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Here are all the #semtech tweets sent during the Semantic Technology 2011 conference, aligned with the sessions going on at the time.
5 June 5:30-6:30
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The Semantic Link - LIVE: A Preview of SemTech
6:01   tosajang   I've also attended SemTech during last 5 years. Great progress : The Semantic Link http://t.co/dD1EvXa #semtech
6:02   jaymyers   Attending the opening #Semtech talk. Lots of exciting stuff this week.
6:04   alanmeckler  +1   #Semtech -SemanticTechnolgyConference has over 500 people in session devoted to planning which sessions to attend. Www,semanticweb.com.
6:12   graubart   Would have liked to be at #Semtech conf this week but other priorities. Will watch the tweets
6:13   frankolken   I am at the #semtech intro panel.
6:16   jaymyers   Hoping to bring back good #Semtech data for @arunbatchu, wishing he could be here :-)
6:21   kendall   @jaymyers I was hoping to meet @arunbatchu at #semtech and talk #Stardog with you guys and @bsletten
6:25   jaymyers  +2   Will we tire of talking of schema.org this week? #Semtech
6:26   gisellepmaia   At #Semtech! Lots of exciting stuff this week!
6:28   jccq   @mhausenblas and #deri mentioned at #semtech opening panel for the speed by which schema.rdfs.org was done
6:28   richardwarzecha   @jaymyers Would enjoy your take on schema.org once you take in all the #Semtech goodness. So far, mixed reviews and opinions.
6:29   axelpolleres  +2   @mhausenblas congrats! http://schema.rdfs.org has a mention in the opening session of #semtech already! ;-)
5 June 6:30 - 6 June 8:30am
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6:31   antiroot_kr   Starting of #SemTech 2011 is great, with a lot of fortune-cookie style comments and advices from Panelists. Hope to meet a lot people here!
6:45   bsletten   Just realized #SemTech is coincident w/ #wwdc.
6:52   jeffdebalko   Amazing agenda RT @alanmeckler #Semtech -SemanticTechnolgyConference has over 500 people in session devoted to planning sessions.
6:58   ioinformatics   Attending #semtech in San Francisco @semanticconf Look for an exciting announcement from IO this week!
6:59   ioinformatics   @hconstandt looking forward to seeing you at #semtech
7:07   jindrichmynarz   http://schema.org seems to be a topic both for #lodlam and #semtech.
7:07   marie_wallace  +1   #semtech has potential to transform analysis of #social content; disambiguate, influencer, sentiment, network. http://bit.ly/kdQtUE #semweb
7:19   arunbatchu   @kendall @jaymyers @bsletten You should discuss! We need #Stardog's help. Missing #semtech friends
7:26   bsletten   @jayraynet There will probably be more by then. :) But, my #semtech workshop forced me to develop more!
7:35   pnnl_andrew   At #SemTech, chilling out in the lobby, waiting to go to dinner. I'm thinking the Irish Bar on O'Farrell has to be a winner, right?
7:40   glemak  +2   heading out to #semtech tomorrow - re: schema.org i'd recommend reading this post http://ow.ly/5aDV9 - mirrors my pov
7:58   frankolken   @juansequeda. I will be at owled / semtech tomorrow. Frank
8:35   westondunn   Looking forward to #SemTech!
8:58   neumarcx   At Grubstake in San Francisco sampling a delicious burger with the #semtech crew :-)
9:05   chrpr   Kinda wish i'd decided to stay in SF for #semtech, but gotta head out. Will follow the chatter plus #or11.
9:07   chrpr   Also, #semtech folks, if you have free time & like picasso & matisse, the Steins Collect exhibit ~ sfmoma is great.
9:14   juansequeda   Getting food. Who wants some #Semtech
10:05   needlebase  +1   Needle designer glenn mcdonald is at SemTech in SF, and giving a short talk Monday on Thread, our query language. http://t.co/DJqubax
10:10   westondunn   Fanny-packs are gay.... Just an FYI #semtech
10:13   agebhard  +1   While most of the fun stuff is happening in San Francisco today (WWDC, SemTech) we're kicking off another #IPTC meeting. #undertheradar
10:17   tradetowin6   $SMTC - Semtech Stock Analysis - MFI is bearish and falling - http://www.traderscreener.com/stocks/nasdaq-SMTC.aspx
10:46   zeknow   Hiredbrains told me a story at #SemTech about "letting the gorillas write the script". Sounds like crowd-sourcing to me. I like it.
10:50   razoralign   Semtechのビジネス価値 / #semtech has potential to transform analysis of #social content; disambiguate, influencer, sentiment... http://t.co/hfDrttO
11:11   jackymoso   Fresh on MoSo Technology Blog: Smartlogic to Present With NASA at 2011 Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech) San ... http://bit.ly/mf7yAr
11:13   semanticweb  +1   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/ygqHpcy
11:13   semanticconf  +2   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/ygqHpcy
11:13   ericaxel  +1   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/ygqHpcy
11:17   oshima   今回のSemtechと2年前との違いは、ソーシャル系とテキスト解析のセッションが大幅に増えているところ。非構造データは増える一方だし、「知識」を構造データとして記述し演算可能にしようって分野だからテキスト解析は避けて通れない道だ。
11:30   semanticnews   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 http://eqent.me/m6Liaa
11:44   ahzf   BI, SharePoint und Excel verursachen Probleme die man schon seit >10 Jahren mit #SemTech Tools lösen kann http://t.co/sCiMfzs
11:45   johnwolff   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 ... http://bit.ly/mxKf3u #semantic
11:50   billhoggarth   2 conferences this week, from Sydney #mbo11, and San Francisco, #semtech. Twitter saving me $$$$ on travel delegate and cloning costs!
12:02   skruk   It was a pretty eventful day of testing Camaro, preparing a presentation, some shopping, and meeting with old and new #SemTech friends
12:30   zazi__   Congrats! RT @terraces: Happy to see @seevl in the business track of #semtech Lightning talks. Using #SemanticWeb to deliver end-users value
12:50   consultramy   Go Beyond Words - The CTRL #Semantic Engine, presentation at #SemTech 2011 http://ht.ly/5ateT
1:21   itblognet   #Semantic #Blogs The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 ...: The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTe... http://bit.ly/mMiBMj
1:21   semanticblogs   #Semantic #Blogs The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 ...: The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTe... http://bit.ly/mMiBMj
1:30   antiroot_kr   @cjmconnors @kevinjohnlynch @sortelli See you in the morning at #semtech !! :-)
1:40   aurale2  +1   The Semantic Link LIVE at #SemTech – Episode 6, June 2011 http://tinyurl.com/6yzjw6s #myBantu
2:03   howard_d   #SemTech 2011 is held this week at the SF Hilton. Tutorials on Monday. http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/index.cfm
2:14   smyles   also in san francisco, #iptc #rnews at semtech 2011 http://bit.ly/iwbcml
2:24   computerworldit  +1   SemTech 2011: reportage da San Francisco http://t.co/kNPBalx #semtech #expertsystem
2:24   fspaggiari   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: reportage da San Francisco http://t.co/P7XIKF2
2:52   agebhard   @rtroncy ...while you enjoy SemTech in SF! Interested to see what comes out of discussions during this week out there. #RDFa #schemaorg
3:53   ontoprise  +2   #SemTech New OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 releases proving to be the fastest SemanticWeb infrastructure: http://tinyurl.com/67ugpfb
4:06   olegshilovitsky   Preparing for Monday Tutorials on SemTech 2011 - http://bit.ly/kgfZmb #semtech, #tutorials
5:08   roberttheiv   Today marks the beginning of 2 conferences I wanted to be at. #SemTech and #WWDC ... no funding for either. Maybe next year?
5:46   ppandar   New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 http://bit.ly/mdhY0B #Software
5:56   8of12   @chiltone I'm so jealous that you got to go to #semtech.
6:02   joedevon   rt @diveintomark The unofficial guide to migrating Google Rich Snippets to schema.org: http://is.gd/pLQdZ0 #semtech
6:10   enterworks   Semantic technology can't work without solid taxonomies; from TaxoDiary: http://ow.ly/5aUpI #semtech #web3
6:22   netlabsorg  +2   My point of view on schema.org: Not Too Impressive http://t.co/UXjtJRC #semweb #semtech #rdf #rdfa #seo #microformats
6:32   noreenmccaffrey   sending positive #semtech vibes to the team in SF today @purppetal @heyitschar @jessicavollman @frankie_faz @tonyshaw @ericaxel :)
6:35   joedevon   Today's painful dilemmas: @bsletten netkernel vs @juansequeda Linked Data; @pmika Semantic Search vs Semantic Web UI workshop #semtech
6:39   cwoodruff   getting ready to start Day #2 of the Semantic Technology Conference. #SEMTECH
6:41   phaneeshn   New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 : http://goo.gl/skDW1
6:51   consultramy   Follow daily topics - Now @ctrl_news you can follow most trending topics in the news #iphone #ipad #Germany #semtech http://ht.ly/5aY6o
6:52   juansequeda   What's the wifi password for #semtech?
6:54   noreenmccaffrey   @juansequeda you can join the SemTech1 through SemTech5 networks with the password sfhilton #semtech
7:07   skruk   @juansequeda good question - did you get it ? #semtech #wifi
7:08   juansequeda   Thanks everybody for sending me the #Semtech wifi password. Now if it would only connect. Im guessing that it doesn't work from the lobby
7:10   consultramy  +1   Meet the #pragmatech Team at #Semtech - @eddy2ma @sabawalid @johnnyazzi - booth 302 and try our live demo of the CTRL #semantic engine!
7:11   semanticconf  +1   Semantic Link panel discussion of Schema.org (audio) - just a small sample of the great conversations at #SemTech http://t.co/qgqmrr0
7:17   skruk  +2   #SemTech officially open - with quite an interesting panel highlighting two key current issues: rules (RIF) and schema.org
7:19   semanticnews   New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 http://is.gd/SKAqlM
7:28   leobard   Question to #semtech - what end-user oriented tools are out there?
7:57   ioinformatics   IO's President, Bob Stanley presenting on #semtech for #opendata @PistoiaAlliance
8:01   chiltone   @sachinag Don't forget Semtech! Tho ours are not as noteworthy
8:15   semanticnews   Live from SemTech 2011! http://eqent.me/iNGSaI
8:16   mosisys  +1   Semantic Technology Conference-- Wish We Were There: http://bit.ly/lroFH1 #semtech
8:23   noreenmccaffrey   @jasonhogg presentations are here: http://mbist.ro/mmYSvG pls email events@mediabistro.com if you need the pwd (or ask @ reg desk) #semtech
8:23   bsletten  +1   About to begin "Composing Semantic Architecture" at #SemTech.
8:24   stephenbuxton   semtech 2011 just about to start - looks like a packed program!
8:24   paulzh   @bsletten success with it #SemTech
8:29   cwoodruff   The panel session I missed last night at #SEMTECH discussing the conference mentioned my #OData talk. It was positive also
8:29   juansequeda  +1   Ready to start my #LinkedData tutorial at #Semtech http://t.co/xqlQWbU
6 June 8:30-11:45
65/hour · 145+66 tweets
Citizen Sensing, Social Media Analytics, and Applications
Computers and Knowledge
Creating, Publishing and Consuming Linked Data
Entity Extraction
Introduction to the Semantic Web
Ontology 101: An Introduction to Knowledge Representation and Ontology Development
Semantic Architecture: Composing Resource-Oriented Environments
SPARQL: From Zero to 1.1
8:30   lfcipriani   Morning tutorial about entity extraction just about to start at #SemTech
8:31   cwoodruff   Attending an introduction to the semantic web session for the morning. #SEMTECH
8:32   ozelin   Attending an Entity Extraction tutorial from Dan McCreary in #SemTech
8:34   ondigo   Semtech2 wifi is down. #semtech
8:35   needlebase  +2   Written version of the Thread talk glenn will be doing at SemTech later today: http://t.co/RolOCRC
8:36   ruppertmike   @Jenz514 Apparently no booths at SemTech until tomorrow - can you meet OpenAmplify at at the conference registration desk at 10 instead?
8:38   joedevon   @bsletten @juansecada the @pmika dilemma is that it's the same time as semweb ui #semtech
8:38   cwoodruff  +1   Great morning at #SEMTECH meeting very cool people from all over the world. Sweden, Israel, Singapore, LA and Seattle :-)
8:38   jaymyers   Sparql learnin' at #Semtech this morning...too many good choices in the 8:30am slot
8:39   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech San Francisco会場から。 http://t.co/lEkwCHd
8:39   joedevon   Finally learning about Netkernel at @bsletten's tutorial. Sitting w. @ctesta #semtech
8:40   chiltone  +1   #semtech So many great advanced sessions but starting with intro to ontologies -- so far it's great, not too basic.
8:41   kendall   I'm taking a vow of silence re: schema.org for the duration of #semtech -- I'm so over it now.
8:46   eugmandel   At #semtech Entity Extraction sesson http://bit.ly/lJ0Ayh
8:48   hconstandt   @juansequeda Data in different data sources aren't linked. www = structured data shredder. Mashups = API learning. Solve with RDF! #semtech
8:50   consultramy   @cwoodruff why not add #Lebanon to the list - Meet the #pragmatech Team at #Semtech - booth 302 - live demo of the CTRL #semantic engine!
8:51   jcunwired   I awaken to a full week of work and no internet connection. Wish I'd gone to #semtech. Guess I'll just have a V8.
8:54   quoll   In Plaza B with Juan Sequeda's talk - but no WiFi (strong signal but DHCP fails) :-( #semtech
8:55   robvesse   @quoll Same elsewhere, took me 25 mins to pick up an IP address :-( #semtech
8:55   skruk   managed to get online, DHCP started to respond finally #SemTech
8:56   takechan2000   Tutorial: Creating, Publishing and Consuming Linked Data 参加。中身が知りたいというよりはいかにLinked Dataをチュートリアルするか、その仕方が知りたい。 #semtech
8:57   dydradata  +2   Still a few spots left for the Semantic Web meetup in San Francisco on Tuesday evening: http://tinyurl.com/5supp3u #semtech
9:00   skruk   At the Entity Extraction tutorial at #SemTech - getting some info to fill in the places in what I more or less already know
9:03   ondigo   Instance data is not in the ontology; that goes into the knowledge base. #semtech
9:03   skruk   XQuery in Entity Extraction - not something I was expecting here - but let's see where it will get us #SemTech
9:04   bobdc   On my way to #semtech ... if you're interested in SKOS and up at 7:30 AM Tuesday come to Franciscan B
9:07   workingontology  +4   #semtech Holger sent me a screenshot of microdata support in TopBraid Composer. http://bit.ly/jmO8Zk
9:08   frankolken   AT SF Hilton for #semtech and #OWLED - wireless works, very limited power availability.
9:08   pnnl_andrew   At #SEMTECH, in the Citizen Sensor Data Mining session.
9:11   jenz514   From @ivanherman at #semtech: If you don't have enough email sign up to learn more about blank nodes in RDF. That'll fill things up!
9:11   pdeisenberg   Custom vocabularies are your eyes (into linked data) #semtech
9:13   pdeisenberg   Standardized vocabs can be stifling! #semtech
9:14   pnnl_andrew   @juansequeda it worked last night. I think the network is getting saturated. I'm online but the guy next to me can't get on. #semtech
9:14   rohinisrihari   Attending session on Citizen Sensor Data Mining at #semtech in SFO. Heavy emphasis on using metadata: both content dep and content indept
9:16   skruk   on the second thought - now I see the point of using XQuery to boost entity extraction along side with other NLP techniques #SemTech
9:17   dlmcguinness   Our tutorial at #Semtech 2011 is on now at the SF Hilton in Imperial B on Ontologies and KR for semantic applications http://bit.ly/l0s9cM
9:17   cotedustin   Andy Seaborne giving "From zero to SPARQL 1.1" session at #SemTech. http://twitpic.com/57vlp4
9:17   pdeisenberg   Provenance is key to trust. #semtech
9:18   semanticweb  +3   LiveBlogging from the #SemTech lightning sessions tonight - 21 talks; 2 tracks; 1 hour. Seat belts optional. http://t.co/BrN8bxz
9:20   takechan2000   "Linked Data is a set of best practices to publish and interlink data on the web" (J.F. Sequeda) #semtech
9:21   cwaring   @shmuel ha that completely went over me, time for another coffee! Do you mean the SemTech conf or SemWeb development? Either way we do both.
9:21   cwoodruff   trying to wrap my brain around all the W3C Semantic web standards and how #OData can and will fit with these. #openminded #SEMTECH
9:22   ozelin   manual metadata coding: from $3 to $15, depending on quality concerns #semtech
9:23   levanderhart  +1   POST when I don't know the identifier of a resource I'm creating in advance. PUT when I do. Brian Sletten at #semtech
9:24   mcourtot   #owled day2 M. Dumontier on toxicity trees http://bit.ly/klyzmd #semtech
9:26   cwaring   @shmuel @ldodds is currently in SFO (lucky) to talk at SemTech & introduce #Kasabi. Most of our team will be at SemTech London later this yr
9:30   vrandezo  +1   Today at #semtech : 1:15 - 4:30 pm in San Francisco at the Hilton, a tutorial on #SMW
9:31   ozelin   I like the simplicity of NER Gnosis, from OpenCalais, plugin for Firefox. #Semtech
9:31   mfhepp  +1   #semtech marketing with #rdfa is way more than #richsnippets and #google & #yahoo do internally prepare for that: http://bit.ly/gC2w8V #seo
9:37   fluidops   Visit us at #semtech in San Francisco, booth #113, and attend our presentation on Wednesday: http://tinyurl.com/6hkb3ot!
9:37   phaase   Meet @fluidops at #semtech in San Francisco, booth #113, and attend our presentation on Wednesday: http://tinyurl.com/6hkb3ot!
9:38   prototypo   Ah, #OWLED conflicts with #SemTech this year.
9:40   consultramy  +1   Meet the #pragmatech Team at #Semtech - @eddy2ma @sabawalid @johnnyazzi - booth 302 and try our live demo of the CTRL #semantic engine!
9:41   captsolo   what was the pwd for #semtech handouts?
9:43   stewq   I'm at SemTech (333 O'Farrell St., San Francisco) http://4sq.com/mg9wP1
9:43   jenz514  +1   learned at #semtech from @ivanherman that work is underway to reduce the time it takes to get wikipedia changes reflected in dbpedia
9:43   workingontology   #semtech a bit more about TopBraid support for #microdata http://bit.ly/mIOYpk
9:44   ozelin   @CaptSolo sanfran11 #semtech
9:44   bengee  +20   New post: "Schema.org - Threat or Opportunity?": http://bit.ly/kof08I #rdf #microdata #semtech #semweb #seo
9:45   workingontology  +5   #semtech #OWLED Slides from my keynote available online now http://bit.ly/jJReW4 Thanks, Melanie!
9:46   pdeisenberg   Links... subject is item in my namespace, object is in external data set, predicate is qualifier. #semtech
9:46   pingsfo   @shmuel @ldodds is currently in SFO (lucky) to talk at SemTech & introduce #Kasabi. Most of our team will ... http://tinyurl.com/3cg4wet
9:46   pingsfo  +1   Attending session on Citizen Sensor Data Mining at #semtech in SFO. Heavy emphasis on using metadata: bo... http://tinyurl.com/3e6ocor
9:47   germanarellanod   Wait, viene una nueva revolucion con el internet y yo que empezaba a entender #semtech
9:47   joedevon  +4   "Map your sucky reality to your platonic reality" -- @bsletten #semtech #quoteOfTheDay
9:48   jenz514   and did not realize the CIA Factbook is out there on the #LOD cloud too #semtech
9:49   levanderhart  +5   Don't model reality. Reality sucks. Model a clean platonic reality, then map your sucky reality onto that. Brian Sletten @ #semtech
9:49   pdeisenberg  +1   Having a semantic infrastructure is one thing, trust and curation have to be layered on top. #semtech
9:50   annmichael   Must, must, must have the hard conversations with SME's to build an ontology #SemTech2011 #semtech
9:51   rlovinger   @CaptSolo no #semtech at all? or just not on Monday and Tuesday?
9:51   sethgrimes   .@Jenz514 IMO, over-reliance on DBpedia, a non-concurrent Wikipedia subset, is a #SemanticWeb vulnerability. @ivanherman #semtech
9:53   westondunn   Listening to Ivan Herman in Intro. to the Semantic Web at #semtech
9:55   bhuga   So, the semtech wifi password is a secret, or...?
9:55   johnwolff   #SemTech LiveBlogging – Lightning Presentations - semanticweb.com http://bit.ly/iESEML #semantic
9:56   ericaxel   GREAT discussion going on in @juansequeda tutorial. #semtech
9:56   lfcipriani   Wondering whats the age average of the participants at #SemTech
9:57   sabatla   #semtech - have a good conference everyone - wish I was there.
9:57   workingontology   @mfhepp #semtech I'm doing a "demo" of GoodRelations in a lightning talk this afternoon http://bit.ly/lCN6S8.
9:57   jocrau   @sfismyheaven I will be at the #TYPO3 bay area meetup. What about having lunch together? I am currently at SemTech.
9:58   sethgrimes   Me too :: RT @sabatla #semtech - have a good conference everyone - wish I was there.
9:59   jessexmachina   Also: @juansequeda generally rocks. RT @ericaxel: GREAT discussion going on in @juansequeda tutorial. #semtech
9:59   robvesse   Elisa Kendall "Use naming conventions that make sense for your use cases, don't use GUIDs or opaque IDs for the sake of it" #semtech
10:00   robvesse  +1   Elisa Kendall "Class vs Individual Distinction in your design depends on the questions you want to answer but it usually obvious" #semtech
10:01   ondigo   @SemanticWeb Are the SemTech presentations available on the web?
10:02   annmichael   @paul_houle yes you do! Just amazing how much controversy can surround a single term #semtech
10:03   robvesse  +1   Elisa Kendall "Don't confuse ontology inheritance with the OO inheritance from software engineering" #semtech
10:03   cwoodruff   Learning about SPARL that uses RDF for data crud. Different from #OData but more SQL like than OData. #SEMTECH
10:04   sfismyheaven   @jocrau Cool. It would be great but I work in South Bay and will be back downtown around 7pm. When does SemTech ends today?
10:04   semanticnews   #SemTech LiveBlogging – Lightning Presentations http://eqent.me/jqI9eM
10:05   mcourtot   J.Hastings on metabolite thresholds and probability of disorders, using Pronto - http://bit.ly/juoKqn #owled #semtech
10:05   pnnl_andrew   Heard in the "Computers and Knowledge" session: "don't model reality, reality sucks!". I like that thinking. #SemTech.
10:07   javabarbarian   Semantic Architecture: Composing Resource Oriented Systems. #SemTech
10:08   pnnl_andrew   Must ... focus on ... #SemTech. Must ... ignore ... Engadget LiveBlog. #SemTech #WWDC
10:20   robvesse   No soft drink alternatives to hot drinks at #semtech coffee break :-( Not everyone is addicted to caffeine!
10:22   rene_kapusta   ooohhh... this week #AEDC, #SemTech, #WWDC and #T3CON11 -- would be a nice week in sunny california... instead sitting in rainy salzburg :(
10:23   robvesse   Resorted to wearing jumper as sitting under aircon vent is rather freezing but happens to be located conveniently for power #semtech
10:24   seobusterz   New post: "Schema.org - Threat or Opportunity?": http://bit.ly/kof08I #rdf #microdata #semtech #semweb #seo http://bit.ly/imbW6T
10:29   captsolo   @rlovinger here for another event (#lodlam), finished now. i might drop by the semtech venue. alas, have to leave early Wednesday.
10:30   cwoodruff   see a lot of good that #OData can bring to the traditional Semantic Web world. Excited to give my talk Wed afternoon #SEMTECH
10:30   davecrumbacher   Attending a SPARQL tutorial at #SemTech. Swimming but not drowning yet.
10:31   cwoodruff   if anyone at #SEMTECH wants to chat about #OData before my talk I am around and happy to show demos. Find me
10:32   ozelin   75% of English words are nouns (Wordnet), at the Entity extraction tutorial #Semtech
10:33   ozelin   However, "run" has 18 noun senses and 41 verb senses. Disambiguate that! #SemTech
10:35   cwoodruff   found out lunch not included in the #SEMTECH conference. Anyone want to grab lunch at noon?
10:36   usaever   "@WorkingOntology: @mfhepp #semtech I'm doing a "demo" of GoodRelations in a lightning talk this afternoon http://t.co/n9mEhAx."
10:42   aurale2   #SemTech LiveBlogging – Lightning Presentations http://tinyurl.com/3cuaokb #myBantu
10:43   robvesse   Elisa Kendall "If a class has only one child then it's usally a sign of a modelling problem i.e. incomplete definition" #semtech
10:44   robvesse   Elisa Kendall "A good ontology should have a decent degree of hierarchy and modularity" #semtech
10:44   mo_chief_sci   Learn how to filter, query, convert, and infer #RDF / #OWL with simple, scriptable commands. Mark Wallace, Wed 0730, #Semtech
10:44   robvesse   Elisa Kendall "Names should all be singular/plural - pick one and stick to it" #semtech
10:44   semschool   Reaktywujemy Szkołę Web 3.0 z serią artykułów prosto z konferencji SemTech 2011. http://bit.ly/mEYR6S #SemTech #Web3
10:46   rspz   SemTech 2011 (@ Hilton San Francisco Union Square w/ 3 others) http://4sq.com/mJLwCJ
10:48   bhuga   @RobVesse you're at semtech today, right? would you like to sit down and talk this morning or afternoon?
10:49   robvesse   Elisa Kendall "There are some politics in the community re: what constitutes an ontology" really ;-) #semtech
10:51   pdeisenberg   xml > #RDF via AstroGrid-d http://bit.ly/m6dV6a #semtech
10:53   rlovinger   @CaptSolo #lodlam was organized by @internetarchive right? Looked interesting. Were there many #semtech people there?
10:55   jays0n   Reminder: I will be speaking about #rNews this Wed. at 9:45 at #SemTech in San Francisco http://bit.ly/jWApql #iptc
10:55   indiapaleale   in san francisco attending #semtech
10:55   annmichael   discussing the semantic/ontology "religious" wars: always fascinated when theory & pragmatism collide! #semtech #SemTech2011
10:55   cjmconnors  +2   "When you guys are right, you are RIGHT. The past 5 minutes of Brian's talk is worth the whole trip for me." #SemTech #netkernel @bsletten
10:57   terraces   Very comprehensive Linked Data tutorial by @juansequeda - great job ! #semtech
10:58   jays0n   Sorry the URL for the #rNews talk at #semtech got mangled http://goo.gl/LPCBg talk is 9:45 - 10:35 in Yosemite A #iptc
11:06   captsolo   @rlovinger #lodlam was interesting. but not much overlap with people going to #semtech. @takechan2000 is only one I know of going to both.
11:07   captsolo   . @rlovinger here's the list of #lodlam participants http://lod-lam.net/summit/participants/ - #semtech
11:07   terraces  +2   "DERI guys do the coolest things" - Yiha ! thanks @juansequada ! #semtech /cc @derigalway
11:07   pdeisenberg   http://sig.ma Try it! #semtech
11:07   hconstandt   First #semtech talk was very good and very understandable. Learned good stuff about linked data. Thx @juansequeda Nice job!
11:09   levanderhart   #netkernel sounds like the ideals of functional programming applied macroscopically to the entire architecture. #semtech
11:09   bernhyland   In Juan Sequeda's Linked Data talk, check out future of semantic web, http://sig.ma. Semantic info mashup. #semtech #linkeddata
11:11   hconstandt  +8   #semtech #LinkedLifeData as good example in healthcare and how biologist embrace semantics integrating 24 databases: http://t.co/dowdy9M
11:14   jocrau   @nilsdehl I am at the SemTech conference at Union Sq downtown SF. I am the only TYPO3 guy here ;-)
11:15   cwoodruff   from a newbie in Semantic Web OWL is really complicated. Has to be something simpler #SEMTECH
11:17   pdeisenberg   semantic vocabs and markup ok, query and publishing tools OK, sample apps/UX - not so satisfying.... #semtech
11:26   bernhyland   Juan goes into hyper drive. RDF and to link traversal based query execution in under 3 hours. Wheeeew! #semtech @juansequeda
11:28   rjw  +3   Kasabi.com gets mention in Juan Sequeda's Linked Data session - more: checkout @ldodds #kasabi session Thursday am at #semtech #linkeddata
11:34   terraces  +2   @seevl mentioned by @juansequeda in its Linked Data #semtech tutorial. Come and see the lightning talk tonight to know more !
11:35   annmichael   "@KPub: In line for #WWDC keynote. If there were separate lines for men & women, my wait would be very, very short." true at #semtech too!
11:35   joedevon  +2   .@bsletten just blew my mind again. I can see so many uses for Netkernel. Damn this is good. #semtech
11:38   annmichael   Semantic technologies allow people to interact at a higher level than they were trained for - interesting examples #semtech #SemTech2011
11:38   jaymyers   Man, @briansletten is truly entertaining and informative today -- exciting ideas using data galore #Semtech
11:38   antiroot_kr   아이러니하게도 300미터 떨어진 장소에서 애플 #WWDC 하네요. ㅡㅡ;; 저는 #semtech 참석중.
11:43   hconstandt  +3   I like this one a lot :"Semantic web technologies integrate data across boundaries" from @juansequeda at #semtech
11:44   rjw  +1   Bizer - Heath Linked Data book: http://t.co/WyvXYHY #linkeddata #semtech
11:44   takechan2000  +1   企業での利用についての本。Linking Enterprise Data, Wood, David (Ed.), Springer, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4419-7664-2 #semtech
6 June 11:45-1:15
39/hour · 38+21 tweets
11:47   sgchance   @bsletten Brian, GREAT tutorial at #semtech! Compelling, sound and relevant!
11:47   hconstandt   "@bengee: New post: "Schema.org - Threat or Opportunity?": http://t.co/dxIvKkI #rdf #microdata #semtech #semweb #seo" /an easy format is key
11:50   juansequeda  +3   Slides of my #linkeddata tutorial at #semtech http://t.co/yg5r4BY
11:50   jaymyers   What's for lunch #semtech ?
11:51   captsolo   SF weather today reminds me of Galway - #semtech
11:52   robvesse   Deborah McGuinness "Live and die by your use cases" re: ontology design #semtech
11:52   takechan2000  +1   このLinked Data チュートリアルのスライドはこれ。RT @juansequeda Slides of my #linkeddata tutorial at #semtech slideshare.net/juansequeda/
11:52   robvesse   Deborah McGuinness "Semantic Technologies allow you to function at a level higher than your training" #semtech
11:54   haklaekim   @terraces happy to see you yesterday. and see you around #semtech @CaptSolo @derigalway
11:55   tsawyersoftware   Stop by our hospitality suite, room 2-1620, and see how you can better and more quickly understand RDF data through visualization! #semtech
11:58   ondigo   Glad to see that attendees at #SemTech skew younger than what I was seeing at #EDW2011. Gives me confidence this is a more vibrant biz area
12:04   semanticetl   Thanks for posting - we heard it was a great one! RT @juansequeda: Slides of my #linkeddata tutorial at #semtech http://t.co/yg5r4BY
12:06   kerfors   @assero_UK This week big #semtech conference in SF - Check out great #linkeddata tutorial slides http://t.co/yg5r4BY by @juansequeda
12:10   bevilledge   Serious games help you to market with data http://bit.ly/mRlQdA #SemTech
12:10   dyang10   SEMTECH 2011: The Semantic Technology Conference http://fb.me/wFkImyRb
12:12   dyang2012   SEMTECH 2011: The Semantic Technology Conference http://fb.me/wFkImyRb http://ff.im/-F5Jzv
12:15   captsolo   @haklaekim are you around for #semtech ? would be great to meet up
12:15   bsletten  +1   Thanks! RT @sgchance @bsletten Brian, GREAT tutorial at #semtech! Compelling, sound and relevant!
12:16   bsletten   Thanks! RT @pashworth6 #semtech @bsletten tutorial, reinforcing some of my thoughts, making me revisit some others.
12:18   tlberglund  +1   It's looking kind of like @bsletten rocked this house with his #semtech #netkernel tutorial.
12:19   olyerickson   @bsletten Will you make you #semtech #NetKernel tutorial slides available?
12:24   captsolo   if it's lunchtime at semtech, perhaps it's time for me to eat something too. and head downtown later on
12:25   pashworth6   #semtech @bsletten just blew my mind with netkernel. Would love to get the code for the last examples.
12:26   steyya   At #SemTech. Stop by the @TSawyerSoftware Hospitality Suite if you're around!
12:31   mdavidallen   @ondigo #SemTech attendees may be younger than #EDW2011 but age and treachery usually beats youth and exuberance! :)
12:47   feickertmd   Keep the tweets coming about #semtech . I am not able to attend this year, so I need the feed!
12:52   olegshilovitsky   Good SPARQL Tutorial session this morning. You can find SPARQL Tutorial and tools - http://bit.ly/llR6UI #semtech, #SPARQL, #tutorials
12:54   olegshilovitsky   Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space - http://bit.ly/hL0y9r #linkeddata, #semtech, #books
12:57   olegshilovitsky  +1   Good tutorial from SemTech: Semantic Architecture and Composing Resource Oriented System http://bit.ly/lR59kb #semtech #tutorials, #semantic
1:00   manusporny  +2   Structured Data in HTML/schema.org BOF meeting at SemTech this Wednesday: http://ow.ly/5bozY #rdfa #semtech
1:02   bergie   @manusporny I wonder if it would be possible to attend that meeting without being registered to SemTech
1:05   captsolo   @terraces someone should record the LT track and post it online :) - #semtech
1:08   robvesse   wow, the topquadrant handouts for SPIN tutorial are practically a book and also impenetrably shink wrapped #semtech
1:09   rtroncy   @juansequeda Is your #semtech tutorial available online?
1:10   stewq   Attending the "Intro to Semantic Search" tutorial here at #semtech http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/
1:11   glenn_mcdonald   @manusporny Are you here at SemTech?
1:12   balajikumara   I see the buzz about #wwdc and #E3 in all tech blogs, what about #semtech guys?
1:12   theproforum   SEMTECH 2011: The Semantic Technology Conference http://lnkd.in/6TjPtU
6 June 1:15-4:30
35/hour · 77+37 tweets
Building Mashups for the Linked Data Cloud
Introduction to Semantic Search
Oracle Database Semantic Technologies: Understanding How to Install, Load, Query and Inference
Reasoning With SPARQL
Semantic Web UI Design Workshop: Show, Tell, Explore
Semantic Wikis and Applications
Seven Things You Didn't Know About OWL
Text Analytics and Auto-Categorization in Semantic Web Applications
1:16   joedevon   Anyone have luck connecting to the wifi using iPad(1)? It pops up error message. #semtech
1:17   joedevon   @pmika is starting to talk about Semantic Search. #semtech
1:17   olegshilovitsky   Semantic Search by #pmika of Yahoo Research Barcelona http://bit.ly/kHy1IM #semtech
1:18   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech 2011の会場は、サンフランシスコのダウンタウンのHilton Hotel。 http://t.co/0QJl7z8
1:19   olegshilovitsky   Semantic Search slides by @pmica http://slidesha.re/lb0x7N #semtech, #search, #semantic
1:21   ozelin   "Background knowledge and metadata can help with unsolvable queries" P. Mika in #SemTech
1:23   annmichael   @RobVesse I'm so glad it isn't me! (re: "impenetrably shrink wrapped") #semtech
1:23   robvesse   @annmichael :-) I thought I had sharp nails and it took me a couple of minutes to break in #semtech
1:24   jonvoss  +1   @rlovinger @captsolo there are prob abt 10 #lodlam attendees also at #semtech. My session about #lodlam Wed 1:45pm, come share!
