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Stewart Voegtlin
Centricity.013#1303 of 1313
Breadth.225#954 of 1329
Metalism.933#5 of 1329
2010 original ballot
Centricity.012#691 of 699
Metalism1.000#1 of 712
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Accept · Blood of the Nations103
Ratt · Infestation103
Weapon · From the Devil's Tomb102
Atlantean Kodex · The Golden Bough100
Briton Rites · For Mircalla100
Diabolic · Excisions of Exorcisms100
Incendiary · Ares Kingdom100
Slough Feg · Animal Spirts100
Unearthly Trance · V100
The Wizar'd · Pathways Into Darkness100

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2009 original ballot
Centricity.012#673 of 683
Metalism1.000#1 of 697
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Six Organs of Admittance · Luminous Night104
Teitanblood · Seven Chalices101
Asphyx · Death... The Brutal Way100
Claws · Absorbed in the Nethervoid100
Excoriate · On Pestilent Winds100
The Gates of Slumber · Hymns of Blood and Thunder100
Iron Man · I Have Returned100
Slough Feg · Ape Uprising!100
Villains · Lifecode of Decadence100
Wrnlrd · Myrmidon100

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2008 original ballot
Centricity.014#564 of 568
Metalism.800#3 of 579
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Dead Congregation · Graves of the Archangels101
Necrovation · Breed Deadness Blood101
Asva · What You Don't Know Is Frontier100
Deathspell Omega · Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum100
Killick · The Amplifucker100
No-Neck Blues Band · Clomeim100
Ofermod · Tiamt├╝100
Silbernacht · Liebe Und Verfall: Die Hoffnung Stirbt, Die Liebe Nicht100
Unearthly Trance · Electrocution100
Wrnlrd · Pentagon100

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.0083Bryan Reesman
.0082Roger Lotring
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.0052Brett Callwood
.0052Zena Tsarfin
.0032Matt Sullivan
.0032Tony Rettman
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