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This chart re-ranks the 135 schools in the Boston Magazine 2011 Best Schools issue according to my own streamlined Quantitative Score, which is the sum of all listed MCAS scores (dropping the single worst score and keeping the remaining 8), the 3 SAT parts (divided by 3 to weight them higher than the MCAS tests), and the graduation rate (multiplied by 2 to put it into the same weight-range as the SAT parts). Several other factors like per-pupil spending, students-per-teacher, AP classes, etc., which are listed in the magazine and presumably included in their score somehow, are not included in this one.

In the chart below you can see both the ranking and the components of the score. Note the little notch at Wellesley, where the 8th grade science curriculum doesn't match the MCAS coverage, and thus produces one anomalous MCAS score that my method discounts.
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