1:25   cotedustin   Bill Beauregard starting the "Oracle Semantic Technology" session at #SemTech. http://twitpic.com/57yfw7
1:25   laroyo   Duane Degler & Jasmin Phua opening now: Semantic Web UI Design Workshop: Show, Tell, Explore Workshop at #semtech 2011 http://bit.ly/mTkws3
1:28   ottmaramann   New ontoprise Product Releases at SemTech: OntoBroker 6.1 and OntoStudio 3.1 http://is.gd/SKAqlM #tools #ontology #OWL
1:28   flyingsourcr   SemTech 2011 Semantic Search tutorial: SemTech 2011 tutorial on Semantic Search by Peter Mika (Yahoo! Research) ... http://bit.ly/j017YE
1:30   juansequeda   Cisco using #rdf through oracle's database #semanticweb #semtech
1:32   iamdavo   Great #SemTech talk today by @juansequeda.RDF and semweb technologies as an evolution from ontologies/ taxonomies. http://ow.ly/1ty1JP
1:32   purediscovery  +1   Great #SemTech talk today by @juansequeda.RDF and semweb technologies as an evolution from ontologies/ taxonomies. http://ow.ly/5bqGs
1:35   joedevon   Heads up, @twitter by default now only shows TOP results on saved hashtag searches, you have to dropdown to "all". #noWonder #semtech
1:35   iswc2011  +3   If you are at #semtech and have questions about #iswc2011, look for @juansequeda or @laroyo
1:41   hconstandt   #semtech semantic web ui design workshop by Design for Context: UI needs to be frictionless and seamless. check http://t.co/33QW7Ik
1:43   msabdala   Check out this SlideShare presentation : SemTech 2011 Semantic Search tutorial http://lnkd.in/sPS-_x
1:43   takechan2000   今度はMashupチュートリアルに。最初に会場の人が自己紹介。メディア関係(放送局)、政府関係(Defence)、ソフトウエアのコンサルタント、シーメンス、サムソンなど。 #semtech
1:44   ericaxel   Comparison of early days of computers entering broadcast/multimedia. "Technology is NOT a barrier to good UI." - @ddegler #semtech
1:44   semanticphilly  +2   SemTech 2011 is happening now... http://twitter.com/#!/search/SemTech
1:48   rtroncy   Contains some FUD as well! RT @bengee: New post: "Schema.org - Threat or Opportunity?": http://bit.ly/kof08I #rdf #microdata #semtech
1:59   pdeisenberg   Microdata is simi;lar to microformats but adds extensibility of RDFa #semtech
2:06   captsolo   @takechan2000 @jonvoss says there're ~10 people from #lodlam at #semtech. and he's giving a talk about it, too. :)
2:07   artofawesomeway   Great session on semantic architecture at #semtech this AM - good and true soundbites
2:10   scheidel  +1   Interested in the future of search technology? Follow #SemTech for live coverage of our semantic tech event this week in SF.
2:11   ozelin   @scheidel when? where? #SemTech
2:12   artofawesomeway   #SemTech noodling - how do we "bake" levels of trust into the org? It's hard...but how...??
2:13   jenz514  +2   At #semtech @pmika notes imp. to assess data quality and curate data sets b/c lots of people make mistakes in their markup.
2:15   protegeproject  +1   Natasha Noy will give a lightning presentation today at #semtech about latest Protege enhancements and WebProtege: http://goo.gl/AVDyP.
2:21   quoll   I *think* this is a concise way to say it: queries infer implied data, rules materialize implied data #semtech
2:23   robvesse   Dean Allemang "The advantage of reasoning with SPARQL is that you must stay within the confines of the SPARQL standard" #semtech
2:23   quoll  +1   I don't spend enough time around other people. It's a huge effort to stay quiet during the SPARQL Inferencing tutorial #semtech
2:29   dlmcguinness   Next tutorial at #semtech - this one by our #TWC students @difrad and @ewpatton on building mashups for the linked data cloud
2:31   roessler   Structured Data in HTML: BOF at SemTech 2011, 9 June 12:30pm PT http://t.co/jUvvZL2 #rdfa #microformats #Microdata #seo
2:35   jplehmann   At #SemTech to speak on Wed:Text Analysis & Data Journalism w/ @shiondev @petewarden & @owenthomas http://bit.ly/jd9nWU -- DM me to meet up.
2:36   quoll   Higher level languages qualitatively provide more power. Rules provide a quantitative reason for the power of OWL. OWL is important #semtech
2:40   stuartrobinson   Kind of wishing I had gone to SemTech this year. Oh well. Maybe next year. At least I'm going to ACL HLT in Portland.
2:42   rlovinger   "Where's the killer app?" followed immediately by "I'll show you a demo of the thing I created." Shields up! #semtech
2:46   quoll   So one benefit of SPIN is attaching rules to classes, as this provides the ability to organize rules. OTOH, it is more verbose #semtech
2:51   kerfors   Liked: Semantic Architecture & Composing Resource Oriented System http://bit.ly/lR59kb by @bsletten via @olegshilovitsky #semtech
2:55   captsolo  +2   put my PhD thesis online: "The SIOC MEthodology for Lightweight Ontology Development" http://captsolo.net/semweb/sioc-methodology - #semtech
3:13   glenn_mcdonald  +1   #semtech - this conference is meagerly provisioned
3:21   tmusgrove   FYI I'll show new stuff at #SemTech Wednesday concerning automated detection of ideological bias from unstructured text http://bit.ly/brLbO7
3:26   captsolo   @takechan2000 @jonvoss perhaps #lodlam has a more of a hacker mentality whereas #semtech is more industry-oriented
3:29   twtraders   4 - SEMTECH CORP (0000088941) (Issuer) http://1.usa.gov/m28gSc #EDGAR #TWT $$
3:39   jaymyers  +1   Wow SXSW panel picker starts in a couple weeks. #Semtech, can we mobilize to vote in more folks carrying our messages?
3:40   hconstandt   #semtech UI workshop: #mspace and #parallax mentioned as nice faceted browsing capabilities. I agree two of the best ones.
3:41   juansequeda  +1   Do you have relational database and want to map it to #rdf? Let's talk! #semtech #rdb2rdf
3:41   eugmandel   At #semtech in SF, but still pushing code changes in between sessions. Startups are fun.
3:42   hconstandt   "@juansequeda: Do you have relational database and want to map it to #rdf? Let's talk! #semtech #rdb2rdf" -- Yes I do and will find you. :-)
3:43   neilraden   I'll be presenting at the Semantic Technology conference tomorrow in San Francisco. Pointing out opportunities for Semtech in MDM
3:43   pnnl_andrew   @jahendler Missing you at SemTech this year. RPI is very well represented though. #semtech
3:44   takechan2000  +1   URL to mashup tutorial demo. http://was.tw.rpi.edu/apps/semtech/ #semtech
3:45   jahendler   wish I could be there - it's my fave conf, unfortunately this year on a jewish holiday @PNNL_Andrew #semtech
3:45   wclittle  +2   Tonight 7pm @CortonaCafe we'll be talking about schema.org, SEO, #semtech & what this means for developers. http://ow.ly/5by5p
3:45   hconstandt   thx for RT fingers crossed @ruudlathouwers: RT @ontoforce: Maybe @hconstandt can give a lightning insight/vid on killer app #msdc @ #semtech
3:46   jahendler  +1   @juansequeda I've got 323,000 of them -- see http://bit.ly/iLeArf #rdf #semtech #rdb2rdf
3:46   c3iq   Perl completed run after I got kicked off for making > 350 calls in 1 hour. List created with 282 tWeeters. #semtech http://is.gd/mqmnHP
3:47   joedevon   "Spam, more likely to occur in SEO context, will get associated w Microdata not RDFa" -@bengee http://j.mp/kGLBDG #semtech #schema.org
3:47   petewarden   @dbreunig Cool! Things are a little crazy with SemTech, Economist Ideas Forum and FooCamp this week, but is Weds evening free?
3:48   vascofurtado   Surpreso com a completude de SPIN (Sparql with Inference) #semtech
3:50   takechan2000  +1   デモの説明。位置データをつかってgeonameから最寄りpostcodeをとり、そこの地名もとる。その地名をdbpediaに投げてdbpediaの都市URIをとる。その都市にいるアーティストでバンドをとる。そのリストをlocalstrageに保存。 #semtech
3:52   c_marcant   @c3iq #semtech Owen, interesting approach. Do you have any way to find tweeps associated with a list? If yes, use scrap @c_marcant/semweb
3:54   tyrberg   @antiroot_kr sure would love to talk about social analytics/text analysis. I will have a green suit so should be easy to find me =) #semtech
3:55   takechan2000  +1   さらにそのアーチストmusicbrainzに投げてアルバムをえる。それもみんなlocalstrangeに保存。最後はitunesへ。 #semtech
3:57   benchristophe   Very interesting tutorial about Introduction to Semantic Search, given by Peter Mika and Thanh Tran at #SemTech http://t.co/5L7OyXQ
3:58   ozelin   @benchristophe tough, though #SemTech
4:06   alanmeckler  +2   #Semtech exhibition opening tomorrow at Hilton on O'Farrell in SF. Largest exhibition for SemanticWeb to date. www.semanticweb.com.
4:07   glenn_mcdonald   Handing mic to audience member: participatory. Loading audience member's PowerPoint presentation: errrrrrr. #semtech
4:08   neumarcx  +4   SMW+, Dydra, SPIN and the LinkedIn Platform http://tinyurl.com/5supp3u #semtech #sidebar #lotico
4:11   georgethomas  +1   W3C Government Linked Data Working Group Charter http://bit.ly/mLLh30 #semtech
4:26   shyamkapur  +1   See why current "semtech" topics on TipTop http://t.co/Rkf9cLb are: session, tutor, san francisco, talk, data, workshop, conference ...
4:27   purppetal   PROGRAM UPDATE #Semtech: Lighting presentations - Technology are moved to Imperial B. Business remains in Imperial A
4:27   twittiptop   I like @scheidel's "Interested in the future of search technolo..." tip http://ftt.nu/30TKc in TipTop at http://ftt.nu/qeLt3 for "semtech"
6 June 4:30-4:45
16/hour · 4+0 tweets
4:30   hconstandt   #semtech didn't plan for mic but discuss semgui #msdc ipad demo is great, vid monitor resolution kind of failed Bigger fonts as feedback :-(
4:31   c_marcant   Lack of W3C standards around text extraction and categorization prevents the creation of a common stack and Open Source tools #semtech
4:32   hconstandt   #semtech UI workshop Feels like semfolks still are too much in love with the technology but don't listen to the customers Not a lot of KISS
4:41   glenn_mcdonald  +1   Lightning Talks / Technology in Imperial B, not Plaza A! #semtech
6 June 4:45-5:45
88/hour · 68+20 tweets
5 Minutes to the Epiphany: Lightning Fast Data Integration for Business
A Facility Planning Framework for Education Facility: An Application of Knowledge Management System Model
Binary RDF Representation for Publication and Exchange (HDT)
Building Ontologies With Controlled Natural Language
dotNetRDF - A Semantic Web/RDF Library For .Net Developers
Enhancing the Use of the Good Relations Ontology Using QUDT
How Negative Semantic Spaces Can Lead Us to the Next Google
Interactive Visualization Tools for Ontologies
Irregular Warfare Metrics Ontology
OMG Ontology PSIG: An Invitation to Participate
OWLGrEd - A Compact UML Style Editor for OWL 2.0
Presence in the Enterprise: From State to Meaning
Protege Update
Seevl - Reinventing Music Discovery
Semantic Knowledge in a Mobile InfoApp
Semantrix SM3: "Social and Multimedia Metadata Manager"
Solving Content Overload With Automated Semantic Processing
Thread: A Path-Based Query Language for Graph Databases
Using Ontology Based Metadata Mining for Faceted Navigation
Wrangling the Semantic Web With .NET
4:47   javabarbarian   Technical lightning sessions. #SemTech
4:49   shapov  +1   Technical lighting sessions. You've got 5 minutes, make them count, everyone #semtech
4:49   cotedustin  +1   Looking to be a full house in the one hour of Business "Lightning Sessions" #SemTech http://twitpic.com/580nec
4:52   haklaekim   WWDC의 화제를 옆에 두고 몇 블록 옆에서 #semtech Lightening talks를 기다리는 중. 머니머니 해도 놀던 물이 좋다고 rdf, inference, owl 이런 말들이 쉽게 드리는 것도 즐거움 ^^
4:58   glenn_mcdonald   11x5 in only 60 minutes? Well, as long as we start on time we should be fine... #semtech
4:58   mriben1   @semanticweb I don't see any comments at http://t.co/FKvaIBt
5:00   robvesse   Waiting for #semtech lightning talks to start, want to get my out of the way now #semtech
5:00   robvesse   Seems like we're just going to throw the order out the window for lightning talks as it is taking forever to get sorted #semtech
5:02   paulmiller   Watching @ericaxel kick of the business lightning talks at #semtech - really enjoyed these last year (when I was where he is tonite... ;-) )
5:03   quoll   A lot of people skip the first day of #semtech but there was a lot of good stuff today. Glad I was here & disappointed not to see more
5:03   skruk   #semtech lightning session slightly delayed - let's see what we gonna hear
5:04   robvesse   @PaulMiller Finally about to, were some PC issues, here we go at last #semtech
5:04   terraces   Getting ready for my #semtech lightning talk about @seevl !
5:05   paulmiller   Watching a @CamSemantics lightning talk - Anzo pulling loads of baseball data into Excel live and mapping to ontology, etc. Neat. #semtech
5:06   robvesse   "SPARQL is ugly text for querying and assumes a lot of knowledge on the part of the user" @glenn_mcdonald #semtech
5:06   robvesse   "If you really need to query triple patterns SPARQL is great but often you want something a lot simpler" @glenn_mcdonald #semtech
5:07   paulmiller  +1   I presume that was "Come By Our Booth," not "Come Buy Our Booth" ? #semtech
5:09   paulmiller   Slow down a bit!!! #semtech
5:09   hconstandt   @glenn_mcdonald lightning ppt @ #semtech is big on small fonts and miss-spelling. LOL. Lost 90 secs. Too much typing. Message diluted ...?
5:09   haklaekim   Lightning Talk: 영어도 힘든데 말도 빨리해야 된다. 에효.. 난 불가능 할 듯 #semtech
5:10   quoll   Quite like the needlebase lightning talk. Interesting variation on querying #semtech
5:10   alanmeckler   #semtech Lightning business app session packed.
5:10   skruk   THREAD vs SPARQL - neath but does it cover enough functionality? What about performance? Reminds me of MultiBeeBrowse #semtech
5:10   haklaekim   RT Go GO! Cheers ^^ @terraces @seevl Getting ready for my #semtech lightning talk about @seevl !
5:12   rspz   Note to marketers - speaking as fast as as auctioneer has no value for the audience #semtech
5:12   jaymyers   Gotta keep the slides simple lightingers :-) #Semtech
5:12   paulmiller   Think there might be good stuff in Bryan Harris' #VSTI lightning talk... but just going too fast for my brain to parse... :-( #semtech
5:12   lfcipriani  +1   The idea of a lightning session is to be concise, not to talk fast #SemTech
5:13   quoll  +1   Calendars aren't good for showing the "state" of a person, since they show that you're ALWAYS busy #semtech
5:13   jaymyers   Looking forward to it RT @terraces: Getting ready for my #semtech lightning talk about @seevl !
5:14   hconstandt  +1   Keith Griffin lightning talk #semtech Nice research to add meaningful presence to users. Modeling with linked data, #presence ontology. Nice
5:14   skruk   Cisco and DERI trying to solve similar (though more general) problems to the one of MSc theses I advice - SmartScheduleMe #semtech
5:15   bsletten   Cool to see Cisco lightning talk on presence research. #SemTech
5:16   paulmiller  +1   Hearing @terraces talk about @seevl. Interesting, but wondering who the real users are meant to be? #semtech
5:18   bernhyland  +3   Speed reading meets lightening talks. Presentation Zen should be required reading for all lightening talks http://bit.ly/aSxhFs #semtech
5:19   hconstandt   #semtech lightning talk @seevl @terraces. Very nice and good demo. Cool work! Reinventing music ...
5:19   robvesse   Intested to see @AJillian is going to say about #semweb and .Net #semtech
5:20   robvesse   Liked @AJillian "I'm a data mom" :-) #semtech
5:21   skruk  +1   OMG (Object Management Group) looks for volunteers to work on the ontology definition metamodel et al. http://t.co/2vAUHEK #semtech
5:22   robvesse   @bsletten Yep, interesting to see if @AJillian will say anything at all re: #dotnetrdf or if she's gonna stay high level #semtech
5:22   tosajang   #SemTech에서 한 발표자가 자신은 "data addicted"라고 소개한다. 모든 중독이 나쁘진 않은것. 오늘 나는 무엇에 중독되어 있는가? 혁신? 정의? 사랑? 신념?? ㅋㅋ
5:23   sethgrimes   @NeilRaden So you finished putting together your #SemTech talk then?
5:24   skruk   Why SemanticWeb.NET ? open, standard, mature, Unicode ... still I don't buy it #semtech
5:26   paulmiller   Ooh... GIS! I remember them... :-) @twbell, are you in the room? #semtech
5:26   quoll   Lightening talk should not have included detailed description of .Net. No RDF or data mentioned :-( #semtech
5:26   bernhyland   @lfcipriani exactly. Lightening talks can be a great but are only an hors d'oeuvres so people know where to look IF they want more #semtech
5:26   jplehmann   Any conjecture on why interest in #semanticweb is steadily decreasing since 2004 accd to Google Trends? http://bit.ly/DTy40 #semtech
5:28   sampsonjj   Excellent SPARQL tutorials at #SemTech 2011
5:28   skruk   UML editor for OWL - take two; in just 15min. Looks like a trending topic at the moment... #semtech
5:28   terraces   *Much more* people in the business session that in the tech one at #semtech lightning talk. Good sign ?
5:29   paulmiller   @terraces Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. And indubitably. #semtech
5:29   ozelin   @terraces didn't notice there were tags... #semtech
5:30   glenn_mcdonald   Written version of my #semtech lightning Thread teaser: http://t.co/iyMBMUa
5:30   karima_rafes   #semtech You can find in the google market #linkbarcode version Alpha sur #Android 100% #sparql and #nobullshit. Phase de Test : GO
5:32   tosajang   이하 동문입니다~ RT @haklaekim: WWDC의 화제를 옆에 두고 몇 블록 옆에서 #semtech Lightening talks를 기다리는 중. 머니머니 해도 놀던 물이 좋다고 rdf, inference, owl... ^^
5:32   rlovinger   Twitter search is only showing a subset of the tweets for #semtech - there are tweets in my timeline that aren't even showing up. Weird.
5:33   skruk   +1 @PaulMiller: @terraces Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. And indubitably. #semtech
5:33   marcmellotte   @terraces unfortunately, I think it reflects more on the quality of some of the technical talks #semtech
5:33   bsletten   Cool dotNetRDF work being discussed by @RobVesse. #SemTech
5:36   skruk   dotNetRDF: again on SemanticWeb.NET - is this the sign that the community of .NET+SemWeb is growing? support for 8 stores - cool! #semtech
5:36   hconstandt   #semtech lightning talk ontology viualisations from @revelytix with icons representing meaningful entities. Need to look into it ...
5:38   marcmellotte   Listening to @wdmcdaniel lightening talk at #semtech
5:39   quoll   @RobVesse great lightening talk on dotNetRDF. Appropriate level of detail #semtech
5:39   skruk   +1 @marcmellotte: Listening to @wdmcdaniel lightening talk at #semtech
5:42   hconstandt   #semtech lightning talk @WorkingOntology comparison shopping with #goodrelations & #qudt as "pretty cool ontology" and #msdc is using it :-D
5:42   paulmiller  +1   Dean Allemang talking about #GoodRelations and #QUDT for comparison shopping. Pretty clever & QUDT new to me... #semtech
5:43   cotedustin   Author and chief scientist from TopQuadrant giving his 5 minute talk at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/5819be
5:43   techkeith   Great mobile semantic talk by Bill McDaniel at #SemTech
6 June 5:45-6:00
76/hour · 13+6 tweets
5:45   robvesse  +1   For those who are interesting, slides for my #dotnetrdf lightning talk at #semtech now at http://tinyurl.com/647thrk
5:45   bernhyland   Dean Allemang's talk best in Lightening class! Covered Good Relations + units of measure vocabulary QUDT http://bit.ly/kTAgiR #semtech
5:46   skruk   WebProtege - an editor for OWL on the web; reminds me about our collaborative web OWL editor - MarcOnt Portal #semtech
5:47   rspz   Gr8 talk by Top Quadrant chief scientist - Good Relations + QUDT ontologies=comparison shopping http://bit.ly/lQ4MsO #semtech #topquadrant
5:49   ondigo   I'm loving the #semtech Lightning Round session. Lots of things to follow up on at one's leisure.
5:50   workingontology   Thanks, bern! RT @BernHyland Dean Allemang's talk best in Lightening class! Covered Good Relations + units of measure vocabulary #semtech
5:51   bernhyland   @jaymyers @terraces thanks Jay. Just downloaded ebook version http://amzn.to/2zIgU3 Will speed read before my Wed 9.30 talk ;-) #semtech
5:52   takechan2000   SQLって「しーくる」って読むんだ。しらんかった。"RDF meets NoSQL" (のーしくる)。 #semtech
5:57   bernhyland   I doubt the speaker is talking volcanogenic massive sulphide when he says VMS. When will people learn to spell out their acronyms! #semtech
5:59   glenn_mcdonald  +1   Binary RDF: http://t.co/daGZMzv #semtech
5:59   robvesse   Btw anyone have/monitoring any analytics on twitter usage at #semtech
5:59   bsletten   Interesting lightning talk about HDT binary protocol: http://www.w3.org/Submission/2011/03/ #SemTech
5:59   rspz   The better lighting talks stated with the *consumer's* perspective NOT the technologist's perspective #semtech
6 June 6:00-7:00
30/hour · 25+5 tweets
Bridging Data Communities
Combining Ontologies and Natural Language Processing for Knowledge Retrieval
Data Fusion for Command and Control
Semantic Use Cases for the Telecommunications Domain
VocBench, a Web-Based OWL/SKOS Multi-Lingual Vocabulary Management Tool
6:03   bsletten   Listening to Yves Jacques talk about VocBench and FAO/UN work. #SemTech
6:05   zceline   Super #SemTech lightning talk from Chris Moran of IMSC. Best non-tech explanation of how sem tech works, ever. And in 5 minutes. Nice.
6:06   semanticsaltlux   애플의 WWDC2011 (http://bit.ly/m8RJgA)과 SemTech(Semantic Technology)2011 (http://bit.ly/kAXAP1)이 둘다 샌프란시스코에서..
6:08   alanmeckler   Based on huge crowd for business related sessions #semtech I have to believe that SemanticWeb commercial apps will be big in 2012.
6:14   takechan2000   VocBench: Remodeled, Dcentrilized, browser-based, GW, Lucene, Protoge API, Hide complexity, including publishing workflow #semtech
6:14   zceline   #SemTech presenter asked audience of 250 who is not tech or ontologist. I'm 1 of 5 who raised hands. In the business track.#mustlearntocode
6:16   skruk   what are the success metrics for combining NLP and ontologies? is precision and recall enough? #semtech
6:20   skruk   OpenCalais for entity extraction - is the quality domain-dependent? #semtech
6:29   captsolo   Gonna be in semtech hotel lobby area for 30min or so
6:33   skruk   Looks like the disambiguation is still an open question. Tell me about it ... #semtech
6:35   workingontology  +1   @ericaxel #SemTech I learned that my plush beauty bar example is owned by eric's wife! It's his data I was showing!
6:36   westondunn   Sitting in what must be the "table for 1" section in Foley's Irish Pub in SF. LOL #semtech
6:40   skruk   processing tweets: can provide interesting results e.g. tracking diseases; NLP, disambiguation and sentiments extraction might fail #semtech
6:43   alexsherstinsky   Enjoying #SemTech this week - great insights from many practitioners; hope all presentations (including Lightning Talks) will be published.
6:44   chiltone   #semtech In Bridging Data Communities conversation. Hungry for use cases and success stories.
6:47   andraz  +1   @skruk Disambiguation ... for many cases it can be done today already. :) #semtech
6:49   namelessnerd   #semtech Citizen Sensor slides posted here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6669036/CitizenSensorDataMining.pdf
6:49   takechan2000   AGROVOC Issues: 1. Scalablity: 40M concepts in 20 languages, 2 Rich UI, 3. Fully SKOS-Compatibility #semtech
6:49   nunolopes   @bsletten nice presentation this morning! Since I only got in for the second part though can we talk a bit tomorrow? #semtech
6:51   antiroot_kr   #semtech Participating this great conference!! At SF! just near the #WWDC lol! http://t.co/OZqvEDu
6:51   takechan2000   VocBench is accessible from http://agrovoc.mimos.my #semtech
6:53   skruk   @andraz depends on what you try to disambiguate against - but yes there is plenty of algorithms to use #semtech
6:54   rahelab   @rlovinger how is semtech?
6:56   cwoodruff   Trying to listen really well to Semantic Web experts to learn where #OData fits or even if it fits in there world #SEMTECH
6:57   takechan2000   Q. AGROVOCの編集者は何人?コンフリクトは起こる? A.編集者は各言語1-数人ぐらい。全体でも60人ぐらいか。言語ごとにコーディネイトしているだそうし、あまりコンフリクトは起こらない。 #semtech
6 June 7:00 - 7 June 7:30am
8/hour · 56+44 tweets
7:01   kristiholmes   @juansequeda great #semtech tutorial slides, sharing them with my colleagues!
7:03   marin_dimitrov  +1   #semtech booth of @Ontotext http://yfrog.com/h8w0bgvj
7:13   bsletten   Cool to see Cisco lightning talk on presence research. #SemTech
7:14   seevl  +5   #semtech lightning talk: slides http://www.slideshare.net/terraces/seevl-semtech-lightning-talk and video http://vimeo.com/24751799 online !
7:28   workingontology   #svst silicon valley semantic web meetup; are we in the right bar? #SemTech
7:40   scheidel   @ozelin_playence this week in SF. See mediabistro.com/events. #semtech
7:49   kendall   Good to be back in SF. #semtech shld be fun.
8:55   juansequeda   Where is everybody having beer? #semtech
8:58   juansequeda   @kendall @terraces @pmika @vrandezo where are you guys drinking beer? #Semtech
9:11   quoll   Right now I'm wondering where everyone went, since all my colleagues went to bed, and I'm not ready to #semtech
9:21   ldodds   Just realised that @johnmusser is speaking at #SemTech tomorrow. Should be an interesting session on APIs and business models
9:29   r_macdonald   I'm looking forward to #SemTech the next three days, with some of the world's best structured data innovators http://bit.ly/jbkf4N
9:31   twbell  +1   I'm speaking at SemTech tomorrow in San Francisco on 'Why Search is the Problem' http://t.co/hS4lNpm (2:40 in Franciscan C)
9:40   pdeisenberg  +1   Linking Open Gov't - International Dataset Catalog @ http://bit.ly/iLeArf #semtech
9:45   mikegrovesoft  +1   whew. After a day of #semtech and #owled, i can finally sit down and work on the new #stardog statistics engine, hurrah!
9:46   kendall   Just heard a Pearl Burger and a banana shake with @mikegrovesoft #semtech
10:01   semanticetl  +1   Whew - can't believe it's only Monday ! Great #SemTech so far, looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 2:40 for Real Time SemanticETL
10:02   semanticnews  +1   SemTech 2011 – Drink it in http://eqent.me/ki66BT
10:38   tonyshaw   I f*cked up before 300 #SemTech attendees tonight. Apologies to all the lightning speakers. One silly error caused big problems (sigh)
10:48   tonyshaw   on the plus side though (for speakers), #SemTech Lightning talks will have biggest audience of any sessions except for Keynotes
11:09   ontosynaptics   #SemTech, try our SPARQL endpoint. Ex: List the pro sports teams in your city/state. http://kontekst.us/query_kontekst.php
11:16   semovation   Looking forward to getting the latest news from the Semantic Web at SemTech 2011
11:16   paulmiller   @ldodds @johnmusser yup. See you there! #semtech
11:18   eedeebee  +1   Jim Henlder on #semantics and #marklogic http://bit.ly/juVt4W #semtech
11:18   ontosynaptics   Semantically analyze your text! http://kontekst.us/analyze_text.php. #SemTech
11:19   rocco6050   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: reportage da San Francisco http://t.co/3SJ1Qdl
11:35   paulzh   @bsletten Any chance to see the fabulous Netkernel demos + slides for non #semtech attendees ?
12:14   aurale2   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 http://tinyurl.com/3lchkzj #myBantu
12:14   bengee   @andraz all right! Already fiddling with chroma key backdrops ;-) / #semtech
12:34   jasphua   trying to figure out what sessions to attend tmrw #semtech hv to admit lighting sessions scared me rather than piqued interest
12:48   mariafrangieh   OpenAmplify Sponsoring Semtech San Francisco Jun 5-9 | OpenAmplify.com http://t.co/mPXjQOl via @AddThis
12:48   mariafrangieh   OpenAmplify Sponsoring Semtech San Francisco Jun 5-9 | OpenAmplify.com http://fb.me/HMINLMKk
12:49   dlmcguinness   Working on our #semtech talk on linked open government data - will be on tues at 11:30 with @lidingpku http://bit.ly/iSo3Qh
1:30   smartlogic_com   'Enterprise Semantics and Tales of the Unexpected'. Smartlogic present at SemTech 2011. Register online http://ht.ly/51KIZ
1:34   web20education   #WeFirstBook - How to use #socialmedia to build a better world #edtech20 #semtech #ukedchat #elemchat #lrnchat http://t.co/T8KoNHe
2:24   sethgrimes   .@mhausenblas Have you tried curl -H "Accept:application/rdf+xml" http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/ ? #SemTech
2:34   daedalus_sa  +1   Visita guiada a la Web Semántica http://j.mp/kD1tT7
2:55   sethgrimes   .@mhausenblas The #SemTech site is an admission how far semantic publishing has to go, says there's little current value in semantic markup.
3:20   netlabsorg   @semanticfire aka Bart will have his presentation at #SemTech in #sfo about #semweb and #blackswan at 19:00 CET, #semanticfire as tag
3:29   pingsfo   @semanticfire aka Bart will have his presentation at #SemTech in #sfo about #semweb and #blackswan at 19:0... http://tinyurl.com/3oyu3b6
3:39   joedevon  +1   Found this nice PHP RDF library http://j.mp/muPiSK by @njh while prepping for my #semtech panel Wednesday http://j.mp/gLO2Nd #insomnia
3:40   consultramy   @jasphua Invite - Kindly visit us at booth 302 and try our live demo of the CTRL #semantic engine! - More info http://ht.ly/5bQwj #Semtech
4:27   joedevon   If you missed @bsletten's Netkernel talk, here's a podcast from 2006, nofluffjuststuff, see episode #102 http://j.mp/myP4Yw #semtech
6:01   purppetal  +1   Managing to stay on EST #semtech -- see you at 7:30am today for reg (only if you haven't gotten a badge yet) and breakfast!
6:10   8of12   rss: Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 http://bit.ly/kwgvvF
6:20   jenz514  +1   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/sw3Ldva via @semanticweb by @jenz514
6:24   mfhepp  +1   a free #goodrelations extension for #oxid #esales will be available next tuesday! #semantic #seo #schemaorg #richsnippets #rdfa #semtech
6:27   semanticweb  +5   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/OUOkBZn via @semanticweb
6:36   arunbatchu   Following #semtech with interest
6:45   semanticblogs   #Semantic #Blogs Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com: During the session Herman ex... http://bit.ly/kW5HZU
6:45   itblognet   #Semantic #Blogs Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com: During the session Herman ex... http://bit.ly/kW5HZU
6:49   consultramy   Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis http://ht.ly/5bZPq By @sethgrimes #analytics #textanalytics #textmining #semtech
7:17   joedevon   Re duplication of efforts @ schema.org "@charlvn: Apparently we're not the only ones who feel like that: http://t.co/9krvoxt" #semtech
7:21   streamweaver   Flagon with the Dragon - Some Antics for the Week http://t.co/U3eMgHX via #semtech
7:26   bsletten   About to listen to @bobdc talk about vocabulary management. #SemTech
7 June 7:30-8:20
59/hour · 30+19 tweets
Launching Semantic Web Technology in Enterprise IT - Lessons Learned From Leading/Managing Semantic Projects
SICoP 2011: Transforming Government Through Innovation With Semantic Technologies
Survey of Basic Techniques in Real-Time Reasoning of Semantic Data and Their Applications
Vocabulary Management, SKOS, and the Semantic Web
7:40   semanticconf  +1   SRO in @bobdc SKOS talk this morning. Great start to the day! #SemTech
7:44   juansequeda  +1   At "Launching Semantic Web technology in Enterprise IT" by Dell #semtech.
7:44   juansequeda  +1   "#linkedddata has the lowest barrier of adoption because you focus on the data and not on the ontologies" #semtech
7:45   olegshilovitsky   Morning session. Learning about real-time reasoning from Oracle from Reza B'Far of Oracle #SemTech, #oracle #oraclefusion
7:48   olegshilovitsky   Vertical and horizontal use cases in real-time reasoning #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/589wg9
7:50   franzinc  +2   Recent news about collaboration with Intel - http://on.msnbc.com/k5RQfg Learn more at 10:30 - Plaza A "Query a Trillion Triples " #semtech
7:53   juansequeda   "changing from sql server 2000 to 2005 is like launching a space shuttle" #semtech #dell
7:54   consultramy   RE: @semanticweb_com Lightning presentation at Semtech 2011 in San Francisco - Business and Technology tracks - Have … http://disq.us/26l132
7:55   semanticnews   Cogito Search Explore Engine launches today at SemTech 2011 http://is.gd/F7USzO
7:57   ericaxel   Learning all about SKOS from @bobdc. Great intro! #SemTech
7:58   olegshilovitsky   The challenge in real-time reasoning. #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58a1c1
8:01   ericaxel   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At #SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/d0Q3Zqm via @semanticweb by @jenz514
8:02   evectis   News from SemTech: Starting Strong: The web is ablaze with chatter from this week's Semanti... http://bit.ly/lcDyob #MultiateParadisaic
8:02   olegshilovitsky  +1   Real-time reasoning architecture: embedded, peer-to-peer, event-driven, rule-based. #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58a38g
8:03   bsletten   Really enjoyed @bobdc's talk on SKOS: http://snee.com/semtech/2011
8:05   olegshilovitsky  +1   Real time reasoning. Cont. #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58a55d
8:06   bernhyland  +1   Standing room only at Bob DuCharm's excellent talk on vocabularies. SKOS provides "97% of whats needed get on sem web" #semtech #W3C @bobdc
8:06   juansequeda  +2   Dell makes emphasis that business value can be seen quicker if focus is on data & linking silos than focus on ontologies/inference #semtech
8:09   olegshilovitsky  +1   Selecting the right architecture for reasoning. #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58a72y
8:10   juansequeda  +1   I think everybody should be at Dell's talk! People are trying to put #semtech in the IT Enterprise but do you know the real barriers?
