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Joey Guerra
Centricity.295#705 of 1313
Breadth.140#1192 of 1329
Metalism.000#442 of 1329
2011 original ballot
Centricity.295#347 of 693
Metalism.000#140 of 700
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Adele · 212085
Jay-Z and Kanye West · Watch the Throne15104
Beyoncé · 41045
Foo Fighters · Wasting Light1021
Miranda Lambert · Four the Record1012
Sunny Sweeney · Concrete102
Ximena Sariñana · Ximena Sariñana101
Stevie Nicks · In Your Dreams52
Alejandra Guzmán · 20 Años de Éxitos en Vivo Con Moderatto50
Stamps · Ventures of a Lifetime50
SongOther Votes
Adele · "Rolling in the Deep"109
Beyoncé · "Countdown"96
Nicki Minaj · "Super Bass"94
Jay-Z and Kanye West · "Niggas in Paris"63
Britney Spears · "Till the World Ends"38
Taylor Swift · "Mean"9
Ximena Sariñana · "Different"4
Ariel Aparicio · "Tattered Heart"0
Stamps · "Over Again"0

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