Etten · Because I Was in Love324.006     
 Shawn Lee · Soul in the Hole101.001     
 Shearing Pinx · Weaponry101.001     
 Shirley Lee · Shirley Lee202.003     
 Shit & Shine · 229-2299 Girls Against Shit101.001     
 Shogun Kunitoki · Vinonaamakasio101.001     
 Shout Out Out Out Out · Reintegration Time101.001     
 Shpongle · Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland51.001     
 Shrinebuilder · Shrinebuilder415.0078.2.840.256.456 
 Sila and the Afrofunk Experience · Black President51.001     
 Silkie · City Limits Volume 1152.003     
 Silversun Pickups · Swoon879.0139.7.798.195.056 
 Simian Mobile Disco · Temporary Pleasure101.001     
 Simon Scott · Navigare101.001     
 Sin Fang Bous · Clangour101.001     
 Sinister Realm · Sinister Realm51.001     
 Sinner DC · Crystalized61.001     
 Sir Richard Bishop · The Freak of Araby192.003     
 Sissy Wish · Beauties Never Die151.001     
 Six Organs of Admittance · Luminous Night505.00710.0.936.200.470 
 Skeletonwitch · Breathing the Fire71.001     
 Skull Defekts · The Temple101.001     
 Skygreen Leopards · Gorgeous Johnny101.001     
 Slaid Cleaves · Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away ...575.00711.4.860.263.000 
 Slaraffenland · We're on Your Side51.001     
 Slaughterhouse · Slaughterhouse162.003     
 Slavic Soul Party · Taketron101.001     
 Slayer · World Painted Blood809.0138.9.840.313.666 
 Sleepy Sun · Embrace202.003     
 The Slew · 100%202.003     
 Slim Thug · Boss of All Bosses121.001     
 Slits · Trapped Animal102.003     
 Sloan · Hit & Run EP101.001     
 Slough Feg · Ape Uprising!101.001     
 Slug & MURS · Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez91.001     
 Smith Westerns · The Smith Westerns304.006     
 SMV · Thunder81.001     
 SND · Atavism253.004     
 So Cow · So Cow101.001     
 Solid Gold · Bodies of Water353.004     
 So Many Dynamos · The Loud Wars202.003     
 Sonny Rollins · Road Shows Vol. 2101.001     
 Sonseed · Jesus Is a Friend of Mine101.001     
 Son Volt · American Central Dust203.004     
 Sore Eros · Second Chants101.001     
 The Soul of John Black · Black John192.003     
 Soulsavers · Broken101.001     
 Souls of Mischief · Montezuma's Revenge121.001     
 Soundsci · Dig for Victory51.001     
 Soundtrack of Our Lives · Communion465.0079.2.825.276.022 
 Southeast Engine · From the Forest to the Sea91.001     
 Spider Bags · Goodbye Cruel World Hello Crueler World101.001     
 Spinnerette · Spinnerette162.003     
 Spiro · Lightbox252.003     
 Spits · IV (School's Out)101.001     
 Spoonbill · Zoomorphic101.001     
 The Spy From Cairo · Secretly Famous111.001     
 Spyro · Rinse: 0751.001     
 Staff Benda Bilili · Très Très Fort354.006     
 Stanley Clarke Trio With Lenny White & Hiromi · Jazz in the Garden71.001     
 Starving Weirdos · Into an Energy101.001     
 Steel Mammoth · Nuclear Ritual51.001     
 Stelvio Cipriani · Femina Ridens121.001     
 Stephen Steinbrink · Ugly Unknowns101.001     
 Steve Earle · Townes636.00910.5.796.159.056 
 Steve Gunn · Boerum Palace151.001     
 Steve Kilbey · Painkiller61.001     
 Steve Lehman Octet · Travail, Transformation, and Flow365.0077.2.761.583.008 
 Steven Wilson · Insurgentes102.003     
 Steven Wright · I Have a Pony101.001     
 Steve Vai · Where the Wild Things Are51.001     
 Stevie Coyle · Ten in One101.001     
 Stile Antico · Song of Songs101.001     
 Still Flyin · Never Gonna Touch the Ground51.001     
 Still Life Still · Girls Come Too51.001     
 Stone Roses · The Stone Roses (Legacy Edition)141.001     
 Story of the Sea · Lunar Co.101.001     
 Straight A's · Straight A's EP121.001     
 Strand of Oaks · Leave Ruin122.003     
