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Kim Marie Kelly
Centricity.025#1286 of 1313
Breadth.170#1101 of 1329
Metalism.750#10 of 1329
2014 original ballot
Centricity.025#578 of 601
Metalism.750#7 of 612
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Blut Aus Nord · Memoria Vetusta: Saturian Poetry200
Nux Vomica · Nux Vomica105
Thou · Heathen104
Midnight · No Mercy for Mayhem103
Mortuary Drape · Spiritual Independece100
Old Wainds · Nordraum100
Sinmara · Aphotic Womb100
Unsacred · False Light100
Primordial · Where Greater Men Have Fallen51
Varathron · The Untrodden Corridors of Hades50
SongOther Votes
Maddie & Tae · "Girl in a Country Song"14
Anicon · "A Crown on Every Head"0
Blut Aus Nord · "Paien"0
Bolzer · "Steppes"0
Misþyrming · "Söngur Heiftar"0
Not a Cost · "Burnt Resolution"0
Nux Vomica · "Choked at the Roots"0
Sturgill Simpson · "Long White Line"0
Thou · "Free Will"0
Yellow Eyes · "One Rock for the Wild Dog"0

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