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Danny Eccleston
Centricity.283#732 of 1313
Breadth.100#1222 of 1329
Metalism.000#442 of 1329
2008 original ballot
Centricity.283#270 of 568
Metalism.000#123 of 579
AlbumPointsOther Votes
The Week That Was · The Week That Was183
Bon Iver · For Emma, Forever Ago1472
Don Cavalli · Cryland120
Bug · London Zoo1110
Deerhunter · Microcastle/Weird Era Continued1054
Fucked Up · The Chemistry of Common Life919
M83 · Saturdays=Youth827
Sigur Rós · Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust719
Paul Weller · 22 Dreams69
Beck · Modern Guilt524

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