 Strange Boys · The Strange Boys and Girls Club202.003     
 Street Sweeper Social Club · Street Sweeper Social Club101.001     
 Struck by Lightning · Serpents81.001     
 Subarachnoid Space · Eight Bells151.001     
 Suffocation · Blood Oath152.003     
 Sugarland · LIVE on the Inside101.001     
 Sun Araw · Heavy Deeds101.001     
 Superchunk · Leaves in the Gutter101.001     
 Superdrag · Industry Giants172.003     
 Super Furry Animals · Dark Days/Light Years756.00912.5.731.333.013 
 Super Minerals · Clusters251.001     
 Super Viral Brothers · The Flu Shot81.001     
 Susan Boyle · I Dreamed a Dream101.001     
 Susan McKeown Lorin Sklamberg · Saints & Tzadiks201.001     
 Sway Machinery · Hidden Melodies Revealed252.003     
 The Swell Season · Strict Joy7610.0147.6.715.566.011 
 Sylvester Anfang II · Sylvester Anfang II101.001     
 The Symptoms/The Skeletons/The Morells · Instant Happy!101.001     
 Syran M'Benza and Ensemble Rumba Kongo · Immortal Franco: Africa's Unrivaled Guitar Legend152.003     
 Systems Officer · Underslept61.001     
 Taken by Trees · East of Eden132.003     
 Taking Back Sunday · New Again333.004     
 Talibam! · Boogie in the Breeze Blocks101.001     
 Talk Normal · Sugarland51.001     
 The Tall Pines · Campfire Songs101.001     
 Tara Jane O'Neil · A Ways Away202.003     
 Tarrus Riley · Contagious101.001     
 Tartufi · Nests of Waves and Wire51.001     
 Taylor Swift · Fearless718.0118.9.828.739.017 
 Tech N9ne · King of Darkness (K.O.D.)51.001     
 Tech N9ne · Sickology 10151.001     
 Teenage Bottlerocket · They Came From the Shadows51.001     
 Teenage Cool Kids · Foreign Lands152.003     
 Teenage Love · No Excuses101.001     
 Teena Marie · Congo Square303.004     
 Teeth of the Sea · Orphaned by the Ocean101.001     
 Teitanblood · Seven Chalices302.003     
 Telefon Tel Aviv · Immolate Yourself354.006     
 Telegraph Canyon · The Tide and the Current534.006     
 Telekinesis · Telekinesis!716.00911.8.831.310.000 
 Telepathe · Dance Mother494.006     
 Temper Trap · Conditions101.001     
 Tenebrae in Perpetuum · L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio51.001     
 Terror Danjah · Gremlinz101.001     
 Tevo Howard · Dreamer's Reason Café101.001     
 Thao Nguyen With the Get Down Stay Down · Know Better Learn Faster899.0139.9.721.607.000 
 Thee Oh Sees · Help767.01010.9.772.803.016 
 Themselves · theFREEhoudini81.001     
 Theo Bleckmann (ft. John Hollenbeck and Gary Versace) · Refuge Trio101.001     
 These Are Powers · All Aboard Future202.003     
 They Might Be Giants · Here Come the 123s101.001     
 They Never Sleep · Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby121.001     
 Thieves & Liars · American Rock 'N' Roll101.001     
 Thin Lizzy · Still Dangerous71.001     
 Thomas Function · In the Valley of Sickness152.003     
 Those Darlins · Those Darlins393.004     
 Thousand Foot Krutch · Welcome to the Masquerade51.001     
 Three Days Grace · Life Starts Now101.001     
 Throw Me the Statue · Creaturesque203.004     
 Thy Catafalque · Róka Hasa Rádió131.001     
 T.I. · Paper Trail101.001     
 Timber Timbre · Timber Timbre51.001     
 Tim Brantley · Goldtop Heights101.001     
 Tim Buckley · Live at the Folklore Center, NYC - March 6, 1967101.001     
 Times New Viking · Born Again Revisited222.003     
 Tim Hecker · An Imaginary Country779.0138.6.737.610.019 
 Tim Olive · The Specialist101.001     
 Timothy B. Schmit · Expando81.001     
 Tim Williams · Careful Love51.001     
 Tin Man · Cool Wave101.001     
 Tinted Windows · Tinted Windows668.0118.2.812.526.000 
 Tiny Masters of Today · Skeletons51.001     
 Tiny Vipers · Life on Earth102.003     