8:12   takechan2000   この会議は朝7時半から夜7時までスケジュールが埋まっている。なんとハードな。#semtech
8:12   tomayac   @danbri @nevali I'm currently swamped w/ my thesis proposal write-up (& attending SemTech), but my intern @arnaudbrousseau knows #Protovis…
8:13   olegshilovitsky   Selecting the right real time reasoning architecture (cont.) #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58a8sk
8:14   jenz514  +2   News from SemTech: Starting Strong - semanticweb.com http://t.co/X98YdAi via @semanticweb
8:15   glenn_mcdonald   "Architecture of Reasoning" should be a progressive-metal album... #semtech
8:16   olegshilovitsky   Real time reasoning -algorithmic strategies: partitioning, parallel processing, domain spec algorithms #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58aa3i
8:16   shivkumarganesh   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011: An informal raise-your-hand survey of att... http://bit.ly/l2DfMl #semanticweb #lotico
8:16   shivkumarganesh   #SemTech LiveBlogging – Lightning Presentations: There are great conversations and educatio... http://bit.ly/mloyBU #semanticweb #lotico
8:16   shivkumarganesh   News from SemTech: Starting Strong: The web is ablaze with chatter from this week's Semant... http://bit.ly/iuWBWt #semanticweb #lotico
8:17   paulmiller   No power outlets in the Ballroom? #semtech Eyeing battery level, cautiously...
7 June 8:20-8:30
30/hour · 3+2 tweets
8:20   olegshilovitsky   IBM Watson and Icarus are examples architecture for real-time reasoning. #Semtech #IBM, #Watson http://twitpic.com/58ac41
8:21   olegshilovitsky   Video: RT @molodyets: RT @eedeebee: Jim Henlder on #semantics and #marklogic http://bit.ly/juVt4W #semtech
8:26   olegshilovitsky   Bunch of oracle marketing slides in real time reasoning session #Semtech #oracle http://twitpic.com/58afej
7 June 8:30-10:00
136/hour · 142+62 tweets
Realizing Efficiency & Interoperability: SOA & Semantic Technology in the Business Mission Area (BMA), U.S. DoD
Semantics in News, Sport and Media: A Compelling Case and New Architectural Pattern for Semantics in Every Enterprise
The Next Generation Consumer Business - Semantically Enabled for Real-Time Intelligence
8:32   selvers   Check out this SlideShare presentation : SemTech 2011 Semantic Search tutorial http://t.co/6XCEBla
8:32   empiricator   [digesting] RT @olegshilovitsky: Real-time reasoning architecture: embedded, p2p, event-driven, rule-based. #Semtech #oracle
8:35   marin_dimitrov  +1   OWLIM 4.0 released: scalability to 1 trillion RDF nodes, SPARQL 1.1 support http://www.ontotext.com/owlim-v4-beta #rdf #SemanticWeb #semtech
8:36   javabarbarian  +1   Keynote 1 at #SemTech Semantics in News, Sports, and Media.
8:37   cwoodruff   in the keynote of #SEMTECH and enjoying the great talks.
8:39   kendall   Can't turn around at #Semtech without bumping into old friends, colleagues, etc.
8:39   erichoffer  +1   While there's still time to heed advice at #semtech http://t.co/sil2boG
8:40   olegshilovitsky   Tony Shaw kicks off SemTech 2011 keynote session. #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58aln7
8:40   hconstandt   #semtech keynote bout "semantics at work" and semantics as a gamechanger and how business consumes it ...
8:40   cotedustin   Full house at the #SemTech Keynote Session in San Francisco. http://twitpic.com/58alod
8:42   vascofurtado  +1   expeirencia de uso de semantica na BBC acabou dando origem a uma plataforma para tomada de decisões #semtech
8:43   amnonraviv   Listening to Bill Guinn's (Amdocs)keynote at Semtech 2011 in SF.
8:43   tbc42   Great deal of skepticism about Schema.org in the #semweb community... What #semtech tweeps say?
8:44   guidebookapp  +3   Hey #SemTech get the mobile guide! Schedule, maps, speakers, more! Download Guidebook for iphone/android: http://t.co/qh3OL6f
8:44   olegshilovitsky   Bill Guinn of #Amdocs is talking about next gen of consumer businesses. #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58angy
8:44   kendall  +4   Catch @mikegrovesoft talking about #Stardog and #Pellet3 today at #semtech
8:45   jessicavollman   Full house this morning at #Semtech keynotes http://t.co/Hlt1rxO
8:46   olegshilovitsky   #Amdocs is using semantic technology to develop 'contextually aware business' #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58aofe
8:47   annmichael   Traditional business intelligence tools don't really support "operational decisioning" Amdocs #semtech
8:47   olegshilovitsky   #Amdocs - transactional systems Are not globally organized nor contextually aware. #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58ap7k
8:48   rtcutler   Consider #schema.org long overdue and highly significant in an area that #semweb has been trying and failing for years and years. #semtech
8:49   rjw  +1   .@bengee: New post: "Schema.org - Threat or Opportunity?": http://t.co/5aPmfeS <- Nice calm review. #rdf #microdata #semtech #semweb #seo
8:49   rspz   It's not enough to take the payment when the customer calls - what does it *mean* ?- Bill Guinn of #Amdocs #semtech
8:52   tyrberg   The green suit has arrived to #semtech =)Grab me if you want to talk about #textanalytics #apis with #entities #filtering & #sentiment
8:53   ontosynaptics   #SemTech we identify the context in your text. http://t.co/Ay2Jx56
8:53   crstesa   @kristathomas nice... #semtech needs you here!
8:54   olegshilovitsky   The customer contextual awareness allows to agent not to ask questions and optimize process. #Semtech #Amdocs http://twitpic.com/58arun
8:55   scagliarini  +1   cost of handling customer calls is $7.50. Self help systems can provide high savings #semtech
8:56   vascofurtado   #Amdocs mostra que uso de semântica em cias de celular para melhorar call center economiza U$500 milhões #semtech Digam pra TIM!!!
8:57   jasphua   model customers to bring context that allows you to bring relevancy forward & help support structures be intelligent -Bill Guinn #semtech
8:58   ewpatton   First #SemTech keynote sounds like an attempt at semantic-powered spam. Looking forward to my semantic-powered spam filter...
8:58   tyrberg   Saplo Text Analysis Demo gets an update http://t.co/yX7iTc0 via @saplo #semtech #textanalytics
8:59   olegshilovitsky   #Amdocs contextual awareness helps targeting sales to social network and to connected influencers #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58aug5
8:59   vascofurtado  +1   produtos sugeridos por amigos têm 4x mais chance de ser comprado #semtech Empresas devem compreender rede social dos clientes #semtech
9:00   ericaxel  +1   Are you blogging about #SemTech this week? Let me know; we may point to your post from SemanticWeb.com!
9:01   olegshilovitsky   #Amdocs intelligent decision automated system #aida -proactive and reactive actions. #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58avko
9:03   glawkatz  +2   Check out @jahendler on #MarkLogic and #semweb : http://www.marklogic.com/jimhendler . More details in Fransican A at 1:40 PST at #semtech
9:04   joedevon  +1   Decided to get 5 hours sleep instead of 3, by missing the SKOS talk, but looks like lots of info on the slides http://j.mp/lzKFCV #semtech
9:05   ontosynaptics   Franz can process billions of triples #semtech
9:05   hconstandt  +1   Key is modelling the business and enable the business to manage their data to build a holistic customer view. #semtech Amdocs Bill Guinn
9:06   saplo  +1   Saplo Text Analysis Demo gets an update http://t.co/eynu7X3 #semtech #textanalytics #demo #apis
9:06   gammydodger   News from SemTech: Starting Strong - semanticweb.com http://t.co/Qu9giLM via @semanticweb via @Jenz514
9:06   olegshilovitsky   #Amdocs Aida generates 1B triples daily. Selling point- history of customer experience (not semantics) #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58axko
9:07   ericaxel  +8   "I truly believe that semantics can be a game changer for any B2C environment." - Bill Guinn, Amdocs #semtech
9:07   ewpatton   Need to harden semantic technologies for usability in business. Hear hear! but not just businesses #semtech #keynote
9:08   olegshilovitsky  +1   #Amdocs - Bill Guinn: stop building tools that require PhD. #Semtech
9:08   hconstandt  +1   Simplyfying how we communicate to business is key. Tools are for science phd, not for business. communication is key #semtech
9:10   juansequeda   Keynote on the BBC world cup project which was powered by #semtech
9:10   erichoffer  +3   Bill Guinn Amdocs nailed it in keynote #semtech. Business needs to not only be able to understand but to DO and MANAGE by selves.
9:10   vascofurtado   In the Future of Media Track in #semtech #BBC
9:10   ldodds  +2   Listening to John O'Donovan (@jodbod) about to talk about BBC World Cup project. #semtech
9:11   marklogic   At #SemTech today? Catch @StephenBuxton and Dr. Li Ding on #MarkLogic Research info SPARQL -> XQuery translation http://bit.ly/kCXJmx
9:11   bsletten   Listening to talk about the work BBC did on World Cup site w/ Semantic Technology. #semtech #keynote
9:11   hconstandt   #semtech keynote John O'Donovan BBC World Cup Project business case. Realising value of managing content better.
9:11   germanarellanod   #semtech Semantics will change the way Companies do business with their customers.
9:11   amnonraviv   Bill Guinn (Amdocs PBG), Semtech opening keynote: "We partnered with #gigaspaces for mw to help AIDA scale to 10s of billions of trx/day"
9:11   robvesse  +1   John O'Donovan "It's illegal not to have an iPad now" :-) #semtech
9:14   vascofurtado   COnteúdo jornalístico é muito desorganizado. Nomes, locais, etc. são ambiguos. Desafio é estruturá-lo e torná-lo útil ao leitor #semtech
9:14   annmichael  +1   Great (and hysterical) examples of how media content is messy #semtech
9:16   joedevon   .@jodbod is KILLING it at the #semtech keynote! Audience in stitches amid a large round of applause. #worldcup
9:16   rspz   Mass media content is very messy - John O'Donovan BBC World Cup site architect @jodbod #semtech
9:16   ozelin  +1   hilarious examples of how media content can be really messy in John Donovan's presentation (Press Association) in #semtech
9:17   vascofurtado   CMS com semantica fica muito dificil de gerenciar. Uma página para cada jogador de futebol, por exemplo, #BBC #Semtech
9:18   semanticnews   News from SemTech: Starting Strong http://eqent.me/lBEiGC
9:18   grechaw  +1   . @jodbod illustrating sweet spot for semtech - complex dynamic sites, real time management. Replaces traditional CMS.
9:19   robvesse  +1   John O'Donovan mocks the range of Enterprise CMS market - "they have hijacked your stuff" #semtech
9:19   annmichael   Semantics deals w/ lots of content from diff srcs & need to build bigger better sys - trad CMS based on limited viewpoints @jodbod #semtech
9:20   ozelin   does anybody has presentation slides from John Donovan? #rightnow #semtech
9:21   marcmellotte   Great keynote by @jodbod at #semtech
9:21   cwoodruff   starting to ask people in the #OData community why RDF is not discussed for the protocol. #SEMTECH
9:21   olegshilovitsky   Lots of content management systems in an Enterprise. Hijacked your stuff... #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58b4md
9:21   ewpatton   O'Donovan on proprietary nature of CMS for enterprise. Little interoperability and diff. content models. Brings back bad memories #semtech
9:22   annmichael   talking about use of semantics to avoid having a CMS "hijack your stuff" but still get CMS benefits @jodbod #semtech
9:22   scagliarini   Buying a new CMS is not the solution to complex content management #Semtech
9:22   vascofurtado   CMS usados nas redações engessa, dificulta personalizações. Semantica pode ser solução, pois permite focar só no conteúdo #semtech
9:24   erichoffer   John O'Donovan keynote #semtech hilarious headlines and "Content Management Fatigue" - content and metadata pattern address.
9:24   scagliarini  +2   Grand Ballroom room is full. #semtech presentation from Press Association demonstrates that publishers have to implement #semantics
9:24   annmichael  +1   separate your content from your metadata @jodbod #semtech http://t.co/sFGQGnX
9:24   ondigo  +1   Loved the phrase "Content Management fatigue". So true. #semtech
9:25   ontosynaptics   Identify entities, but also map it to consistent ontology! #SemTech #textanalytics http://t.co/Tm4ZdFx
9:26   cotedustin  +2   True comment on the blackhole of your Enterprise Data: "Lots of systems in the Enterprise... they have knicked your stuff" @jodbod #SemTech
9:26   der42  +1   Story behind World Cup site. Value of content/metadata separation. Use each tool for what it is good for. Press Association #semtech
9:26   leefeigenbaum  +3   See EricP (@w3c) Michael L. (@revelytix) @kendall (@candp) & Rob G. (@CamSemantics) on federation v. warehousing - 10:30 #semtech Imperial A
9:28   neumarcx  +5   John O'Donovan outlining the Press Association Semantic Technology architecture based on MarkLogic, BigOWLIM and Gate #semtech
9:28   chiltone   #semtech Which tools did BBC use for entity extraction?
9:28   vascofurtado   Publicações semânticas e dinâmicas são o futuro (ou presente) da mídia #semtech
9:28   zeknow   John O'Donovan at #SemTech, spot on presentatio
9:29   robvesse  +1   Really enjoying @jonbod's keynote re the BBCs use of semantics #semtech
9:29   ontosynaptics   #SemTech query our context, any list you hand build is a SPARQL query. http://t.co/pmtD8Fy
9:31   saplo   Saplo Text Analysis Demo gets an update http://cot.ag/iXw9GN #semtech #textanalytics #demo #apis
9:31   ozelin   KIM through GATE, that's my guess. Isn't it? @marin_dimitrov ? RT @chiltone: #semtech Which tools did BBC use for entity extraction?
9:32   hconstandt  +1   "Semantic models are simple and elegant" John O'Donovan #semtech "my boss and even amazing that the whole organisation understands it" Nice!
9:33   bpanulla   Are they recording or streaming any sessions from #semtech ?
9:34   germanarellanod   @mnissan #semtech if you value your content you will manage it semantically
9:34   glenn_mcdonald  +1   If you liked the BBC's World Cup site, you might like Needle's similarly-minded World Cup History database: http://t.co/VxHTiUu #semtech
9:34   rjw  +1   @jodblod great keynote on the BBC World Cup #linkeddata - "If you value content you will manage it semantically" #semtech
9:34   rspz   "If you value your content you will manage it semantically" @jodbod #semtech
9:34   annmichael  +3   "if you value content you will manage it semantically" @jonbod #semtech
9:35   aiwang   "If you value content, you'll realize the value of semantics - the best way to manage it" - Keynote by JoD @SemTech
9:36   rohinisrihari   John O'Donovan @ #semtech on semantic models: If you value your content, manage it semantically
9:36   ontosynaptics   Any list is a query at Kontekst.us. http://kontekst.us/query_kontekst.php #semtech #ontology
9:37   rspz   ROI on [sementically-powered] World Cup project was immediate @jodbod #semtech
9:37   erichoffer   @jodbod #semtech key point - content and metadata s.b. stored separately
9:37   hconstandt   John O'Donovan #semtech "IT needs to stop Fix the things they broke first" ... LOL
9:38   web20education   #chirpstory tell story using tweets and #socialmedia #edtech20 #edchat #semtech #cpchat #elemchat #lrnchat #iste11 http://bit.ly/iDgVs6
9:40   ewpatton   #semtech presentation from #DOD has CG, sound effects, etc. A bit overkill.
9:40   juansequeda   This is weird #semtech
9:40   petrvas   Ok, at least amdocs and press asscosiates presentations were good. #semtech
9:40   olyerickson   @ewpatton @ldodds Sounds like you are in the same #DoD #SemTech preso?
9:41   rjw   One of @jodblod's diagrams has come to life and is doing the next keynote - with sound effects! #semtech
9:41   robvesse   Seriously? The DoD guy's keynote is a video? #semtech
9:41   der42  +7   "If you value your content, manage it semantically." John O'Donovan #semtech
9:41   juansequeda   #semtech is the future of the department of defense.
9:42   besttourist   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com http://bit.ly/j9ewoh
9:42   robvesse   Ok he is here live as well #semtech
9:42   seevl  +2   Seevl in 5 minutes - Here are the slides of the 5 minute Lightning Talk I gave yesterday evening at SemTech.... http://tumblr.com/x0q2vzglgz
9:42   shangz   most frequent words of DoD #keynote intro video: semantic, data... #semtech
9:42   neumarcx  +1   Wisnosky entering the matrix kinda funny http://youtu.be/OzW3Gc_yA9A #semtech
9:42   glenn_mcdonald   Who would have guessed that the goofiest presentation at SemTech would come from the Department of Defense? #semtech
9:43   marcmellotte   "Semantic technology is the future if the DoD Enterprise" #semtech
9:45   vascofurtado   "Man executed after long speech.". Manchete do The Globe. Esse é um exemplo de como conteúdo na mídia é complexo. #semtech
9:45   caecilus   Doing it, tough to get people to understand why. RT @annmichael separate your content from your metadata @jobbed #semtech yfrog.com/h2ep7vtj
9:45   jays0n   MT @rjw: @jodblod great keynote on the BBC World Cup #linkeddata - #semtech [entertaining and informational, surprised semweb can be fun]
9:47   marcmellotte  +1   Semantic technology is the future of US Dept of Defense Enterprise #semtech
9:47   joedevon   .@RWW asks: Is Schema.org Really a Google Land Grab? http://t.co/QOdx6DB ; you provide the answer #semtech
9:47   tonyshaw   @bpanulla: Are they recording or streaming any sessions from #semtech ? < yes, video recordings
9:47   peteaven  +1   Today at #SemTech @StephenBuxton & @lidingpku speak about semantic queries & SPARQL to XQuery translation http://bit.ly/kCXJmx #MarkLogic
9:48   jays0n   QT @dav3c: #berlin #semweb meetup. First up: @agebhard on #rnews and the #iptc [while we are at #semtech, iptc are showing Berlin rNews]
9:49   scagliarini  +2   Disambiguation and advertising http://bit.ly/jbPJMW #semtech
9:50   tonyshaw   Btw, BIGOWLIM mentioned by #jodbod is by Ontotext on the #SemTech show floor
9:51   petrvas   #semtech DoD: We are for sure the best war fighting machine in the Universe.
9:52   erichoffer   rt @neumarcx: Wisnosky ... kinda funny http://t.co/guP1IjG #semtech - remided me of '70s peabody dog scientist cartoons http://t.co/lgemm3L
9:52   juansequeda  +3   Great Post "@RWW: Is Schema.org Really a Google Land Grab? http://t.co/Y90dnkM" #semtech
9:52   robvesse   "We are the best war fighting machine in the universe" classic american military, when the aliens invade we'll hold you to that #semtech
9:53   chiltone   #semtech Hope DoD publishes updated slides! The first 15 min was a solid overview of their enterprise project.
9:53   olegshilovitsky  +2   Interesting numbers presenting data infrastructure dependencies in DOD by Dennis Wisnosky #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58biuv
9:54   cataloguing   You can't beat a healthy dose of disambiguation RT @scagliarini: Disambiguation and advertising http://bit.ly/jbPJMW #semtech
9:56   semanticfire   DoD story at #semtech would apply perfectly to #BrandweerAA ! agility is the way to keep ahead !
9:57   petrvas   DoD presentation: Feel the touch of 80s enterprise planning in today's world. #semtech
9:57   terraces   Looking forward to @johnmusser #semtech talk on SemWeb and APIs ! But wait, we don't need APIs with content-negotiation !
9:57   cjmconnors  +1   Liked the video! Innovation should be FUN. Happier, productive workers will deliver better results. Isn't that what #semtech should enable?
9:57   aiwang   CTO of DoD talks about semantic web standard drive @SemTech in USDoD, a pioneer. I'm not surprised after SMWCon Spring 2011 in DC :)
7 June 10:00-10:30
42/hour · 13+8 tweets
10:02   quoll   Feels strange looking at keynote slides presenting our architecture, when the presenter is not from our company #semtech
10:04   sandhawke  +1   After the break at #SemTech, I'll be pitching how RIF is the key to everything (more or less) on a panel in Plaza B.
10:04   scagliarini   DOD semantic technology annual simposium July 13-14 . It should be very interesting. #semtech
10:05   petrvas   But taking stylistics aside, presentation was really good! #semtech
10:06   ondigo   All that HR stuff D.Wisnosky was talking about? That's what I'm stepping into beginning next month. Can't wait. #semtech
10:10   terraces  +2   Best #semtech sticker so far :-) @ Hilton San Francisco Union Square http://instagr.am/p/FWEjw/
10:15   ewpatton   @difrad Geo-Social Semantics and Hybrid Reasoning for Smart Mobile Services? #semtech
10:18   mfhepp   @hannescarlmeyer @kohlschuetter @wosabeu fyi: new #goodrelations overview page http://purl.org/goodrelations/ #schemaorg #semtech
10:18   aurale2  +1   News from SemTech: Starting Strong http://tinyurl.com/68fuf4w #myBantu
10:21   marin_dimitrov  +1   #semtech booth of @Ontotext http://twitpic.com/58bt5f with Barry Bishop (@bazbishop) and Matt Petrillo (@mcpetrillo) #SemanticWeb
10:23   ericmkidd   @bhuga No formal BOFH space at #SemTech, but they say we could find informal space to discuss Ruby and RDF. Are you around?
10:28   sethgrimes   Web: http://www.afei.org/events/1A03/Pages/default.aspx :: RT @scagliarini DOD semantic technology annual symposium July 13-14. #semtech
10:28   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Trillion triples, serious ontologies, federation or rules? Going with the panel with nobody I know personally. We'll see.
7 June 10:30-11:20
120/hour · 69+31 tweets
Baking With Data: From Jobs to Cars to Food
Collaborative Innovation, Collective Intelligence and Scientific Data
Federation, Warehousing, and the Semantic Web: Where Does the Data Live?
Fighting Fires Using Semantic Web Technology
Panel: Serious Semantics, Serious Ontologies
Querying a Trillion Triples
Text Analytics Software: Selecting the Right Fit
Using Semantic Technology to Revolutionize Traditional Business Models
What's RIF Good for Now? (W3C Rule Interchange Format)
10:30   antiroot_kr   #SemTech 2011, it's a little bit tired now, because of personal jet-lag comes today morning. But I have no time to sleep anymore! :-(
10:30   skruk   My roadmap for thus week #semtech http://instagr.am/p/FWHWK/
10:31   antiroot_kr   Now I'm attending Baking with Data: from Jobs to Cars to Food. #SemTech
10:32   der42   DoD presentn mentioned standardized symbols for depicting ontology and ont-driven architecture. Similar need mentioned yesterday. #semtech
10:33   antiroot_kr   #Semtech BTW, My personal page is http://antiroot.net, but no one actually comes. ;-)
10:34   robvesse   In the Warehousing vs Federation panel #semtech
10:35   shangz   panel on data integration using semantic techs begins. panelists from W3C, SPARQL WG, industry vendors. #semtech
10:35   annmichael   Elsevier @Visha1Gupta & @ presentation about SciVerse just getting started at #semtech
10:35   skruk   RIF Panel - let's see if it is any good for what we do. I think it should :D #semtech
10:36   marin_dimitrov   Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of @Ontotext, presenting "Baking with Data" at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58c0s3 #LinkedData #rdf #SemanticWeb
10:37   annmichael  +1   Amount of time researchers spend finding information is greater than the amount of time they spend using it #outsell@Visha1Gupta #semtech
10:37   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech ontology panel: can't tell yet what it's really about
10:37   consultramy  +1   Meet the #pragmatech Team at #Semtech - @eddy2ma @sabawalid @johnnyazzi - booth 302 and try our live demo of the CTRL #semantic engine!
10:37   ewpatton  +1   Baking with Data #semtech talk by Ontotext on semantics in cars, jobs, and food.
10:37   andraz  +1   Any real-world ideas on what data to clean in Google Refine session tomorrow? Would be fun if it's from the audience! #semtech
10:38   shangz   semantic web is mostly orthogonal to both warehousing and federation. #semtech
10:39   cotedustin  +1   Very excited to get my hands on an early release of this 2nd edition at #SemTech . 1st was a huge help 2 yrs ago http://twitpic.com/58c18k
10:40   annmichael   Web trends: openness, personalization, collaboration & trusted views @Visha1Gupta #semtech
10:40   annmichael   "apps are the new content now" @Visha1Gupta #semtech
10:43   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Ontologist 1: didn't learn anything yet.
10:43   annmichael  +1   why work w/ Elsevier: trusted content, platform (create, promote, sell apps), oppty for collaboration (w/researchers) @Visha1Gupta #semtech
10:44   piotrwilam   #semtech john o'donovann - the BEST talk so far - the new way to make ATTRACTIVE web site - MEANING based content management! - bbc wrld cup
10:46   robvesse  +2   "Federation will crush warehousing" - Eric Prud'hommeaux #semtech
10:48   jenz514   Eric Prud'hommeaux on Where Does the Data Live panel at #semtech: For provocative statement , he says,federation will crush warehousing
10:48   annmichael   Deriving linked data from Elsevier content to power apps #semtech
10:48   juansequeda   If you are a startup at #semtech, let's talk! I'm planning to write blogpost for @semanticweb_com about semantic startups
10:48   chiltone  +1   "Federation is going to CRUSH warehousing" - Eric Prud'hommeaux #semtech - panelists trying hard to disagree
10:49   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech rooting for John Sowa to take this thing higher
10:51   quoll   "RIF PRD is boring. You need to get over to logic to work with data in the enterprise" #semtech
10:52   marin_dimitrov   @Ozelin @chiltone the WorldCup 2010 version used IBM LanguageWare for text analytics, more details at: http://bbc.in/jxPDaK #SemTech
10:52   frankolken  +2   Jans Aasman (#Franz) is talking about Querying a Trillion Triples #semtech #rdf using #allegrograph
10:53   frankolken   I am missing John Sowa's talk at #semtech.
10:54   quoll   "you can't get stake holders to keep OWL sufficiently detailed and up to date" I don't agree with this universally #semtech
10:54   juansequeda  +4   Franz predicting that there will be a trillion triples on the web on 3 years #semtech
10:55   robvesse   "Hybrid systems, federation over data warehouse, ooh spooky" @kendall #semtech
10:55   palexander   US Department of Defense mandates use of OWL and RDF in their Business Enterprise Architecture. http://bit.ly/kMEs6P (pdf) #semtech
10:55   bsletten   Rob Gonzalez: "Warehousing protects against inconsistencies/queries which have differently indexed content." #semtech
10:55   frankolken   Jans Aasman's talk on Querying a Trillion Triples is in Plaza A room on the lobby floor of SF Hilton at #semtech.
10:56   robvesse   "What's important is that the standards and technology are such that customers are not forced to commit to one pattern" @kendall #semtech
10:57   quoll   Upset to be missing the Trillion Triples talk, but right now there's a RIF panel, and Rules is my life these days #semtech
10:59   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech OK, if you have only 5 minutes, you should probably skip over your college coursework. Especially if it happened >40 years ago.
10:59   puredanger   kinda wishing I was at #semtech right now ... sounds like it's hopping
11:00   streamweaver   "Asking a librarian to select text analytics strategy is like asking an accountant to select a financial strategy" ouch #semtech
11:00   annmichael  +1   BrainSpace, by PureDiscovery, an "intelligence layer" on top of existing indexes, built SciVerse "brain" @iamDiscovery #semtech
11:00   quoll   I've not been paying a lot of attention to SWRL, but should probably create a parser for Rex (our RIF engine) #semtech
11:01   jenz514  +1   Kendall Clark says semweb mojo is that we rarely bind customers byy telling them they must do a particular thing a particular way #semtech
11:01   frankolken   Allemang and Hendler's Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist: 2nd edition is available at #semtech exhibit hall, Morgan Kaufmann
11:02   year2013   do i know anybody attending #semtech ?
11:02   robvesse   "Is business more important than technical - yes!" @kendall #semtech
11:03   puredanger  +12   Revelytix announces 2 open source projects: Spark (SPARQL client API) and Sherpa (fast SPARQL protocol) http://bit.ly/ivIpAR #semtech
11:04   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Not in fed-vs-warehouse session, but isn't the issue less where data "is" than how you make local assertions about it?
11:04   binaub   At semtech 2011
11:07   mfhepp  +10   i just posted a longer comment on the impact of #schemaorg on #goodrelations and #rdfa on #rww : http://rww.to/l4UjYT #semtech
11:08   glawkatz  +1   Don't miss @kurt_cagle 's talk about #XQuery and Semantics at 11:30 in Franciscan A at #semtech http://bit.ly/l2kMoP
11:08   annmichael   PureDiscovery had access to source docs, clustered them, optimized clusters (de-dupe), then built brainspace for SciVerse #semtech
11:08   grechaw  +1   What if lowering barriers to data integration expose social and data governance problems -- which then reflect badly on semtech? #semtech
11:10   annmichael   Brainspace - seems neat but isn't this just creating a new "black box"? #semtech still don't know what it's doing
11:10   zeknow   Nice to see so many white-haired and folicly challenged individuals so passionate about something at #SemTech
11:11   visha1gupta   @PaulMiller would like to catch up with you at #semtech #semtech2011
11:12   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Sowa blaming the woes of the world on Bertrand Russell!
11:15   annmichael   Query cloud exposes what the brain knows about search to user - and then allows the user to use that info to access content #semtech
11:16   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Why "serious semantics" don't get more traction: bringing a raygun blueprint to a knife fight...
11:17   pnnl_andrew   I'll never get tired of listening to John Sowa talk semantics. #SemTech
11:17   jsmusgrave  +1   @OntoSynaptics At #semtech they're talking a bunch about cyc at the serious semantics section
11:17   mfhepp  +1   Q: what is #goodrelations ? A: See http://purl.org/goodrelations/ #rdfa #semantic #seo #schemaorg #richsnippets #ogp #semtech
11:17   pnnl_andrew   @aiwang @SemTech Did he attend the SMWCon?
11:17   visha1gupta  +1   looking forward to @dlmcguinness and Li Ding talk on Linked Open Government Data #semtech #semtech2011 @SciVerseDev
11:18   cjmconnors   Use case for mapping RIF to other rule languages: integrating & migrating data from/to systems using proprietary rules. Thoughts? #semtech
11:18   frankolken   Jans Aasman will post slides frmo his talk on Querying A Trillion Triples to the Franz web site and the #semtech web site.
7 June 11:20-11:30
78/hour · 9+4 tweets
11:20   cotedustin   Needs his own session! Victor Penev talking about Edamam.com (foodie ontologies) #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58ch1v
11:21   quoll   "Converting SWRL to RIF results in both a rule document AND an ontology" sounds like a worthwhile challenge #semtech
11:22   sabawalid  +1   Live demo of the CTRL #Semantic #Engine at #Semtech 2011
11:23   gisellepmaia   "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less" Humpty Dumpty, citação apropriada em semana de #semtech
11:24   workingontology   #SemTech second edition of Semantic Web for the working ontologies for 20% off at the TopQuadrant booth. Book signing today at 1:00.
11:24   jwindz   A tool for transforming non-ontological resources into ontologies: https://code.google.com/p/nor2o/ #semtech (via @mparramon @ocorcho)
11:24   shangz   plenty of good questions from audiences #semtech #panel: what are the social aspects in dw and fed of business data?
11:25   sciversedev   Register for #TWCHack11 http://bit.ly/j2jPyz RT @Visha1Gupta: looking forward to @dlmcguinness and Li Ding on #LinkedData #OpenGov #semtech
11:26   gisellepmaia   "if you cant express yourself clearly in your own language, you cant express yourself clearly in any natural language" JSowa :) #semtech
7 June 11:30-12:20
110/hour · 56+36 tweets
A Software Industry Breakthrough - Enabling Business Users to Define Rules and Configure the Semantic Enterprise
Dynamic Semantic Publishing
Introduction to RDFa 1.1
Linked Open Government Data: What's Next?
Open APIs & the Semantic Web: State of the Market
Pellet Meets Stardog: Semantic Reasoning and Query for the Enterprise
Semantic Discovery: Rules Rock!
Semantic Technologies at SAP - A Strategic Perspective
Why XQuery Will Be in Your Business
11:31   tyrberg   Saplo Text Analysis Demo gets an update http://cot.ag/iXw9GN #semtech #textanalytics #demo #apis
11:32   petrvas   And now to sem tech in SAP products. #semtech
11:32   hconstandt   #semtech @ivan_herman RDFa 1.1: it is apart from (relational) dbs, most data is on the web, content is generated every day. How to use it?
11:33   takechan2000   Elsevierのセッションは期待はずれ。もっと詳細を話してくれるかとおもっていたのに。スポンサーセッションだからしょうがないか。 #semtech
11:34   jays0n   listening to @ivan_herman talk about RDFa 1.1 at #semtech - looking good.
11:34   cotedustin   Somehow I don't think Ivan Herman's "Intro to RDFa" will be too introductory for us :-) #SemTech @ivanherman http://twitpic.com/58cnku
11:35   robvesse   Looking forward to @mikegrovesoft's talk about #stardog and #pellet #semtech
11:37   hconstandt   #semtech @ivan_herman: RDFa adds new (X)HTML/XML attributes, has namespaces/URIs & complete flexibility to serialize: it is a bridge of data
11:37   ewpatton   5 needs for good Open APIs: underlying service; need a business model; simple, open, adoptable; choices; good developer support. #semtech
11:38   bsletten  +1   Listening to @mikegrovesoft from @candp talk about Stardog (http://stardog.com) and Pellet. #SemTech
11:38   quoll   @cjmconnors yes, but each system needs a language appropriate to it's data mode, meaning 100% coverage may not always be possible #semtech
11:38   takechan2000   Linked Open Government Data: What's Next? by RPI / GDの課題:1.独自フォーマット、2.ばらばらのキュレーター、3.分散かつリンクされてない 4.制限された参加者 #semtech
11:38   olegshilovitsky   Listening for Mike Grove of Clark&Parsia about Semantic Reasoning and Queries for the Enterprise http://bit.ly/kedwsG #semtech #enterprise
11:40   frankolken   Michael Grove (Clark and Parsia) is talking about #Pellet 3 reasoner and #Stardog triple store at #Semtech in Imperial Ballroom B.
11:44   robvesse   Interesting new licensing model for #pellet, Pellet 3 will be closed source (i.e. no open source version) #semtech
11:45   akwoska   BBC Semantic Publishing #semtech, the way to use #knowledgehiives civet technology in polish and supported languages
11:46   takechan2000   LOGDのワークフロー: Raw OGD - Convert -> LOGD - Integrate -> Mashed Data - Visualize -> End User #semtech
11:47   bsletten  +1   StarDog is only ~60,000 LOC if you remove the test! #SemTech
11:48   lorenzocassulo  +1   www.semanticvalley.it visit us at booth #308 (@ SemTech Conference 2011 w/ @andraz) [pic]: http://4sq.com/kerl9m
11:48   andraz   @Tyrberg hey, you here at semtech?
11:50   r_macdonald  +1   #SemTech @johnmusser talk: Open APIs & #SemWeb, XML in rapid decline but only 1% support RDF http://bit.ly/klPPO5
11:50   joedevon  +2   If you're following Jem's talk, this blog post of his is relevant: http://j.mp/ihhCfU #semtech
11:52   leefeigenbaum   @juansequeda for some appropriately general definition of here (like #semtech), yes :-) what's up?
11:52   antiroot_kr  +1   REST is growing fast, XML is disappearing, while RDF is 1% (still minor). #semtech - Open APIs presentation
11:52   visha1gupta   @lidingpku Scalability factors in LOGD deployment @dlmcguinness #semtech #Semtech2011@Sciversedev
11:52   tomayac  +1   In @johnmusser's Open APIs & the #SemanticWeb #SemTech talk. 1% of all listed APIs on http://ProgrammableWeb.com support #RDF. I see light.
