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Jes Skolnik
Centricity.115#1121 of 1313
Breadth.200#974 of 1329
Metalism.000#442 of 1329
2015 original ballot
Centricity.115#396 of 480
Metalism.000#85 of 483
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Vince Staples · Summertime '061070
Protomartyr · The Agent Intellect1016
Jenny Hval · Apocalypse, Girl107
Tamaryn · Cranekiss104
Cold Beat · Into the Air102
Destruction Unit · Negative Feedback Resistor102
Gun Outfit · Dream All Over101
Diat · Positive Energy100
Pleasure Leftists · The Woods Of100
Wax Idols · American Tragic100
SongOther Votes
G.L.O.S.S. · "G.L.O.S.S. (We're From the Future)"1
Chain of Flowers · "Crisis"0
Downtown Boys · "Wave of History"0
Frau · "Mira"0
Gauche · "Pay Day"0
Mozart · "The Embarrassment"0
Nervous Trend · "Shattered"0
No Form · "Goddess of Fire"0
Rat Columns · "Should I Leave You Alone"0
Vexx · "Black/White"0

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