 Titus Andronicus · The Airing of Grievances212.003     
 Toddla T · Skanky Skanky51.001     
 Todd Snider · The Excitement Plan516.0098.5.763.392.010 
 Tody Castillo · Windhorse101.001     
 To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie · Marlone252.003     
 Tomasz Bednarcyzk · Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow101.001     
 Tom Brosseau · Posthumous Success192.003     
 Tommy Keene · In the Late Bright252.003     
 Tommy Sands · Let the Circle Be Wide61.001     
 Tommy Tokyo & Starving for My Gravy · Smear Your Smiles Back On201.001     
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers · The Live Anthology131.001     
 Tom Rush · What I Know151.001     
 Tom Russell · Blood and Candle Smoke152.003     
 Tom Waits · Glitter and Doom Live475.0079.4.665.309.043 
 Tonetta777 · The Genius of Tonetta777101.001     
 Tonstartssbandht · An When251.001     
 Tony Allen · Secret Agent152.003     
 Torae & Marco Polo · Double Barrel51.001     
 Tori Amos · Abnormally Attracted to Sin101.001     
 Tortoise · Beacons of Ancestorship202.003     
 Totalt Javla Morker · Sondra & Harska101.001     
 Towner Galaher · Courageous Hearts101.001     
 Toy Killers · The Unlistenable Years71.001     
 T-Pain · Thr33 Ringz233.004     
 Tragically Hip · We Are the Same152.003     
 Transfer · Future Selves101.001     
 Trans-Siberian Orchestra · Night Castle101.001     
 Trashcan Sinatras · In the Music333.004     
 Trey Songz · Ready202.003     
 Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew · Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew61.001     
 Tripwires · House to House71.001     
 Tris McCall · Let the Night Fall303.004     
 Tropa Macaca · Sansacao Do Principio101.001     
 T.S.O.L · Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Free Downloads81.001     
 Tucker B's · Nightmares in the Key Of (((((WOW)))))101.001     
 Tumbledown · Tumbledown101.001     
 Turbo Fruits · Echo Kid101.001     
 TV Ghost · Cold Fish232.003     
 Twilight Sad · Forget the Night Ahead454.006     
 Twin Stumps · Twin Stumps182.003     
 Two Finger · Two Fingers151.001     
 Two Tongues · Two Tongues101.001     
 Two Tons of Steel · Not That Lucky101.001     
 Tyondai Braxton · Central Market152.003     
 Ty Segall · Lemons263.004     
 Tyvek · Blunt Instrumental101.001     
 Tyvek · Tyvek283.004     
 UGK · UGK 4 Life435.0078.6.7591.000.013 
 The Ukrainians · Diaspora51.001     
 Umphrey's McGee · Mantis322.003     
 Uncle Rock · Express Your Elf101.001     
 Unknown Instructors · Funland101.001     
 Unknown Prophets · Le System D51.001     
 The Unthanks · Here's the Tender Coming101.001     
 Untold · Gonna Work Out Fine51.001     
 Us3 · Stop. Think. Run51.001     
 Uz Jsme Doma · Cod-Liver Oil101.001     
 Valerie June · Mountain of Rose Quartz101.001     
 Vampires of Dartmoore · Dracula's Music Cabinet111.001     
 Vanessa Da Mata · Sim111.001     
 Van Morrison · Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl251.001     
 Vaselines · Enter the Vaselines202.003     
 Veils · Sun Gangs536.0098.8.771.906.019 
 Vetiver · Tight Knit202.003     
 Vic Chesnutt · At the Cut11710.01411.7.682.632.013 
 Vic Chesnutt · Skitter on Take Off151.001     
 Vieux Farka Touré · Fondo595.00711.8.912.678.025 
 View · Which Bitch?101.001     
 The Village Orchestra · I Can Hear the Sirens Singing Again101.001     
 Villains · Lifecode of Decadence101.001     
 The Vines · Melodia101.001     
 Violet · Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers51.001     
 Visqueen · Message to Garcia798.0119.9.783.405.000 
 Viviane Houle · Trieze301.001     
 Vivian Girls · Everything Goes Wrong152.003     