11:53   axelpolleres   #semtech listening to "Why XQuery will be in your business" (Kurt Cagle)
11:53   robvesse  +2   @mikegrovesoft now showing just how freaking good #stardog performance is with the SP2B results #semtech
11:54   takechan2000  +1   Linked Data化:1.ID付与(URI)、2.コンテキスト 2.1記述(タイプやメタデータ)、2.2マッピング 2.2.1シンタックス(文字列)、2.2.2セマンティックス(オントロジーマッピング) #semtech
11:55   pakenco   Deb McGuinness uses #popscigrid to show how #linkeddata can make #opengovdata meaningful @ #semtech
11:56   robvesse  +2   "Algorithms are for people without enough RAM" @mikegrovesoft #semtech
11:57   jwindz  +1   Intro to Semantic Technology in the DoD Business Mission Area http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzW3Gc_yA9A #semtech via @realpoirot
11:57   robvesse   "The acronym soup of benchmarks is fine; but your data and your queries are what matters" @mikegrovesoft #semtech
11:59   bobdc   I've put off learning about the ".1" in "RDFa 1.1". Glad to be learning about it from @ivan_herman. prefix attribute is cool. #semtech
11:59   takechan2000   運用の課題:サイズ:6k (data.gov.uk) 200k (data.gov) 323k (国際GOB) /大変な人月(クリーンナップ、セマンティック付与 ...) /大変な計算量 #semtech
12:00   visha1gupta   @lidingpku interesting concept- social aspect of developer world- distributing the workload to the right developers- #semtech #semtech 2011
12:01   juansequeda  +2   Wit stardog rdf database from @candp you can fit 2 Billion Triples on 256 GB Ram = $20K Dell machine #semtech
12:02   pdeisenberg  +1   Kurt Cagel: XQuery and SPARQL are complimentary technologies #semtech
12:02   i_leonardo   Fascinating, contentful talk about semantic publishing at bbc. Can barely follow b/c speaker mumbling. Sigh. #semtech
12:03   olyerickson   @jrweave So at the instant @dlmcguinness is presenting at #semtech, @jahendler is chasing wildlife around #TWCRPI ;)
12:04   glawkatz  +3   Check out @jahendler on #MarkLogic #semweb http://bit.ly/juVt4W . Details today on SPARQL to XQuery in Franciscan A at 1:40 PM PST #semtech
12:05   razoralign   iPadでSemtechのプレゼンを追いながら、iPhoneでマネジメント調整しーの、Macで10窓開きーの、論文参照しーの音楽ききーの、居間のプラズマでシネフィル観ーの、嫁ぎーのはないーの。。
12:06   juansequeda  +2   Are you a startup at #semtech? Prepare your 30 sec elevator pitch! I want to video record you for @semanticweb_com Come and find me!
12:06   hconstandt   Just listened to RDFa 1.1 talk from @ivan_herman at #semtech: anybody who has resources in Belgium that can help #msdc? @FrankVanHarmele (?)
12:07   jamesrdf  +2   Callimachus 0.10 Released with form template editing http://t.co/fqAyNnM #semtech
12:09   joedevon   .@njh Didn't realize you were Jem's colleague. Cool! (You're in his slidedeck :) #semtech
12:09   robvesse   @mikegrovesoft diasvows responsibility for the lack of #stardog t-shirts #semtech
12:10   cotedustin   Wondering which basic ontologies you should know? See W3C's RDF profile page: http://bit.ly/lfpVCr (rdfs, vcard, og, foaf, dc) #SemTech
12:10   vascofurtado   BBC lançará em breve todo o seu conteúdo de sports em RDF #SemTech #inovação
12:11   r_macdonald   #SemTech @johnmusser talk: Open APIs & #SemWeb, 1% of APIs integrating RDF may be undercounted - hidden in JSON http://bit.ly/klPPO5
12:12   takechan2000   チャレンジ:1.相互運用性 2.スケーラビリティ:9.9 B triples、社会基盤整備、データ洗浄やリンク検知の自動化、ツール 3.由来:説明性、プラバシー、ライセンス、信頼/評価 #semtech
12:13   puredanger   any interesting new SPARQL endpoints announced at #semtech?
12:14   jamesrdf  +4   Listening to @mikegrovesoft at #semtech, #stardog sounds like a state of the art #rdf store, read while write, compressed indexes...
12:16   takechan2000  +1   まとめ:1.OGDはキーの資源、2.政府の透明性は多くの違うサイトからのマッシュアップを通じてできる。3.まだまだ沢山のチャレンジ、4.LGDはセマンティック技術の重要な駆動力。 #semtech
12:17   openamplify   V Excited about the @OpenAmplify panel discussion at #SemTech with @BestBuy's @JayMyers & @Radian6 on Social CRM - 08/06, 9:45 - 10:35!
12:18   semanticetl   Super pres from @dlmcguinness on realities of applied Linked Open Gov't Data: interoperability, scalability, biz, users & more #SemTech #LOD
7 June 12:20-12:30
42/hour · 5+2 tweets
12:20   vascofurtado   Ontologia de esportes da BBC está disponível em http://bbc.in/eSyeeL #semtech
12:21   joedevon  +2   Excellent! A show ontology by the bbc: http://j.mp/lDEeq4 #semtech #bbc cc @cubanjon @doremelody @sonylnagale
12:21   pauldappleby   Sad not to be at #semtech but watchting the hashtag. Some interesting stuff so far.
12:24   visha1gupta   Lunch on the horizon at #semtech 2011over the Watson talk by IBM
12:26   bsletten   Very geeked for talk on IBM's Watson before rushing down for my "Adopting SemWeb in the Enterprise" talk. #SemTech
7 June 12:30-1:15
64/hour · 31+17 tweets
Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project for the Jeopardy! Challenge
12:30   besbes   @juansequeda although not at #semtech this year you should definitively have a look at @refinder
12:31   lfcipriani   Palestra sobre o Watson, da IBM agora na #SemTech
12:39   skruk   Building Watson #semtech http://instagr.am/p/FWZer/
12:39   ottmaramann   Open APIs & the #SemanticWeb #SemTech talk. 1% of all listed APIs on http://ProgrammableWeb.com support #RDF. #opendata
12:40   olegshilovitsky  +1   Listening the story of how IBM Watson system was built - an overview of deepQA. #Semtech #IBM http://twitpic.com/58ddm2
12:40   manusporny  +1   SemTech: Anyone can come to this: Structured Data in HTML BOF - Tomorrow, 12:30pm: http://ow.ly/5coIt (register at main desk for free)
12:41   paulmiller   Missing Watson talk... :-( #semtech
12:44   empiricator   Ontologies released by BBC @joedevon: Excellent! A show ontology by the bbc: http://j.mp/lDEeq4 #semtech #w3c
12:45   chalaschek  +1   Listening to Aditya Kalyanpur talk about IBM's work on their Jeopardy machine Watson. Amazing work. #SemTech
12:45   bsletten   Ken Jennings answered ~70% of the questions in the games he played w/ an accuracy of ~90%. #Watson talk #SemTech
12:46   tyrberg   @andraz yes. I'm the one in green suit. Should be hard to miss ;-) I'm listening to Watson now. Lunch? #semtech
12:48   olegshilovitsky   IBM Watson approach - debunking common myths. #Semtech #IBM http://twitpic.com/58dh3k
12:49   bsletten  +1   Watson used structured data background knowledge in support of interpretation of unstructured query interpretation. #Watson #SemTech
12:50   bsletten   DeepQA : Massively Parallel Probabilistic Evidence-Based Architecture #Watson #SemTech
12:50   pakenco   @jpmccu @tmlab hope to get all my questions answered this week attending #semtech - wonder if there is such a thing yet as #SKOWL...
12:51   olegshilovitsky   The technology behind IBM Watson #Semtech #IBM http://twitpic.com/58dhx2
12:51   jeffalloneword   World's shortest escalator is at #semtech http://twitpic.com/58di18
12:51   laroyo   My third IBM Watson talk for the last month: this time by Aditya Kalyanpur #semtech #ibm #watson
12:52   bsletten  +3   Watson scored evidence-based results against 500 dimensions (Lexical, taxonomic, relations, temporal...) #semtech
12:53   olegshilovitsky   IBM Watson - example question processing. #Semtech #IBM, #Watson http://twitpic.com/58dixu
12:55   bsletten   Vasco de Gama is going to get mentioned in two talks back to back at #SemTech.
12:57   bsletten   DeepQA uses #LinkedOpenData behind the scenes. #Watson #SemTech
12:58   bobdc  +1   @mriben1 Slides and other links related to my SKOS talk are at http://www.snee.com/semtech/2011/ #semtech
12:59   glemak   @PaulMiller it won #semtech #spoiler ;)
1:03   ottmaramann   Cogito Search Explore Engine launches today at SemTech 2011 http://is.gd/F7USzO #semanticweb
1:05   purppetal   Tonight's reception will be at 4:30, not 5:00pm, in Grand Ballroom B. Expo passes welcome! #semtech
1:06   pnnl_andrew   Are there any plans to make the #SemTech keynote recordings available to attendees?
1:07   bsletten  +3   "The fact that, in 'Lord of the Rings', Sauron was an eye... you can't build a database for that..." — Aditya K. #Watson #SemTech
1:08   laroyo   TyCor framework's Impact in DeepQA: increase of precision with 10% in Watson #ibm #watson #semtech
1:09   bsletten  +2   #Watson fail: Answer to a "Rhyme time for a hit below the belt: "Wang Bang" (Correct was "low blow") #semtech
1:13   olegshilovitsky   IBM DeepQA Summary. Before TV game, IBM played 55 games... #IBM #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58dq77
7 June 1:15-1:40
43/hour · 10+8 tweets
1:16   olegshilovitsky   Next step for DeepQA is Business Applications: Healthcare, tech support, knowledge, law... #IBM, #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58drb8
1:16   sethgrimes   Why not? RDF triple: Sauron-RepresentedBy-Eye RT @bsletten "...Sauron was an eye...you can't build DB for that" Aditya K #SemTech @jahendler
1:16   vascofurtado   Watson participou de mais de 50 competições antes de Jeopardy. Precisou perder muito até ganhar #semtech
1:25   larsga  +2   IBM's Jeopardy-winning system (Watson) is beyond impressive, it's almost science fiction. Excellent talk on it at #semtech.
1:27   semanticconf  +2   Tonight's reception will be at 4:30, not 5:00pm, in Grand Ballroom B. Expo passes welcome! #semtech
1:28   semanticweb   Tonight's reception will be at 4:30, not 5:00pm, in Grand Ballroom B. Expo passes welcome! #semtech
1:29   ericaxel   Tonight's reception will be at 4:30, not 5:00pm, in Grand Ballroom B. Expo passes welcome! #semtech
1:37   pjkelly5   Need to get my hands on this. RT @dmccreary Kurt Cagle: Example of interleaving XQuery and SPARQL queries to build mashups. #semtech
1:38   rlovinger   Getting ready to moderate a panel on "The New Content Ecosystem" - we're going to have 5 great panelists! #SemTech Imperial A
1:39   juansequeda   at the Relational-to-RDF Mapping in Practice talk by Revelytix. #rdb2rdf #semtech
7 June 1:40-2:30
95/hour · 50+29 tweets
Adopting Semantics in the Enterprise
Geo-Social Semantics and Hybrid Reasoning for Smart Mobile Services
Imaging on the Semantic Web: Computer Access and Reasoning With Images
Linked Open Data for the Food and Agriculture Country Profiles
Querying Tuples in an XML Store and SPARQL to XQuery Translation
Relational to RDF Mapping in Practice
Semantic Databases and Supercomputers
The New Content Ecosystem
Translating Business Vocabulary and Rules to the Semantic Web
1:43   ewpatton   @difrad Will have to catch up with you on that talk. Sitting in on the hybrid mobile reasoning talk. #semtech
1:44   chiltone   #semtech Six sessions at once that I'd like to be at. My head might explode.
1:45   semanticetl   Counting down to First Retail panel at #SemTech - join us today! Real-Time SemanticETL with Anne Hunt & Simon Handley today at 2:40PM #data
1:45   andraz   At "New Content Ecosystem" panel at #semtech
1:47   robvesse   In the Revelytix talk on their Relational 2 RDF Mapping (i.e. R2ML) product Spyder #semtech
1:47   juansequeda  +2   Spyder is Revelytix #rdb2rdf tool that supports custom mapping on virtual triples (no materialization). #semtech
1:50   frankolken   Listening to Cray folk talk about their XMT supercomputer for semantic query processing at #Semtech in Fancisco C room.
1:52   ldodds   Enjoying talk from @bslettern on Semantics in the Enterprise #semtech
1:53   robvesse  +1   Neat live demos of Spyder by the Revelytix guys #semtech
1:56   ivan_herman  +2   "Cray XMT-s (highly multithreaded processors) are good to handle big ugly graphs" #semtech << we can certainly produce those:-)
1:56   bill_michels  +1   @twbell preso from #SemTech "Why Search is the Problem" http://slidesha.re/ik1KCH
1:57   chalaschek   Cray XMT, wow. Talk about some computing horsepower. Looks compelling for graph data structures. #semtech
1:58   petrvas   SAP presentation: Each technology has around 40 yrs lifetime. #semtech
1:59   kerfors   @Tyrberg Hej, fler svenskar än du på semtech ??
2:00   akwoska   #semtech another meeting, another opportunity
2:00   joedevon   BBC's Jem Rayfield: We'd like to offer deeper search; surface Sparql-powered queries. Exactly! Ditto #semtech cc @jodbod
2:02   andraz  +1   @glemak thank you for giving shout-out to Zemanta at #semtech panel!
2:02   piragua  +5   turn your relational database into triples using http://bit.ly/l2rkrw #semtech awesome!
2:02   kendall  +1   Main memory mode, not disk... RT @juansequeda Wit stardog rdf db from @candp you can fit 2 Billion Triples on 256 GB Ram = $20K box #semtech
2:02   wilm   @ldodds @bsletten Any chance of the #semtech slides on Semantics in the Enterprise being available somewhere?
2:02   joedevon   Hey @lewisshepherd, Just remembered, you were coming to Semtech, no? If so, we should figure out a time to grab a drink or sthing
2:02   juansequeda   The #rdb2rdf talk is a full house! This must be a good thing! #Semtech http://t.co/6wgzn0R
2:03   glemak   "@andraz: @glemak thank you for giving shout-out to Zemanta at #semtech panel!" (always glad to :)
2:03   andraz   Everyone at "New content ecosystem" panel speaking about need to pull content together easily in publishing #semtech
2:04   olegshilovitsky  +1   Brian Sletten talks about Enterprise, Semantic Technology and Social innovation http://bit.ly/mKFlEM #semtech, #social, #innovation
2:04   mericsson   Is there someplace to download #semtech presentations?
2:04   joedevon   This is insane. @glemak is on a panel and tweeting to @andraz while it's going on! Haha! #semtech
2:04   juansequeda   This is a great overview of #r2rml #semtech
2:07   iamdavo   Looking forward to 2moro's talk at #SemTech on Interest Graphs and the role of semantic technology. I'll try to make it very interactive.
2:07   purediscovery   Looking forward to 2moro's talk at #SemTech on Interest Graphs and the role of semantic technology. I'll try to make it very interactive.
2:07   rjw   @jodblod braving a live demo of the location based news item search tool he ducked showing in his keynote #Semtech
2:07   andraz   @joedevon We need to do that for our panel too :) #semtech
2:11   rspz  +6   Find the top 5 search terms in your search logs - that's where you start your ontology #semtech
2:11   paulmiller  +1   @glemak @joedevon @andraz quick... Someone tweet something that makes @glemak laugh on stage... ;-) #SemTech
2:12   andraz  +1   @glemak at new content ecosystem panel: "get editors used to do analytics themselves ... starting with Google Analytics" #semtech
2:13   olegshilovitsky   we shouldn't care about data containers - we need to take care about the data #semtech, #data
2:16   andraz  +4   #semtech "Let the content producers know what will happen to content as soon as it is annotated."
2:16   andraz   BTW: #SemTech panels are missing name tags!
2:18   r_macdonald   .@PopMech is a leader in thinking web throughout production process says @glemak at #SemTech pannel http://bit.ly/j5hhWt
2:19   jeffalloneword   Nice: tinker with SPARQL queries at http://t.co/2iSPaeC. #semtech
2:20   ioinformatics   IO's President Bob Stanley speaking @ #SemTech in Practice Transforming the Field by Taking the Pain out of #DataIntegration at 4:05 Plaza A
2:20   rspz   #semtech
2:23   andraz  +3   #semtech panel: Tech is easy, workflows are what is hard to change.
2:23   ldodds   @bsletten giving some great advice on how to encourage enterprise adoption of semweb #semtech
2:24   webprotect   Semtech – June 7: 11:30-12:30 « Webmining & Security Informatics http://ow.ly/1d6Ncg
2:24   ldodds   @bsletten suggesting REST and RDFa are best starting points for selling semweb into the enterprise #semtech
2:28   publishingspy   Everyone at New content ecosystem panel speaking about need to pull content together easily in publishing #semtech http://ow.ly/1d6KvV
2:28   olegshilovitsky  +1   Presentation slides - Adopting the Semantic Web in the Enterprise -http://bit.ly/lmyI7V #semtech #innovation, #enterprise
2:28   axelpolleres   #semtech nice talk by @lidingpku and @StephenBuxton on MarkLogic's integration of SPARQL in their XQuery engine. http://bit.ly/jIOeHT
2:29   zceline   "You can have great technology & engineers but it's really about changing the workflow of the people creating the content" @glemak #SemTech
7 June 2:30-2:40
48/hour · 5+3 tweets
2:30   robvesse   "Doing R2RML right relies on a sensible bottom up development process" #semtech
2:30   zceline   Content Eco-System at #SemTech really resonates with this business user! It can't be about the technology - it has to be about its impact.
2:31   cotedustin   @bsletten gives sane advice on your company adopting semantics. Best Buy=big, but GoodRelations=1 guy. #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58ej2c
2:33   olegshilovitsky  +1   GGG (Web of Data) - the next data abstraction level beyond applications and databases. #semtech, #ggg, #enterprise http://yfrog.com/h28yllp
2:37   edsu   @iand http://bit.ly/ipFFLQ ; maybe some #semtech hotel downtime video watching (assuming you are in SF?)
7 June 2:40-3:05
96/hour · 24+16 tweets
API for Building Learning Machines Using Automatic Lightweight Ontologies
Enhancing Search Results With Linked Data in NASA's Mission Control Center
Facing the Big Data Challenge
Merging Restricted and Open Content in a Semantic MediaWiki Knowledge-Sharing Application
Ontologies and Database Schema: What's the Difference?
Real-Time Semantic ETL
RIF Execution on Distributed RDF
Semantic Search Apps
The RDFA/SEO Wave - How to Catch It and Why
2:40   petrohi   semantic databases new application for supercomputing? great session from @cray #semtech #supermen
2:43   marin_dimitrov  +1   Factual presenting "Facing the #BigData Challenge / #Search is the Problem" at #SemTech @factual
2:44   ivan_herman  +2   RIF execution by Paul Gearon #semtech #rif << great to see implementations coming!
2:45   robvesse   In the talk on using Linked Data for search in the NASA Mission Control Centre #semtech
2:45   joedevon  +2   Listening to @BarbaraStarr on catching the RDFa wave. Schema.org inserting itself into talks again. #semtech
2:47   kurt_cagle  +1   #SemTech I find it amusing that RDF has all but disappeared in conversations here
2:48   joedevon   If no one minds I'm thinking of one upping @glemak by providing my answers in the #semtech panel tomorrow solely via twitter
2:49   hconstandt   #semtech 'what's the difference between ontologies & database schema?' -> focus on data, structure vs meaning, sharing, interoperability.
2:50   web20education   #IntelResearch 2011 live #intellabs #edtech20 #semanticweb #web30 #socialmedia #edreform #ukedchat #semtech #ntchat http://t.co/JBOR0PS
2:51   juansequeda   Hey #semtech startups! Do you have your elevator pitch ready? I'll be available between 3-4 or during the reception from 5-6 to interview u!
2:51   frankolken  +1   Paul Gearon (Revelytix) is talking about RIF Execution on Distributed RDF at #semtech in Plaza B room on lobby floor at SF Hilton.
2:52   olegshilovitsky   #semtech I'm looking for Oscar Bäckström of VolvoIT. Does anybody knows his contact info?
2:53   kristathomas   Learning about First Retail at #SemTech 2011
2:57   rspz  +5   Yahoo stat +15% CTR when RDFa on pages #semtech
2:57   cotedustin   Michael Uschold from Semantic Arts talking about differences between databases & ontologies. #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58etab
2:59   cjmconnors   Sad @glawkatz wasn't able to give his #semtech talk on Querying Tuples; Stephen Buxton did a fine job for Mark Logic, esp @ the last minute!
3:00   semanticetl  +2   First Retail Announces Innovation-in-a-Box services, transforming the way big enterprise works with #BigData http://is.gd/SemETL #SemTech
3:01   bsletten   Definitely suffering from the paradox of choice at #semtech. Too many interesting talks. Listening to @quoll talk about rules at the moment.
3:01   robvesse   Nice to see the XSearch app returns search results with ability to navigate to related items by various link types #semtech
3:01   ed80   Wishing I was at #semtech, but tomorrow will make up for it. #goinghome
3:03   westondunn   #semtech Does anyone know if there is a central repository for all the presentations?
3:04   hconstandt   "@bsletten: Definitely suffering from the paradox of choice at #semtech. Too many interesting talks. ..." -- Tell me about it! It's a pain.
3:04   ewpatton  +1   #SemTech talk on executing distributed RIF over SPARQL, rules to BGP, caching, SPARQL 1.1 federation, detecting changes in remote data
3:04   juansequeda   NASA Mission Control is a Microsoft SQL Server shop #semtech
7 June 3:05-3:30
29/hour · 5+7 tweets
3:07   rene_kapusta  +1   http://twitpic.com/7p65g sweet #semtech 09 memories... greetings to SFO & looking forward to #semtechUK : )
3:08   ed80   One for the people at #semtech RT @timoreilly: Last call! Our open house is tonight! http://t.co/nnaRHKb #sf #gov20 #party
3:18   ed80   @timoreilly The #semtech conference is going on in SFO this week, tweet the hashtag and you will get some GREAT people to the open house
3:18   paulmiller   Too many briefings in #semtech press room involve more talk from the 'press' person than their subject. That's not right! LISTEN & ASK!!!
3:26   jaymyers   T minus 5 mins for #semtech rdfa talk. Let's do this!
7 June 3:30-3:55
98/hour · 26+15 tweets
A Tool for Visualizing and Managing Complex Rule Bases
A Travel Strategy for Semantic Technology
Active Perception Over Machine and Citizen Sensing
Can MDM Survive Without Semantic Technology
Improving Web Content Management With Semantic Technologies
Personal Semantic Network
Practical Business Uses of RDFa: Search Engines and Beyond!
Semantic Technologies for a Better Life (Science): Semantic Applications in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Targeting the Interest Graph: Personalization of Content and Ad Selection Using the Inform Service
3:30   renan_oliveira   5 minutos p apresentacao da @globocom com @fcarolo e @leoburla na #semtech
3:31   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Hearing about "personal semantic network". Which I need like I need more shoes.
3:31   joedevon   "@rayleyva: @joedevon @andraz Someone w Android use voice notation to catch questions & type / tweet the answers. Voila!" #semtech /@glemak
3:32   glawkatz   @cjmconnors Thanks, Christine! I may perhaps have been cheering to fiercely from the sidelines on the semtech hash :-) Glad it all went well
3:34   tyrberg   @kerfors No haven't seen any other Swedes =( #semtech
3:36   hconstandt   #semtech 'practical business uses of RDFa serach engines and beyond' by @jaymyers making HTML much more expressive using #goodrelations :-)
3:36   rjw   @jaymyers showing code! #Semtech
3:37   robvesse   In the RDFa talk by Jay Myers of Best Buy #semtech
3:38   kendall   Me too RT @RobVesse In the RDFa talk by Jay Myers of Best Buy #semtech
3:39   robvesse   Plenty of GoodRelations in the best buy RDFa talk #semtech cc @mfhepp
3:40   hconstandt   #semtech @jaymyers Taking the web beyond search. Differentiators are promoting product discovery to humans & machines applying linked data.
3:40   artofawesomeway   Another meaty day at #semtech - high-five to SAP on talking value of E2E and explicit connections btwn business processes and apps
3:41   dlmcguinness  +3   @lidingpku and my Linked Open Data talk from #semtech today http://bit.ly/iNUEoq Lots of good questions about promise and potential
3:43   kidehen  +2   DeepQA uses #LOD (Linked Open Data) behind the scenes. #IBMWatson #SemTech #LinkedData #ML #NLP /cc @bsletten :-)
3:44   hconstandt   #semtech @jaymyers 'Rich data extract' via RDFa and #gr to give the customers more information so they are able to make better decisions.
3:45   lisadawn2000   On my way to #semtech expo. Looking forward to running into old colleagues and friends!
3:45   rspz   At Globo.com - custom CMS (Drupal-based) UI adapts itself based on ontology @fcarolo #semtech
3:46   pingsfo   @timoreilly The #semtech conference is going on in SFO this week, tweet the hashtag and you will get some ... http://tinyurl.com/3h9bz5f
3:46   hconstandt   #semtech @jaymyers "Your website is the API" as 3rd differentiator. From XML to RDFa encoded web. Cool and so right!
3:47   cotedustin   @jaymyers on RDFa: "How else can you search for a black fridge with French doors? #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58f9c9
3:47   marin_dimitrov  +1   Ontotext at #SemTech 2011: a testament to applied semantic technology - http://www.ontotext.com/semtech2011 #SemanticWeb #rdf #LinkedData
3:48   artofawesomeway   Definition is not enough-must understand meaning #semtech neil raden
3:48   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Meshin list query functions they have. Filtering! Grouping! Should be as duh as bragging about supporting accented characters.
3:48   tomayac  +10   Listening to @jaymyers pitch of the "your website is the API" mantra at #SemTech. Full +1 for this approach! #RDFa FTW!
3:48   hconstandt   Nice quote in #semtech @jaymyers schema.org is focussed more towards search while RDFa enables knowledge (sharing) .... Hhhmmmm
3:51   ewpatton   Generating FDA reports from health data and reasoning engines. Use cases + example from Boston, MA area. #semtech #ontoprise #smw
7 June 3:55-4:05
96/hour · 9+7 tweets
3:56   kristathomas   Nice presentation from Marc at Inform on "Targeting the interest graph: Personalization and ad selection." #SemTech
3:57   ondigo  +1   @semanticweb BTW, I love using the #semtech Guidebook app: convenient, updated, easy to use. Thanks for making it available.
3:57   skruk   Short but quite good overview on sensors + semantics http://t.co/72Ai4WO Makes me thinking about differences to http://t.co/BdCiCn2 #SemTech
3:59   kristathomas   Yeah, @rene_kapusta totally understand. You're here with us in spirit. We'll have a toast to you over wine at reception tonight. #SemTech
3:59   semanticetl   Thanks everyone who came to our #SemTech panel! Great questions and feedback, looking forward continuing conversations at Wed poster session
4:01   tomayac  +1   Was referred to as "a Google engineer from Germany" in @jaymyers #SemTech talk. He mentioned my #GoodRelations work http://bit.ly/kTvsVv
4:01   robvesse   Up next the Cray talk on the XMT #semtech
4:02   glenn_mcdonald  +1   #semtech About to hear about taking the pain out of data integration. Interested to hear what will be left.
4:04   robvesse   Is XMT useful or does it "scare off people because it makes it seem you need a supercomputer to do semantic web"? #semtech
7 June 4:05-4:30
77/hour · 19+13 tweets
Integrating Software and Knowledge Engineering at Sallie Mae: From Structured and Unstructured Data to Semantic Information Architecture
Lightweight Web Markup: Services and Values Beyond Expected
Real World, Real Time Semantic Matching - Applications in Business
Semantic Search and Discovery As a Powerful Business Tool in Pharmaceutical Product Development
Semantic Technologies in Practice: Transforming the Field by Taking the Pain Out of Data Integration
Sponsored Session: Revelytix 2011 New Product Announcements: Breakthroughs in Semantic Technology
The Cray Extreme Multithreaded Technology (XMT) System - Architecture and Application Areas
The ONTORULE Project: Where Ontology Meets Business Rules
Unifying Universal Core, SUMO, OWL 2, and XML Standards to Build Intelligence Ontologies
4:09   olegshilovitsky   Listening for Neil Raden talk about semantic technologies and MDM. http://hiredbrains.com/ #semtech #mdm
4:09   ioinformatics   IO's President Bob Stanley speaking now @ #SemTech in Practice Transforming the Field by Taking the Pain out of #DataIntegration Plaza A
4:09   frankolken   Roman Korf (Ontoprise) is talking about #Ontorules project at #semtech in Plaza B room on lobby floor of SF Hilton.
4:10   ioinformatics  +2   IO's President Bob Stanley announces FREE Knowledge Explorer tool for #DataIntegration @ #SemTech http://prlog.org/11528254
4:13   glenn_mcdonald  +1   #semtech If your slides "introducing" your demo take 3/4ths of your time, they better have really good jokes on them.
4:13   juansequeda  +1   . @jccq is giving a great intro to Sindice, a semantic search engine. And they are now launching as a startup #semtech
4:17   r_macdonald   Great #SemTech introduction Sindice #LinkedData search alpha, to process, consolidate and query the Web of Data http://sindice.com by @jccq
4:18   juansequeda   With sindice, you can add widgets to augment the content of your website. Really cool! #semtech
4:19   difrad   Hearing about the cray xmt. Pretty crazy graph algorithm performance. #semtech
4:19   robvesse   Pretty impressive performance figures for the Cray XMT #semtech
4:20   skruk  +1   [forgot to tweet that] AWESOME stuff: http://t.co/9xzcxbS one can only wish to work on solutions like that :) #SemTech
4:22   marin_dimitrov  +2   Revelytix plans to open source the Spyder relational to #RDF mapping tool early next year. #SemTech #SemanticWeb
4:23   arunbatchu   Tracking my colleague @jaymyers's #semtech talk from HQ ! #bby
4:25   robvesse   Is it wrong that the counter-terrorism example in the Cray talk just seemed comical to me? #semtech
4:26   marie_wallace   #SMA Discussion of sentiment analysis via Semantic Technologies Group on #LinkedIn #semtech http://lnkd.in/Zq56_3
4:26   marin_dimitrov  +1   Revelytix announces Rex - a rules engine for RIF http://www.revelytix.com/content/rex #SemanticWeb #SemTech
4:28   hconstandt  +2   #semtech impressed by quick demo of #gruff by @Franzinc http://t.co/n0CbiQ7 will share within Lilly and #openphacts And it's open source!
4:28   robvesse  +1   Hmmm the Cray XMT is the most sales pitchy of the talks I've seen so far #semtech
4:29   robvesse   Interesting question re whether Cray would consider doing Amazon cloud computing style service? Steve Scott says maybe #semtech
7 June 4:30 - 8 June 7:30am
10/hour · 82+68 tweets
4:30   hconstandt   "@arunbatchu: Tracking my colleague @jaymyers's #semtech talk from HQ ! #bby" He did extremely well, loved "Your website as an API" mantra
4:31   robvesse   "How do I get my algorithm into a form that runs on the XMT?" "main prog lang is C with some async extensions" #semtech
4:32   robvesse   "Are there any triple stores that run on XMT?" "We're considering options..." Who would need such a store though? #semtech
4:34   jahendler   @SethGrimes The "represented by" gets 'em every time... #SemTech
4:34   mariochampion   Sindice product super impressive, I must say. #semtech
4:35   zeknow   #SemTech make brain hurt, in a good way
4:36   juansequeda   #semtech startups I'm at the reception! Come find me!
4:37   woodwardjd   @juansequeda wish I could be there :) y'all are doing great work! #semtech
4:39   shangz   pretty nice talk about sindice, widgets out of that seemed like a no brainer though, but it's cool to have. #semtech
4:39   jaymyers   proper recognition :-) RT @tomayac: ref to as "Google engineer from Germany" in #SemTech talk mentioned #GoodRelations http://bit.ly/kTvsVv
4:41   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Graph dbs don't eliminate data refactoring. They eliminate some kinds of artificial *factoring*, which helps, but isn't magic.
4:43   shangz   great offline chat with @jaymyers on practical usage of RDFa, URL issues, web page as API. and a bunch of other things. #semtech
4:45   shangz   great to talk with John (founder of @programmableweb), definitely need to follow up on this conversation. @semtech
4:47   shangz  +1   should spend some time on netkernal, generating quite a bit buzz during #semtech
4:48   shangz   finished today's agenda, short slot to continue my hack before the reception and sw meetup. #semtech
4:52   shangz  +1   final thing: awesome to see so many #RPI colleagues here at #semtech, it always rocks!
4:59   bhuga   Headed back to sf for #lotico #semtech
5:00   jahendler   *sigh* really wishing that #semtech wasn't on Shavuot this year -- would love to have come, sounds like a great meeting
5:13   parcinc  +1   Oliver http://bit.ly/llagw2 presented on "personal semantic networks" @SemanticConf #SemTech 2011 today
5:21   jays0n  +3   Today at #semtech @ldodds showed me what he has done with the sample #rnews files in #kasabi check out kasabi it is cool #iptc
5:34   techkeith  +3   @derigalway booth is popular at #SemTech good crowd on the demo floor.
5:40   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech The "reception" is just as meager as the "breakfasts". Ironic for a conference company with "bistro" in the name.
5:41   webprotect   Semtech-June 7- (2:40-3:10) « Webmining & Security Informatics http://ow.ly/1d6XmH
5:56   alegonbel   Guided Tour of The #SemanticWeb At SemTech 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/WC90Zfm via @semanticweb
6:18   juansequeda   It smells like pot outside of the Hilton #semtech #tenderloin #sf
6:33   ceperez   Vocabulary management, SKOS, and the semantic web http://ping.fm/8BErz
6:47   shangz  +1   about to start the San Francisco semantic web meetup - SMW+, Dydra, SPIN and the LinkedIn Platform. #semtech
7:10   kasei   @quoll trying to track down somebody talking about sparql federation and caching today at #semtech. Told it might have been you?
7:22   axelpolleres  +3   "Binary RDF Representation for Publication and Exchange (HDT)" http://bit.ly/lJBeiO in #semtech lightning talks ... http://bit.ly/kRijyT
7:26   quoll   Realizing that I should have provided my Twitter handle with my talk on Distributed RIF today #semtech
7:32   jwurzer  +1   Tomorrow at the #semtech 11:15 AM: Presentation of GIN Weaver for the first time, a software bundle for smart information logistics.
7:38   bobdc   Reviewing #semtech slides for tomorrow to decide which presentations I want to see--some great ones are scheduled for the same time slots
7:48   quoll   Squeezed my 50 min talk into 25 min. Couldn't've been too bad since it's the first time anyone approached me to ask "how much?" #semtech
7:50   glemak   dinner with who's who of #semtech :) (@ E&O Trading Company w/ 3 others) [pic]: http://4sq.com/mSwiUa
8:09   bobdc  +3   At least half the flyers in #semtech giveaway bag are about text analysis products with little apparent connection to semweb standards
8:19   prototypo   Callimachus to be presented at #semtech tomorrow by both 3 Round Stones' James Leigh and also by Revelytix.
8:28   8of12   Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 http://j.mp/mBk2dm (via Instapaper)
8:42   ibmwatsonbot   RT #kidehen: DeepQA uses LOD (Linked Open Data) behind the scenes. IBMWatson SemTech LinkedData ML NLP /cc #bsletten... http://dlvr.it/VSw3R
8:51   quoll   Huh. Almost no after hours tweeting from #semtech. It's only 8:50. Did everyone go to bed?
9:04   quoll   @glenn_mcdonald been looking at the various language tags on the untyped literal "chips", after investigating "fish and chips" #semtech
9:14   glenn_mcdonald   @quoll Earlier I discovered that dbpedia has a full set of English metal genres tagged Italian. "Power Metal"@it is almost true... #semtech
9:20   david_mcneil   Thanks! I need to get the slides posted at http://revelytix.com. RT @juansequeda This is a great overview of #r2rml #semtech
9:29   zeknow   Would be nice to have faceted search capability in guidebook app for #SemTech? Makes sense to me.
