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Michael Crumsho
Centricity.162#1015 of 1313
Breadth.200#974 of 1329
Metalism.000#442 of 1329
2008 original ballot
Centricity.162#408 of 568
Metalism.000#123 of 579
AlbumPointsOther Votes
Portishead · Third10101
Lindstrøm · Where You Go I Go Too1015
Eddy Current Suppression Ring · Primary Colours1012
Stephan Mathieu · Radioland102
Kurt Vile · Constant Hitmaker101
Religious Knives · Resin101
Billy Bao · Dialectics of Shit100
Food for Animals · Belly100
Idea Fire Company · The Island of Taste100
Janek Schaefer · Extended Play100
SongOther Votes
Life Partners · "AIDS of Spades"1
Mayyors · "Megan's LOLZ"1
Vivian Girls · "Wild Eyes"1
Blues Control · "Snow Day B/W Paul's Winter Solstice"0
Byetone · "Plastic Star"0
Cold Cave · "The Trees Grew Emotions and Died"0
FNU Ronnies · "Meat"0
Mi Ami · "African Rhythms"0
Naked on the Vague · "Poltergeist Palm"0
Sex Vid · "Nests"0

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