 The Vivs · Mouth to Mouth81.001     
 Voivod · Infini101.001     
 Volbeat · Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood51.001     
 Volcano Choir · Unmap202.003     
 Von Bondies · Love, Hate, and Then There's You101.001     
 V.V. Brown · Travelling Like the Light51.001     
 Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet · Spiritual Dimensions353.004     
 The Wailin' Jennys · Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House101.001     
 Wake the President · You Can't Change That Boy241.001     
 Wale · Attention Deficit455.0079.0.749.778.022 
 Wallpaper · Doodoo Face101.001     
 Wardruna · Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga81.001     
 Warlocks · The Mirror Explodes51.001     
 Warren Zevon · A Playlist I Made of Warren Zevon Songs101.001     
 Warsaw Village Band · Infinity91.001     
 Washed Out · Life of Leisure455.0079.0.4811.000.056 
 Wavves · Wavves636.00910.5.741.603.008 
 Wayne Krantz · Krantz Carlock Lefebvre101.001     
 Way to End · Desecrated Internal Journey101.001     
 Weapon · Drakonian Paradigm402.003     
 Weasel Walter · Apocalyptik Paranoia101.001     
 Webb Wilder · More Like Me81.001     
 Weezer · Raditude101.001     
 Wet Hair · The Beach101.001     
 Wet Hair · Dream101.001     
 What's Up? · Content Imagination101.001     
 Wheat · White Ink, Black Ink101.001     
 Wheedle's Groove · Kearney Barton101.001     
 Whip · X Marks Destination101.001     
 White · White131.001     
 White Denim · Fits716.00911.8.758.859.000 
 White Fang · Whatever151.001     
 White Lies · To Lose My Life222.003     
 White Out With Jim O'Rourke and Thurston Moore · Senso172.003     
 White Rabbits · It's Frightening454.006     
 White Rainbow · New Clouds192.003     
 Whitest Boy Alive · Rules303.004     
 Whitney Houston · I Look to You192.003     
 Why? · Eskimo Snow788.0119.8.723.885.024 
 Wicked Witch · Chaos 1978-1986101.001     
 Wildbirds and Peacedrums · The Snake252.003     
 The Wildhearts · Chutzpah!182.003     
 Wildildlife · Peas Feast81.001     
 Wild Light · Adult Nights101.001     
 Willem Maker · New Moon Hand51.001     
 William Basinski · 92982404.006     
 William Elliott Whitmore · Animals in the Dark101.001     
 Willie Isz · Georgiavania202.003     
 Willie Lane · Known Quantity101.001     
 Willie Nelson · American Classic101.001     
 Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel · Willie and the Wheel515.00710.2.804.275.000 
 Willie Nile · House of a Thousand Guitars101.001     
 Willowz · Everyone101.001     
 Will Stratton · No Wonder101.001     
 Winter Vacation · Blue Coaching131.001     
 Wisin y Yandel · La Revolucion202.003     
 Wisp · The Shimmering Hour71.001     
 Wolf Eyes · Always Wrong152.003     
 Wolfmother · Cosmic Egg806.00913.3.861.250.100 
 Wolves in the Throne Room · Black Cascade443.004     
 Wooden Birds · Magnolia51.001     
 Wooden Shjips · Dos202.003     
 The Wooden Sky · If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone81.001     
 Wooden Wand · Born Bad101.001     
 Woods · Songs of Shame767.01010.9.742.632.021 
 Woody Guthrie · My Dusty Road111.001     
 Works Progress Administration · Works Progress Administration101.001     
 World Domination Enterprises · Let's Play Domination101.001     
 Wrekmeister Harmonies · Recordings Made in Public101.001     
 Wrnlrd · Myrmidon101.001     
 Wye Oak · The Knot10610.01410.6.707.717.023 
 Wynton Marsalis · He and She81.001     
 Yacht · See Mystery Lights848.01110.5.630.881.000 
 Yagya · Rigning101.001     
 Yeasayer · Odd Blood51.001     
 Yob · The Great Cessation485.0079.6.921.208.546 
 Yoga · Megafauna101.001     