9:30   lysander07   interesting! RT @OttmarAmann: Cogito Search Explore Engine launches today at SemTech 2011 http://is.gd/F7USzO #semanticweb
9:57   semanticfire   had a great dinner with #semtech incrowd, finaly adjusted to SFO timezone #yam
10:23   eddy2ma  +1   Good crowd @ #semtech 2day...thnx for everyone that visited our booth (302) if you haven't, u still got a chance 2moro & the talk @ 11:50 am
10:49   stephgourdon   Pour tt savoir sur l'état d'avancement du semantic web RT @8of12: Guided Tour of The Semantic Web At SemTech 2011 http://j.mp/mBk2dm
10:52   captsolo   a little sleep now and heading back home to Latvia - #lodlam #semtech
11:17   robvesse   Time to go sleep on what's been a very interesting day #semtech
11:46   tradetowin6   $SMTC - Semtech Stock Analysis - CCI is bullish and rising - http://www.traderscreener.com/stocks/nasdaq-SMTC.aspx
12:02   ericmkidd   @bhuga We can hold a small Ruby #SemTech BOFH in Yosemite C. I'm speaking at 4:30, so it would need to be earlier.
12:04   captsolo  +2   Semantic Radar: a new version available at http://goo.gl/PTdOo - compatible w FF 4.0 - #semtech
12:15   jasphua   #semtech D2: feels like community quickly –thanks @tonyshaw :: things like @jccq Sindice widgets step in practical direction :: still wary
1:37   natsteinmetz   Very sorry I missed your talk today at #semtech, @johnmusser, would be great to get to talk to you tomorrow at the conference!
2:31   dctechevents   Post-SemTech Meetup http://bit.ly/mL0exp
2:38   antiroot_kr   OK, it's time to sleep, for the forthcoming sessions/presentations at #Semtech. xD!!!
2:39   ericmkidd   @bhuga Pick any time before 4:30pm for a Ruby RDF BOFH at #SemTech that works for you and Greg.
2:45   ericmkidd   @Morgan_Kaufmann's "Semantic Web for the Working Onotologist" 2ed is practical, comprehensive, and concise. #RDF #SemTech
2:50   ericmkidd  +8   I'm presenting "Ruby: Making the Semantic Web and Linked Data Easy" at 4:30pm at #SemTech. #RDF.rb + shiny code + practical apps.
3:00   howard_d   @bobdc Where are those Semtech slides??? I can't find any info in my printed materials. What were they thinking??
3:07   shiondev   Little crazy that it was 2am at my destination when I woke up. #semtech (@ William P Hobby Airport (HOU) w/ 4 others) http://4sq.com/mdhZPy
4:28   salsadev   Time to think SemTech rather than SemWeb? RT @bobdc: Half the flyers in semtech are about text analysis with little connection to semweb std
5:18   computerworldit   SemTech 2011: l'evento entra nel clou http://t.co/EWzRhBL #semtech #expertsystem #amdocs #pressassociation
6:17   fspaggiari   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: l'evento entra nel clou http://t.co/y7vSrnj
6:43   scagliarini   ADmantX raises 2.8M$ http://bit.ly/lOwInp #onlineadvertising #semtech
6:45   openlink  +4   If http://t.co/Itlw6HK resolves for you, then happy #IPv6 day. #dbpedia #linkeddata #semtech #semweb #openlink
6:49   axelpolleres  +2   Good morning at #semtech ! Don't miss "Integrating RDF and XML with XSPARQL" in the breakfast session http://bit.ly/lEZr2K
6:51   consultramy   #semtech - Go beyond words - when words become semantically meaningful - all invited 2 #Pragmatech's ctrl semantic engine - talk @11:50 AM
6:56   scagliarini   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: l'evento entra nel clou http://t.co/yX6rRKU #semtech
7:00   olegshilovitsky   @andraz agree: technology is easy, people are hard. I've heard it from John Gage - http://bit.ly/jr5C17, #semtech
7:01   ontosynaptics   Want to mine webpage for text? Use our tool! http://kontekst.us/parse_webpage.php #semtech #textanalytics
7:06   prototypo  +1   Two Callimachus presentations at #SemTech today.
7:11   prototypo  +1   James Leigh will present Rapid Semantic Web Application Development using #Callimachus at #SemTech: http://bit.ly/m5ef5A
7:12   prototypo   Revelytix will present an overview of their services at #SemTech using #Callimachus: http://bit.ly/mcZ5r0 today at 3:30 PST
7:13   prototypo  +1   Bernadette Hyland will present a Linked Data Cookbook today at #SemTech: http://bit.ly/jjo9ON She will also mention #Callimachus
7:17   joshsh  +3   Slide show for my talk, "The Real-time Web in the Age of Agents": http://slidesha.re/iiyvY0, about to begin in Franciscan C at #SemTech
7:19   robvesse   "Wild Elephants attack city" great headline on the morning news #semtech
7:26   kurt_cagle  +1   #SemTech MarkLogic debuted semantic library modules + functions to call SPARQL from XQuery on internal triple stores. Definite game changer.
7:27   kurt_cagle  +1   #SemTech Just picked up a copy of Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist (Allemang & Hendler) For data modelers/designers a must read.
7:28   metaman   Its no coincidence that Schema.org was unveiled directly before SemTech 2011. Standard "wars" are just business as usual for everybody else.
7:28   grechaw   The O'Reilly semtech story is at 8:30. See you there! #semtech
8 June 7:30-8:20
41/hour · 22+12 tweets
Design 10:5:2 - 10 Best Practices, 5 Examples, 2 Actions
Integrating RDF and XML With XSPARQL
Rapid Prototyping With the Jena Command Line Utilities
SIREn: A Solr Extention for Enterprise Semantic Search
The Real-Time Web in the Age of Agents
7:33   difrad   Enjoying "The Real-time Web in the Age of Agents" by @joshsh http://bit.ly/k72f8O #semtech
7:34   kurt_cagle  +2   #SemTech what bothers me is that SemWeb vendors are trying to solve things XML community solved years ago.
7:34   c3iq   frank #semtech
7:35   ephemerian  +1   RT Echoes of my PhD & FIPA days! @joshsh: Slides for my talk "The Real-time Web in the Age of Agents" http://slidesha.re/iiyvY0 #SemTech
7:38   marcmellotte   Listening to @AxelPolleres & @nunolopes talking about XSPARQL #SemTech
7:38   c3iq   franker #semtech
7:39   bulicny   VIStology announces availability of BaseVISor 2.0 plugin for TopBraid Composer 3.4 at #SemTech http://bit.ly/lHvCLC vistology.com
7:41   uogbuji   #Semtech I highly recommend this sushi joint a few blocks from conference venue: http://bit.ly/jenHZX. Private room karaoke too, if you dare
7:42   juansequeda   Great intro to the limitations of Apache Solr. Now let's see what SIREn can do #semtech
7:46   protegeproject   If you're at #semtech today, come check out our poster to learn what's new in Protege and WebProtege: http://goo.gl/A5R5u.
7:47   cotedustin  +1   How to use XSPARQL to query over both XML and RDF sources, by @AxelPolleres @NunoLopes #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58pb31
7:53   olegshilovitsky   Listening about SIREn: solr extension for enterprise semantic search. Structured queries problem. #Semtech #solr http://twitpic.com/58pdzs
7:53   robvesse   Turns out if you get up early there is actually real breakfast as opposed to bagel scraps #semtech
7:56   cotedustin  +1   XSPARQL is an extention of XQUERY, in the form of an added SPARQLFOR clause, which binds the SPARQL return to your listed vars. #SemTech
7:58   kurt_cagle  +1   #IPv6 #SemTech Opening up IP space makes smart device IP addressing feasible. Think intelligent showers, sinks, toilets, stoves, heaters ...
7:58   crstesa   Listening to Eye of the Tiger to prep for my #SemTech preso - How Hollywood Learned to Love the Semantic Web. CU there! http://ow.ly/5d3ID
8:01   fluidops   Don't miss our presentation today at #semtech in San Francisco: http://tinyurl.com/6hkb3ot!
8:03   marcmellotte  +2   Really good explanation of XSPARQL from @nunolopes of @derigalway with worked example #SemTech
8:05   tomayac  +4   At #SemTech & ♥ multimedia semantics? Consider my #SemWebVid talk: Plaza B, 11h15. It's not in the printed agenda: http://twitpic.com/58pips
8:07   kristathomas   Hope you can join me & @crstesa for "How Hollywood Learned to Love the Semantic Web" - today at 9:45 a.m. http://ow.ly/5d5qO #semtech
8:11   tjowens  +1   "Sharing And Visualizing Cultural Data" Nice @tcarmody @fastcompany piece on recollection tool http://bit.ly/jHvdMY #semtech
8:15   web20education   Project to Set Educational Metadata Standards Launched - Education Week http://bit.ly/lN7bTM #edtech20 #elearning #edchat #elemchat #semtech
8 June 8:20-8:30
24/hour · 3+1 tweets
8:23   jamesrdf   @prototypo New #Callimachus tutorial videos are available on http://t.co/DCVmH0G: Building app within a browser! #semtech
8:29   bengee  +2   skype-joining #semtech for a session on #semweb 4 web developers by/with @andraz, @joedevon, @jimbenedetto http://bit.ly/glb2zW
8:29   bernhyland  +2   My SemTech 2011 West presentation is today at Wed 9.45 Imperial A. Topic: "Linked Data Cookbook" http://t.co/5Zv8xQG #semtech #LOD
8 June 8:30-9:20
143/hour · 79+40 tweets
Discovering and Using RDF for Books at O'Reilly Media
Mayo Consumer Vocabularies (MCV): Semantic-Based & Model Driven Solution to Support the Delivery of Healthcare Information
Not Only SPARQL, Not Just RDF/OWL: Special Enterprise-Focused Semantic Capabilities for Effective Utilization of Semantic Technologies in Oracle Database
Panel: Is Semantic Technology Strategic for Financial Services?
Semantic Web Through the Eyes Of "Real Web" Developers
Semantic Wiki Interest Group Part I: Overview and Recent Developments
Spanner @ NASA: Using Enterprise Semantics to Turn Documents Into Linked Data
The Luminary System
The Rise of the Interest Graph: How Semantic Technology Will Lead Whats Next for the Social Web.
8:31   andraz  +1   #semtech panel on Semantic web for "real web" developers is about to begin #stweb
8:32   ewpatton  +4   #twcrpi at #semtech. Great presence, with 9 TWCers and 5 talks. http://t.co/jQuRiTC
8:33   ivan_herman   talk about O'Reilly using RDF for their operation #semtech
8:33   ondigo   Bought a domain name (metanext.net) so I'll have a place to put URIs I'll (hopefully) be developing using stuff I'm learning at #semtech.
8:35   shapov   Luminary System talk in Franciscan B, some very interesting stuff. Automating content and entity extraction, result=dynamic content #semtech
8:36   annmichael   First session: The rise if the interest graph with @iamdavo from PureDiscovery #semtech
8:36   robvesse   In the #semtech panel on Semantic Web from the point of view of "real web" developers #stweb
8:37   annmichael  +1   interest graph: network of people that share your interests (not social graph - people you know) @iamdavo #semtech
8:38   jeffalloneword   ditto - "@RobVesse: In the #semtech panel on Semantic Web from the point of view of "real web" developers #stweb"
8:39   dlmcguinness  +1   #rpi #twc at #semtech 5 talks 9 attendees lots of great tech http://t.co/aADO6Cf
8:39   cwoodruff   If you want to see something new come to my #OData talk today at 2:45PM http://bit.ly/mbGBDU #SEMTECH
8:39   bsletten  +1   Fun seeing @bengee participating in Web developer panel via video chat. #SemTech
8:40   kerfors  +5   Liked, very much: "Linked Data Cookbook" http://t.co/5Zv8xQG by @BernHyland #semtech #LinkedData
8:40   hconstandt   #semtech D Copps social graph = people you know personally (facebook) / interest graph = network of people who share same interest (twitter)
8:40   annmichael   social = friending versus interest = following - will be the same but today they're not @iamdavo #semtech
8:41   ondigo   Carothers & Greer: the comedy team of #semtech.
8:42   consultramy   Go beyond words - into concepts - all invited 2 #Pragmatech's ctrl semantic engine - talk @ 11:50 AM by @sabawalid #semtech 3 hours to go
8:42   ericaxel   About to hear @joedevon @andraz @bengee (remotely) on SemWeb from "real web developer" perspective. #SemTech
8:43   woodwardjd   kicking myself for not splurging on a trip to #semtech this year
8:43   annmichael   Today "we look at documents like they're containers of keywords" @iamdavo #semtech
8:43   cotedustin   All of us tie-wearing corporate types are in the #Oracle #SemTech session, seeing all its semantic native support http://twitpic.com/58q1l6
8:44   hconstandt   #semtech @iamdavo "actually search is broken ... So many links as result is stupid ... Interest graph and socialisation of knwoledge is key"
8:45   semanticfire   Semantic Media Wiki Group session #semtech #yam see if we can do firebrary there
8:45   eugmandel  +2   Great #semtech session: #semweb Through the Eyes of "Real Web" Devs http://bit.ly/kZInZ3 panel: @jimbenedetto @joedevon @andraz @bengee
8:45   robvesse   @bengee is discussing why he created ARC and why he no longer develops it #semtech #stweb
8:45   annmichael   Not talking about monetizing social graph, but enabling innovation and collaboration with interest graph @iamdavo #semtech
8:45   openamplify   @bestbuy and @radian6 join @openamplify at #semtech today, panel at 0945 Yosemite B. We'd appreciate your attendance; should be interesting.
8:47   jeffalloneword  +1   panel: "if semantic web is the next big thing - why aren't more web developers flocking to it yet" #semtech #stweb
8:49   laroyo   @notube presentation today at 11:50 (in Franciscan A) http://bit.ly/m9eWjE #semtech #notube #web-and-tv
8:50   ericaxel   Also on panel is Jim Benedetto from @gravity #SemTech
8:51   crstesa  +1   Why you should come to Hollywood #SemTech preso - a) I start off with glamor shots; b) I have an easy 5 step plan to integrating #LinkedData
8:51   robvesse   Audience debating with the panel about how easy it is to drop RDF in as an alternative to your traditional RDBMS for backend #semtech #stweb
8:51   scotthenninger  +1   #TopBraid in Mayo Clinic's enterprise metadata architecture at #SemTech from OWL to SKOS
8:52   alanmeckler  +1   met a fellow #semtech he helped create eHarmony and has a great semantictech app coming for sphones and conf attendees using linkedin data
8:52   lare_union   #TopBraid in Mayo Clinic's enterprise metadata architecture at #SemTech from OWL to SKOS http://bit.ly/locDgg #LareUnion
8:52   frankolken   David Newman (Wells Fargo Bank) is talking about applications of #semantic web tech to the financial sector in Plaza B room at #semtech
8:53   jamesrdf   #callimachus is ruby-on-rails for semantic web developers #semtech
8:54   frankolken   Panel: Is #semantic tech strategic for the financial services industry, in Plaza B room lobby floor at #semtech.
8:55   alanmeckler  +1   Exhibition Hall #semtech last night so packed reminded me of early Internet World shows.
8:55   frankolken   David Frankel (SAP Labs) is talking on financial services application panel at #semtech in Plaza B.
8:57   ivan_herman  +5   learning sparql with no sql knowledge is way easier than if you know sql... (O'Reilly presentation, #semtech)
8:57   frankolken  +2   David Frankel: 80 % of the problems in financial applications are semantics issues. #semtech
8:57   steyya   At the "Is Semantic Technology Strategic For Financial Services?" session #semtech
8:57   robvesse   "Do we need the browser to be smarter?" #stweb #semtech
8:58   stephenbuxton  +4   #SemTech XQuery (for XML) + SPARQL (for RDF) = XSPARQL. Nice. From DERI - http://xsparql.deri.org/
8:58   robvesse  +1   If you have to make the browser smarter and not the web itself then you've kinda missed the point of the Semantic Web IMO #semtech #stweb
8:59   stephenbuxton  +1   #SemTech Oracle is describing how to do SPARQL inside SQL to query across tuples and relational tables. I think I'm seeing a pattern ..
9:00   eugmandel  +1   Wouldn't ActiveRecord querying interface map more nicely to graph queries than to rdbms ones? #semtech #stweb
9:00   ontosynaptics   If you are parsing HTML pages, look at our webservice. http://kontekst.us/parse_webpage.php #semtech
9:01   robvesse   Ultimately its about the data and the services/websites that expose it not the browsers you access it by #semtech #stweb Just sayin ;-)
9:01   nunolopes   Thanks! RT @marcmellotte: Really good explanation of XSPARQL from @nunolopes of @derigalway with worked example #SemTech
9:03   annmichael   We humans love to put things in buckets (buckets are limiting!) @iamdavo #semtech
9:03   glemak   "If you've been using microformats or RDFa to mark up your Google Rich Snippets, sorry, you backed the wrong horse." #googlefail #semtech
9:04   robvesse  +1   Oh god now we are back to schema.org again, I don't think it's the massive issue people are making it out to be #semtech #stweb
9:04   frankolken   Mike Bennett (EDM Council, Inc) use semantic technology to manage business view of financial data. #semtech
9:05   quoll   Pleased to see solid engineering in Oracle's RDF store. That didn't used to be the case #semtech
9:05   robvesse   @linclark is giving the panel a piece of her mind re vocab vs format #semtech #stweb
9:05   streamweaver  +5   O'Rielly overcame problems with rdflib by releasing their own python rdf library pymantic http://bit.ly/kjRzpJ #semtech
9:06   robvesse  +2   @bengee makes an excellent point "It's all RDF, I don't care about the format as long as I can parse it" #semtech #stweb
9:07   rspz  +1   Interest graph - connect people NOT by who-knows-who, rather by who-knows-what @iamdavo #semtech
9:08   ontosynaptics   Want to browse mindmap of news? Customize the way you want? http://kontekst.php/news #semtech
9:08   lorenzocassulo   I'm at SemTech Conference 2011 (333 O'Farrell St, San Francisco) http://4sq.com/mkYd6t
9:09   robvesse   "All this fighting is a pain in the arse" #semtech #stweb
9:09   robvesse  +1   "The schema.org examples were easier to mark up as RDFa then with the schema.org microdata approach" #semtech #stweb
9:10   jpve   åh, där hade jag verkligen velat vara :( http://semtech2011.semanticweb.com/ #semtech
9:10   prototypo  +4   Bernadette Hyland's Linked Data Cookbook presentation now available at http://slidesha.re/mDUJzt #SemTech
9:11   glenn_mcdonald   @RobVesse #semtech I'm starting to think schema.org's most intriguing effect in the SW community is flushing out everybody's true nature.
9:12   annmichael   @iamdavo amazing presentation, Dave - thanks! #semtech
9:12   frankolken   David Frankel (SAP Labs): need non-invasive adoption of #semtech alongside existing systems, tie into existing systems, attach meanings.
9:12   ivan_herman  +8   O'Reilly also puts all the (public) metadata into the HTML pages using... RDFa... #semtech #rdfa
9:13   kidehen   Q: Is #RDF the progenitor of whole data representation in graphical form via de-referencable #URIs? A: NO! #LinkedData #Semtech
9:13   rspz   +1 RT @RobVesse: RT @ivan_herman: learning sparql with no sql knowledge is way easier than if you know sql.(O'Reilly presentation, #semtech)
9:13   frankolken   David Frankel (SAP Labs): need to attach meaning to elements of existing databases. #semtech
9:14   robvesse  +2   "One advantage of schema.org is that is gives an obvious motivation for publishers to do semweb stuff i.e. SEO" #semtech #stweb
9:15   robvesse  +2   "Typical web developers conflate semantic HTML and the semantic web" #semtech #stweb
9:16   lankage   Linked Data Cookbook http://dlvr.it/VYMXR
9:16   robvesse   That last point is very true, I've seen Joel Spolsky himself make that mistake on stackoverflow #semtech #stweb
9:17   nstein   OpenText session with Dr. Joel Martin from C-NRC at #SemTech at 1:45pm in Yosemite B. Layering Semantics over Unstructured Content.
9:17   frankolken   Fran Clark seeing applicatioins of #semtech for data integration, regulatory applications.
8 June 9:20-9:45
79/hour · 16+17 tweets
9:21   frankolken  +1   Open Financial Data Group (#OFDG) teleconf on #semtech for financial risk mgt. Monday's, contact Louiqa Raschid or Dennis Shasha
9:21   bsletten  +2   #semtech Note. @tomayac's SemVID talk is in Plaza B, not Grand Ballroom B.
9:21   topquadrant  +2   Using #TopBraid for data integration at UCB will be presented at #SemTech today at 03:30 PM in Franciscan B.
9:22   frankolken  +1   Mike Bennett: business is starting to see data as business asset not just IT problem. #semtech finance panel
9:23   frankolken  +1   Mike Bennett: regulators are big driver for adoption of #semtech in financial sector.
9:28   topquadrant  +1   TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net demo today at #SemTech with Dean Allemang and Bob DuCharme at 11:50 AM in Yosemite B
9:32   zelandiya   In the area this week, but missed #semtech - It would have been great to meet @andraz @tyrberg @eugmandel and other semtweeps
9:32   lisadawn2000   CDL seeking Ruby Developer. http://bit.ly/bqieRu #lodlam #semtech
9:36   kevinmarks   I'm heading up to sf for the semantic HTML BoF at #semtech: http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/SemTech2011BOF who wants to get lunch afterwards?
9:39   cjmconnors   "Simple Visual Search Semantics" on now in Imperial B. Come join us! #SemTech
9:39   streamweaver   SemTech 2011 - O'Rielly on RDF in eBooks: http://t.co/ukTO1Xo #semtech
9:39   kristathomas   Come for the glamour; stay for the data - @ericaxel re: @Adly #SemTech press starting in 5 mins.
9:40   prototypo   Congratulations to the #Zepheira team on Recollection progress and the LC keynote at #SemTech
9:41   bobdc   @Howard_D My slides: http://www.snee.com/semtech/2011/ . Email before #semtech conference to attendees had link and pw for others.
9:42   workingontology   @csabaveres yes, it's out (it was for sale yesterday at #SemTech). Kindle edition is "on the way". I keep pestering them . . .
9:43   cotedustin   & creating SQL views of a SPARQL query-rest of your team don't even need to know source! RT @StephenBuxton #SemTech Oracle shows SPARQL+SQL
8 June 9:45-10:35
109/hour · 64+27 tweets
Addressing the Social CRM Expectations Paradox
Building Semantic Web Applications With Java Jena
Department of Defense Enterprise Information Web
How Hollywood Learned to Love the Semantic Web
Linked Data Cookbook
rNews: Embedding Metadata in on-Line News
Semantic Wiki Interest Group Part II: Applications and Extensions
Semantics in the Cloud: Making Massive Data Work Harder and Better
Simple Visual Search Semantics
9:45   vascofurtado   rNews é proposta da IPTC par marcação de notícias. #Semtech
9:45   aaranged  +2   Schema.org Can Be Useful, But RDFa Will Be Hard To Beat http://bit.ly/kdMhsg @Jenz514 on #SemTech presention by @jaymyers
9:46   bsletten   Met someone who knew @tbquirk at #SemTech yesterday. Met someone who knows @malikcoates today. Small world is getting smaller.
9:46   cotedustin   Bernadette Hyland from Talis starts #SemTech discussion on the joy of publishing Linked Data on the web. #LoD http://twitpic.com/58qpqn
9:46   quoll  +1   @BernHyland started her talk early. She considers this to be tweetable :-) #semtech
9:47   olegshilovitsky   Going to listen about visual search, Microsoft Deep Zoom technology and semantics behind Pivot #Semtech #deepzoom http://twitpic.com/58qv74
9:47   palexander   Bing schema.org founder weighs in on the debate and solicits feedback at drupal.org http://t.co/jmeU9Sl #SemTech
9:48   hconstandt   #semtech "simple visual search semantics" A quick way to add meaning to images/visuals. Pivot & BioBlitz demo time. See Gary Flake's tedtalk
9:48   bsletten  +3   Celebrities get approx 15,000 clicks per Tweeted links. NYT gets about 400. #SemTech @adly
9:48   ppalavilli   in building semantic web apps using Java Jena session at #SEMTECH
9:50   semanticfire   @palm I'm at #semtech in SFO, as a Firefighter I have some great ideas for #touchpad and #semweb at Firedepartment Amsterdam #brandweerAA
9:51   jaymyers   Talking social crm/semantics at #Semtech
9:51   olegshilovitsky  +1   Graph View of Pivot looks powerful for visual drill downs in data. More information - http://bit.ly/d56H4S #semtech, #deepzoom, #microsoft
9:51   palexander   schema.org: "We are passionate about having a single, shared, well-defined vocabulary. We are less passionate about syntax." #SemTech
9:51   shangz   in a panel on social crm and semantics stuff. #semtech
9:52   robvesse   In the building semantic web apps with java jena session #semtech
9:52   glenn_mcdonald   @bsletten I'm here at #semtech, too, and I wrote the liner notes to TMJ's Live at Least!
9:53   bsletten  +2   There are approx 100,000 people on Twitter w/ over 10,000 followers. #SemTech @adly
9:53   skruk   rNews: semantics, ads, problems and solutions #semtech
9:53   uogbuji   For a preview of Laura Campbell's #SemTech keynote tomorrow, see @FastCompany's article http://bit.ly/jHvdMY
9:54   consultramy   Go beyond words - into concepts - all invited 2 #Pragmatech's ctrl semantic engine - talk @ 11:50 AM by @sabawalid #semtech 2 hours to go
9:54   shangz   maybe twitter can help me catching up with semantics in the cloud session I am not in? #semtech
9:55   rjw   Great pres on O'Reilly Media's evolutionary journey into Linked Data from @gcarothers & @grechaw http://t.co/soirkSC #SemTech #linkeddata
9:56   bsletten   More Too Much Joyness! RT @glenn_mcdonald @bsletten I'm here at #semtech, too, and I wrote the liner notes to TMJ's Live at Least!
9:57   eugmandel   @zelandiya @alexsherstinsky and I are in SF for #semtech - may be coffee/lunch tomorrow? Would be great to see what you are working on now
9:59   ldodds   Listening to @jays0n talking about design of #rNews at #semtech
10:04   kendall   My talk about Spanner was pretty well received at #Semtech but no tweets...
10:04   pingsfo   @palm I'm at #semtech in SFO, as a Firefighter I have some great ideas for #touchpad and #semweb at Firede... http://tinyurl.com/3aqrb9o
10:05   barbarahui  +3   UC's CA Digital Library is seeking a Ruby Developer. http://bit.ly/bqieRu #lodlam #semtech /via @lisadawn2000
10:07   r_macdonald   #SemTech BoF on Structured Data in HTML 12:30pm http://bit.ly/mQ7J94 RDFa, Microdata, microformats, schema_org convergence?
10:11   shangz   Lucene is, most of the time, underutilized. --Scott Streit #semtech
10:12   c_marcant   @bestbuy @radian6 @openamplify Customers expect to be heard, being able to answer them is important for the retailers #SemTech
10:13   shangz   Cloud = common ground = cross firewall data sharing -- Sean Martin #semtech
10:13   robvesse   Anyone know why a # is referred to as a pound sign in the US whereas I've always referred to it just as a hash in the UK? #semtech
10:13   c_marcant  +1   @bestbuy confirms that when customers get response, they are most likely to come back to the retailer's web site #SemTech
10:16   olegshilovitsky   Discussion comment: to choose the right facets in pivot is the key, otherwise is useless. I agree. #Semtech #pivot http://twitpic.com/58r7sk
10:16   shangz   All panelists sort of agreed cloud is good candidate for storing+sharing semantic data - does not sound too interesting #semtech
10:16   robvesse   The Jena talk seems to be spending a lot of time just explaining RDF (specifically N3 syntax) to people rather than teaching Jena #semtech
10:16   radian6   @c_marcant Thank you for sharing that! #SemTech
10:16   c_marcant   @Radian6 monitoring social media conversations across all channels as a lead generation tool brings efficiency #Semtech
10:18   shangz  +1   In some areas such as financial services semantic data store is not going to happen, at least in a short term - Scott Streit #semtech
10:19   marcmellotte  +2   Seems to be more business-oriented talks at #semtech this year. Makes me smile when someone asks "yeah but what technologies do you use?"
10:20   germanarellanod   #semtech cc: @los_flockers felicitaciones estamos haciendo las cosas bien en social media. (Y sin los PHD's)
10:21   c_marcant  +1   @OpenAmplify using #SemTech allows segmenting the conversations 2 answer cstmrs in mass but allow them 2 feel they are addressed personally
10:21   shangz   Does leveraging semantic web mean replacing RDB with triple store? #icannotgetit #semtech
10:21   bsletten   Best "Thank You" slide in show. #SemTech @crstesa http://moby.to/zsinxl
10:22   scotthenninger   Jonathan Underly of DoD - using #sparql and #rdf as a common language for modeling enterprise architecture #SemTech
10:23   zceline  +1   Fun to see the tech powering Ad.ly RT @kristathomas: @crstesa "How Hollywood Learned to Love the Semantic Web" http://ow.ly/5d5qO #semtech
10:23   ldodds   @jays0n mentioning the #rnews sample data I loaded into #kasabi http://bit.ly/kB0uRF #semtech
10:23   shangz   Wait: what is "reasoning in the cloud"? Using cloud computing to do reasoning or something else? #semtech
10:25   c_marcant   @jaymyers data and semantics allow establishing connections and relationships between customers and retailers #SemTech
10:25   olegshilovitsky   Pivot inside the firewall- potential when loaded with product data management. Siemens mentioned... #semtech #pivot http://yfrog.com/ca3kup
10:26   vascofurtado   Contente de saber que Globo.com está começando a representar seu conteúdo em RDF. Boa possibilidade para aplicações inovadoras #semtech
10:27   skruk   Information marketplace from Talis http://t.co/NCGNTch #semtech
10:27   marcmellotte   "Get a broad sense of the market and get comfortable with the massive amounts of social data" @radian6 at #semtech
10:27   vascofurtado   Para os interessados em rNews acessem http://www.rnews.org #rnews #semtech
10:28   gkellogg   @ericmkidd hope to see you at #semtech today. I'll be there for the 12:30 Structured HTML BOF. Can probably hang around a bit longer.
10:29   quoll  +1   Can someone tell me where I can find the SPARQL endpoint for me to query the #semtech program?
10:30   c_marcant   @jaymyers challenge is explaining the value of social CRM to sr retail leaders. What is the value? Awareness! #Semtech
10:30   shangz  +1   Seems like the topic shifted to map/reduce hadoop bigtable thing, is this the so called "cloud"? #semtech
10:30   olegshilovitsky  +2   Encyclopedia of Life is adding semantic information to pictures using doubling core. #Semtech #dublincore, #pivot http://twitpic.com/58rd1k
10:31   c_marcant   @radian6 Challenges are trying to get comfortable with social still in flux and with semantic technology that is still evolving #SemTech
10:31   david_mcneil  +1   @kendall at #semtech on turning pile of documents into linked data app described game-ifying the ontology curation Would love to see a demo
10:33   rspz   Publishers worry about copyright issues on LDW - Guardian has diff copyright on story body than on metadata - great idea! @jays0n #semtech
8 June 10:35-11:15
72/hour · 24+24 tweets
10:36   shangz   Maybe I need some quick update on what is the buzz word cloud (computing) - in a panel totally undermining my previous conception. #semtech
10:37   hconstandt  +1   #semtech check http://t.co/x8FMbI1 for semantically enabled pivot table. Might be of use to #msdc. Definitely interesting! Thx @triviumrlg
10:38   kaz_miyamoto   セマンティック技術カンファレンスの、SemTech San Francisco 2011に出席。 http://t.co/cqots2s
10:39   pdeisenberg   Bernadette Hyland of 3 Round Stones presenting linked data cookbook #semtech
10:42   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech San Francisco 2011のこのセッションでは、ハリウッドのセマンティック技術応用事例を紹介。会議室は、華やいだ雰囲気。 http://t.co/sBqAETJ
10:43   rjw   Talis' Rob Styles 'Choosing URIs, not a five minute task' post as referenced by @BernHyland http://t.co/P4OvBD8 #semtech #linkeddata
10:52   consultramy   Go beyond words - into concepts - all invited 2 #Pragmatech's ctrl semantic engine - talk @ 11:50 AM by @sabawalid #semtech 1 hour to go
10:59   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech San Francisco 2011の展示会場。 http://t.co/qQRzmqM
11:01   jays0n   Going to go see @ldodds: and I hope more about Talis and #kasabi #semtech
11:01   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech San Francisco 2011展示会場に出展している企業のブース。 http://t.co/EVtXLeg
11:03   jenz514  +3   Schema.org Can Be Useful, But RDFa Will Be Hard To Beat http://bit.ly/mPs5po via @semanticweb #semtech by @jenz514
11:03   semanticweb  +9   Schema.org Can Be Useful, But RDFa Will Be Hard To Beat http://bit.ly/mPs5po via @semanticweb #semtech by @jenz514
11:04   david_mcneil  +3   slides from my #semtech talk on relational-to-rdf mapping are up: http://bit.ly/iOQkL8
11:06   bengee   @quoll In case there is no official #semtech #sparql endpoint, you can try using mine from last year at http://bit.ly/iTRyWD
11:09   johnnyazzi  +1   CTRL #semantic engine presentation at #semtech, 11:50 am, YOSEMITE A
11:10   jaymyers  +1   Folks, come check out @tomayac talk semweb video in plaza b! #Semtech
11:11   kerfors   Liked : "Relational-to-RDF Mapping in Practice" http://bit.ly/iOQkL8 slides from #semtech talk by @david_mcneil
11:11   bengee  +3   Updating the faceted #semtech #browser from last year with 2011 data: http://bit.ly/kCQpQu /cc @ericaxel
11:12   rjw  +1   Creating APIs over RDF Data Sources @ldodds #kasabi presentation starting now in Imperial A #SemTech
11:12   rjw  +2   Creating APIs over RDF Data Sources @ldodds #kasabi presentation http://t.co/fssd1CO #semtech #linkeddata
11:13   kidehen   @quoll you use lod.openlinksw.com/sparql. Example: http://bit.ly/kh0xJY . #LinkedData #Semtech #PivotViewer
11:13   razoralign   今年のSemtechは、ファイナンシャルやマーケティングなどのビジネス用途色が強いとの意見。セマンティック技術が学術領域から現実路線に乗り始めているということか。
11:14   ozelin   finally found the place for @tomayac presentation on SemWebVid #semtech. Not an easy task, mind you...
11:14   i_leonardo   semtech presenter handing around a (1) thumbdrive with his slides. ick. i think i can wait for them to be uploaded...
8 June 11:15-11:40
149/hour · 27+35 tweets
Annotation Formats and Content Enhancements
Beyond BI: Operational Intelligence
Civet - From Content to Linked Open Data
Creating APIs Over RDF Data Sources
Information Logistics for Smart Enterprise Portals
Semantic Web for the Bottom Line: Case Studies in Pharma
SemWebVid - An Automatable Approach Towards RDF Video Description Generation
Social Media: Driving Customer Brand Activation and Loyalty
Through the Prism: From Data Integration to Semantics
11:16   ozelin  +1   want to see how @playence deals with annotation and retrieval of multimedia assets?, come and see us tomorrow: http://bit.ly/lHJIN6 #semtech
11:16   ewpatton   Sitting in on a talk about Semantic Enterprise Portals. Hopefully will get some ideas for improving the #twc website. #semtech
11:18   razoralign   連続公式RTにて失礼します。ほとんどブックマークみたいなものですが、目ぼしい記事があれば日本語訳で紹介しますでも面白そうなプレゼンの大半が発表資料なしでツイートのみの紹介に終わってるのが惜しい。一部のプレゼンターは、Semtechの発表に合わせてスライドを公開してくれて有難い。
11:20   kidehen  +1   Different #LinkedData views of #Semtech: 1) http://bit.ly/mxqlCP 2) http://bit.ly/kh0xJY 3) http://lod.openlinksw.com/c/CWJCR6E ,
11:20   robvesse   In @ldodds APIs for Linked Data talk #semtech
11:21   juansequeda  +7   At @ldodds APIs for Linked Data talk #semtech He says that SPARQL is for power users. And I agree!