 Yo Gabba Gabba · Music Is Awesome101.001     
 Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band · Between My Head and the Sky686.00911.3.853.441.007 
 Yonlu · A Society in Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre51.001     
 Young Fresh Fellows · I Think This Is112.003     
 Young Money · We Are Young Money202.003     
 Youth Group · The Night Is Ours101.001     
 Yum Yums · Whatever Rhymes With Baby101.001     
 Yusef · Roadsinger101.001     
 Zac Brown Band · The Foundation101.001     
 Zero Boys · Vicious Circle (Reissue)202.003     
 Zimology · In Concert USA101.001     
 Zola Jesus · The Spoils323.004     
 Zombi · Spirit Animal101.001     
 Zomby · One Foot Ahead of the Other253.004     
 Zomby · Where Were U In '92404.006     
 Z-Ro · Cocaine101.001     
 Zs · Music of the Modern White101.001     
 Zu · Carboniferous636.00910.5.777.873.058 
 (various artists) · Alan Lomax in Haiti283.004     
 (various artists) · An All-Star Tribute to MAZE Featuring Frankie Beverly61.001     
 (various artists) · An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music: 1992-2008101.001     
 (various artists) · A Orillas Del Magdalena: Coastal Cumbias From Colombia's Discos Fuentes141.001     
 (various artists) · The Best Is Yet to Come: The Songs of Cy Coleman51.001     
 (various artists) · The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 200981.001     
 (various artists) · Black Dynamite Soundtrack51.001     
 (various artists) · Can You Dig It: The Music and Politics of Black Action Films111.001     
 (various artists) · Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy101.001     
 (various artists) · Dark Was the Night10010.01410.0.681.600.015 
 (various artists) · DJ Hero Soundtrack101.001     
 (various artists) · Downriver Revival101.001     
 (various artists) · Eastern Standard Time81.001     
 (various artists) · Fire in My Bones: Raw + Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel [1944-2007]795.00715.8.799.316.000 
 (various artists) · Funana Rabentola51.001     
 (various artists) · Ghana Special243.004     
 (various artists) · Hangover OST101.001     
 (various artists) · Inglorious Basterds Soundtrack51.001     
 (various artists) · Legends of Benin615.00712.2.8221.000.018 
 (various artists) · Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa253.004     
 (various artists) · Mata la Pena81.001     
 (various artists) · Playing for Change: Songs Around the World131.001     
 (various artists) · Purplish Rain (Prince Tribute Record)81.001     
 (various artists) · The Rough Guide to Congo Gold303.004     
 (various artists) · Rural Parlor Guitar: Recordings From 1967-197151.001     
 (various artists) · Sonido Martines Presents: Nueva Cumbia Argentina151.001     
 (various artists) · String of Pearls: International 78s61.001     
 (various artists) · Supercollider 140101.001     
 (various artists) · Sí, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Vol. 2202.003     
 (various artists) · Tectonic Plates Volume 2101.001     
 (various artists) · Tite Curet Alonso, Alma de Poeta101.001     
 (various artists) · Tumbélé: Biguine, Afro & Latin Sounds From the French Caribbean, 1963-7491.001     
 (various artists) · Twenty First Century, Twenty First Year101.001     
 (various artists) · The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack253.004     
 (various artists) · Warp20202.003     
 (various artists) · Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes81.001     
 (various artists) · Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968101.001     
 (various artists) · Wu-Tang Chamber Music101.001     
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