11:21   ozelin  +1   couldn't agree more RT @juansequeda: At @ldodds APIs for Linked Data talk #semtech He says that SPARQL is for power users. And I agree!
11:23   frankolken  +2   Ron Daniels (Elsevier) is talking about "Annotation Formats and Content Enhancement" at #semtech in room Franciscan B at SF Hilton.
11:25   quoll   thanks to @bengee and @kidehen for #semtech linked data
11:26   r_macdonald  +4   RDF applied to video metadata, including #closedcaptions by @tomayac http://bit.ly/mLmWZf #semtech
11:26   shangz   In a talk about crating APIs over RDF data sources by @ldodds #semtech
11:26   juansequeda  +1   Met Chris Testa from ad.ly They are using #linkeddata in the backend so their users can have a better user experience! #semtech Awesome!
11:27   joedevon  +1   Some important work on #SemWebVid by @tomayac; automatically, semantically, annotating videos #semtech
11:27   benchristophe   The next big problem: how to make video content more accessible, searchable, etc. SemWebVid, Thomas Steiner #SemTech
11:28   tmusgrove  +1   About to show Odewire.com, the first site based on FM's Slant Engine, at #SemTech
11:28   robvesse   @ldodds I know the slides are Kasabi branded but the colour scheme is horrible to read from a distance #semtech enjoying the talk though :-)
11:28   juansequeda  +3   Finally the faceted browser of #semtech data http://t.co/sXI2kB5 Thanks @bengee
11:28   kidehen  +4   Demo showing how Name Tags should be generated at events like #semtech: http://bit.ly/iuflUs . #QRCode #LinkedData #PivotViewer #SPARQL
11:29   workingontology  +2   #SemTech Gonzales points out that medical knowledge changes faster than the average time to build a data warehouse!!!
11:30   olegshilovitsky   Cooperation without coordination. Data model flexibility. Interesting idea. #Semtech http://twitpic.com/58s2ow
11:32   bhuga   @palexander are you at semtech? would you like to sit down briefly this afternoon sometime?
11:32   olegshilovitsky  +1   interesting fact: farma companies recruiting customers from Facebook pages. #semtech #socialbusiness
11:34   kidehen   Tweaked #SPARQL behind #PivotViewer 2 add more #semtech speakers. Not to late to print those #QRCodes :) http://bit.ly/jGiwhq #LinkedData
11:35   shangz   Slides visually hard to read from a distance @ldodds. #semtech
11:35   glenn_mcdonald   @juansequeda @bengee #semtech If you want the program data current and error-corrected, independent of tech, try http://t.co/fTIV9Ls
11:37   crstesa  +8   SLIDES hot off the press - How Hollywood Learned to Love the Semantic Web. Tnx for coming all! http://t.co/k30thkK #SemTech
11:39   pmika   Like #kasabi talk on a configurable API layer over SPARQL stores by @ldodds at #semtech ... nice and practical work
8 June 11:40-11:50
138/hour · 17+6 tweets
11:40   ericmkidd  +1   @bhuga @palexander @gkellogg OK, let's hold the Ruby #SemTech BOFH at 1:30pm in Alexandria C. See you there!
11:42   shangz   Nice work: configurable API (via spec in Turtle) over RDF stores by @ldodds #semtech #kasabi
11:42   palexander   #Ruby #SemTech BOFH at 1:30pm in Alexandria C. See you there!
11:43   difrad   "Link data API is a gateway drug to SPARQL" @ldodds talk - I don't think so. other APIs are not gateways into SQL #semtech
11:44   antiroot_kr   @kchulis it was great presentation, I want to get more detailed info soon. :) #semtech
11:44   consultramy   #Pragmatech's CTRL #semantic engine presentation at #semtech, 11:50 am, YOSEMITE A by @sabawalid - 10 minutes to go
11:44   shangz  +5   Linked Data API does a nice work of reduce the learning curve when developing apps with RDF/Linked Data. #semtech
11:44   frankolken   Ron Daniels talks is packed - standing room only - at #semtech.
11:44   difrad   I like that it shows the actual SPARQL queries but I'm not sold that devs will check that out and start using/expanding the queries #semtech
11:45   juansequeda  +1   Combine Linked Data with SPARQL powered API - @ldodds #linkeddata #semtech
11:45   shangz  +1   Adopt a hybrid approach to meeting different developer communities half-way -- @ldodds #semtech
11:46   difrad   I can see the use case for Linked data API and it looks great, but I fear this could hide too much of linked data and its power #semtech
11:46   cotedustin   Can't help but think Elsevier's Annotation solution is pretty much in-house configured for their own needs. #SemTech http://bit.ly/kFGd3v
11:47   shangz  +2   Slides of creating APIs over RDF data sources is up online at http://slidesha.re/iQjcGe #semtech
11:47   grechaw   @sclopit Look to Dennis Wisnosky for more information about his plans for DoD. This was the #semtech talk http://bit.ly/j44LcT
11:47   bsletten   *VERY* cool demo of generated video metadata and entities from @tomayac. #zemanta #opencalais #mediafragmentsuris #semtech
11:49   bsletten  +1   Slides for @tomayac's talk: http://bit.ly/semwebvid-semtech
8 June 11:50-12:15
127/hour · 33+20 tweets
Detecting The "Slant" Of Blogs and News: Case Study With Odewire.Com
Distributed Semantic Social Networks
Enterprise Vocabulary Net: Vocabularies for the Linked Data Enterprise
Overview of BIAN's Semantics-Focused Architecture
Social Commerce and Semantic Web
The CTRL Semantic Engine
The IDEAS Group Ontology
Thesaurus Matching: EU Publications Office Improves Access to Government Content
11:50   glenn_mcdonald   @difrad #semtech Seems to me that if you find yourself wanting to hide your core tech, maybe you need better core tech.
11:51   consultramy   #Pragmatech's CTRL #semantic engine presentation at #semtech, 11:50 am, YOSEMITE A by @sabawalid
11:51   ldodds   "@pmika: Like #kasabi talk on a configurable API layer over SPARQL stores by @ldodds at #semtech ... nice and practical work" thanks!
11:52   workingontology  +1   Happy to see good turnout at our EVN talk in Yosemite B! #SemTech
11:53   shangz   @difrad Clearly there is a balance to strike w.r.t to what extent "complexity" should be hidden. #semtech
11:53   difrad   Enjoying @notude presentation by @laroyo http://bit.ly/m9eWjE #semtech #notube #web-and-tv
11:54   odemagazine  +2   Live from #semtech in san francisco: @federated_media's chief scientist @tmusgrove about to launch @odewire
11:57   odemagazine   @tmusgrove live at #semtech, on @odewire: "I've done semantics for over 10 years. This is the most exciting project I've ever done."
11:58   akwoska   #semtech, our presentation passed :) I think it was good :)
11:58   shangz  +1   Metadata for videos #semtech RT @bsletten: Slides for @tomayac's talk: http://bit.ly/semwebvid-semtech
11:58   hconstandt   #semtech @neumarcx "distributed semantic social networks" How to get the data from hyves, facebok, meetup, ... ? Applied #lotico ontology
11:58   bergie   arrived to SemTech, will attend the BoF on Structured Data in HTML http://t.co/yDoNIl1 #iks #rdfa #VIE
11:59   r_macdonald   TV content owners would benefit by opening metadata to #LinkedData interpolation @laroyo & @notube http://bit.ly/m9eWjE #semtech
12:01   ozelin   following Lora Aroyo's presentation on Notube project. At #semtech
12:02   frankolken  +1   David Frankel (SAP) is speaking on #BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) http://www.bian.org/content/ at #semtech in Plaza B
12:03   shangz   @ppalavilli talking about social commerce and semweb #semtech
12:03   frankolken  +6   David Frankel (SAP) banks found that semantic issues accounted for 80% of their interoperability problems. #BIAN #semtech
12:04   frankolken   #BIAN est. 200 services needed for banking industry. (David Frankel at #semtech).
12:04   axelpolleres   @ondigo thanks for the coverage! Looking fwd to have a chat around here at #semtech
12:04   frankolken   New version of #BIAN metamodel just approved by #BIAN uses more #semtech.
12:04   ozelin   fragmented solutions for devices and applications refrain user for interaction with TV programs #notube #semtech
12:05   marchadfield   My presentation at SemTech: Personalization: Targeting the Interest Graph http://lnkd.in/HwVd3V
12:05   odemagazine   "Jurriaan wanted to find the stories about solutions in the news. We had just the tool for that." @tmusgrove on @odewire at #semtech
12:06   jeffalloneword  +1   Just launched: http://t.co/kEBjsfK - using the "slant engine" to deliver optimistic news. Cool. #semtech
12:07   fcarolo   @LeoAlcantara10 passou uma apresentação sobre semântica na globo.com na SemTech em San Francisco
12:08   vascofurtado  +1   Em média somente 1.5% das notícias da mídia em inglês é positiva diz um estudo de federated media #Semtech
12:08   joshsh   Quick pair programming session with @manudellavalle hooked up C-SPARQL to RDFAgents data streams. Great success! #SemTech
12:12   odemagazine   "The best source that we tracked for four months had only 4.88% optimistic new," @tmusgrove on @odewire at #semtech
12:12   jonvoss  +1   next up, reporting on #lodlam summit to #semtech conference, 1:45pm, room: Imperial B.
12:12   robvesse   There is a guy in the front of this talk spending all his time videoing the talk, don't get why he doesn't just listen :-S #semtech
12:13   topquadrant  +2   Mitre will demo using #TopBraid for cybersecurity at #SemTech today at 03:30 PM in Franciscan A.
12:13   odemagazine  +17   "Only 1.5% of the news from mainstream sources that we tracked for six months was positive/optimistic," @tmusgrove on @odewire at #semtech
12:14   odemagazine   "@OdeWire saves 95% time compared to manually finding optimistic stories worldwide," @tmusgrove live at #semtech
8 June 12:15-12:30
72/hour · 9+9 tweets
12:15   jaymyers   Who's interested in a sushi lunch today? #Semtech
12:17   bengee   a big thank-you to @andraz for inviting me to the #semtech panel. Enjoyed it very much :)
12:18   jaymyers  +1   I think a "triple action" t-shirt is in order #Semtech
12:20   frankolken   #BIAN is using #semtech for the message grammar definition - actual messages are mostly just XML.
12:20   andraz   @bengee You were great contribution to the panel, thank you! See you live next year #semtech #stweb
12:22   knowledgehives  +1   after our presentation of #civet at #SemTech Thanks everyone for listening, laughing and good questions. Let's show penguins how to fly :)
12:24   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Schema.org hum about to turn into an actual conversation, finally. Or maybe a cage fight, I'm not really sure. Franciscan A.
12:28   jaymyers   Nice crowd for BOF on structured data on the web at #Semtech
12:29   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Not sure if it's good or bad for this schema.org conversation that my badge doesn't say Google on it.
8 June 12:30-1:30
183/hour · 97+86 tweets
Schema.org BOF Session
12:31   jaymyers   Hopefully we eat our own dog food with the BOF and keep the meeting STRUCTURED... #Semtech
12:33   joedevon   @jaymyers Sure. Did you bring sushi to the bof? :) #semtech
12:35   bergie  +2   wow, Structured Data in HTML session is really full. Google, Yahoo!, Apple, Facebook, ... #rdfa #iks #semtech
12:35   andraz   #semtech is this "schema.org meetup"? #semtech
12:36   jocrau   Now discussing Structured Data in HTML: http://bit.ly/mcHawk at #SemTech
12:36   jays0n   In a W3C BOF chat with google, facebook, best buy, foox, ibm, and more about structured data in html and probably schema.org at #semtech
12:37   bergie   Structured Data, two issues: formatting (#RDFa, #Microdata, #Microformats), and how ontologies are defined #semtech #iks
12:38   knowledgehives   At the special BOF session on schema.org http://t.co/tKALTls #SemTech
12:39   andraz   @ivanherman is using a lot of "let's prevent war" rhetoric. :) #semtech
12:39   bergie   to avoid format wars: it'd be good if search engines supported both #RDFa, #Microdata and #Microformats instead of pushing one #SemTech #IKS
12:39   tomayac   At the #SchemaOrg BOF meet-up at #SemTech. The room is packed. From the _creators_, @pmika from Yahoo!'s here, no one from Google, nor Bing.
12:40   jamessmithies   ♺ @kristathomas: RT @r_macdonald: RDF applied to video metadata, including #closedcaptions by @tomayac http://bit.ly/mLmWZf #semtech
12:40   jaymyers  +3   Irc channel on free node called schema #schemaorg #schema #Semtech
12:40   skruk   schema.org BOF: first trying to figure out where we are with it and where we are being taken #SemTech
12:41   semanticfire   BOF session about shema.org #semtech by @ivan_herman irc://freenode.org/schema
12:41   glemak   w3c bof regarding schema.org @ #semtech - @google @bing @yahoo folks responsible for microdata choice are no shows - why?
12:42   grechaw   Goodbye #semtech, back to the grind. It was super to share the O'Reilly story, and gratifyiing to see traction of the technologies.
12:43   skruk   @ivan_herman just fished out a Google guy entering a room :) #lol #SemTech
12:44   glemak   #semtech @google guy just snuck/walked in to round of laughs - good job :)
12:44   skruk   now all eyes on just one person - guess who - questions being asked #SemTech
12:44   tomayac   Correction to my last tweet: @kavigoel from Google of #SchemaOrg fame just sneaked into the BOF session at #SemTech.
12:45   skruk   Question from @ivan_herman: will Google treat information in schema.org schema but encoded in RDFa or microformats format ? #SemTech #rdfa
12:45   k_zoltan   @tomayac @pmika can the discussion be followed somehow online. Will there be some sort of stream, podcast? #SemTech
12:46   bergie  +2   Q: will Google index schema.org #RDFa the same way as #Microdata? A: Microdata is the only one they promise, others possible #semtech #iks
12:46   andraz  +1   Lots of passive-aggressiveness in the room #semtech :)
12:46   bergie  +1   Google: all rich snippets data will continue to be supported regardless of format #RDFa #Microdata #Microformats #Google #SemTech
12:47   akwoska   #semtech ... google guy about schema.org
12:48   mlinksva   #semtech BOF @kavigoel says commitment to support rich snippets as in past, microdata for #schemaorg unknown re other fmts for s.o
12:48   knowledgehives  +1   We just published slides from our presentation "Civet - from Content to Linked Open Data" http://t.co/J4YQ0wM #SemTech #rdfa #nlp
12:49   tomayac   @k_zoltan Try following #SemTech and/or BOF. No stream avail. I guess...
12:49   joedevon  +1   .@bergie is doing a good job livetweeting this wild and crazy, star studded BOF #semtech
12:50   bergie   "Adding 'we will support schema.org vocabulary also when encoded in #RDFa' to spec would make everybody happy" @jccq #SemTech
12:50   skruk   @jccq stated in simply: [Google] say that you will support schema.org vocabulary in #RDFa - and 90% of people will be happy #SemTech
12:51   bergie  +2   There are other use cases than just SEO for Structured Data. Schema.org only seems to address the SEO case #SemTech
12:51   jaymyers   Uh oh...here comes the passion #BOF #Semtech
12:52   mlinksva  +1   Someone saying all #schemaorg needs to to make ppl happy is say RDFa will also be supported. Just add one line in spec. #rdfa #semtech
12:52   glemak  +2   schema.org google representative at w3c bof - a brave soul #semtech http://flic.kr/p/9RF3h3
12:52   joedevon   .@jccq knows how to debate. Wow. haha. #semtech #BOF
12:52   bergie   for example, with #IKS we use #RDFa to make content editable (http://bit.ly/iKYXvr). SEO is good but not the only case. #semtech
12:53   jaymyers  +2   Indeed. Kudos RT @glemak: schema.org google representative at w3c bof - a brave soul #semtech http://flic.kr/p/9RF3h3
12:54   bergie  +2   when #Google rich snippets started they didn't want to pick a winner. #Microformats had more adoption, #RDFa was endorsed by W3C #semtech
12:55   skruk   :) RT @jaymyers: Hopefully we eat our own dog food with the BOF and keep the meeting STRUCTURED... #Semtech
12:56   pdeisenberg   Ivan herman w3c and others ask kavi goel google if google will give equal treatment to rdfa vs. Schema.org. #semtech
12:56   sabinedraaijer   Ernstig! RT @odemagazine: "Only 1.5% of the news from mainstream sources that we tracked for six months was positive/optimistic," #semtech
12:56   bergie   Consensus between #RDFa, #Microdata and #Microformats wasn't happening so Google just picked one #dontbeevil #fail #semtech
12:58   mlinksva   Significant achievement within Google to put something out using structured data period says @kavigoel #schemaorg #semtech
12:59   bergie  +1   originally Google didn't even allow other formats than #microdata on a schema.org formatted page. Redacted now. #dontbeevil #semtech
12:59   skruk  +2   #semtech me thinks Google just sent a politician in sheep skin to the meeting - lots of taking no real answers
1:00   neilraden   @bsletten mike Lang just met a guy from Gartner who was just hired to cover Semtech. There goes the neighborhood
1:00   jays0n   Kavi Goel of Google is taking questions about #schema.org at the Structured Data in HTML BOF #semtech [heated discussion here]
1:01   bergie  +1   "With #RDFa you can do lots of cool things. With #Microdata and #Microformats you can't" #semtech
1:02   pdeisenberg   Ok to include multiple formats in a single page. #google #semtech question re: equal treatment remains
1:02   andraz   I have to say Kavi Goel from Google is articulating their points for scheme.org amazingly well #semtech [and I agree with most]
1:03   rlovinger   Agreed. Kavi is very brave RT @glemak: schema.org google representative at w3c bof - a brave soul #semtech http://t.co/7MWk2df
1:03   joedevon  +1   @ivan_herman should put @kavigoel in front of the room since all questions are going to him. #semtech #BOF
1:04   r_macdonald   #SemTech discussion of http://schema.org searching for a Treaty of Nantes http://bit.ly/lAFbFG where all structured data thrive
1:04   joseagonzalez   At #SEMTECH in San Francisco today @semanticconf
1:04   skruk  +1   +1 RT @joedevon: @ivan_herman should put @kavigoel in front of the room since all questions are going to him. #semtech #BOF
1:06   akwoska   #semtech schema.org next steps Bugfixing, speak with communities ...
1:06   tuitidifusa   Tag ☛ #SemTech
1:07   bergie   Gavin from O'Reilly: "can't see what the problem of #RDFa was that caused development of #Microdata" #semtech
1:08   skruk  +2   #semtech good question: where the problems with RDFa were ? I do not get it either ... A: no single answer (jeezes!)
1:09   bergie  +6   "Nobody is using #Microdata, it does less than #RDFa and isn't any simpler" #SemTech
1:09   kevinmarks   The BOF at #semtech for talking about #schema.org http://flic.kr/p/9RCoTD
1:09   andraz  +1   @bergie RDFa problem is... that it tries to stuff RDF down web developers throats :) #semtech
1:10   kevinmarks   The BOF at #semtech for talking about #schema.org http://flic.kr/p/9RFipG
1:10   joedevon  +4   @kavigoel: I feel like whatever I say I'll be crucified. @bsletten: Don't worry ur getting lots of support on Twitter. #semtech #BOF
1:10   skruk   #semtech another good Q: who was/is actually using #microdata?
1:12   laroyo  +3   www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/SemTech2011BOF on #schema.org #semtech #rdfa #microdata
1:12   jocrau   agree -> RT @bergie: "Nobody is using #Microdata, it does less than #RDFa and isn't any simpler" #SemTech
1:12   hoverbee   Who or what is 'kavi' in irc://freenode.org/schema? Is it IRC-jargon? #therearenostupidquestions #semtech
1:13   joedevon  +2   .@kavigoel comparing microdata, rdfa, microformats, opengraph, @daveman692 interjects, opengraph IS RDFa. #snap #semtech #BOF
1:13   jays0n   google could not see RDFa or Microdata being used more than the other, when deciding which to use #semtech #microdata
1:14   bergie   Google: "our goal is not to see how things play out, we just picked a format". And now we have to use it? #semtech #rdfa #microdata
1:14   andraz   Am I the only one in the room supportive of Microdata / schema.org move? #semtech :)
1:15   bergie  +4   Google: "schema.org could theoretically support multiple formats even if only one is properly documented" #microdata #rdfa #semtech
1:16   kaz_miyamoto   SemTech San Francisco 2011カンファレンス会場近くに、ケーブルカー。 http://t.co/BnEjjMv
1:16   glenn_mcdonald   @andraz #semtech I have my own issues with what schema.org did, but they aren't the ones being talked about here.
1:17   iamdavo   what a ride! Thx everyone for attending my talk today on #InterestGraph. All your great questions! Let's keep the dialogue going! #SemTech
1:17   purediscovery   what a ride! Thx everyone for attending my talk today on #InterestGraph. All your great questions! Let's keep the dialogue going! #SemTech
1:17   jocrau  +4   Google representative: "Support for all, #RDFa and #Microformats and #Microdata, is a reasonable option." #SemTech #schemaorg
1:18   bergie   "Schema.org spec appear to be even compatible with #HTML5 spec #Microdata processing rules" #semtech
1:19   juansequeda   20 bucks for so-so Italian food. Don't go here #semtech @ Kuleto's http://gowal.la/c/4oJda
1:20   semanticfire   @HoverBee Kavi Goel, Google guy, having a hard time at #semtech ;)
1:21   glenn_mcdonald   @andraz #semtech This ID-vs-URL issue *is* one of mine...
1:21   juansequeda   I should have gone to chipotle. Damn I hate spending money on food that is not satisfying #semtech
1:21   ogrisel   It looks like @andraz and @bergie are fighting in my tweeter feed :) (#microdata vs #rdfa w.r.t. schema.org at #semtech
1:21   bergie   Both #Microdata and #RDFa 1.1 specs are still in draft state (i.e. not standards). #SemTech #SchemaOrg
1:23   skruk   #semtech @ivan_herman reminds that neither #RDFa nor #microdata are w3c recommendations; but there are issues with mapping microdata to RDF
1:25   andraz   @bergie On arrogance I agree, but I care more about pushing things forward #semtech My luxury is not having intellectual investment in RDFa
1:25   rlovinger   @andraz can I take the stance of "cautiously optimistic"? #schema.org #semtech
1:25   bergie  +4   #Microformats has an open process for defining vocabularies. #SchemaOrg vocabularies are just dictated by three big companies #SemTech
1:26   mlinksva  +3   "The difference is ours has an edit button, yours has a feedback form" - @kevinmarks ours = #microformats yours = #schemaorg #semtech
1:28   bergie  +2   "The way #SchemaOrg did 'consensus' was by excluding 90% of people who care about structured data" #SemTech #RDFa
1:29   bobdc  +1   #semtech schema.org BOF: Look what it took to make Facebook look like righteous dudes to the W3C semweb crowd
1:29   mlinksva   I attempted to raise #schemaorg flavor microdata&RDF interoperability (s.o dif microdata setting subj, made up own schemalang) #semtech
1:29   skruk   #semtech is #Schemaorg evil? there is some evidence they aren't ...
8 June 1:30-1:45
216/hour · 21+33 tweets
1:30   jschneider   Coming up in 15 minutes! #lld RT @jonvoss: next up, reporting on #lodlam summit to #semtech conference, 1:45pm, room: Imperial B.
1:30   rektide   listening to @kevinmarks livetweeting #semtech #schema.org bof is hurting. Kavi's "simplicity" is so wrong it hurts.
1:30   joedevon  +2   "@bobdc: #semtech schema.org BOF: Look what it took to make Facebook look like righteous dudes to the W3C semweb crowd" <==haha
1:31   mlinksva   Did I hear @kevinmarks say #microformats 2 and clarifying for parsers? Net to slow to realtime research. #semtech
1:31   web20education   DEN Blog Network » Must Make #ISTE Sessions #iste11 #edtech20 #edreform #semtech #edchat #elearning #elemchat #ntchat http://t.co/kgU18yS
1:31   evectis   Helpful Advice for SemTech Attendees: Eric Hoffer recently shared some advice for attendees ... http://bit.ly/kHSrnh #MultiateParadisaic
1:32   jays0n  +2   some angry folks here but google got a applause for joining the conversation too #microdata #semtech
1:32   purediscovery   Thx to all my friends at #Elsevier here at #SemTech. Look forward to building great semantic *things* together. #interestgraph #semsearch
1:32   iamdavo   Thx to all my friends at #Elsevier here at #SemTech. Look forward to building great semantic *things* together. #interestgraph #semsearch
1:33   tomayac  +7   .@kavigoel on the involved #SchemaOrg partners: we _did_ talk to #Facebook, but they didn't join in. // #SemTech
1:33   joedevon  +1   Part II of this #BOF will unofficially start at 4:30 in Imperial B during rich snippets session. Seatbelts fastened? #semtech
1:34   jaymyers   Good. I'm feeling some love in this room #schemaorg #Semtech
1:34   i_leonardo   #semtech props to andaz for comments in struct. data BOF
1:35   jays0n   Q to google: where do we go from here? #microdata #semtech A: contact them! get on #schema.org discussion group.
1:36   ralphtq   "@TopQuadrant: Using #TopBraid for data integration at UCB will be presented at #SemTech today at 03:30 PM in Franciscan B."
1:36   joedevon  +4   Props to @kavigoel for being willing to represent Google to a hostile audience #semtech #BOF
1:37   ralphtq   "@TopQuadrant: Mitre will demo using #TopBraid for cybersecurity at #SemTech today at 03:30 PM in Franciscan A."
1:38   palexander   @palexander make that Yosemite C for #ruby right now at #SemTech
1:39   ericmkidd   Correction: Ruby BOFH at #SemTech is in Yosemite C.
1:40   ralphtq   "@TopQuadrant: TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net demo today at #SemTech with Dean Allemang and Bob DuCharme was well attended"
1:42   semanticnews   Helpful Advice for SemTech Attendees http://eqent.me/jMkJJH
8 June 1:45-2:10
74/hour · 27+4 tweets
Layering Semantics Over Unstructured Content
Linked Data Hypercubes
Managing Free Text Archives With Linguistic Semantics
Ontologies for Critical Technologies: Relationships and Taxonomies
Personalization Without Tears
Simplified Semantics: Real World Use Cases of Semantic Technology in the Cloud
Social Advertising: Reach and Convert Efficiently
Stock Price Prediction Based on Semantic Analysis of Financial Web Communities
The State of Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums
1:48   kristathomas   Lovin' the drama at #SemTech but gotta get home to Venice for @arthurbrodeur 's birthday! http://4sq.com/jWrRoJ
1:49   ldodds   Listening to @der42 talk about Linked Data Hypercubes. #semtech
1:49   georgethomas   Clinical Quality Linked Data on health.data.gov at #semtech - session at 2:20 today in Franciscan B @HHSGov
1:49   shangz   In a talk on predicting stock prices based on semantic analysis of financial communities. #semtech
1:50   rlovinger   Worlds colliding as I watch @jonvoss talk about #lodlam at #semtech
1:51   vrandezo   @ldodds gave my favourite talk so far at #semtech http://www.slideshare.net/ldodds/creating-apis-over-rdf about APIzing LOD
1:54   r_macdonald   #LODLAM http://lod-lam.net/summit/ first funded open #LinkedData project in the humanities @jonvoss http://bit.ly/lJtcyt #SemTech
1:58   shangz   social media reflects brand loyalty which will increase revenue -- Leo Keller. Assumption then is this leads to stock performance? #semtech
1:59   shangz   No correlation between Cisco weekly stock price and social mood. #semtech
2:00   robvesse   In the Layered Semantics over Unstructured data talk #semtech
2:00   shangz   But strong correlation between Cisco volume of trades and tweet volumes. #semtech
2:00   robvesse   Seems like a nice approach, start with basic entity extraction then build up more semantic relationships based on that #semtech
2:01   rlovinger   @kristathomas I'm just sad to be leaving #semtech tonight, things are getting interesting. All good with you?
2:01   robvesse   The Yosemite rooms have terribly inconviniently placed pillars #semtech
2:01   arademaker   Check out this presentation: SemTech 2011 Semantic Search tutorial http://t.co/J4JcZ0J
2:02   cotedustin   Good point @jonvoss A copyrighted 'data item' may have strict copyright constraints, but the metadata you have on the item may not #SemTech
2:03   frankolken  +1   Dave Reynolds (Epimorphics) is talking about "Linked Data Hypercubes" at #semtech in Plaza A. annotated multi-dim tables, #OLAP
2:04   robvesse   This layered semantics stuff mostly appears to be traditional entity and text extraction so far, waiting to see whether that is it #semtech
2:05   r_macdonald   Valuable @laroyo lessons & recommendations for #LinkedData & TV http://slidesha.re/jjIkHF #SemTech talk http://bit.ly/jXM2if
2:05   shangz   So far haven't see the semantic part in this stock price prediction talk. #semtech
2:05   ozelin   @RobVesse don't see much more coming... #semtech
2:06   robvesse   @chiltone @ozelin_playence Yeah, pity it has now descended into sales pitch and buzz words towards the end #semtech
2:07   cotedustin  +1   @JonVoss giving his great #lodlam session at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58tqdm (Linked Open Data for Libraries, Archives, Museums)
2:07   ppalavilli  +2   My latest SlideShare upload : Social Commerce and Semantic Web http://t.co/wTSDKYe #SEMTECH
2:07   roessler  +11   Followup list for #semtech #schema BOF: public-vocabs@w3.org (send subject "subscribe" to public-vocabs-request@w3.org)
2:09   fertapric  +1   +1 RT @bertails Schema.org Can Be Useful, But RDFa Will Be Hard To Beat http://goo.gl/5Byht #rdfa #semweb #semtech
2:09   andyseaborne  +3   Dave Reynolds on vocabulary for data cubes - common for observation data. #semtech @der42 Reuse a vocabulary.
8 June 2:10-2:20
72/hour · 7+5 tweets
2:13   shangz  +1   Three papers highlighted in this talk seem interesting, looks like this direction is in its infancy... #semtech
2:14   laroyo   @NoTube at #SemTech 2011 slides: NoTube: Integrating Web & TV http://t.co/zZyPDWq
2:14   adrianstevenson   Go Jon!! #lodlam was brilliant! RT @laroyo: RT @cotedustin: @JonVoss giving his great #lodlam session at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58tqdm
2:14   rspz   CompassLabs uses amazon mechanical turk to create training sets for analysis - works well @ieslick #semtech
2:15   robvesse   Next up the talk on Google Refine for data cleansing #semtech
2:18   ozelin   @RobVesse It seems we have similar taste/curiosity #semtech
2:19   robvesse   @Ozelin Yep, though this session was not my first choice, I was going to the when good data and tools turn bad but it's cancelled #semtech
8 June 2:20-2:45
86/hour · 24+12 tweets
Clinical Quality Linked Data on Health.Data.Gov
Everything Self-Service: Linked Data Applications With the Information Workbench
Google Refine - Data Cleansing You Were Looking For
Integrating Public Chemical Activity Data to Help Farmers Feed the World
Repurposing Disease and Gene Taxonomies for Text Analysis and Search
Smart Books: Semantic Markup in eBooks
The Semantic Supply Web: Next Generation Component Part Research, Selection, and Management
Tuning a RDF Store for an Enterprise Social Network
When Good Semantic Data and Tools Turn Bad
2:20   glemak   @ppalavilli if you're around today would like to talk #semtech
2:24   shangz   In a talk on tuning an RDF store for enterprise social network - joint talk by Cisco & Oracle (hopefully it's not sales pitch) #semtech
2:24   webprotect   SemTech-June 8 (11:50-12:15) CTRL « Webmining & Security Informatics http://ow.ly/1d86CO
2:24   robvesse   "Excel for data cleansing" Andraz Tori characterises Google Refine #semtech
2:25   robvesse   "You can be comfortable cleaning up data that should not escape your company" #semtech
2:26   bsletten   Listening to @efreese talk about epub3. Very cool things coming. #semtech
2:26   visha1gupta   @andraz talk at #semtech2011 #semtech- Google Refine: Data Cleansing @SciVerseDev
2:27   ivan_herman  +3   mailing list to discuss issues following the structured data in HTML BOF at #semtech: public-vocabs@w3.org
2:29   shangz   Keith presented a ERT (Enterprise Relationship Term) graph -- cannot read it in whole, but looks interesting. #semtech
2:29   ozelin  +1   Google Refine, Cool tool for data cleansing and RDFization from Zemanta's speech in #semtech
2:30   juansequeda  +1   . @andraz is giving an excellent tutorial on Google Refine. He is also an excellent presenter! Very enthusiastic #semtech
2:30   robvesse   Impressed with the demo of Google Refine by @andraz #semtech
2:30   olegshilovitsky   listening for #GoogleRefine http://bit.ly/ak6gfC presentation by @andraz on #semtech
2:31   shangz   One of the criteria to choose an RDF store by Cisco: update and delete ONE triple. #icannotgetit #semtech
2:32   jonvoss   learning about improved metadata for epub3 at #semtech and seeing the #lodlam ramifications--missed those sessions last week
2:32   r_macdonald   Google Refine great for data cleanup (except RDF import) @andraz #SemTech http://bit.ly/jKa7Ja
2:32   adrianstevenson   @jonvoss Any slides avail for your #semtech talk? Would be interested to see them #lodlam
2:33   difrad   Does anyone know where the slides for "Stock Price Prediction Based on Semantic Analysis of Financial Web Communities" are? #semtech
2:34   robvesse   The reconciliation service in Google Refine is very clever #semtech
2:35   bobdc  +1   #semtech In former co-workerEric Freese's talk on semantic markup in ebooks. EPUB3 standard provides lots of good metadata slots
2:35   ozelin  +1   How have I lived all these years without Google Refine?? #semtech
2:36   jonvoss  +3   my slides from #semtech session on Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums (#lodlam): http://slidesha.re/kwnxin
2:37   robvesse   Apparently Google Refine can handle up to a few hundred thousand rows, impressive for a mostly browser based application #semtech
2:40   cotedustin  +1   "Smart Books: Semantic Markup in eBooks" session by @efreese at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58u1bo EPUB3
8 June 2:45-3:30
60/hour · 24+21 tweets
2:45   robvesse   The ability once you've connected your data to Freebase to then extend it with further linked data is very cool #semtech
2:46   piotrwilam   hey, innovation nest! greetings from semtech:)
2:46   robvesse   "Does it save it as a script for later reuse" "Yes!" @andraz #semtech
2:46   frankolken   George Thomas is speaking about http://health.data.gov at #semtech in Franciscan B room.
2:46   ewpatton   Great demo by Derek Scuffell on Syngenta chem browser, visualizations, faceted info display, search for similar chems. #semtech
2:47   jonvoss  +2   Semantic iPad ereader app: iThink Reader for iPad on the iTunes App Store http://bit.ly/k6rGj7 #semtech #epub #lodlam
2:48   crstesa  +1   Having an out-of-body experience. Watching @fluidOps analyze my social network infront of an audience. Crazy! #SemTech
2:48   ozelin   Looking forward to meet development guys in the office and defy them to a Google Refine brainstorming session. Totally aligned. #semtech
2:48   ozelin   Looking forward to meet development guys in the office and defy them to a Google Refine brainstorming session. Totally aligned. #semtech
2:48   quoll   This'll save me some Vim macros! RT @ozelin_playence How have I lived all these years without Google Refine?? #semtech
2:49   ozelin   right? RIGHT? @quoll #semtech
2:49   ldodds   @piotrwilam its open source, just download it and play! #semtech
2:52   aurale2   Helpful Advice for SemTech Attendees http://tinyurl.com/3e395m6 #myBantu
2:53   bobdc  +1   #semtech Eric Freese's talk is one of several I've seen at this conference that deserved more than the 25 minute slot that it got.
2:53   amit_p  +1   #semtech Citizen Sensing, #SocialMedia Analysis Tutorial slides: http://slidesha.re/soc-SemTech #knoesis @namelessnerd
2:54   quoll   @RobVesse @ozerline_playence yes, I usually use cut, sed, vim or Ruby for this stuff. Thanks Andraz! #semtech
2:55   robvesse  +2   @andraz 's Google Refine talk is probably the best non-keynote talk I've seen so far #semtech
3:05   dfhuynh   #semtech is buzzing about #grefine thanks to zemanta's @andraz's talk. wish I were there!
3:08   shangz   Great talk and demo of Google Refine at #semtech!
3:09   johnrpatrick   #semtech last night so packed reminded @alanmeckler of early Internet World shows. Back then we needed huge co… (cont) http://deck.ly/~GaGSy
3:12   shangz   Shame to miss the semantic markup in ebooks talk. #semtech
3:15   tmusgrove   #SemTech seems to have a more serious crowd, albeit somewhat smaller. More applications presented, fewer that are platform advocacy,
3:16   jwurzer   #SemTech I have a live demo for smart semantic information logistics with me on my iPad. Let's talk together during the conference.
3:29   robvesse   And next up is the Federated Query Environment talk #semtech
8 June 3:30-4:20
115/hour · 65+31 tweets
3 Case Studies Using Upper Ontologies
Agile Development Meets Ontology As a Service: A Cyber-Security Example
Analyzing All That's Fit to Print - Text Analysis and Journalism
Breaking Down "Data Silos" With the Open Data Protocol (OData)
Building a Semantic Integration Framework to Support a Federated Query Environment in 5 Easy Steps
Global Counterparty Risk and Exposure - A Semantic Solution
Rapid Semantic Web Application Development
Semantic Web Adoption in the Enterprise - Survey Results and Discussion
Tutorial/Demonstration of Revelytix Products
3:30   jasonhogg  +1   #semtech Watson Wows Doctors With Medical Knowledge http://bit.ly/jrafVQ
3:33   andraz   At James Leigh's session on "Rapid Semantic Web Application Development" ... rails for semantic web? #semtech
3:33   robvesse   Philip Ashworth discussing the move over time from app level data integration to data warehousing to federation #semtech
3:34   juansequeda  +2   Current stage of semantic technologies is "really early". #semtech
3:34   bsletten   Listening to @cwoodruff talk about OData. #SemTech
3:34   robvesse   "Organisations data silos tend to end up more like cemeteries" Philip Ashworth #semtech
3:34   olegshilovitsky  +6   Data Silos are actually Data Cemeteries #semtech
3:34   glemak   @bsaren agreed - @jaymyers is you're #semtech deck available online?
3:35   hconstandt   #semtech @BikeBoyJames "rapid semantic web application development" session Software needs to improve, adapt continuously to add value. Yes
3:36   robvesse  +2   "It's not about the application it's about the data" Philip Ashworth #semtech
3:36   robvesse  +1   "We were about to give up and say the type of integration we needed wasn't possible then we discovered linked data" #semtech
3:37   andraz   Wow,surprised by the positive response to my Google Refine presentation. I wish @avian2 (main GR champion in Zemanta) would be here #semtech
3:37   andraz   Tnx guys for positive response #semtech !
3:37   robvesse   "There is a significant amount of life sciences data, it's a valuable resource and it's growing" #semtech
3:38   robvesse  +1   "Wholesaling your data allows you to be data-centric rather than application centric" #semtech
3:38   robvesse   Love the slide title "Linked Data..The Quest" #semtech
3:41   shangz   Stealing a lot of tweets from @RobVesse:) #semtech
3:42   tjowens   Listening to the data journalism text analysis panel at #semtech http://bit.ly/kWmnak
3:42   robvesse   @shangz lol, the retweet button was invented for a reason ;-) #semtech
3:42   r_macdonald  +1   #DataJournalism more suited to investigative research than short-deadline demand stories @jplehmann at #SemTech http://bit.ly/lrmD0c
3:43   robvesse   Neat, "we use PURLs to configure service locations so if you move your service you don't have to redo your configurations" #semtech
3:44   r_macdonald   Daily Dot #DataJournalism study of Reddit contributors reveals "Hunters and & Gabberers" http://bit.ly/lPMj79 @owenthomas at #SemTech
3:44   robvesse   "Often there is a lot of redundancy in an RDBMS to make the system work, a complex database may only expose a few concepts" #semtech
3:45   cotedustin   @cwoodruff (of Deep Fried Bytes podcast) breaks down data silos with Open Data Protocol #OData at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58urob
3:45   robvesse   "Scientists love spreadsheets" :-) #semtech
3:45   frankolken   Drew Warren (Recognos) is talking about #semtech for Global Counterparty Risk and Exposure in room Plaza B at #semtech.
3:46   kidehen   Clicked on the "edit" link of my #PivotViewer demo re. #QRCode based name tags for events (e.g. #Semtech): http://bit.ly/k5o0Mq. #LinkedData
3:47   bsletten   @owenthomas are you at #SemTech?
3:47   frankolken   Drew Warrren #semtech for structuring or interpreting text and semistructured data, e.g., EDGAR, etc.
3:48   robvesse   "I span up an Amazon server instance in the cloud on my credit card to host the data much to the annoyance of IT" #semtech
3:48   kendall   Drew Warren talking about counter party risk and exposure at #semtech
3:48   frankolken   Drew Warren #semtech for data integration and data mining.
3:48   mfhepp   #goodrelations just made a quantum leap: site relaunch & service update released NOW: http://bit.ly/mxko5u #rdfa #schemaorg #semtech #seo
3:49   robvesse   "The problem with Linked Data is that you [sometimes] need to learn the network to explore [and exploit] it effectively" #semtech
3:50   zeknow   #SemTech presenters, start by describing the hairy problem, then introduce your clever "solution". Easier to get my attention before zzzzzzz
3:50   workingontology  +1   #SemTech press release today from vistology: Integration of BaseVisor with TopBraid Composer.
3:50   ewpatton   Ashworth: #linkeddata cloud=brilliant, but unless you know something about the network, just starting off may not get you anything #semtech
3:52   mfhepp  +2   powerful new social functions for #goodrelations developers: png: http://yfrog.com/7356np live: http://bit.ly/iib0Ob #semtech
3:52   tmusgrove  +1   From #SemTech @semanticarts uses Visio07 to map out general #ontology for a client, to get buy-in prior to making it for real in #OWL
3:54   tonyshaw  +1   @shangz: Great talk and demo of Google Refine at #semtech! < totally agree!
3:55   robvesse   VoID being used as the means to express how datasets should be integrated #semtech cc @cygri
3:56   neumarcx  +1   Yijing Zhou (DELL) inferencing [at scale] is driver for Enterprise adoption of Semantic Technologies (?) #semtech http://tinyurl.com/3wkjcfh
3:56   robvesse  +1   "REST allows us to get IT involved cos they didn't want to know SemWeb, RDF, SPARQL etc but once you have a service they're happy" #semtech
3:56   alexsherstinsky  +1   Real pleasure meeting @andraz, @tmusgrove, @SecretlyFamous, @dmccreary, and @bsletten at #SemTech today!
3:58   jays0n   #semtech talk "Analyzing All That's Fit to Print – Text Analysis and Journalism" talking about using text analysis to get text fingerprints
4:00   scotthenninger   Mar Parmalee from Mitre - Agile software development using #TopBraid suite for cyber security apps #SemTech
4:00   ericaxel  +1   Glad I stayed for the data! Great case study of business value from Semantic data in @adly #SemTech
4:03   scotthenninger   Nice demo of a #sparqlmotion web service by Mary Parmalee #SemTech #TopBraid
4:04   alanmeckler   Flying back to NYC from #semtech in SanFrancisco. Will be back for #AFexpo at Mission Bay Conf Center June 28. Www.mediabistro.com/events.
4:04   jpmccu   Has Phillip Ashworth posted his #semtech slides?
4:05   kendall   @bhuga Missed you at Semtech earlier; you were in deep conversation with others.
4:07   tjowens  +9   Extractiv is rather neat. Drop in URL/upload file and get entity extraction with dbpedia links http://bit.ly/lUW4xr #semtech #datajournalism
4:08   semanticconf  +1   Important community discussion about data formats in HTML documents & Schema.org continues at #SemTech today. Lots of opinions.
4:09   jwurzer  +1   Listening to an exiting real use case of Recognos Finance at #semtech: a counterparty risk and exposure solution for the financial industry
4:11   tjowens   Sparqlmotion wins best semweb pun name. #semtech http://bit.ly/iuFO5U #donniedarko #sometimesidoubtyourcommittmenttosparklemotion
4:12   jays0n   try out the extractive data extraction tool at: http://extractiv.com while not perfect, for analyzing text, definitely interesting #semtech
4:12   tmusgrove  +3   As expected, hottest issue at #SemTech is #schema.org. Half just hate it. The other half hate it but accept it as inevitable.
4:13   paulmiller   Owen from daily dot, speaking at #semtech; "if a journalist does no analysis, they are [just] a stenographer." Indeed.
4:14   mfhepp  +1   Kavi Goel from Google confirms that #goodrelations #rdfa support for #richnsnippets remains #semtech #seo - http://bit.ly/7IhPMl
4:16   ericaxel  +2   Google Now Supports Authorship Markup - semanticweb.com http://t.co/UzLxQ49 via @semanticweb #SemTech
4:16   neumarcx  +1   For Craig Hanson (amdoc) the promise of a more flexible data model with Semantic Technologies is a driver for enterprise adoption #semtech
4:16   semanticconf  +3   Google Now Supports Authorship Markup - semanticweb.com http://t.co/wPPJQUR via @semanticweb #SemTech
4:17   scotthenninger  +2   Rapid prototyping w/ @topbraid at Mitre - 3 man-months dev cycle for requirements, modeling, 12 hours to build web app w/ Ensemble #semtech
4:17   robvesse   "Using our linked data integration infrastructure we could build a kb in 6 mins as opposed to 16 man hours" #semtech
4:17   erimille   @prototypo thanks! re "Congratulations to the #Zepheira team on Recollection progress and the LC keynote at #SemTech"
8 June 4:20-4:30
78/hour · 6+7 tweets
4:20   jays0n   #semtech talk "Analyzing All That's Fit to Print – Text Analysis and Journalism" Dont trust representation of data if you cant test the data
4:20   robvesse   "Adding new datasets became as easy as editing the VoID" @workingontologist #semtech
4:20   zceline  +4   "hopefully we'll replace main-stream media with data-stream media: - @owenthomas #semtech panel on text analysis + jounalism
4:23   ldodds  +2   Kasabi get a mention on ProgrammableWeb come to my talk at 9.30 tomorrow morning for a live demo! http://bit.ly/llpWzN #semtech #kasabi
4:27   r_macdonald   "Replace mainstream media with data-stream media" @owenthomas at #SemTech
8 June 4:30-5:20
140/hour · 64+53 tweets
Case Study: The Neuroscience Information Framework - A Unified Semantic Framework for Discovery and Integration of Biomedical Data and Resources
Modeling of Decisions: Why and How
No-Sql Metadata Management
RDF Data Pipelines for Semantic Data Federation
Rich Snippets
Ruby: Making the Semantic Web and Linked Data Easy
Semantic Sensor Networks: The W3C Ssn-Xg Ontology and How to Semantically Enable Real Time Sensor Feeds
Semantic Technology and the Convergence of Telecommunications, Entertainment, and Media
Semantics for Risk Analysis - From Individual Portfolios to Entire Markets
4:30   temojin   Thanks @joedevon @ericmkidd whenever in LA please reach out of you want to org a meetup on semtech and ruby!
4:31   sumyeon   샌프란시스코. Semtech 2011 참석차 와있습니다. 혁상이 형하고는 어제 저녁에 식사 같이 했네요. 잘 계시는 것 같아요.
4:32   tomayac   Just gave an interview on my #SemTech talk on #SemWebVid. Thanks all for coming & the positive feedback. Who wants a "Triple Action" shirt?
4:35   hconstandt  +1   #semtech @praveer19 @kavigoel from #google talking about "rich snippets" and schema.org. They got my attention! :-)
4:35   frankolken   Adam Greissman is talking about #Semantics for Risk Analysis at #semtech in Plaza B.
4:38   skruk   #semtech at the rich snippets session in imperial B
4:38   zceline   Now at Google Rich Snippets #SemTech session. Pretty sure it will quickly turn into another schema.org debate
4:39   glemak   @agebhard @kansandhaus lol - on the left coast listening to @google discuss schema.org #semtech - enjoy your late night snack
4:39   tmusgrove   At #SemTech, after 2 days of folks griping about #Schema, #Google guy is up pitching the crowd that it all makes sense. I feel for him.
4:43   chiltone   #semtech I know I'm in the starstruck minority here, but rich snippets are neat. Live hearing about tech that touches everyday life.
4:43   kidehen  +1   Altered #SPARQL behind my #PivotViewer demo re. #QRCode based name tags for events (e.g. #Semtech). More Speakers @: http://bit.ly/k5o0Mq
4:43   andraz   At Google Rich Snippets #SemTech session ... practical results trump political correctness :)
4:43   neumarcx   at the @google session Rich Snippets #SemTech #ImperialB
4:43   hconstandt   #semtech @praveer19 @kavigoel do more than just displaying data, better slice & dice with recipes ingredients. Nice! Will test it.
4:44   shangz   don't know if google guys are going to cover a bit on schema.org stuff. #semtech
4:45   skruk   what a day: 3 mentoring sessions, presentation, countless conversations, schema.org battle; a good beer will be well earned today #semtech
4:46   glemak   @agebhard yes very good conference - exciting stuff for semantically inclined #semtech
4:46   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech I could swear that graphic just indicated that most structured markup comes from Alaska.
4:46   hconstandt   #semtech @praveer19 @kavigoel 2 times growth of rich snippets since semtech2010 but markup still isn't the norm for most content creators...
4:46   shangz   Global heat map of structured data on the web --most areas in Russia and China are vague, again. #semtech
4:46   tmusgrove   #Google's arguments at #SemTech: that rich snippets are cool: convincing. that schema.org is the best basis for them: not convincing.
4:48   glemak   @shangz they did at bof during lunch break #semtech
4:49   juansequeda   schema.org... here we come #semtech
4:50   streamweaver  +1   Dead Simple Python Calls to Open Calais API: http://t.co/xd36nTw #semtech
4:50   shangz   Now, getting to schema.org in the rich snippet session. #semtech
4:50   glemak  +1   #semtech for those interested in van vs bos instead of microdata vs rdfa we'll be at union square sports bar #hockey
4:51   hconstandt  +4   #semtech @kavigoel #schema.org Goal: simplify story for webmasters & drive adoption. What are the vocabularies/use cases I can benefit from?
4:52   bhuga   The first #semtech content i'm attending is @ericmkidd's ruby presentation. Because I'm in it! Refreshingly little text on slides in here!
4:52   cotedustin   @dmmccreary says "Quit shredding your data!" in the #NoSQL Metadata Management session at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/58vi6n
4:53   neumarcx  +1   I somehow missed that Elsevier acquired ChoicePoint in 2008 #SSN #lotico #semtech #OT
4:53   piotrwilam  +4   google says "having us and yahoo and microsoft in the same room and agree on something was an achievement" :) #SemTech
4:54   extractiv  +3   At SemTech :: RT @tjowens: Extractiv is rather neat. Drop in URL/file and get entity extraction with dbpedia links http://bit.ly/lUW4xr
4:56   andraz   I am not a big Google fan, but Kavi Goel makes a solid case for schema.org. And he's a damn good speaker #semtech
4:56   neumarcx  +1   @google cites slow pace of semantic adoption as motivation for schema.org it sounds a bit like a straw man to me #semtech
4:57   ldodds  +2   Neat. David Booth suggesting using SPARQL INSERT as an inference rule: add triple if a condition is met #semtech
4:58   dpalmisano  +1   just added schema.org extraction support to Any23 trunk http://bit.ly/9xPq7q thanks to @micmos #semanticweb #semtech #microdata
4:58   glemak   #semtech - session on tap dancing by schema.org @google - kavi sticking to talking points http://flic.kr/p/9RJo9N
4:58   quoll   Justifications always sound rational, but I'm really looking forward to hearing the Q&A part of Google's schema.org talk #semtech
4:59   rspz   Google accused of closed-doors standards with schema.org - they should read http://bit.ly/iN5oYV #semtech
4:59   marie_wallace  +3   Interesting article & impressive results. RT @jasonhogg #semtech Watson Wows Doctors With Medical Knowledge http://bit.ly/jrafVQ #ibm
4:59   robvesse   Kinda sessioned out atm #semtech
5:01   andraz   @kavigoel says "We believe supporting one standard works better than supporting three" #semtech :) +1
5:01   hconstandt   #semtech @kavigoel #schema.org Two big questions? Why microdata, not RDFa? One standard is better? Which one? Motivation was simplicity ...
5:02   zeknow   @dmccreary presentation rocking a few worlds at #SemTech
5:02   andraz   @kevinmarks @tmusgrove And then there is a tiny minority at #semtech and huge majority of the web developers that finally have a clear path
5:03   neumarcx  +2   A wise man recently asked me "Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?" "Anywhere it wants..." #semtech #google #schema.org
5:04   quoll  +1   @ldodds I think you'll find almost all rule systems present at #semtech are using INSERT/WHERE as the principal tool
5:04   hconstandt   #semtech @kavigoel #schema.org Q2: why weren't people/vocabilaries involved? Get something out.
5:06   hconstandt   #semtech @kavigoel schema.org future: (1) better educationand feedback for webmasters (2) get (more) simpler (3) use data in new ways (?!?)
5:07   quoll  +1   I agree with Google that RDFa wasn't simple, but this seems to ignore RDFa 1.1 progress #semtech
5:07   paololombardi   finally out of the booth and bootstrapping myself into #semtech
5:07   frankolken   Dr. Barbara Hughes from PolarLake is talking about their reference data system as used for financial reference data at #semtech in Plaza B.
5:07   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Great point that CMS support for schema.org should be far more important for adoption than webmasters adding code themselves.
5:08   jodbod  +1   #semtech rich snippets and schema.org. Still feels like it's just a presentation thing...semantics is about a deeper management of content
5:09   quoll  +8   Google seemed to believe that markup wasn't being used due to complexity. I think it was due to no one knowing about it #semtech
5:11   zceline   +1 RT @andraz @kevinmarks @tmusgrove & then there is tiny minority @ #semtech & huge majority of web developers that finally have clear path
5:12   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech schema.org isn't about what people can say, it's about what search engines can hear.
5:14   glenn_mcdonald   @jodbod #semtech Agreed. Anything based on embedding stuff in HTML is going to be inevitably tied to presentation.
5:15   hconstandt   "@GuyKawasaki: What will happen to the Internet tomorrow? http://t.co/SPp8C3M" #semtech sidetrack "Will the internet stop on June 8th?" ;-)
5:15   frankolken   Amir Halfan (Oracle) is talking at #semtech about Oracle's RDF store for financial applications in Plaza B.
5:17   quoll   schema.org will raise profile of markup due to the MS/G/Y! partnership. Goal of simplicity doesn't really change that #semtech
5:17   shangz   Don't think some of the questions from the audience take how Google deals with the web into account. #semtech
5:17   frankolken   Amir Halfan (#Oracle) at #semtech: Oracle's #RDF triple store is built atop #Oracle's relational DBMS, supports Open Calais.
5:19   juansequeda  +5   Q: instead of saying that rdf was too complicated, why didn't you create tools. Same way ppl thought html was complicated in 1995 #semtech
8 June 5:20 - 9 June 8:30am
18/hour · 105+168 tweets
5:21   bobdc  +5   #semtech Google's Kavi keeps saying "if schema.org is successful" as if millions won't jump when Google says "this improves search rankings"
5:21   cotedustin  +1   @juansequeda Because they didn't want a repeat of FrontPage & DreamWeaver? :) #SemTech
5:21   neumarcx   Google loves keywords #schema.org #semtech
5:23   frankolken   #PolarLake has their own rule system which encodes rules in #RDF. #semtech
5:25   quoll  +4   @bobdc yup. Webmasters would be solving differential equations in their web pages if Google said it would improve rankings #semtech
5:26   jays0n   MT @jodbod: #semtech rich snippets & schema.org Still feels like just a presentation thing.semantics is about a deeper management of content
5:28   tmusgrove  +1   #Google at #SemTech:"our philosophy so far...is helping the content creator... driving people to their content". #IWantToBelieve.
5:28   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Yes: schema.org is about tagging data on web pages, but this is not at all the same as publishing data.
5:30   rlovinger  +1   Bye #SemTech, it's been wonderful as always. I'll be watching the tweets to see what new developments people are talking about tomorrow!
5:32   skruk   Google: if there is enough traction why we should stop consuming good (relations) data. What if community will use schema.org+RDFa? #semtech
5:33   tomayac  +4   GoodNews for #GoodRelations: @kavigoel _explicitly_ points out at #SemTech that GR will have continued support! // CC: @mfhepp
5:33   jodbod  +4   #semtech listening to this schema.org discussion, now convinced that web pages should have a structured data view such as an .rdf version
5:33   quoll  +5   @juansequeda wants to know how much spam Google sees in markup. I think he's trying to find out if semantics have "made it" :-) #semtech
5:34   amit_p  +2   Active Perception over Machine & Citizen Sensing: http://slidesha.re/a-percept #semtech #socialmedia #knoesis #semanticweb #semantics
5:34   juansequeda  +1   This has been an EXTREMELY CALM crowd at the google talk. Why? I'm pretty disappointed #semtech
5:35   glenn_mcdonald   @jodbod #semtech Agreed. I think the way out of the embedded-markup mess is not trying to cram everything into embedded markup at all.
5:37   jaromirdzialo   Celebrities get approx 15,000 clicks per Tweeted links. NYT gets about 400. #SemTech
5:38   frankolken   #semtech has concluded for today. Tomorrow #semtech ends at noon with tutorials in the afternoon.
5:44   semanticnews   schema.org BOF at SemTech http://eqent.me/kbwRnr
5:44   amit_p  +1   @google & #semanticweb: juxtapose 2007 Norvig views/counter views with schema.org: http://bit.ly/google-on-SW #semtech #schema #semantics
5:52   juansequeda   Lets meet for dinner at Hilton lobby at 7pm #semtech
5:56   jwurzer   Look at the semantic information logistic portal shown at the #semtech today: http://bit.ly/jrmyji and http://bit.ly/jMGs1O
6:04   hconstandt   Thx @jensmccabe: "You know what they call failure in Silicon Valley? Experience." http://t.co/WHJhXZB Nice one 2 end my SFO #semtech day :-)
6:07   jodbod   @glenn_mcdonald #semtech so where to start... :o)
6:22   federated_media   FM's Chief Scientist, Tim Musgrove, takes the stage at the SEMTECH conference here today in San Francisco. http://fb.me/zIB0BMSU
6:25   glenn_mcdonald   @jodbod #semtech Short version of my long answer is "start with data". Longer version at http://t.co/c3um1FG
6:27   mlinksva  +1   http://www.w3.org/2011/06/semtech-bof-notes.html incl IRC comments from @t @danbri @manusporny pretty interesting #schema
6:32   webredesigner   Web30Ready.com: CIOs Dive Into Semantic Web: That's the sentiment at this week's SemTech conference in San Franc... http://bit.ly/jhkRD7
6:52   manusporny  +6   schema.org/Structured Data in HTML meeting notes from SemTech (official W3C version): http://ht.ly/5dzGb #w3c #rdfa #microdata
7:05   chrismessina  +3   Wish I'd been there! Drama! http://t.co/LzScumE /feat @t @danbri @manusporny @kavigoel via @mlinksva #SchemaOrg #microformats
7:19   purppetal   #SemTech celebrating. @heyitschar looking Fab. http://t.co/FOSFU3T
7:35   nopiedra   #linkeddata RT @paul_houle: was a bit depressed that people at #semtech would rather bitch about schema.org than swap war stories
7:39   sgchance   @tomayac @frankolken @kavigoel @mfhepp #GoodRelations #SemTech Maybe I'm missing it. Google says no 2 nothing, commits 2 nothing, does all.
7:46   davidmead   More discussion around the subject http://t.co/LzScumE. Things are heating up /via @chrismessina #SchemaOrg #microformats
8:06   nopiedra   #semTech #LinkedData Active Perception over Machine and Citizen Sensing http://slidesha.re/iy4Biq
8:12   gluejar  +2   Would have been great to stay in SF for #semtech but have a little company to run. My post on #schema.org #schemaorg http://bit.ly/kBTgKz
8:17   grechaw   Seems to me that we can begin to replace IT asset management with knowledge management. A much higher value proposition. #semtech
8:21   nopiedra  +1   #LinkedData RT @jonvoss: my slides from #semtech session on LinkedOpenData in Libraries, Archives&Museums #lodlam http://slidesha.re/kwnxin
8:40   nopiedra  +1   #linkeddata #semanticweb RT @glenn_mcdonald: #semtech schema.org isn't about what people can say, it's about what search engines can hear.
8:47   nopiedra  +1   #LInkedData RT @prototypo: Bernadette Hyland's Linked Data Cookbook presentation now available at http://slidesha.re/mDUJzt #SemTech
8:55   nopiedra  +2   Linked Data Cookbook by Bernadette Hyland @BernHyland CEO Talis Inc. http://bit.ly/mQeO7o #Semtech #linkeddata
8:57   chalaschek  +1   Great day at #semtech. Especially liked the ad.ly talk by @crstesa about their use of linked open data. Cool stuff.
9:10   marnielandon   so sad I couldn't make this #SemTech ... looking forward to the next one ...keep tweeting
9:12   jahendler   @olyerickson I was trying to convince the fawm to write the NSF proposal - alas, no luck so I have to... #semtech #TWCRPI
9:15   jahendler  +1   Glad to see Google sent someone to discuss schema.org at #semtech -- an important conversation to have!
9:31   skruk   #schemaOrg BOF meeting at #SemTech http://instagr.am/p/FaqGr/
9:35   bniemannsr   Great SemTech 2011 Conference!
9:38   rbrgr   Great fresh insights here. Semantic Link at #SemTech + Schema.org June 2011 - semanticweb.com http://t.co/KxfjPXu via @semanticweb
9:40   m_a_r_t_i_n   Nice. RT > @jahendler: Glad to see Google sent someone to discuss schema.org at #semtech -- an important conversation to have!
9:51   crstesa   Thanks @chalaschek, really great catching up at #SemTech!
9:56   bellbryan   Cogito Search Explore Engine launches at SemTech 2011: http://t.co/vCIjcxn
9:59   _masaka  +1   SemTech 2011 BOF on structured data/vocab http://bit.ly/ih9Mr7 混乱→シンプル重要→schema.orgでMDのみ。文書化とは別に複数形式サポートは可能性あり。語彙はtantekらがIRCで強く批判(要約無理…)
10:06   neumarcx   @glemak u b around at #semtech tomorrow?
10:16   kristathomas   Hey @Jenz514 - thanks for your time and interest at #semtech (cc: @crstesa)
10:44   chgravier   @kendall I wish I were at #Semtech. I should have been actually. Any chance to read your slides online ? #spanner
10:44   kristathomas   @r_macdonald hey Roger - sorry to miss you at #semtech - hope all is well!
11:06   bengee   @t +1 for #microformats2, could be xctly what I've been looking for for years. http://bit.ly/gXP2Sx /via #semtech BOF http://bit.ly/jBHUSn
11:12   techkeith   @shangz update and delete multiple related triples at high rate was the criteria. Not one triple, it wouldn't make sense. #SemTech
11:36   semanticnews  +1   SemTech Day 1: Creating value for Customer Care http://eqent.me/lRGIs5
11:51   bsletten   #SemTech is invigorating and draining. Finishing a very long and busy day w/ a little Harold Innis.
11:55   villavelius  +1   A.k.a. 'repositories' (from L. repositorium = grave) RT @olegshilovitsky Data Silos are actually Data Cemeteries #semtech (via @hconstandt)
12:02   bhuga   On some random roof in sf. Recommended: drink with investors.#semtech http://twitpic.com/590242
12:08   hconstandt   "@Villavelius: aka 'repositories' (from L. repositorium = grave) RT @olegshilovitsky Data Silos are actually Data Cemeteries #semtech" - LOL
12:13   andraz   @tmusgrove @zceline @kevinmarks Yes backlash was predictable. Many people at #semtech are heavily professionally invested in RDF stack.
12:14   foolip  +3   Read http://www.ftrain.com/wwic.html before reading http://ht.ly/5dzGb
12:54   ephemerian   Comprehensive scribing of #SemTech discussion on structured data in HTML (i.e. schema.org) by @sandhawke http://goo.gl/e7UIf
1:00   slideshare   'Bernadette Hyland SemTech 2011 West - Linked Data Cookbook' is featured on our homepage. http://slidesha.re/mDUJzt
1:11   ajcdeliciousnet   [from PeteJ] SemTech 2011 BOF on structured data in HTML -- 08 June 2011 http://goo.gl/fb/XSIOw
1:43   gklyne   Schema.org's great achievment: getting RDF and microformats ppl to *agree* - http://t.co/vGMcE7K
2:20   kevinmarks   Tweets about #schema.org from today's Semantic Web conference BoF: http://bit.ly/k0Zqsp
2:33   langtechnews   Smartlogic to Present with NASA at 2011 Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech) San Francisco June http://goo.gl/5FI0R
2:38   frankvanharmele  +5   Totally depressed after reading http://bit.ly/kcO1iL : Google&Bing&Yahoo enforcing centralised vocab's developed in a closed room
2:44   micmos  +1   just added schema.org extraction support to Any23 trunk http://bit.ly/9xPq7q thanks to @micmos #semweb #semtech #microdata(via @dpalmisano)
3:29   haschek   As #schema.org rules #SemTech, I updated my compiled link list http://bit.ly/lOZlhS and put a tweetwall on http://bit.ly/jr072R #SemWeb
3:36   mfhepp  +1   #goodrelations now also has a class for brands: http://t.co/SimXLlY #semantic #seo (and you can tweet about individual elements) #semtech
4:20   poingg   Fanáticos das guerras da web semântica vão adorar ler isto http://t.co/i68zhSU #fb
4:50   razoralign  +1   #SemTech 2011 Day 4. 目に留まったSlideやTweetをblogに纏めました。 http://t.co/jYgmQEU TL追い切れてない部分も多く、個人的趣向のピックアップ多めです。 ツイート上で紹介されたスライドは、だいたい網羅出来てると思います。
5:20   jgpereira   #iks_project represented by Henri Bergius at SemTech 2011 Panel talk Structured data in HTML & vocabularies http://bit.ly/mPpY7C
5:20   iks_project   #iks_project represented by Henri Bergius at SemTech 2011 Panel talk Structured data in HTML & vocabularies http://bit.ly/mPpY7C
5:27   jaymyers   Many thanks to all who made #Semtech great again this year. Looking forward to when we all meet again
5:33   timmolendijk   Schema.org, The Open Web™ and the big metadata rage http://ow.ly/5dPW0 (for context see http://ow.ly/5dPYA)
5:40   jaymyers  +2   #semtech 2011 slides are up on slideshare: RDFa -- Search engines and beyond! http://t.co/WUw10cO
5:52   consultramy   Great turnout yesterday at booth 302 - ctrl #semantic engine - Go beyond words into concepts - #Semtech - Thank you for stopping by :)
5:53   soslab   Bernadette Hyland SemTech 2011 West Linked Data Cookbook http://bit.ly/lCbcYY
5:54   tonyhammond   Misreading schedule for today: "Kasabi - a Linked Data Masterpiece". Must remember not to tell @ldodds that. ;) #semtech
5:59   semanticsaltlux   [SemTech 2011]Geo-Social Semantics and Hybrid Reasoning for Smart Mobile Services, 솔트룩스 이경일 대표 발표자료, http://bit.ly/kbOwSt
6:09   marie_wallace   #semweb becoming mainstream? http://bit.ly/iAmp9S #semtech #social
6:21   ftrain   "Ivan Herman:..there are two issues here: syntax and vocab management." "Dan Brickley: count yourself lucky ;)" http://ht.ly/5dzGb
6:34   kathrynhallpr  +1   Today at SemTech 2011, Ode Magazine and Federated Media (FM) are launching OdeWire! Congratulations!! May the good news prosper!
6:58   ivan_herman  +3   W3C Semantic Web Activity News - HTML and Structured Data BOF at SemTech http://j.mp/jT1XqV
7:07   computerworldit   SemTech 2011: la semantica nel finance http://t.co/xFajQPO #semtech #expertsystem
7:20   ldodds  +2   I'm giving a demonstration of #kasabi, our new #LinkedData marketplace, at 9.30 this morning in Yosemite B. #semtech http://beta.kasabi.com
7:38   epoz  +1   I find the schema.org kerfuffle very interesting. http://ht.ly/5dzGb #geekalert
7:44   frankvanharmele  +4   "You don't need a PhD in Computer science & Philosophy to use SemTech today" : http://slidesha.re/loFW5i by @crstesa at ad.ly
7:51   tomayac  +2   The World of #SchemaOrg visualized by Googler @arnaudbrousseau: http://bit.ly/kCjIU0. Licensed under the #WTFPL :-) // #SemTech
7:53   glemak   @bsaren np - so paypal & best buy - two good #semtech use cases :)
7:55   scagliarini   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: la semantica nel finance http://t.co/g6Vmcn2
8:02   semanticnews   SemTech Day 3: Focus on Financials http://eqent.me/lfyDxZ
8:04   aaranged   Structured data in HTML BOF at SemTech http://bit.ly/lZAPhe - @sandhawke summarizes #SemTech schema.org discussion
8:04   teawithcarl   @MosesofMason Interestng link - W3C semantics. Microformats,microdata,RDFa. http://t.co/LzScumE Tantek Celik, Earth's top software engineer.
8:08   aaranged  +1   SemTech 2011: Where Semantics Meet the Real World http://bit.ly/lHAizp @daviskho
8:09   daviskho   My take on #Semtech11 for EcontentMag.com: http://t.co/APBTmZs great to hear from publishers like #bbc about real world implementations!
8:11   joshsh  +1   Here's the paper on ingesting the equivalent of the Twitter Firehose (last fall) into AllegroGraph: http://bit.ly/mLfRsl /cc @chl #SemTech
8:14   aaranged  +1   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://bit.ly/jESfYq @seangolliher
8:26   petewarden   Anybody able to put me in touch with Brewster Kahle? He came up and chatted after my SemTech talk yesterday, but I lost his card
9 June 8:30-9:15
135/hour · 72+29 tweets
Semantic Technology at the Library of Congress
8:31   ondigo   Apart from not being able to jack information directly into my brain (work on that!), #semtech has been everything I could have hoped for.
8:33   jonvoss   #semtech closing keynote by Laura Campbell, Library of Congress, then MacKenzie Smith on Exhibit, @tjowens on Recollection. #lodlam
8:34   robvesse   At the Keynote by the Library of Congress #semtech
8:34   semanticnews  +1   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://is.gd/t5JGZl
8:35   ivan_herman   laura cambell, semantic web at the LOC #semtech
8:36   cotedustin   Laura Campbell's "Semantic Technology at the Library of Congress" at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/595jtx
8:38   uogbuji  +1   Laura Campbell, CIO of Library of Congress, largest in the world. 146M items, 470 languages.... #SemTech
8:38   robvesse   "The library today obtains not just printed media but a vast library of digital media" #semtech
8:40   robvesse   "And now we're harvesting on the web...not everything is worth saving...but we triage what we want to preserve" #semtech
8:41   juansequeda  +2   At the #semtech keynote with Laura Campbell, CIO of the Library of Congress. They are using #linkeddata!!
8:42   cwoodruff   great keynote from Library of Congress CIO about how they use Semantic Web #SEMTECH
8:43   shangz   keynote by Laura Cambell - Semantic Web at Library of Congress, w/ focus on linked data. #semtech
8:43   cjmconnors  +6   #SemTech at the #LoC - a long overdue talk! We need MORE librarians here - I promise it's not scary or hard; all good. :)
8:44   robvesse   "Most items in the library are not books and serials...including 580TB of digital material" wow #semtech
8:44   zeknow   #SemTech loc, blah, blah, blah, I'd rather read the book
8:45   scagliarini   Library of Congress faces increasing complexity too: More Quality + More Quantity + More Variety #semtech
8:45   juansequeda   She's reading #semtech
8:49   juansequeda  +1   "Linked data makes it easier to integrate data with common vocabulary" #linkeddata #semtech
8:50   ericaxel   At Laura Campbell #SemTech Keynote. Quality, quantity, and diversity (content & format) of material in Lib. of Congress is astounding!
8:51   juansequeda   Linked data is critical for 1) disseminating vocabs 2) providing content 3) enabling partnerships #linkeddata #semtech #loc
8:51   scagliarini   Linked Data is critical for LOC to disseminate the vocabulary created and to provide access to content #semtech
8:52   cjmconnors  +1   Linked data critical for disseminating vocabularies, providing content, enabling partnerships. Laura Campbell, CIO, LoC. #semtech
8:53   der42  +1   "Linked Data is critical (to Library of Congress) for disseminating vocabularies, providing content, enabling partnerships. " #semtech
8:53   glemak   @cjmconnors librarians rule!! #semtech #loc :)
8:54   bsaren  +1   Which Internet retailers are at the forefront of #semtech? Using #GoodRelations & recontextualizing SEO, social commerce. /cc @litleco
8:54   uogbuji  +1   "putting all this stuff in a single, super system not going to work for us" Nice to hear repudiation of the supermodel #SemTech
8:54   robvesse   Mmmm lots of yummy #linkeddata from the LoC #semtech
8:54   kendall  +3   Slides from my talk at #semtech about Spanner, a Semantic ECM system are available: http://t.co/MEw2xLw
8:54   aurale2   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://tinyurl.com/6ys9aua #myBantu
8:55   neumarcx   Why id.loc.gov? #semtech
8:55   shangz   id.loc.gov for LOC vocabularies. #semtech
8:55   zeknow   I think I would like to offer my services to preview presentations and save others from boring the pants of their audiences, #SemTech 2012?
8:55   juansequeda  +1   "Why share our data as linked data? it's saves us time and money" #loc #linkeddata #semtech
8:56   cjmconnors  +1   Why id.loc.gov - establishes provenance, less system resources, more agile publishing, added value from partner orgs. #semtech
8:56   scagliarini   http://id.loc.gov/ source of authoritative vocabulary. #semtech
8:57   uogbuji   Laura asked who'd heard of VIAF. One person put up their hand, but Eric, MacKenzie & Uche were keeping low profile ;) #SemTech
8:58   robvesse  +1   Linked Data allows the LoC to provide multilingual metadata by collaboration with other national libraries #semtech
8:58   uogbuji   @cjmconnors was that VIAF hand you? I didn't look :) #SemTech
8:59   bobdc   #semtech Looking forward to playing with Library of Congress's HTTP API to their Prints and Photographs collection
8:59   petrvas   Quite boring presntation from Library of Congress #semtech It is always bad idea to read your text.
9:00   c_marcant   Checking arnd me: many ppl have tuned out RT @petrvas: Quite boring presntation from LoC #semtech its always bad idea 2 read yr text.
9:00   fspaggiari   Computerworld Italia » SemTech 2011: la semantica nel finance http://t.co/EN65Hev #semtech
9:01   cjmconnors   @uogbuji Of course it was me! I want to hear her say that Colon Classification is the new big thing (matrixed URIs baby!) ;) #semtech
9:01   uogbuji  +1   Laura Campbell is talking about @ndiipp now at #SemTech. For "born digital" materials http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/
9:01   zeknow   Don't get me wrong, it's not that the info isn't important, but where's the added value of the live delivery? #SemTech
9:01   ivan_herman  +5   Chronicling America (The Library of Congress) http://j.mp/kgKtZG data available in #json and #rdf #semtech
9:02   glenn_mcdonald  +3   #semtech schema.org issues explicated: http://t.co/HRW8vwi
9:02   ivan_herman  +16   My Introduction to #RDFa is now on slideshare http://t.co/JsamB9z #semtech
9:02   uogbuji   And even closer, talking about http://bit.ly/aWLbzL @ Laura Campbell's #SemTech keynote re: @ndiipp
9:03   rtcutler   What is the copyright status of the photos in LOC? Can we use them freely? The old ones? #semtech
9:03   lorenzocassulo   I'm at SemTech Conference 2011 w/ @andraz http://4sq.com/jKLA1B
9:03   glemak   keynote day 3 #semtech #libraryofcongress #linkdata #opendata http://flic.kr/p/9RRvNH
9:04   itiroundup   SemTech 2011: Where Semantics Meet the Real World http://blog-u.com/VhS9G via EContentMag.com
9:04   econtentmag  +1   SemTech 2011: Where Semantics Meet the Real World http://blog-u.com/VhSLy
9:04   robvesse   Think OAI-PMH just got a mention #semtech
9:05   shangz   LOC provides APIs to access their newspaper prints and photographs collections: http://1.usa.gov/mssSXq http://bit.ly/kx1Rfs #semtech
9:09   robvesse   "Linked Data does not necessarily meet all of our business needs but it meets some of them" #semtech
9:09   juansequeda   "Linked data doesn't meet all of our business needs, but it meets many of them" #semtech #linkeddata #loc
9:09   uogbuji   Laura Campbell offers links: id.loc.gov, viaf.org, loc.gov/pictures, chroniclingamerica.loc.gov ... #SemTech #linkeddata
9:10   robvesse   "pony in the room"? Is that an americanisation of "elephant in the room"? #semtech
9:11   cjmconnors   Recollection.Zepheira.com - a great way to interact with cultural data and artifacts. #loc #semtech
9:11   uogbuji   '1.2 million photos that have been digitized online are "all yours"' (I assume public domain) re: loc.gov/pictures #SemTech
9:11   juansequeda  +1   I've been able to interview 6 startups at #semtech for @SemanticWeb_com Have I missed you? Find me today!!
9:12   bobdc  +1   #semtech Library of Congress JSON data about John Coltrane's 1960 8x10 publicity photo http://loc.gov/pictures/item/93512296/?fo=json
9:12   robvesse  +1   Some boring person just bought up copyright and IP protection, why are americans so obsessed with IP enforcement? #semtech
9:12   juansequeda  +3   1200 people attended #semtech
9:12   rspz   1200 attendees at SemTech 2011 #semtech
9:12   scagliarini   1200 people attended #semtech
9:13   frankolken   1200 atendees at #semtech
9:13   web20education   #MediaHeroes -Content #Curation Tool #edtech20 #socialmedia #edchat #semtech #semanticweb #ukedchat #elemchat #iel11 http://bit.ly/k0EImG
9:13   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Official attendance: 1200! It's like a weeknight Open Cup playin filled entirely with data geeks!
9:14   cjmconnors   Wondering why I haven't seen @edsu at all this week? #semtech
9 June 9:15-9:30
136/hour · 15+19 tweets
9:15   learningsparql  +2   #semtech O'Reilly's "Learning SPARQL" web page is now up and ready for pre-orders http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920020547/
9:15   jenz514   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://bit.ly/jiOKn2
9:15   semanticweb  +1   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://bit.ly/jiOKn2
9:19   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech Reading responses to schema.org from people who aren't here, I feel the tide turning. No, not turning: arriving.
9:21   ldodds   About to demo #kasabi in Yosemite B #semtech
9:23   glemak   @RobVesse lawyers happen everywhere rob :) #semtech
9:23   terraces   #semtech talk @ Hilton San Francisco Union Square Pool http://instagr.am/p/FcBV_/
9:24   ralphtq  +1   #SemTech, "@HolgerKnublauch: "Microdata and RDFa in TopBraid Composer": http://t.co/fSMVKTz #microdata #schemaorg"
9:25   manusporny  +3   The RDFa/SEO Wave - how to catch it and why: http://ht.ly/5e5F5 #rdfa #seo #semtech
9:25   kendall   @grechaw Great to meet you at #semtech, finally!
9:26   churchofsearch   The RDFa/SEO Wave - how to catch it and why: http://ht.ly/5e5F5 #rdfa #seo #semtech: The RDFa/SEO Wave - how to ... http://bit.ly/l6bAc1
9:28   cwoodruff   @mamund I wish you were here at #SEMTECH
9:28   pnnl_andrew   Exhibit 3 - Currently sat in a session at SemTech waiting for the session on Exhibit 3 to start. We use... http://tumblr.com/x2t2x49vjs
9:29   snath  +2   I am at #semtech giving a talk this morning on #eclass #GoodRelations and a medical product catalog implemented in #Confluence
9:29   stephanef   Anyone could tell me where and when will be the next #Semtech conference in 2012 ?
9 June 9:30-9:55
139/hour · 37+21 tweets
A Platform for Integrating Public Data Into Nyc.Gov
Exhibit3: Publishing Framework for Large Scale Data-Rich Interactive Web Pages
Implementing GoodRelations and eCl@Ss Ontologies for a Medical Device Reference Application
Kasabi - A Linked Data Marketplace
Playence Media: Semantic Multimedia Annotation and Search in the Media Sector
Searching the Web-of-Things
Semantic Technologies and Statoil's Integration Layer for Plant Information Systems
Semantic Technology and Patent Analysis
Semwebbers, LODers: What PubSubHubbub Can Do for You
9:30   cotedustin   @terraces bag of tricks for PubSubHubbub http://bit.ly/jZlrOx at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/5966uj
9:31   sgchance   @RobVesse #semtech Would you please send me all your software and other works? Free? :-)
9:31   nunolopes  +1   #SemTech presentation "Transforming between XML and RDF with XSPARQL": http://slidesha.re/j7T73a
9:32   frankolken   Eric Miller is talking about Exhibit at #semtech in Imperial A room.
9:33   difrad   Learning about the new Exhibit3 at #semtech by Eric Miller, very excited
9:34   robvesse   In @ldodds #kasabia tak at #semtech Interested to see the new stuff re: dataset publishing cc @zbeauvais @TeamKasabi
9:35   juansequeda  +5   Kasabi is an RDF storage in the cloud, a linked data publishing engine and allows to search and browse datasets #semtech
9:36   jays0n   Hearing about creating APIs in #Kasabi by @ldodds: in Yosemite B #semtech
9:37   stephanef   #semtech When Exhibit 3.0 code will be released ?
9:40   joedevon   @Playence, Plaza A, looks really interesting. Multi lingual video annotation #semtech
9:40   uogbuji   Early adopter version August or so, a major release expected end of year RT @stephanef: #semtech When Exhibit 3.0 code will be released?
9:41   uogbuji  +1   For more info see: http://www.simile-widgets.org/exhibit3/ @stephanef: #semtech When Exhibit 3.0 code will be released?
9:42   difrad  +3   New Requirements for exhibit - scalable to 1M triples and 20k facet values #semtech
9:42   hconstandt   #semtech @platence Nice content and ingestion architecture slide but wondering if RDFa webs and SPARQL endpoints should replace the API (?)
9:45   frankolken   Exhibit 2.0 predates #jQuery #rdf #UI #semtech
9:45   eugmandel  +1   #SemTech session on searching the web of things brings to mind Java JINI for dynamically connecting everything http://bit.ly/jYOTu2
9:45   difrad   new features to improve permalinking for end users to specific view with state #exhibit3 #semtech
9:46   tyrberg   @stephanef there is one in London later this year and then more in 2012 #semtech
9:46   frankolken   McKenzie Smith is PI for Exhibit 3.0 (Eric Miller is co-PI) #semtech #rdf #UI
9:46   uogbuji   Yeah this was key RT @difrad: new features to improve permalinking for end users to specific view with state #exhibit3 #semtech
9:47   stephanef   Any demo page pointer for exhibit3, user guide ? #semtech
9:47   difrad  +1   this not only allows sharing of exhibit views with others, but will allow exhibit view to be piped together #exhibit3 #semtech
9:47   uogbuji   Eric showing off the prototype ability to bookmark #exhibit3 facet state, a key feature of the redesign #semtech
9:49   uogbuji  +1   Not yet. We've focused on analysis & project infrastructure so far RT @stephanef: Any demo page pointer for exhibit3, user guide? #semtech
9:49   difrad  +1   See more about Exhibit 3.0 project here http://bit.ly/fR4iJ7 #semtech
9:49   uogbuji   We're moving quickly & we'll get there soon RT @stephanef: Any demo page pointer for exhibit3, user guide? #semtech
9:50   difrad  +4   Code for new Exhibit 3.0 is also up on github http://bit.ly/kxTAU0 #semtech
9:50   consultramy   @juansequeda Great - thanks for stopping by - Have a great one at #semtech
9:51   robvesse  +1   @ldodds now covering the important details re: revenue model of #Kasabi #semtech
9:52   ondigo  +6   Kasabi looks like an awesome, very well-thought-out service. I can't wait to crawl through it. #semtech http://beta.kasabi.com
9:52   ericaxel  +1   @erimille shows how Exhibit3 allows sharing of facets in state. #SemTech very cool!
9:52   paulmiller   Well done, @ldodds. #semtech #Kasabi
9:52   difrad   Simple instructions to do local hosting - This is big for me, as it was difficult to get the java servlets up and running #semtech
9:53   consultramy   It's clear tht publishers are now shaping the future of semantics as much as being influenced by it @econtentmag http://ht.ly/5e7y2 #semtech
9:53   robvesse   @ldodds says there will be charges for high volume API use and revenue sharing if hosting paid datasets #semtech
9:54   aiwang  +2   Exhibit3 http://t.co/zVLQ6lR is very cool. 1000x scalable plus lots of new features: permlink, export, staging... @SemTech
9:54   zeknow   Excellent energy level in eric miller's presentation at #SemTech
9 June 9:55-10:10
88/hour · 11+11 tweets
9:55   frankolken   Exhibit 3.0 is written in javascript on the client side. Backends are REST APIs and written in Python. #semtech
9:56   hconstandt   #semtech @playence Nice content and ingestion architecture slide But wondering if RDFa webs and SPARQL endpoints should replace the API (?)"
9:57   glenn_mcdonald   #semtech I hate hearing people say that they're excited about what they've done. If they're talking, they'd better be.
9:57   eugmandel  +1   Super interesting #semtech session by @benchristophe on the "web of things" - combining the capabilities of multiple devices to build apps
9:58   bobdc   #semtech @erimille on Simile Exhibit another presentation that deserved more than 25 minutes, but I have to leave for the airport anyway
9:58   tomayac   A bit disappointed by the @playence #SemTech talk. I was hoping for more technical details & less sales pitch.
10:00   kchulis   Core Analytics at #SemTech on Social Media Activation and Loyalty http://lnkd.in/8UhMA4
10:00   robvesse   Handy, first time in the whole conference where two talks in a row I wanted to attend are in the same room so no need to move :-D #semtech
10:01   teawithcarl   This LINK, absolutely fantastic- defining the deepest semantic core of the Internet 语义网络 http://www.w3.org/2011/06/semtech-bof-notes.html
10:02   ronateshian   #SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why -... http://ff.im/FlBPe
10:08   purppetal  +1   http://t.co/uOn8xBE #semtech
9 June 10:10-11:00
84/hour · 40+30 tweets
Agile Development of Federated, Interoperable Dashboards With Google Gadgets and SPARQL
Design Patterns for Clinical Application Ontologies
GeoSPARQL: An OGC Standard for Spatial Query on the Web of Linked Data
NASA Johnson Space Center, Enterprise Semantics and Tales of the Unexpected
Negotiating Business and Political Realities in an Ontology Project
Realizing the Semantic Web Promise in the Oil and Gas Industry Domain: Challenges and Experiences
Recollection: A Linked Data Platform of America's Memory
Semantic Modeling of Mortgage Backed Securities: Case Study
10:11   uogbuji   Trevor Owens & Eric Miller on @ndiipp's Project Recollection #SemTech http://1.usa.gov/lmDKJ1 recollection.zepheira.com
10:12   uogbuji   "Recollection is about Visualizing data relating to cultural collections" #library #SemTech
10:14   uogbuji  +2   "The heterogeneity of our data is an asset, not a problem. Recollection floats on top." #SemTech
10:16   piragua   sample code and slides for Improving Web App Performance with Lucene/SIREn: http://bit.ly/mRGUUz #semtech
10:18   zeknow   Design patterns presentation also good design pattern for presentations at #SemTech and beyond
10:19   karlpro  +4   The schema.org BOF session with Google representative, RDFa, Microformats, etc. is amazing http://www.w3.org/2011/06/semtech-bof-notes.html
10:20   zengreen   RT "@OdeWire saves 95% time compared to manually finding optimistic stories worldwide," @tmusgrove live at #semtech
10:20   dohlink   RT "@OdeWire saves 95% time compared to manually finding optimistic stories worldwide," @tmusgrove live at #semtech
10:20   uogbuji   Trevor is showing off some great sites built using Recollection. Hadn't seen a few of these before :) #SemTech
10:23   scagliarini   BASIN ontology captures concepts to characterize petroleum systems and productive potential of a geological basin Chevron #semtech
10:24   cwoodruff  +1   I have never been hit by a bigger fire hose than this week at #SEMTECH. I did buy the book "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist"
10:25   semanticfire   GeoSPARQL sounds very interesting ! #semtech
10:25   scagliarini   information collected from SME. Different opinions need for building consensus Chevron #semtech
10:26   streamweaver  +1   Wondering if our Django/Python libraries at http://t.co/ztTEgIe will integrate with Recollection in Django/Python #semtech
10:28   hconstandt  +2   #semtech benefits of incremental, ontology driven analytics process. Brooke Stevenson from Spry. Model driven development rules!
10:30   hconstandt   BTW Any chance there is an #html5 expert I can meet at #semtech in SFO today?
10:31   zeknow   Combination of top down use cases with bottom up strategic data structuring in semantic system dev, good design pattern at #SemTech
10:32   uogbuji   The meta-collection of @NDIIPP partner collections, in Recollection http://1.usa.gov/k6vjR8 #SemTech
10:33   rjw   @ldodds pres on #linkeddata APIs & SPARQLstoredProcs used in Kasabi LD MarketPlace http://t.co/cJe6TaI Join: http://t.co/OvV9f6i #semtech
10:34   shangz   Pretty organized talk about GeoSparql: vocabulary, functions, rewriting rules. #semtech
10:34   workingontology   #SemTech great talk on design patterns for clinical apps. Lots of common sense in a very usable package.
10:35   ldodds  +1   Thanks for the feedback & discussion on #kasabi @ #semtech. Slides online soon & we'll do a screencast for those following from home :)
10:35   uogbuji   Nice, Sivaram! RT @WorkingOntology: #SemTech great talk on design patterns for clinical apps. Lots of common sense in a very usable package
10:36   uogbuji   Really too bad I missed Sivaram's talk, developed with my brother, Chimezie, who couldn't make it to #SemTech
10:36   neumarcx   Taking it all in at the geosparql session #semtech
10:39   workingontology   @uogbuji you are missing a great talk. Anyone at all interested in clinical ontologies should hoof it to franciscan A pronto #semtech
10:40   pingsfo   BTW Any chance there is an #html5 expert I can meet at #semtech in SFO today? http://tinyurl.com/3tnadfy
10:40   juansequeda   Why wasn't @kidehen at #semtech ?
10:44   zeknow  +2   Design patterns for clinical app onto's leveraging principles of set theory to enable more manageable reuse #SemTech. I like it.
10:46   lisadawn2000   i'm curious what #$Cyclists and other old-school AI-ers thought of the Ruby talk at #semtech
10:47   ldodds  +2   Slides from my #kasabi demo at #semtech http://slidesha.re/kxfYg6
10:47   workingontology   @zeknow #SemTech he doesn't have any governance use cases, but I think this approach will be very applicable.
10:47   paulmiller   Wondering if @rjw has ants in his pants? Every time I look round, he's moved to a new seat! #semtech
10:48   ldodds   Installed Drupal 7 ahead of @linclark's Drupal tutorial later today #semtech
10:49   robvesse   Interesting but rather technical talk on the OGCs GeoSPARQL standard #semtech
10:50   jodbod   #semtech marklogic connection to hadoop in next version very interesting
10:50   robvesse   Glad to see the spec is modular so the hard parts like query rewriting can be ignored if you wish #semtech
10:56   workingontology   #SemTech too bad QUDT wasn't around when sivaram and chime did their integration work
10:58   uogbuji   Made it to the tail end of Sivaram's clinical ontology talk; mapping from ontology to UI forms #SemTech
10:59   tmusgrove  +1   My #SemTech slides on @Federated_Media's Slant Engine powering @OdeWire are now on SlideShare http://t.co/ioJc3vu
9 June 11:00-11:10
60/hour · 5+5 tweets
11:01   uogbuji   Demo time. I suspect Sivaram will have mentioned the FuXi project which provides flexible inference: http://bit.ly/kqHK0R #SemTech
11:02   cwoodruff  +1   if anyone at #SEMTECH wants more info on #OData I have some screencasts http://bit.ly/iM8tO8 and http://bit.ly/j802vW also @ODataPrimer
11:04   uogbuji  +1   I'll also plug Chimezie's "Thoughts after Years of Being a Web-based Patient Registry Architect" http://bit.ly/fz7g0v #SemTech
11:09   robvesse   At the indexing and searching RDF data talk #semtech
9 June 11:10-12:00
79/hour · 46+20 tweets
Case Study: Ontology Maintenance By "Normal People" - a Passion for a Historic Garden Provides Motivation
EHealth: How Semantic Retrieval Benefits Patients
Extending Semantic Analysis to Mobile Texts
Implementing Digital Provenance on the World Wide Web Using Semantic Web Technology
Improving Performance of Semantic Web Applications With Lucene, SIREn and RDF
Predicting Drug Toxicity From Integrated Data and Services on the Life Science Semantic Web
11:10   ozelin   me too, again... RT @RobVesse: At the indexing and searching RDF data talk #semtech
11:12   frankolken   Mike Hugo is talking about searching and indexin RDF using Lucene and Siren at #semtech
11:13   joedevon   My regular followers will be happy to know #semtech ends today. sorry for all the noise if it didn't interest you ;)
11:14   joedevon   Triplemap.com, groovy on grails and lucene. packed house. #semtech
11:15   cotedustin   Entagen's Mike Hugo giving his "Indexing and Searching RDF Datasets" session using Lucene & SIREn at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/597hp6
11:16   joedevon   "@rayleyva: Almost felt like I was there. It was interesting. Higher density of links per post would be cool!" < good point! next #semtech
11:17   neumarcx   Now moving on to Improving Semantic Web Apps performance with Lucene, SIREn and RDF #SemTech
11:19   ewpatton  +1   At Dumontier's talk on #OWL to describe interactions between molecules/drugs to predict drug toxicity. #semtech owl: http://t.co/SGeC0hM
11:21   terraces  +7   My #semtech slides on #pubsubhubbub , #semanticweb and #linkeddata - http://t.co/2ihm8cG
11:22   renan_oliveira   Sala hiperlotada p apresentacao do siren (lucine) na #semtech
11:23   frankolken   Mike Hugo shows that simple text queries are much faster in Lucene than in Sesame #RDF triple store. #semtech
11:24   frankolken   #Siren is a #Lucene extension for searching semi-structured documents .... #semtech at Mike Hugo's talk
11:25   chgravier   Interesting thoughts here : RT @kendall: Slides from my talk at #semtech about Spanner, a Semantic ECM system (...) http://t.co/MEw2xLw
11:25   hnfirehose   Transcription of a BoF with w3c, Google rep, and others on schema.org: http://bit.ly/kibQFl
11:25   ycombinatornews   Transcription of a BoF with w3c, Google rep, and others on schema.org http://bit.ly/kibQFl
11:30   anthonyyhughes   @TeamKasabi http://t.co/lr3m9Ri looks brilliant. Hope I have time to dig into the APIs! #semtech #kasabi #ruby
11:31   bobdc  +1   #semtech Arriving at SFO, it looks like I left a small brown notebook behind, maybe on a table halfway back in Imperial A w/name on p.1.
11:31   hconstandt  +1   #semtech #ehealth semantic benefits 4 patients Bridge gap between huge information needs of patients & transformation in appropriate queries
11:31   zeknow   Dumontier deliverying great pres at #SemTech. Darn canadian socialists sharing knowledge with "smiles". Good energy good info.
11:32   ldodds   Siren is a really nice approach to building search indexes over RDF #semtech
11:32   bobdc   #semtech Notebook that I lost is not a big deal at all, but if anyone sees it please let me know.
11:32   frankolken   Mike Hugo: Sindice is also built on Solr / Lucene. #semtech
11:33   hconstandt   #semtech #ehealth semantic benefits 4 patients: they don't always know what the are looking for. Enable popular vs domain specific.
11:33   frankolken   Mike Hugo: triplemap.com #semtech
11:34   zeknow   Bio2rdf, bit.ly for ontology endpoints, brilliant! #SemTech
11:34   artofawesomeway   Interesting to hear what Chevron is up to and that certain aspects are proprietary and part of their competitive advantage - #semtech
11:34   hconstandt  +2   #semtech #ehealth semantic benefits for patients: they don't always know what the are looking for. Use of popular vs domain specific terms.
11:34   ldodds   #semtech Mike Hugo now showing triplemap.com
11:36   vascofurtado  +1   Triplemap (http://bit.ly/jbLjUD) é muito bom! #semtech
11:39   artofawesomeway   There are lots of "normal people" out there...how do we harness their power to cultivate and curate the garden of knowledge? - #semtech
11:40   joedevon  +2   Great talk by @piragua . http://t.co/qWk0spR #lucene #semtech
11:40   cjmconnors   "Ontology maintenance for 'normal people'" I can live w/not being 'normal!' ;) Genuine problem - glad to see efforts this way. #SemTech
11:41   ewpatton  +1   Dumontier: Using OWL to describe decision trees and eventually compare different decisions generated from different datasets. #semtech
11:43   javabarbarian   Very cool talking optimizing #RDF queries using #Lucene and #SIREn. #SemTech
11:43   sgchance   @piragua #semtech Mike, GREAT presentation and work! TripleMap is exceptional - and powered with some SIREn from Sindice folks. Well done.
11:44   ondigo   Provenance metadata must be signed or secured; otherwise it can be tampered with. #semtech
11:44   tomayac  +2   Greg Joiner: "If you want to express #provenance info on the Web, use the Open Provenance Model #OPM": http://openprovenance.org/ #SemTech
11:46   jodbod   #semtech Thanks to the community at semtech for such a warm welcome. Great conference, great people. Hope to come again. Cheers
11:47   jonvoss   heading downtown to catch up for lunch with #semtech #lodlam folks, incl @tjowens & others. let me know if you want to join us!
11:48   jasphua   argh air travel #FAIL, should hv just stayed for remainder of #semtech instead of waiting for delayed flight & missed connections
11:49   cgerrish   Turf war, without turf to stand on: SemTech 2011 BOF on structured data in HTML -- 08 June 2011 http://ff.im/-Fm2DO
11:53   renan_oliveira   Parece mt bom o siren, saiu com dever d casa, mt potencial p free-text search sobre triplas. #semtech
11:55   content_news   #MediaHeroes -Content #Curation Tool #edtech20 #socialmedia #edchat #semtech #semanticweb #ukedchat #elemchat #iel... http://eqent.me/jnxVWS
11:55   curationnews   #MediaHeroes -Content #Curation Tool #edtech20 #socialmedia #edchat #semtech #semanticweb #ukedchat #elemchat #iel... http://eqent.me/jnxVWS
11:55   c_marcant  +3   It seems that #MDM & #SemWeb use the same business cases 2 solve many similar #Retail problems. It is time 2 bring those 2 tgthr #SemTech
11:57   joedevon   .@kevinjohnlynch is telling me about cool robotics stuff re ardrone. #semtech
9 June 12:00-1:00
12/hour · 8+4 tweets
12:07   joedevon   .@juansequeda we're waiting in lobby, then thai place if anyone misses us head there #semtech #lunch
12:09   shyamkapur   @kristathomas (Re: your tweet http://t.co/oTcPagV in http://t.co/y6ZTh4P ) Missed you at Semtech this year. Perhaps we can chat sometime.
12:15   linclark   grabbing a quick lunch before my #semtech talk about Drupal's use of RDF for data interoperability. talk in Imperial A, 1pm
12:26   rene_kapusta   where are the other #semtech slides?! talking about "LINKED OPEN DATA" but not sharing the slides :( http://bit.ly/lL9aCq /cc @ericaxel
12:39   quoll   So I missed the people I'd hoped to see. Anyone else not had lunch yet? #semtech
12:46   matteomoci   #goodrelations now also has a class for brands: http://t.co/SimXLlY #semantic #seo #semtech (via @mfhepp)
12:53   pnnl_andrew   Attendance Stat's for SemTech 2011 - Tony Shaw announce that there were 1200 (give or take a handful)... http://tumblr.com/x2t2x76x1w
12:58   ldodds  +1   Having a late lunch and sitting in on @linclark #drupal tutorial at #semtech
9 June 1:00-4:15
29/hour · 45+49 tweets
Drupal: Easy Integration With the Web of Data
How to Get Started With Your Semantic Project
Tutorial on Stream Reasoning for Linked Data
1:02   visha1gupta   @PaulMiller great catching up with you and hearing your thoughts #semtech #semtech2011
1:05   visha1gupta   @iamdavo I tried Shalimar...was good fun though a bit spicy for me! #semtech #semtech2011
1:09   semanticetl   +1! RT @ondigo Kasabi looks like awesome, very well-thought-out service. Can't wait to crawl through it. #semtech http://beta.kasabi.com
1:09   zceline   +1! RT @ondigo Kasabi looks like awesome, very well-thought-out service. Can't wait to crawl through it. #semtech http://beta.kasabi.com
1:10   semanticetl   @juansequeda great to meet you - thanks for taking a minute to chat with First Retail's @annejhunt and Simon Handley today at #SemTech !
1:19   frankolken  +1   Tutorial on Stream Reasoning for Linked Data by Jeff Pan and Emanuele Della Valle at #semtech in Plaza A room.
1:23   glemak   homeward bound after great #semtech sfo > jfk - good seeing fellow #linkdata junkies :) [pic]: http://4sq.com/irPeFJ
1:35   teamkasabi   Useful, hadn't seen Sindice Web Data Inspector http://bit.ly/bDi95K before #semtech
1:36   zceline   Another year another brain full of #SemTech. Noticeable shift this year to business + applications, heard "monetize" in multi sessions, wow.
1:40   frankolken   My neighbor at #semtech has an ASUS EEE Transformer tablet and is very happy with it. It has a lightweight keyboard with Bluetooth connect
1:43   ottmaramann   The RDFa/SEO Wave – How to Catch It and Why http://is.gd/t5JGZl #linkeddata #opendata
1:46   jindrichmynarz   @terraces Really? Your talk has happened at a pool? :-) #semtech
1:47   jindrichmynarz   @der42 I particularly like the 'enabling partnerships' part. #loc #semtech
1:49   ondigo   Pan & Valle: the Web is becoming a streaming data source (as evidenced by this Twitter stream!). #semtech
2:13   fertapric   SemTech 2011 Coverage: The RDFa/SEO Wave: How to Catch It and Why http://t.co/JrRldHB vía @semanticweb #rdf #microdata #seo #search #semtech
2:18   ldodds   Impressed by the #Drupal 7 semweb features that @linclark is demonstrating #semtech
2:24   scagliarini   #semtech closing down. Time to go back home... http://youtu.be/GGii7fHRg-s
2:31   jbezivin   @joedevon Thanks to all for the #SemTech retweets & for the good pointers.
2:36   olegshilovitsky  +1   Going back from San Fran to Boston. It was great #Semtech. Thanks @tonyshaw and @mediabistro team!
2:38   olegshilovitsky   I just saw #Lufthansa A380 in #SFO airport on my way from #Semtech http://twitpic.com/599st3
2:38   a380_news   Retweet: I just saw #Lufthansa A380 in #SFO airport on my way from #Semtech http://twitpic.com/599st3 http://bit.ly/lzmulL
2:49   frankolken   Wifi at #semtech (SF Hilton) works reliably, but it is slow ....
2:53   bernhyland   sigh ... didn't get this in time. Already at SFO departing for IAD. Be well. Sorry I didn't see you at semtech.
2:57   pingsfo   I just saw #Lufthansa A380 in #SFO airport on my way from #Semtech http://twitpic.com/599st3 http://tinyurl.com/42g837m
2:57   pingsfo   Retweet: I just saw #Lufthansa A380 in #SFO airport on my way from #Semtech http://twitpic.com/599st3 htt... http://tinyurl.com/3d6jsaf
2:57   amit_p   Microdata, Poshformats, #rdfa, #schemaorg, and SA-REST: @ajith & #knoesis view: http://bit.ly/r-sarest @ricmacnz #SemTech #sarest
3:01   paulmiller   Off we go to #SFO. Goodbye #semtech. And goodbye @HiltonSFUnionSq; but see *you* again in 10 days!
3:01   ddegler   leaving #SemTech many thoughts/ideas swirling, to share new tools/ui's with #usability folks at #UPA2011... In less than 2 weeks!
3:02   pakenco  +1   Just heard new term at #semtech: #feralprofessional seems to capture the intense/exciting work of being thrown towards the bleeding edge
3:07   craighanson1   Thanks for the kind comments about #amdocs at #semtech. I truely believe that semantics can really help the "obsolete data model" problem
3:15   joedevon   @jansaasman, @temojin, talk to each other re ruby, rails, semweb, #intro #semtech
3:18   joedevon   @andraz adding you to the list for the last intro tweet, meet @jansaasman #semtech
3:27   cotedustin   Hoping for a video, too fast to follow. @linclark showing us how great RDFa & SPARQL works in #Drupal at #SemTech http://twitpic.com/59a9pm
3:28   ldodds   That's the third #semtech presentation to mention #kasabi, not including the two I gave this week :)
3:33   hconstandt   Just saw some nice stuff about SPARQL views consuming SPARQL endpoints in Drupal #semtech @linclark. Definitely need to look into that!
3:36   ldodds   That's #semtech over for me! Had a really, really great conference. Time to unwind before I fly home tomorrow
3:37   ldodds  +1   @tonyshaw great #semtech again, thanks :)
3:40   jasphua   *waves* bye #semtech, great community, although @bernhyland thinks I should get a "Survived 1st SemTech" sticker
3:49   eugmandel   my first #semtech conference over and out. Had a great time - so many interesting people to follow up with and cool things to try.
3:57   jeremybrooks   My coworker and friend, @jays0n, used a photo of me in his presentation at #semtech. I think it's around slide 26: http://t.co/MVIs3n3
4:03   kristathomas   Lolz @jasphua & @bernhyland great idea re: the #semtech stickers! Year four for me. (cc: @tonyshaw)
4:03   semanticfire   #semtech was great and inspiring. thumbs up for the team ! now I'm tired ;)
4:05   robvesse   Just passed steve jobs shrine (aka WWDC) in shuttle in way to airport ;-) #semtech
4:06   jasphua   @kristathomas re: #semtech stickers @bernhyland & I can do that, you'll have to write the newbie guide /cc:@tonyshaw
4:09   joshsh   Penultimate minutes at #SemTech. Very glad I made the journey. Thanks, @tonyshaw et al.

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